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18 60. 

J^^i h- 

C^IP, d. 9? 

Entered aecordlnf; to Act of Congreu, in the ywi ISW, hj 


Id the Glsik'B Office of the Dlitriot Conrt of the Dlatrict of Muuohnietti. 


or THX 


Dade, Davy, Dadt, or Dawdt, and even Danbt, Nathaniel, 
Charlestown, s. of William, m. 17 June 1663, Hannah, d. of Richard 
Miller, had no ch. hut Hannah, h. 4 Apr. 1664, d. very soon ; and Na- 
thaniel, bapt. 23 July 1665, d. next yr. and he d. some time a. the b. of 
his 8. His wid. m. 4 Oct. 1667, John Edmonds, and third h. 22 Maj 
1684, deae. Aaron Ludkin, and d. 13. Pec,. 1707. William, Charles- 
town 1630, a butcher, came in the fleet with Winth. prob. for his name 
stands on the list of Boston ch. nei^t after' >Fohn Winth. jr. wh. came^ 
however, in 1631 ; and he was' pf'^he 35 earliest mem. of the ch. oT 
Charlestown, freem. 1 Apr. 1633 ; by w. Dorothy had Benjamin, bapt. 
24 Mar. 1635 ; Nathaniel, 22 Jan. 1637; and Zecha^, b. 16 May 1644 $ 
d. Apr. 1682, aged 77, leav. est to w. Dorothy, s. William, and d. Abi- 
gail Frothingham, 79. William, Charlestown, s. of the preced. d*. 
bef. his f. leav. w. and two ch. William, bapt 16 Apr. 1671, and Abigail,. 
3 Not. 1672. Martha, his wid. d. 13 Jan. 1709, aged 76. William^ 
b. at Charlestown, perhaps a gr.-gr.s. of first William, d. at Brimfield 
1756, in mid. age, leav. six ch. The name is perpet in Hampshire Co. 
whence some have rem. to N. York. 

DAFFORNE,or Daffern, John, Boston, by w. Mary had Mary, b. 15^ 
bapt 22 Apr. 1677 ; John, 3, bapt 5 Aug. 1678 ; Isaac, 20 Nov. bapt. 
5 Dec. 1680; and Richard, whose b. is not kn. but bapt 10 June 1683.. 
Perhaps he had been driv. away from some frontier settlem. in the Ind.. 
war, and went back. Yet in the great fire of Mar. 1760> one of the? 

YOL. n. 1 


sufferers, as we see in Drake's valua. Hist, of Boston, p. 652, was Isaac 
D. perhaps gr.8. of John. 

Dagan, Richard, Scituate 1690, had Eliz. b. 1693; and Thomas, 
1694. Deane tells little more. 

Daggett, or Doggett, as on rec at Watertown, but Doghead, or 
DoGED, at Plymouth, ♦John, Watertown 1630, prob. came in the 
fleet with Winth. for 19 Oct. he desired adm. and 18 Maj 1G31 was 
made freem. ; rem. perhaps with Mayhew to the Vineyard, and 1 645 to 
Rehoboth, was rep. 1648. He m. at Plymouth, 29 Aug. 1667, prob. as 
sec w. wid. Bathshcba Pratt, then call. hims. of Martin's Vineyard. 
John, Marshfield, perhaps s. perhaps gr.s. of the preced. m. 3 Sept. 
1691, Mehitable Truant; but this may have been sec. w. and his first, 
Persis, d. of William Sprague of Hingham, wh. d. 1684. Samuel, 
Marshfield, prob. br. of the preced. m. 24 Jan. 1682, Mary Rogers, wh. 
d. Apr. 1690, and on 21 Jan. 1691, Bathsheba Holmes, d. prob. of John. 
By the first were b. Samuel, Mary, and Sarah ; by the sec. Eliz. Eben- 
ezer, Bathsheba, John, and Isaac, all bapt. 27 Sept. 1702; and afler- 
wards Lydia, Persis, Seth, and Abigail. Thomas, Concord, came, as 
serv. of Thomas Oliver, 1637, aged 30, from Norwich, Eng. His w. d. 
23 Aug. 1642. Thomas, Marshfield, or Duxbury, perhaps s. of the first 
John, m. 17 Aug. 1654, Joan, or Jane, wid. of Thomas Chillingworth, 
had Rebecca, b. 1655 ; but she was his sec. w. and d. 4 Sept. 1684. By 
former w. he had John, Samuel, Sarah, and perhaps others, and d. 1692. 
After rem. to Middleborough, was a capt. and magistr. Mather tells of 
his giving insight, into Ind. witchcrafl. Magn. VI. 52. Thirteen of this 
name had been gr. at Yale 1828 ; of wh. Rev. Naphtali, wh. d. 25 Nov. 
1780, was Presid. from 1766 to 77. 

Daille, Peter, Boston, first min. of the Huguenot or French Prot- 
est ch. came a. 1686, d. 20 May 1715, in his 66th yr. says the News- 
letter of 23d May, but in the contempo. note of Rev. William Cooper, 
aged a. 70 ; had three ws. Esther Latonioe, m. prob. in France, wh. d. 
14 Dec 1696; Psyche, d. 31 Aug. 1713; and Martha, wh. surv. James 
Bowdoin was excor. of his will made 20 Apr. preced. in wh. is nam. his 
br.' Paul Daill^ Vaugelade of Amsfort in Holland. Neal, Hist, of Pur. 
IV. 250, ment. a Daill^ of Paris. Snow, Hist, of Boston, 201. 3 Mass. 
Hist Coll. II. 52. Worcester Magaz. II. 349, 

Dakin, Daktngs, or Dakino, John, Concord, perhaps s. of Thomas, 
by w. Susan had John, b. 20 Mar. 1661, unless there be in the rec. mis- 
take of name. Thomas, Concord, had Joseph, John, Samuel, and 
Sarah, this last b. 8 Oct. 1659 ; perhaps all were by w. Sarah, wh. d. 
ten days afler the last b. He m. 11 June 1 660, wid. Susan Stratton, and 
may have had one of the ch. under the last nam. w. 


Dale, John, Salem 1682. Felt Robert, Wobarn, m. 80 Nov. 
1680, Joanna, d. of John Farrar, had Martha, b. 9 Feb. 1684 ; Abigail, 
29 Julj 1687 ; Joanna, 26 July 1690 ; and Rebecca, 24 Jan. 1698 ; and 
he d. 9 Feb. 1700. 

DALisaON, or Dalison, Gilbert, Milford a. 1647, as Lambert pre- 
sumes, t^ut at Boston, we learn by rec m. 24 Oct 1661, wid? Margaret 
Storj ; perhaps later in life he had w. Mary, and good est. but no ch. d. 
1689 ; gave his prop, after dec of w. to John Barton of Salem, and he 
to pay £10 to Thomas Marshall, yet no relat is kn. with either of them. 

Dalkin, , Medford, the escape of whose w. from drown, is 

told by Winth. 11. 162. 

Dalton, or DoLTOK, Philemon, Watertown, linen-wearer, came in 
the Increase, 1635, aged 45 ; with w. Hannah, 85 ; and Samael, 5 and ^ ; 
rem. to Dedham, prob. in 1637, thence to Hampton 1640, and perhaps 
to Ipswich, at least there he d. 4 June 1662 by injury from fall of a tree 
shortly bef. He was freem. 3 Mar. 1636, had sec w. Dorothy, left only 
three ch. of wh. prob. one was Philemon of H. 1685. His wid. m. 25 
Nov. 1662, Godfrey Dearborn. Philemon, Hampton, s. prob. of the 
preced., but he may have been gr.s., m. 25 Sept 1690, Abigail, d. of Ed- 
ward Gove, t * Samuel, Hampton, s. of the first Philemon, b. in Eng. 
m. 1676, as sec or third w. Mehitable, d. of Henry Palmer, wh. surv. 
him with ch. some by former w., Samuel, Philemon, and Timothy; 
was town elk. 1658, rep. 1662-74, of the Counc under Presid. Cutt, at 
first, 1680, d. 22 Aug. 1681. His s. Timothy d. at Boston, 16 yrs. of 
age, 24 Oct 1681. His. wid. I think, m. 26 Nov. 1683, Rev. Zechariah 
Symmes of Bradford. Samuel, Hampton, s. prob. of the preced. took 
o. of fidel. 25 Apr. 1 678. Timothy, Dedham 1 637, elder br. of the first 
Philemon, bred at St John's Coll. Cambridge, where he had his A. B. 
1613, freem. 7 Sept 1637 ; had been in office in Eng. and in 1639 was 
call, to be teacher in the ch. at Hampton, there d. without issue 28 Dec. 
1661, aged a. 84 ; had Timothy, wh. d. prob. at full age, bef. his f. His 
wid. Ruth d. 12 May 1665, act 88. The wills of h. and w. establish, 
good ministerial funds in H. William, Ipswich, an Irish youth, brot 
in the Groodfellow, sold by the shipmaster, George Dell, to Samuel 
Symonds, 10 May 1654, hav. been sent by command of the Eng. 
govemm. after the triumphs of Cromwell in Ireland. 

Dame, Damme, or Dam, John, Dover 1640, or earlier, by w. Eliz. 
had John ; Eliz. b. 1 May 1649 ; Mary, 4 Sept 1651 ; William, 4 Oct 
1653; Susanna, 14 Dec 1661 ; and Judith, 15 Nov. 1666; was freem. 
1672 ; deac d. 27 Jan. 1690, in advanced age. Judith m. 6 July 1684, 
Thomas Tebbets, and d. bef. mid. age. John, Dover, eldest s. of the 
preced. m. bef. 1663, Jane, d. of Richard Rowe, for his d. Abigail was 


b. 5 Apr. that jr. and he m. sec. w. 9 Nov. 1664^ Eliz. d. of TVlIliain 
Farbery had John, b. 11 Jan. 1666, d. soon ; John, again, 23 Feb. 1668 ; 
and Alice, 14 Dec 1670; and d. 8 Jan. 1706. Nicholas, Dover, 
perhaps br. or s. of the first John, in Feb. 1690, join, with most of the 
N. H. peop. in prayer to be join, to Mass. Williak, Do][er, br. of 
the preced. m. Martha, d. of William Pomfret, had Pomfret, b, 4 Mar. 
1681; Martha, 29 Mar. 1683; William, 14 Nov. 1686; Samuel, 6 
Mar. 1689 ; Sarah, 21 Apr. 1692 ; and Leah, 17 Feb. 1695. Formerly 
the name was writ as sometimes it now is. Dam. 

Dambbill, Humphbet, Boston, a master mariner, apprais. of whose 
est to be div. betw. w. and ch. was had 27 Apr. 1654. His wid. Sarah 
m. 15 Sept 1654, John Hawkins. John, Boston 1657, s. of the preced. 

Damoic, Damhan, Da.HAN, or Damiko, Edward, Marblehead 1674. 
Dana, 8. * John, Scituate 1643, came with sis. Hannah, minors, under 
care of William Gilson, their uncle, one of the chief men of the town, 
as early as 1633, and had his est He m. June 1644, Catharine, d. of 
Henry Merritt, had Deborah, b. 25 Apr. 1645; John, 3 Nov. 1647; 
Zechary, 1649, d. soon ; Mary, July 1651 ; Daniel, Feb. 1653 ; Zechary, 
again, 1654; and his w. d. He m. 1659, Maitha Howland, had s. 
Experiance, b. 1662; Silence, 1663; Ebenezer, 1665; Icbabod, 1668; 
Margaret, 1670 ; and Hannah, 1672. He was rep.A675, 6, and d. 1677, 
and his wid. m. Peter Bacon of Taunton. John was on service in Phil- 
ip's war. Ebenezer m. a d. of Bacon, but was weak, and his est was in 
his mo.'s hands, not manag. by him, as Deane tells. Deborah m. 1666, 
Thomas Woodworth. Experience, and Ichabod, also, had s. of same 
names. John, Beading, freenu 1645, had John, wh. d. 14 Jan. 1652, 
and John, again, b. 18 Mar. 1652; d. Abiah, 26 Aug. 1654; Samuel, 
23 June 1656; Joseph, 18 Aug. 1661 ; prob. also, others; was a deac. 
and d. 1708. Samuel, and Thomas, of Reading, freem. 1691, were, per- 
haps, his s. and may have had fams. John, Charlestown, s. of the 
preced. by w. Susan had Susanna, bapt 8 Mar. 1685 ; and Eliz. 28 Sept 
1690 ; and he d. at C. 20 Jan. 1692. Zachart, Scituate, s* of John of 
the same, serv. in Philip's war, m. 1679, Martha, d. of Walter Wood- 
worth, had many ch. whose names Deane kn. not ; and d. 1730. In the 
Beading fam. the m. is doubled. 

Dana, Benjamin, Cambridge, s. of Richard, m. 24 May 1688, Mary 
Buckmaster, had Benjamin, b. 28 Apr. 1689, progenit of a long line; 
Isaac, 3 Oct 1697, ancest of Gov. Dana of Maine; Joseph, 21 Feb. 
1700, f. of Rev. Joseph, Y. C. 1760, D. D. the celebr. min. of Ipswich, 
62 yrs. ; William, 11 Oct 1703, f. of Rev. Samuel, H. C. 1755, min. of 
Groton ; and Jedediah, 6 Oct 1705 ; and d. 13 Aug. 1738. No d. is 
ment in the fam. geneal. Daniel, Cambridge, br. of the preced. m« 

DAN 5 

Naomi Crosswell, had Thomas, bapt at Charlestown, 25 Mar. 1694; 
and other ch. of wh. sec 8. Caleb was f. of Rev. James, H. C. 1753, D.D. 
f. of Hon. Samael W., Y. C. 1775, Senator of U. S. ; and third s. Rich- 
ard, b. 7 July 1700, H. C. 1718, m. 81 Jan. 1737, Lydia Trowbridge (wh. 
d. at Boston 17 May 1772), was f. of Rev. Edmund, H. C. 1759, wh. had 
a curacy at Wroxeter near Shrewsbury in Ck>. Salop, in Eng. d. 1823, 
and Francis, H. C. 1762, ambass. to Russia and Ch. J. of the commonw. 
of Mass. wh. d. 25 Apr. 1811 ; and d. 10 Oct 1749, and his wid. Naomi 
d. 24 Feb. 1751, est 82 ; and a fourth s. was Ebenezer of Pomfret 
Jacob, Cambridge, eldest br. of the preced. that surv. infancy, by w. 
Patience had two s. Samuel, and Jacob, and five ds. and d. at C. 1699. 
He was gr.f.«of Anderson D. k. in the massacre at Wyoming, 1779, wh. 
was f. of Rev. Sylvester, Y. C. 1797, min. of Orford, N. H. Joseph, 
Concord, br. of the preced. m. 1682, Mary, d. of the sec. Thomas Goble 
of Charlestown, had one ch. wh. d. young, and Joseph, b. 22 Sept 1685, 
wh. went to Conn, and prob. had fam. Richard, Cambridge, m. Ana 
BuUard, had John, b. 15 Apr. 1649, d. in six raos. ; Hannah, 8 July 
1651 ; Samuel, 13 Oot 1653, d. next mo. ; Jacob, 2 Feb. 1655 ; Joseph, 
21 May 1656; Benjamin, 20 Feb. bapt 8 Apr. 1660; Eliz. 27 Apr. 
1662; Daniel, 20 Mar. bapt 3 Apr. 1663; d. Abiah, d. young; De- 
liverance, 5 Mar. 1667; Sarah, wh. d. 11 Jan. 1670; and Sarah, again, 
1 Jan. 1670 ; twelve in all, of wh. one d. prob. Hannah, m. Samuel Old- 
ham ; one, perhaps Eliz. perhaps Deliverance, m. Daniel Woodward ; 
and Sarah m. Samuel Hyde. The time of his d. by a fall in his bam, is 
giv. 2 Apr. 1690, but the partit of est was not bef. 15 Apr. 1695, when 
div. to wid. and four s. beside Oldham, Woodward, and Hyde is found. 
Thirteen of this fam. had been gr. in 1839 at Harv. and thirteen at other 
N. E. colL 

DAin>, John, Boston 1641, dk. in the prothoootary's office (but I hear 
not where)^ gave much trouble by join, others in petit for enlargem. 
of privilege 1645. Winslow describes him as liv. in ano. man's house 
at board hire. He was not a freeholder. See our Gen. Court's De- 
darat in Hutoh. Coll. 211, one of the most curious papers in that in- 
valna. collect We might presume, on his iU-success in Mass., that he 
went home, but Farmer says he was of Dover 1654. Winth. II. 262, 
92-5. The learned auth. of *^ Gexa Sylvestrina," one of the most agree- 
able books of genealogy ever print says, the Dands were ^ the most 
considerable fam. in the sixteenth cent at Mansfield in Nottinghamsh." 
Tet they were mercers, as he tells. 

Dahdt, William, Charlestown, prob. calL Davy in Frothingham, 181, 
was in 1680 one of the tythingmen of the town. See Dady. 

Dans, Daniel, Andover, s. prob. of Bev. Francis, by w. Deliver- 


6 DANE. 

ance had Nathaniely b. 26 Mar. 1684. Bat he had liv. at Concord, was 
one of the tTthingmen there 1680. Francjs, Andover, & of John of 
Boxburj, b. in £ng. was of Ipswich 1648, and soon after ord. see. min. 
of A. was brot hy bis f. 1636, it is said, in the same ship with Nathaniel 
Rogers, wh. was half a jr. on her passage from London to Boston ; by 
w. Eliz. m. bef. he went to A. wh. d. 9 June 1676, were all his ch. probk 
b. but we have not their names or dates, with exactness ; yet two, Na- 
thaniel, and Eliz. were b. perhaps bef. his ordin. Besides these, he had, 
also, Albert) and two nam. Francis, wh. all d. young; Hannah, wh. m. 
14 Nov. 1666, WiUiam Goodhue; Phebe m. 80 May 1671, Joseph 
Robinson; Abigail m, 12 Oct 1675, Francis Faulkner; and Francis, 
again. He m. sec w. 22 Nor. 1677, Mary Thomas, wh. d. 18 Feb. 
1689 ; and, third, Hannah, wid. of George Abbot, wh. sunr. to June 
1711. He d. 17 Feb. 1697, »t 82. He was in danger from the cruel 
infatua. of 1692, when others of high rank fled from the suspicion of 
witchcraft, and of his humbler neigbb. sheep of his fold, innocent of the 
nonsense as hims. not a few su^er. Hutch. II. 38. Fiiancis, Andoyer, 
8. of the preced. m. 16 Nov. 1681, Hannah Poor, freem. 1691, d- 1738, 
set. 81, leav. Francis, John, Joseph, and Daniel. John, Roxbury, from 
Co. Essex, Eng. came 1636, bring, ch. of a dec. w. Francis, Eliz. and 
John ; was perhaps the freem. of 2 June 1641, m. 2 July 1648, Ann, or 
Hannah, or Annis, wid. of William Chandler, and d. says town rec bur. 
says the ch. rec 14 Sept 1658. His will, of a week preeed. pro. 16 
Oct names only those ch. of wh. he calls Eliz. Howe, perhaps w. <^ the 
sec Abraham of Roxbury. Perhaps he had rem. a short time to Ips- 
wich, and came back to R. His wid. had third h. John Parmenter of 
Sudbury, and d. 15 Mar. 1683. JoBir, Ipswich, s. of the preced. b. in 
Eng. at Colchester 1613, perhaps came to Roxbury 1636, with his f. 
freem. 2 June 1641, unless that name in the rec. of the CoL apply to his 
f. and he be ft^em. of 1682, was a surgeon, d. 29th Sept 1684^ leav. 
good est for that day ; had Mary, b. 1639, wh. m. 24 Aug. 1658, Wil- 
liam Chandler of Andover, wh. was s. of her grJl's sec w. His will 
names w. two s. John, and Philemon, ds. Eliz. and Sarah,, Mary 
Chandler, and Daniel Hovey. In the close investigat of recent days it 
is found, that Eliz. m. Reginald Foster; Sarah m. 23 Sept 1668, Daniel 
Warner ; and a d. Rebecca m. James Hovey, wh. perhaps was. the man 
k. by the Ind. at Brookfield, 2 Aug. 1675. The deficiency of Ipswich 
rec leaves all else unkn. but he was ancest of Hon. Nathan, H. C. 1778, 
LL. D. of Beverly, disting. in jurisprud. and of Hon. Joseph, H. C. 1799, 
of Maine. Nathaniel, Andover, s. of Rev. Francis, m. 12 Dec 1672, 
Deliverance, d. of Robert Hazeltine, had Nathaniel, d. 16 Oct 1674; 
aad Francis, d. 3 Nov. 1679 ; prob. others ; and d. 1725, set 80. 
Philemon, Ipswich, s. of sec. John, freem. 1674, was a physician, m. 7 


Oct. 1685, Mary Thompson ; and 25 Dec 1690, took sec w. Ruth, d. of 
James Converse of Woburn, and d. 18 Oct. 1716. Of his ch. Mary; 
Philemon, b. 1693, d. next yr. ; Philemon, again, and Edward, t\y. 17 
July 1695 ; and Ruth, 24 Aug. 1698 ; no doubt of the mo. can be felt, 
unless the first may have been by former w. Thomas, Concord, had, I 
suppose, by w. Eliz. a d. b. 24 Feb. 1643, and certain, by her had Han- 
nab, 18 Mar. 1645, if this be the real name of him print. Dann in 
GeneaL Reg. VIII. 347, with wh. conf. G. R. IV. 271. William, 
Wobum, had Martha, b. 17 Aug. 1671 ; William, 5 July 1673 ; Samuel, 
26 July 1675; John, 25 June 1677; Sarah, in 1687, by w. Martha. 
Great difficulty occurs in turning over rec by frequent substitution of 
Dean, or Deane, or Daine, for Dane, and the reverse. 

Danfobth, JoHNy Dorchester, s. of the first Rev. Samuel, ord. 28 
June 1682, seventh min. of that ch. m. 21 Nov. 1682, Eliz. (but in 
GreneaL Reg. VII. 58, calL Hetty), d. of James Minot, wh. d. 6 June 
1722 ; and he d. 26 May 1730. His age has been overstated by 8 yrs. 
in Dr. Harris and others. He had Elijah, b. 1683, H. C. 1703, d. 8 
Oct. 1736; John, 26 Jan. 1689, d. 2 Mar. 1729 ; and (beside Mehitable, 
whose gr.stone tells, that she d. 1 May 1727, in 27th yr.), Samuel, H. C. 
1715, judge of Pro. counsel, and mandamus couns. whose w. Eliz. 
Symmes d. 13 Jan. 1775, set 67, and he d. 27 Oct. 1777, aet. 81. This 
Samuel was f. of Samuel, the disting. physician, H. C. 1758, wh. d. 16 
Nov. 1827, ^ed 86 ; and of Thomas, H. C. 1762, wh. at the revo. adher. 
to the crown, and d. at London Apr. 1820. See the fine note by Wil- 
liam T. Harris in Greneal. Reg. VII. 315. ♦Jonathan, Billerica, 
youngest s. of Nicholas, b. prob. at Framlingham, Co. Suffk. came 1 634 
with his f. m. 22 Nov. 1655, Eliz. d. of John Poulter, of Billerica, dec 
had eleven di. ; Mary, b. 29 Jan. 1657 ; Eliz. 27 May 1 658 ; Jonathan ; 
John, wh. d. 7 Feb. 1661 ; a d. whose name is not certain, 23 Jan. 1661 ; 
Thomas, 29 Apr. 1670, d. at 3 mos. ; Nicholas, 1 July 1671 ; and ano. 
John, 22 Feb. 1662, however, being the only ones kn. by me ; exc 
Ann, wh. m. 22 Jan. 1690, Oliver Whiting; but of six s. only two, Jona- 
than, b. 1659, freem. 1690, and Samuel, 1666, lefl issue. He was, per- 
haps, freem. 1652, the first capt of B. rep. 1684, disting. as surveyor of 
Id. town elk. 20 yrs. and d. 7 Sept. 1712, leav. wid. his sec. w. Jona- 
than, BiUerica, 8. of the preced. m. 27 June 1682, Rebecca Parker of 
Billerica, had Rebecca, b. 30 June 1683 ; Thomas, 17 Mar. 1685 ; and 
Jonathan, 22 Mar. 1688. Perhaps the f. d. that yr. But in the Diary 
of Noadiah Russell, GeneaL Reg. YII. 57, it is told, that he d. 13 Nov. 
1682. Tet this may easily be reconcil. by supposing Russell to mean 
the 8. of Thomas, not of Jonathan ; tho. Bond mistook him for the latter. 
•Nicholas, Cambridge, from Framlingham, Co. Suff. came 1 634, freem. 


3 Mar. 1636, rep. 1636 and 7, d. Apr. 1638, leav. Thomas, wh. was b. 
1622 ; Samuel, Sept 1626, H. C 1643 ; Jonathan, 29 Feb. 1628 ; Ann, 
prob* 1620, w. of Matthew Bridge; Lydia, w. of William Beaman ; and 
the eldest, Eliz. 1618, w. of Andrew Belcher, of Gov. Jonathan. 
His w. Eliz. had d. 1629 in £ng. Samuet^ Roxburj, s. of the preced. 
b. in Eng. came with his f. was freem. 1647, and again his name is giv. 
1648, ord. as colleag. with Rev. John Eliot, 24 Sept. 1650, m. 5 Nov. 
1651, Mary, youngest ch. of Rev. John Wilson of Boston, had Samuel, 
b. 14 Jan. 1653 ^ at nine o'clock at night," bapt. at Boston two days after 
by his gr.f. d. at 6 mos. ; Mary, 24, bapt 28 May 1654, d. at 5 and ^ yrs. ; 
Eliz. bapt 13 July 1656, d. at 3 and ^ yrs. ; Sarah, 30 Oct bapt 7 
Nov. 1658, d. at 1 yr. ; these three in ten days; John, 8, bapt 11 Nov. 
1660, H. C. 1677 ; Mary, again, 13, bapt 15 Mar. 1663 ; Eliz. again, 9 
Feb. 1665, d. at 7 and ^yrs.; Samuel, again, b. 10, bapt 16 Dec. 1666, 
H. C. 1683; Sarah, again, 21, bapt 27 Feb. 1670; Thomas, 3 Apr. 
1672, d. in ten days ; and Eliz. again, 16 Oct 1673, d. in few days ; 
and the f. d. 19 Nov. 1674, in his 49th yr. and was bur. on Monday foil. 
Ellis in Hist of Roxbury, p. 96, notes the d. as 1674, and the ch. as 
twelve, in both points foil. Farmer, and wisely repudiating the town rec. 
that makes it 1673. In both he is foil. Geneal. Reg. VII. 317 by a 
writer of scrupulous accuracy, wh., however, miscounted his yrs. Far- 
mer, Ellis, and Harris must, I presume, include a posthum. ch. as in the 
will anticipat. ; and yet none of them give the name. His will, pro. 24 
Dec. 1674, was made, say the witnesses, *' the day immediately preced, his 
d." but we must go behind them to kn. the mo. or yr. His wid. m. 
Ruck, says Farmer, in Mem. of Harv. Grad. p. 32 ; but in his MS. notes 
upon his Gen. Reg. he spells the name Rocke. Samuel, Taunton, s. of 
the preoed. ord. 1687, m. Hannah, d. of Rev. James Allen of Boston, 
had Eliz. b. 29 July 1689 ; Mary, and Samuel, tw. 1 June 1691, both d. 
soon; James, 11, bapt 13 Nov. 1692; Sarah, 18, bapt 25 Nov. 1694; 
Samuel, 4, bapt. 10 Jan. 1697; Mary, again, 5, bapt 11 Dec 1698; 
Hannah, 2, bapt 8 Dec 1700 ; Thomas, 22, bapt 23 May 1703 ; John, 
21, bapt 25 Feb. 1705, d. next yr.; Martha, 2 Sept 1707, d. soon; 
Bethia, 16 Aug. 1709 ; Rachel, 8 July 1711 ; and Nathaniel, 31 May 
1714 ; and d. 14 Nov. 1727. Ten ch. outliv. him, and his wid. d. 3 Dec 
1761. 1 1 * Thomas, Cambridge, eldest s. of Nicholas, b. in Eng. came 
with his f. freem. 10 May 1643, rep. 1657 and 8 ; assist 1659-78, dept 
gov. 1679-86, and again after the close of Andros's usurpat He was 
appoint Presid. 1680, for Maine, and in 1692, judge of Sup. Court for 
the horrible proceed, against witches. His w. d. 26 Mar. 1697 ; and he 
d. 5 Nov. 1699. He m. 23 Feb. 1644, Mary, d. of Henry Withington 
of Dorchester, had Sarah, b. 16 Apr. 1645, d. at six mos. ; Sarah, again. 


or, as ano. rec reads, Mary, 11 Not. 1646; Marj, 20 Apr. 1649, d. 
soon ; Mary, again, 28 July 1650 ; Samuel, 5 Oct 1652, H. C. 1671, a 
good scholar, irh. d. at London of smallpox, 22 Dec 1676 ; Thomas, 16 
Dec 1654; Jonathan, 27 Feb. 1657, d. in few wks.; Jonathan, again, 
10, bapt 13 Feb. 1659, H. C. 1679, d. 18 Not. 1682; Joseph, 18, bapt 
22 Sept. 1661, d. at 2 yrs. ; Benjamin, 20, bapt 24 May 1663, d. at 8 
mos. ; Elis. 17, bapt 29 Jan. 1665 ; and Bethia, bapt 16 June 1667, d. 
next yr. Posterity is kn« only in the fern, line His d. Mary bee 2d w. 
of Thomas Brown of Sudbury, after mid. life, but in youth had m. Solo- 
mon Phipps, jr. of Charlestown, wh. d. soon f and £liz. m. 3 Oct 1682, 
Francis Foxcroft. William, Newbury 1667, b. only 14 yrs. bef. at 
London ; perhaps was soldier in Dec 1675, of Johnson's comp. ; by first 
w. wh. d. 18 Oct 1678, had no ch. ; by sec w. Sarah Thurlo had Wil- 
liam; Mary; Richard, b. 31 Jan. 1680; John, 8 Dec 1681, d. 1 Oct 
1772; Jonathan, 18 May 1685; Thomas, 11 Sept 1688; Francis, 15 
Mar. 1691 ; and Joseph, 12 May 1694. Descend, says Farmer are in 
New Hampsh. and some of them spell their name Danford. Eleven gr. 
at Harv. are all male line descend, of Nicholas. 

Dakiel, or Daniels, David, Dover 1661-72. James, Exeter, took 
o. of alleg. 30 Nov. 1677. Joseph, Fahnouth 1680. Willis, I. 217. 
Perhaps he had been of Medfield 1649-78. John, New London 1663, 
m. 19 Jan. 1665, Mary, d. of George Chappel, had John, b. 19 Jan. 
1666; Mary, 12 Oct 1667 ; Thomas, 30 Dec 1669 ; Christian, 3 Mar. 
1671 ; Hannah, 20 Apr. 1674 ; Rachel, 27 Feb. 1676; Sarah, 10 Feb. 
1679; Jonathan, 15 Oct. 1682; and Clement, whose date is not giv.; 
and d. 1709 or 10. John, New L9ndon, s. of the preced. m. 3 Dec 
1685, Agnes Beebe, and d. 14 Jan. 1756, wanting, therefore, but 15 days 
of 90 yrs. Bichabd, BiUerica 1675, liv. also at Andover, and is spoken 
of by Gookin hx his acco. of the Lid. Robert, Watertown, rem. 1651 
to Cambridge, freem. 14 Mar. 1639 ; his w. Eliz. d. 2 Oct 1643, and he 
d. at C 6 July 1655. His will of three days bef. names w. of uncertain 
letters, like Reana Andrews, wh. he m. only 2 May of the yr. 1654, and 
five ch., Elias* w. of Thomas Fanning ; Samuel ; and minors Joseph, 
Sarah, and Mary, the last of wh. was b. 2 Sept 1642. His wid. m. Ed- 
mund Frost, as his third w. Robert, Sudbury, wh. d. there 1662, may 
have been s. of the preced. or not Samuel, Watertown 1652, then 
took o. of fideL, was s. of the first Robert, b. in Eng. and soon after the 
d. of his f. sold out his est and rem. but was perhaps f. of Samuel of W. 
wb. m. 10 May 1671, Mary Grant, and had Robert, b. 23 Apr. 1672; 
Samuel, 1 Apr. 1674, d. next yr. ; and Joseph, 3 Feb. 1677. Stephek, 
Saybrook, perhaps, 1650; rem. to New Haven, m. Anna, qr Hannah, d. 
of Thomas Gregson, had Joanna, b. 1 Sept 1652; Eliz. 1 Oct 1655 ; 

10 DAN — DAR 

Rebecca, 30 Jan. bapt 28 Feb. 1658; and perhaps rem. but the fam. 
did not, for Joanna m. there 7 Dec. 1671, John Glover ; Eliz. m. 9 May 
1682, John Winston; and Rebecca m. the same day, John Thompson ; 
and Grigson's wid. gave, 1692, some prop, to her d. Anna D. Stephen^ 
at Salem 1668, to a petit against imposts sign, his name, and no more is 
kn. of him. Thomas, Cambridge, possib. s. of Robert, d. or was bur. 6 
Nov. 1644. t Thomas, Kittery 1652, rem. to Portsmouth, m. Bridget, 
d. of Richard Cutt, was a capt. and of the first counc 1680, under Presid. 
John Cutt. His wid. m. 11 Dec 1684, Thomas Graffort. Wentvitorth, 
Lynn 1640. Lewis. Wikliam, Dorchester, freem. 1648, m. Catharine, 
d. of John Grinoway. A d. m. John Kingsley, and d. 1671. Alice 
Daniels had, says Felt, grant of Id. 1 637, at Salem. Distinction of fam. 
with, or without final s is prob. to be universaL observ. 

Dants, or Danks, Robert, Northampton 1671, m. Eliz. wid. of 
John Webb, had Mehitable ; Robert, wh. d. 1675 ; Eliz. b. 1677 ; Rob- 
ert, 1680; and Mercy, 1682. Eliz. mo. or d. d. Dec 1691 ; and he d. 
24 Feb. 1692. The name was long kept up, but is now extinct at N. 
yet whence he came is unkn. A Robert Dants, perhaps his f., was 
freem. 10 May 1643, of course belong, to some E. town of the col. 

Darke, Thomas, Weymouth, of early, but not kn. date. 

Darlet, Dennis, Braintree, an early sett, says Farmer. Edward, 
Boston, m. 25 Jan. 1660, Susanna Hooke. 

Darlino, George, Lynn 1650-70, had Joseph, b. Mar. 1667 ; was 
of Marblehead 1674. Lewis; and Dana, 8. John, Braintree 1660-90, 
may have been br. of George, and had w. Catharine. John, Fairfield, 
m. Eliz. d. of James Beers the first Thomas, Salem, only s. of John, 
it is said, was, with w. Joanna, of Salem 1690. Barry. Thirteen of 
this name had been gr. at the N. E, coll. in 1828. 

Darman, John, Braintree, had John, b. 1644, d. young; Joseph, 
1645 ; and John, again, 1653. 

Darrell, John, came in the Mary Ann from Great Yarmouth 1637, 
desiring to go to Salem ; but no more is kn. 

Darrow, or Darrah, George, New London 1676, by w. Mary 
had Mary, bapt Dec 1678; George, Oct. 1680; Nicholas, May 1683 ; 
Jane, Apr. 1692, beside Richard; was a serj. d. a. 1704. 

Dart, Ambrose, Boston, m. 24 June 1653, Ann, d. of William Addis 
of Gloucester, had William, b. 1 Jan. 1655. Daniel, New London, 
eldest s. of Richard, m. 4 Aug. 1686, Eliz. eldest d. of William Douglas 
sec, had eleven ch. rcc. bcf. 1712, and afler rem. to Bolton. Richard, 
New London 1664, by w. Bethiahad Dinah, b. 13 Jan. 1665 ; Daniel, 3 
May 1666; Richard, 7 May 1667; Roger, 22 Nov. 1670; Ebenezer, 
18 Feb. 1673; Ann, 14 Feb. 1675; Bethia, 30 July 1677; Eliz. 15 
Dec 1679 ; Sarah, 10 June 1681 ; and Mary, 1685. 

DAR — DAY 11 

Dartall, Dabvill, or Dabvell, Robert, Sudbuiy, an orig. propr. 
d. 26 Feb. 1662; had £li2s.; and by w. Esther had Mary, b. 10 May 
1642; and Dorothy, nam. in the will of their gr.f. of 16 Jan. 1662, in 
wh. he gave the mo. 5 and a ^ acres of Id. at Norchurch in Co. Herts 
^ commonly calL Harrot's end." £li2s. his d. perhaps by a former w. m. 
at S. 30 Nov. 1 654, the sec Peter Noyes. He also names d. Mary D. wh. 
m. that yr. Joseph Noyes, neph. of Peter. William, Boston 1 674, merch. 

Dassett, John, Braintree, one of the founders of the ch. 17 Sept 
1639, freem. 13 May 1640, had Joseph, b. and d. Dec. 1642, wh. may 
have been his youngest ch. for his div. of Ids. 24 Feb. 1640, was for 
seven heads. His name in Greneal. Reg. IX. 142, is distort to Deffet 
He d. 1677, his will of Mar. in that yr. was pro. 27 Apr. foil. It gave 
all to his s. John. Mary, his d. perhaps, b. in Eng. m. John Biggs, and 
2d Capt John Minot John, Braintree, perhaps s. of the preced. m. 15 
Sept 1662, Hannah, d. of Thomas Flynt of Concord, as one report is, 
tha I think a •better is, 15 Nov. as the town rec to Ann, d. of Rev. 
Henry Flynt, had John, b. 2 May 1664 ; I suppose, Joseph, next, 14 
Oct 1666, H. C. 1687, wh. d. much lament says Sewall, and was bur. 
23 July 1693; Mary, 27 Sept 1670; and Sarah, 1 Dec. 1673. His f. 
had rem. to Boston shortly bef. his d. and this s. a cordwainer of 
good est, was prob. the freem. of 1657. He d. 1699; admin, was gtv. 
14 Sept to wid. Martha and s. John. His wid. perhaps m. Timothy 

Dayenpobt, Chables, Dorchester, s. of Thomas, by w. Waitstill had 
Eunice, b. 20 June 1679 ; Sarah, 10 July 1681 ; Paul, 30 Jan. 1684; 
Thomas, 13 Jan. 1688, d. at 2 mos.; Waitstill, 18 July 1689; Abigail, 
10 Mar. 1693 ; Thomas, again, 22 Aug. 1695 ; Charles, 15 Feb. 1701 ; 
and Mary, 14 Mar. 1704 ; was freem. 1690, oft selectman, and d. 1 Feb. 
1720. His wid. d. 9 Aug. 1747, aged 88. Ebenezeb, Dorchester, br. 
of the preced. m. Dorcas, d. of James Andrews of Falmouth, had Mary, 
b. at Boston 15 July 1683, rem. to Falmouth, had Tabitha, b. there 3 
May 1688; but driv. thence by the Ind. 1690, came again to Dor- 
chester, and had Esther 11 Feb. 1691 ; James, 1 Mar. 1693 ; Zer^iah, 
14 Feb. 1696; Hepzibah, 11 Apr. 1697; Thankful, 8 Mar. 1700; 
Elisba, 26 Sept 1703 ; and Ebenezer, 23 Oct 1706 ; his w. d. 24 Nov. 
1723, and he d. 19 or 29 July 1738, as gr.stone tells. But he had m. 26 
May 1724, Sarah Bartlett, and had a third w. Patience, wh. parted from 
him 3 yrs. bef. he made his will, 26 Jan. 1730, and in this docum. he 
cuts her off. Eleazeb, Boston, mariner, s. of Capt Richard, m. Re- 
becca, d. of Isaac Addington, had Addington, b. 3 Aug. 1670, H. C. 
1689, wh. was a min. of emin. and judge of the Sup. Court; Eleazer, 
13 Apr. 1674; Rebecca, 7 Aug. 1676; and Nathaniel, 20 June 1678; 


d. at sea, 8 Oct 1678 on voyage to St Kitts, where the vessel was 
afterwards wrecked. Francis, Boston 1675, mariner, m. Ann, d. of 
Dr. William Sneliing. Humphrey, Dorchester, came from Barbados, 
m. Rachel, d. of Thomas Holmes, had Richard ; rem. to Hartford, 
there had William; and in 1667 his w. was convict of playing cards. 
They rem. to New York, where greater laxity might be indulg. in. 
JoHNy New Haven, first min. there, s. of John, says Wood's Athense 
Oxon. not, as the fondness of Mather states, mayor of Coventry, in idle 
attempt to magnify a great man, was b. 1597, bred at Oxford, but not 
adm. as Mather has it, of Brazen Nose, 1611, enter. 1613, at Merton 
ColL thence afler two yrs. rem. to Magdalen Hall, where he pro- 
ceed. B. D. 1625 was preach, at St Stephens, Coleman str. London, 
perhaps not quite so early as the Magnalia imports; but being in 1633 
complain, of for nonconform, went to Amsterdam, thence came to N. E. 
1637, with Gov. Eaton, arr. at Boston 26 June, and next yr. with him 
sett New Haven. Mr. Haven, the accomplish, editor of Archaeologia 
Americana, Vol. lU. in prelimin. rem. cxxxvL corrects that looselessn. 
of the Magnalia as to the mayor of Coventry ; yet falls into slight error 
as to the coming of this famous divine. On p. Ixxxv. he says : "• When 
the ,times grew favorable for the Puritans he return, to Eng." from his 
refuge in Holland ; but more exact expression should be, in my judgm. 
thus: "As the times grew not favorable for the Puritans, he ret no 
more to Eng." exc. to emb. privily, perhaps without landing, for he dared 
not appear in London. Afler near 30 yrs. of great influence in the Col. 
of his own plant rem. to Boston, freem. 1669, hav. with very injurious 
controversy been instal. as success, of Wilson, 9 Dm^ 1668, at the first 
eh. causing foundation of third ch. in Boston, gather. 12 May 1669 at 
Charlestown, and violent heats in the commonwealth for many yrs. The 
great body of the clerg. favor, the new ch. as did a major part of the assist 
of six oppon. three, includ. Gov. Bellingham, being of the old ch. He 
was at New Haven eager in defence of Groffe and Whalley, the regicides 
in 1661, and perhaps much aid. in their escape. Yet a most curious, if 
not characterbtic, letter from him furnishes no small light to the hist, of 
his acting giv. by Dr. Stiles, as it tends to exculpate, or inculpate, him, 
according to the eyes with wh. it is read, in 3 Mass. Hist Coll. VIII. 
827. With his name is frequent, assoc. that of a cous. possib. a br. 
Christopher, b. 1598, a Catholic priest of gi*eat learning, not a Jesuit, 
under the name of Santa Clara, wh. d. 31 May 1680. Mather, III. 52, 
denies that he was a br. '^ as a certain Wooddeu Historian, in his Athenee 
Oxon. has report" By this merciless punishm. of honest Anthony, the 
immortal author of the Magnalia fully proves how much better qualif. he 
was for executioner than judge. We kn. no ch. but John, call, only s. 


tho. lie certain, bad yonngest a. Joseph, wh. d. prob. bef. his f. and per- 
haps had da. bef. or after com. to N. E. aod he d. 15 Mar. 1670. Eliz. 
perhaps his wid. d. at B. 15 Sept 1676, aged 78, if the gr.8tone be cor- 
rect In the present^i^ a descend, of the venerab. father of New Haven, 
A. Benedict Davenport, Esqr. call. hims. of the twenty-fourth generat 
has confident carr. the line of his (am. back to Onne de Davenporty 
1086, or the 20th of the Conqaer. Such kbors are seldom reverenced 
in our country. John, New Haven 1657, s. of the Rev. John, merch. 
b. in Eng. or Holland, but wh. is uncert was brot by Mr. Fenwick in 
1689, in one of the only two sh. that ever came to N. H. from Eng. ; m. 
27 Nov. 1668, Abigail, d. of Rev. Abraham* Pierson of Branford, had 
John, b. 7, bapt 11 June 1665, d. in few wks. ; Eliz. 7 Oct bapt 18 Nor., 
(not as ch. rec. says, 19), 1666, wh. m. Dec. 1700, Warham Mather; 
John, again, bapt 28 Feb. 1669, H. C. 1687; Abraham, 5 Mar. 1671 ; 
Abigail, 15 Sept 1672, m. 27 Oct 1691, Rev. James Pierpont of 
New Haven, and d* within four mos. ; and Mary, 17 Sept 1676, wh. 
m. 22 May 1694, Nathaniel Wood. He had rem. to Boston at the 
same time widi his f. was freem. 1669, and d. 1687, at New Ha- 
ven, where his inv. is of 27 June in that yr. ; yet in the Pedigree, Gen* 
caL Reg. IX. 147, it is said he d. 1676. John, Boston, s. of Capt 
Ridmrd, m. 1 Nov. 1667, Bridget Watkins, had Richard, b. 13 Nov. 
1670 ; John, IS June 1672 ; and perhaps fftore. Jomr^ Stamford, s. of 
sec John, ord. 1694, d. 5 Feb. 1781, had, by two ws. (of wh. the 
first m. 18 Apr. 1695, was Martha, wid. of John Sellick, d. of Migor 
Nathan Gold, wh. d. 1 Dec 1712) nine ch. of wh. John, b. 21 Jan.. 
1698, Deotate, 28 Oct 1706, by the first; and James, Y. C. 1782, and 
Abraham, Y. G. 1782, by the sec have many descend, in Conn. John,. 
Dorchester, s. of Thomas, by w. Naomi had John, b. 10 June 1695 ;, 
Ephraim, 1698; Samuel, 1700; Joseph, 80 Aug. 1701 ; Stephen, 8 Oct. 
1708 ; Mehitable, 80 Aug. 1705 ; and Benjamin, 12 Aug. 1707 ; and d.. 
21 Mar. 1725. Johatbait, D<M:chester, br. of the preced. by w. Han- 
nah, m. 1 Dec 1680, had Thomas, b. 10 Dec 1681 ; Jonathan, 8 Nov. 
1684; Hannah, 28 Dec 1686; Simon, 27 Dec 1688; Ebenezer, 2' 
Sept 1691 ; John, 12 Jan. 1694 ; Joseph, 25 Mar. 1696 ; Benjamin, 6. 
Oca. 1698 ; and Sarah, 10 Dec 1700 ; aU, ezc the first, were b. at Little 
Compton. Nathaniel, Boston, s. of Bichard, m. Eliz. d. of Bev.. 
Thomas Thaeher, fireem. 1678, a brave capt in Philip's war, k. 19 Dec 
1675, with four ef his oomp. and many others in the Narraganset fight. 
Hatch. I. 299. His wid. m. 1677, Samuel Davis, master of the ship 
QabrieL * | Richabd, Salem, came with Capt Endicot in the Abigail,. 
Sept 1828, from Weymouth, in Co. Dorset, a few miles from Dorchester,. 
near wh. prob. he was b. a. 1606. He was fireem. 8 Sept 1684, ens.. 

TOL. II. 2 

14 DAV 

next mo. when his friend Endicot cut out the red cross in the national 
banner, in admiration of wh. rashness be gave a d. b. that jr. her name, 
Truecross; lieut., with a happier spirit when he was, 1636, wound, in 
the Pequot ezpedit. rep. 1637, and that jr. direct to receive the arms 
from Wheelwright's friends; ar. co. 1639; rem. 1642, to Boston, and 
was appoint, capt. of the castle, where he was k. by lightning, 15 July 
1665. His w. was £liz. apd ch. Nathaniel ; Truecross, b. 1634, or more 
prob. 5 ; Experience, bapt. 27 Aug. 1637 ; and John, 19 Sept 1641, all 
at Salem, but the rec of the ch. being for the earliest yrs. lost, the bapt 
of the oldest ch. is not kn. ; and at B. he had Samuel, bapt 28 June 
1646; Sarah, 30 Sept 1649 ; Eliz. 13 Sept 1652; and William, b. 11 
May 1656, bapt 7 days old. His wid. d. 24 June 1678. Truecross m. 
10 Not. 1654, Stephen Minot ; and Eliz. m. Asaph Eliot William was 
a serj. in Fhips's Quebec expedit but whether he was m. is unkn. and 
he d. soon after reach, home. Prince, Ann. I. 174. Johnson, W. W. P. 
Thomas, Dorchester 1640, freem. 18 May 1642, perhaps liv. 1660 at 
Cambridge, d. 9 Nov. 1685, lea v. w. Mary, wh. d. 4 Oct 1691 ; had 
Sarah, b. 28 Dec 1643 ; Thomas, wh. was k. in Philip's war 19 Dec 
1675, in Johnson's comp. ; Mary, bapt 21 Jan. 1649; Charles; Mehit- 
able, b. 14 Feb. 1657; Jonathan, 6 Mar. 1659; Ebenezer, 26 Apr. 
1661 ; and John, bapt 20 Nov. 1664. Mary, m. Samuel Maxfield. 
Ofl. in early rec inexperieixc readers will be misled by find, this name 
as Danfort, or Damport. William, Hartford, s. of Humphrey, left by 
his f. to care of Capt Thomas Watts, was a carpenter, had w. Eliz. wh. 
d. 19 Feb. 1697, aged 27. Five of this name had been gr. 1834 at 
Harv. and eight at the other N. E. coll. 

David, Jonx, Boston, kn. to me only as witness to the will of Maj* 
Holmes, Nov. 1649. 

Davids, Samuel, Boston, heard of only in May 1663, as apprais. on 
est of Robert Lincohi. 

Davis, Edmund, H. C 1674, of wh. we kn. nothing, but what the 
coU. catal. of 1698 tells, that he had tak. his M. D. at Padua, and was 
then d. Unsatisiact conject may suppose that he was younger br.of Hum- 
phrey. George, Sheepsoot, near Wiscasset, as early as 1653, wound, 
by Ind. 1676. Sullivan, 148, 293. t * Humphrey, Boston, merch. s. of 
Sir John, wh. had been creat a baronet 9 Sept 1641, came from London 
1 662, possib. to encourage Bev. James Allen, freem. 1 665, ar. oo. 1665, rep. 
for BiUerica, bee he had est there 1665-9, for Wobum 1678, prob. on 
equal reason, an Assist 1679-86 ; m. as sec or third w. Sarah, wid. of 
James Richards of Hartford, wh. had left large est that cans, his rem. 
thither ; had by her Humphi^y, and William, and d. 18 Feb. 1689. By 
former w. he had John, H. C 1681, but whether she came with him firom 

DAY 15 

London, I find not His wid. m. Hon. Jonathan Tyng. Humphbet, Hart- 
ford, 8. of the preoed. d. 1718. Hinman, 128, confus. f. and s. hut on p. 
206 correct hims. in part ; jet in the Richards connex. 228, again mis- 
takes both f. and s. as well as nio. and d. John, Boston, freem. 25 Maj 
1636, a supporter of Wheelwright and Mrs. Hutchinson, punish, there- 
for. Winth. L 248. I presume he is the man adm. of the ch. in Jan. bef. 
bat the Elder wrote the name Davisse, and calL him joiner. Most of the 
names Davie or Davj, Davies, or Davis are convertible. He may have 
gone to Dnxbuiy where one of this name sold est 1650. John, Boston, 
eldest 8. ot Humphrey, m. Eliz. d. of James Richards of Hartford, 
rem. to New London, where Rev. Gurdon Saltonstall, wh. m. her sis. 
Jerusha, bapt his ch. Mary, 4 Feb. 1694 ; Sarah, 80 Nov. 1695 ; John, 
8 Sept 1700 ; and Humphrey, 81 May 1 702. Beside these he had one 
8. and one d. but whether earlier, later, or one were intermediate was not 
kn. to me by most careful scrutiny of rec at New London perform, by 
Miss Caulkins ^ yet happily Davie bee town elk. of Groton, when it was 
inoorp. 1704, and in his own writing is this list of his ch. ; Mary, b. 30 
Jane 1693; Sarah, 21 Oct 1695 ; Eliz. 17 Mar. 1698; John, 27 July 
1700; Humphrey, 12 Apr. 1702; and William, 22 Mar. 1706. His 
resid. had beeh in that part of New London, for he says, '^ all b. in the 
town now calL Groton." He own. ho. with 2 and ^ acres on Beacon 
hUl in Boston, and part of a powder-mill at Dorchester. He was col- 
lector of taxes 1694, selectman 1696, was styled yeoman 1699. In 
1704 he was active in promot incorp. of E. part of New London, as 
Groton. He liv. there. When he bee heir to the est. and succeed, to 
the title of his gr.f. Sir John, he left his concerns to the managem. of his 
br.-in-law, then bee Grov. of Conn. wh. describes hims. ^ Attorney to Sir 
John Da^ie of Greedy, Co. Devon, within the kingd. of Eng. Baro- 
net** Hinman, 228, says his w. Eliz. was in 1709, w. of Jonathan 
Taylor ; but some doubt is felt about this. Samubl, Boston 1668. A 
wid. Mary of Charlestown had there bapt William, aged 13, on 11 Aug. 

Davis, or Da vies, Andrew, New London, perhaps s. of John of 
that town, m. bef. 1684, Mary, d. of Thomas Bayley, left descend. An- 
thony, Boston, d. June 1674, leav. w. Eliz. Babnaby, Charlestown 
1636, or after, came in the Blessing, 1635, aged 36, d. 27 Nov. 1685, 
aged a. 86. Frothingham, 152, has his name 1658 at div. of wood and 
commons on Mistick side ; and p. 183, has Bamaby jr. prob. his s. in the 
list of householders 1678. I Benjamin, Boston 1670, s. of William, 
merch. a major, ar. co. 1673, m. Sarah, d. of James Richards of Hart- 
ford, freem. 1690, was one of the founders of Brattle st. ch. ; d. 26 Nov. 
1704. CoBNELius, Newbury, s. of John of N. by w. Sarah had Sam* 

16 DAVIS. 

uel^b. 11 Apr. 1689; Jodith, 2 June 1691; Cornelius 9 Oct 1698; 
James, 5 Apr. 1695, d. 1697; Elu. 15 Jalj 1697. His w. hay. d. 6 
Mar. 1696, the last ch. was by sec. w. Eliz. Hiddeoi m. 1696. Dajcibl, 
Kitteiy 1649, freem. 1652. Dolob, Dollabd, or Dollab, Cambridge 
1684, is said to have m. perhaps in Eng. Margeiy, sis. of Simon Willard, 
if so, he was prob.from Kent, and this oonject is confirm, to me bj ooUat. 
e vid. Yet the grave-yd. at Benefield in Co. Northampton, as Dr. Palfre j a»- 
^snres me, contains the names of his ancestors. He rem. a. 1640, and had 
Id. that yr. in Duxbuiy, and was of that ch. when he rem. to Barnstable 
«nd join, that 27 Aug. 1 648, with his w. but had his d. Buth bapt at B. 24 
Mar. 1645 ; was fireem. of that coL 1646 ; and in the list of those able to 
bear arms 1 648, is this man's name ^ and his sons.** Who may be intend- 
by the last word, is not precisely widerstood, bat prob. John alone. Yet 
at the end of that list stand John and Nicholas, wh. might well, therefore, 
be thot. brs. certain. *not s. But two s. he did have, Simon, and Samuel, 
both younger by much than JcAn, wh. was excor. of his wiU. Bef. rem* 
to D. he liv. some yrs. at Concord, and was one of the proprs. of Grotoa 
1655, engag. in its first sett, and made one of its selectmen by the Gen. 
'Court of the CoL Still it is not likely, that he ever inhabit, in the new 
planta. but leav. his younger s. to reside at Concord, went back to B. 
jmd there d. 1678. His d. Ruth m. 1668, it is said, Stephen Hall ; and 
Mary, wh. m. 15 June 1658, Thomas Lewis of B. was prob. ano. 
DoLOB, Barnstable, s. prob. of John of the same, m. 8 Aug. 1681, Han- 
nah, d. of David Lynnell, had Shobal, or Shubael, b. 28 Apr. 1685 ; 
Thomas, Aug. 1687; Hannah, Dec 1689; Stephen; Thankful, Mar. 
1696; Daniel, July 1698; Job, July 1700; Noah, Sept. 1702; and Re- 
member Mercy, 15 Oct. 1704. Edwabd, Boston, m. 16 Sept 1657, 
Hannah, d. of Richard Gridley. Ephraim, Haverhill, m. 29 Dec 1660, 
Mary Johnson of Andover, took o. of aUeg. 28 Nov. 1677, d. 1681, leav. 
ch. Stephen, Ephraim, Thomas, Jonathan, Mary, Susanna, and Hannah. 
Ephraim, Haverhill, perhaps s. of the preced. perhaps of the first James, 
m. at Andover 19 Mar. 1688, Mary Eires, or Ayers. Ephraih, New- 
bury, s. of John of the same, by w. Eliz. had Eliz. b. 7 Apr. 1690 ; John, 

17 May 1692 ; Mary, 20 July 1694; Ephraim, 20 Mar. 1697 ; and Jo- 
seph, 16 Nov. 1699. Francis, Amesbury, sw. alleg. 20 Dec 1677. 
Geobob, Boston 1 644, blacksmith, perhaps the freem. of 1 645, one of the 
found, of sec ch. by w. Barbara, wh. had join, first ch. 22 Aug. 1647, had 
Samuel, b. 17 Oct. 1651 ; and, if the rec. be not false, John, 8 June 
1652; was a serj. d. early in 1655. He throve by his trade, for the 
inv. val. one fourth of George Munjoy's ship Swan, and five sixteenths 
of Benjamin Munjoy's ship Delight ; and his wid. m. 14 Jan. 1656, John 
Brimblecome, first, wh. was one of the witness, to his will, and for third 

DAVIS. 17 

h. Thomas CliadwelL His will, made 23 Sept. 1654, was pra 25 Apr. 
folL and anticipating the m. of his w. again, he* made various provis. for 
the two 8. See GeneaL Reg. Y. 306, and IX. 35. Gbobob, Lynn, 
freem. 1647, had Hannah, b. 31 Maj 1650; Sarah, 1 Sept 1651 ; rem. 
to Beading, there had Eliz. 16 Jan. 1655 ; Mary, 16 Jan. 1658 ; John, 
20 July 1660; and Susanna, 11 May 1662. Georqe, Weymouth 1654, 
blacksmith. Geoboe, Boston 1650, went 1644 to N. Carolina, in his 
will, bef. depart provides for w. s. Benjamin, Joseph, and ^ve ds. Gbb- 
SHOic, Cambridge, had w. Sarah, wh. d. 20 Nov. 1713, aged 55 ; s. Ger- 
shom; and dl 6 Feb. 1718, «t 75. Hopewell, Charlestown, by w. 
Sarah had Joseph, bapt Feb. 168B; Ebenezer, 6 May 1688; Sarah, 2 
Nov. 1690; Ellen, 14 Jan. 1694; and John, 6 Nov. 1698. Isaac, 
Salem 1637, Beverly 1650, perhaps was after at Casco ; unless this were 
aao. whose eldest s. John, b. 1660, was liv. at Gloucester, 1733, with 
other s. Samuel and James, beside ch. of a d. wh. m. a Fitz, and was of 
Ipswich, and ano. d. wh. m. Smith. He had after first destruct of Fal* 
month, est set out 1680, but on sec. destruct prob. moved to safer 
quarters. WilliB, 1. 160, 209. Jabez, Bajmstable, s. of the first John 
of the same, m. 20 Aug. 1689, Experience Lynnell, had Nathan, b. 2 
Mar. 1690; Samuel, 25 Sept 1692; Bathsheba, 16 Jan. 1694; Isaac, 
23 Apr. 1696; AbigaU, 26 Apr. 1698; Jacob, Oct 1699; and Mercy, 
16 Feb. 1701. Jacob, Gloucester, m. 20 Jan. 1662, Eliz. Bennet, had 
Jacob, b. 26 Jan. 1663; John, 25 Nov. 1665, d. soon; Eliz. 27 June 
1667; Susanna, ^7 June 1670; Moses, 6 July 1673; Mary, 3 June 
1676 ; Aaron, Jan. 1679 ; and John, again, 1 July 1681. Jacob, Fal- 
mouth, s. of Lawrence, had a fam. * James, Newbury, freem. 4 Mar. 
1635, rem. to Haverhill 1640, had w. Cicely, rep. 1660, d. 19 or 29 Jan. 
1679, set 90. In his will of 17 Mar. 1676, names as his ch. John, 
Ephraim, Samuel, and Sarah, w. of John Page, jr. His w. had d. 28 
May 1673. James, Hampton 1638, freem. 13 May 1640. Belkn. L 
21. James, jr. perhaps s. of the preced. was of Hampton 1643, may 
have liv. at Haverhill, there took o. of alleg. 28 Nov. 1677. James, 
Boston 1634) mariner, by w. Joanna had Jacob, b. 11 July 1639 ; and d. 
Josebeth, 20, bapt 28 Aug. 1642, wh. m. John Wing of Boston ; beside 
John, wh. d. 13 Nov. 1653. James, Plymouth 1639, a tailor, may have 
been of Newport the yr. befl had gr. of Id. for serv. in the Pequot war, 
but was gone in 1643. James, Boston, by w. Mary had Mary, b. 7 
May 1647. James, Charlestown 1658, had Eliz. bapt at 21 yrs. on 6 
May 1694 ; and Patience, aged 18 on 21 Apr. 1695. James, Haverhill, 
freem. 1666, was, perhaps, s. of James, the aged, of that town, may have 
m. a d. of John Eaton of H. had s. John, and d. 18 July 1694. James, 
Gloucester, by w. Mehitable, wh. d. 9 June 1666, had John, b. 10 Mar. 


la DAVIS. 

1660; James, 16 Mar. 1662, d. soon; James, again, 22 Jan. 1663, d. 
booq; and Joseph, 1665, d« soon. He m. 6 Dec 1666, £li2. Bachelor, 
bad £liz.h. 11 Sept 1669; Abigail, 13 Apr. 1672; Joseph, again, 25 
Jan. 1674; Sasanaa^ 20 Nor. 1676; and £benexer, 26 Jan. 1682 ; d. 
1717. James, Scituate 1673, there m. £liz. d. of William Randall, and 
rem. to Boston. Jambs, Dover, s. of John of the same, was a col. d. 
1749, at the age of 87, and had the ch. whose unusual length of life is 
thus menu bj Fanner from Belkn. ; James, b. 10 July 1689, d. at 93 ; 
Thomas, at 88; Samuel, 99; Daniel, 65; Sarah Hicks, 91; Hannah 
Deering, 77 ; £liz. Hicks, 79 ; Ephraim, 87 ; and Fhebe Mathes, 85. 
Jemktn, Lynn, freem. 9 Mar. 1637, a joiner, wh. had been in the 
employ, of Mr. Humfrey, wh. unhappily, put his ds. to board with D. 
when he went to the West Indies ; by w. Sarah had John, and a d. and 
d. 1662. Winth. 11. 45. Lewis. | John, Boston 1635, a joiner, ar. co. 
1 643. I presume this to be the same man wh. came in the Licrease 1 635, 
age^ 29 ; and perhaps Was the John Davie, friend of Wheelwright, in 
the former article. John, Newbury 1641, by w. Mary had Mary, b. 6 
Oct. 1642; d. young ; John,. 15 Jam 1645; Zechary, 22 Feb. 1646; 
Jeremy, 21 June 1648; Mary, again, 12 Aug. 1650 ; Cornelius, 15 Apr. 
1653; and Ephraim, 29 Sept. 1655, bef. ment and d. 12 Nov. 1675. 
John, Watertown, m.«Mary, d. of John Spring, had Mary, b. 20 Mar. 
1642, and prob. John, and Benjamin; d. early, as did his wid. admin, 
being giv. 19 June 1656. John, Reading, had John, wh. d. 4 Nov* 
1660. John, Barnstable, eldest s. of Dolor, b. in Eng. m. 15 Mar. 
1649, Hannah Lynnell, d. of Robert, had John b. 6 Jan. 1650 ; Samuel, 
Dec 1651 1 Hannah, and Mary, tw. 3 Jan. 1654 ; Joseph, and Benjamin, 
tw. June 1656; Simon, July 1658; Dolor, Oct. 1660; and Jabez. 
Mary m. Benjamin Goodspeed. John, York* 1650, an important peiv 
eon, kept an inn, freem. prob. of Mass. 1652, at least he own. the juris* 
diet then, as -also ano. John, perhaps his s. was lieut. capt and at last 
serj.-m^jor for the Prov. and dep. Fresid. 1680-85. John, Haverhill, 
a. of James of the same, b. in £ng. m. 10 Dec. 1646, Jane Feaslee, per« 
haps sis. of the first Joseph of the same, had Mary, b. 6 Nov. 1647 ; 
Sarah, 7 Mar. 1649 ; John, 22 Aug. 1651 ; rem. to Dover, and had 
Hannah, 24 Dec 1653 ; Jane, 29 Dec 1655, d. within 9 mos.; Moses> 
SO Dec 1657; Joseph, 26 Jan. 1660; James, 23 May 1662; Jane, 
again, 15 May 1664; Jemima and Judith. His sec w. Mary d. 12 Jan. 
1684. His will of 1 Apr. 1685, was pro. 25 May 1686. Hb d. Mary 
m. Josiah Heath ; Sarah m. James Smith ; and Hannah m. says Mr. 
•Quint, John Kezan. John, New Haven, s. of William, taught the sdu 
prob. at Hartford, preach, there 1656, and next yr. was lost in Garrett's 
4hip, with Jonathan Ince, Nathaniel F«lham, and Thomas Mayhew, on 

DAYlS. 19 

their vojrage to London, all young men of great promise. Wintb. IL 
829 in notes. John, Boston, br. perhaps, of Edward, a joiner, bj w. 
Betum (d. of Bachard Gridlej, m. 9 Apr. 1656), had Grace, b. 4 Mar. 
1657. JoQN, Roxburj 1653, a tailor. Johh, New London 1651-64. 
JoHH, Charlestown 1668, fin. for hospitality to a Quaker. Frothingham, 
158. He may have rem. soon to Westerly, where was one John 1669. 
JoBir, Boston, s. of George, a tailor in 1678, may htfre been freem. 
1675. John, Lynn, m. 5 Oct 1664, Sarah, d. of Philip Kirthind, had 
Sarah, b. 10 Nov. 1665, d. at two mos. ; Sarah, again, 5 Feb. 1667, d. at 
6 moe. ; Mary, 25 July 1668 ; Joseph, 10 June 1672, d. in July of next 
yr. ; John, 16 June 1674; Sarah, again, 1 Feb. 1676 ; Ebeneser, 2 Oct. 
1678; and Benjamin, 27 Sept 1681. John, Roxbnry, bkudcsmith, k of 
William of the same, m. 5 Fd>. 1668, Mary, d. of Edward Devotion, 
had, as is said, three s. and two ds. John, b. 11 Jan. 1671 ; William, 11 
Aug. 1673 ; Mary, 6 Apr. 1676, d. at 18 yis. ; Elix. 18 Apr. 1678 ; and 
Samoel, -23 June 1681 ; and his w. Mary d. 12 Jan. 1684. He was 
freem. 1690, and d. 16 Mar. 1705. John, Barnstable, s. of John of the 
same, m. 2 Feb. 1674, Buth, d. of Boger Goodspeed, had John, b. Nov. 
1675, d. beC 6 yrs. ; Benjamin, 8 Sept 1679 ; John, again, 17 Mar. 
1684 ; and Nathaniel, 17 July 1686 ; these three bapt 3 May 1691, the 
£ hav. join, the ch. two wks. bef. and had Jabez, hapt 10 May folL A 
see. w. Mary Hamblen, m. 22 Feb. 1692, had Shobal or Shubael, b. 10 
July 1694 ; James, 24 Mar. 1696 ; and Ebenezer, 13 May 1697. She 
d. Nov. 1698, and he m. 8 May 1699 wid. Hannah Bacon, had Nichoks, 
b. 12 Mar. 1700. * John, Saoo, rep. 1682, <<disaccepted, as a scandal- 
ous person,*' says the rec. John, Newbury, s. of John oi the same, m. 
8 Apr. 1681,Sarah Carter, had Mary, b. 23 Mar. 1683 ; Sarah, 13 July 
1685; and by w. Mary, as I read Coffin, had John, 29 July 1692. 
Jobbph, Kittery 1660, constable that yr. may have been s. of Nicholas. 
I Joseph, Boston, m. 7 May 1662, Eliz. d. of David Saywell, freem. 
1666, ar. eo. 1675. Joseph, perhaps of Roxbury, there m. 28 Oct 
1670, Sarah Chamberlain, but I kn. not, that either belong, in that place. 
In the neighb. Joseph, of Muddy riv. had Mehitable, b. 3 Feb. 1685. 
Possib. he may be the man nam. in the letter of Rev. Edmund Browne, 
to Gov. Leverett, pr. in Gene^). Reg. Yll. 268, as Daby. Joseph, 
Barnstable, prob. s. of John of the same, m. 28 Mar. 1682, Mary, d. of 
James Claghom, had Simeon, b. 19 Jan. 1683; Mary« June 1685; 
Joseph, Apr. 1687 ; and Robert, 13 June 1689. Josiah, Barnstable, s. 
of Robert of the same, m. 25 June 1679, Ann, d. of Richard Tayler, had 
John, b. 2 Sept 1681 ; Hannah, Apr. 1683 ; Josiah, Aug. 1687 ; Seth, 
Oct 1692; Ruth, Feb. 1694; Sarah, Feb. 1696; Jonathan, 1698; 
Stephen, 12 Dec. 1700 ; and Ann, 5 Apr. 1702. Lawbence, Fahnouth 

20 UAVIS. 

1662, had Bachel, b. 1663 ; Jacob ; and perhaps others, rem. to Ipswich 
during.the first Ind. war, but came back 1681, but no more is told, only 
that Rachel m. 1. Robert Haynes ; and 2, a Wedgewood of Hampton. 
Moses, Dover, s. of John of the same, m. 16 Jan. 1681, Ruhamah Dow 
of Haverhill, and there had John, b. 4 Jan. 1682; and Moses, 2 Nov. 
1686 ; beside Jabez>; and Ebenezer, 10 June 1702, both at Dover ; and 
both f. and s. Mdses were k. by the Ind. 10 June 1724. Belkn. Nathan- 
iel, Mass. came in the Mary and John, or perhaps the Hercules, hav. 
qualif. hims. by tak. o. of alleg. and suprem. 16 Apr. 1634 but where he 
saWdown I find not See GeneaL Reg. IX. 268. Nathaniel, Charles- 
town 1677, had m. 31 Mar. 1675, Mary Convers, wh. d. 6 Nov. 1690, 
aged 36 ; and w. Mary, again, wh. d. 18 Apr. 1721, aged 65. Nathaniel, 
his eldest ch. bapt 19 Apr. 1677, d. at Charlestown the same yr. He 
had, also, Mary, bapt. 9 May 1680 ; Barnabas, Dec 1681 ; Sarah, 22 
July 1683 ; Zachary, 5 Aug. 1688 ; and Mary, 16 July 1695 ; and was 
one of the constables 1690. Nicholas, Charlestown^ came in the 
Planter early in 1635, aged 40, with Sarah, 48, prob. his w. and Joseph, 
13, perhaps his s. with four serv. whose names are then giv. was in 1640 
one of the promoters of sett of Wobum, where his w. Sarah d. 24 May 
1643, and he m. 12 July foU. Eliz. wid. of Joseph Isaacs ; prob. he rem. 
to York, and was there m 1652. His will, of 27 Apr. 1667, pro. 12 Mar. 
1670, refers not to any s. yet opens many remote relations, or perhaps 
those of his w. as cous. Barnard, the w. of Matthew of Boston ; coue. 
William Locke of Wobum (speL Owbome) ; d. Astine's (or Austin's) 
childr. Mary and Sar^, beside Mary, Eliz. and Mehitable Dodd. 
Nicholas, Barnstable, able to bear arms 1643, when he is last on the 
list, so that possib. it may be an error, as Hamblen puts him into a list of 
inhabs. adm. after 1660. He may have been of Newport 1638, and 
there learn, the strange policy of toleration in relig. In Sewel, I. 388, 
it is said he favor, the Quakers at their first coming. He had w. Mary, 
and was banish, from Mass. for his peaceful pravity. At Newport he 
was drown, bef. 9 Aug. 1672, as Roger Williams in his big book against 
the Quakers, p. 26, tells that in his public conference, there, with the 
friends of George Fox, he made good use of the event Philip, Ply- 
mouth 1638, rem. to Duxbury after. Farmer MS. Philip, Hartford, 
came, perhaps, in the Confidence from Southampton 1638, aged 12; but 
if so, he prob. was first at Newbury, where William Dsley, with wh. he 
came, pitched his tent He m. a d. of Thomas Coleman of Hadley, was 
freem. of Conn. 1656, and d. 1689, had two ds. but no s. Richabd, 
Ipswich 1642; Richabd, Roxbury, m. a. 1654, Sarah, d. of John Bur- 
rill, had Richard, b. 5 Jan. 1 658, wh. d. next yr. ; Richard, again, 26 
May 1661 ; and Sarah; and he d. 6 Mar. 1663, his will of 20 Feb. 

DAVIS. 21 

being pro. 19 Mar. of that jr. But there was a posthum. ch. and the wid. 
in. Samuel Chandler in 1664, and d. in Aug. 1665. Bobkbt, Sudbury, 
came in 1638, aged 30 with Margaret perhaps his sis. 26 (wh. m. a Bur- 
nett), in the Confidence of Southampton, as serv. of Peter Noyes, had w. 
Bridget wh. surv. ds. Sarah, b. 10 Apr. 1646 ; and Rebecca ; and d. 19 
July 1655. His will is of 17 July and pro. 2 Oct of that yr. Robbbt, 
Yarmouth 1643, or earlier, had Deborah, b. Jan. 1646 ; Mary, 28 May 
1648; Andrew, May 1650 ; John, 1 Mar. 1652; Robert, Aug. 1654; 
Jodah, Sept 1656 ; Hannah, Sept 1658; Sarah, Oct 1660 ; and Tris- 
tram. Perhaps Sarah m. 23 Oct 1679, Joseph Young. Samuel, 
Watertown, rem. early in 1646 to Boston, had w. Ann wh. d. soon ; and 
m. 20 July 1651, Sarah, d. of Richard Thayer of B. had Samuel, b. 
22 Mar. 1654 ; William, 4 Sept 1656, d. next yr. ; and Sarah, 19 Dec 
1657. Prob. he is the freem. of 1645, and perhaps br. of George. It 
may be, that his wid. m. 6 May 1663, Jonathan Hayward. Samuel, 
Groton, by w. Mary had a d. b. 31 Jan. 1662 ; John, 10 Mar. 1664; 
Sarah, 12 Aug. 1667 ; Samuel, 10 Jan. 1669 ; Barnabas, 17 Apr. 1672 ; 
and a d. 10 Apr. 1674; and d. 28 Dec 1699. Samuel, Salisbury, m. 
19 Dec 1663, Deborah, d. of William Barnes, had Samuel, b. 26 Jan. 
1667. Perhaps he was of Amesbury, there took o. of alleg. 20 Dec 
1677. Samuel, Concord, s. of Dolor, m. 11 Jan. 1665, Mary Mead, 
had Maiy, k 27 Sept 1666; Samuel, 21 June 1669; Daniel, 26 Mar. 
1673 ; Eliezer, Stephen ; and Simon, 9 Aug. 1683. I presume this is the 
man, by Felt insert as of Lynn, m. 11 Jan. 1666, Mary Meddowes. 
GeneaL Reg. Y. 96. Samuel, Roxbury, perhaps s. of William of the 
same, rem. to Northampton 1668, was freem. 1676, had two ws. of wh. 
sec was Eliz. d. of William Smead, m. 1681 ; and he d. 26 July 1690, 
leav. beside three ds. Samuel, b. 1672 ; and John, 1677. Samuel, Bos- 
ton 1673, 8. of Greorge, mariner, had w. Deborah, wh. d. early, and he 
m. 1677, Elix. wid. of brave Nathaniel Davenport, d. of Rev. Thomas 
Thacher. Samuel, Charlestown, had serv. under Capt Turner, 1676, 
in Philip's war, but as early as 22 Nov. 1658 by w. Mary had Eliz. 
*SiMO!f, Concord, s. of Dolor, m. 12 Dec 1660, Mary, d. of James 
Blood, had Simon, b. 12 Oct 1661 ; Mary, 3 Oct 1663 ; Sarah, 15 Mar. 
1666; James, 19 June 1668; Ellen, 22 Oct 1672; Ebenezer, 1676; 
and Hannah, 1 Apr. 1679 ; freem. 1690 ;• and rep. Stephen, Hartford 
1646, freem. of Conn. 1658. JSylvanus, Sheepscot 1659, sw. alleg. 
to the king 1665, wound, by the Ind. 1676 at Arowsick, when Capt 
Lake was k. rem. to Falmouth 1680, there had command of the fort in 
the next Ind. war, tak. by the French and Ind. combined force, 20 May 
1690, carr. to Canada ; afler his ret. was put into the Counc by the 
Chart of William and Mary 1691 ; wrote an acco. of the conduct of the 

22 DAVIS. 

war, wh. is in 3 Mass. Hist. Coll. I. 101. He liv. at Hull in latter days 
d. 1704, leav. w. but no eh. His will, 8 Apr. 1703, pro. 6 May 1704, 
gives all his quarter of Casco Ids. to 3 ds. of James English, ea. of them 
paying £3. to his w. and all his other est to John Nelson, he '^ promising 
justice and kindness" to D.'s w. Willis, I. 161, 209. Theophilus, 
Saco, constable in 1636. Folsom, 33, 121. It is almost certain that he 
soon rem. Thomas, Newbury, a sawyer, from Marlborough in Co. 
Wilts, came in the James 1635, embark, at Southampton in Apr. arr. 
at Boston 3 June, freem. 2 June 1641, rem. next yr. to Haverhill, where 
he had s. Joseph, and d. 1683, aged 80. He brot. says Coffin, w. Chris- 
tian from Eng. and his posterity is num. This name among the passeng. 
from Southampton in the James, by rec at State Paper off. Somerby 
read Thomas James. It seems a wild error of his or mine ; but if my * 
read, be correct, his surname may be that of the ship. Thomas, Saco, 
an early sett assessed towards pub. worship 1636. Thomas, Boston, s. 
of William, m. 12 Sept 1689, Hannah Allen (wid. of one whom no 
research of mine, or even of Shurtleff, can identify), d. of Gov. Leverett, 
had Thomas, the Seer, of the Prov. of New Hamp. 1692. The late, 
beloved, John Davis, editor of Morton's Memo. Presid. of the Mass. Hist 
Soc. above forty yrs. judge of the Distr. Court of the U. S. was not, in 
I4ale line, of N. £. ancestry, but was s. of Thomas, wh. was b. 1722 at 
Albany, whither his f. had rem. from N. Carolina. || Tobias, Hoxbury, 
br. of Richard of the same, m. Sarah, d. of Isaac Morrill, had Sarah, b. 
10 Feb. 1647, and his w. d- 23 Jan. by ch. rec but 15 Feb. says the 
town, 1649. He m. 13 Dec. next, Bridget Kinsman, had John, b. 17 
Apr. 16ol ; Tobias, 10 June 1653; Isaac, 7 Dec 1655 ; Samuel, bapt 
with the three preced. 12 June 1659, wh. d. young; Samuel, again, 24 
Mar. 1661, d. at 18 ; and Abigail, in town rec said to be b. 5 Sept 1671; 
was of ar. co. 1666, and d. 25 Apr. 1690. Tobias, Dover, freem. 1666. 
Tbistram, Scituate, s, of Robert of Yarmouth, m. 1694, perhaps for 
sec w. Sarah Archer of Braintree, had £liz. b. 1695, and rem. as Deane 
thinks, but yet supposes Hannah D. wh. m. there 1709 to be a d. William, 
Boston, by w. Mary had Abigail, b. 31 Oct 1635, d. at 4 yrs. ; Thomas, 
15 Mar. 1637, d. young; Aaron, 20- July 1638, d. next yr. ; John, wh. 
d. young, in 1641 ; Trine, 10 Aug. 1642; Mary, 3 Oct 1644, perhaps 
d. soon ; and Thomas, again, 3, bapt. 7 Sept 1645. The Book of pos- 
sessions in early days shows W. sen. and W. jr. in Boston, but wh. was 
£ of these ch. is to be determin. I fear, only by conject One was a 
gunsmith, and one was d. 10 Nov. 1655, when Isaac Collamore gave in 
the inv. of his est only £7. His wid. Mary soon m. John Cowdall. 
William, New Haven 1639, had John, H. C. 1651, the scholar, bef. 
ment lost on his voyage to Eng. He d. 1659, leav. wid. Martha, wh. 

DAVIS. 23 

was 818. of John Wakeman, and d. 1663. His onlj surv. ch. Sarah m. 
William Rassell, and to educate his s. Noadiah, the lefl £60, 
William, Salem 1639, had that jr. gr. of Id. prob. rem. to Boston or 
elsewhere, may be the mariner, wh. at B. made his will 14 Sept 1655, 
as in GeneaL Reg. V. 298, and lb. IX. 141. ♦ | William, Boston, 
apothecary, adm. of the ch. 28 July 1644, in wh. yr. he m. Margaret, d. 
of William Fynchon of Springfield, perhaps a sec. w. By her he had 
sev. ch. of wh. Thomas, b. 3 Sept 1645, may have been one ; also, Ben- 
jamin; £liz.; Ephraim, wh. d. 2 Aug. 1652; and William, the last, b. 
25 June 1653 ; and his w. d. 3 July after. He m. next, Huldah, d. of 
Bev. Zechariah Symmes, had Mary, b. 3 Dec 1656; Rebecca, 3 Aug. 
1658; Huldah, 21 Dec 1659; Ruth, 12 Feb. 1662; John, 10 June 
1663 ; and Deborah, 13 Apr. 1665, d. young; by ano. w. Judith, had 
Margaret, 13 Nov. 1667 ; and perhaps Hannah. He had still ano. w. 
Sarah, and hope of progeny by her when he made his will, in wh. all of 
these ch. exc Deborah, are ment He was a man of wealth, enterprise, 
and discretion, ar. co. 1643, freem. 1645, a capt rep. for Springfield 
1652, where prob. he liv. some few yrs. also for Haverhill 1668, was 
employ, as commander of a troop in Ninigret's troubles, joint commiss. in 
1653 with Leverett to the Dutch Gov. at N. York, and one of the found, of 
the third ch. His will, made 17 May 1676, pro. 9 days after, being only 
two days after his d. gave £400 to w. Sarah, and contains many particu- 
lars. His wid. m. Capt Edward Palmes of New London. William, 
Roxbnry, prob. br. of Tobias, freem. 1673, had John, b. 1 Oct 1643; 
Samuel, 21 Feb. 1645 ; Joseph, whose date, presumed, is 12 Oct 1649. 
His w. £liz. d. or was bur. 4 May 1658 ; and he m. 21 Oct next Alice 
Thorp, wh. had William and Eliz. bapt 14 June 1663 ; but perhaps they 
were not liv. when this sec. w. d. 1667, prob. soon after b. of Jonathan, 28 
Feb. of that yr. He had, also, Matthew, but I kn. not the day of his b. or 
whether he were not by a third w. made Extrix. but not nam. in his will of 6 
Dec 1683, in wh. he ment all these ch. and that Matthew and Jonathan 
are under age. He d. 9 Dec. 1683, aged 66. William, Boston, by w. 
Mary, d. of Nicholas Parker, had Joanna, b. 16 Aug. 1655 ; and I pre- 
sume, that the same man by w., Susanna had Joanna, b. 26 July 1657, sold 
his est in 1658, and went to Barbados. William, Marblehead, a petitnr. 
1668 against imposts. William, Roxbury, perhaps s. of William the 
first of Boston, had Mary, b. 28 Mar. 1669 ; Ann, 24 Dec 1670 ; next 
rec of 1672 gives him Benjamin, 31 May, and Rachel, 26 Aug. but wh. 
rec of the two is false is uncert ; perhaps the yr. 1674 is omit for the 
latter ch. Ichabod, 1 Apr. 1676 ; Ebenezer, 9 Apr. 1678; William, 3 
Jan. 1680 ; Sarah, 20 July 1681 ; and Isaac, 18 Apr. 1683 ; and a Wil- 
liam, perhaps the same, d. there 23 Jan. 1706. William, Boston, 
mariner, in his will 81 Oc^ 1690, not pro. bef. 5 Aug. 1701, gives est 

24 DAY — DAW 

to w. Mary, and childr. not nam. William, Haverhill, m. 31 Dec. 1700, 
Mary, d. of John Kelly, jr. of Newbury. Zachabt, Newbury, s. of 
John of the same, m. 4 Feb. 1681, Judith Brown, had Judith, b. 7 Sept. 
1684, d. at 18 yrs. ; and Eliz. 26 Apr. 1687. In many instances, some 
of the above nam. are spelled Davies, as well as Davis ; and the utmost 
care, in arranging relationsh. betw. parties with a name so wide, diffus* 
will sometimes be at fault. ^ A courageous soldier," is the designat of 
a serj. D. in the Fequot war 1637; but wh. can individualize him? 
There came in the Elizabeth 1635, from London to Boston, Margaret 
Davis, aged 32, with her ch. John, 9 ; Mary, 4 ; and Eliz. 1 ; the w. and 
fam. no doubt of some person wh. had come a yr. (h* two bef. and to find 
the h. and f. may be the happiness of some more skilful inquirer. 
Twenty of this name had in 1834 been gr. at Harv. and as many more 
at the other N. E. coll. 

Davison, I Daniel, Ipswich, prob. s. of Nicholas, rem. to Newburyi 
m. Abigail, d. of Peter Coffin of Dover, had Nicholas, b. 16 May 1680 ; 
Sarah, 1 Feb. 1682 ; Daniel, 23 May 1686; Mary, 21 May, 1689 ; and 
Peter, 20 Oct. 1692 ; was a man of note, ar. co. 1672, maj. of the Co. 
regim. had liv. first at Charlestown, was a merch. in 1676, by w. Abigail 
had Abigail, b^t 13 Feb. of that yr. ; and Joanna^ 29 Apr. 1677 ; both 
at C. ; may have short time rem. to Stonington. | Nicholas, Charles- 
town 1639, one of the chief men, agent of Gov. Cradock, by w. Joanna 
Hodges had Daniel and Sarah, wh. m. 24 Mar. 1665, Joseph Lynde, ar. 
CO. 1648, went home 1655, prob. on business, and came back 1656, in 
the Speedwell, then 45 yrs. old, and d. 1664, leav. good est His will of 
26 Mar. 1655, made in view of a voyage to Bartutdos, thence (o Eng. 
pro. 11 July 1664, names w. Joan, ch. Daniel, and Sarah, br. John of wh. 
he kn. not where he was, sis.-in-law Mary Hodges, w. of br.-in-law John 
Anderson, two neph. or nieces, perhaps not in our country, and childr. of 
br. Jeremy D. dec wh. was m. and liv. at Lynn, Eng. as late as 1652. 
An Ind. sagamore gave him mortge. of Nahant. His inv. ind. land in 
Boston, Charlestown, Pemaquid, and a. 2100 acres near Windsor on 
both sides of the Conn, was £1869. 11. 11. Peter, Stonington, a. 1680 
or 90, was perhaps br. of Daniel, or of Thomas, wh. was in the same 
quarter at that time. 

Dawdt. See Dady. 

Dawies, Ambrose, Boston, s. of William, freem. 1671, m. Mary, d. 
of Thomas Bumstead, had Mary, b. 24 Sept. 1664; Rebecca, 25 Feb. 
1666; Susanna, 19 Mar. 1668, d. young; William, 19 Dec 1671 ; Su- 
sannah, again, 11 Jan. 1674 ; Joseph, 21 Oct. 1677 ; and Thomas, 1 Nov. 
1680. Francis, Boston, had Eliz. wh. m. 16 Oct 1659, Samuel Miles. 
Thi8 man may have writ, his name Dowse, wh. see. John, Windsor 

'— ^ ■ 

DAW— DAY 25 

1647y in 1653 banish, from the Col. for threatening Gov. Hopkins, may 
have; bat not prob. come for refuge to Boston, there bj w. Mary had 
Robert, b. 29 Mar. 1655 ; Mary, 12 Apr. 1657. William, Braintree, 
came in the Planter 1635, a bricklayer, aged 15, by the custom ho. reg. 
in London, had Ambrose, bb 24 July 1642 ; rem. to Boston, there had 
William, b. 8 Mar. 1655 ; and Robert a. 1656; freem. 1646, d. 24 Mar. 
1703, let. 86, says the rec Robert was a soldier under Capt Turner 
1676, on Conn. riv. Susan, possib. a sis. aged 16, came in the Blessing 
1635, later in the yr. 

Dawse, Joseph, Charlestown, is print, as one of Moseley's oomp. 
Dec. 1675, perhaps for Dowse. 

Dawsok, Dakiel, Ipswich, may easily be mispr. for Davison. But 
Coffin, in Geneal. Reg. YI. 250 calls wid. 1693, Margaret. Yet she 
may have been sec. w. of Davison. George, Boston 1679, a Quaker, 
wh. had been whip, for attend, the meeting 1677. Henrt, Boston, adm. 
of the ch. 16 May 1641, freem. 2 June after, a laborer, whose w. was in 
Eng. He was in the employm. of William Hudson, jr. wh. when he 
went to serv. in the Parliament's cause against the king, left the care of 
his fam. two 3rrs. to this young man in conseq. of wh. he was brot into 
great peril of his life, as set forth in Winth. II. 249. Prob. he repent, 
soon, for he was in Oct. 1646, restor. to his rank. Henbt, Boston, a 
soldier, in the comp. of Cftpt. William Turner in Feb. at Medfield, and 
on Conn. riv. Apr. 1676, under Capt Pierce, freem. 1678. Henrt, 
Boston, perhaps s. of the preced. if not the same, freem. 1690, had bapt. 
at 2d ch. Thomas, 22 Nov. 1691 ; James, 9 Feb. 1696 ; Hannah, 20 
Mar. 1698 ; and Eliz. 31 Mar. 1700. Robert, New Haven, had John, 
b. 1677, by first w. Sarah, d. of William Tuttle, as erron. has been said, 
and m. next Hannah, wid. of John Russell, had Thomas, b. 1 693. 

Dawstin, JosiAS, Medford or Reading 1640, by the first deed in 
Saff k. reg. took grant of his messuage from Matthew Cradock, Esqr. of 
London, skinner, former Grov. of the Mass. Bay Col. 26 Apr. 1641. In 
Beading rec. of b. of his ch. Hannah, 20 Feb. 1649, wh. d. Nov. foil, 
and Sarah, 25 Sept. 1653, the name is giv, without tr. 

Dat, Anthont, Gloucester 1645, had w. Susanna, and seven ch. 
John, b. 28 Apr. 1657; Ezekiel, 12 Mar. 1660, d. soon ; Ezekiel, again, 
19 May 1662; Nathaniel, 9 Sept. 1665; Eliz. 2 Apr. 1667; Samuel, 
25 Feb. 1670 ; and Joseph, 4 Apr. 1672 ; and d. 23 Apr. 1707, aged 90. 
His wid. d. 10 Dec 1717, aged 93. Ezekiel, Gloucester, perhaps s. of 
Anthony, one of the witness. 15 July 1692, to the invasion by the French 
or Ind. or Devils, whose story is in its proper place in Mather, Magn. 
Vn. 83. Isaac, Cambridge, by w. Susanna had Robert, b. 24 Oct. 
1686 ; and Susanna, 28 Nov. 1688. Robert d. 4 Feb. 1688. He was a 

TOL. n. 3 

26 DAY. 

London ciL embToiderer, but when he came, wh. was his w. when he 
rem. are matters unkn. Prob. he left in the summer of 1692. James, 
Ipswich, perhaps s. of Robert of the same, freem. 1673. Some two or 
three Johns can find no proper habitat yet one is seen subscr. to me- 
morial, 1668, at Salem, against imposts. John, Hartford, s. of Robert 
of the same, by w. Sarah Maynard, had Joseph, b. a. 1675 ; John, 1677 ; 
Thomas; Mary; Maynard; Sarah, bapt 19 Sept. 1686; William, 24 
Apr. 1692; and Joseph, again, 14 June 1699. John, Boston 1677, a 
merch. d. that yr. in his will of 4 Sept. calls hims. of Frome Woodlands, 
near Warminster, in Wilts, on the border of Somersetsh. and gives all 
his prop, to br. Robert of the same place ; and prob. had no w. or ch. 
John, Dedham, eldest s. of Ralph, was prob. a soldier of Moseley's 
comp. Dec. 1675, m. 22 May 1678, Abigail Pond, had John, b. 11 Oct 
1679 ; rem. to Wrentham, there had Ralph, 9 Dec. 1681 ; Abigail, 
12 Jan. 1684, wh. d. young; Jonathan, 12 or 21 Mar. 1689; and 
Abigail, again, 1 Jan. or, as ano. acco. has it, perhaps by mistake 
of the numeral for the mo. 1 Nov. 1693; and perhaps other ch. 
John, Gloucester, perhaps br. of Ezekiel, m. 12 Dec. 1682, Abigail 
Leach, was a witness to spectral delusions in July 1692, as set forth in 
the Magnalia. Matthew, Cambridge, printer, s. of Stephen, b. in Eng. 
Steward of the coll. 1645, freem. 1646, made his nuncup. will 10 May 
1649, d. soon af^er. Harris, Epit. says the town rec. mark, his bur. on 
the same day. That docum. wh. is in Geneal. Reg. III. 1^1, leads us to 
infer that he had no w. or ch. tho. little ch. Moses is nam. that was prob. 
his br. He gave liberally to the coll. £4. to Elder Frost, and something 
to sev. others, yet most to his mo. wh. was present His name is in the 
imprint of Danforth's Almanac, 1647. Nathaniel, Ipswich 1637. 
Kimball. Ralph, Dedham, freem. 1645, d. 28 Oct 1677, in his will of 
12 Sept preced. w. Abigail, wh. was d. of Daniel Pond, and ch« John, 
Ralph, Mary, wh. was w. of John Paine, Abigail, and 8.-in-law John 
Ruggles, are nam. But his first w. was Susan, d. of Jonathan Fair- 
banks, wh. in 1668 ment her four ch. in his will, and they are found in 
Dedham ch. rec. to be Eliz. bapt 3 July 1648, tak. with the town rec« 
that shows Mary, b. 9 Nov. 1649; Susan, 1652; and John, 15 Apr. 
1654; while the next is found Abigail, d. of Ralph and Abigail, Apr. 
1661. Ralph, Dedham, s. of the preeed. freem. 1690, m. 10 Aug. 1681, 
Sarah, d. of Thomas Fuller, had Ralph, b. 28 Oct 1683; Thomas, 19 
June 1686; Sarah; Mary; Jeremiah, 23 Sept 1693; andAbiel. Rob- 
ert, Cambridge, came in the Elizabeth 1634, from Ipswich, aged 30, 
with w. Mary 28, freem. 6 May 1635, went tc^ Hartford, perhaps with 
Hooker in 1636, or very soon after, had sev. lots among first proprs. 
His first w. d. prob. bef. rem. and the mo. of his ch. was Edatha, sis. of 

DAY. 27 

deac Edward Stebbins. She is nam. in his will, 20 May 1648, wh. is 
print, in TrumbuU's CoL Rec. of Conn. L 487 ; but tho. childr. are 
provid. for, we find not names nor number. They were Thomas ; Sarah, 
wh. m. Sept. 1658, Nathaniel Gunn of Hartford, and next, 24 Nov. 1664, 
Samuel Kellogg of Hatfield, and was k. with her s. Joseph, 19 Sept 1677, 
by the Ind. ; Mary, wh. m. 28 Oct. 1659, Samuel Ely of Springfield, and 
next, 12 Apr. 1694, Thomas Stebbins, and next, 11 Dec 1696, deac« 
John Coleman of Hatfield, where she d. 1725 ; and John, beC ment 
His wid. m. John Maynard of Hartford, wh. d. without ch. leav. to the 
ch. of D. ^ provided they carry themselves well towards " their mo. some 
decent est and next m. in 1657, or 8, Elizur Holyoke of Springfield wh. 
she surv. by twelve yrs. and d. 24 Oct 1688. Of descend, of this Rob- 
ert, in the male line, full aeco. is print by Rev. George E. Day of 
Northampton. Robert, Ipswich, came in the Hopewell, Capt Bun- 
docke, 1635, from London, aged 30, freem. 2 June 11641, was liv. in 
1681, Perhaps Sarah, wh. m; at I. 17 June 1674, David Fiske was his 
d. Hannah, wh. came in the Elizabeth and Ann 1 635, aged 20, may not 
have been a relat Stephen, Cambridge, the earliest printer on our 
side of the ocean, was a locksmith of Cambridge, Eng. brot over, in the 
John, 1638, by Rev. Josse Glover wh. d. on the voyage. He began busi- 
ness in Mar. 1639, but was, I fear, unthrifty, for in 1647 the Almanac of 
his press purports to come from his s. wh. yras very young, and the yr. 
foil. Greene bee. ruler in the office. Yet he was enterprising, hav. for 
his great service, unluckily, been reward, by grant of 300 acres in 1641, 
he was 2 yrs. afler engag. in sett, of Lancaster, and reduc to work as 
journeyman of Greene all his latter days. He brot from 'Eng. w. Re- 
becca wh. had been wid. mo. of William Boardman, had Matthew, bef. 
ment and prob. af^er com. hithbr had Stephen, wh. d. 1 Dec 1639, and 
Moses. His w. d. 27 Oct 1659, he was adm. of the ch. 28 Feb. 1661, 
but was never freem. and d. 22 Deo. 1668, set 58. A catal. of books of 
his print is giv. by Thomas in his Hist I. 227-34. Thomas, Spring- 
field 1658, s. of Robert of Hartford, m. 27 Oct 1659, Sarah, d. of Lieut 
Thomas Cooper, had Thomas, b. 23 Mar. says the town rec but fam. rec 
says Nov. 1662, the free^p. of 1690 ; Sarah, 14 June 1664; Mary, 15 
Dec 1666; John, 20 Feb. 1669, d. soon; Samuel, 20 May 1671 ; John, 
again, 20 Sept 1673; Ebenezer, 8 Sept 1675, d. soon 7 Ebenezer, 
again, 5 Sept 1677; Jonathan, 8 Aug. 1680 ; and Abigail. Eight of 
these ch. liv. to m. bef. his d. He was freem. 1668, and d. 27 Dec 1711, 
and the wid surv. to 21 Nov. 1726. Tbopias, Gloucester, m. 30 Dec 
1673, Mary Laughton, had Thomas, b. 27 May 1675 ; Mary, Dec 1677 ; 
and Joseph, 24 Jan. 1680. An earlier Thomas, whose in v. was found by 
Cofiin 1670, was perhaps f. of the preced. b. a. 1651, and of Sarah, a* 
1652, may have been of Salem, a signer of memor. 1668, against imposts, 

28 DAY — DEA 

and perhaps f. of John, ano. signer. Timothy, Gloucester, freem. 1 690, 
m. 24 July 1679, w. Phebe, had s. b. 20 Feb. 1682. Wentworth, 
Boston 1 640, has prefix of respect on adm. to the ch. 22 Sept. but call, 
a single man ; soon after m. had Eliz. bapt. 26 Sept. 1641, at 8 days 
old; and Wentworth, 13 Aug. 1643, at 6 days. He was a surgeon at 
Cambridge, and is honor, by Rev. Mr. Hale in his tract on Witchcraft, 
as saving in 1652, a woman charg. with the horrid offence. Perhaps he 
went home, for one of this unusual name was, in 1658, fin. and imprison, 
as one of the fiflh monarchy men, setting up the imaginary reign of King 
Jesus to disturb the absolute throne of Oliver Cromwell in his last yr. 
In Sept. 1661, liv. in London, he had a legacy in the will of Edward 
Shrimpton. William, Boston 1669, a mariner. Of descend, of first 
Robert a Reg. was pub. some yrs. since by Rev. George E. Day, wh. 
shows that nineteen had been .gr. at Yale, and one at ea. of the coll. foil. 
Dart. Wil. Amh. and Brown, and that ten of the eleven min. were liv. 
at liis date of publ. One at H. C. 1806 was the earliest of the name in 
that catal. 

Daynes, Deans, or Daines, Abraham, New London 1664, suppos. 
to have come from Casco, m. 27 Dec 1671, Sarah, d. of William Peake, 
had Joanna, b. Feb. 1672 ; John, bapt. Feb. 1674; Thomas, July 1677 ; 
rem. to Norwich, there had Ebenezer, b. 27 Oct 1680; Sarah, 19 Jan. 
1683 ; and Ephraim, 15 Jan. 1686. 

Datton, Ralph, New Haven a. 1639, sign, the covenant of habitancy 
but not at its format, yet liv. there 10 yrs. ; was of Easthampton, L. L 
1650, and later. Sometimes the name is Daighton. Samuel, South- 
ampton, L. L 1641,prob. at New Haven 1646, and Brookhaven a. 1655. 
Perhaps the disting. fam. of New Jersey is of this stock. 

Deacon, John, Plymouth, of wh. no more is kn. but that he d. 1636. 
John, Lynn, came in the Abigail, 1635, aged 25, with w. Alice 30, wh. 
d. 27 July 1657, was a blacksmith, m. 25 Dec. 1657, Eliz. wid. of John 
Pickering, rem. to Boston, was of Mather's ch. 1669. 

Deale, Charles, Milford 1658, was encourag. to raise tobacco by 
gr. of Id. that yr. perhaps had been there a yr. or more, had w. Pity in 
1672, but no ch. and d. a. 1686. William, Haverhill 1662. 

Dean, oflen with final e, Benjamin, Taunton, s. of Walter, m. 6 Jan. 
1681, Sarah Williams, had Naomi, b. 1 Nov. 1681, d. at 2 mos. ; Han- 
nah, 26 Dec 1682; Israel, 2 Feb. 1685; Mary, 15 June 1687; Da- 
maris, 4 Sept 1689; Sarah, 30 Aug. 1692; Eliz. 26 Mar. 1695 ; Me- 
hitable, 9 June 1697; Benjamin, 31 July 1699; Ebenezer, 24 Feb. 
1702; Lydia, 11 Dec 1704 ; and Josiah, 23 Oct. 1707; made his will 2 
Feb. 1723, wh. was pro. 14 Apr. 1725, so allowing us to obtain approx. 
to his d. Daniel, Concord, perhaps at Sudbury 1663, a lieut d. 29 

DEAN. 29 

Nov. 1725, ast 97. Shattuck. Ezra, Taunton, br. of Benjamin, m. 17 
Dec 1678, Bethia, d. of deac. Samuel Edson of Bridgewater, had Bethia, 
b. 14 Oct. 1679, d. soon; Ezra, 14 Oct. 1680; Samuel, 11 Apr. 1681, 
unless Col. Reg. is^ wrong, d. soon ; Seth, 3 June 1683 ; Margaret; and 
Ephraim ; and his d. was betw. 28 Oct. 1727 and 15 Feb. 1732. Very 
striking instances of old age in fifleen ch. of his s. Ezra are ment in the 
Mem. of Deane fam. George, Salem 1660-1686, was a cordwainer, 
bj w. Eliz. had Eliz. b. 2 Jan. 1661, d. soon ; John ; Thomas ; George ; 
Joseph, a. 1671 ; Benjamin; Eliz. and Hannah ; of not one can the date 
of b. or d. be ascert. and glad, can we read in fam. rec. that Eliz. m. 
Jonathan Lambert; and that Hannah m. 11 June 1701, John Cook; 
that John, Thomas, and Joseph had fams. and of George and Benjamin 
only that thej d. bef. 1706. Isaac, Taunton, s. of John, m. 24 Jan* 
1678, Hannah, d. of James Leonard of the same, had Alice, b. 20 Nov. 
1678; AbigaU, 16 Nov. 1680; Hannah, 24 Apr. 1683; Nathaniel, 25 
Apr. 1685; Jonathan; Abiah; and Deborah. His will was pro. 11 
Apr. 1710 bj his wid. Li his youth he liv. at New Haven in fam. of 
Capt Thomas Jeffrey, wh. had m. a relative of his, and leH him a legacy 
of £10. Israel, Taunton, br. of the preced. a lieut in Philip's war, was 
in the great swamp fight, d. unm. made his will 7 Aug. 1677. James, 
Stonington, blacksmith, had John, b. 15 May 1672; James, 31 Oct. 
1674; Sarah, 4 Sept 1676; as. whose name is not legible, 28 Nov. 
1678; Mary, 1680; Francis, Sept. 1682; William, b. and d. 1684; 
William, again, 12 Sept 1689. One s. was inhab. of Plainfield; ano. 
liv. at North Groton, now Ledyard, wh. was progenit of Hon. Silas D. 
1758, the ambass. with Franklin in France, and of late Prof. James D. 
John, Dorchester 1636, came from Chard, Somersetsh. rem. to Taunton, 
of wh. he was one of the first purch. 1639, hav. been made freera. of the 
Col. 4 Dec 1638 ; by w. Alice wh. surv. had John ; Thomas; Israel; 
Isaac ; Nathaniel ; and Eliz. wh. m. Josiah Edson, Esq. of Bridgewater, 
and at her d. in 1734, was calL a. 84 ; and d. 1660, betw. 25 Apr. date 
of his will, and 7 June of the inv. aged a. 60. John, Taunton, s. of the 
preced. by tradit. calL the first Eng. ch. b. there, a. 1639, m. 7 Nov. 
1663, Sarah, d. of deac Samuel Edson of Bridgewater, had Samuel, b. 
24 Jan. 1667 ; Sarah, 9 Nov. 1668 ; John, 28 July 1670, d. soon ; Me- 
bitable^ 9 Oct 1671 ; John, again, 18 Sept 1674; Eliz. 15 Mar. 1676; 
Maiy, 15 July 1680 ; Susanna, 13 Aug. 1683 ;.and Israel, 4 Aug. 1685. 
He d. 18 Feb. 1717, aged 77, during the great snow, wh. was so deep as 
k>ng to keep knowledge of the occurrence from his neighb. John, Ded- 
ham, by w. Sarah had John, b. 25 Apr. 1677; Sarah, 13 Dec. 1678; 
Ebenezer, 17 May 1681 ; Joseph, 14 Mar. 1683; Jeremiah, 24 Mar. 
1685; Eliz. 13 Oct 1689 ; and Abigail, 12 June 1694. John, Dover, 


30 DEAN. 

k. by the Ind. 1694, when his w. aifd d. were tak. but soon esc. Belkn. 
1. 138. John, Salem, s. perhaps eldest, of George of the same, had d. 
Eliz. it is said d. bef. 2 Dec. 1698. John, Woburn, youngest s. of Wil- 
liam of the same, nr. Mary, d. of Edward Farmer of the same, had 
John, b. 10 Jan. 1705 ; William, 7 May 1706 ; Edward, 14 Sept 1707 ; 
Ebenezer, 28 Jan. 1709 ; Thomas, 23 Nov. 1712 ; Molly, 16 Apr. 1715; 
and Samuel, 24 Feb. 1717. Jonas, Scituate 1690, by Deane in his 
Hist, of S. presum. to have come from Taunton, Eng. had Thomas, b. 
1691 ; and Ephraim, 1694 ; d. 1697, and his wid. Eunice m. 1701, deac 
James Torrey. Joseph, Taunton, br. of Benjamin, had Joseph, Sam- 
uel, James, and Sarah, and d. betw. 3 Dec. 1728, and 11 Feb. foil, leav. 
wid. Mary. Joseph, Concord, only s. and eldest ch. of Thomas of the 
same, m. 1662, Eliz. Fuller, had Thomas, b. 15 Sept. 1664; Joseph, 5 
Apr. 1667 ; Daniel, 29 Apr. 1669 ; Eliz. 4 Aug. 1671 ; Sarah, 4 Aug. 
1675 ; Deborah, 29 Sept. 1678 ; Hannah, 13 Nov. 1682 ; and Benjamin. 
Joseph, Salem, s. of. George of the same,- a shipmaster, m. 16 Mar. 
1697, Eliz. Flint, whose f. is unkn. to me, had Joseph, b. 29 Aug. of 
what yr. is not told, but the ch. d. in Nov. foil. ; Eliz. 20 Oct 1701, d. in 
few wks. ; Desire, 26 Apr. 1703 ; Mary, and Eliz. tw. 5, bapt. 23 Sept. 
1705; and Joseph, 15 July 1708, bapt. 22 May foil. Samuel, Stam- 
ford 1650, had John, b. 1659; Joseph, 1661, and others. Samuel, 
Lancaster 1653. Stephen, Plymouth, one of the first comers in the 
Fortune, 1621, built the first corn mill in N. E. 1632 ; m. a. 1627, Eliz. 
d. of the wid. Ring, had Eliz. Miriam, and Susanna, and d. Sept 1634. 
His wid. m. 16 Sept. 1635, Josiah Ck>ok, and d. a. 1687; the d. Eliz. m. 
William Twining ; Miriam was not m. as late as 1669 ; Susanna m. 4 
Apr. 1660, Joseph Rogers, jr. ; and next, 23 Oct. 1663, Stephen Snow. 
Thomas, Concord, came in the Elizabeth and Ann 1635, aged 32, a 
carpenter; by w. Eliz. had Sarah ; a d. perhaps Mary, b. 24 Feb. 1643 ; 
Hannah, 18 Mar. 1646 ; Eliz. 25 Dec. 1648, d. at [six mos. and first b. 
Joseph, bef. ment. a. 1638; and had sec w. Mildred, wh. d. 15 Sept. 
1673 ; was freem. 1672, and d. 5 Feb. 1676. In some rec the name is 
giv. Dane. Thomas, Boston, a merch. of extensive business, came from 
Hampsh. was b. a. 1640, m. 1665, Sarah, d. of William Brown of Salem, 
had Sarah, b. 1666, wh. went with her f. to Eng. and there m. Robert 
Woodward, Dean of Sarum ; and Eliz. 1667, wh. prob. d. young, and his 
w. soon after, or perhaps bef. He was freem. 1669, and m. sec. w. Ann, 
d. of William Farr of London, had Thomas, b. 1673; Rebecca, 1677; 
went home a. 1678, and had James and Samuel, was some time in Lon- 
don, but went down to Hampsh. and d. 27 Apr. 1686. A mural monu. 
to his mem. is in Frefolk ch. His youngest s. convey, part of his est. 
here by deed from London 1730. Thokas, Charlestown, mariner, m. 

DEA 81 

15 Sept. 1668, Eliz. d. of John Burrage the first of the same, and had 
di. John, and Catharine, as by a will imperf. appears. His in v. was of 
25 May 1674. The childr. were brot to bapt. 9 Sept. 1677 ; and his 
wid. m. 12 Aug. 1680, John Poor. TnoafAS, Taunton, s. of first John, 
m. 5 Jan. 1670, Catharine Stephens, wh. surv. him, had Thomas, b. 1 
Feb. 1671, d. in few days; Hannah, 14 Feb. 1672; Thomas, again; 
Deborah; Catharine; Lydia; Mercy; and Eliz. His will was pro. 15 
July 1697. Thomas, Salem, s. of George of the same, by w. Mary had 
George, b. 7 Aug. 1692 ; Mary ; and Thpmas. He had see. w. 9 Dec. 
1701, Eliz. Beedle, a wid. as is said of Thomas; and d. a. 1706. 
Thomas, Boston, m. Jane, d. of Richard Scammon of Exeter, ,wh. d. 9 
Oct 1726, had Mary, b. 20 Aug. 1692; Thomas, 28 Nov. 1694; Jane, 
17 June 1696; Eliz. 20 Sept 1697; and Jane, again, 2 Sept 1698; 
rem. to Hampton Falls and Salisbury, and d. a. 1737. Where he was b. 
wh. was his f. or gr.f. is beyond my kn. ♦ Walter, Taunton, younger 
br. of first John, was from Chard in Co. Somerset, 12 or 14 ms. S. from 
Taunton, freem. of that Col. 4 Dec. 1638, had been with his br. first at 
Dorchester, m. it is said, Eleanor, d. of Rich. Strong of Taunton, Eng. 
wh. had come with her br. John, had six ch. of wh. only Benjamin, Ezra, 
and Joseph, bef. ment. are kn. was rep. 1640, perhaps, and selectman 
many yi^ afler ; and was with his w. liv. so late as 1693. William, 
Wobum, m. 1 Sept 1670, Martha, d. I presume, of Thomas Bateman of 
Concord, had Martha, b. 17 Aug. 1671 ; William, 5 July 1673 ; Samuel, 
26 July 1675 ; John, 25 June 1677 ; and Sarah, wh. d. young. William, 
Boston 1668, may have been, a few yrs. later, of Dcdham, and there m. 
13 Dec 1677, Mehitable Wood, had Hannah, b. 5 Dec 1678 ; Alice, 18 
Oct 1680 ; Judith, 3 Nov. 1682 ; Josiah, 7 Mar. 1685 ; and Abigail, 23 
Jan. 1687. Rachel, a wid. came from London 1635, in the Planter, m. 
28 Oct 1636, Joseph Beedle, or Biddle, wh. in his will provides for her 
d. Martha D. wh. prob. came with her mo. 

Dear, or D£;are, Edward, Ipswich 1683, had, bef. 1665, m. Eliz. d. 
of Humphrey Griffin. Philip, Salem 1638. 

Dearborn, Ebenezer, Hampton, s. of Thomas, m. 7 Oct 1703, 
Abigail Sanborn, had Ebenezer, b. 27 Jan. 1705 ; Mehitable, 14 Nov. 
1708 ; Peter, 14 Nov. 1710 ; Benjamin, 13 Aug. 1713 ; Thomas, 3 Dec 
1715; Michael, 24 Apr. 1719; Abigail, 27 Jan. 1721; and Mary, 11 
June 1723; rem. with his fam. to Chester, of wh. he was one of the first 
sett Godfrey, Exeter 1639, was from some part of Devon, perhaps 
Exeter, with w..^h. d. 1651 or 2, and s. Henry, b. a. 1632 ; and Thomas, 
a. 1634; perhaps, also, a d. brot from Eng. had here John, b. a. 1642, 
and prob. two more ds. of wh. one was Sarah ; was selectman in 1648, 
but early in 1651 was sett at Hampton, there m. 25 Nov. 1662, Dorothy, 


wid. of Philemon Dalton, and liv. in a house of wh. his descend, are 
still occup. was a selectman and town elk. and d. 4 Feb. 1686. His will 
was of 14 Dec. 1680, and his wid. d. bef. 1696. Of his three ds. not 
nam. in the will, but earlier provid. for, one was, perhaps, Esther, w. of 
Richard Shortridge of Portsmouth (for in the will is beq. to Ann 
S.); and Sarah, m. 9 Dec. 1659, Thomas Nudd. Henry, Hampton, 
eldest s. of the precede b. in Eng. m. 10 Jan. 1666, Eliz. d. of John 
Marion, wh. d. 6 July 1716, aged 72, had John, b.aO Oct. 1666 ; Sam- 
uel, 11 Jan. 1670 ; Eliz. Id Dec 1672, d. young; Sarah, 9 Nov. 1675 ; 
Abigail; Eliz. again, 19 Nov. 1681 ; and Henry, 28 Oct. 1688; and d. 
18 Jan. 1725, aged 92. Sarah, m. 30 Jan. 1698, Philemon Blake; 
Abigail m. 28 May 1701, Samuel Palmer; and Eliz. m. 30 Dec 1704, 
William Sanborn. Henry, Hampton, s. prob. youngest of the preced. 
m. 28 Oct 1708, Hannah, d. of Simon Dow, wh. d. 10 Feb. 1717 ; and 
he m. 3 J«in. 1721, Mary, d. of Samuel Roby, wh. d. 5 May 1739 ; and 
he m. dd w. Esther, wh. surv. him ; and he d. 26 Apr. 1756. His ch. 
by first w. were Sarah, b. 20 Feb. 1709 ; Hannah, 10 Dec 1710 ; Eliz. ; 
Henry, a. 1715 ; and Simon, 21 Jan. 1717 ; by sec w.only ch. Mary, b. 
2 June 1722. But all the s. d. bef. him. John, Hampton, youngest s* 
of Godfrey, m. 12 Dec 1672, Mary, d. of Thomas Ward, had John, b. 
2 Sept 1673; Thomas, 22 June 1676; and Mary, 6 May 1678; his w. 
d. 14 Dec 1725, aged 73, and he d. 14 Nov. 1730. John, Hampton, 
eldest 8. of first Henry, m. 4 Nov. 1689, Abigail, d. of Nathaniel Bach- 
elder, wh. d. 14 Nov. 1736, aged 68, had Deborah, b. 8 Feb. 1690 
Jonathan, 8 May 1691; Eliz. 31 Aug. 1692; Esther, 15 June 1694 
Joseph, 8 Feb. 1696; Abigail, 24 Jan. 1700; Lydia, 4 Apr. 1702 
Ruth, 21 May 1705 ; Simon, 31 July 1706 ; and Benjamin, 12 Nov. 
1710 ; was deac of thech. of N. Hampton ; and d. 22 Nov. 1750. Jona- 
than, Hampton, youngest s. of Thomas, by w. Mary, wh. d. 5 Apr. 
1744, had Jonathan, b. 22 May 1709; Daniel; Nathaniel; Shubael; 
and Mary. He had sec w. Sarah, wh. d. 22 Oct 1762, aged 73, and he 
d. 10 Sept 1771. Samuel, Hampton, s. of first Henry, m. 12 July 
1694, Mercy, d. of Nathaniel Bachelder, had Mary, b. 23 Apr. 1695 ; 
Mercy, and Mehitable, tw. 21 Feb. 1697 ; Sarah, 27 June 1699 ; Merey, 
again, 18 Feb. 1702; Jeremiah, 1 Apr. 1704; Eliz. 9 Nov. 1706, d. 
soon ; Nathaniel, 21 Jan. 1710 ; Henry, 27 Dec 1712; Samuel, 1 Sept 
1715; and Abigail, 19 Oct 1720. Samuel, Hampton, eldest br. of 
Jonathan, m. 16 Dec 1698, Sarah, youngest d. of Edward Gk>ve, had 
Ann, b. 18 Dec 1699 ; Edward, 26 May 1702 ; and Reuben. Thomas, 
Hampton, s. of Godfrey, Eng. m. 28 Dec 1665, Hannah, d. of Ed- 
ward Colcord, wh. d. 17 July 1720, aged 76, had Samuel, b. 27 May 
1676; Ebenezer, 3 Oct 1679; both bef. ment; Thomas, a. 1681; and 

DEA— DEL 38 

Jonathan, 18 Nov. 1686. He d. 14 Apr. 1710, and may have had eh. 
b. within 10 jrs. of his m. but names are not giv. Thomas, Hampton, 
5. of the preced. m. 2 Jan. 1701, Huldah, d. of John Smith, the cooper, 
had Mary, b. 15 June 1702 ; Theodate, 18 Dec. 1710 ; and Huldah, 3 
Nov. 1714, wh. all d. young. 

Dearing, or Deering, George, Scarborough 1639, had prob. s. 
Roger ; and his wid. Eliz. m. Jonas Bayley. Roger, Scarborough, s* 
prob. of the preced. d. 1676. He had s. Roger at Kittery, wh. ret in v. 
26 June 1676, amt. £136. 7. 3. Samuel, Braintree, m. Bethia, d. of 
Gregory Baxter, had Bethia, b. 6 Apr. 1649, and his w. d. 11 May 165^. 
He m. 15 Nov. foil. Mary Ray, and had Mary, 16 Jan. 1653 ; Hannah, 14 
Feb. 1655 ; and Sarah, 30 June 1657, wh. d. in few wks. This w. d. 1 
July 1657, and he m. 10 Nov. next, Mary, d. of Francis Newcomb, and 
had Rachel, and perhaps other ch. Samuel, Wrentham, perhaps s. of 
the preced. by w. Hannah had Hannah, b. 23 Jan. 1688, d. young; 
Sarah, 3 Dec. 1689; and Hannah, again, 16 Apr. 1691. But much 
contradict, appears in GeneaL Reg. XU. 347, unless we make two Sam- 
uek con tempo, there, or will allow for perversion of numerals. 

Death, John, Sudbury 1672, by w. Mary, d. of Francis Peabody of 
Topsfield, had John, b. 2 Jan. 1677 ; Hepzibah, 5 June 1680 ; Lydia, 26 
Mar. 1682; Samuel, 12 Sept. 1684; and Ruth, 20 July 1688. He rem. 
1678 to Sherbom ; perhaps d. early, and his wid. m. 1690, Samuel 
Eames. See Barry. John, Framingham, s. of the preced. m. 17 Jan. 
1699, Eliz. Barber, wh. d. 28 May 1710, up to wh. time he was of Sher- 
bom, where his s. John was b. 1710, and d. soon. He had in Sherbom 
2d w. Waitstill, and ch. Henry, b. 22 Sept. 1714; Mary, 10 Oct. 1716; 
John, again, 4 Dec 1718, d. young; Ruth, 20 Apr. 1721; Abigail, 8 
Oct 1723 ; John, 27 May 1726 ; WaiUtill, 27 Oct 1728 ; and Hep- 
zibah, 1731 ; and d. 14 Dec. 1754. This name was common in that part 
of the county, some yrs. since, but within few yrs. by the legislat. it has 
been changed to How. 

Deckaxe, Nicholas, Beverly 1668. 

Decker, John, Exeter, 1672. 

Decrow, Valentine, Marshfield, m. 26 Feb. 1678, or 9, Martha 
Bourne, and she d. 25 Mar. 1724. 

Deins, William, nam. in a valoa. paper on the Sturbridge black lead 
mine in Geneal. Reg. X. 160, as an overseer of said works, a. 1657-9. 
Glad, should we learn more, but it may well be despair, of; and prob. 
the re&id. of this skilful man was trans, as the prosperity of the undertak. 

Deland, John, Beverly, had John, b. 1685; Philip, 1687; and Wil- 
liam, 1689. 

Delano, early Delanoye, Delauny, or Delanoy, John, Duxbury, 

84 DEL 

8. of Philip the first, was liv. 1690, but tho. he prob, had w. and fam. of 
them nothing is kn. * Jonathan, Dartmouth, br. of the preced. ace 
fara. geneal. was b. 1648, m. 26 Feb. 1678, Mercj, d. of Nathaniel 
Warren, had Jonathan, Jabez, Sarah, Mercj, Nathan, Bethia, Susanna^ 
Nathaniel, Esther, Jethro, and Thomas, as in the fam. scroll insert and 
we maj regret that dates are not attain, tho. order of success, is prob. 
preserv. He was constable, town elk. surveyor, selectman, lieut. and in 
1689 rep. and d. 23 Dec 1720, in 73d jr. as Ricketson, 386, copies the 
inscript. on gr.stone, but fam. geneal. sajs 28 Dec. Michael, New 
Haven, d. 1^67. Philip, Plymouth, came in the Fortune 1621, b. of 
f^rench or Flemish Protestant parents, but of the Eng. ch. at Lejden, 
Winslow says, and 19 yrs. old at his coming; was s. prob. of Jean and 
Marie de Launey, bapt. 7 Dec 1603 in the Walloon ch. of Leyden ; was 
freem. of that coL 1632, rem. soon afler to Duzbury, m. 19 Dec 1634, 
Esther Dewsbury, and next, 1657, Mary, wid. of James Glass, d. of Wil- 
liam Pontus (tho. Ricketson makes her d. of James Churchill, wh. is wholly 
unkn. to me) ; and had ch. (of wh. we are uncert wh. may be elder or 
younger, whether all, or part, by first w.) Thomas, Mary, Philip, John, 
Jane, Rebecca, Jonathan, Esther, and SamueL ' But as a fam. geneal. in 
MS. has been giv. to me, tho. it is confin. to the descend, of Jonathan, 
yet as it purports to give the offspring of the Dewsbury m. three s. Sam- 
uel, Thomas, and Jonathan, beside one d. wh. d. soon, it might seem prob. 
that three ds. and one s. came of the sec. m. He rem. to Bridgewater, 
was one of the purch. of Dartmouth 1652, and in 1662, of Middle- 
borough, and d. a. 1681, a. 79 yrs. old. Mary m. 29 Nov. 1655, Jona- 
than Durham. Philip, Duzbury, s. of the preced. had Philip ; and 
that be was b. early in 1678, is all that is kn. of this branch of the fam. 
Samuel, Duxbury, br. of the preced. m. Eliz. d. of Alexander Standish, 
and of his fam. we kn. no more. Thomas, Duxbury, br. perhaps eldest 
of the preced. m. Mary, d. perhaps youngest, of first John Alden, had 
Thomas, but we kn. not his date of b. nor indeed but by conject. that he 
was of this w. whose m. is giv. bef. 1667. He m. next, 24 Oct. 1692 or 
1699, Hannah, wid. of Robert Bartlett, d. of Richard Warren. In 
Winsor, 226, and 251, the various dates of this sec. m. are found. De 
la Noye was the name at first. 

Dbll, or Dill, George, Salem, 1639, rem. to Boston, freem. 1651, 
by w. Abigail had John, b. Oct 1645 ; Samuel, 81 Aug. 1647 ; Joseph, 
Feb. 1650 ; and Benjamin, 27 Apr. 1652. He w&s an active merch. d. 
abroad, prob. in 1654, for an imperfect will of 3 Nov. 1653, recites that 
he was bound from Eng. to Ireland, thence to Virg. etc He had good 
amt. of prop. Winth. II. 312. His wid. m. 8 Nov. 1655, John Hanni* 
ford. Joseph, Boston, mariner, prob. s. of the preced. had, 1678, w. 
Eliz. Feteb, Chelmsford 1691. 


Deming, Demon, or Dement, David, Wethersfield, s. of first John, 
by w. Mary (m. 16 July by one report, and by ano. 14 Aug. 1678) bad 
David, b. 20 July 1681, H. C. 1700, min. of Medway ; Samuel, 9 Aug. 
1683 ; and Honour, 9 May 1685 ; to wh. Chapin adds Mehitable, without 
date of b. He liv. some yrs. at Cambridge, and afler in Boston. Eben- 
ezer, Wethersfield, youngest br. of the preced. by w. Sarah, m. 16 July 
1677, had Ebenezer,b. 5 May 1678; John, 26 July 1679 ; Sarah, 6 Jan. 
1681 ; Prudence ; Ephraim ; and Josiah ; and d. 2 May 1705. * John, 
Wethersfield 1635, one of the chief sett.*rep. very oflen from 1649 to 
61, nam. in the chart of 1662, m. Honour, d. of Richard Treat, had 
John, b. 9 Sept 1638 ; and others. His will of 26 June 1690, with pro. 
1705, names 8. John ; Jonathan, 1639; Samuel, 1646; David; Eben* 
ezer ; and five ds. ws. of John Morgan (whose name prob. was Rachel) ; 
of Richard Beckley ; of Thomas Hurlbut (wh. was Mary) ; of Thomas 
Wright; and prob. Sarah, w. of Samuel Moody, beside some 
* John, Wethersfield, s. of the preced. m. at Northampton, 20 Sept or 
by ano. acco. 12 Dec 1657, Mary Magot, or Mygate, d. of Joseph, had 
John, b. 9 Sept 1658; Joseph, 1 June 1661 ; Jonathan, 12 Feb. 1663 ; 
Mary, 1 July 1666; Samuel, 25 Aug. 1668; Jacob, 26 Aug. 1670 and 
Sarah, 17 Jan. 1672; beside Hezekiah, as nam.. by Chapin; was select- 
man 1662, rep. 1669 and 72, d. 23 Jan. 1712. Jonathan, Wethersfield 
br. of the preced. by two ws. Sarah, m. 21 Nov. 1660, wh. d. 5 June 
1668, and Eliz. d. of Josiah Gilbert, m. 25 Dec. 1673 had Jonathan, b. 
27 Nov. 1661 ; Thomas, 27 Nov. 1679; Charles, 10 June 1681 ; Ben- 
jamin, 20 July 1684 ; Jacob, 20 Dec 1689 ; and seven ds. and d. 8 Jan. 
1700, sudden, aged a. 61. The ds. were, ace Chapin, Sarah, b. 12 Aug. 
1663; Mary, 11 July 1665; Comfort, 5 June 1668; Eliz. 12 June 
1674; one, with ineffable name, 16 Feb. 1676; Mary, again, 24 Oct 
1692 ; and Ann, 1 Oct 1695. His wid. d. 4 Sept 1714. Nicholas, 
Pemaquid, sw. fidel. to Mass. 1674. Samuel, Wethersfield, br. of Jona- 
than, by w. Sarah, d. of John Kirby, m. 29 Mar. 1694, had John, b. 7 
or 27 Dec 1694 ; David, 29 Dec. 1696 ; Samuel, 12 June 1699 ; Honour, 
16 Dec 1701 ; and WiUiam, 10 May 1705; and d. 6 Apr. 1709, aged a. 
63 ; of course he was past mid. age at m. Thomas, Wethersfield, per- 
haps br. of first John, m. 24 July 1645, Mary Sheaffe, was of Farming- 
ton, and rem. again to Southampton, L. I. thence to Easthampton, where 
posterity is still liv. Sometimes in the rec the name is Demon, or De- 
ment, and the affinity is exceed, difficult to be traced with exactness. 
Eight of this name had, in 1828, been gr. at N. E. coll. 

Denbow, Salathibl, Dover 1665. 

Denqatns, or Dingham, Henry, Watertown, a physician, had grants 
of Id. in Feb. and June 1637, as Francis, in his Hist Sketch, 132, tells. 

86 DEN 

He m. Apr. 1641, Eliz. wid. of deac. George Alcock, and d. of apoplexy, 
8 Dec. 1645, as Roxbury eh. rec. tells. 

Denham, Thomas, Rye, in Conn, jurisdict. in 1681 was 60 yrs. old. 

Denison, t* II Daniel, Cambridge 1633, s. of William of Roxbury, 
b. in Eng, a. 1612, freem. 1 Apr. 1634, m. Patience, d. of Gov. Thomas 
Dudley, wh. surv. and was extrix. of his will ; rem. to Ipswich with its 
early planters, and was its rep. 1635, and seven yrs. after, speaker 1649, 
and 51, and 2, ar. co. 1660, and in every rank of the milit. to the highest 
in 1660, an Assist, from 1654 till d. 19 Sept 1682, aet. 70. His wid. d. 
8 Feb. 1 690. Of ch. I find not ment of any but John and Eliz. w. of 
John Rogers, Presid. of H. C. His will of 18 July 1673, with codic. of 
28 Feb. 1679, and ano. of 22 Dec 1680, giv. names of his is in 
Geneal. Reg. VIII. 23. Edward, Roxbury, br. of the preced. b. in 
Eng. m. 20 Mar. 1641, Eliz. d. of Joseph Weld, had Eliz. b. 8 Aug. 
1642; John, 14 May 1644, d. at 4 mos.; Edward, wh. d. 6 Oct. 1646; 
Jeremiah, 6 Dec. 1647, bapt. 9 Jan. folL d. May 1649 ; Joseph, bapt. 8 
Apr. 1649, d. next mo.; Margaret, b. 15, bapt. 19 Dec 1650; Mary, 
bapt. 27 Mar. 1654; Hannah, b. 10, bapt. 16 Sept. 1655; Sarah, 4 
Nov. bapt. 6 Dec. 1657, wh. m. I conject. Tobijah Perkins; Deborah, 
16, bapt. 23 Sept. 1660, d. in 1663 ; one, without name, bur. as soon as 
b. 2 June 1663; William, b. 18 Sept. 1664, H. C. 1681 ; and Deborah, 
agHin, 30 Oct. 1666, d. next yr. and he d. 26 Apr. 1668. He had been 
among the friends of Wheelwright, disarm, in 1637, yet dignif. as Mr. 
but was made freem. 1648, and was rep. in 1652 and 5. His wid. Eliz. 
d. 5 Feb. 1717. The s. William, and two ds. were the only ch. of this 
large number, that surv. him. George, Roxbury, br. of the preced. b. 
in Eng. a. 1620, or perhaps earlier, m. May 1640, Bridget Thomson, had 
Sarah, bapt. 20 Mar. 1642 ; and Hannah, b. 20, bapt 21 May 1643. In 
Aug. foil, his w, d. and he went to Eng. serv. in the Parliament's army, 
there found sec w. Ann, d. of John Borrodell, or Borrowdale, wh. gave 
her a house in Cork, Ireland; but he came back to R. had John, b. 14 
June 1646 ; Ann, 20 May 1649 ; was freem. 1648, and some two or three 
yrs. after went to Pequot, as New London was call, there had George, 
1652; William, 1655; Borrodell, 1657 ; Margaret, 1660; and Mary, 
1670, wh. d. 1671 ; all bapL 1670; was a capt. 1653, and much disting. 
in Philip's war as a skilful and enterpris. commander. He d. 23 Oct. 
1694, at Hartford; in his will of 20 Nov. 1693 names John, George, 
William, beside ds. Sarah, w. of Thomas Stanton, Hannah, w. of 
Joseph Sax ton, Ann, w. of Gershom Palmer, Margaret Brown, and 
Borrodell, w. of Samuel Stanton. His wid. d. 26 Sept. 1712, aged 97 
by the gr.stone. George, Stonington, or Westerly, s. of the preced. m. 
Mary or Mercy, d. of John Gorham of Barnstable, had Edward, and 


Joseph, both bapt 1683; Mercy, 1685; Samuel, 16B6; Eliz. 1690; 
Desire, 1693 ; Thankful, 1695 ; and George, 1699. James, New Haven, 
m. 25 Nov. 1662,*Bethia, d. of Jarvis Bojkem, had James, b. Aug. 
1664, d. soon ; John, Nov. 1665, d. at 3 jrs. ; Mary, or Mercj, 26 July 
1668; Sarah, 12 Apr. 1671 ; Hannah, 1673 prob. d. young; John, and 
James, again, tw. 6 Feb. 1677, of wh. James d. soon ; Eliz. 24 Nov. 1681 ; 
and James, again, 5 Jan. 1683 ; d. 8 May 1719, aged 78. Sarah m. 1710, 
Joseph Sackett; and Eliz. m. 1707, Samuel Harrison. James, New 
Haven, youngest s. of the preced. had Jesse, James, Desire, Lydia, Sybil, 
Abigail, Sarah, and John. John, Ipswich 1648, by Farmer was thot. 
to be a br. of the maj.-gen. but I can hardly think so, unless he went 
home, as we kn. no more of him. John, Ipswich, only^s. of Daniel, m. 
Martha, d. of dep. Gov. Symonds, had John, H. C. 1 684 (wh. was min. 
of Ipswich, coUeag. with Hubbard, m. Eliz. d. of Nathaniel Saltonstall, 
andd. soon, in Sept. 1689, leav. only ch. John, H. C. 1710 ; and the wid. 
m. Rev. Rowland Cotton); Daniel; and Martha; and d, 9 Jan. 1671. 
His wid. bef. d. of bis f. had m. Richard Martin, wh. may have been s. 
of Samuel. Martha, m. Matthew Whipple, and d. 12 Sept. 1728, ag^ 
60. John, Stonington, eldest s. of George the first, m. 1 667, Phebe, d. 
of Robert Lay of Saybrook, had Phebe, b. 1667; John, Jan. 1669; 
George, 28 Mar. 1671, H. C. 1693, a man of much distinct ; Robert, 17 
Sept. 1673; William, 7 Apr. 1677; Daniel, 28 Mar. 1680; Samuel, 23 
Feb. 1683, d. soon; Ann, 3 Oct 1684; and Sarah, 29 July 1692; 
bende Phebe, b. prob. betw. Ann and Sarah, as she has that order of 
success, in f.*s will. He d. 1698. His eldest s. had the Saybrook Id. 
giv. to his mo. by her f. and d. 1699, hav. had three s. and one d. 
George was cHc. of the Courts. Robert had Robert, wh. at the taking 
of Louisburg 1745, was capt. in Grov. Wolcott's reg. and for good serv. 
was made maj. John, New Haven, s. of first James, m. Grace, d. of 
John Brown, had Abigail, b. 13 Nov. 1705 ; Sarah, and John, tw. 10 
May 1708, of wh. John d. soon ; Eliz. 28 Aug. 1710 ; Mehitable, 2 Oct. 
1713 ; and Mary, 29 Mar. 1716. Robert, Milford, a. 1645, had Sam- 
uel, b. 1656; Esther, 1658 ; and Hannah, 1662; rem. 1667, with Bran- 
ford peop. to Newark, N. J. ThOmas, Kittery 1652. ^William, 
Roxbury, came with w. Margaret, and s. Daniel, Edward and George, 
be£ ment. in 1631, and was, perhaps, in the Lion, with Winthrop's w. 
and eldest s. beside apostle Eliot, in the rec of wh. ch. he stands third 
in the list; freem. 3 July 1632, rep. 1635, but in 1637 tak. side with 
Wheelwright, was disarm. His w. d. 3 Feb. 1646, in the ch. rec. of 
Eliot's affection, call. ^ old mo. D." ; and he d. 25 Jan. 1654. William, 
Boston, liv. at Pulling point, m. 27 Oct. 1659, Mary Parker. William, 
Stonington, youngest s. of George the capt was a Ueut ok. Sarah, wid^ 
vol. II. 4 

38 DEN 

of the sec. Thomas Prentice of Newton, d. of Thomas Stanton the first, 
had William, bapt. 1686; Sarah, b. 1689; and George, 1692; d. 26 
Mar. 1715, aged 59. * William, Roxbury, s. of Edward, freem. 1690, 
was rep. 1692. He m. 12 May 1686, Dorothy, d. of Thomas Weld ; 
but the town rec. has no ch. He d. 22 Mar. 1718, and his wid. m. 28 
Apr. 1720, Samuel Williams the sec. Of this name six had been gr. in 
1834 at Harv. but not one within 90 yrs. and of them I am uncert. about 
the parentage of Daniel, in 1690, and George, in 1693, but the earlier 
has the star mark in the cataL of 1 698 : at other N. E. colL seven had 
been gr. beside two with double n. 

Denlo, William, Femaquid, took o. of fideL to Mass. 1674. 
Denman, Alexander, perhaps of Hampton, m. a. 1 678, the wid. of 
Abraham Perkins, jr. prob. d. of Thomas Sleeper. John, Dorchester, 
had Mary, wh. m. Clement Maxfield. But gr. uncert prevails with 
refer, to his resid. as no success foil, the search for line in D. In the 
admin, on est. of wid. Smead by her br. Israel Stoughton, 1639, of D. 
this man is entitl. to a share of her prop, as well as his d. Maxfield. 
Philip, Derby, had b. there, Mary, in 1678 ; Eliz. 1680 ; Sarah, 1682 ; 
Micah, 1684; and Hannah; and d. 1698; in his will ment. w. and 
the five ch. 

Denmark, Patrick, Dover 1663, was afler at Saco, had Patrick, b. 
8 Apr. 1664 ; and James, 13 Mar. 1666. 

Dennett, John, Portsmouth, freem. 1672, had Ephraim, b. 2 Aug. 
1683, wh. was a counseL app. by mandamus, 1732, for New Hampsh. 
where the name continues. 

Denning, Francis, and John, Mass. 1664. Felt. William, Bos- 
ton 1634, was in the employm. of William Brenton, and •perhaps came 
with him the yr. preoed. d. 20 Jan. 1654. By his will made two days 
bef. pro. 31 of same mo. his w. Ann and s. Obadiah are nam. but the 
latter absent, and the f. gives him, ^^ in case he doth not come personally 
into the country," for half the testat's est 'Uwenty shillings and no 

Dennis, Edward, Boston 1636, by w. Sarah, had Sarah, bapt. 9 Aug, 
1640, and Mary, at 6 days old, 3 July 1642 ; Martha, b. 1, bapt. 5 May 
1644; John, 18, bapt 22 Feb. 1646; and Joseph, 13 June 1648. He 
came in the employm. of William Hutchinson. His wid. Sarah m. 1 5 Aug. 
1656, Abner Ordway of Watertown. George, New London 1680, came 
thither from L. I. m. 26 Jan. 1681, Eliz. wid. of Joshua Raymond, had 
Ebenezer, b. 23 Oct 1682. James, Boston, by w. Mary had John, b. 6 
Dec 1653 ; itnd John, again, 4 Aug. 1655, both d. soon ; may have liv. 
at Marblehead 1674. Lawrence, Maine 1665. Robert, Yarmouth 
1643-69; had there Mary, b. 19 Sept 1649. Robert, Newport, per- 

DEN 89 

baps 8. of tbe preced. m. 19 Nov. 1672, Sarah Howland of Duxbaiy, 
(sajs the Friend's rec of N.) perhaps d. of John the see. had Mary, b. 20 
Sept 1673; Robert, 6 Nov. 1677; Sarah, 31 Oct 1679; and John, 15 
Aug. 1682. Thoxas, Boston 1630, came in the fleet with Winth. had 
Thomas, b. on the vojage, prob. therefore on board the Jewell, 29 May, 
as relat. bj Winth. I. 21 ; rem. to N. J. and was a propr. of Woodbridge, 
and its rep. 1668. Samuel, possib. his s. was of the ooanc. in that pror* 
1684-92. Thoxas, Boston 1657, prob. s. of the preoed. m. Mary, wid. 
of Bobison, d. of William Beamsley, wh. ment her in his will. Thom- 
as, Rowley 1691. William, Scituate, made his will 16 B*eb. 1650, as 
by the abstr. in Geneal. Reg. V. 335, is shown, but tho. his w. Judith is 
made Extrir. and he gives only to s.-in-law William Parker and Remem- 
ber, Dependence, and Experience Litchfield, ch. of Lawrence, wh. had 
m. Judith, d. of his w. no doubt, yet there may be doubt, whether any ch. 
of his m. Parker or Litchfield. 

Denslow, Hekbt, Windsor 1644, prob. was from Dorchester, had 
Susanna, b. 3 Sept 1646 ; Mary, 10 Apr. 1651 ; Ruth, 19 Sept 1653 ; 
Abigul, 5 Feb. 1656; Deborah, 21 Dec 1657; Samuel, 19 Dec. 1659 
Hannah, 1 Mar. 1662 ; and Eliz. 11 Feb. 1666 ; he was k. by the Ind. 
1676. Mary m. 5 Apr. 1669, Thomas Rowley ; Deborah m. 1677, John 
Hoskins ; Elis. m. 1686, William King of Northampton; and Hannah 
m* 1687, Henry Burt John, Windsor, perhaps br. of the preced. or of 
Nicholas, or both, freem. of Conn. 1657, m. 7 June 1655, Mary Eggles- 
ton, had John, b. 13 Aug. 1656 ; Mary, 10 Mar. 1658 ; Thomas, 22 Apr. 
1661 ; Deborah, 29 May 1663 ; Joseph, 12 Apr. 1665 ; Benjamin, 30 
Mar. 1668; Abraham, 8 Mar. 1670; George, 8 Apr. 1672; Isaac, 12 
Apr. 1674 ; and Abigail, 7 Nov. 1677 ; and he d. 10 Sept 1689. Nich- 
olas, Dorchester 1630, perhaps came in the Mary and John, or in the 
fieet with Winth. freem, 4 Mar. 1633, rem. a. 1640 to Windsor, d. Mar. 
1667 ; by w. Eliz. wh. d. 13 Aug. 1669, had no s. but two ds. Joan, wh. 
m. Aaron Cook, as his sec. w. and Temperance, wh. m. Thomas Buck- 

Dent, Francis, Lynn, freem. 14 May 1634, d^ 1638, or early in 

Dentok, Daniel, Jamaica, L. I. 1656, perhaps eldest s. of Rev. 
Kchard, a justice in 1666, perhaps went to Eng. at least he pub. 1670 at 
London, a brief descript of N. Y. etc but after few yrs. ret to our coun- 
try, and fixed hims. at Springfield, m. 24 Apr. 1676, Hannah, d. of John 
Leonard, perhaps as sec or third w. had Hannah, b. 1677 ; Samuel, 1679 ; 
and Sarah, 1681 ; was, prob. a sch.-master, certain, a physician, always 
had prefix of respect in the rec He call. hims. in 1684, of Westfield, but 
rem. again to Jamaica 1686. But at S. Abigail, prob. his d. by former 

42 DEU — DEV 

semblies, nicknam. Parliaments for Mid Lothian, and rose to be Chan- 
cellor for the ancient kingdom, with £2,000 an. alk>w. in wh. station he 
cont« some time under Richard. That successor in the royal protectorsh. 
his br. was one of the princ instrum. of overthr. ; as he had, indeed, 
successfullj counteract, the desperate ambition of the great captain for the 
title of king, tho. he was elevat. hj his br.-in-law to a seat in the '^ other 
house/' with the empty name of lord. See the tbtj copious and curious 
letter of Maidstone to Gov. Winth. of Conn. 3 Mass. Hist. Coll. I. 185. 
How long he preserv. this dignity in the conquer, kingdom is not told. 
He d. 10 Dec 1690, at fam. est of Els worth, Cambr. See Styles, Hist 
of the Judges, 35. Noble, Mem. of the Cromwell fam. II. 254. 

Deuce. See Dense. 

Devell, Deyel, Davoll, or Devill, Joseph, Portsmouth, R. I. 
or Newport, perhaps s. of William of the same, was of Westerly 1669 ; 
m. Mary, d. of the first Francis Brayton, as I judge, had Mary, wh. d. 
young; and his w. d. bef. 1671. He liv. in the Niantic country, when 
his d. Mary m. 18 Mar. 1689, James Talman. William, Braintree, 
had John, b. 24 June 1643, d. at 3 wks. ; prob. rem. to Newport, there 
was in list of freem. 1655. 

Devenish, or Dayenish, Thomas, Salem 1639, adm. with w. Mary 
of the ch. 1641, freem. 2 June of that yr. had Mary, bapt 18 July 1641 ; 
and Bethia, 30 Nov. 1643 ; prob. other ch. 

Devereux, Deyorix or Deyeboe, John, Salem, came, perhaps in 
the fleet with Winth. 1630, a youth of 16, was on Marblehead side 1648, 
freem. 1683, and liv. in 1694. Prob. by w. Ann he had John, and Su- 
sanna, wh. m. 10 Jan. 1695, Stephen Parker of Andover. Four of thb 
name had been gr. in 1834 at Harv. and two at Yale. A large 
fam. of divines of this name was in Suff. £ng. 3 Mass. Hist. Coll. 

Deyotion, Edward, Roxbury, liv. at that part of Boston call. 
Muddy riv. now Brookline, when he join, the ch. at B. Mar. 1 645, then 
single, freem. 1645, had bapt at B. Edward, 25 Feb. 1649, four days 
old ; his w. Mary was bapt the same day at Roxbury ; Eliz. at B. 20 
Apr. 1651 ; and at R. Martha, 13 Mar. 1653 ; Hannah, 3 Dec. 1654; 
at B. again, Deborah, 17 May 1657, d. unm. at 25 yrs. ; John, 26 June 
1659 ; and at R. again, Sarah, 19 Jan. 1662; Edward, 12 July 1663 ; 
and Thomas, 1 May 1670 ; d. 28 Sept 1685, aged 64. In his will made 
3 days bef. of wh. w. Mary and s. John were Excors. he ment also s. Ed- 
ward and Thomas, d. Sarah Griffin, but not other d. Of the ds. Eliz. m. 
2 Sept 1674, Joseph Weld, d. 15 Feb. 1679; Martha m. 2 Sept 1674, 
John Ruggles, jr. gr.s. of Thomas ; and Hannah m. 1 May 1679, John 
Ruggles wh. had m. her sis. and d. 17 Dec. 1700; but she m. a Paine, 

DEW 43 

after d. of R. 16 Dec 1694. John, Snffield, 8. of the preced. in his will 
of Oct 1732, pro. Feb. foil, names w. Hannah, s. Edward, Rev. Eben- 
ezer,and Constant, and Thomas, both s. of his dec s. John, also the heirs 
of his two dec da. Hannah Leavitt, and Abigail Eddj, also gr.d. Eliz. 
Pratt, and s.-in-1aw Joseph Kellogg. He left good est and his s. Eben- 
ezer, H. C. 1707, ord. 28 June 1710, min. of Soffield, b. at Brookline, 
was f. of Rev. Ebenezer, Y. G. 1732, of Sajbrook, wh. d. 6 Sept 1802, 
SBt 73, and so progen. of manj other gr. at that ColL 

Dsw, or Dub, Ambbose, Boston, cordwainer, m. 10 Feb. 1652, 
Esther, d. of Nicholas Barker, had Patience, b. 1 Dec 1654. Thomas, 
Uarblehead 1668. 

Dkwbr, Thomas, Boston 1648, tailor, by w. Ann had Thomas, wh. 
d. 3 Dec 1652 ; David ; John ; Sampson^ Joseph, 24 June 1652 ; and 
Thomas, again, the last b. 26 Aug. 1655. 

Dewebson, John, Salisbury 1666. 

Dewet, Isbael, Windsor, s. of Thomas, m. 28 Ang. 1668, Abigail, 
d. of Job Drake, had Israel, b. 30 Dec 1673; d. 1678. Jedediab, 
Westfield, br. of the preped. freem. 1680, by w. Sarah had Sarah, b. 28 
Mar. 1672 ; Margaret, 10 Jan. 1674 ; Jedediab, 14 June 1676 ; Daniel, 

9 Mar. 1679 ; Thomas, 29 June 1682 ; Joseph, 10 May 1684 ; Hannah, 
14 Mar. 1686; Mary, 1 Mar. 1688; James, 3 Apr. 1692; and Abigail, 
17 Nor. 1694. His w. d. 20 Nov. 1711, and he d. 1718. John, Wind- 
sor, may have been s. of Thomas by first w. was drown. 23 June 1640. 
JosiAH, Westfield, s. of Thomas, m. 6 Nov. 1662, Hepzibah, d. of Rich- 
ard Lyman of Northampton ; but by sec w. Experience had Nathaniel, 
and Ebenezer, tw. b. 20 Feb. 1672, of wh. Ebenecer d. young; Joseph, 
11 Aug. 1674, d. yoong; Eliz. 10 Jaly 1677; Joseph, and Experience, 
tw. 9 Apr. 1682, of wh. Joseph d. at 2 mos. ; and Benjamin, 8 July 1685, 
d. soon. He rem. to Lebanon 1696. Thomas, Dorchester 1633, whose 
name Dr. Harris read Duce, freem. 14 May 1634, rem. early, perhaps 
with Warham to Windsor, there m. 22 Mar. 1639,/wid. Frances Clark 
(wh. had only ch. Mary), by her had Thomas, bapt. 16 Feb. 1 640 ; Josiah, 

10 OcL 1641 ; Ann, 15 Oct. 1643 ; Israel, b. 25 Sept. 1645; and Jede- 
diah, 15 Dec 1647 ; was coteet of the troop, and d. or was bur. 27 Apr. 
1648. His wid. m. 2 or 30 Nov. 1648, George Phelps, wh. rem. a. 
1668 to Westfield, and with him went all the D.'s exc IsraeL Thomas, 
Northampton, s. of the preced. but first at Westfield, m. 1 June 1663, 
Constance, d. of > Richard Hawes of Dorchester, had Mary, wh. d. 11 
Jan. 1666; Samuel, b. 25 June 1670; Hannah, 21 Feb. 1672; Eliz. 10 
Jan. 1676; James, 3 July 1678, d. young; Abigail, 14 Feb. 1680; 
James, again, 12 Nov. 1683, d. young; and he d. 27 Apr. 1690 at West- 


field. His wid. d. 26 Apr. 1703. All of this name in N. E. of wh. 
twelve had been gr. in 1834 at N. £. coll. descend from Thomas. 

Dewhurst, Henrt, came in the Defence 1635, aged 35. 

Dkwino, sometimes Dewen, { Andrew, Dedham,ar. co. 1644,freem. 
1646, had there bapt. John, 17 Mar. 1 650, d. soon ; John, again, 29 Jane 
1651 ; Rachel, 27 June 1658 ; perhaps Jonathan; and others, beside one 
19 Apr. 1663, whose name (perhaps Lydia, wh. m. 15 Dec 1683, John 
Bacon) is not giv. in the rec. and Ann, 6 Maj 1666^ wh. m. 17 Feb. 
1686, Daniel Wight of the same. Jonathan, Dedham, perhaps s* of 
the preced. m. Susanna, d. of John Bacon of the same. 

Dewolf, Balthazar, Wethersfield 1664, rem. to Ljrae 1668, thea 
had a d. of age to live in a neighbor's fam. ; Edward, Simon, and 
Stephen, wh. may have been all, as was Simon, his s. (or not), join, with 
him in 1678, as mem. of the town train band, in a petitn. Edward, 
Lyme, had Simon, b. 28 Nov. 1671; Charles, 18 Sept. 1673; Benjamin, 
3 Dec. 1675 ; beside Edward, whose date is not on the rec. SncON, 
Lyme, s. of Balthazar, nu 12 Nov. 1682, Sarah Lay, had Simon, b. 
1683; Sarah, 1685; John, 1687; Josiah, 1689; Fhebe, 1692; Daniel, 
1693 ; and Jabez ; and d. 1696. Stephen, Lyme 1676, had Edward, b. a. 
1686, and by a sec w. Hannah, wh. surv. had others, and d. 17 Oct 1702. 

Dexter, Francis, a youth of 13, came in the Planter 1635 ; but 
where he liv. is unkn. Gregory, Providence, preach, in the bapt. 
ch. 1643, had been a printer and stationer in London, there brot out that 
curious book, Roger Williams's Key into the lang. of America, and his 
admirat of the author indue him to foIL or accomp. him ; was town elk. 

1654, and Presid. the yr. bef. d. at 90 yrs. it is said, in 1700. His ch. 
by w. Abigail were Stephen, b. 1 Nov. 1^47 ; James, 6 May, perhaps 
1650, but the yr. is not plain; John, 6 Nov. 1652 ; and Abigail, 24 Sept 

1655, wh. m. James AngeL But in the later days, a descend, of the 
sixth generat from Gregory has enlarg. the fam. with Peleg, 1658. 
Thomas, I. 418. Knowles, 253, 270. James, Providence, s. prob. of 
Gregory, sw. alleg. May 1671, had, it is said, Peleg, b. 1673 ; and Isabel, 
1675, only. John, Charlestown, or Maiden, s. prob. of Richard, by w. 
Sarah, it is said, had John, and two other cA. and d. 8 Dec 1677. This 
f. John had, it is said, eight ch. of wh. the sec s. Samuel was min. of 
distinct, at Dedham, and illustr. descend, to our day. John, Sandwich, 
f. of the sec Thomas, m. 10 Nov. 1682, Mehitable, d. of the first Andrew 
Hallet) had Eliz. b. 1 Nov. foil.; Thomas, 26 Aug. 1686; Abigail, 26 
May 1689; rem. to Portsmouth, R. L there was liv. 24 June 1717. 
John, Providence, br. of James of the same, prob. for he took tlie o. of 
alleg. at the same time; and to him the fam. geneaL gives Stephen, b. 


1689 ; James, 1691 ; John, 1692 ; Mary, 1694; Abigail, 1696; Sarah, 
1698 ; Phebe, 1700 ; Ann, 1702 ; and Alice, 1705. Peleg, Providence, 
perhaps s. of Gregory, had, it is said, John, Gideon, James, and Bar- 
rillai, yet no date for either is found, nor name of mo. nor d. of f. wh. 
deficiencies would raise doubts as to authenticity, were not the same want 
felt as to the others. The misfortune is bitterly aggravat. by the failure 
of all issue to the whole four s. and leaves no slight fear of their right on 
the chart. Richard, Boston, adm. a townsman 28 Feb. 1642, was of 
Charlestown 1644, on Mystic side, where his est. descend, thro, five 
general. By w. Bridget, one of the friends of the meek preacher, 
Marmaduke Matthews of Maiden, he had Sarah, b. 1 Nov. 1644, and 
other ch. of whose names I kn. only Eliz. wh. m. a. 1658, James Mellen ; 
and Alioe, w. of Benjamin Mussey, both b. perhaps in Eng. and two 
other ch. it is said, of wh. one was John, b. a. 1640. He was, I think, 
grX of John, the f. of Rev. Samuel, b. at Maiden, 23 Oct. 1700, H. C. 
1720, rain, of Dedham, ord. 6 May 1724, f. of Hon. Samuel, b. 16 Mar. 
1726, wh. was dbting. as patriot bef. the Revo, and d. at Mendon 10 
June 1810, leav. beq. to promote the study of sac lit. at H. G. Stephen, 
Providence, s. prob. of Gregory, took o. of alleg. June 1668, had John, 
b. 1 670, and no more is told. Of not one of Gregory's ch. is the time of 
d. gtv. on the beautiful geneal. chart Stephen, Barnstable, s. of Wil* 
liam, ra. 27 Apr. 1696, Ann Sanders, had Mary, b. 24 Aug. 1696 ; one 
8. b. 22 Dec 1697, d. next mo. ; Abigail, 13 May 1699 ; Content,5 Feb. 
1701 ; Ann, 9 Mar. 1703 ; Sarah, 1 June 1705 ; Stephen, 26 July 1707 ; 
Mercy, 5 July 1709; Marian, 8 Mar. 1712; and Cornelius, 21 Mar. 
1714. Thomas, Lynn 1630, came prob. in the fleet with Winth. freem. 
18 May 1631, whose ij$me has been omit in print, vol. bee he was dis* 
franchis. 4 Mar. 1633 ; was one of the purch. to promote sett of Sand- 
wich 1637, but did not rem. for sev. yrs. was adm. freem. of Plymouth 
Col. 1 June 1658, liv. at Barnstable, there had Mary, b. 11 Aug. 1649, 
had prob. other ch. beside Thomas and William, perhaps b. in Eng. cer- 
tain, the former ; and the kindness of tradit gives him doubtfuL gr.8. 
Richard, and William ; and d. in Boston early in 1677. Lewis, 
159. Thomas, Sandwich, eldest s. of the preced. b. in Eng. m. Eliz. 
whose surname is unkn. wh. d. 19 Mar. 1714, had Eliz. o. 21 Sept. 1651, 
wh. was unm. 1717 ; Mary, wh. m. Daniel Allen of Swanzey ; John ; 
and perhaps more, beside Abigail, 12 June 1663, wh. m. 30 Jan. 1684, 
Jonathan Hallett; and he d. 29 Dec 1686^ William, Barnstable, s. of 
the first Thomas, m. July 1653, Sarah Vincent, had Mary, b. Jan. 
1654; Stephen, May 1657; Philip, Sept 1659; James*, May 1662; 
Thomas, July 1665; John, Aug. 1668; and Benjamin, Feb. 1670; and 
be d. at Rochester 1694. Six of this name had been gr. at Harv. and 
six at Yale and Brovrn. 


Dibble, Deeble, or Drble, Abraham, Boston, s. of John, bj w. 
Lydia wh. was, perhaps, d. of William Teffe, or Tift, had John, b. 7 
July 1648, rem. prob. to Haddam, was there May 1673, thence perhaps 
rem. to Suffield, and d. 31 Dec. 1690; had also Abraham, wh. d. 1676, 
aged 6 yrs. much elder Benjamin, wh. sw. alleg. to Mass. 30 Jan. 1679, 
but sett at Simsbury ; and perhaps other ch. certain, some ds. as Abigail, 
wh. m. 1 Feb. 1683, John Filley of Suffield ; and Lydia, wh. m. Thomas 
Pixley. By future investigat. it may possib. be pro. that ano. Abraham 
than him of Boston was f. of these. Ebenezer, Windsor, s. of Thomas, 
m. 27 Oct. 1663, Mary Wakefield, d. of John, had Mary, b. 27 Dec 
1664; Wakefield, 15 Sept. 1667; Martha, 10 Mar. 1670, d. young; 
Ebenezer, 18 Aug. 1671 ; and John, 9 Feb. 1674; was k. by the Ind. in 
Philip's war at the gr. swamp fight 19 Dec 1675. His wid. m. 1677, 
James Hillier; and d. Mary m. 10 May 1681, John Enno. Israel, 
Windsor, eldest s. of Thomas, m. 28 Nov. 1661, Eliz. d. of Josiah Hull, 
bad Josiah, b. 15 May 1667; Thomas, 16 Sept. 1670; Eliz. 27 Mar. 
1673 ; George, -25 Jan. 1676; John, 18 Aug. 1678, d. in six mos. and 
the f. d. 12 Dec 1697. John, Springfield 1641, had (perhaps bef. going 
thither) Abraham, and Samuel ; and after, Zachary, b. 4 Apr. 1 644 ; 
Eliz. 17,bapt. 18 Jan. 1646; and Sarah (posthum.) 21 Mar. 1647. He 
d. Sept 1646, and his wid. m. Nov. 1647, William Graves of Stamford. 
Robert, Dorchester 1634, writ his name Deeble, freem. 6 May 1635, 
was liv. there in 1652. Samuel, Stamford 1667, s. of John. Samuel, 
Simsbury, br. of Israel, by first w. had Abigail, b. 19 Jan. 1666 ; and he 
m. 21 Jan. 1669, sec w. Hepzibah, d. of John Bartlett, had Hepzibah, 
b. 19 Dec 1669; Joanna, 14 Oct. 1672; Samuel, id Apr. 1675, d. 
soon; Samuel, again, 4 May 1677 ; Mindwell, If Feb. 1681 ; Thankful, 
1685 ; and Patience, 1687. In Geneal. Reg. V. 66, two of the ch. have 
dif. names from these His w. d. Dec 1701. Thomas, Dorchester, 
perhaps s. of Robert, freem. 17 May 1637, rem. early to Windsor, and 
in Apr. 1640 was adm. freem. of Conn, had Israel, b. 29 Aug. 1637 ; 
Samuel, wh. d. 31 May 1641 ; Ebenezer, bapL 26 Sept. 1641 ; Hep- 
sibah, 25 Dec 1642; Samuel, again, 24 Mar. 1644; Miriam, 7 Dec 
1645 ; Thomas, b. 3 Sept. 1647 ; and Joanna, 1650, d. soon ; and his w. 
d. 14 May 1681. He m. 25 June 1683, Eliz. the wid. of Robert Hins- 
dale, wh. d. 25 Sept. 1689. All the s. had fams. ; and he d. at great 
age, 17 Oct. 1700. Hepzibah m. 15 Apr. 1664, Samuel Gibbs; and 
Miriam m. 14 Dec 1676, the sec. Jonathan Gillet, as his sec w. 
Thomas, Windsor, s. of the preced. m. 10 Oct. 1676, Mary Tucker, wh. 
was b. 4 Oct. 1653, in Eng. says the fam. rec had Thomas, b. 21 Aug. 
1677 ; a ch. 30 July 1679, d. bef. b. ; and Mary, 9 Aug. 1 680, d. young ; 
Abraham, 1684; George, 1687; and Mary, 1689. Zechart, Stam- 

DIB — Die 47 

ford 1665, 8. of John, m. 10 May 1606, Sarah Waterbury, had Zechary, 
h. 1667 ; and in Oct 1672 his w. obt. divorce for sev. causes ; and not 
long afler m. Nicholas Webster. 

DiBBS, John, Salisbury, m. a. 1689, Hepzibah Merrill, had Michael, 
b. 6 May 1690. 
Dick, William, Salem 1668. Perhaps it is the same as Dixey. 
DiCKARsoN, John, Plymouth, m. 10 July 1651, Eliz. the young wid. 
of Ephraim Hicks, d. of John Howland. 

Dickens, Jeremiah, Windsor, oflen spelL Diggins, and Hinman, 21, 
gives date of 1 648. He had a fam. bef. 1 690. Nathaniel, Providence, 
among freem. 1655, m. wid. Joan Tyler ; but no more is told of him. 

DiCKERMAN, Abraham, New Haven, s. of Thomas the first, b. per- 
haps in Eng. was there a. 1662, with w. Mary, d. of John Cook, m. 2 Dec 
1658, and d. Mary, had b. there, Sarah, in 1663; Hannah, 6, bapt. 
12 Nov. 1665; Ruth, 1668; Abigail, 1670 ; Abraham, 1673; Isaac, 
1677 ; and Rebecca, 1679 ; all, exc. Hannah nam. in his will of 1710 ; 
was a lieuL and he d. 2 Nov. 1711. Mary was w. of Samuel Bassett ; 
Sarah, of Nathaniel Sperry; Ruth, of Nathaniel Bradley; Abigail, of 
Ebenezer Sperry ; and Rebecca, of Isaac Foote. The childr. of ano. d. 
periiaps Hannah, are also nam. in the wilL John, Reading, of wlu 
Eaton tells only that he was early sett. Thomas, Dorchester 1636, a 
tai^r, freem. 14 Mar. 1639, had Isaac, b. Nov. 1637 ; d. soon; and the 
£ 0. 3 Jan. 1658. His wid. Ellen act. as Admor. and m. John Bullard 
of Medfield. Thomas, Maiden, perhaps eldest s. of the preced. b. in 
Eng. bad Sarah, b. Oct. 1653 ; Lydia, June 1655 ; Thomas, Aug. 1657 ; 
and Hannah, 27 Dec 1659. His w. Eliz. d. 10 May 1671 ; and by ano. 
w. of name unkn. had Ann, Mar. 1674. 

Dickinson, Azariah, Hadley, youngest s. of Nathaniel, had w. Dorcas, 
was a soldier in Philip's war, k. by the Ind. 25 Aug. 1^75. His wid. m. 
next yr. Jonathan Marsh. Hezekiah, Hatfield, br. of the preced. m. 4 
Dec 1679, Abigail, d. of Samuel Blackman, had Joanna, b. 2 Feb. 
1684; Jonathan, 22 Apr. 1688, Y. C. 1706; rem. to Springfield, there 
had Moses, 12 Dec. 1695, Y. C. 1717; and Adam, 5 Feb. 1702; but 
betw. Jonathan and Moses came Abigail and Eliz. whose rec. is not 
found. He was a short time of Stratford on the Sound, but soon on the 
river, innholder and trader, liv. sometime at Hadley, yet d. at S. 14 June 
1707 ; and his wid. m. 1708, Thomas IngersolL Jonathan was celebr. 
as a theolog. and the first presid. of N. J. Coll. ; and Moses was mm. in 
New Jersey, thence transplant, to NorwalL James, Rowley, s. of 
Thomas, freem. 1684, by w. Rebecca had Thomas, b. 1666 ; John, 1672 ; 
James, 1678; Samuel, 1681; Ivory, 1684; beside four ds. John, 
Salisbury 1640, had w. Mary, wh. d. 16 Apr. 1647; and by her had 


Mary, b. 12 Mar. 1G40 ; and John, 20 Oct 1642 ; had, perhaps, Ann, a 
sec w. d. 1679 ; and he m. 14 Apr. 1681, Alice Roper, wh. may have 
been wid. of John of Dedham ; and he d. 30 Dec 1683. John, 
Wethersfield 1648, 8. of Nathaniel of the same, b. in Eng. m. 1648, 
Frances, third d. of Nathaniel Foote of the same, had Hannah, b. 6 Dec. 
of tliat yr. ; Mary; John; Jonathan, wh. d. young; Sarah; Eliz. d. 
young ; Rebecca, b. 1 658 ; Abigail ; Mercy ; and Mehitable ; rem. to 
Hadley 1659, and d. bef. his f. in 1676. His wid. by contr. of m. 21 
Aug. 1677, bee. sec. w. of Francis Barnard of Hadley. Hannah, m. 
23 Sept 1668, Samuel Gillett of Hatfield, wh. was k. in the Falls fight, 
19 May 1676; and next, she m. 15 May 1677, Stephen Jennings of the 
same, and, 19 Sept. folL was capt. by the Ind. can*, to Canada, got back 
next yr. rem. to Brookfield, where her h. was k. by the Ind. 22 July 1710 ; 
Mary m. 1674, Samuel Northam of Hadley; Sarah m. 11 Dec. 1677, 
Samuel Lane of the same; and next, 27 Feb. 1691, m. Martin Kellogg, 
as his sec. w. ; Rebecca m. 11 Feb. 1681, Joseph Smith of Hadley ; Abi- 
gail m. 6 Dec. 1683, Thomas CroA, and next, 30 Nov. 1704, Samuel 
Crofoot, as his sec. w. ; Mercy m. 8 June 1 688, Joseph Chamberlain ; 
and Mehitable m. 26 June 1689, John Ingram, jr. John, Salisbury, s. 
of the first John, m. 17 May 1671, Hannah Gough, wh. d. 15 Dec. 1679. 
Joseph, Northampton, s. of Nathaniel, b. perhaps in Eng. was, bef. rem. 
from Wethersfield, freem. of Conn. 1657, m. Phebe, sis. of John md 
Thomas Bracy, gr.d. of William Bisby of London, had Samuel, b. 1666 ; 
Joseph, 1668; Nathaniel, 1670; John, 1672; and Azariah, 1674; rem. 
to Northfield, there was, with Capt. Beers, k. by the Ind. 4 Sept 1675w 
* Nathaniel, Wethersfield 1637, town elk. 1645, rep. 1646-56, rem. 
1659 to Hadley, was deac. in both places, freem. 1661, liv. a few yrs. at 
Hatfield, but went back to Hadley, d. 16 June 1676. Four ch. John, 
Joseph, Thomas, tnd Hannah or Ann he took with him on first going to 
W., there had other six, Samuel, b. 1638; Obadiah, 15 Apr. 1641; 
Nathaniel, Aug. 1643, or perhaps four yrs. earlier ; Nehemiah, a. 1644; 
Hezekiah, Feb. 1646; and Azariah, 4 Oct 1648. The first two and 
last two are bef. ment Hannah, wh. in her latter days is call. Ann, m. 
1. John Clary, jr. 1670, wh. d. at Northfield; and 2, Enos Kingsley of 
Northampton. Nathaniel, Hatfield, s. of the preced. m. early in 1662, 
and by w. Hannah had Nathaniel, b. 1663 ; Hannah, 1666; John, 1667 ; 
Mary, 1673; Daniel, 1675; and Rebecca, 1677. His w. d. 1679; he 
had sec. w. Eliz. wid. of Samuel Wright in 1684, and third w. but no 
more ch. was freem. 1690, and d. 11 Oct 1710. Nehemiah, Hadley, 
br. of the preced. whose gr.stone marks his d. 1723, aged 79, by w. 
Sarah had Nehemiah, b. 1672; William, 1675; John, 1676, d. soon; 
Mary, and John, again, tw. 1678^ of wh. John d. soon; Sarah, 1680; 


Samael, 1682; Hannah, 1684; Esther, 1687 ; Nathaniel, 1689 ; Israel, 
1691; Abigail, 1693; Ebenezer, 1696; and Rebecca, 1699. He was 
freem. 1690. Obadiah, Hatfield, br. of the preced. m. 1668, Sarah 
Beardslej, had Sarah, b. 1669 ; Obadiah, 1672 ; Daniel, 1674 ; and Eli- 
phalet; his ho. was bum. 19 Sept. 1677, by the Ind. his w. wound, and 
he with one ch. tak. off to Canada ; after ret. he had sec w. Mehitable, 
and by her Noadiah, b. 1694; and Mehitable, 1698, hav. rem. to 
Wethersfield, where he d. 10 June 1698. Philemon, Salem, tanner, 
came with Benjamin Cooper of Brampton, Co. Suff. as one of his sery. 
(bat this might be to deceive an arbitra. govemm.), emb. 10 May 1637, 
in the Mary Ann from Yarmouth, had gr. of Id. 1639, adm. of the 
ch. 1641, freem. 2 June 1641, m. Mary, d. of Thomas Payne of Salem, 
had bapt there Mary, 20 Mar. 1642; Thomas, 10 Mar. 1644; Eliz. 
1646 ; and Peter, 9 July 1648 ; rem. to Southold, L. I. and was in 1662 
rec as freem. of Conn, but his will was present, in N. York, where his 
wid. Mary was made Admor. 28 Oct. 1672. Uniform, this name is 
Dickerson in N. Y. rec. as it is found in the Augmentation Office, West- 
minster Hall, on the return frx)m custom ho. at Yarmouth ; but the name 
of bapt is spelt Feleaman, that seems much unlike that of the friend of 
8t PauL Hon. Mahlon D. late a Senator of U. S. from New Jersey is 
ad^eend. Samuel, Hatfield, s. of Nathaniel, m. 1668, Martha, d. of 
James Bridgeman of Springfield, had Samuel, b. 1669 ; Nathaniel, 1672 ; 
Sarah, 1675; Azariah, 1678; Ebenezer, 1681; Ann, 1683; Josiah, 
1686; and Hannah, 1689; was freem. 1690, and d. 30 Not. 1711. 
Thomas, Fairfield, had been at New Haven 1642, and it is unkn. when 
he rem. to F. but there he d. a. 1658, his in v. being of 11 Sept. lea v. 
Thomas, three ds. and wid. Mary. Thomas, Rowley 1643, d. 1662, 
lear. James, and four ds. Thomas, Stratford, thought to be s. of Thomas 
of Fairfield, d. early in 1700, his inv. being of 14 Feb. leav. wid. Lydia, 
and ch. Thomas, Eliz. Daniel, Nathaniel and SybeL Thomas, Hadley, 
8. of Nathaniel, freem. of Conn. 1657, bef. his f. rem. from Wethersfield, 
freem. of Mass. 1661 ; m. 1667, Hannah, d. of John Crow of Hartford, 
had Eliz. b. 1668; Hannah, 1670; Thomas, 1672; Esther, 1674; Me- 
hitable, and Nathaniel, tw. 1675, of wh. Nathaniel d. soon ; rem. a. 1678 
to Wethersfield, there had Elihu, and Ebenezer, and d. 1716, Of thirty- 
one gr. in the N. E. coll. 1834, only three had been at Harv. 

Dickson, John, Cambridge, s. of William, m. 12 May 1687, Margery, 
d. of Edward Winship, wh. d. 6 Oct. 1734, aged 71, and he d. 22 Mar. 
1738, aged 81. William, Cambridge, freem. 18 May 1642, by w. Jane, 
wh. d. 4 Dec 1689, aged a. 73, had Lydia; Mary, b. 10 Aug. 1644,wh. 
d. or was bar. 21 July 1648; Abigail, 10 Mar. 1648; Mary, again, 17 

vol. n. 5 

50 DIK — DIM 

Jan. 1650 ; Hannali ; and John, 21 Mar. 1656 ; all bapt says Mitchell, 
in his ch. ; and he d. 5 Aug. 1692, aged 78. Often it is Dixon. 

Dike, Dtke, or Dikes, Abraham, Dorchester, bef. 1656, ¥rhen he 
sold part of his lot to Thomas Wiswall. Richard, Gloucester, m. 7 
Aug. 1667, Rebecca Doll ver, had Samuel, b. 8 Nov. 1670; Sarah, 28 
May 1673; Mary, 7 Nov. 1675; Joseph, 29 Jan. 1678; and Job, 3 
July 1680; d. 1729. 

Dill, George, Watertown 1671, says Bond, d. there 1716, a pauper. 
Perhaps it is the same as Dell. 

Dillingham, * Edward, Lynn 1636, from Bitteswell Co. Leicester, 
where he had est. rem. next yr. to Sandwich ; was rep. 1642, and had 
Henry; and John; the younger b. in Eng. a. 1630. His will of 1 May 
1666, pro. 1 June 1667, is abstract, in Geneal. Reg. VIL 225. Ed- 
ward, Sandwich, s. of Henry, left ch. Edward, John, and Simeon. 
Henrt, Sandwich, s. of Edward first of the same, b. in Eng., bore arms 
1643, had Edward, and John. John, Ipswich, wh. came in the fleet 
with Winth. was, perhaps, br. of Edward, a man of respectab. condition, 
as is pro. by the prefix, at his request, 19 Oct. 1630, and also at adm. as 
freem. 18 May foil, came from Leicestersh. was first of Boston, being 
No. 71 of the list of mem. and dead is writ against it, so that he d. soon, 
Icav. w. Sarah, and ch. Edward and Sarah ; but Sarah alone was liv. 
when her mo. made her will at Ipswich, 10 July 1636. She m. John 
Caldwell, and was prob. a relat. to Richard Saltonstall and Samuel 
Appletofi, as may be judg. from that instrum. See the fine Appleton 
fi&m. Memo. John, New Haven 1644. John, Sandwich, br. of Henry, 
b. in Eng. m. 24 Mar. 1651, Eliz. d. of Henry Feake, had John, b. 1663, 
perhaps others bef. or afler^was a capt. and d. 21 May 1715 at Har- 
wich, and his wid. d. 15 Dec. 1720. John, Barnstable, s. of the preced. 
m. Lydia, prob. d. of Isaac Chapman, had Lydia ; Hannah ; Rebecca ; 
Abigail ; John, b. 1701 ; Thankful ; and Sarah ; but the dates, or even 
order of b. are unkn. He d. 11 Sept 1746 ; and his wid. d. 9 Sept. 1760. 

DiMAN, Dtmond, Diamond, Dtamont, or Dimond, John, Lynn 
1647, perhaps rem. to Kittery bef. 1652, there call, ropemaker. John, 
New London, m. 17 June 1674, Rebecca, wid. of Tobias Minter, d. of 
James Bemis. Moses, Fairfield 1670, s. of Thomas, had large est w. 
Abigail, s. Moses, and ds. Abigail, Esther, and Grace. His will was 
dat. 21 Mar. 1684, and the inv. is a few wks. later. This name is often 
writ without final dy always at Yale. His wid. m. 1685, Edward How- 
ard. Robert, Roxbury. His w. Mary d. 1643. Thomas, Fairfield, 
lost a vessel and cargo by fire in 1656, and d. 1658, had Thomas, Moses, 
bef. ment and John. It may be, that he is the same person under Dem* 
ing ; but it is not likely. Thomas, Fairfield, prob. s. of the preced. a 
mariner, m. 22 Sept 1 670, Eliz. d. of Peter Bradley, rem. to New Lon- 

DIM — DIN 51 

don, had Eliz. b. 14 Aug. 1672; Thomas, 22 July 1675; Moses, U 
Maj 1677; Ruth, 12 Sept 1680; and John, 25 July 1686; and d. 
1687. William, Kittery, perhaps s. of John of the same, in 1679 left 
wid. Joan, and ch. John, Margaret, and Grace. 

DiMMOOK, DiMUCK, or DiMiCK, John, Barnstable, s. of Shubael, by 
w. Eliz. had Sarah, bapt 2 Aug. 1691 ; Hannah, 31 July 1692 ; Mary, 
19 Aug. 1694; Theophilus, 11 Oct. 1696; Timothy, 11 Sept 1698; 
and Ebenezer, 24 Mar. 1700. * Shubael, Barnstable, s. or perhaps br. 
of Thomas, it is thoL m. Joanna Bursley, d. of John, for sec. w. but by 
first w. had Thomas, b. 1654; John, Jan. 1656; Timothy, Mar. 1658; 
Shubael, Feb. 1663; Joseph, Sept 1665; and by sec. w. had Mehit- 
able; Benjamin, Mar. 1670; Joanna, Mar. 1672; and Thankful, Nov. 
1674 ; was rep. 1685, 6 and 9, was k. by the E. Ind. 1697, th^n a capt 
at Damariscotta, as in Magn. YII. 92, may be read. * Thomas, Dor- 
chester 1635, selectman that yr. freem. 25 May 1636 ; rem. to Hingham 
1638, next yr. to Scituate, and in 1640 to Barnstable, of wh. he was 7 
Aug. 1650 ord. rul. Elder, and rep. 5 yrs. being the first from the town 
in Dec. 1640. He had Thomas, bef. ment; perhaps John, and certain. 
Timothy, bapt 12 Jan. 1640, d. in few mos. ; Mehitable, 17 Apr. 1642 ; 
Shubael, 15 Sept. 1644; beside a s. and d. tw. bur. without names, 18 
Mar. 1641. His nuncup. will gave all to his w. for the reason that, ^Hhe 
ch. were hers as well as his." Various spelling has this name appear, 
in ; and it may, originally, be the same as that of Dymocke, the heredit 
champion of Eng. wh. at coronations, owes the service of challenge to 
all competitors for the crown. 

DiNELY, or DrNELEY, FATHERaoNE, Boston, butcher, youngest s. of 
William, got his name from the incident of his f.'s loss '^ in a violent 
tempest of wind and snow," on 15 Dec 1638, betw. Boston and Rox- 
bury, ten days bef. his b. ; m. Apr. 1663, Hannah, d. of Edward Porter, 
d. early. Inv. by the wid. was ret 23 Jan. 1675. Joqn, Boston 1651, 
mariner, eldest br. of the preced. b. prob. in Eng. Thohas, Boston, 
perhaps br. of the preced. d. 15 Jan. 1655. William, Boston 1635, 
barber surgeon, No. 340 in the list of ch. mem. freem. 17 Apr. 1637, by 
w. Alice had Thomas, b. 9, bapt 17 Jan. 1636; Abigail, bapt 8 Oct 
1637, tho. the town rec. has b. in Dec. ; tmd Fathergone, bef. ment. b. 
25 Dec. 1638, in the ch. rec. of his bapt on 6 Jan. 1639 is mark. '< s. of 
our gone br." ; was one of the favorers of his fellow christian, Mrs. 
Hutchinson,' and therefore disarm. Nov. 1637, d. in a storm 15 Dec. 
next on Boston neck. Winth. I. 248, 286. Johnson's observ. in his 
Wonderwork. Frov. are more ludicrous than philosoph. In Aug. foil, 
his wid. m. Richard Crichley. 

Dinghak. See Dengayne. 

52 DIN — DIV 

DiNGLEY, Jacob, Marshfield, s. of John, by w. Eliz. had John, and Jo- 
seph, and d. 18 Aug. 1691. His wid. d. 30 Mar. 1718. John, Lynn, rem. to 
Sandwich 1637, thence to Marshfield, a. 1644, and d. 1658 ; by w. Sarah 
had Jacob, bef. ment. ; Mary, wh. m. 19 Dec. 1654, Capt. Josiah Stand- 
ish, and d. the next yr. ; Sarah, prob. wh. m. 1658, William Ford, jr. ; 
and Hannah, wh. m. Josiah Kean ; beside prob. that John wh. was bur. 
9 July 1665. The fam. spread into Duxbury ; and descend, remain in 
that neighborhood. Richard, a Bapt. min. of Newport 1685, had come 
to Boston from Eng. rem. 1694 to S. Carolina. Benedict. Backus, 
II. 109. 

DiNNY, Edward, Boston, freem. 17 Apr. 1637. William, freem. 9 
Mar. 1637, br. it may be, of the preced. But I have some reason for 
thinking this name Dennis. 

DiNSDALE, II William, Boston, an early propr. whose ho. and garden 
are set out in the book of poss.sions. ; by w. Martha had John, b. May 
1644; Martha, 10 Jan. 1649 ; I^Iary, 24 Sept. 1651 ; and Sarah, 7 Jan. 
or 2 June 1657 ; freem. 1657, ar. co. 1658 ; in 1663 was aged 47, and d. 
at Barbados. 

DiSBROW, DiSBOROW, or Desbrough, Nicholas, Hartford 1639, 
an early sett, not orig. propr. m. 1640, Mary Brunson, had Phebe, bapt. 
20 Dec. 1646 ; Abigail, b. 1 Feb. 1649, and prob. more ; and, after 1669, 
says Porter, he m. Eliz. wid. of Thwaite Strickland ; d. in 1 683, aged 
71, and left four ds. Mary, m. Obadiah Spencer ; one m. Samuel Eggles- 
ton ; Phebe m. John Kelsey ; and Abigail m. Robert Flood. In the yr. 
of his death, some ridicul. mischief is, by the Magnalia VI. 69, honor, as 
a tragedy of witchcraft ; but Cotton borrow, the nonsense from his f.'s 
Remarkab. Provid. p. 113. By Col. Rec, of Conn. I. 45, he seems to 
have been unfortunate in his early relations. * Peter, Rye, in New 
Haven jurisdict 1660, of wh. he was one of the purch. from the Ind. 
rep. 1665, perhaps also for Greenwich, in 1681 was call. 50 yrs. old. 
He had m. Sarah, d. of Nicholas Knapp of Stamford. A John D. of 
Rye 1 683 may have been his s. Thomas, Fairfield 1 685, or earlier, 
perhaps s. of the preced. had w. Mercy, and s. Thomas, wh. seems to be 
of age at d. of his f. early in 1707. 

Disco, Teague, Exeter, took o. of alleg. 30 Nov. 1677. 

DiSER, William, Salem 1668, perhaps ill spell, or very rare name, 
sign, to petn. against imposts. 

DisPAW, Henry, Lynn, d. 4 Oct. 1676. Henry, Lynn, prob. s. of 
the preced. had ch. b. June 1 680, wh. d. next mo. This seems a very 
strange name, found by Mr. Felt, perhaps once spel. wrong. 

DiVEN, John, Lynn 1643, perhaps had John ; d. 4 Oct. 1684. Lewis. 
His s. JouN was perhaps of Lynn, freem. 1691, had John, b. 16 May 

DIX. • 53 

1678 ; Ezekiel, 25 Dec. 1G81, d. in few days ; perhaps may have d. at 
the date giv. to the preced. Mary, perhaps sis. of the younger, d. of the 
eider John, m. 23 Mar. 1663, Jonatlian Witt. 

Dlx, Anthony, Plymouth, one of the first comers, 1623, in the Ann, 
took a sh. in the diy. of Id. next yr. but not in the div. of cattle 1627, 
bee he left the Col. and join, with Conant and other Mass. people ; freem. 
18 ]tfay 1631, was tak. by the pirate Bull in 1632, but allow, easi. to 
escape, and in 1637 was of Charlestown or Salem, had w. Tabitha, wh. 
after his d. m. Nathaniel Pitman ; and was lost by shipwr. of his 30 ton 
boat on Cape Cod 15 Dec. 1638, the same storm in wh. Dinely perish, 
at Boston. This we leam from Danforth's Almanac. See Winth. I. 
287, who spells the name Dick wh. Felt prefers to give as Dike, and both 
Dikes and Deekes are found in some rec. Edward, Watertown, came, 
prob. in the fleet with Winth. and was first of Boston, No. 49 among 
mem. of the ch. freem. 4 Mar. 1635, by w. Jane, whose fam. name was 
Wilkinson, had Abigail, b. 2 May 1637 ; Mary, 2 May 1639; John, 4 
Sept 1640; and Rebecca, 18 Feb. 1642; had sec. w. Susanna, wh. surv. 
him; was a selectman, and d. 9 July 1660. The ds. were all m. viz. 
Abigail, 1 Dec. 1653, to Thomas Parks of Cambridge; Mary, 5 Feb. 
1663, Abraham Brown, jr.; and Rebecca, 18 Feb. 1668, Thomas 
Flagg, jr. His will of 25 June 1660, makes s. John Excor. but the in v. 
was sworn to Dec foil, by serg. John WincoU, his guard'n. Bond gives 
him ano. d. Deborah, without date of b. wh. m. Richard Barnes of Marl- 
borough, he says, and disting. him from the Boston ch. mem. by remarki 
that he emb. at age of 19, on 16 Jan. 1635, and that Jane Wilkinson, 
aged 20 emb. at same time. So there must have been two of the name. 
But the mem. of Boston ch. and not the youth of 19 must have been 
that freem., and this Deborah must have been a wid. for she was mo. of 
Leonard of Wethersfield. John, Taunton 1669. Baylies, II. 241. 
John, Watertown, s. of Edward, m. 7 Jan. 1671, Eliz. d. of John Bar- 
nard, had Eliz. b. 4 Dec 1671 ; John, 6 Mar. 1673; Mary, 27 Feb. 
1675, d. nfext yr. ; Abigail, 15 Mar. 1677; Rebecca, 1 Mar. 1679, d. 
Boon ; Deborah, 20 July 1680 ; Edward, 25 Sept. 1682 ; Joseph, 8 Sept. 
1686; and Jane, bapt. 13 Oct 1689 ; and he d. 7 Nov. 1714, leav. wid. 
Eliz. John, Hartford, perhaps br. of Leonard, was requir. by ct. to m. 
Mary Bird well, but was complain, of for beating her, 1676, was still 
there tax. 1683 ; sold his ho. and Id. 1686, and one of his ch. John d. 
1692. John, Reading, s. of Ralph, freem. 1691. John, Wethersfield, 
8. of Leonard of the same, had w. Rebecca, and perhaps ch. not ment. d. 
Nov. 1711, aged 50, and his wid. d. next mo. Leonard, Wethersfield 
1 045, had w. Sarah, and d. 7 Dec. 1697, leav. John, Samuel, and three 
ds. He had been at Branford, and gr. of Id. there 1648; was b. prob. 


54 DIX 

1624, and his will wh. names the ds. Mercy, Hannah, and Eliz. provid. 
for the wid. wh. d. 1709. Ralph, Ipswich 1647, fisherman, had w. 
Esther and ch. John, b. 12 Mar. 1659; Samuel, 28 Aug. 1661; rem. 
next yr. to Heading, had there Stephen, 18 June 1664; and Stephen, 
again, 14 Dec 1672; freem. 1684, and d. 1688. Of his descend, are 
Rev. Samuel, H. C. 1758, and J. A. Dix, late U. S. senator from New 
York. Ralph, Maiden, freem. 1685, had liv. at Reading yrs. bef. 
Samuel, from Norwich, Eng. had leave to emb. at Great Yarmouth 8 
Apr. 1637, being aged 43 yrs. with w. Joane, 38 ; two ch. Priscilla, and 
Abigail ; and two serv. William Storey, and Daniel Linsey, to come to 
Boston to inhabit, but I have not yet learn, where he sat down. Wil- 
liam, Hartford, perhaps br. of Leonard, a single man,d. Mar. 1676 or 7. 
Six of this name, in 1834, had been gr. at Harv. 

Dlxer. See Dixey. 

DiXEY, John, Salem 1639. Felt Tholas, Salem 1637, had there 
bapt. Mary, 12 Jan. 1645; AbigaH, 1 Oct. 1648; Thomas, 29 Jan. 
1654; Margaret, 16 Mar. 1656; and John, 26 Apr. 1657; was of 
Marblehead 1674, d. 1691. Ano. Thomas, at Marblehead, sign, the 
petn. agaiiTSt imposts 1668, as did the Salem man. Yet perhaps it was 
the same man, for in such cases it is sometimes thot. that more value 
attaches to the number than to the argum. and undue artifice is employ, 
to swell the list. Margaret, aged 18, was one of the serv. of Percival 
Greene, emb. at London 1635, in the Susan and Ellen. William, 
Salem, had come to Cape Ann 1629, was next at Lynn, had bapt at S. 
Abigail, 25 Dec 1636; Ann, 17 May 1638; John, 1639; Eliz. 1641 ; 
and others ; freem. 14 May 1634; was capt, of Beverly, a. 1677, andd. 
1690, set 82. Lewis. Felt Gibbs. Whitman. 3 Mass. Hist Coll. VIL 260. 

Dixon, Jeremiah, New Haven 1639, one of the seven for found, of 
the ch. 4 June, rem. bef. 1644. William, prob. was of Charlestown 
1633-8, Kittery 1649, freem. 1652, d. Mar. 1666, perhaps then of York. 
In his will of 13 Feb. of that yr. gave to w. Joan, s. James, d. Susanna 
Frost, perhaps w. of Charles, to John Brown, and to childr. of Henry 
Milbury. Seven of this name, beside four call. Dickson, had, in 1834, 
been gr. at the N. E. coll. tho. none of either at Harv. See Dickson. 

Dixwell, James, New Haven, a propr. 1685, unless the rec be 
wrong, as by confus. with the assum. surname, I suspect John, Dor- 
chester 1640, gave his sh. with others, in Thompson's Isld. 7 Feb. 1642, 
for support of a free sch. My insert, of this name should be accomp. 
with explanat that no other notice of such an one, near that time, is found. 
What thus I read in the lithograph copy publish, by the Dorchester Antiq. 
and Hist Soc as frontisp. to that Ed. of Blake's Ann. 1846, the No. on 
the list being 47, is by a writer of considerab. research, in Geneal. Beg. 

DOANE. 55 

V. 391, call. John Pearce. Yet it may be necessary^ for whoever will 
krm an opinion on either side, to ask wh. of the two, No. 30, or No. 47, 
is likely to be the fac-simile of signature of John Pierce, wh. had been 
selectman and rep. of the town, and soon after the date of the benefact 
renL to Boston. John, ^w Haven, came in 1664, it is said, after long 
oonoealm. in Europe or elsewhere, flying from prosecut. as one of the regi- 
ddes, but it is suppos. his first quiet resid. was at Hadley, with Gofie and 
Whalley, under shelter of Rev. John Russell, tho. the length of time is 
nnkn. At New Haven he was call, by hims. and others, James Davids, 
m. 3 Nov. 1673, 1 think for sec w. Joanna^ wid. of Benjamin Ling, with 
wh. (wh. d. in few wks.) he obtain, comfortab. prop, and he m. again 23 
Oct 1677, Bathsheba How, had Mary, b. 9 June 1679; John, 6 Mar. 
1681 ; and Eliz. 14 July 1682, wh. d. young. His wid. d. at Middle- 
town 27 Dec 1729, aged 83, so that she was 39 yrs. younger than her 
h. His ooncealm. was perfect, but his real name was kn. to one or more 
of the chief peop. and confess, by hims. shortly bef. his d. 18 Mar. 
1689 in his 82d yr. His only d. Mary, m. 23 Dec 1707, John Collins 
of Middletown. The family was and still is highly respect, in Kent ; 
and in the gr. civ. war, the head of it, Sir Basil, stood and suffer, for the 
royal cause. John, Boston, s. of the preced. took his f.'s true name, 
was in good esteem at New Haven, m. 1 Sept. 1708, Mary, d. of John 
Prout, rem. to Boston, was a goldsmith, a rul. Elder of the new North ch. 
d. 2 Apr. 1725 of smallpox by inocuL leav. his 2d w« Abigail and ch. Basil, 
b. 7 July 1711, so calL for his gr. uncle, Sir Basil, a baro. ; John, 1718, 
and Eliz. 1716, wh. were all by first w. Their uncle Prout was guard'n. 
of all the ch. The f. left small est. no will ; and his s. John, wh. was of 
ar. CO. 1741, d. 1749, without male issue. By w. Abigail Bridgham of 
Boston, m. 18 Apr. 1723, female line perpetuat the stock, and John 
Hunt, H. C. 1796, a descend, was permit to assume the surname of the 

DoAKB, Dajniel, Eastham 1658, perhaps s. of John, m. Hepzibah 
Cole, bad Constant, b. 7 Mar. 1670. Ephraim, Eastham, may have 
been br. of the preced. m. 5 Feb. 1668, Mercy Knowles, prob. d. of 
Richard, had Patience, b. 28 Jan. 1669, d. soon; Apphia, 18 (Col. Rec. 
says 28), July 1670 ; Hezekiah, Aug. 1672; Thomas, 4 Sept 1674; 
Ebenezer, Apr. 1676 ; Nehemiah, Aug. 1680, d. soon; Patience, again, 
Apr. 1682; and Ruhama, 30 Apr. 1685. Henrt, Watertown 1643. 
} John, Plymouth 1630, an Assist 1633, but not after, as he declin. the 
civ. office on. being chos. deac ; rem. 1644 to Eastham, there was deac. 
and d. 21 Feb. 1 686. His age was great, perhaps 95. One report of his 
d. makes it in 1707, and age 110, but it is not support by any authority; 
and prob. the f. and s. possib. gr.s. of the same name were confus. by the 

56 DOB — DOD 

reporter of the childish exagger. His \v. Abigail had, beside Daniel, 
bef. mcnt. John; Ephraim; Ljdia, wh. m. 1645, Samuel Hicks; Abi- 
gail, b. 13 Jan. 1632, at the age of 60, bee. sec. w. of Samuel Lothrop, 
outliv. him many yrs. and d. 23 Jan. 1735. Above 3 yrs. bef. a century 
sermon (I presume on her entry upon the' hundredth yr.), had been 
preach, in her room by Rev. Joseph Lord. See Boston Weekly Journal of 
1735. John, Eastham, s. of the preced. m. 30 Apr. 1662, Hannah, d. 
of Edward Bangs, had John, b. 20 Mar. 1663, d. in few wks. ; John, 
again, 29 May 1664; Ann, 25 July 1666; Rebecca, 12 May 1668; 
Isaac, 2 June 1670; and Samuel, 2 Mar. 1673. He prob. d. 1707, 
Ano. John came in the Truelove from London, 1 635, aged 1 6. Richard, 
Rh. Isl. 1672. 

DoBER, John, Springfield, had gr. of Id. 1643, but rem. 

DoBsox, George, Boston, m. 24 Nov. 1653, Mary Bostwick. 

DoDD, sometimes Dod, Daniel, Branford 1644, by w. Mary, m. a. 
1646, had Mary; Hannah; Daniel; all bapt. at -New Haven 1 June 
1651 ; Ebenezer, b. 11 Dec. 1651 ; a d. 29 Mar. 1653, d. soon ; Stephen, 
16 Feb. 1656 ; and Samuel, 2 May 1657. His w. d. 26 May 1657, and 
he d. Jan. 1666. Mary m. a. 1665, Aaron Blatchley. All the s. but 
Stephen, rem. to Newark, N. J. "The Edward D. wh. m. 1705, at 
Hartford, was of a diff. fam. Hinmau, 209, has him, but I doubt, that 
my plan must exclude him. George, Boston 1645, a mariner, by w. 
Mary had Patience, b. 1 1 Apr. 1646, bapt. 16 May 1647 (as the w. 
join, the ch. the day preced.), wh. d. at 3 mos. ; Isaac, 3 Sept. 1651 ; 
Mary, 5 July 1653 ; and Eliz. 5 Apr. 1657. He d. in London. See 
Geneal. Reg. XXL 154, 5. Stephen, Guilford, s. of Daniel, m. 18 
May 1678, Mary, or Sarah, d. of William Stevens, wh. d. bef. him, had 
Daniel, b. 1679; and Samuel, 1681; and d. 26 Oct. 1691. .Thomas, 
Marblehead 1674. Dana, 8. William, Salem 1644. Rev. Stephen, 
auth. of the valua. E. Haven Reg. is descend, of Daniel. 

Dodge, Edward, Beverly, youngest s. of Richard of the same, m. 
30 Apr. 1673, Mary, d. of William Haskell the first of Gloucester, had 
Mary, b. 12 Apr. 1675 ; Elinor; Jonathan, 3 July 1679; Edith, 3 Jan. 
1681 ; Ruth, 15 Aug. 1685 ; Edward, 1687 ; Hannah, 1692 ; and Mark 
1694. He was freem. 1683. Israel, New London 1690. * John, 
Beverly, s. of William, m. 10 Apr. 1659, Sarah Procter, had, at Salem, 
bef. div. of the town, John, b. 2 Jan. 1662 ; rem. and was rep. perhaps, 
for Rowley 1664, yet adm. freem. only on 29 Apr. 1668 ; other ch. were 
William; Sarah, bapt. 16 Feb. 1668; Hannah, 16 May 1669, d. soon; 
Hannah, again, 2 July 1671 ; and Martha, b. 5 Feb. bapt. 26 Oct. 1673. 
John, Beverly, s. of Richard, by w. Sarah had Deliverance, b. 10 or 15 
Mar. 1661; John, 15 Apr. 1662, both bapt. 5 Apr. 1663; Josiah, 4 


Jan. 1665; Sarah, 13 Jan. 1667; Ebenezer, 1 Aug. 1670; Mary, 15 
Aug. 1672; Deborah, 1674, d. next yr. and Andrew, 1676; was freem. 
1683. Hb w. d. 8 Feb. 1706 ; and he d. 11 Oct 1711. John, Wen- 
ham, freem. 1690. Joseph, Beverly, s. of Richard, m. 21 Feb. 1672, 
Sarah Eaton, had Abigail, b. 1672, d. young; Joseph; Prudence, 28 
Mar. 1680; Abigail, 12 Sept. 1681; Josiah, 29 Aug. 1683, d. soon; 
Josiab, again, 8 June 1684; Sarah, 11 Aug. 1685; Elisha, 1687; 
Charity, 7 Mar. 1689; and Nathaniel, 17 Apr. 1694. Ilis w. d. 12 
Dec 1714; and he d. 10 Aug. 1716, freem. 1680. Josiah, a soldier of 
Lothrop's oomp. call, the flower^of Essex, k. at Bloody Brook 18 Sept 
1675. Richard, Salem 1638, perhaps br. of William, adm. of the ch. 
May 1644, had, by w. Edith, prob. sev. ch. earlier, and certain. John 
and Mary, both perhaps b. in Eng. of unkn. date, but bapt 3 July of that 
yr. ; Richard, b. 1643 ; and Sarah, 1644 ; yet not found in freem.'s list, 
was, in 1667, one of the found, of Beverly ch. ; made his will 1670, in 
wh. he names w. Edith, ch. Richard, Samuel, Edward, Joseph, the last 
three of uncert dates, d. Mary, w. of Zechary Herrick, beside brs. 
William and Michael in Eng. He d. 15 June 1672 ; and his wid. d. 27 
June 1678. Sarah m. July 1667, Peter Woodbury. Richard, Wen- 
ham, 6. of the preced. freem. 1690, m. 23 Feb. 1668, Mary Eaton, had 
Richard, b. 12 July 1670 ; Mary, 30 Mar. 1672 ; Martha, 1674 ; Daniel, 
26 Apr. 1677 ; and William, 1678 ; and d. 13 Apr. 1705. His wid. d. 
28 Nov. 1716, aged 75. Samuel, Beverly, or more prob. Wenham, br. 
of the preced. by w. Mary, perhaps sis. of Hananiah Parker of Read- 
ing, wh. d. 1705, had Samuel, b. 22 Jan. 1668, d. young; Joseph, 14 
Feb. 1670; Hananiah, 9 Jan. 1672; Ann, 20 Dec. 1674; Antipas, 7 
Sept 1677; Mary, 6 June 1680; Amy, 27 Aug. 1682; Deborah, 6 
Apr. 1685; Jabesh, 22 Mar. 1686; Parker; and Samuel, again, 11 
Dec 1692. William, Salem 1629, came in the Lion's Whelp, call, a 
skilful husbandman, from Dorsetsh. when Gov. Cradock commends him 
to Capt Endicot, had John, bapt. 25 Dec 1636; William, b. 19 Sept. 
bapt 4 Oct 1640; and Hannah, bapt 24 July 1642; was freem. 17 
Apr. 1637, liv. on Beverly side, was one of the found, of the ch. there 
1667. Hannah m. Samuel Porter, and next, Thomas Woodbury. 
* William, Beverly, s. of the preced. m. Mary, d. of Roger Conant, as 
in the will of Conant appears ; but she had been wid. of John Balch, 
had William, b. 20 Mar. 1664; Mary, 26 May 1666; perhaps others; 
gain, reput in Ind. wars ; was freem. 1683, rep. 1690. Of eight of this 
name, wh. had in 1834 been gr. at Harv. Daniel, 1700 is the first ; and 
ten more are in the other N. E. coll. 

DoDSOX, Anthony, Scituate 1650, m. 12 Nov. 1651, Mary, d. of 
John Williams senr., had Sarah, b. 26 Aug. 1652; Gershom, 14 Feb. 

58 DOE — DOL 

1654; Mary, 1656; Jonathan, 1659; Patience; Bcthia; and Eunice. 
Sarah m. 1671, Thomas Stetson; Gershom was a soldier, under Capt. 
Pierce, k. 26 Mar. 1676 at Rehoboth fight; Mary m. 1687, John 
Booth jr. ; Patience m. 1683, John Pierce, s. of the capt under wh. her 
br. was, and wh. fell with him ; Eunice m. 1717, Simon Delis; Bethia 
was unm. 1695 when her mo. raent. her in her will. Jonathax, Scitu- 
ate, s. of the preced. m. Abigail, d. of Matthew Gannett, wh. d. says the 
gr.stone, 16 Nov. 1695, aged 44, had Jonathan, Anthony, Deborah, Mary, 
Sarah, Hannah, and Gershom, b. betw. 1695 and 1704, and all liv. at 
his d. The name is not prcserv. in S. Deane, 263. Some incongruity, 
perhaps, in the statement of Deane as to b. of the childr. and that date 
of d. of his w. may be reconcil. by assuming that most of the ch. were 
by ano. w. 

Doe, Nicholas, Dover 1667, at Oyster riv. now Durham, by w. 
Martha had John, b. 25 Aug. 1669 ; Sampson, 1 Apr. 1670 ; and Eliz. 7 
Feb. 1679 ; and he d. 1691. Descend, are in the same region, and 
some spell the name Dow. 

DoGGETT, or DoGHEAD. Scc Daggett. 

DoLACK, Christian, Dover 1663 and 4, was there tax. 

DoLBERY, Andrew, Boston 1677, mariner, had w. Eliz. wh. join. 2d 
ch. in July 1691, and had Eliz. bapt. 12 of the same. 

Dole, Abner, Newbury, youngest s. of Richard, m. 1 Nov. 1694, 
Mary Jcwett of Rowley, had Henry, b. 28 Oct. 1 695. His w. d. 4 wks. 
after, and he m. 5 Jan. 1699, Sarah Belcher of Boston, had Nathaniel, 
29 Mar. 1701; Sarah, 14 Jan. 1703 ; and Abner, 19 May 1706. Ben- 
jamin, Hampton, a physician, br. of the preced. m. 11 Dec. 1700, 
Frances, d. of Samuel Sherburne, had Jonathan, Mary, and Love ; and 
d. 1707. His wid. d. 15 Aug. 1744, aged 67. George, Lynn, rem. 
1637 to Sandwich. Lewis. Henry, Newbury, s. of Richard, ra. 3 
Nov. 1686, Sarah, d. of Capt. Samuel Brocklebank of Rowley, had Ap- 
phia, 28 Feb. 1688; and Sarah, 12 Feb. 1690. John, Newbury, eldest 
6. of Richard, a physician, m. 23 Oct. 1676, Mary, d. of Capt. William 
Gerrish, had Hannah, b. 16 Aug. 1677; Benjamin, 16 Nov. 1679; 
Mary, 14 Nov. 1681; Sarah, 11 Dec. 1683; John, 16 Feb. 1686; 
Moses, 24 Dec. 1688; and Eliz. 16 Aug. 1692; was freem. 1679, d. 
1696. Richard, Newbury 1639, s. of William, a tanner in Thornbury, 
Co. Gloucester, wh. bound him apprent. for 7 yrs. to John Lowell and 
Mary his w.; came with Lowell, a youth, b. at Bristol 1624, a merch 
m. 3 May 1 647, Hannah, d. prob. of Henry Rolfe, mo. of all his ch. (wh 
d. 16 Nov. 1678), had John, b. 10 Aug. 1648; Richard, 6 Sept 1650 
Ann, 26 Mar. 1653; Benjamin, 14 June 1654; Joseph, 5 Aug. 1657 
William, 10 Apr. 1660; Henry, 9 Mar. 1663; Hannah, 23 Oct. 1665; 

DOL — DOO 59 

Apphia, 7 Dec. 1668 ; and Abner, 8 Mar. 1672. He m. 4 Mar. 1G79, 
Hannah, wid. of Capt. Samuel Brocklebank, wh. perhaps made liim rem. 
to Rowley ; and had third w. Patience, wid. of Shubael Walker. His 
d. Hannah m. John Moody ; and Apphia m. Peter Coffin. Richard, 
Newbury, s. of the preced. m. 7 June 1677, Sarah, d. of Stephen Green- 
leaf, had Richard, b. 28 Apr. 1678, wh. liv. over 86 yrs. ; Eliz. 21 Dec. 
1680; Sarah, 14 Feb. 1681; Hannah, 3 Dec. 1682; John, 2 Feb. 
1684; Stephen, 2 Dec. 1686, d. soon ; Stephen, again, 1687 ; Joseph, 5 
Dec 1689; and Mary, 1 July 1694. Wiluam, Newbury, br. of the 
preced. m. 13 Oct. 1684, Mary, d. of Capt. Samuel Brocklebank, had 
William, b. 12 Jan. 1685 ; Hannah, 28 Mar. 1686 ; Mary, 1 Feb. 1688 ; 
Richard, 31 Dec 1689 ; Jane, 23 Jan. 1692 ; Patience, 8 Apr. 1694; 
Apphia, 13 May 1696 ; Samuel, 1 June 1699 ; and Benjamin, 2 July 

DoLHAFF, or DoLHEBT, CHRISTIAN, Exctcr 1684, d. Aug. 1708, lea V. 
Samuel, Richard, Thomas, Mary, Prudence, and Catharine. Belkn. I. 
472. Pike. Kelley. It may be the same as Dolack, and so careful a 
copier as Rev. Mr. Quint, in Geneal. Reg. YI. 202, by easy mistake 
made it Dolhoss. 

DoLiBER, Dellaber, or Dalliber, now Doliyer, Josepb, Salem 
1640, Marblehead 1648, was constable 1660. Dana, 7. Samuel, 
Marblehead 1648, Gloucester 1654, there by w. Mary had Samuel, b. 9 
July 1658; Mary, 26 Mar. 1662; Richard, 18 Apr. 1665; Sarah, 24 
Dec 1667; and John, 2 Sept 1671; d. 1683. Dana. Gloucester 
Telegraph. William, Gloucester, m. 4 Oct 1682, Ann, d. of Rev. John 
Higginson, wh. was apprehend, in 1692 (the yr. of horrible delusions), 
for witchcraft, but either good sense, or favor of her father s^ved her 
life. Felt, II. 478. 

DoMMETT, Alexander, Boston, mariner, was tak. by the Turks 
1681, at the same time, I suppose, as John Greene, whose disast. is told 
by Noadiah Russell in his Diary. See Geneal. Reg. YII. 54. 

DoNN, Hugh, Dover 1664. 

DoNKELL, Dennell, or Dunnell, Henrt, Kittery 1650, freem. 
1652, rem. to Falmouth, m. a d. of Thomas Reading of Saco, had 
Henry, and Samuel. Willis, I. 209. {Samuel, York 1680, s. of the 
preced. had Nathaniel, b. 18 Nov. 1689 ; was a magistr. judge of the 
C. C. P. nam. by Incr. Mather and King William, of the Counc. in the 
New Chart. 1 691, d. 9 Mar. 1718, aged 72. Some of our writers, Douglas, 
and Hutch. II. 14, call his surname Daniel. See Alden's Epit IL 21, 
and 3 Mass. Hist Coll. IX. 83. Nathaniel, his s. d. 9 Feb. 1780, aet 91. 
Thomas, York 1660, took o. of fideL to Mass. 1652. 

Doolittle, 'Abraham, Boston, went to New Haven 1644, had 


Sarah; Abraham, b. 12 Feb. 1650 ; Eliz. 1652 ; Mary, 1654, wh. per- 
haps d. young; John, 14 June 1655 ; the four last bapt 26 Apr. 1657 ; 
Abigail, bapt, 22 May 1659, d. young; these, it is said, were by first w, 
and the foil, by Eliz. Moss, his sec. w. Samuel, b. 7 July 1665 ; Joseph, 
1667; Abigail, again, 1669. He was rep. 1668 and 72, but rem. to 
Wallingford 1670, there had Ebenezer, a. 1672 ; Daniel, 1675, beside 
two ds. perhaps, and certain. Theophilus ; and d. 11 Aug. 1690. In his 
will he names w. Abigail, the seven s. and three ds. Sarah Ebenatha, 
Eliz. Brockett, and Abigail, unm. Early it was Dowlittle. The name 
became common at "W. Abraham, Wallingford, s. of the preced. m. 9 
Nov. 1680, Mercy, d. of William Holt of New Haven, had John, b. 13 
Aug. 1681; Abraham, 27 Mar. 1684; Sarah, Feb. 1686; and Susanna, 
15 Apr. 1688 ; had no ch. by sec. w. Ruth Lothrop; but by third w. 
Eliz. d. of Samuel Thorpe, had Samuel, Joseph, and Thomas, and d. 10 
Nov. 1732. Daniel, Wallingford, br. of the preced. rem. to Middle- 
town, m. Hannah Com well, had David, went back to W. d. 1755. 
Ebenezer, Wallingford, br. of the preced. m. Sarah, d. of Samuel Hall, 
d. Dec. 1711. John, Lynn 1643. Lewis. He rem. to Boston, and in 
that part nam. Rumney marsh, now Chelsea, was constable 1653. Snow, 
137. His will of 22 Sept. 1681, pro. 14 Oct. foil, names w. Sybel, m. 
30 Oct. 1674, wh. had been wid. of Miles Nutt of Maiden, and first of 
John Bibble ; but no ch. ; hav. by contr. of m. with said Sybel bound 
hims. that he would give ho. and Ids. at Maiden, he gives that and other 
est. to her, besides provid. for her ch. and gr.-childr. The wid. Sybel 
made her will 25 Dec 1683, but d. 23 Sept. 1690. He was br. of the 
first Abraham, wh. own. Id. at Rumney marsh. John, Wallingford, s. 
of the firat Abraham, m. 13 Feb. 1682, Mary Peck, and sec. w. Grace 
Blakesley; had Benjamin, b. 10 July 1695 ; and Samuel. Six of this 
name had been gr. at Yale in 1828, of wh. Rev. Benjamin, 1716, d. 9 
Jan. 1749, set 53. 

Dorchester, Anthony, Springfield, came from Windsor, a. 1649, 
where he had been some yrs. but had been, first, at EQngham perhaps ; 
by first w. Sarah, wh. d. 9 Nov. 1649, had three ch. and by sec w. 
Martha, wid. of Samuel Kitcherell (not Richards, as the charming auth. 
of " Hartford in the Olden Time " read the rec), of Hartford, m. 2 Jan. 
1651, had three more; had third w. the wid. of John Harmon. He 
took o. of alleg. 31 Dec 1678, and d. 28 Aug. 1682. The ch. were 
John ; James ; Mary ; Benjamin ; Sarah, wh. m. 27 Nov. 1673, Joseph 
Stebbins ; and Esther, but the dates of each, as well as the respect. 
mothei*s are not kn. Benjamin, Springfield, s. of the preced. d. 24 
May 1676, lea v. w. Sarah, d. of Jonathan Burt, m. only the yr. bef. and 
she m. the yr. foU. Luke Hitchcock. . James, and John, Springfield, s. 

DOR— DOT. 61 

prob. of Anthony, sw. alleg. 31 Dec. 1678, or next day, and were made 
freem. 1600. James m. Sarah, d. of Benjamin Parsons; and John m. 
Mary, d. of John Harmon. 

DoRLAND, or DuRLAND, JoHN, Salem 1674, permit, as innholder in 
that yr. had early been a fisherman, m. a d. of Richard Bishop of the 
same, had d. Mary, rememb. in the div. of est. of the gr.f. Felt. 

Dorm AN, Edmund, New Haven 1657, m. 1661, Hannah, d. of Rich- 
ard Hull, had Samuel, b. 1666, d. soon; John, 1667; Joseph, 1669; 
Benjamin, 1673; Hannah, 1677 ; and Mary, 1680; was a propr. 1685. 
His w. and these last &Ye ch. were liv. when he d. 1711. Hannah was 
w. of George Johnson ; and Mary of Thomas Leavensworth, both of 
Stratford. John, Ipswich, d. prob. 1652 or 3. His in v. is of 12 Feb. 
Thomas, Ipswich, one of the earliest sett, freem. 4 Mar. 1635, rem. per- 
haps, to Rowley, d. at Topsfield 25 Apr. 1670, a;t. 70. Felt says, Daniel 
Bradley was his s.-in-law; and Ephraim and Thomas, his two s. were of 
Topsfield 1684. 

Dorr, Edward, Roxbury, perhaps came from Femaquid, had thero 
sw. fidel. 1674, by w. Eliz. d. of Thomas Hawley, had Edward, bapt. 4 
Jaly 1680, d. young; Ann, whose b. is not giv. but she d. 5 Oct. 1683, 
prob. bef. bapt. He Hv. a yr. or two a. 1680, in Boston ; but had at R. 
Edward, again, b. 15, bapt 18 Nov. 1683, d. in few days ; Ebenezer, 25 
Jan. 1688 ; Edmund, 19 Oct. 1692 ; Harbottle, 11 May 1696 ; and a d. 
Qemence, 17 July 1700. He had sec. w. it is said, the wid. of Ebenezer 
Clap. Rev. Joseph, H. C. 1711, first, of. ten gr. at Harv. bef. 1828, of 
this name, was min. of Mendon ; and four had been gr. at the other 
KE. coU. 

Dorset, John, Boston, 1676, in wh. yr. his w. d. had s. John, and d. 

DoRTFALL, or DoRiFiELD, Barnaby, Boston, came in the Mary and 
Jane 1633, 1 presume, with Coddington, for he was adm. of the ch. nearly 
the same time: with the new w. wh. C. brot. in that sh. and there came in 
1634, by the .".Elizabeth from Ipswich, Ann D. aged 24, perhaps sis. of 
Barnabas, csLlL. when adm. 2 Nov. foil, "ourbr. William Co(ftngton's 
maid serv." ' He liv. at Braintree, then part of Boston, and C. had 
large farm. there; freem. 25 May 1636. 

DoTEY, Doty, Dote, or Doten, Edward, Plymouth, came in the 
Mayflower 1 620, a London youth in the serv. of Stephen Hopkins, was 
one of the signers of the solemn compact in Cape Cod harb. 1 1 Nov. 
and was with his master in the shallop that in Dec. folL discov. Plymouth 
barb.; yet 18 June foil, was i)arty in the first duel fought in N. E. He 
retriev. his charact by change from youthf. folly, m. prob. as sec. w. (if 
the date; were, as one of my correspond, gives it, a. 1643, tho. less prob» 

VOL. II. 6 

62 DOU 

is giv. by ano.), 6 Jan. 1635, Faith, d. of Tristram Clark, had William ; 
Faith; £dward; John; Isaac, b. 8 Feb. 1648; Desire; Thomas; and 
Joseph, 30 Apr. 1651. Bradford, 451, says, he had by sec w. seven ch. 
liv. in 1650. He was in 1652 one of the purch. of Dartmouth, but rem. 
to Yarmouth, d. 23 Aug. 1655. His will of 20 Mar. preced. names only 
w. and Edward. His wid. m. 14 Mar. 1667, John Phillips of Duxbury 
and outliv. him. Desire m. William Sherman jr. outliv. him, and m. 
Israel Holmes, and last m. Alexander Standish, outliv. him, and d. 
1723. Edward, s. of the preced. m. 26 Feb. 1663, Sarah, d. of John 
Faunce, and sis. of the famous Elder Faunce, had Edward, b. 20 May 
1664; Sarah, 9 June 1666 ; John, 4 Aug. 1668; Martha and Mary, tw. 
9 July 1671; Eliz. 22 Dec. 1673; Patience, 7 July 1676; Mercy, 6 
Feb. 1678, d. young; Samuel, 17 ]^Iay 1681; Mercy, again, 23 Sept. 
1684; and Benjamin, 30 May 1689; was drown. 8 Feb. X690, with his 
8. John, betw. Plymouth and Boston. The wid. m. 1693, John Buck; 
Sarah, the eldest d. m. 1687, James Warren, gr.f. of the late Gen. 
James W. ; and Mary m. 1699, Joseph Allyne, whose d. Mary, b. 1702, 
was mo. of the ardent patr. James Otis, and of the l^te H. G. Otis, 
a disting. senator of the U. S. ; and Eliz. m. Tobias Oakman. Descend, 
of these Otis and Warren fam. have interm. John, br. of the preced. 
by w. Eliz. d. of Jacob Cooke, had John, b. 24 Aug. 1668 ; Edward, 28 
June 1671 ; Jacob, 24 May 1673 ; Eliz. 10 Feb. 1676 ; Isaac, 25 Oct, 
1678 ; Samuel, 31 Jan. 1682 ; Elisha, 13 July 1686 ; Josiah, Oct. 1689 ; 
and Martha, Oct 1692, soon afler wh. the w. d. ; and by sec w. Sarah 
had Sarah, 19 Feb. 1696; Patience, 3 July 1697 ; and Desire, 19 Apr. 
1699. Joseph, Rochester, prob. br. of the preced. had Joseph, b. 31 
Mar. 1683; Deborah, 31 Mar. 1685; John, 1 Mar. 1688; Mercy, 12 
Jan. 1692; Fish, 18 Jan. 1697; and Mary, 28 July 1699. Thomas, 
br. prob. youngest, of the preced. was one of the first purch. of Middle- 
borough, 1662, but a youth ; by w. Mary had Thomas, b. 22 July 1679 j 
and Hannah, Dec. 1675. She m. 12 Jan. 1699, Jonathan Delano, and 
d. 12 Apr. 1764; her h. surv. less than nine mos. and d. in 89th yr. 

DouAeday, Roger, Boston 1674, qurrier, d. 22.Nov. 1690. 

DouGHxr, Francis, Taunton 1639, rem. 1641 to Long Isl. where he 
was hardly so well treat, as the min. of the gospel should have been. 
Adrian Van der Donck, an official under Van Rensselaer a patentee, wh. 
m. his d. print, a statement of his case. Baylies, I. 289. Lechford has 
notice of him in very few words. James, Scituate, m. 15 Aug. 1649, 
Lydia, d. of Humphrey Turner, had, betw. 1650 and 1670, Mary, 
James, Eliz. Martha, Lydia, Sarah, Samuel, Robert, and Susanna ; was 
a soldier in Philip's war. Deane, 264, thinks the fam. went to Conn. 
Thomas, Dover 1657-67. Perhaps he rem. over to Berwick, and 
Doughty's Falls may have the name from him. 

DOU— DOW 68 

Douglass, Henrt, Boston, freem. 1657. His d. Ann m. 1 Sept. 

1660, Eliphalet Het John, Dover, m. 16 Sept. 1687, a wid. Nason 
whose h. is not of mj acquaint nor her bapt name as print in Geneal. 
Beg. VXI. 119. BoBERT, New London, s. of William, m. 1665, Marj, 
d. of Bobert Hempstead, had William, b. 1666; Mary, 1668; Ann, 
1669 ; John, 16tl ; Hannah, 1678 ; Sarah, 1674; Eliz. 1677; Thomas, 
1679 ; and Phebe, 1681 ; his w. d. 1711 ; and he d. 1716. * William, 
perhaps of Gloucester first, but of Boston 1640, cooper, freem. 1646, bj 
w. Ann had Ann ; Bobert, b. 1689 ; £liz. 26 Aug. 1641 ; Sarah, 8 Apr. 
1648; and William, 1 Apr. 1645, the last three bapt 8 Mar. 1646; 
rem. to New London, was deac and rep. 1672, and perhaps later, d. 26 
July 1682, aged 71. Ann, his w. was d. of Thomas Mable of Bing- 
stead, Northamptonsh. Ann, his d* m. 14 Oct 1658, Nathaniel Geary; 
Eliz. m. 16 Feb. 1659, John Chandler; both of Bozbury ; and Sarah m. 

1661, John Keeny of New London. William, New London, s. of the 
preced. m. 18 Dec. 1667, Abiah, d. of William Hough, had Eliz. b. 
1668; Sarah, 1671; William, 1672; Abiah, 1675; Bebecca,1678; Ann, 
1680; and Bichard 1682; was deac and d. 9 Mar. 1725. 

Douse. See Dawse. 

Dote, Matthew, Salem, had ch. bapt there, Hannah, and Eliz. 10 
Sept 1654 ; Dorcas, 5 Oct 1656 ; Bethia, 80 May 1658 ; Daniel, 8 Nov. 
1661 ; Deborah, 20 May 1666 ; and a d. whose name is not on the rec. 
1 July foil. Hannah m. 20 Mar. 1671, Bichard Harris. 

Dow, Francis, Salisbury, in the rec of proprs. has the prefix of 
respect, and is third in the list, came firom the city of Salisbury in Co. 
Wilts, bef. 1650. * Henrt, Watertown 1687, a husbandman, aged 29, 
came from Ormsby in Norfolk, that yr. with w. Joan, wh. was bur. 10 
June 1640 ; four ch. and a serv. Ann Manning, 17 ; freem. 2 May 1688 ; 
had Joseph, b. 20 Mar. 1689 ; and Thomas, wh. d. soon ; and by 2d w. 
wh. Bond calls Margaret Cole of Dedham, had Daniel, 22 Sept 1641 ; 
and Mary, 14 Sept 1648; m. bef. 1645, ano. w. wid. Nudd, rem. to 
Hampton, was rep. 1655 and 6, d. 21 Apr. 1659. In his will he ment 
w. Margaret, perhaps the wid. of Nudd, and ch. Henry, b. in Eng. 1684 ; 
Mary, at W. 14 Sept 1648 ; Hannah ; Thomas ; and Jeremiah, beside 
Joseph, 20 Mar. 1689 ; and Daniel, 2 Sept 1641. Joseph d. 17 Aug. 
1680 at Hampton. Henbt, Hampton, s. of the preced. b. in Eng. freem. 
1666; m. 17 June 1659, Hannah, d. of Bobert Page; bee marshal of 
the Prov. 1680, a mandam. council. 1702, and d. 6 May 1702, aged 78. 
Belkn. L 55. 94 411. Henry, Salisbury, m. 7 Dec. 1694, Mary 
Mnssey. John, Haverhill, m. 28 May 1696, Sarah, d. of Abraham 
Brown of Salisbury. John, freem. 1666, Stephen, freem. 1668, and' 
Stephen, jr. all of Haverhill 1690, were, perhaps, s. and gr.s. of Thomas. 

64 DOW 

Joseph, Hampton, prob. s. of Henry the first of the same ; took o. of 
fidel. in Apr. 1678, with Joseph, jr. and Samuel, perhaps his s. Mat- 
thew, Salem. See Dove. Robert, Salisbury, by w. Sarah, had 
Robert, b. 23 July 1676; and Martha, 1 Oct. 1678. Samuel, perhaps 
of Dover, certain, of some pt. of N. Hampsh. by w. Abigail had Joseph, 
b. 18 Dec. 1686. Samuel, Hartford, m. 12 Dec 1665, Mary, d. of the 
first George Graves of the same. Simon, N. Hampsh. by w. Sarah had 
Mary, b. 19 Nov. 1686. Thomas, Newbury, an early sett, freem. 22 
June 1642, by w. Phebe had Stephen, b. 29 Mar. 1642 ; Mary, 26 Apr. 
1644 ; Martha, 1 June 1648 ; John ; and Thomas ; rem. to Haverhill, and 
d. 31 May 1654. In his will made only two days bef. his d. the wid. 
Phebe and the five ch. (but John and Thomas first), are ment. so that, 
possib. they were older than the others. Thomas, Ipswich 1675, per- 
haps s. of the preced. had w. Sarah, d. prob. of James Wall of Hamp- 
ton, m. 1663, wh. d. 7 Feb. 1682 ; and by w. Susanna had John, b. 24 
Apr. 1685; Ebenezer, 26 May 1692; perhaps Thomas, 29 Nov. 1694; 
Hannah, 3 Oct 1697 ; and Jeremiah, 12 Dec. 1699. Nine of this name 
had been, in 1834, gr. at Yale or Dart. coll. and two at Harv. 

Do WD, Doude, Dowde, or Dowdy, George, Concord, freem. 1645. 
Henrt, Guilford 1639, d. or was bur. 31 Aug. 1668. By w. £liz. wh. d. 
1683, had Rebecca ; Mary ; Sarah ; John, b. 24 May 1650 ; Thomas ; and 
Jacob, 16 Feb. 1653, all liv. in 1680, beside Jeremiah, wh. d. 1668 ; and 
Eliz. wh. d. 1669. Rebecca m. 1662, Daniel Evarts; Mary m. 1666, 
Samuel Hughes ; and Sarah m. a Bowers. John, Guilford, s. of the 
preced. m. 1679, Hannah, had Cornelius, b. 1680; and Sarah, 1682. 
His w. d. 1687, and he m. 1688, Mary Bartlett, had Mary, b. 1688; 
John, 1691 ; Jacob, 1693 ; David, 1695 ; Abraham, 1697; Isaac, 1699 ; 
Hannah, 1703 ; Ebenezer, 1706 ; and Eliz. 1708. Thomas, Guilford, 
br. of the preced. m. 1678, Ruth Johnson, had Ebenezer, b. 1680, d. 
young; Thomas; Mehitable; Joseph, 1688; and Abraham, 1690. This 
name, when uttered as one syl. easily bee. Dodd, in careless hands. 

DowDEN, Leonard, Boston 1679, m. Mercy, d. of William Paddy, 
d. 1682, and his wid. d. 11 Mar. 1694. 

Do WELL, James, Boston 1669, mariner. 

DowNAM, Deebman, Braintrco, by w. Eliz. had Eliz. b. 15 Jan. 
1646; and John, 15 Feb. 1648. The prenomen seems very strange; 
but such is the office copy of the rec. at Boston. John, Braintree, per- 
haps br. of the preced. by w. Dorothy had John, or, I think, Thomas, b. 
30 Sept 1 644, d. 9 Oct. foil. ; Joseph, if anybody will believe the 
official copy of rec in Boston, 30 Apr. 1645 ; John, again, 7 Mar. 1 653 ; 
Mercy, 7 Mar. 1655 ; Dorothy, wh. d. 18 Mar. 1659, only a few wks. 
old ; and again Dorothy. 

DOW 63 

DowNE, Downs, or Dowkes, Ebenezer, New Haveo, s. of John of 
the same, hl 28 Nov. 1694, Mary Umphrevile, perhaps d. of John. 
Edmund, or Edward, Boston 1667, merch. John, Boston, by w. 
Dorothy had Mary, b. 4 Mar. 1657. John, New Haven 1654, had been 
there 1648, as a senr. perhaps a minor, had John, b. 1659, d. young; 
Samuel, 1662; Mary, 1665 ; Ebenezer, 1667; Deliverance, and Eliz. 
ftw. 1669; Hannah, 1671; John, again, 1672; Daniel, 1674; Nathaniel, 
1676; and Rath, 1679. Robert, Milford 1660. Thomas, Boston, 
came in the Defence, 1635, perhaps aged 25, by w. Catharine had Re- 
becca, b. 22 Apr. 1652; and l*homas, 17 Mar. 1654; was at Dover 
1657, and there had Eliz. b. 17 Nor. 1663; and d. 21 Jan. 1697. 
Mary, k. by the Ind. at D. 26 July 1696, going from ch. was, perhaps, 
his d. Thomas, Boston 1674, mariner, s. of the preced. prob. m. Su- 
sanna, d. of Jacob Eliot, wh. d. 14 Mar. 1688. Thomas, Dover, by w. 
Martha had Gershom, b. 10 Jan. 1680; he after m. Abigail, wid. of 
John Hall, and was k. by the Ind. 1711. William, Mass. 1635. Felt. 
William, Boston 1676, m. Hannah, eldest ch. of Samuel Appleton of 
Ipswich. Six of this name had been gr. at Harv. bef. 1823. 

DowNEB, Andbew, Newbury, s. of Joseph, m. 28 Dec 1699, Susanna 
Huntington, had John, b. 22 Oct 1700 ; Mary, 22 May 1702 ; and 
Gideon, 5 Sept 1705. Joseph, Newbury, m. 9 July 1660, Mary, d. of 
John Knight, had Mary, b. 18 Mar. 1662; Joseph, 25 Mar. 1666; and 
Andrew, 25 July 1672. Joseph, Newbury, s. prob. eldest of the 
preoed. by w. Hannah had Joseph, b. 29 Sept 1693 ; John, 15 Mar. 
1695; Andrew, 14 May 1697; Samuel, 12 Apr. 1699; Richard, 11 
Feb. 1702; Hannah, 16 Feb. 1704; and Benjamin, 24 Feb. 1706. 
BoBEBT, Salisbury 1665, had some yrs. earlier been of Newbury, m. 6 
May 1675, Sarah, d. of John Eaton, had John, b. 1 Apr. 1681 ; An- 
drew, 7 Sept 1683; Samuel, 5 Apr. 1686; Joseph, 4 Mar. 1688; 
Sarah, 6 Oct 1690 ; Mary, 22 Feb. 1696 ; and Joseph, 15 May 1699. 

Downing, Benjamin, Hatfield 1679, took the o. of alleg. that yr. 
and m. the same yr. Sarah, d. perhaps eldest, of William Hunter ; may 
have been, but prob. not, s. of EmanueL Dennis, Sjttery 1650, in 
Nov. 1652 sw. alleg. to Mass. and was k. by the Lid. 4 July 1697, un- 
less the sufferer were s. of the first * Emanuel, Salem, fr6m London, 
where he was a lawyer of the Inner Temple, inhab. of the parish of 
St Michael, Comhill Ward, was, prob. s. of Rev. Emanuel, a clerg. in 
Ireland, whose letter to Archbp. Usher may be found in Parr's Life of 
that prelate, came in 1638 with his w. Lucy, d. of Adam Winthrop, Esqr. 
of Groton, in Co. Sufil where she was bapt 27 Jan. 1601, sis. of our 
first Gov. of Mass. m. 10 Apr. 1622. They were adm. of the ch. 4 
Nov. 1638, and he was sw. a freem. Mar. 1639, rep. the same yr. 40, 1, 


66 DOWNING. * 

4 and 8 ; was propos. for an Assist, in 1641, but not chos. His ch. were 
George, b. prob. in 1623, or 4, and was, perhaps, kept in sch. at home 
until his f. came ; Mary, wh. came May 1 633 with Gov. Coddington in 
the Mary and Jane, and ih Nov. of that yr. was adm. of the ch. in Bos- 
ton ; James, wh. was brot. by his uncle, the Gov. in the Arbella 1630 ; 
Susan, wh. came at the same time with Mary ; Ann ; Lucy ; and these 
foil. b. on our side of the ocean, John, bapt. 1 Mar. 1640 ; and Dorcas, 
7 Feb. 1641. He went home early in 1642, back next yr. and went 
again, in 1644, on business, but came back next yr. The date of his 
d. is not found, nor that of his w. tho. we see proof of his req. to the 
Gen. Ct. Sept. 1653 for his 600 acres to be laid out, and of her liv. 4 
Aug. 1656, when she gave to Capt. Joseph Gardner dowry on his m. 
with her d. and the same shows that her h. Emanuel was d. The 8. 
James, I think, liv. at Ipswich; Mary m. Anthony Stoddard of Boston ; 
Ann was w. of the intrepid Capt. Gardner, k. at the gr. Narraganset 
swamp fight in Philip's war, and after m. Gov. Bradstreet. There was 
a John D. wh. d. at Boston 29 Apr. 1694, but he was a merch. from 
Nevis, where was his fam. and est. George, Salem, s. of the preced. 
b. in London, was partly prepar. for coll. by Rev. John Fiske, and gr. in 
the first class H. C. 1642, went to Eng. by way of Newfoundland, 
St. Kitts, Barbados, and Nevis, and in each isl. was desir. to preach, 
but perhaps saw prospect of greater usefulness in his native land, where 
he bee. as his uncle Winth. tells, 1645, a chaplain in the regim. of Okey, 
wh. after was made one of the judges to Sign the warrant for execut. of 
Charles I. He got forward fast (possib. faster, as Okey sunk), in favor 
with Cromwell, wh. made him his resident at the Hague ; and in 1654 
unit, with " the blood of all the Howards " by m. with Frances, descend, 
thro, the sec s. from that fourth Duke of Norfolk, wh. was by Queen 
Eliz. behead, for tenderness to Mary, Queen of Scots. The Hon. 
Charles Howard, br. of Frances, was the first, of only three, by Oliver 
creat. peers of Eng. under the title of Viscount Morpeth. The infirmity 
of this honor was, soon after the restor. strengthen, by his creat. 20 Apr. 
1661, as first Earl of Carlisle, wh. title is now enjoy, by his lineal heirs. 
Previous to this dignity conferr. on the Howard stock, and even bef. his 
restor. the king had made D. a knight for his good conduct in Holland ; 
and, 1 July, 1663, he was made baronet, by the style of Sir George D. 
of Gamlingay, in Co. Cambridge, where his est. was call, the largest in 
that county. His w. d. 10 July 1683, and he d. 1684. His s. Charles 
was one of the tellers in the Exch. by indent at London 13 Sept. 1700, 
sold the est. at Salem, that was his gr.f.'s and to him from Emanuel had 
come thro. George, as in our Reg. of Essex Co. Vol. XVII. appears. 
His eldest s. Sir George m. Catharine, eldest d. of James, Earl of Salis- 

' DOWNTON. 67 

hnrjy of the illustr. house Qf Cecil, and their s. Sir George, after sit. in 
two Parliam. of Queen Anne, and the first of Geo. U. d. without issue, 
and lefl the splendid resid. devise to the Univ. of Cambr. wh. laid the 
foanda. of Downing Coll. In possess, of Dawson Turner, Esor. F. A. S. 
at Great Yarmouth, is a collect, of Downing papers, in wh. some curious 
matter may prob. exist. I had slight inspect, of them in 1842, but look. 
only at the earliest, when the N. E. youth was scout-master-gen. in 
Scotland. A despatch from Downing, of 3 Sept. 1651, that day of Wor- 
cester route, wh. Cromwell, with proper forecast, call, his crowning 
mercy, may be read in Gary's Memorials of the civ. war. Vol. II. It is 
far more perspicuous and soldier-like than that of the Command.-in-Chief. 
But the skill or valor of such a field was no longer in request, and it was 
to his fidel. probity, and diligence in other affairs that Oliver direct. John 
Milton to certify. Winth. II. 241. Hutch. I. 111. John, Charles- 
town; to his w. Joanna wh. bore him Mary, 6 Aug. 1659, d. 13 Nov. 
ML, was giv. admin, of his est. 2 Apr. 1663. John, Wells, perhaps s. 
01 Dennis, or br. had John, b. a. 1660. John, Ipswich, m. 2 Nov. 1669, 
Mehitable, d. of Richard Brabrook, had John, b. 31 Oct. 1675 ; Mar- 
garet, 7 Feb. 1679 ; and Richard, wh. d. 3 Nov. 1702. John, Braintree 
1673, was a soldier in Philip's war with Capt. Turner, in Apr. 1676, on 
Conn. riv. sett, at Hatfield, m. soon after, Mary, wid. of Thomas Meak- 
ins, jr. (wh. had been k. by the Ind. the yr. bef.) had Jonathan, b. 1677 ; 
and John, 1678; perhaps rem. from. H. Joshua, Kittery, perhaps s. 
of Dennis of the same, by w. Rebecca had Eliz. b. late in the 17th 
eentu. and perhaps others. Malcolm, Lynn, a Scotchman, m. June 
1653, Margaret Sullivan, had Mary, b. Feb. 1655 ; Hannah, 3 Apr. 
1657 ; Sarah, 1 Mar. 1659 ; Margaret, 15 Jan. 1661 ; Priscilla, 15 Mar. 
1662; Catharine, 15 Aug. 1665 ; John, 20 Nov. 1667 ; and Joanna, 26 
Feb. 1671. Richard of Ipswich, d. 3 Nov. 1702, but I kn. nothing 
more of him, exc that in 1664 (three yrs. bef. he was m.), he was 27 yrs. 
old, yet from seeing him among proprs. of Salem or Marblchead 1674, 
har. w. Mary, I venture to guess that he was a gr.-s. of Emanuel. 
Theophilcs, Salem 1642, had gr. of Id. 29 Nov. of that yr. and s. The- 
ophilus, bapt. 13 Mar. 1642 ; Ann, or Hannah, 8 Sept. 1644; and Ben- 
jamin, 17 Jan. 1647 ; in the first two instances the ch. are noted as of 
our sis. D. and in the last as of Ellen D. He is call, the fisherman, and 
nothing more is asccrt. He was of Marblehead part of the town, per- 
haps br. of Richard or of Malcolm, and may have had other ch. His w. 
may have come from some other town. William, Boston, freem. 1 690. 
DowNTON, William, Salem, freem. 1668, had John, b. two or three 
yrs. after ; was gaol-keeper 1686. William, Ipswich, perhaps s. of the 
preced. by w. Mary had William, b. 8 Apr. 1695 ; Mary, 7 Apr. 1696 ; 
and Eliz. 4 June 1698« Felt. 

68 DOWSE. 

Dowse, Benjamin, Roxbury, s. of Lawrence, m. 7 Apr. 1680, Mary 
Hewin, was freem. 1690. Eleazer, Charlestown, youngest s. of Law- 
rence, by w. Mary, d. of Daniel Edmunds, m. 21 Sept. 1693, had Jona- 
than, b. 21, bapt 24 Feb. 1695; Mary, 2 Apr. 1697; Eliz. 12 Feb. 
1699 ; and Eleazer, 11 May 1701 ; and he d. 21 Jan. 1726. He was 
gr.f. of Thomas, the munific. bencfact. of the Mass. Hist Soc. the most 
attract part of whose libr. was his donat Francis, Boston, in the 
employm. of George Burden 1640, freem. 2 June 1641, by w. Catharine 
had Eliz. bapt 17 July, a. 2 days old, says ch. rec. but that of the care- 
less town officer reads b. 20 Aug. 1642; Mary, bapt 21 Apr. 1644; 
Hannah, 7, bapt 11 Jan. 1646; Deborah, 1 Jan. 1652 ; Naomi^ 26 Oct 
1653; Lydia, 10 Mar. 1655; and Sarah, 2 June 1657. He rem. to 
Charlestown, and I kn. not the time of his d. but have noted, that his w. 
outliv. him, and d. 14 Mar. 1698. Eliz. his d. m. 16 Oct 1659, Samuel 
Miles, and aflerwards Thomas Larkin of Charlestown. John, Charles- 
town 1674, 8. of Lawrence, freem. 1676, by w. Relief, d. of John Hol- 
land of Dorchester, had John, b. 27 July 1673, d. soon ; John, again, fi 
July 1674, bapt 23 May 1675, d. young; Relief, 6, bapt. 9 Apr. 1676; 
and Nathaniel, 8 Apr. 1677, wh. d. 1 Mar. 1678; and after his d. 28 
Nov. 1677, the wid. m. 9 Mar. 1681, Timothy Foster of Dorchester. 
Jonathan, Charlestown, s. of Lawrence, m. 25 Nov. 1693, Eliz. d. of 
Samuel Ballard, had Jonathan, b. 17, bapt 22 Sept 1695, H. C. 1715 ; 
Eliz. 9 Apr. 1697, d. soon; Samuel, b. 21 Apr. 1699, d. soon; and 
Samuel, again, 21 July 1700. His w. d. 22 Jan. 1701, and he m. 3 July 
foil. Catharine Herbert, had Edward, b. Aug. 1703, d. next yr. ; Edward, 
again, 1 Mar. 1705, H. C. 1725; Catharine, 17 Mar. 1706; Joseph, 11 
Jan. 1709 ; Eliz. 13 Nov. 1710 ; and Lawrence, 5 Aug. 1712. He was 
a man of high repute, and d. 28 Jan. 1745, only s. Nathaniel, Joseph, 
and Samuel, his Excors. surv. Joseph, Charlestown, br. of the preced. 
m. 11 July 1678, Mary, d. of John George, had Joseph, bapt 17 July 
1681 ; Lawrence, b. 13, bapt 16 July 1682 ; Margery, b. 22 Feb. 1686; 
•Mary, 6 Feb. 1688; Eliz. 23 Aug. 1691; and Alice, 7 Jan. 1694. 
Lawrence, Boston, carpenter, by w. Martha, wh. d. at Charlestown, 
Oct 1644, had Samuel, b. 1642, and John, b. Oct 1644, d. next yr.; 
both bapt 23 Mar. 1645, Samuel, call. a. 2 yrs. and 14 wks.; John, a. 
22 wks. ; m. at Charlestown, Margery, d. of Robert Rand, had Eliz. b. 
at Boston 15 Mar. 1647; others at C. John, 1650; Mary; Joseph, 
1654 ; Benjamin, 4 July 1656, d. young ; Benjamin, again, 3 Dec 1658 ; 
Nathaniel, wh. d. 4 Nov. 1658 ; Nathaniel, again; Jonathan; Sarah, 26 
July 1663 ; and Eleazer, 25, bapt 31 Jan. 1669. He d. 14 Mar. 1692, 
a. 78 yrs. and his wid. d. 12 Apr. 1714, in her 90th yr. Lodowick, 
Sherborn, had Mary, b. 8 Sept 1683; Stephen, 4 Mar. 1686 ; Martha, 

DOX— DRA 69 

18 July 1688 ; and Samuel, 29 Apr. 1695. Nathaniel, Chai^lestown, 
8. of Lawrence, m. 7 Sept 1685, Dorothj, d. of John Edmunds, had 
Hannah, b. 13 June 1686, d. soon ; Nathaniel, 30 Jan. bapt. 19 Feb. 
1688; Hannah, again, 13, bapt 19 Jan. 1690; Dorothy, 1, bapt 3 May 
1691 ; John, 13, bapt 17 Sept 1693; Benjamin, 22, bapt 27 Oct 1695; 
Eliz. bapt 9 Mar. 1701 ; and Sarah, b. 30 Nov. 1704. He was a capt 
and d. 23 Aug. 1719, aged 61. Samuel, Cbarlestown, s. of Lawrence, 
freem. 1674, had first w« Hannah, d. of Aaron Ludkin, m. 8 Aug. 1670, 
bringing him Samuel, b. 11, bapt 14 May 1676, and she d. 12 days 
i^er; the ch. d. 5 days bef. ; and m. 7 Mar. 1677, sec. w. Faith, d. of 
Maximilian Jewett of Rowley, by wh. he had Ann, b. 19 Dec 1677; 
Samuel, again, 19 Nov. 1679, bapt 16 May 1680; John, 10, bapt 13 
Nov. 1681 ; Martha, b. 10, bapt 18 Nov. 1683 ; Mary, b. 17 Apr. 1686 ; 
Maximilian, 14 Oct 1688; Sarah, 19 Mar. 1691; and Ebenezer, 4, 
bapt 10 Sept 1693. Samuel, Portsmouth, N. H. or its neighb. m. 1 
Mar. 1689, Sarah Berry of Newcastle, perhaps d. of the first William* 
had Joanna, b. the next day; Samuel, 4 Oct 1690 ; John, 8 Feb. 1693 ; 
Ann, 16 Feb. 1695; Solomon, 3 Jan. 1697; Susannah, 6 Nov. 1699; 
and ano. whether s. or d. can hardly be conject from the name giv. to it 
in Geneal. Reg. VIL 119. 

Doxy, Thomas, New London 1650, by w. Catharine had Thomas, 
and perhaps other ch. but d. 1652, one of the earliest in the planta. 
His wid. m. Daniel Lane, and the fam. rem. to L. L 
* Doyle, Robert, perhaps of Lancaster, m. 30 Nov. 1680, Joanna, d. 
of John Farrar of the same. 

Drake, Abraham, Exeter, s. of Robert, b. in Devonsh. £ng. perhaps 
a. 1620, rem. with his f. to Hampton, by w. Jane wh. d. 25 Jan. 1676, 
had Susanna; Abraham, b. 29 Dec. 1654; Sarah, 20 Aug. 1656, prob. 
d. young, bef. May 1663 ; Mary, 25 Mar. 1658; £liz. 11 July 1660; 
Hannah, 14 Oct 1662 ; and Robert, 27 Sept 1664; and at 84 yrs. was 
liv. 1712 ; had been a valua. man in town affairs, and in 1673 was made 
marshal of the old Co. of Norfolk. Susanna was sec. w. of Capt An- 
thony Brackett of Falmouth ; and next m. 30 Oct 1700, John Taylor of 
Hampton ; and Eliz. m. Thomas Beadle of Salem. Abraham, Hamp- 
ton, s. of the preced. by w. Sarah bad Sarah, b. 7 Nov. 1686; Abraham, 
1689 ; Jane, 1691 ; Mary, 1693 ; and Nathaniel, 7 May 1695 ; was select- 
man, had good est. and d. June 1714. Enoch, Windsor, s. of sec. John, 
m. 11 Nov. 1680, Sarah, d. of John Porter, had Sarah, b. 31 May 1681 ; 
Enoch, 1683; Nathaniel, 1685; Samuel, 1688, d. young; and Hannah, 
1695. He d. 21 Aug. 1698. Francis, Portsmouth 1661, was of gr. 
jury 1663, a surveyor, perhaps rem. to N. J. soon after. Jacob, Wind- 
sor, 8. of John, b. prob. in Eng. m. 12 Apr. 1649, Mary, d. of John 

70 DRAliE. 

Bissell, had no ch. d. 6 Aug. 1689. His mo. liv. a wid. 22 yrs. and d. 7 
Oct 1681, aged 100. Job, Windsor, s. of John, b. in Eng. m. 25 June 
1646, Mary, d. of first Henry Wolcott, had Abigail, b. 28 Sept. 1648; 
Mary, 12 Dec. 1649; Job, bapt. 28 Mar. 1652 ; EHz. b. 14 Nov. 1654; 
Joseph, 16 Apr. 1657, d. at 7 yrs. ; Hepzibah, 11 July 1659; and 
Esther, 10 Oct 1662 ; and d. 18 Sept 1689. Abigail m. 28 Aug. 1668, 
Israel Dewey; and Esther m. 16 Aug. 1681, Thomas Griswold. Job, 
Windsor, s. of the preced. m. 13 Sept 1677, Eliz. wid. prob. of Moses 
Cooke, d. of Daniel Clark, had Job, b. 26 Oct 1678 ; and JVlary, 29 Apr. 
1680. Job, Westfield, s. of sec. John, m. 20 Mar. 1672, Eliz. Alvord, 
bad Jonathan, b. 4 Jan. 1673 ; and Eliz. 4 Nov. 1675; perhaps more, 
certain. Sarah. John, Dorchester, or Boston, came in the fleet with 
Winth. prob. as we find his req. 19 Oct. 1630 to be made freem. yet his 
adm. is not found, and he rem. from our col. perhaps as a purch. of 
Taunton 1639 [Baylies, I. 286], and not long after to Windsor, and 
there, by a cartwheel running over him, was k. 17 Aug. 1659, leav. s. 
Jacob and Job, bef. ment and John, beside one, if not more, d. His 
wid. d. 7 Oct 1681, but we may hesitate at the rec. story of her hun- 
dredth yr. yet agree to the main truth of her being call. " old wid. D." 
John, Windsor, s. of the preced. b. in Eng. m. 30 Nov. 1648, Hannah, 
d. of John Moore, had John, b. 14 Sept 1649 ; Job, 15 June 1651 ; 
Hannah, 8 Aug. 1653; Enoch, 8 Dec. 1655; Ruth, 1 Dec. 1657; 
Simon, 28 Oct 1659 ; Lydia, 26 Jan. 1662; Eliz. 22 July 1664; Mary, 
29 Jan. 1667 ; Mindwell, 10 Nov. 1671 ; and Joseph, 26 June 1674. 
Lydia m. 10 Apr. 1681, Joseph Loomis. He d. 1689, as did both of 
his brs. and some of their fam. John, Weymouth, s. of Thomas, by w. 
Sarah had Prudence, b. 9 Nov. 1688; and John, 20 Sept 1694. Jo- 
SEPh, Weymouth, s. of Thomas, freem. 1691, by w. Elishama had Jane, 
b. 4 Sept. 1687. Nathaniel, Hampton 1653, eldest s. of Robert, b. in 
Devonsh. a. 1612, had two ds. ment in the gr.f.'s will as Rachel and 
Jane; rem. to Portsmouth, was of gr. jury in 1656, m. for sec. w. Jane, 
wid. of William Berry, was selectman 1691, but his d. is not kn. His 
d. Jane m. 15 Dec. 1673, William Wallace. Robert, Exeter, without 
any exact date, came from Devonsh. where he was b. 1580, rem. to 
Hampton, in 1654 was selectman, d. 14 Jan. 1668. His will of 5 May 
1663, pro. 11 Apr. 1668, names only s. Nathaniel and Abraham, bef. 
ment wh. prob. he had brot. from Eng. men of full age, and d. Susanna 
with her maiden name, the two ds. of Nathaniel by names, and Susanna, 
Mary, Eliz. and Hannah, the ch. of Abraham. Robert, Hampton, s« 
of Abraham, m. 19 Oct. 1716, Sarah Knowles, both of sober yrs. had 
Robert, bapt 2 Aug. 1719 ; and Hannah, 28 Apr. 1723 ; and d. 6 Feb. 
1743. His w. d. 8 June 1742, aged 64. ♦ Samuel, Fairfield 1650, rep. 

DBA 71 

1662, rem. to East Chester 1665, had John, Samuel, and Joseph, and 
four ds. all nam. beside w. Ann, in his will, made 30 May 1686, pro. 
next mo. when all the ds. exc. Mary were m. Joseph had s. Joseph. 
Saxuel, Fairfield, s. of the preced. had from his f. 1677 the est in F. 
w. Both, but no eh. made his will 12 Dec 1691, and his inv. is ret 
two mos. after. Tbomas, Wejmoath, bj w. Jane had John, b. 12 Mar. 
1659; William, 30 May 1661; Joseph, 28 Oct 1663; Amy, 3 Feb. 
1666 ; and Benjamin, 15 Jan. 1677. I think he m. 9 Mar. 1681, Melli- 
cent, wid. of John Carver, d. of WiUiain Ford. Perhaps he was of 
Dorchester 1640. William, Weymouth, s. of Thomas, by w. Sarah 
had Sarah, b. May 1687 ; Abigail, 4 Apr. 1689 ; Jaipes, 7 May 1691 ; 
and William, 20 July 1695. A wid. Joan D. was adm. of the ch. of 
Boston 3 Aug. 1634, the same day with Gov. Bellingham and his w* 
but of her I kn. no more. 

D&AKELBT, BoBEBT, Woodbuiy, 8. of Thomas, the first of the same^ 
m. 4 July 1751, says Cothren, Mary Warner, whose f. is not ment and 
he d. 1 July 1784. Thohas, Woodbury 1682, had come from Stratford, 
m. says Cothren, Lydia Brooks of New Haven, whose f. is not nam. had 
Ann, b. May 1697; Thomas, May 1704; Bobert, July 1709; Mary, 
July 1709 ; and WUliam, July 1714, wh. d. unm. 11 July 1769 ; and d. 
5 Apr. 1734, aged 77. He was, perhaps, b. in £ng. for the surname is 
not early heard of in our country ; and his wid. d. 4 Dec 1 762. Thohas, 
Woodbuiy, eldest s. of the preced. m. Eunice Hickok, d. prob. of Joseph, 
had, as Cothren tells, Lydia, b. 12 Jan. 1730; Mercy, 20 May 1733 ; 
Comfort, 5 Apr. 1737 ; Eunice, 17 July 1739 ; Samuel, 18 May 1745 ; 
and Beatrice, if such be the decent name, giv. prob. from the rec. 
Betteras, by Cothren, 18 Nov. 1749 ; and he liv. to 1789. 

Drapeb, Jakes, Dedham 1683, may be the same wh. was a propr. 
of Lancaster 1654, and wh. was of Boxbury, freem. 1690, and d. 
13 July 1697, aged a. 73, says the inscript on gr.ston6 wh. in Gen- 
eaL Beg. VIL 331 has erron. date. James, Boxbury, perhaps &• 
of the preced. had Patience, b. 17 Aug. 1668 ; Jonathan, 10 Mar. 
1670; his w. prob. d. or ano. James m. 18 Feb. 1681, Abigail 
Whiting, had Abigail, b. 29 Dec 1681; perhaps Nathaniel, 2 Apr. 
1684; Eunice, 5 Jan. 1689; and Ebenezer, 27 Apr. 1698; d. in 44th 
yr. 30 Apr. 1698. His wid. d. 25 Oct 1721. Patience m. 13 
Mar. 1689, or 90, Ebenezer Cass. James, Boxbury, by w. Eliz. had 
William, b. 15 May 1686. Moses, Boxbury, perhaps br. of the 
preced. m. 7 July 1685, Hannah, d. of John Chandler, wh. d. 9 June 
1692, had Hannah, b. 8 Apr. 1686 ; Eliz. 1687, d. 5 Nov. ; and Eliz. 
again, 17 Nov. 1688. He soon had sec w. Mary, and rem. to Boston, 
had Moses, bapt 17 Sept 1693 at sec ch. Nathaniel, DamHris 

72 DRA— DBE 

cove 1651. Nicholas, Salem 1637. Richabd, Boston, freenu 1690. 
Roger, Concord, freem. 14 Mar. 1639, had Adam, and Lydia; the 
latter b. 11 Nov. 1641, m. John Law. In the custom ho. rec. sent from 
Ipswich to London of passeng. in the Francis, thence to Boston 1634, 
appears as one with the strange name, Clear Drap, aged 30, of wh. we 
may safely judge the surname abbreviat. for Draper, but the name of 
bapt. is beyond conject Of this name six had been, in 1834, gr. at 
Harv. and four at the other N. E. coll. 

Draw WATER, Thohas, New Haven 1668, fin. for drinking unduly. 

Drayton, Henrt, Marshfield, able to bear arms 1643. John, Maine 
1642. Farmer. 

Dreckan, Nicholas, came to Salem 1660. Felt 

Dresser, John, Rowley 1643, by w. Mary had Mary, b. 24 Apr. 1643, 
wh. d. at 17 yrs.; Samuel, 10 Feb. 1644; Jonathan, 8 Jan. 1647, d. 
young; beside Eliz. Dec. 1656; and Mary, again, 24 July 1667; was 
a lieut. and d. 1672. Eliz. m. 11 June 1680, John Hopkinson ; and 
Mary m. 4 Dec 1696, Daniel Foster. * John, Rowley, possib. s. of the 
preced. and b. in Eng. call. jr. m. 21 Nov. 1662, Martha Thorla, perhaps 
d. of Richard, had John, b. 4 Dec 1663 ; Martha, 1 Aug. 1671 ; Jona* 
than, Jan. 1674; Sarah, 27 Apr. 1678; Richard, 29 June 1679; Na- 
thaniel, 27 Aug. 1681; Lydia, 17 July 1684, d. young; and Eliz. 14 
Feb. 1086 or 7; was freem. 1684, rep. 1691, and some yrs. after. 
Samuel, Salem 1638. Samuel, Rowley, s. of first John, m. 9 Dec 
1668, Mary, d. prob. of Thomas Leaver, had Samuel, b. 23 Aug. 1673 $ 
John, 1 Apr. 1676 ; Thomas, 21 May 1679, d. young; Joseph, 17 Mar* 
1682; Thomas, again, 4 Apr. 1685; Jeremiah, 30 June 1687; Ben- 
jamin, 23 Sept. 1689 ; and Henry, 24 Apr. 1692 ; and d. 8 Dec 1704. 

Drew, Francis, Dover, s. of William, k. by the Ind. with a s. of 9 
yrs. 1694, when his garris. ho. was destr. Jambs, Portsmouth 1667, 
John, Plymouth, by w. Hannah had Eliz. b. 5 Feb. 1674 ; John, 1676) 
Samuel, 1678; Thomas, 1681; Nicholas, 1684; and Lemuel, 1687. 
Robert, Boston, m. with prefix of respect, 6 Nov. 1656, by €rov. Endi- 
cott, to Jemima, d. of John Clark. Rosehund, Rozbury, if my copy 
from the rec. be trustworthy, m. 18 Feb. 1 678, Mary Druce, d. of Vincent, 
had Rosemond, a s. bapt at Roxbury, 12 Jan. 1679, tho. in his Hist of 
Newton, Jackson, 268, perverts the name from the to Erasanan. 
He enlarges our knowledge of three other ch. Jonathan d. 1700, aged 
19; Ebenczer d. 1715, aged 25; and Abigail 1717, aged 27. He 
says the eldest b. d. 1700, and their mo. d. 1719, in her 70th yr. 
Thomas, Dover, perhaps s. or br. of William, in that part on Oyster 
riv. now Durham, had a garris. ho. in 1694, where he was k. by the Lid. 
after surrender, and a s. of 9 yrs. was k. in a frightful way. Possib. 

DRI 73 

diis may have been the tragedy of Francis. Tradit. raises many doubts. 
Thomas, prob. ano. s. with a young w. were tak. at same time and car. 
to Canada. Belkn. L 138. 141. William, Dover 1648, d. a. 1669, 
leav. w. Eliz. wh. m. 20 July 1671, William Follet. He had Francis, 
b. 1648 ; John, 1651 ; perhaps James, and William. Early in the 
eighteenth centu. there were at Newton, Jonathan, Ebenezer, and one or 
more othera of this name, all young, but I have not learn, their derivat. 

Drinker, Edward, Charlestown, s. of Philip, b. in Eng. came with 
his f. was a potter, constable 1652, rem. to Boston, and was one of the 
found, of the first Bapt. ch. in Boston 1665, yet a lieut in Philip's war, 
of Capt Turner's comp. tho. in his Hist, of the Baptists, Backus shows 
that the bigotry of the day refus. him, as unworthy of such command in 
the first yr. of the war. He preach, in 1678 to the humble oongregat. 
in Boston, and d. 1700. His w. Hannah d. 14 May 1693 ; and he m. 6 
Mar. foil. Mary Emmons. In his will, made 1696, names no ch. but 
ment w. Maiy, br. John, and niece Mary, w. of Benjamin Emmons ; to 
the - two former leav. est for life, and remainder to niece. John, 
Charlestown, br. of the preced. b. in Eng. came with his f. by w. Eliz. 
had John, b. 31 Mar. 1653 ; EUz. 28 Aug. 1654; Mary, 16 Oct 1655 ; 
Sarah, 4 Feb. 1657 ; Philip, 28 May 1659 ; and ch. not nam. 24 Sept 
1662 ; possib. he rem. in later days, but so late as 1696 was ment in 
his bro.'s wilL Perhaps he was gr.f. of that John, sometimes call. Ed- 
ward, b. in a log cabin on what is now Walnut str. comer of Second, 
Philadelphia, 24 Dec. 1680, some mos. bef. Penn*s charter, and d. 17, or 
as the ch. rec. says 18 Nov. 1782, of course, allow, for change of style, 
101 yrs. 10 mos. and 14 or 15 days old, whose age is by Dr. Rush and 
others fondly stretch, to 103. He had eighteen ch. by first w. and none 
by three other ws. sometimes sat at his table with 14 ch. says tradit 
and not long bef. his d. heard of one of his hav. a See 
Watson's Ann. of Philad. Philip, Charlestown 1635, came in the Abi- 
gail, that yr. aged 39, with w. Eliz. 32 ; Edward, 13 ; and John, 8 ; freem. 
17 May 1637, kept the first ferry over Mistick 1640, d. 23 June 1647, in 
his will, two days bef. makes ment. of no other relat. than w. and those 
two 8. 

Driscoll, Florence, Windsor, or Wethersfield, d. 1 678, prob. unm. 

Driver, John, Lynn, s. perhaps of first Robert, by w. Eliz. wh. d. 
26 May 1674, had John, b. 23, d. 31 of the same mo.; and by sec. w. 
had John, again, b. 16 May 1678 ; and Eleazer, Aug. 1680, d. same mo. 
BiCHARD, Lynn, perhaps br. of the preced. m. 6 Jan. 1664^ Sarah Sal- 
mon. Robert, Lynn, 1630, freem. 6 May 1635, d. says Lewis, 3 Apr. 
1680, aged 87. His w. d. Feb. 1683. His s. Robert, wh. came in 
the Abigail 1635, aged 8, Uv. at Lynn, had Sarah, wh..d. 5. Feb. 1667 ; 

VOL. II. 7 

74 DRO — DRU 

Ruth, b. 4 Oct 1667 ; Salmon, 1 Aug. 1670 ; and John, 2 Dec 1673 ; was 
hang, for murder 18 Mar. 1675, as relat. bj Mather, YL 39. Lewis. Wil- 
liam, Salem 1687, d. 1691, leav. w. Mary. Felt 

Drowne, Leonard, Kittery, shipwright, m. Eliz. Abbot, perhaps d. 
of Richard of Portsmouth, had Solomon, b. 23 Jan. 1682 ; Samuel, 
Simeon, Shem, Susanna, wh. m. as is said, John Johnson of Boston, and 
Marj, wh. m. as is said, James Kettle of Charlestown. Little is to be 
glean, exact, on priv. life of most in that country in that age, when liable 
to be driv. from his home, as was D. for yrs. after being one of the found, 
of thQ first Bapt ch. in Maine 1682. He had practis. his trade at Bos- 
ton a doz. yrs. when his w. d. 1704 ; and by sec. w. had no ch. He d. 31 
'Oct 1729, aged 83. See Greenleaf, 241. Shem, Boston, s. of Leonard 
of the same, had, it is erron. said, m. a d. of Richard Russell, nam. 
Catharine, as is further said, and thro, her deriv. title to the gr. of 
Eastern Ids. made to Aldworth and Elbridge from Sir F. Gorges bef. 
Boston was sett. See Drake, 615, wh. got his inform, through poor 
source, in this matter. He d. 13 Jan. 1774 ; and had d. Sarah, wh. m. 
Rev. Jeremiah Condy of Boston. Rev. Samuel, b. at Bristol, R. L 
was min. of 3d Congr. ch. Portsmouth, N. H. his br. Solomon was, 
1773, an Assist of R. I. ; and one Nathaniel P. a physician, wh. d. at 
Boston 9 Feb. 1771, in his 26th yr. had been gr. H. C. 1764. Solo- 
mon, Bristol, br. of the preced. m. 8 Nov. 1705, and had eleven ch. 
Solomon, b. 4 Oct 1706; Esther, 26 Oct 1708; Eliz. 8 Sept 1710; 
Joseph, 8 Feb. 1712; Bathshcba, 10 June 1715; Benjamin, 9 June 
1717; Mary, 7 June 1719; Samuel, 31 July 1721 ; Sarah, 23 July 1723 ; 
Jonathan, 29 July 1725 ; and Shem, 13 June 1728. He d. 9 Oct 1730, 
and his wid. (whose name of bapt. or fam. we see not) d. 26 July 1744. 
Druce, John, Cambridge vill. now Newton, s. of Vincent, had by w. 
Mary, bapt at Roxbury, 13 Sept 1674, John (b. 25 Feb. 1669), and 
Mary, and Hannah, a fortnight later; was mort wound. 1 July 1675 in 
Capt Prentice's troop on the morning march from Rchoboth to Swanzey^ 
brot home, and d. next day. Apostle Eliot in ch. rec. writes, ^he 
-acquit, hims. valiant." His nuncup. will, pro. by oath of Joseph Dudley, 
16 Aug. foil, is in our Vol. VI. Vincent, Hingham 1637, freem. 1645, 
as Mr. Paige conject when the name is writ. Vincent Ruth, as perhaps 
his utterance was indistinct, and the elk. wh. enrol, judg. by sound. I 
concur in this astute conject for two reasons ; (beside the strangeness of 
such a surname) Vincent is exceeding, rare as bapt name ; — and the 
next above and below him in the Rec. list, was a Hingham man ; rem. 
bef. 1652 to Cambridge, liv. on S. side of the riv. now Newton, had sh. in 
the div. for Cambridge people of Shawsheen Ids. and in that rec his 
name is Druse, as also in Roxbury rec. His ch. were Vincent ; John, 

DRU — DUD 75 

be£ ment ; Mary, wh. m. 18 Feb. 1678, Rosamond Drew ; and in his 
will of 29 Nov. 1677, he provides for the ch. of s. John, makes their 
mo. and his s.-in-law Rozman Drew Excors. Vincent, Cambridge vill. 
8. of the preced. by w. Eliz. had John, b. 25 Feb. 1668; Mehitable, 26 
Sept 1670; Mary, 9 Aug. 1672; and Deliverance, 15 Mar. 1674; d. 
1683, or bef. June 1684, when his will was pro. leav. wid. Eliz. Beside 
these four ch. wh. are nam. in the will, he had Vincent 

Dbumer, Samuel, Lynn, d. 30 Nov. 1676, as Felt, in Geneal. Reg. 
V. 96, shows ; but his name was not bef. ever heard, I think. 

Dbukmond, John, Boston, m. 27 Nov. 1661, wid. Lydia Hallet; 
bat any thing more is not kn. 

Dbubt, Geobge, came in the Abigail, 1635, aged 19. Q Hugh, Bos- 
ton 1640, carpenter, freem. 1654, constable 1655 and 6, ar. co. 1659, 
liv. some yrs. at Sudbury, there by w. Lydia, wh. join, our ch. 12 Mar. 
1648, and d. 1675, had John, b. 2 May 1646; and Thomas; m. 1676, 
sec w. Mary, wid. of Edward Fletcher, and d. 1 689. John, Boston, 1 672, 
freem. 1673, carpenter, s. of the preced. by w. Mary had Thomas and 
John, and d. 1678. * Thomas, Sudbury, br. of the preced. m. 15 Dec 
1687, Rachel, d. of Henry Rice, had Caleb, b. 5 Oct. 1688 ; Thomas, 
29 Aug. 1690; John; Mary; Rachel; Lydia; Eliz. 22 June 1701; 
Micah, 2 May 1704 ; and Uriah, 17 Jan. 1707 ; was the first rep. of 
Framingham 1701, selectman, and town elk. many yrs. His will was 
pro. 11 Nov. 1723. 

Duckworth, Charles, a soldier in Philip's war, of Turner's comp. 
left at Quaboag, Mar. 1676. 

DuDBRiDGB, William, Gloucester, had grs. of Id. 1645 and 9. 

Dudley, Btlet, Exeter, s. of the first Samuel, m. 25 Oct. 1682, 
Eliz. Gilman, d. of Moses, had no ch. and d. 1728. Francis, Concord, 
m. 26 Oct 1665, Sarah Wheeler, had Mary, Joseph, Samuel, Sarah, 
John, and Francis. Hugh, Springfield, in the employ m. of William 
Pynchon, m, 1656, Mary, d. perhaps of wid. Eliz. Copley, sold out his 
prop, and rem. James, Exeter, s. of the first Samuel, merch. m. Eliz. 
Leavitt, d. of Samuel, and d. 14 Nov. 1720. His wid. m. 8 Oct. 1724, 
Robert Briscoe; and next, 22 Sept. 1730, Rev. John Odlin, both of 
Exeter. John, Charlestown 1658, was a witness 30 Mar. 1671, then 
calL 55 yrs. old. He may have m. Hannah, d. of John Poulter, and as 
Shattuck says, liv. at Concord, yet the age would be discord, with such 
soppos. but cannot be the man wh. was at Guilford 1673, m. that yr. 
Martha French, had John, b. 1675 ; Mary, 14 May 1678 ; Nathaniel, 10 
Feb. 1680; Ebenezer, 27 Feb. 1682; Mercy, 1684; Jonathan, 1686; 
Eliz. 1 Oct. 1688; and Naomi, Oct. 1690, in wh. yr. he d. all the ch. 
then liv. His name was early writ. Deadly ; and he seems not connect. 


with other D/s at G. § { * | Joseph, Roxbury, s. of Grov. Thomas, 
freera. 1672, rep. 1673-5, ar. co. 1677, an Assist. 1676 to 85, made 
Presid. of the Cols, of Mass. and N. H. 1686, had visit. Eng. in 

1682, was of Andros's counc. and made Ch. Just, of an unconstita- 
tional Sup. Court ; after being long impris. here, on the Revo, went in 
1689 to Eng. and was Dep. Gov. of the Isle of Wight under Lord Cutts, 
as Hutch. II. 86 shows, 8 yrs. and came home 1702, with commiss. as 
Gov. in wh. place he serv. until Nov. 1715, d. 2 Apr. 1720. Of the 
ch&ract of so disting. a politician the lineaments will borrow colors from 
the artist's pencil; yet that of Hutch. II. 213, 214, shows an honorab. 
impartiality, especially when we reflect how he must have kn. the 
envenom, hatred of his relat. the Mathers. Something darker is the 
portrait in Bancroft, III. 100, but he may have mistak. the secret feel- 
ings of Dudley's heart, and fell into wonderful error, when he closed the 
relation with that sad retribut. ^^ His grave is among strangers^^ for all 
Roxbury could testify that his final resting place is close to that of his f. 
and that he was bur. in his native town, where he passed the last eighteen 
yrs. of his life. In later editions the historian struck out that clause of 
malediction. His will of 27 Oct. 1719, ment. only two s. and bequeathes 
" his body to be bur. with his f." His w. Rebecca, d. of Edward Tyng, 
had Thomas, b. 26 Feb. 1670, bapt next day, H. C. 1685, d. young; 
Edward, 4 Sept. 1671 ; Joseph, 8, bapt. 9 Nov. 1673 ; Paul, 3, bapt 5 
Sept. 1675, II. C. 1690 (a much disting. man, Ch. Just of the Prov. 
F. R. S. m. 15 Sept. 1703, Lucy Wainwright), and d. 21 Jan. 1751 ; 

•Samuel, 7 Sept 1677 ; John, 28 Feb. bapt 2 Mar. 1679; Rebecca, 16, 
bapt 22 May 1681, m. 15 Sept 1702, Samuel Sewall ; Catharine, 7 Jan. 

1683, d. same day; Ann, 27, bapt 31 Aug. 1684, m. 16 Dec 1707, 
John Winthrop; William, 20, bapt 24 Oct 1686, H. C. 1704 (a man of 
emin. speaker of the ho. mem. of his majesty's counc. f. of Thomas, H. C. 
1750, and of Joseph, H. C. 1751); Daniel, 4 Feb. 1689; Catharine, 
again, 5 Jan. 1690, wh. m. 20 Apr. 1714, William Dummer; and 
Mary, 2 Nov. 1692, wh. m. 1 Jan. 1713, Francis Wainwright, and next, 
Joseph Atkins, and d. 19 Nov. 1774; and the wid. of the Gov. d. 21 
Sept 1722, aged 71. One of the most curious combinat. in N. E. Hist, 
is detail, in his corresp. with Incr. and Cotton Mather, 1708, for wh. see 
1 Mass. Hist. Coll. III. 126-137. Both of the rev. casuists display 
much shrewdness and more malignity. Joseph, Guilford, s. of William, 
of the same, m. 6 Oct. 1670, Ann, d. of Thomas Robinson, had Joseph, 
and Benjamin, tw. b. 17 June 1671; Caleb, 1673; Joshua, 17 Dec 
1674; Miles, 17 Dec 1676 ; William ; Mary, wh. m. Joseph Wright of 
Colchester ; Mercy, wh. m. Joseph Bartlett of Northampton ; and Ann ; 
and d. 3 June 1712. || Paul, Boston, merch. youngest s. of Gov. Thomas, 


ar. oo. 1677, m. Mary, d. of Gov. Leverett, had Paul, b. 4, bapt. 14 
Mar. 1678, wh. prob. d. jroung; and Thomas, bapt 2 May 1680, beside, 
perhaps, a posthum. ch. provid. for m his will, that was b. 26 Apr. 1682, 
and four days after bapt Paul, at WiUard's ch. He was Collector of the 
customs under the CoL ordin. and d. 1 Dec 1681. His wid. m. Penn 
Townsend, as 2d w. * SamvsLj Exeter, eldest br. of the preoed. b. not, 
perhaps, at Northampton in Eng. a. 1610, as often said, came with his f. in 
1630, was lient in 1631, freero. 7 Oct 1640, m. 1632 or 3, Mary, d. of 
first Gov. Winth. had in Boston prob. Thomas, bapt 9 Mar. 1634, H. C. 
1651 ; John, 28 Jane 1635; Mai^garet, at Cambridge, d. young; Samuel 
at Boston, b. 2, bapt. 11 Aug. 1639, d. within four years; and at Salis- 
bury, Ann, b. 16 Oct 1641, wh. m. Edward Hilton of Exeter. His w. 
d. 12 Apr. 1643, but he soon m. ano. Mary, wh. is by Mr. Dean Dudley 
with much prob. oonject to have been sis. of Henry Byley, had Theophi- 
lus, 31 Oct 1644 ; Mary, 21 Apr. 1646, d. soon; Byley, 27 Sept 1647 ; 
Mary, again, 6 Jan. 1650; and Thomas, again ; and by third w. Eliz. 
had Eliz. b. 1652; Stephen; James, b. 1663; Timothy; Abigail; 
Dorothy ; Rebecca ; and Samuel ; but we kn. not their respective dates. 
He was rep. for Salisbury 1 644, had some desire to go to New London ; 
but was some yrs. at Hampton, and finally bee the min. at E. and d. 10 
Feb. 1684. Mary m. Samuel Hardy of Beverly ; Abigail m. a Watson ; 
Dorothy m. 26 Oct 1681, Moses Leavitt; Rebecca m. 21 Nov. 1681, 
Francis Lyford; and Eliz. m. 25 Sept 1674, Kinsley Hall. Samuel, 
Exeter, perhaps youngest ch. of the preced. by w. Hannah had Samuel ; 
Jonathan; Mary; Joanna; Eliz. b. 9 Feb. 1714; Sarah, 9 Apr. 1716; 
and Mary; aud he d. 1732. Strphbn, Exeter, s. of the first Samuel, 
m. 24 Dec. 1 684, Sarah, d. of John Oilman ; sec w. Mary Thing, per* 
haps d. of Jonathan ; and third w. Mercy Oilman, perhaps d. of John ; 
and it is said had seven s. four ds. and d. 1734. His ch. all by first w. 
were Samuel, b. 19 Dec. 16^6; Stephen, 10 Mar. 1688; James, 11 
June 1690 ; John, 4 Oct 1692, k. by the Ind. 1710 ; Nicholas, 27 Aug. 
1694 ; Joanna, 3 May 1697 ; Treworthy, 1700 ; Joseph, 1702 ; Sarah, 
15 Jan. 1706 ; Abigail ; and Eliz. Theopbilus, Exeter, s. of the 
first Samuel, eldest by the sec w. was never m. but was a judge 
firom 1707 to 1713. § 1 1 Thomas, Roxbury, third Gov. of Mass. Bay, 
and sec tit it, ace the Royal chart was s. of Capt Roger, it is said, b. 
at Northampton, Eng. 1576 ; having leave from Queen EHz. to volun- 
teer, he serv. under Henry lY. of France, says a reputab. tradit. at 
the siege of Amiens, liv. after at Northampton, but by Isaac Johnson^ 
wh. names him one of the Excors. of his will, is call, of Clipsham, Co^ 
Rutland. He came over 1630, prob. in the Arbella, as dep, gov. was 
early at Newtown, or Cambridge, and a short time at Ipswich, had a mill 


78 DUD 

at Watertown, at last fix. at R. was an Assist 1635, and some later yrs. 
but dep. gov. 13 jrs. Gov. 1634, 40, 5, and 50, and d. 31 July 1653, aged 
76, was bur. 6 Aug. His w. Dorothy d. 27 Dec. 1643, aged 61, and he 
m. 1 4 Apr. foil. Catharine, wid. of Samuel Hackbume, whose maiden 
name was Dighton, and wh. m. 8 Nov. 1653, Rev. John Allin of Dedbam. 
The ch. of both ws. were, perhaps, Thomas, bred at Emanuel Coll. Cam- 
bridge, where he had his degrees 1626, and 1630, but certain, he came 
not to our country bef. 1636, if at all ; yet that he did come, may be 
argu. from the strange add. of sen. to the name of the f. at his elect as 
Dep. Gov. 17 May 1637, for the first time, while from the omission of 
the epith. at all subseq. ment. of him, one will infer, that the s. d. within 
that yr.; Samuel, bef. ment. ; Ann, b. a. 1612, m. bef. leav. Eng. Simon 
Bradstreet, the Gov. after, wh. was a lady of literary powers, and d. 16 
Sept. 1 672 ; Patience m. maj.-gen. Daniel Denison ; Sarah, bapt at 
Sempringham in Lincolnsh. 23 July 1620, m. 6 Sept 1648, maj. Benja- 
min Keayne of Boston, and afler his repudiat of her, one Pacy (I sup- 
pose, only for convenience), d. 3 Nov. 1659, when her est as by inv. sw. 
by Capt James Johnson, less than £10, was by the Court giv. to her d. 
Ann K.; Mercy, b. 27 Sept 1621, m. Rev. John Woodbridge, d. 1 July 
1691 ; these all b. prob. in Eng. by the first w. and Deborah, 27 Feb. bapt 
2 Mar. 1645, wh. m. Jonathan Wade of Medford; Joseph, 23, bapt 26 
Sept. 1647, H. C. 1665; and Paul, bapt 8 Sept 1650, both bef. ment 
by sec. w. Thomas, Exeter, eldest s. of Samuel, was tutor at the ColL 
for a short time, d. unm. ; in his will wh. was pro. 7 Nov. 1655 refers to 
few matters. It is in Geneal. Reg. Y. 444. Thomas, s. of Samuel by 
his sec w. sw. alleg. at Hampton 1678, had w. Mary, d. 1713. Wil- 
liam, Guilford 1639, m. 1636 at Oakley in Surry, Eng. Jane Lutman 
wh. came with him prob. as friends of Rev. Henry Whitfield, and d. 1 
May 1674, had William, b. 8 Sept 1639 ; Joseph, 24 Apr. 1643 ; Ruth, 
20 Apr. 1645; Deborah, 20 Sept 1647; and ano. ch. and d. 5 Mar. 
1684. Ruth m. 20 June 1664, John Whittlesey of Saybrook; and 
Deborah m. first, 1671, Ebenezer Thompson, and, next, Thomas Scran- 
ton. William, Saybrook, s. of the preced. m. 4 Nov. 1661, Mary Roe, 
or Stow, as the rec is uncert. had Mary, b. 6 Sept. 1662 ; William, 8 Aug. 
1665 ; Abigail, 24 May 1667 ; Joseph, 3 Mar. 1669, d. at 16 mos. ; Deb- 
orah, 11 Nov. 1670; Samuel, 4 Nov. 1672; Joseph, again, 14 Sept 
1674; Sarah, 3 Jan. 1676 ; and Eliz. prob. 4 Mar. 1679 ; and he d. a. 
1700. Abigail m. 9 May 1686, John Kent of Sufiield. Eight of this name, 
all. Farmer says, descend, of Gov. Thomas, had been gr. at Harv. 1767. 
DuDSON, Francis, Boston, by w. Martha had Samuel, b. 14 Feb. 
1675 ; and Martha, 18 Mar. 1679. Joseph, Boston, m. Abigail, d. of 
Robert Button, had Joseph, b. 11 July 1669 ; Robert, 20 Mar. 1672 ; and 
Abigail, 25 Mar. 1676. His wid. ql 15 Nov. 1698, Barnabas Lothrop. 

DUG — DUM 79 

DuGALLy or DouGALL, Alister, Lynn, perhaps a Scotch prisoner 
fipom the field of Dunbar 1650, or of Worcester the yr. foil, sent over 
and sold here ; and one of the very few that liv. to bring up a fam. ; by 
w. Hannah had James, b. 19 Nov. 1G60 ; John, 9 Oct 16G3 ; Joseph, 
22 July 1668; Mary, 9 Apr. 1671 ; Eliz. 25 Oct. 1676 ; AUen, 13 Sept. 
1679, d. in tw<^yrs. ; and Samuel, 4 Oct 1682. 

DuMBL ETON, John, Springfield 1649, came in the serv. of William 
Whiting of Hartford, had John, b. 1658; and Nathaniel, 1664; beside 
six ds. wh. all m. Sarah m. 19 Dec. 1678, Josiah Leonard. John, s. 
of the preced. m. 18 Mar. 1675, Lydia, d. of John Leonard, and had a 
d.but in Philip's war was k. by the Ind. at Westfield 27 Oct 1675. 
Nathaniel, Springfield, br. of the preced. had six ch. Sprague, Hist 
Disc 24. 

DvMMER, I Jeremiah, Boston, s. of Richard, a goldsmith, wh. serv. 
his apprenticesh. with John Hull, ar. co. 1671, m. 1672, Ann, some- 
times culL Hannah, d. of Joshua Atwater, had, beside Jeremy, H. C. 
1699 (wh. aAer stud, at the Univ. of Utrecht, was a lawyer, agent at 
Queen Anne's court, wit, and friend of St John, Viscount Bolingbroke, 
and d. 19 May 1739, in Eng.) ; William, wh. was Licut-Gov. of the 
Prov. both under Shuto and Burnet ; Samuel ; and Ann, wh. m. John 
Powell. He was freem. 1680, of the Counc. of Safety, or provis. 
govemm. 1689, on the rising against Andros, and d. 25 May 1718. 
Hutch. L 382. | * Richard, Newbury, b. a. 1599 at Bishopstoke, 
Hants, sec s. of John, came in the Whale from Southampton, an*. 26 
May 1632, had prob. the yr. bef. encourag. the comp. of husbandmen in 
their project for Sagadahoc ; and he first sat down at Roxbury, built a 
mill there 1633, freem. 6 Nov. 1632, rem. in short time to Boston, at 
desire of his w. Mary, wh. d. in few yrs. and he then rem. to Newbury 
with early sett was an Assist 1635 and 6, favor. Wheelwright, and was 
turn, out and disarm. 1637, and soon went home, came again 1638, in 
the Bevis from Southampton, then call. 40 yrs. old, with brs. and other 
relat; was rep. 1640, 5 and 7 ; m. for sec. w. 1644, Frances, wid. of 
Rev. Jonathan Burr of Dorchester, wh. d. 19 Nov. 1682, aged 70, had 
Jeremiah, b. 14 Sept 1645, bef. ment ; Hannah, 7 Nov. 1647 ; Richard, 
13 Jan. 1650 ; and William, 18 Jan. or 28 May 1659 ; d. 14 Dec 1678. 
By former w. had Shubael, b. perhaps at Ipswich, 17 Feb. 1636, II. C. 
1656. Richard, Newbury, s. of the preced. 'm. 12 Nov. 1673, Eliz. d. 
of John Appleton of Ipswich, had Hannah, b. 12 Aug. 1674; John, 8 
Aug. 1676; Richard, 21 July 1678, d. soon; Richard, again, 22 June 
1680 ; Eliz. 28 July 1682 ; Nathaniel, 1685, wh. liv. to 27 Feb. 1767 ; 
and Shubael, 10 Jan. 1687 ; was freem. 1677, of the Counc of Safety 
Apr. 1689, and i 4 July foil. Shubael, York, s. of first Richard, began 

80 DUN 

to preach 1662, was freem. 1665, ord. 3 Dec 1672, m. a <L of Edward 
Kishworth, was k. with 47 others in the assault bj the Ind. 25 Jan. 
1692 ; at the same time his w. was carr. away, and soon d. of hardships 
in the wilderness. Magn. VII. 77. Stephen, Newbury, br. of first Rich- 
ard, came in the Bevis from Southampton 1638, with w. whose name was 
Alice Archer, aged 35 ; and ch. Jane, 10 ; Dorothy, 6 ; Baehard, 4 ; and 
Thomas, 2 ; as is conject from the custom ho. list, wh. also gives him ten 
serv. (unless some were for other people), tak. in connex. with our knowL 
about other of his relat. was freem. 22 May 1639; had Mehitabel, b. 
1 Jan. 1640. Jane m. 25 Mar. 1646, Henry Sewall, jr. and the f. went 
home next yr. and, I presume, carr. all the other ch. Thomas, Salis- 
bury, br. of the preced. came with him in the Bevis, with Joan D. whu 
may have been his w. 19 ; had Joanna, wh. m. Thomas Nelson ; freem. 
13 May 1640. Three of this name had been gr. at liar v. in 1834 and 
the latest 90 yrs. bef. ; and four at Bowd. 

Dunbar, Peter, Uingham, m. 25 Mar. 1691, Sarah, d. of John 
Gushing, had Elisha, and others. Robert, Ilingham, had John, b. 
1657 ; and perhaps others. Eight of this name had been gr. at Harv. 
and four at other N. E. coll. of wh. Rev. Samuel, H. C. 1723, and others 
may be descend. But of this fam. I find very little to be told. 

Duncan, Jabez, a soldier in Philip's war, of Capt Turner's comp. 
Apr. 1676. Joseph, Dover, k. by the Ind. 27 June 1689, with twenty- 
two others. * II Nathaniel, Dorchester 1630, came, doubtless, in the 
Mary and John with the other first sett of that town, freem. 6 May 
1635, ar. CO. 1638, a capt. auditor gen. and rep. skill, says Johnson, 
** in the Latin and French," brot. perhaps, w. Eliz. s. Nathaniel, wh. waa 
of ar. CO. 1644, had also Peter, rem. to Boston a. 1646, and d. a. 1668. 
Q Peter, Dorchester, s. of the preced. ar. co. 1654, rem. to Gloucesteri 
m. Mary, d. of Martha Epes, the sec. or third w. of Samuel Symonds, 
Esqr. of Ipswich, had Martha, b. 10 Nov. 1655; Eliz. 28 Feb. 1657, d. 
soon; Eliz. again, 30 Aug. 1661 ; Ruth, 27 July 1663; Peter, 2 Nov, 
1665; Priscilla, 9 Jan. 1667; Margery, 8 Jan. 1670; and Daniel, 19 
May 1672. 

Dun EN, or Dunnin, alias Sinoletary, Jonathan, Killingworth 
1665, had Ruth, b. 1666; and Eunice, 1668; and prob. rem. 

Dun FORD, John, Plymouth 1639. Felt. He does not stand among 
the "fit to bear arms" 1643. 

DuNGiN, Thomas, Newport 1651, in Dr. Stiles's list of freem. there 

Dunham, Benaiah, Eastham, m. 25 Oct. 1660, Eliz. Tilson, had 
Edmund, b. 25 July 1661 ; John, 22 Aug. 1663, 2 wks.^ Eliz. 20 
Nov. 16 04, d. at 3 yrs. ; Hannah, 4 June 1666, d. young ; and Benjamii^ 

DUN 81 

fS Oct. 1667. Benjamin, Eastbam, prob. br. of tbe preced. m. 25 Oct. 
1660, Mary Tilson. * John, Plymoutb 1633, rep. 1639, and often after, 
was deac. among tbe first purcb. of Dartmoutb ; had w. Abigailj s. Jobn, 
Benaiah, and Daniel, perhaps b. in Eng. and d. 2 Mar. 1669, aged 80. 
Persis D. wb. m. at Plymouth, 29 Nov. 1655, Benajah Pratt, may have 
been his d. His will of 25 Jan. bef. his d. names all these, and s.-in-law 
Stephen Wood. John, Plymouth, s. of the preced. had Jonathan, b. 12 
Aug. 1650, d. in 2 wks. ; and Samuel, 25 Feb. 1652. John, Wobum, 
had Patience, b. 8 Mar. 1645. John, Barnstable, perhaps gr.s. of first 
#ohn,m. 1 Mar. 1680, Mary Smith, had Thomas, b. 25 Dec. 1680; 
John, 18 May 1682; Ebenezer, 17 Apr. 1684; Desire, 10 Dec. 1685; 
Elisha, 1 Sept. 1687; Mercy, 10 June 1689 ; and Benjamin, 20 June 
1691 ; andd. 2 Jan. 1696, aged 46. * Jonathan, Barnstable, m. 29 Nov. 
1655, Mary, d. of Philip Delano, wh. d. early, and he m. 15 Oct. 1657, 
Mary, d. of Henry Cobb, was rep. 1689, for Middleborough ; and serv. 
among the islands as min. to the Ind. but was in 1694 ord. at Edgai*town. 
Joseph, Plymouth, m. 18 Nov. 1657, Mercy, d. of Seer. Morton, wh. d. 
19 Feb. 1667 ; and he m. 20 Aug. 1669, Esther Wormall, perhaps d. of 
Joseph. * Samuel, Plymouth, perhaps s. of first John, m. 29 June 
1649, Mary, wid. of WiUiam Falloway, had Sarah, b. 10 Apr. 1650; 
two 8- 29 Dec 1651, both d.' soon ; was rep. 1668. Thomas, Plymouth, 
perhaps s. of first John, was fit to bear arms 1643, m. Martha, d. of 
George Knott, I think. 

DcJNK, or DcJNCK, Thomas, Guilford 1645, Saybrook 1662, on Lyme 
side 1 673, was from Kent, Eng. had br. John at Benenden in that Co. m. 
Mary, wiA of Thomas North of New Haven, wh. had first been wid. 
aged 16, or 17, of Philip Petersfield of Turnstile Alley in the parish of 
Ilolbome, and was d. of Walter Price of Newington Butts, Co. Surrey, 
and had come to N. H. a. 1644. She got leave of her h. to go home 
1670, to look after est. as appears in Geneal. Reg. XI. 159, and prob. 
did not come back, but d. in Eng. He was younger than she, prob. and 
m. 10 July 1677, Eliz. Stedman, had Thomas, b. 6 Aug. 1678 ; and his 
w. d. 6 Oct foil. ; he d. 9 Aug. 1683. 

DuNKiN, John, Billerica 1675, had two s. k. by the Ind. there, 1 
Aug. 1692. Samtel, Newbury 1638, perhaps rem. to Boston, had 
there beside other ch. Thomas, b. 15 Jan. 1656 ; and in 1672 h^d Id. at 
Muddy riv. now Brookline. Samuel, Roxbury, prob. s. of the preced. 
by w. Deliverance had Margaret, b. 17 Mar. 1670 ; Sarah, 23 Sept. 
1674; Jabez, 20 Aug. 1678; Deliverance, 29 Sept. 1681 ; and Samuel, 
14 Aug. 1689, d. soon; and f. d. 19 Nov. 1693. 

Dunn, Richard, Newport, freem. 1655, Westerly 1661. Thomas, 
Weymouth, freem. of Mass. 1647, rem. to Rehoboth, and soon to New 

82 DUN 

Haven, there sw. fideL in Mar. 1648, next yr. hot est at Fairfield, there 
d. 1660, without w. or ch. and gave his prop, to Rev. John Jones. 

Bunnell. See Dwinell. 

Dunning, George, New Haven 1644, rem. soon. Hicks, Hingham, 
m. 7 Dec 1669, Sarah, d. of Thomas Joy, had Edmund, b. 31 Mar. 
1672 ; but in the will of Joy his name is writ Dunham or Denham. 
Jonathan, a soldier in Turner's comp. serv. Apr. 1676 on Conn. riv. 

DuNNT, James, Boston, freem. 1690. 

DuNSTER, II Henry, Cambridge, first Presid. of Harv. ColL a Lanca- 
shire man, s. of Henry of Balehoult, a seat in Bury of that Co. came ixf 
1640, and resid. a short time in Boston, was of ar. co. 1640, but not of 
our ch. so that we may be sure he was of ano. town prob. Cambridge 
bef. adm. as freem. 2 June 1641 ; was bred at. Magdalen Coll. in the 
Univ. of Cambridge, had his degrees 1630, and 1634. Soon afler 
com. he was made presid. 27 Aug. 1640, compell. to resign 24 Oct 
1654, on acco. of his opinions on inf. bapt He was desir. to come to 
Ireland by the deputy Henry Cromwell and his counc and £50 advance, 
for his passage, but he was wise eno. to avoid that evil, and d. at Scitu- 
ate 18 or 27 Feb. 1659, where he preach, all his latter days; but his 
heart's desire was to be bur. at Cambridge, where, in his will, he says 
lay the remains of some of his babes. He names, as liv. two s. David, 
and Jonathan, d. Eliz. sis. Hills, w. of Joseph of Maiden, and her childr. 
sis. Willard of Concord, and her childr. and cous. Faith D. His first w. 
Eliz. m. June 1641, d. 23 Aug. 1643 ; and next yr. he m. Eliz. wid. of 
Rev. Josse Glover, had David, b. 16 May 1645; Dorothy, 29 Jan. 
1648; Henry, 1650; Jonathan, 28 Sept or ano. acco. saytf, 26 Oct 
1653 ; and, after rem. from C. to S., Eliz. 29 Dec 1656. Eliz. wh. at 
Cambridge they presume to have been his wid. d. in her 60th yr. 12 
Sept 1690, as the rec. plainly, but falsely, bears; for if it be so, she 
' must have been only 14 yrs. old when he took her for his sec w. 
and less than 9 yrs. old, when her h. d. on the ocean. Perhaps 
she was not mo. 6f Glover's ch. Jonathan, Cambridge, s. of the 
preced. m. 5 Dec 1678, Abigail Eliot, had Henry, b. 17 July. 1680; 
and Eliz. 22 Feb. 1682. For sec w. 5 Apr. 1693, he took Deborah 
Wade of Medford. The s. Henry had two ds. bur. at Cambridge ; but 
in other parts of Mass. as well as in N. H. descend, of the long suffer, 
presid. remain ; and Deane says that one of them did the press work for 
his Hist of Scituate. Richard, Cambridge 1642, br. of Henry, of wh. 
no more is kn. A very curious letter of Mar. 1641, to him from his f. 
in Lancashire, is in 4 Hist Coll. II. 191. Sis. of the Presid. were Eliz. 
and Mary, wh. successive, were ws. of Maj. Simon Willard, the latter 
surv. him, m. Joseph Noyes of Sudbury, and a third, perhaps, Rose, was 

DUN — DUS 83 

w. of Capt. Joseph Hills of Maiden. One niece, Eliz. was w. of Be- 
nanuel Bowers ; and ano. Faith, m. 12 May 1664, John Page of Groton. 

DuNTON, John, Reading, freem. 1691. Nathaniel, Reading. Rob- 
ert, Reading 1647, perhaps f. of the two preced. Samuel, Reading, 
perhaps s. or br. of the preced. d. 1683, had Samuel, b. 15 Oct. 1647 ; 
Hannah, 24 Feb. 1650; Nathaniel, 16 Jan. 1656; Eliz. 25 Mar. 1658; 
Sarahy 28 Mar. 1660; and Mary, 5 Mar. 1662. Samuel, Reading, s. 
prob. of the preced. m. one of the ds. of Henry Felch. 

DuRANDy John, Scituate 1657. A John Duren, wh. may be the 
same, was of New Hampsh. 1689. William, Boston 1644, is the mem. 
of our ch. perhaps, wh. went to Virginia, was ruL Elder of a Congreg. 
eh. there, disturb, and banish, by Sir William Berkley, the Grov. came to 
Boston agam 1648. See Wmth. IL 334. 

DuRANT, George, Maiden, rem. a. 1666 to Middletown, d. a. 1690, 
had Edward. John, Billerica 1675, d. in prison at Cambridge, 27 Oct. 
1692, during the witchcraft delusion, of wh. he was prob. a yictim. 
Moses, Fahnouth 1690. Willis, I. 217. 

DuRDALL, Hugh, Newport 1639. 

DuRELL, Nicholas, a soldier of Capt, Turner's comp. Apr. 1676. 

Duren, Andrew, Dedham, had Henry, and five other ch. perhaps 
by a d. of John Hayward, wh. gives in his will to ea. of them, but most 
to Henry. Edward, Lyme 1681, perhaps s. of George. George, 
Lyme 1685, but in 1687 his wid. is nam. Mary Durine, prob. the same 
name, perhaps as sec or third w. was m. 1678. 

Durfee, Thomas, of wh. I see only the name, bef. 1692, but kn. 
. not resid. perhaps only trans, in 1679 was 36 yrs. old. 

DuRGiN, DuRGY, or DiRGET, Portsmouth 1684. John, Ipswich, had 
John, b. 23 Nov. 1689 ; and Andrew, 20 Sept. 1692. William, Dover 
1664, was with a w. Martha, d. of Robert Cross, at Ipswich, had Martha, 
b. Aug. 1668, prob. went back to New Hampsh. there liv. 1684. 

Durham, Humphrey, Casco 1658, was k. by the Ind. 1676. Hub- 
bard, 33. John, Falmouth, a. 1690, was, perhaps, s. of the preced. 
Thomas, Marshfield, m. Mar. 1659, Sarah, d. of Edward Bumpas. 

DuRREN, DuRRiN, or DuRRUM, Ephraim, Guilford 1672, m. 1678, 
Eliz. d. of Richard Guttridge, had Daniel, b. 15 Sept. 1680, and prob. 
others. Sometimes the name is Darwin. He was a propr. 1685. 
Possib. this is the same name as Duren. 

DusTiN, or DusTON, JosiAH, Reading 1647, had Josiah, b. 14 May 
1656; perhaps others; and d. 16 Jan. 1672. Thomas, Dover 1640, 
perhaps rem. to Kittery bef. 1652. Thomas, Haverhill, perhaps s. of 
the preced. m. 3 Dec. 1677, Hannah Emerson, had thirteen ch. bef. 
1699, of wh. on 15 Mar. 1697, eight were at home, the youngest, 

84 DUT 

Martha, only a wk. old, then k. bj the Ind. wh. carr. away the mo. and 
her nurse, and on 31st of same mo. she reveng. her cause by k. ten of 
the Ind. fam. wh. had charge of these two prisoners with an Eng. youth, 
Samuel Leonardson. See Magn. VII. 90. Hutch. II. 106. Dwight's 
Travels. Mirick, Hist of Haverhill, 87-93. 

Dutch, Benjamin, Ipswich, s. of first Robert, m. 30 June 1690, Eliz. 
d. of Joan Baker, had Benjamin, b. 28 Sept 1692, d. next mo.; Eliz. 
14 Sept. 1693 ; and he liv. not long after. His will was pro. 8 July 
1695, and his w. Eliz. surv. John, Ipswich, elder br. of the preced. by 
w. Eliz. gr.d. prob. of Walter Roper, had Samuel, wh. d. soon ; Eliz. b« 
11 Feb. 1674 ; Susanna, 13 July 1675 ; John, 17 June 1677 ; Benjamin, 
9 Aug. 1680; Nathaniel, 18 Feb. 1683 ; and Hannah, a. 1685. He d. 
5 Nov. of that yr. and his wid. d. 3 Mar. 1693. Eliz. was then w. of 
Isaac Rindge. Osman, or Osmtn, Gloucester 1646, by w. Grace, wh. 
d. 10 Oct 1694, had Hezekiah, b. 29 Mar. 1647 ; Robert; and perhaps 
other ch. and d. Dec. 1684, aged 100 or more, as with greater confid. 
than probab. is said. He had been adm. inhab. of Newport 1638, and 
there prob. Esther was b. and perhaps other ch. His d. Esther m. 7 
June 1658, Samuel Elwell, and d. 6 Sept 1721, set 82. Robert, 
Gloucester, by w. Mary, prob. d. of Walter Roper, had John, b. 1 May 
1646; Robert, 24 June 1647; Samuel, June 1650; and others, it ^ia 
believ. ; rem. to Ipswich perhaps bef the last, or, it may be, the earliest 
ch. At Ipswich he had Caleb, b. 1 May 1659 ; and Benjamin, 4 Dec 
1665. He d. 21 Aug. 1686, leav. s. Samuel, John, and Benjamin, wh. 
are here ment Robert, Ipswich, s. of Osman, it is said, was a soldier 
of Moseley's comp. in Philip's war, and left for dead after being scalp, 
by the Ind. in Sept. 1 675, but was sav. and liv. when his neighb. Rev. 
W. Hubbard wrote the narrative. He m. Dec. 1677, Hannah, prob. d. 
of John Lowell, had Ebenezer, b. 29 June 1679 ; and Robert Sam- 
uel, Ipswich, s. of first Robert of the same, m. 12 Feb. 1674, Abigail 
Gidding, had Samuel, b. 3 Nov. 1674; Abigail, 8 Nov. 1677; Mary, 13 
May 1680; and Jane, 14 Aug. 1685. Thomas, Edgartown, 1654. 

DuTCHFiELD, or DiTCHFiELD, Thomas, Boston 1644, by w. Ann had 
Joan, b. in July of that yr. and d. same mo. He d. or was bur. 24 Apr. 
1645, and his s. Fosthumus was b. 6 Aug. foil. 

DuTTON, John, came in 1630, but I kn. not where he sat down. 
Thomas, Woburn, perhaps s. of John, b. a. 1621, had first liv. at Read- 
ing, there by w. Susan, it is thot had Thomas, b. 1648 ; Mary, 14 Nov. 
1651 ; Susanna, 27 Feb. 1654 ; John, 2 Mar. 1656; but the foil. prob. 
at Woburn, Eliz. 28 Jan. 1659; Joseph, 25 Jan. 1661 ; Sarah, 5 Mar. 
1662 ; James, 22 Aug. 1665 ; Benjamin, 19 Feb. 1669 ; rem. to BiUer- 
ica, there was in 1675 with s. Thomas and John. His s. Thomas was 

DUT — DWI 85 

wound, and had remark, escape in 1677, when Capt. Swett and many of 
his meo were k. in the Ind. war at the E. His w. d. 27 May 1684, 
aged 58y and he m. 9 Nov. foil. Ruth Hooper. 

DcTTT, William, Rowley 1691. 

DwELLET, John, Scituate, s. of Richard the first of the same, m. 4 
Jan. 1693, Rachel, d. of John Buck, had John, b. 15 June 1694; 
Rachel, 27 Sept 1695; Ichabod, 30 Dec. 1696; Obadiah, or Jedediah, 
or both ; Abner, 7 Mar. 1700 ; Simeon, 22 Dec. 1701 ; Deborah, 25 
July 1703; Joseph, bapt. 6 May 1705; Thankful, b. 12 Dec. 1706; 
Mary, 18 May 1708, d. young; and Benjamin, tw. with her; Susanna, 
19 Dec 1711 ; Mary, again, 24 Sept. 1714; and Lemuel, 25 June 1717. 
RiCHABD, Lancaster 1654, but perhaps he had'first been at Watertown, 
liv. some yrs. at Hingham, in 1663 sold his est in this town and rem. to 
Scituate, serv. with credit in Philip's war, and d. 27 May 1692. His 
ch. Deane thot were all b. bef. he went to S. Beside Mary, bapt. 1664 
at H. he had Richard, Samuel, and John. Samuel perish, in the Phips 
exped. against Quebec, 1690. Richard, Scituate, s. of the preced. m. 
4 Aim*. 1682, Eunice, d. of Roger Glass of Duxbury ; and for sec. w. in 
1690 had Eliz. Simmons ; and by the two had Richard, Joshua, Samuel, 
Maiy, Eliz. Ruth, Lydia, and Margaret, all b. betw. 1684 and 1696; d. 
24 Dec 1708. WiUard, 26 ; and Deane, 265. 

D WIGHT, Hbnbt, Hatfield, s. of sec Timothy, m. 27 Aug. 1702, 
Lydia, d. of Capt Joseph Hawley of Northampton, had Joseph, b. 16 
Oct 1703; Seth, 18 Aug. 1707; Dorothy, 17 Sept 1709; Lydia, 25 
Apr. 1712, Ann, 14 Aug. 1714, d. soon; Josiah, 23 Oct 1715; Ed- 
mund, 10 Jan. 1718 ; Simeon, 18 Feb. 1720 ; Elisha, 25 May 1722 ; 
and Ann, again, 2 Sept 1724. He was a trader, but of large public 
8piri^ fill, import offices, was ancest of the gr. fam. of Springfield, and 
d. 26 Mar. 1732 ; and his wid. d. 27 Apr. 1748. John, Watertown, 
rem. with first sett to Dedham a. 1635, freem. 13 Mar. 1639, had brot 
w. Hannah (wh. d. 5 Sept 1656), and some ch. from Eng. as his eldest 
s. perhaps nam. John, wh. was lost in the woods, 24 Mar. 1639, aged 7 
yrs. ; Hannah, and Timothy. He had Mary, b. 25 July 1635, call, the 
first fern. ch. of D. ; and Sarah, 17 June 1638; and d. 24 Jan. 1661. 
In his will of 16 June 1658, pro. 5 Mar. 1661 he names w. Eliz. (m. 20 
Jan.' 1658, wh. was wid. of William Ripley, and had been wid. of 
Thomas Thazter, and d. 17 July 1660, shortly bef. the testat) ; only 
s. Hmothy; ds. Hannah, w. of Nathaniel Whiting, m. 4 Nov. 1643; 
Mary, third w. of Henry Phillips ; and Sarah, w. of Nathaniel Reynolds, 
m. 7 Jan. 1658. He had made a contr. 24 June 1653 with Phillips, after 
the m. as to the jointure for Mary ; and his will takes notice of their s. 
Eleazer. Josjab, Woodstock, s. of Timothy the sec of Dedham, was 

YOL. n. 8 


ord. 1690, m. 4 Dec. 1695, Maiy, d. of Col. Samuel Partridge of Hat- 
field, after many yrs. rem. to Dedham, there was inst. 4 June 1735, in 
its third ch. but dism. 1742, and he went back to W. and d. 1744. He 
had thirteen ch. of wh. only ten are nam. ; Ann, John, Ruth, Dorothy, 
Mehitable, Flint, sec Mehitable, Eunice, Theodore, and Mary ; beside 
two nameless s. Michael, Dedham, s. of the sec. Timothy, m. Rachel, 
d. of Robert Avery, had Samuel, Rachel, John, Daniel, and Ann. Na- 
thaniel, Northampton, br. of the preced. and b. of his f.*s third w. Ann, 
d. of Henry Flint, m. at Hatfield, 9 Dec. 1693, Mehitable, d. of CoL 
Samuel Partridge of H. where was b. 19 Oct 1694, Timothy, gr.f. 
of famous Presid. D. ; rem. to N. there had Samuel, 28 June 1696; 
Mehitable, 11 Nov. 1697, d. soon; Daniel, 29 Apr. 1699, Y. C. 1721 ; 
Seth, 3 Mar. 1702, d. young ; Elihu, and Abia, tw. 17 Feb. 1704 ; Me- 
hitable, again, 2 Nov. 1705; Jonathan, 14 Mar. 1708; Ann, 2 July 
1710; and Nathaniel, 20 June 1712, afler his f. d. wh. was at West 
Springfield, 7 Nov. 1711. His wid. d. 19 Oct. 1756, aged 82. Seth, 
Boston, br. of the preced. had a w. and ch. wh. both d. early. Thoma3, 
Dedham, freem. 1 653, may have been br. of John, tho. from a scrupaL 
examin. of the CoL Rec. in the list of freem. 1653 and 1655, it may 
well be thot. that there was no such person, but this name insert for 
Timothy ; and that the astonishing carelessness of repetit. of thirty-one 
out of the total thirty-two names makes the probabiL in the doctrine of 
chances stand for Timothy above 30 to 1. ♦ Timothy, Dedham, per- 
haps br. of John, at Hampton 1640, freem. 2 June 1641, rep. 1652 for 
Medfield, where he resid. many yrs. d. 1677. In his will, pro. Apr. of 
that yr. he names w. Dorcas, wh. was elder d. of John Watson of Rox- 
bury, and ch. Timothy, and John. ♦ Timothi;, Dedham, s. of John, b. 
in £ng, a. 1633, freem. 1655, was rep. 1691 and 2, bef. the new chart 
and perhaps later ; had six ws. and more than twice as many ch. but we 
can hardly appropriate the mo.'s. The first, Sarah Sibly, as in the will 
of his f. she is nam. (but Perman, as Goodwin, I think erron. says), m. 

11 Nov. 1651, liv. not long, d. with ch. next yr. and he m. 3 May 1653, 
Sarah, d. of Michael Powell, wh. d. 27 June, or 10 July 1664, had 
Timothy, bapt 1 Oct 1654, tho. Goodwin makes him b. 1 Nov. ; Sarah, 

12 Apr. 1657, d. young; John, 2 June 1661 ; Sarah, again, prob. 26 
June 1664, d. young ; next, by Ann Flint, d. of Henry, wh. he m. 9 Jan. 
1665, wh. d. 29 Jan. 1685, he had Josiah, bapt 15 Oct 1665, d. soon; 
Nathaniel, 25 Nov. 1666; Samuel, 6 Dec. 1668; Josiah, agam, 19 Feb. 
1671, H. C. 1687, bef. ment ; Seth, b. 25 July 1673 ; Ann, wh. d. 15 
Oct 1675, at 2 mqs. ; Henry, 10 Dec. 1676, bef. ment ; Michael, 10 
Jan. 1680; Daniel, 23 Sept 1681 ; and Jabez, 1 Sept. 1684, d. soon; 
the 4th w. said to have been wid. Mary Edmunds, was m. 7 Jan. 1686, 

DWI— DYA 87 

d. 30 Aug. 1688 ; the fifth w. was Esther, d. of Hon. Daniel Fisher, m. 
91 Jolj 1690, wh. d. 30 Jan. foil. ; and last was Bethia Morse, m. 1 Feb. 
1^92, and d. 6 Feb. 1718. She bare him no eh. nor did the fourth or 
fifth w. He d. 31 Jan. 1718, aged 88, some say; but iix 85th yr. is 
prob. TiMOTHT, Boston, a. of the preced. a goldsmith, had w. Eliz. and 
d. 2 Jan. 1692, bat in his will, 9 Dec 1691, pro. 27 Jan. foil, names no 
di. gives all to his w. exc. a gun to his br. Michael. William, Ipswich 
1668. Felt Fifteen of this name had in 1834 been gr. at Harv. and 
twice the number at Yale. 

DwcTELL, Ddennell, or DuNNELL, JoHN, Topsficld, 8. of Michael, 
bj w. Mary Read, m. as is said, 1701, had Keziah, b. 14 Dec. 1703; 
Tiyphena, 20 Dec 1705 ; Tryphosa, 23 Sept 1709 ; and John, 23 Apr. 
1711. Joseph, youngest br. of the preced. by w. Prudence had George, 
b. 15 May 1716; Joseph, 14 July 1718 ; Mercy, 19 Feb. 1721 ; Zecha- 
riah, 14 July 1723; Mary, 23 Feb. 1725; and James, 2 Nov. 1728; 
md was drown. 1747. Michael, Topsfield 1668, by w. Mary had 
Maiy, h. 21 Jan. 1669 ; Michael, 5 Dec 1670 ; Thomas, 20 Nov. 1672 ; 
John, 16 Dec 1674 ; Eliz. 17 Apr. 1677, wh. d. unm. 1759 ; Magdalen, 
or Maudlin, 24 Feb. 1679 ; Joseph, 26 Jan. 1681 ; Joanna, 1685 ; and 
Susanna, 5 Apr. 1690. His will was of 29 Jan. 1711, but not pro. for 
seven yra. Mary ul 11 Jan. 1692, John Hovey ; Magdalen m. 3 Mar. 
1703, James Holgate; Joanna m. 16 Oct 1706, Nathaniel Hood; and 
Sosanna m. John Devenish, as is said. Michael, Topsfield, eldest s. of 
the preced. a physician, had five ws. it is said, and so tradit easily made 
•even, m. 5 Feb. 1693, Eliz. Cave, had Thomas, b. 3 Oct 1693, d. 
jcfang ; and perhaps the w. d. soon after, tho. as we kn. not the date of 
B. of sec w. Hannah, some of the ch. foil, may be b. by the first, Sarah, 
20 June 1697 ; Mary, 25 Apr. 1702 ; Michael, 7 Jan. 1706 ; Stephen, 5 
Mar. 1708 ; Hannah, 12 Mar. 1710; Jacob, 31 Jan. 1715 ; and Abigail, 
5 Nov. 1719 ; by the third w. m. 10 Dec 1724, Eliz. Fiske, wh. d. 26 
Mar. 1730, was Benjamin, 10 Nov. 1726; and Thomas, 26 Aug. 1729, 
wh. prob. d. young. By last w. Mary Balch, m. 1 Feb. 1733, wh. out* 
fiv. him, he had Eliz. 29 Oct 1733 ; and his wiU is of 17 July 1753. 
Some diversity exists in acco. of the ws. Thomas, Topsfield, br. of the 
preced. m. 23 May 1701, Desire, or by ano. acco. Dinah, Brimsdell of 
Ljnn, had Jonathan, b. 27 June 1702 ; Mary, 3 Jan. 1704; Ruth, 12 
Jan. 1706 ; Daniel, 20 Mar. 1709 ; Thomas, 3 Dec 1711 ; Susanna, 12 
Aug. 1715 ; Jacob, 11 Sept 1719 ; and Amos, 19 Mar. 1722 ; and made 
his will 2 June 1747, when w. was liv. 

DTA.XOMT, Andrew, Maine, perhaps Kittery, authoriz. in 1680, to 
hold courts at Isle of Shoals, where he liv. in J 671. John, Kittery 
1658. The name, thus spell, in rec may be the same as Diman. 

88 DYER. 

Dyer, Benjamin, Boston, freem. 1675, may have been s. of Thomas. 
His w. Mary d. 15 Mar. 1690. Charles, Providence, s. perhaps 
youngest of William of the same, made his will 5 Jan. 1727, pro. 6 Feb. 
foil, provid. for wid. Mary, nam. Extrix. ds. Mary and Eliz. direct, divis. 
in equal parts of residue of his est. yet the eldest to have £20 addit of 
the five s. and if his w. fail, Samuel of Newport to be Excor. The s. 
were Samuel, John, William, Thomas, and Charles, the last the eldest. 
Elisha, the Gov. of the State 1857, is descend. George, Dorchester, 
sat on the jury at Court of Assist. 28 Sept. 1630, and may well be pre- 
8um. to have come in the Mary and John, req. adm. as freem. 19 Oct. and 
was sw. 18 May foil. lie was made constable 1632, had w. Eliz. d. Eliz. 
w4i. m. William Trescott ; and Mary, w. of William Pond; d. June 1672. 
His will was of 30 Dec. bef || Giles, Boston, ar. co. 1680, by w. Han- 
nah had Giles, b. 30 Oct. 1674, d. young; Mary, 28 June 1677; Eliz.; 
Hannah, 8 Aug. 1683 ; and Giles, again, 5 Dec. 1685, H. C. 1706. He 
was a Col. and Sheriff of the Co. d. 12 Aug. 1713. His will of 15 July 
bef. names w. Hannah, and two ch. only, Giles, and Eliz. Raisin, a wid. 
and her s. George. John, came in the Christian, at the age of 28, 
1635, and two yrs. after serv. in the Pequot war. He prob. sett, at 
New London bef. 1650, and soon after went to L. I. where he was in 
1659. 3 Mass. Hist. Coll. VI. 171, and VIII. 252, with Trumbull. ColL 
Rec. I. 218. John, Boston, by w. Mary had Thomas, b. 18 Sept. 1673 ; 
and Benjamin, 15 July 1677. lie was prob. s. of Thomas of Wey- 
mouth, and there had John, b. 29 Feb. 1672 ; and at B. by w. Eliz. had 
Eliz. 1 July 1679; Nathaniel, 17 Oct. 1681; Mary, 3 June 1683; 
Samuel, 13 Oct 1685; and Joseph, 2 Mar. 1687. Admin, of his est. 
was giv. 11 June 1696 to wid. and eldest s. John. Joseph, Weymouth, 
br. of the preced. m. 1676, Hannah Frary, wh. d. 1682, by wh. no ch. 
but Eliz. and Hannah, b. 10 Oct. 1682,d. soon, are ment. and in 1683 m. 
Hannah, d. I suppose, of John Baxter of Braintree, had Hannah, b. 13 
Feb. 1684 ; Joseph, 19 June 1686 ; Benjamin, 13 Apr. 1688 ; Mary, or 
Mehitable, rather, ace. her f.*s will, 12 Apr. 1690 ; John, 9 Apr. 1692 ; 
and Thomas, 15 Apr. 1694; was freem. 1678, deac. and d. 12 Oct 1704. 
His will was made 30 July 1701, and his brs. Benjamin Dyer, and Rev. 
Joseph Baxter to be overseers. Mahershallalhashbaz, Newport 
1661, s. of William. R. I. Hist Coll. III. 252. The name is reverent^ 
borrow, from Isaiah viii. 1. Some antiquary of R. I. ought to inform the 
world, how, in soft moments of relaxat. so formidab. a Hebrew prefix 
was abbrev. to a monosyl. by his mo. or sis. or br. It may have been 
Mar, or Buz, as either end was chos. for this discipline of affection ; but 
to write it, as my friend and learned corresp. at Providence has, May* 
hershall, is a wantonness of perversion that may seem his highest moral 

EAMES. 89 

obliqoity. Frob. no other cb. on tbis side of the ocean bas suffer, sncb 

infliction, tho. it bas been long a tradit. that a fondness for Old Testam. 

named, in one instance, brot. Beelzebub into use. Samuel, Wickford, 

br. of the preced. b. in Boston, was long engag. with his f. and others in 

promot. the sett in the Narraganset country 1661-74. * Thomas, 

Weymonth, cloth worker, said to have come as early as 1632, but prob. 

it was something later, m. Agnes Reed, wh. d. 4 Dec 1667, had Mary, 

b. 6 July 1641; John, 10 July 1643, bef. ment.; Thomas, 1645, d. 

yoang; Abigul, 1647; Sarah, 1649; Thomas, again, 5 May 1651 ; and 

Joseph and Benjamin, tw. 6 Nov. 1658 ; was freem. 1644, rep. 1646 and 

four yrs. more, was deac and d. 6 Nov. 1676, aged 63, but the gr.stone 

says, d. 15 Nov. aged 64 ; leav. very good est dispos. of by will three days 

bef. to w. childr. and ea. of his beside Rev. Samuel Torrey. His 

wid. Eliz. in her will of 20 Nov. 1678, pro. 31 Jan. folL names d. Eliz*. 

Adams, s. Abraham and John Harding. William, Boston 1635, wh. 

wrote the name, Dyre, was a milliner from London, by w. Mary had 

Samuel, bapt 20 Dec. 1635, h. and w. having unit with our ch. on the 

Sandfly preced. freem. 3 Mar. 1636, was next yr. disarm, as a supporter 

of Wheelwright, disfranchis. aftd, 1638, driv. to Rhode Isl. Other ch. 

were William, Henry, Mahershallalhashbaz, and Charles. At Newport 

he was in good esteem, Seer, of that CoL and prevail, with the governm. 

of ours in 1659 (when his w. had come to Boston to preach quakerism, 

and was condemn, to d. therefor), to spare her life ; but the insane desire 

of martyrdom led the poor woman back here in 1660 to the scaffold; 

serv. to show how useless was the unnatural lenity of Endicot, wh. kn. 

well what the honor of Ood demand. Hutch. I presume to be in error, 

L 200, when he speaks of th» petit having in note on the preced. p. 

refer, to the Seer, as h. or s. William, Dorchester, d. 1 672, says Blake, 

^ in the 93d yr. of his age." William, Lynn, had Mary, b. 4 Sept 

1673 ; and James, 23 Oct 1681. William, Boston, surveyor of the 

customs and searcher of the port 1680. Hutch. L 330. William, 

Barnstable, m. Dec 1686, Mary Taylor, had Lydia, b. 30 Mar. 1688; 

William, 30 Oct 1690; Jonathan, Feb. 1692; Henry, 11 Apr. 1693; 

Isabel, July 1695 ; Ebenezer, 3 Apr. 1697 ; Samuel, 30 Oct. 1698 ; and 

Jndah, Apr. 1701. Three of this name had been gr. at Harv. and six 

at the other N. E. coll. in 1834 

Kames, or Emmes, * Anthony, Charlestown 1634, Hingham 1636, 
freem. 9 Mar. 1637, rep. that yr. and the foil, and 43, was lieut and 
about his choice as capt. grew the fierce controversy that long convuls. 
the coL He rem. to Marshfield and was rep. in Plymouth Col. most of 
the time betw. 1653 and 61 incl. and perhaps was f. of John, wh. d. at 
H. 1641, and of Mark. His d. Margery m. 20 Oct 1653, John Jacobs. 


90 EAMES. 

Anthony, Marshfield, may be gr.s. of the preced. m. 2 Dec 1686, 
Mercy Sawyer. Daniel, Andover, s. of Robert, m. 25 Apr. 1683, 
Lydia "Wheeler, perhaps was of Boxford 1692. Gershom, Marl- 
borough, by w. Hannah had Hannah, b. 1671, and Mary, posthum. 
1677 ; and he d. at Watertown, 25 Nov. 1676. His wid. wh. was d. of 
Solomon Johnson, m. 4 or 6 Sept. 1679, William Ward of M. In Gen- 
eal. Reg. VIII. 240, it is Heames. Henry, Boston, messenger of the 
Gen. Court, freem. 1684, by w. Eliz. had William, b. 1674; John; 
Mary; Benjamin; Henry; Samuel; Nathaniel, bapt. 12 Oct 1690; 
and Eliz. 7 Apr. 1695. John, Wobum, m. 18 Mar. 1650, Martha, per- 
haps d. of Capt. Edward Johnson, had Mary, b. 3 Feb. 1 650 ; and prob. 
rem. John, Watertown, s. of Thomas, by w. Mary, d. of John Adams 
of Cambridge, wh. d. 3 Apr. 1681, had Margaret, b. Oct. 1676, d. soon ; 
Ann ; rem. to Sherbom, that part now Framingham, there had Martha, 
b. 28 Feb. 1679. He took sec. w. Eliz. in May 1682, had Priscilla, b. 
2 Feb. 1683; Eliz. 11 Apr. 1685; John, 10 Jan. 1687; Thomas, 22 
July 1694; Mary, 4 Jan. 1697 ; Henry, 28 Apr. 1698 and Abigail, 9 
Mar. 1705. His will was of 18 May 1727 ; his w. d. 26 June foil but 
he liv. to 14 Dec. 1733. Jonathan, Mar«hfield, perhaps s. of the first 
Anthony, more prob. his gr.s. and s. of Mark, m. 11 Jan. 1682, or 3, 
Hannah Truant, d. 31 May 1724 in 69th yr. Justus, Marshfield, per- 
haps 8. of Anthony, m. 20 May 1661, Mehitable Chillingworth, perhaps 
d. of Thomas. * Mark, Marshfield, prob. s. of Anthony, b. in Eng. 
went with w. Eliz. from Ilingham, where his s. John was b. 6 Sept 
1649, and perhaps Jonathan, a. 1656; was rep. 1662 and 14 yrs. out of 
20 after. Baylies. Nathaniel, Sherborn, s. of Thopias, by w. Ann 
had Lydia, b. 10 Dec. 1694; Rebecca, .25 July 1697; and William. 
BiCHARD, Rowley 1680. Robert, Woburn, had been of Charlestown 
1651, had w. Eliz. and ch. Samuel, b. 7 Apr. 1653, d. soon ; John, 1654, 
d. very soon; Eliz. 4 June 1659; Mary, 11 June 1661; Priscilla, 2 
^lay 1663; Samuel, again, 2 Sept 1664; Abigail, 22 Sept. 1666; and 
John, again, 9 May 1668. I suppose he rem. to Chelmsford, in the 
part call. Dracut, and d. 25 Apr. 1671. His will, made 3 days bef. names 
br. John, and cous. Richard, s. of sis. Dorothy Newman of Farnham in 
Co. Surrey, and adds no more to our knowl. Barry, 227, says, the wid. 
Eliz. m. Capt. William Bond ; but I doubt it. A Margery E. perhaps 
his sis. was adm. of Charlestown ch. 1635. Robert, Andover, by w. 
Rebecca had Hannah, b. 1661, wh. m. Ephraim Foster ; Daniel, 1663 ; 
Robert, 1667; John, 1670; Dorothy, 1674; Jacob, 1677; Joseph, 1681; 
and Nathan, 1685. Commonly this fam. has spelt the name Ames. Per- 
haps Benjamin, H. C. 1803 was descend. Samuel, Sherbom, s. of Tho- 
mas, m. 21 Apr. 1698, Patience, d. of Joseph Twitchell of the same, had 

EARLE. 91 

Gershom, b. 29 Dec. foil. Thomas, Dedham, by w. Margaret had John, 
b. 6 Oct. 1 642 ; Mary, 24 May 1 645 ; and prob. other ch. ; John, whose 
d. 17 Sept. 1641 is there rec was his s. b. 16 May preced. His w. d. and 
he rem. to Cambridge, m. a. 1662, Mary, wid. of Jonathan Paddleford, 
bad Thomas, bapt. 12 July 1663 ; rem. to Sudbury, freem. 1665, there 
had Samuel, b. 15 Jan. 1665; Margaret, 8 July 1666; Nathaniel, 30 
Dec 1 668 ; rem. to Sherborn, the part wh. bee Framingham, had Sarah, 
3 Oct. 1670; and Lydia, 29 June 1672. He d. 25 Jan. 1680, hav. on 1 
Feb. 1676 suffer, by Ind. bum. his build, k. his w. and some ch. carry, 
others capt His d. Margaret, wh. had been at 10 yrs. tak. by the Ind. 
m. 21 Feb. 1688, Joseph Adams. Six of this name had been gr. at 
N. E, coll. in 1831, one half at Harv. of wh. Rev. Jonathan, H. C. 1752, 
was min. of Newtown, N. li. Sometimes the spell, is Emes. 

Earle, Francis, a soldier, Dec. 1675, in Moselcy's comp. at the gr. 
Narraganset swamp fight John, Northampton 1662, had come to Bos- 
ton 1656, aged 17, in the Speedwell from London, at N. liv. a. 15 yrs. 
but rem. to unkn. place, afler hav. there m. 24 Mar. 1663, Mary, d. of 
the first John Webb of the same, and had Noah, John, and three ds. of 
wh. Mary, k. by the Ind. 14 Mar. 1676, was, perhaps, one. He may 
have been one of the townsmen of Dartmouth in 1686 ; or this man may 
have had s. of the same name to dwell there. John, Boston 1 688, may 
have been s. of the preced. m. 5 Apr. 1689, Mary, d. of George Law- 
rence of Watertown, had Mary, b. 9 Jan. bapt. 22 June 1690 ; and he 
prob. d. soon, and his wid. m. 27 Dec 1704, Michael Flagg. Ralph, 
Rhode Isl. 1638, among freem. 1655, had been adm. an inhab. of the 
isL June 1639, perhaps had s. Ralph, Thomas, and William ; and is 
ment. in Church's Ind. Wars. But in 1686 there were both Ralph sen. 
and jr. among townsmen of Dartmouth, and as this was so near the 
resid. of Col. Church, it may be doubt, wh. of the two he meant One, 
not the jr. is call. s. of William. I think Ralph, of Portsmouth, R. I. 
1638, that purchas. in Aug. 1653, of Underbill his conq. at Hartford 
(from the Dutch suspicions, soon afler the exploit), was he wh. made 
his will 19 Nov. 1673, nam. w. Joan Extrix. Ralph, Dartmouth, per- 
haps son of the preced. rem* from. R. I. in conseq. of a gifl to him of 
half a sb. in Coaxit and Acushnet, 25 Oct. 1659, by Francis Sprague of 
Duxbury, call, him s.-in-law. But wh. of Sprague's ds. if either, he m. 
or whether he had ch. I am ign. He was liv. prob. in 1686, and a 
Ralph jr. at the same time in the same town, s. of William. Robert, 
Boston 1679, kept the prison 1681, and sev. yrs. afler, d. 1698. Rob- 
ert, Newport, had come in the Hercules, I suppose, 1634, to some part 
of Mass. was b. 1606, it was said, yet had w. in 1699 liv. at age of 105, 
however unlikely that she was so many yrs. older. There were Roger 

92 EAR— EAS 

and Samuel at Boston 1695, of wh. the latter d. 1706, aged 34. Tho- 
mas, Newport, s. perhaps, of Ralph the first. William, Dartmouth 1673, 
had Ralph, and perhaps was br. of Ralph the first, or he may have been 
his s. 

Early, George, Salem, m. 15 Oct 1670, Abigail, d. of Pasco 
Foote, had Abigail, b. 1 Sept. 1671 ; and he d. 4 Sept. of the yr. folL 
Robert, wh. came in the Hercules 1634, may have reach, our shore, 
but where he liv. is not kn. 

Eartht, John, Boston, a witness to the treaty with Ind. 13 Nov- 
1676. Hubbard, East. Wars, 56. 

East, David, Boston, mariner, m. Abigail, wid. of Jonathan Wood- 
bury, d. of Henry PhiUips of the same, and admin, of his est. was giv. 
to her 28 Apr. 1685. She m. not long after, Thomas Walter. Fran- 
cis, Boston 1636, a carpenter, freem. 17 Apr. 1637, by w. Mary had 
Samuel, b. 11, bapt 15 Mar. 1640; Mary, 25, bapt- 27 Mar. 1642; 
Eliz. 6, bapt. 10 Nov. 1644; David, 25 Jan. bapt. 28 Feb. 1647; 
Sarah, 9, bapt. 11 Nov. 1649 ; and Daniel, 21 Sept bapt. 21 Nov. 1652. 
He may be the man whose d. in 94th yr. Sewall, wh. calls him f. puts 17 
Mar. 1687. His last ch. was Rebecca, 22 July 1656. William, Milford 
1 639, had Solomon, bapt. 1 643, wh. prob. d. young. In 1 676 he had 2d w. 
Mary, wid. of Robert Plum, and d. 1681, without ch. His wid. d. 1708. 

Eastman, Benjamin, Salisbury, s. of Roger of the same, m. 5 Apr. 
1678, Ann, d. of Edmund Pitts, wid. of Samuel Joy, had Benjamin, 
b. 8 Feb. 1679; Edmund, 20 Jan. 1681; Jeremiah, 18 Feb. 1683; 
and Joseph, 29 Mar. 1685; was freem. 1690 ; and his w. d. 13 Dec 
1698. 'John, Salisbury, eldest s. of Roger, m. 7 Oct 1665^ Han- 
nah, d. prob. of William Healey of Cambridge, but no acco. of ch. 
is found, and she d. early. He next m. 5 Nov. 1670, Mary Boyn- 
ton, d. of William, had Hannah, b. 23 Jan. 1673, d. next mo.; John, 24 
Aug. 1675 ; Zechariah, 24 Oct. 1679 ; Roger, 26 Feb. 1683 ; Eliz. 26 
Sept 1685 ; Thomas, 14 Feb. 1688, d. at 3 yrs. ; and perhaps had sec 
Thomas in 1691 ; and Joseph, 23 June 1692; was a capt rep. 1691. 
Joseph, Suffield, br. of the preced. m. Mary, only surv. d. of Hon, Peter 
Tilton of lladley, had Joseph, b. 1683; Mary, 1684, d. young; and 
Peter, 1686; and d. 4 Apr. 1692. His wid. m. the next yr. James 
Guernsey. Peter went to New Jersey ; Joseph went to Hadley, was 
tak. 29 Feb. 1704, at Deerfield, by the Ind. and French, kept some time 
a prisoner in Canada, had large portion of his gr.f. Tilton's est and 
by eleven ch. a gr. line of descend. Joseph, Salisbury, took o. of fideL 
21 Dec. 1677 at the same time with Benjamin, was the man, I guess, of 
SuflSeld. Nathaniel, Salisbury, br. of the preced. m. 30 Apr. 1672, 
Eliz. Haddon, perhaps d. of Jared of the same, had Sarah, b. 11 Nov. 
1674; Jemima, 25 Aug. 1677 ; Nathaniel, Mar. 1679 ; Hannah, 24 Apr. 


1687 ; and Mary, 29 Mar. 1690 ; was freem. 1690. Philip, Haverhill, 
br. of the preced. tak. bj the Ind. in 1676, redeem, the same yr. m. 2^ 
Aug. 1678, Mary, d. of Robert Morss of Newbury, or, I think, wid. of 
Anthony Morse, the younger, had Ebenezer, b. 10 Jan. 1680 ; and prob. 
others. He had bef. 1695 rem. to the planta. call. New Itoxbury, now 
Woodstock, in Conn, then thot. in Mass. Roger, Salisbury, an orig. 
propr. ancest it is believ. of all of the name in our land, d. 1 6 Dec 
1694, aet. 83 ; and his wid. Sarah d. 11 Mar. 1698. They had John, b. 

9 Mar. or Apr. 1640 ; Nathaniel, 18 May 1643 ; Philip, 20 Dec. 1644 ; 
Thomas, 11 Nov. 1646 ; Timothy, 29 Nov. 1648 ; Joseph, 8 Jan. 1651 ; 
Benjamin, 12 Feb. 1653; Sarah, 25 Sept. 1655; Samuel, 20 Nov. 
1657; and Ruth, 22 Mar. or Apr. 1662. Sarah m. 13 June 1678, 
Joseph French jr. and next, 4 Aug. 1684, Solomon Shepherd, by both 
had eh. and d. a wid. of gr. age 1 Dec. 1748. That he came from 
Southampton 1638, on board the Confidence, in comp. with many wh. 
sat down at Salisbury, and neighb. towns, as presum. from a paper sup- 
plied by Henry Stephens of London, in Geneal. Reg. II. 108-10, after 
some correct, of errors found by H. G. Somerby, giv. in Geneal. Reg. 
Y. 440, would be rec. as prob. in spite of the name being in the latter, 
chang. to Robert, and the other circumst. of his being call. serv. 15 yrs. 
old, for the numeral should be 25, and the designat. may well seem only 
a deception to get clear from the orders in counc. to embarrass emigrat. 
Samuel, Salisbury, s. of the preced. m. 1686, £liz. Severance, or 
Screven, had Ruth, b. 5 Mar. 1688 ; Eliz. 1 Dec. 1689 ; Mary, 4 Jan. 
1692 ; Sarah, 3 Apr. 1694 ; Samuel, 5 Jan. 1696 ; Joseph, 6 Jan. 1698 ; 
and Jane, 10 June itOO ; was freem. 1690. Thomas, Haverhill, took 
0. of alleg. 28 Nov. 1677. Timothy, Suffield, br. of the preced. m. 
1682, Lydia, d. of William Markham of Hadley, had William, b. 1684, 
rem- to Hadley, there had Lydia, b. 1691 ; Sarah, 1694 ; and Timothy, 

10 Jan. 1697. He d. 1 Apr. 1733 ; Timothy, his s. d. 25 Mar. preced. 
leav. thrpe ds. only ; so that the fam. name in this branch was extinct ; 
his 8. William d« at 21 yrs. ; Lydia d. anm. 1746 ; and Sarah m. 1716, 
William Montague. Oflen this is spell, as was the early sound, Easman. 
See GeneaL Reg. VL 101, 2, and 3. Twenty-one of this name had 
been gr. in 1834, at the other N. £. coll. but none at Harv. 

Easton, § t John, Newport, s. of the first Nicholas of the same, by 
him brot. from Eng. was freem. bef. 1655, Dept. Gov. 1666, and Gov. 
of the CoL 5 yrs. 1690-4, d. 12 Dec. 1705, ajt. 81. He m. 4 Feb. 1661, 
Mehitable Gaut or Gault, had James, b. 23 Feb. 1662 ; Peter, 10 Sept. 
1665, d. under 25 yrs.; Mary, 16 June 1668; John, 7 Sept. 1670; 
Paul, 2 Feb. 1673 ; and his w. d. 11 Nov. foil. He had sec. w. Alice, 
wb. d. 24 Mar. 1689, and his descend, own, pt. of the ancestr. Ids. in the 

94 EAS 

ninth generat John, Hartford, had Sarah, b. 18 July 1670 ; Mary, 26 
fiec. 1672; Sarah, 15 Nov. 1675; John, 10 Jan. 1679; Mary, 1 Oct 
1681 ; Mehitable, 17 Jan. 1683 ; Abigail, 16 Mar. 1687 ; and John, 22 
Oct 1689. Joseph, Cambridge, freem. 4 Mar. 1635, rem. early to 
Hartford, where he had Joseph, John, and perhaps other ch. and was 
liv. 1685. I* Nicholas, Ipswich, one of the earliest sett a tanner, 
from Wales, came in the Mary and John, 1634, took the o. of alleg. and 
suprem. on the other side of the ocean, 26 Mar. 1 634, and as freem. of 
Mass. 3 Sept 1634, was rep. 1635, and that yr. rem. to Newbury, but 
being a favorer of Wheelwright, was disarm, in Nov. 1637, and went to 
Rhode IsL there in 1638, was chos. Assist A sec w. Christian, wid. of 
Thomas Beecher, wh. had been wid. of Thomas Copper of London, bef. 
Beecher brot her, in 1630, to Charlestown, he m. early in 1638, and she 
prob. was mo. of sev. of his ch. but as she liv. to 20 Feb. 1665, we may 
presume that by third w. m. 2 Mar. 1671, Ann Clayton, he had no issue. 
His ch. were John, b. 1621 ; and perhaps, Daniel; certain. Peter, be£ 
com. from £ng. but afler had Joshua ; Nicholas ; Mary, wh. m. Weston 
Clark ; Patience ; Eliz. ; and Waite, wh. m. John Carr. He was 
Presid. in 1672 and 3, was Gov. d. 15 Aug. 1675, aged 82. His wid. 
Ann m. 28 Mar. 1677, Gov. Henry Bull, and d. 30 Jan. 1708. Nicho- 
las, Newport, s. of Peter, m. 30 Nov. 1666, Eliz. d. of James Barkery 
in his will of 1676, names ch. Nicholas, wh. was b. 24 Feb. 1668 ; and 
Eliz. 6 Dec. 1669; Freelove, 12 Mar. 1671; uncles Daniel, and John, 
brs. John, Peter, and Joshua, sis. Mary, Patience, Eliz. and Waite. His 
w. Eliz. d. 5 July 1676 ; and he d. 1 Feb. foil. Peter, Newport, s. of 
Nicholas, b. in Eng. freem. 1655, m. 15 Nov. 1643, Ann, wh. bore him 
Nicholas, b. 12 Nov. 1644; John, 6 Feb. 1647; Mary, 25 Sept 1648; 
Peter, 1 Feb. 1651, d. soon ; Ann, 9 Feb. 1653, d. at 23 yrs.; Patience, 
20 Nov. 1655; Wait, 25 July 1657, d. soon; Peter, again, 11 Jan* 
1659, d. at 31 yrs.; Joshua, 30 July 1662, d. under 28 yrs.; James, 29 
Jan. 1665, d. young; Eliz. 18 Feb. 1666; Waite, again, 8 Ndl. 1668 r 
and James, again, 7 Oct 1671. His w. was d. of the first John Cogge- 
shall, and d. 6 Mar. 1687, aged 61 ; and he d. 12 Dec. 1693, aged 71. 
Patience m. 1 Jan. 1675, Robert Malins, and d. the same day with her 
h. 26 Aug. 1679. Much of the Id. of this first Peter is now enjoy, hj 
descend, of ninth generat 

Eastow, * William, Newbury, freem. 13 Mar. 1639, rem. that yr. 
to Hampton, for wh. he was rep. 1644, 8 and 9, d. 23 Nov. 1655 ; bad 
Sarah, wh. m. Maurice Hobbs ; and Mary, m. Thomas Marston. Each 
of these had ch. nam. in their gr.f.'s will of 16 Oct preced. his d. 

Eastt, or EsTY, Topsfield 1661, perhaps s. of Jeffry, freem. 1678. 
The name of Mary E. prob. his w. d. of William Town, tried 9, execuL 

EAS — EAT 96 

as a witch 22 Sept 1692, must be held in honor, forever, for in her petn. 
to Sir William Phips, the Gov. she begg. not for her own life, wh. she 
kn. most be vain, but only ^ that no more innocent blood may be shed." 
JjEFFRT, Salem 1637, had then a gr. of Id. 

£a8twick, Estick, or Est wick, Edward, Salem 1649, mariner, 
d. 1666, leav. Eliz. 14 jrs. old; Sarah, 12; Hannah, 10^ Esther, 7; 
and Sdward, 4 ; perhaps all by w. Eliz. Phesant, Boston 1670, Ports- 
mouth 1680, was b. a. 1630, and w. Sarah, 15 yrs. later. They had 
Nathaniel, b. 7 Apr. 1682. 

Eaton, Benjamin, Duxbury 1648, Plymouth 1650, s. of Francis, m. 
4 Dec 1660, Sarah Hoskins, prob. d. of William, had William, wh. d. 
be£ 1691. Benoni, Cambridge, s. of the unhappy Nathaniel, left by 
bis fl in early youth to the care of deac Thomas Cheeseholme, by w. 
Bebecca had Nathaniel, wh. d. 22 Feb. 1691, aged 24 ; Rebecca, m. 28 
Apr. 1690, John Bunker; Ann, b. 7 Sept 1672, d. next yr.; and The- 
ophilus ; the hist b. 20 Sept 1674, d. 22 Feb. 1691 ; and the f. d. 20 
Dec preced. Daniel, Beading, s. of WiUiam, freem. 1685. Daniel, 
Beading^ s. of one of the Johns, but of wh. is uncert m. 1664, and by 
w. Mary had Daniel, Ann, Martha, PrisciUa, Daniel, again, and Mehit-' 
able. Bany, 236. Ephraim, Salisbury, s. of John first of the same, m. 5 
Febw 1689, Mary True, had Mary, b. 11 Dec 1689 ; Ephraim, 24 May 
1692; Jane, 13 Sept 1694; and Samuel, 6 Aug. 1697. Francis, 
Plymouth, came in the Mayflower 1620, with w. Sarah, and s. (a sock- 
ing cIl) Samuel, as in the compact bef. land, he is count for three 
heads ; but in the spring of 1624 count for four, in the div. of cattle, by 
add. his d- BachcL It is thot that his w. of the Mayflower's comp. d. 
soon after, and a sec w. d. soon, but, Bradford says, he took third w. had 
by her three ch. of wh. he adds, one was m. and had a ch. and the other 
two were liv. 1650, but one was idiot In the div. of Ids. 1627, this w. is 
calL Christian, suppos. to be Christian Penn, wh. came in the Ann 1623, 
no other person in the col. (then number, only 156), hav. such a bapt 
name. By her he had Benjamin, b. a. 1627 ; and d. prob. 1633, for his 
iav. was tak. 8 Nov. and Christian his wid. m. 1634, Francis Billington. 
Rachel m. 7 Mar. 1646, Joseph Ramsdeti. Jabez, perhaps of Dorches- 
ter, see Heaton. John, Watertown, freem. 25 May 1636, rem. to Ded- 
ham, had by w. Abigail, b. there, John, 6 Jan. 1640 (in transcrib. from 
the orig, town rec the County registrar made this name, Abigail, the d. 
of, etc as in Geneal. Reg. IV. 274, is careful, giv. wh. example should 
serve for caution to all readers of pretended records) ; and Jacob, 8 
bapt 12 June 1642, d. young; beside other ch. and d. 17 Nov. 1658 
leav. John, Mary, and Abigail, ment. with their mo. in his will of 2 Nov. 
pro. 7 Dec of that yr. Mary (wh. perhaps was b. in Eng.), m. 5 May 
1651, John Mason, and Abigail m. his br. Robert John, Salisbury 

96 EATON. 

1646, hj w. IViartha had Esther, wh. d. 1649 ; Thomas, b. 19 Jan. 1647 ; 
Martha, 12 Aug. 1648; Eliz. 12 Dec. 1650; Ann, 17 Dec 1652, d. 12 
June 1658 ; Sarah, 28 Dec. 1654 ; Mary, 9 Dec. 1656, d. 2 Feb. 1657 ; 
Samuel, 14 Feb. 1659; Joseph, 6 Mar. 1661 ; and Ephraim, 12 Apr. 
1663 ; and d. 29 Oct. 1668, perhaps at Haverhill, lea v. a d. w. of George 
Brown, and perhaps Ruth, w. of John Ingalls. Martha m. 5 Nov. 1668, 
Benjamin Collins ; Eliz. m. 7 Jan. 1 674, John Groth ; and Sarah m. 6 
May 1675, Robert Downer. John, Dedham, perhaps s. of the first 
John, by w. Alice had John, b. 15 July 1665, d. young ; John, again, 17 
Sept. 1671; Thomas, 23 July 1675; WiUiam, 11 Aug. 1677; Judith, 
17 Sept. 1680, unless the mo. should be read Mar. by easy change of the 
numeral ; for she was prob. the one wh. d. 26 Apr. of that yr. ; Jona- 
than, 3 Sept. 1681; David, 8 Mar. 1683; d. soon; and Ebenezer, 8 
May 1687, d. next yr. His w. d. 9 May 1694 ; and he d. 28 Oct. foil. 
John, Salisbury, by w. Mary had Mary, b. 13 Dec. 1685 ; James, 27 
Apr. 1691, Samuel, 25 Nov. 1692; perhaps Martha, 5 Sept. 1695; and 
Jonathan, 2 Oct. 1698. John, Reading, by w. Eliz. m. 8 Mar. 1659, 
had Thomas, b. 12 Mar. 1661, d. at 7 mos.; and Eliz. 8 Sept. 1662; 
perhaps other ch. and was freem. 1677. John, Reading, s. of Jonas, by 
w. Dorcas had Jonas, b. 1 677, d. soon ; Grace, 1 677 ; Noah, 1 678 ; Jonas, 
again, 18 May 1680 ; Joseph, 1681, d. soon ; Mary, 1683 ; Dorcas, 1688 ; 
Benjamin; Joseph; Fhebe; freem. 1691, and d. a. 1700. Hiswid. m. a 
Bryant. John, Haverhill, had a d. wh. m. a. 1660 or 70, James Davis of 
the same. Jonas, Watertown, rem. to Reading, by w. Grace had Mary, 
b. 8 Feb. 1644 ; John, 10 Sept. 1645, bef. ment ; Jonas, 28 Sept 1647, 
d. soon; Jonas, again, 24 Sept. 1648, one of the freem. 1691 ; Joseph, 
1651 ; Joshua, 4 Dec. 1653; Jonathan, 6 Dec 1655; and David, 22 
Sept. 1657, d. next mo. ; was freem. 1653, and d. 24 Feb. 1674. Two 
Johns, at Reading, one designat "of the plain," d. 1 691 ; the other, " of 
the hill," d. 1695, and wc may infer that one, but wh. is doubtful, was 
his s. Jonathan, Reading, s. of the preced. freem. 1691, by w. Elir. 
had Jonathan, and two ds. Joseph, Salisbury, s. of the first John of 
the same, m. 14 Dec. 1683, Mary, d. of John French, had John, b. 28^ 
Aug. 1684, d. soon ; John, again, 18 Oct. 1685 ; Samuel, 7 Dec. 1687 ;- 
Joseph, 14 Aug. 1690; Benjamin, 4 Feb. 1693; Moses, 18 May 1695; 
Mary, 9 Apr. 1697; and Nicholas, 12 Sept. 1699. Joshua, Reading, 
br. of the preced. freem. 1691, m. RebeccaKendall,had Joshua, b. 1683 ; 
Thomas; and other ch. Nathaniel, Cambridge, br. of Gov. The- 
ophilus, was b. a. 1609, freem. 9 June 1638, the first head of Harv. CoD. 
but not dignif. with tit. of Presid. on censure by the govemm. fled to 
Virg. and finally went home, where he d. it is said, in gaol. A very 
curious confess, of his w. showing the unfavorab. managem. of domestie 
econ. at the Ck)lL in its earliest day, is giv. in notes to Winth. I. 310. 

EATON. 97 

His w. with her childr. exc. Benoni, bef. meDt foil, him to Virg. in a sh. 

never heard of after. Winth. II. 22. Samuel^ New Haven, br. of the 

preced. s. of Richard, bred at Magdalen Coll. Cambridge, where he had 

his degr. in 1624 and 1628, came to N. E. 1637, prob. had w. but no ch. 

went home after three yrs. had a living at Dackenfield, Co. Chester, 

near Manchester, until the great ejection, and d. at the neighb. parish of 

Denton, 9 Jan. 1665 or 6, set 68. Samuel, Duxbury, s. of Francis, 

prob. b. in Eng. or Holland, was a sucking ch. on board the Mayflower, 

apprent. 1636 to John Cook, was among the purch. of Dartmouth in 1652, 

m. 10 Jan. 1661, Martha Billington, perhaps d. of Francis, wh. had m. 

his f.'s wid. rem. to Middleborough, there d. a. 1684. { Samuel, New 

Haven, s. of Grov. Theophilus, b. prob. in London 1630, came with his f. 

1637, H. C. 1649, and afterwards a tutor there, chos. 1654, an Assist 

of the Col. m. 17 Nov. 1654, Mabel, wid. of Gov. John Hajnes of 

Hartford, and with his w. d. in July of the yr. foil. § Theophilus, New 

Haven, br. of first Samuel and of Nathaniel, the two min. was b. at Stony 

Stratford in Co. Bucks, not Oxford, as Mather has it. His f. was min. 

there, and after at Coventry. But an Eng. authority makes him s. of 

Richard, vicar of Great Budworth, in Cheshire. He was dep. gov. of 

the East land or Baltic comp. in London, and by king James was empl. 

as his agent at the Court of Denmark. He had w. and ch. wh. d. at 

London, and he m. for sec. w. Ann, wid. of DaVid Yale, d. of Thomas 

Morton, Bp. of Chester, wh. had kindness for the Puritans. The fam. 

seat was in that shire, and the Grov. in his will devises the est. at Great 

Budworth in the same Co. He came in 1637 to Boston, and in Apr. 

after went with his fellow pass. Davenport to found the sett of New 

Haven, in 1639 was made Gov. and so, by annual choice was cont until 

his d. 7 Jan. 1658, set 67. His will, of 12 Aug. 1656, names three ch. 

only, Theophilus, Mary, w. of Valentine Hill of Boston, late of Fiscata- 

qua, and Hannah ; but ment. his w. her s. Thomas Yale, and s.-in-law 

Edward Hopkins, late Gov. of Conn, then in London, whose d. preced. 

Eaton's by ten mos. The inv. includ. the est in Eng. of £1440 

15. 7. was made Feb. 1658, and the will pro. 31 May foil, yet the rec. 

at New Haven carelessly makes the bur. 11 Jan. 1656, near a yr. bef. 

his d. The wid. (wh. had been sadly worried by the church a. 1644, 

then prob. insane, when Mary Launce, an inmate of the household, and 

prob. anrard of her h. was call, to testif. as to her extrav. behavior, of 

wh. Dr. Bacon in his charming lectures upon the early history, has 

ftimish. adequate detail to illustrate the melancholy hist of ch. discipline 

in that era) went home, and d. 1659. The s. and unm. d. went with the 

mo. Theophilus Hv. after at Dublin; but Hannah m. 4 July 1659, at 

London, William Jones, wh. next yr. came to New Haven and spent his 

TOL. n. 9 

98 EBE — EDD 

dajs. Thomas, Reading, had Joseph, b. 5 Jan. 1652. Thomas, 
Hayerhill, m. at Andover 6 Jan. 1659, Unice Singletarj of Salisbary; 
freem. 1666, was k. by the Ind. 15 Mar. 1698. Thomas, Dedham, 
freem. 1681. Thomas, Salisbuiy, s. of the first John of the same, m. 

14 Nov. 1679, Hannah, perhaps d. of Richard Hubbard, had Thomas, b. 

15 Sept 1680; Hannah, 23 June 1682, prob. d. soon; and Hannah, 
again, 10 Mar. 1684. William, Watertown, came in 1635 or 6, from 
Staple in Kent, emb. at Sandwich, with w. Martha, three ch. and one 
serv. had Daniel, b. 20 Jan. 1639 ; and Mary, 8 Apr. 1648 ; rem. to 
Reading; was freem. 1653, had John, wh. surv. f. and mo. d. 13 May 
1673. His d. Martha m. Richard Oldham, first, and next, Thomas 
Brown, prob. d. bef. her f. whose will of 26 Sept preced. names w. 
Martha, eldest s. John and his ch., Daniel and his ch., d. Marj, and two 
s.-in-law, Thomas Brown, and Francis Moore. The wid. d. 1681. 
William, Reading, prob. s. of the preced. made ireem. 1691. An Abi- 
gail E. aged 35, with Mary, 4, and Thomas, 1, came 1635, in the Eliza- 
beth and Ann, foil, no doubt the h. and f. to us unkn. 

Ebenatha, William. See Abemethj. Perhaps he had more ch. 
than those wh. took admin. Now the name is Abemethj, may have 
been so bef. 1673. 

Eborne, or Ebubne, George, Hampton 1644, d. bef. 1647. Coffin. 
Moses, Salem, s. of Samuel, m. 9 Sept. 1671, Laura Haines, perhaps 
d. of William, had Moses, Joseph, and Laura ; and his w. d. 1 Nov. 
1676. But he had, perhaps, former w. m. 1657, d. of Humphrey Gil- 
bert. Samuel, Salem, perhaps s. of Thomas, b. a. 1614, may have 
resid. some time a. 1640, in Lynn, but had gr. of Id. the yr. preced. at 
S. and there had bapt Samuel, Moses, and Mary, on 6 Aug. 1648 ; Re- 
becca, 23 Mar. 1651 ; and Sarah, 15 June 1656 ; was freem. 1665, and 
liv. in 1697. His s. Samuel was surv. Thomas, Salem, a tanner, 
freem. 14 May 1634, was liv. but aged, 1642. See Abome. 

Ecoles, Ecles, Eckles, or Eckels, Richard, Cambridge, freem. 
18 May 1642, by w. Mary, wh. d. 23 Aug. 1675, had Mary, Hannah, and 
Martha. Timothy, perhaps only s. b. 15 Mar. 1645, d. 21 Nov. 1656. 
Hannah m. 2 Mar. 1667, Gershom Brooks. He had sh. in ttie Shaw- 
shin div. of Ids. 

Eddt, Caleb, Swanzey, s. of Samuel, by w. Eliz. had Caleb, b. 29 
May 1672; Samuel, 15 July 1675; and Zechariah, wh. d. sodh. He 
was a deac. and liv. to be 70 yrs. old. John, Watertown 1633, was of 
Boxted in Co. Suff. and came in the Handmaid 1630, from London^ 
arr. at Plymouth, where he cont. over one yr. ; freem. 3 Sept 1634, by 
w. Amie had Pilgrim, b. 25 Aug. 1634, d. soon ; Pilgrim, again ; John, 

16 Feb..l637; Benjamin, bur. 1639 ; Samuel, 30 Sept. 1640, the freem. 


1690, wh. d. 22 Nov. 1711 ; beeide Abigail, 11 Oct. 1648, prob. d. 
joang ; Sarah ; Mary ; and Ruth. He had sec. w. Joanna, wh. d. 25 
Aug. 1683, aged 80 ; and he d. at the age of 90, 12 Oct 1684. Prob. 
Sarah and Mary were b. in £ng. Sarah m. J<^n Marion ; Mary m. 
Thomas Orton; and Pilgrim m. 22 Apr. 1656, William Baker, and, 

nexty Stedman. Yet the order of these ms. is revers. as Bond, 

755, shows, in a -deed of 9 Feb. 1704 of pt. of est of John Marion, in 
wh. she had some share, and is call Pilgrim Baker, formerly P. Stedman, 
and d. of John Eddy, tbo. I can explain the blunder of the scrivener 
mky by the long interval of time to cause it When die m. of Stedman 
was solemniz. or when Baker the first h. d. or what was Stedman's name 
of bapt has been sought in vain. John, Plymouth, eldest s. of Samuel, 
m. 12 Nov. 1665, Susanna, d. of Robert Paddock, had Mary, b. 14 Mar. 
1667 ; John, 19 Jan. 1671. His w. d. 14 Mar. foil, and he m. 1 May 
1672, Deliverance Owen of Braintree ; and a third w. Hepzibah, outliv. 
him, and d. 8 May 1726. Other ch. were Mercy, b. 5 July, 1673; 
Hannah, 6 Dec but Col. Rec. says 5 July 1676; Ebenezer, 16 May 
1679; Eleazer, 16 Oct 1681, tho. Col. Bee in two places says 1671 ; 
Joseph, 4 Jan. 1683; Benjamin, 1685; Abigail; Jonathan, 15 Dec. 
1689 ; Susanna, 18 Sept 1692 ; and Patience, 27 June 1696. He was 
some yrs. at Taunton, d. at Tisbury 27 May 1715. Obadiah, Ply- 
month, youngest br. of the preced. had John, b. 22 Mar. 1670 ; d. Hasa- 
diah, 10 Apr. 1672. Samuel, Plymouth, s. of Be v. William, it is said, 
of Cranbrook in Kent, Ipt liv. at Boxted, Co. Suff. came in the Hand- 
maid to Plymouth, Oct 1630, is call. br. of the first John, by w. Eliz. 
wb. d. 1682, aged 81, had John, b. 25 Dec 1637; Zechariah, 1639; 
Caleb, 1643; Obadiah, 1645 ; and Hannah, 23 June 1647. He d. 1688 
at Svranzey, aged a. 87. Caleb d. 23 Mar. 1713. Samuel, Watertown, 
youngest s. of John, m. 30 Nov. 1664, Sarah, d. of Grabriel Meade, had 
Samuel, b. 4 June 1668; Sarah, 31 Oet 1670; Benjamin, 16 Sept 
1673; Deliverance, 15 July 1676; Eliz. 2 Feb. 1679; Ruth, 3 Nov. 
1681; and Joanna, 24 Apr. 1685. Zeghabiah, Plymouth, s. of the 
preced. rem. to Swanzey, but prob. first at Middleborough, m. 7 May 
1663, Alice, d. of Robert Paddock, had Zechariah, b. 10 Apr. 1664; 
John, 10 Oct 1666; Eliz. 3 Aug. 1670; Samuel, 4 June 1673; Eben- 
ezer, 8 Feb. 1676; Caleb, 21 Sept 1678; Joshua, 21 Feb. 1681 ; and 
Obadiah, 2 Sept 1683 ; all of wh. exc Samuel, had &ms. ; and d. 4 
Sept 1718. Eliz. m. 26 Feb. 1691, Samuel Whipple of Providence. 
Alice and Elinor, ds. of Zechariah jun. appear on the rec as does 
his m. 

Edknden, EDDmoTOK sometimes, ^Edmukd, Scituate 1641, rep. 
1642, rem. to Boston, Deane says ; where his d. Mehitable was bapt 4 

100 EDE — EDG 

June 1G54; but the Secr.'s list of freem. 1665, calls him of Roxburj. 
Next jr. among freem. from Boston he certif. Edm. Eddington, wh. I 
judge to be the same. His d. Marj m. 23 Sept. 1651, William Baker; 
Sarah m. 1656, Thomas Rand ; Mehitablem. 17 Oct 1674, John Nntter; 
and Rebecca m. 16 Dec 1684, Samuel Lord. 

Edes, John, Boston, bj w. Catharine had John, b. 25 Oct 1680, 
prob. d. young; John, again, 6 Nov. 1686; and Eliz. 11 Feb. 1689, wh. 
d. at 13 yrs. John, Charlestown, m. 15 Oct 1674, Mary Tufts, d. of 
Peter, had John, bapt 22 Aug. 1680; Edward, 9 Oct 1681 ; Mary, 4 
May 1684 ; Peter, b. 19 Aug. bapt 21 Nov. 1686 ; Jonathan, 3, bapt 9 
Dec. 1688; and Sarah, 5 Apr. 1691 ; and d. next yr. John^ Charles- 
town, s. of the preced. m. 13 Apr. 1698, Grace Lawrence, had John, 
and Edward, bapt 18 May 1701; and Eliz. 19 Oct 1701; beside 
Daniel, Thomas, and six more. Nicholas, Southold, L. L 1673. 
Philip, Newport 1 678, had been an officer in Cromwell's fam. in good 
reput d. 16 Mar. 1682. Philip, Casco 1689. Willis, L 191. Wil- 
liam, Salem 1629, came in the fleet with Higginson. Young*s Chron. 
of Mass. 179. William, Boston, by w. Eliz. had Nicholas, b. 21 Sept 
1687; and Eliz. 24 Sept 1689. 

Edgarton, Richard, Saybrook, m. 8 Apr. 1653, Mary Sylvester, 
had Mary, b. 3 Feb. 1655; Eliz. 25 Dec 1657 ; Ann or Hannah, 24 
Sept 1659 ; rem. next yr. to Norwich, there had John, 12 June 1662, 
Richard, 10 Mar. 1665 ; Sarah, Apr. 1667; Samuel, May 1670; Lydia, 
Apr. 1675 ; and Joseph, 8 Mar. 1677. • 

Edge, Robert, emb. at London 1635, aged 25, in the Hopewell, 
Capt. Babb. Possib. the name may be the same as Hedge ; or it may 
be that the custom ho. rec. meant a y what I read a g. 

Edgecomb, John, New London 1670, m. 9 Feb. 1673, Sarah, d. of 
Edward Stallion, the rec. calls him ^^ s. of Nicholas E. of Plymouth, old 
Eng." had Margaret, b. 1674; John, 14 Nov. 1675; Sarah, 29 July 
1678; Joanna, 3 Mar. 1680; Nicholas; Samuel, 1690; and Thomas; 
d. Apr. 1721, at gr. age. Nicholas, Scarborough 1640, took o. of 
submis. to Mass. 13 July 1658 ; but as I find his subscript by a mark, 
he was not, prob. (as Farmer thot.) of the fam. of Sir Richard E. of 
Mount Edgcombe in Devon. Yet he may have been a depend, of that 
ho. He rem. a. 1660 to Saco. In Southgate, p. 25, we learn that his 
d. Mary m. George Page of Saco ; and next, John Ashton of Scar- 
borough; and that his other d. Joanna m. a Pynchon of Boston. 
Christopher, John, Michael, and Robert, soldiers at Blackpoint, Scar- 
borough, 1676, were, we may well imagine, his s. John was one of the 
selectmen of Saco 1676; Robert m. Rachel, d. of James Gibbins of 
Saco, and there d. 1730, aged 74. 

£DG — EDM 101 

EDGERi^Ty Philip, New Hampsh. 1654. Thomas, Dover 1665, m. 
28 Sept of that jr. Rebecca Hollowaj, or Hallowell, freem. 1672, was 
a magistr. Perhaps he m. 8 Dec 1691, after, as sec* w. Jane Wheedon, 
a d. of Jotax Ault, bat whose wid. she was I kn. not. 

Edlik, or EoLiNG, Dayid, Leudicoes, or Ludecus, Dover 1659, 
adm. in spite of his outlandish name, 6 June, and had gr. of Id. in same 
yr. wh. was in 1662 or 3, perhaps afler his d. laid out to his w. Eliz. I 
suppose he was a German doctor, and that Ludecus, wh. remain, for 
lam. name, after reject: of Edlin, was in reality abbrev. for Ludovicus, 
for the abofninat. of a double one could not be endur. even in the most 
akilful disciple of Hippocrates. 

Edmasteb, John, Charlestown 1678, had d. Prudence, bapt. at 18 
jis. on 27 Feb. 1687. 

Edmonson, William, R 1. 1672. 

Edmitnps, Edmonds, or Edmands, Andrew, Providence, m. 14 
Oct 1675, Maiy, d. of Benjamin Herendean, had Maiy, b. 26 Oct 
1676; Sarah, 17 Feb. 1678 ; William, 7 Mar. 1681 ; Andrew, 17 June 
1683; and Joseph, 2 Feb. 1687 ; and in 1696 his wid. Mary was allow, 
to keep the ferry over Seekonk riv. Daniel, Charlestown 1659, s. of 
Walter, b. in Eng. freem. 1670, by w. Mary had Richard, b. 13 June 
1664, bapt 23 July 1665 ; Mary, 22, bapt 24 Feb. 1667 ; both d. 
joung ; Jonathan, 24, bapt 25 July 1669 ; Balph, 15, bapt 19 Nov. 
1671 ; and Mary, again, 28 Oct bapt 2 Nov. 1673. He was a felt- 
maker, d. 22 Aug. 1688, aged 59, and wid. Mary d. 26 Nov. 1717. She 
was, I presume, d. of Balph Sprague, and her br. Capt. Richard, left her 
good portions of his est James, Boston 1675, merch. had perhap been 
of Salem 1668, but was, prob. not the man wh. desir. employ, from our 
gov. and coune. 1629, as stat in Young's Chron. 47, wh. came 1629, in 
tiie fleet with Higginson, a cooper. James, Providence, perhaps s.* of An- 
drew, d. 6 Sept 1736, in his will nam. w. Alice, and ch. WiHiam, and James. 
John, Charlestown, freem. 18 May 1631, d. 21 Sept 1677. John, Hart- 
ford 1639L John, Charlestown, s. of Walter of the same, m. 4 Oct 1667, 
Hannah, wid. of Nathaniel Dady, d. of Richard Miller, had Dorothy, b. 
27 June folL bapt 18 June 1671 ; and John, 27 Aug. foil. ; the mo. harv. 
oait with the ch. 11 June preced. John, Lynn, s. of William, m. 16 
Dec 1J&62, Sarah Hudson, had William, 16 June 1664; John, 1 Feb. 
1666 ; Jonathan, 30 Sept 1668 ; Mary, 14 Oct 1671 ; EUz. 1 May 1677 ; 
Nathaniel, 2 Apr. 1680; Joseph; and Benjan^n; was freem. 1691. 
Joseph, Lynn, br. of the preced. by w. Susanna, wh. d. 16 Dec 1670, 
liad William, wh. d. 13 Dec 1670; and by sec w. had Joseph, b. 15 
Aug. 1673; Sarah, 7 Nov. 1675; William, again, 13 Sept 1677; 
Thomas ; and Robert Joshua, Concord 1645, br. of Daniel, b< in En^ 

102 EDS — EDW 

freem. 1650, bj w. Mary had Samuel, b. 16 Feb. 1650 ; rem. to Charles- 
town, had there,* bj w. Eliz. William, b. 23, bapt. 29 Jan. 1665; and 
Ruth, 8 Aug. 1669 ; d. 5 Nov. 1683. His wid. m. 28 Nov. 1689, Rich- 
ard Martin. Richard, Wobum, d. 18 Nov. 1689. Robert, Maine 
1665, sw. fidel. to Mass. 1674. Samuel, Concord 1645. Samuel, 
Lynn, s. of William, freem. 1690, m. 11 Aug. 1675, Eliz. Meriam, and 
next, 27 Jan. 1685, says Barry, Eliz. Bridges, had Samuel, b. 5 Aug. 
1676; EUz. 23 July 1679; Mary, 3 Aug. 1681; AbigaU; David, 22 
July 1689 ; and Jonathan, 7 Jan. 1692. Walter, Concord, freem. 22 
May 1639, had John, b. 2 July 1640 ; rem. and with w. Dorothy was of 
Charlestown ch. 1652; d. 13 July 1667, and his wid. d. 14 Sept. 1671. 
Most of his ch. were, no doubt, b. in Eng. His d. Mary m. 19 Oct 
1644, Luke Potter. In his wil^ 30 May 1667, w. and s. John are made 
Excors. but Joshua, Daniel, and d. Potter are nam. Willlajc, Lynn, 
freem. 6 May 1635, a tailor, had w. Mary, wh. d. 2 Apr. 1657, and he 
m. 1 Sept. foil, at Boston, wid. Ann Martin ; testif. in 1678, that he was 
in 68th yr. had John; Mary; Joseph; and Samuel; d. 4 Aug. 1693. 
Lewis marks his arr. of 1630. His d. Mary m. 1 Sept. 1657, Joseph 
Hutchings. William, Providence, s. of Andrew, d. 30 Dec. 1725, lear. 
wid. Alice, and ch. James, William, and Mary. 

Edsall, or Edsell, || Thomas, Boston, turner, ar. co. 1652, m. Eliz. 
Farman, 16 Sept of unkn. yr. prob. 1652, had Henry, b. 28 Feb. 1655. 

Edson, Benjamin, perhaps s. of Samuel of Bridgewater, m. 4 Dec. 
1660, Sarah Hoskins, d. perhaps, of William of Scituate. Joseph, 
Bridgewater, s. of deac. Samuel, by w. Experience had Joseph ; Josiah, 
b. 1682 ; and Benjamin; and by sec. w. Mary, m. 1686, had Samuel, 
Timothy, Mary, and Susanna, as Mitchell thinks ; and he adds that his 
est was sett 1712. Josiah, Bridgewater, br. of the preaed. m. Eliz. d. 
of John Dean of Taunton, not (as Mitchell says), perhaps d. of Nathaniel 
Hay ward, but M. gives no ch. He adds, that h. and w. both d. 1734, he 
aged 82, and she 83. His large est. went by devise chief, to his neph. 
Josiah, 8. of Joseph. Samuel, Salem 1639, rem. to Bridgewater, there 
was deac. rep. 1676, d. 9 July 1692, set 80 ; and his wid. Susanna d. 20 
Feb. 1699, aet 81. He had Samuel, Joseph, Josiah, Susanna, Eliz. 
Mary, Sarah, and Bethia. Susanna m. Rev. James Keith ; Eliz. m. 
Richard Phillips of Weymouth; Mary m. 1676, Nicholas Byram,jr.; 
Sarah m. 7 Nov. 1663, John Dean of Taunton; Bethia m. 17 Dec. 
1678, Ezra Dean. Samuel, Bridgewater, s. perhaps eldest, of the 
preced. m. Susanna, d. of Nicholas Byram, had Susanna, b. 1679 ; Eliz. 
1684; and Samuel, 1690; and d. 1719. His wid. d. 1742. Two of 
this name had been gr. at Harv. in 1834, and three at other N. E. colL 

Edwards, Alexander, Springfieldi came from Wales a. 1640, emb. 


at Bristol, m. 28 Apr. 1642, Sarah, wid. of John Searl, had Samuel, b. 
7 Mar. 1643; Hannah, 18 Feb. 1645 ; Joseph, 8 Aug. 1647; Mary, 20 
Jan. 1650; Benjamin, 24 June 1652; and Sarah, 21 Nov. 1654; next 
jr. rem. to Northampton, there had Nathaniel, 25 June 1657 ; and Eliz. 
22 Feb. 1660; d. 4 Sept 1690. All the s. had fam. Samuel, Joseph, 
and Nathaniel, with the f. were made freem. 1690; and descend, are 
?ei7 num. Mary m. 17 Dec. 1670, John Field. Benjamin, Spring- 
field, 8. of the preced. m. 23 Feb. 1681, Thankful, d. of the first Isaac 
Sheldon. Edward, Plymouth 1643, perhaps rem. or d. same yr. 
Gbiffin, Boston, caUs, in a deed, Ann, w. of Rev. John Myles, wh. 
was sole heir of John Humphrey, his mo.-in-l»w. John, Wethersfield 
1640, had prob. liv. at Watertown, and by a first w. bef. sett, at Wethers- 
field, had Thomas; and Abraham, b. 12 Aug. 1637; and m. Dorothy, 
wid. of Abraham Finch, had John, b. 16 Dec. 1638 ; Esther, June 
1641; Ruth, Dec 1643; Hannah, Jan. 1645; Joseph, May 1648; and 
Lydia. He d. a. 1664, and in May 1667, his wid. m. Richard Tousley 
of Saybrook, and 1676 was a wid. for third time. John, the s. was a 
oorporal (not capL as Hinman, 130, tells), and was k. in the great Narra- 
ginset fight, 19 Dec 1675. John, ^Ipswich, m. 24 Nov. 1658, Mary 
Sams, had John, b. 22 Jan. 1660 ; Mary, 15 Oct 1661 ; Eliz. and Lucy, 
tw. 28 Feb. 1667; William, 27 Mar. 1669; Samuel, 1 June 1671; 
Francis, 29 Dec 1678; Hannah, 7 July 1681; and Frances, 30 Sept 
1682 ; was freem. 1690. John, Ipswich, by w. Margaret had Thomas, 
b. 28 Feb. 1694, d. within 3 mos. ; and Margaret, 25 Feb. 1695, d. 
within 4 yrs. Perhaps he was of Cape Elizabeth 1690. John, 
Charlestown, by w. Eliz. had John, bapt 13 Mar. 1687. Joseph, 
Wethersfield, s. of John, had w. Sarah, m. 12 Nov. 1670, wh. d. 12 Dec. 
1687. Joseph, Northampton 1668, was s. of Alexander, had a fam. 
but names of Wv and ch. are equal, unkn. Matthew, Reading, came in 
the Speedwell 1656, from London, m. 2 Dec 1657, Mary, d. of John 
Poole, had Mary, b. 25 Mar. 1659 ; Sarah, 26 Jan. 1661 ; Matthew, 24 
Oct 1662, d. young ; and Eliz. ; the ds. are nam. in their gr.f.'s will of 
1667. He was freem. 1669; d. 23 Dec 1683, aged 52. Nathaniel, 
Boston, merch. a cit. of London, d. 2 Jan. 1654. Nathaniel, North- 
ampton, s. of Alexander, of wh. I kn. nothing, exc that he was freem. 
1690, and had fam. Nicholas, from Boston, d. at Barbados, 12 Oct 
1661. Rice, Salem 1643, Boston *1 646, a joiner. His w. Joan was 
adm. of our ch. 9 May 1647. Richard, Hartford, only ch. of first 
William, m. 19 Nov. 1667, Eliz. d. of William TutUe of New Haven, 
had Mary, b. 1668; Timothy, 14 May 1669; Abigail, 1671; Eliz. 
1675; Ann, 1678; Mabel, bapt 13 Dec 1685; and ano. ch. whose 
name is not found; next, m. a. 1692, Mary, d. of Hon. John Talcott, 
bad Jonathan, 20 Jan. 1693 d. soon; John, 27 Feb. 1694; Hannah, 8 

104 EELLS. 

Jan. 1696; Richard, 5 June 1698, d. young; Daniel, 11 Apr. 1701, 
Y. C. 1720 ; and Samuel, 1 Nov. 1702. He was a very valu. cit and 
d. 20 May 1713 ace. GeneaL Reg. XII. 334, while fam. tradit. gives 20 
Apr. 1718, when Timothy, Abigail, Eliz. Ann, and Mabel, ch. of the 
first w. beside three s. and one d. of the sec were liv. Daniel, a judge 
of the Sup. Court of Conn. d. 6 Sept. 1765. Robert, Concord, came 
from London in the Hopewell, Capt. Babb, in the autumn of 1635, aged 
22, or he may be the same wh. seven days earlier than his entry for 
Babb's sh. is, at the Lond. custom ho. certif. to have tak. the o. of alleg* 
being aged 27, and to pass, to Virg. Possib. only one man so nam. was 
in London. He by w. Christian, had at C. Sarah, b. 12 Sept. 1640, d. in 2 
wks. ; Christian, 15 Mar. 1646, and sev. others, prob. bef. as well as 
after. He was freem. 18 May 1642, d. early, for his inv. was tak. 18 
Dec 1646. Samuel, Northampton 1668, s. of Alexander of the same, 
freem. 1690, had a fam. but details are not beard. Thomas, Salem 
1637, shoemaker, freem. 28 Feb. 1643, had there bapt John, 6 June 
1639, his w. being of the ch. bef. him; Joseph, 22 May 1642; and 
Joshua, 18 June 1643; and prob. rem. to Lynn, or Watertown, where 
he may have liv. bef. sett, at S. Thomas, Wethersfield, brot Eliz. wh. 
m. a. 1645, John Goodrich, was of Hartford 1648, engag. to rem. 1659, 
with other friends of Goodwin, but went not, and in 1663 was by the 
Court ordered to oversee the work upon bridges. His d. Ruth m. 20 
June 1670, Samuel Hale the younger, and d. 26 Dec 1682, aged SO. 
Thomas, Boston 1665, and sev. yrs. after a master mariner, perhaps the 
same, maltreat, by the French at Tortugas, 1674, ment by Grov. Leverett, 
3 Mass. Hist Coll. X. 102. Thomas, Stonington 1667, m. Mary, per- 
haps d. of Henry Bridgham of Dorchester, d. 1693. TimothYj min. of 
Windsor, H. C. 1691, s. of Richard bef. ment m. 6 Nov. 1694, Esther, 
d. of Rev. Solomon Stoddard of Northampton, had eleven ch. ord. 1698, 
d. 27 Jan. 1758, less than two mos. bef. his s. Jonathan, the disting. 
theolog. b. 5 Oct 1703, Presid. of N. J. ColL William, Hartford 
1639, but not freem. bef. 1658 ; he was brot in childhood, says the fam. 
tradit by his mo. Ann, w. of James Cole, m. Agnes, wid. of William 
Spencer, had only ch. Richard, bef. ment b. May 1647. Willllm, Taun- 
ton 1643, perhaps was at Lynn 5 yrs. afler, but rem. to L. I. prob. at 
Easthampton 1650. William, Marblehead 1668. 

Eells, Ells, Eels, or Eales^ John, Dorchester, freem. 14 May 
1634, had Samuel, bapt 3 May 1640; and rem. perhaps to Hingham 
first, but in 1645 to Newbury, there calL "beehive maker," d. 25 Nov. 
1653, aged 78, says CoflSn, wh. ment no w. nor ch. NAXHAHTtLy Scita- 
ate, 8. of Samuel, ord. 14 June 1704, m. 12 Oct foil. Hannah North of 
Hiqgham, had Sarah, b. 5 Aug. 1705 ; Samuel, 23 Feb. 1707 ; John, 23 

EGE — EGG 105 

Jan. 1709 ; Nathaniel, 4 Feb. 1711, H. C. 1728; Edward, 4 Jan. 1713, 
H. C. 1733; Hannah, 30 Jan. 1715 ; Mary, 13 May 1716; North, 28 
Sept 1718; and Ann, 16 Oct. 1721. He partook in the Whitfield 
oontroY. 1745, and d. 25 Aug^ 1750; and his wid. d. 2 May 1754. 
Richard, Boston, d. 29 Oct. 1639, prob. without w. or ch. His will, 
the first in first vol. of rec. names br. John in Eng. and refers to three 
brs. and a sis. as residuary legatees. But it has been argu. with much 
plausibility, that the testator's name was Hills. See Geneal. Reg. IL 
218. * Sahtel, Milford, prob. s. of John, m. 1 Aug. 1663, Ann, d. 
of Rev. Robert Lenthall of Newport, had Samuel, b. 1 June 1664, d. 
soon; John, 3 July 1665, d. young; Samuel, again, 2 Sept 1666; 
John, again, a. 1668; these two bapt 1670; Mary, 18 Feb. 1671; 
Bobert, 4 Dec 1672, d. young; Robert, again, 25 Jan. 1675 ; Nathaniel, 
bef. ment. 26 Nov. 1677, or next mo. H. C. 1699, and perhaps others, 
but had a sec w. Sarah, wid. of Joseph Peck ; yet I kn. not wh. she was. 
He was a milit officer, in Philip's war, and afler was at Fairfield in 
1687 ; but sett, at Hingham, of which he was rep. 1705 and 6, d. 1709. 
His wid. d. at Scituate at the ho. of his s. 1711. Deane says, his d. 
Ann m. 1704, Thomas Wilder; and Eliz. m. 1710, John Stowell, both 
of H. Hinman, 277, has a great amount of matter on this name, but it 
ift difficult to put it in order. Eleven of this name had in 1829 been 
gr. at Harv. Yale, and Williams Coll. of wh. ten were clerg. 

Eger, William, Cambridge, by w. Ruth wh. d. 6 Jan. 1 680, aged 
39, had Zerubabel, b. 8 June 1672; Martha, 26 Nov. 1674; Ruth, 1 
Feb. 1677; and Sarah, 25 June 1679. Hem. 13 Apr. 1680, Lydia 
(the. the rec has Esther), wid. of Arthur Cole, rem. to Marlborough, 
after ha v. Margaret, b. 25 May 1681, there had sev. more; but as Wil- 
liam; Zechary; Abraham; James, 1685; Jacob; Mercy; Lydia; and 
Esther, nam. in his will of Dec. 1687, as well as Zerubabel, Ruth, 
Sarah, and Margaret, seem too large a number for the sec. w. for whose 
promise of another also provis. is made, one must suppose, that two or 
three beside those rec. at C. were b. of first w. at some other town. The 
will was pro. 17 June 1690. Abraham, James, Zechary, and Zerubabel 
had fam. in Marlborough, the last ha v. m. 1697, Hannah Ecrley ; Abra- 
bam had w. Lydia ; and Zechary, Eliz. Prob. this is now Eager. 
Eggikgton, Jeremiah, Boston, m. 12 Oct 1655, Eliz. d. of Rev. 

John Cotton, wh. d. 31 Aug. 1656, had Eliz. b. 15 of the same mo. wh. 

prob. d. soon. He, I suppose, rem. 
Eggleston, Bagot, Bigod, Bigot, or Begat, with sundry other 

variat. Dorchester, came, prob. in the Mary and John, ask. adm. 19 Oct. 

1^0, and was rec as freem. 18 May foil. rem. with first sett, to Wind- 

«^)d.l Sept. 1674, "near 100 yrs. old," says extrav. tradit. leav. 

106 EGL — ELB 

Samuel, and James, both b. bef. he rem. and Thoma8,.b. 26 Aug. 1688 ; 
Mary, 29 Maj 1641; Sarah, 28 Mar. 1643; Rebecca, 8 Dec 1644; 
Abigail, 12 June 1648 ; Joseph, bapt. 30 Mar. 1651 ; and Benjamin, 18 
Dec. 1653. The name of his w. is unkn. but the Court rec of Conn* 
ment. that he was fin. 20 sh. for bequeath, her to a young man in 1645, 
wh. (not the fine), must be regard, as joke. Abigail m. 14 Oct 1669, 
John Osbom. Benjamin, Windsor, youngest s. of the preced. m. 6 
Mar. 1678, Hannah, wid. of Elias Shadduck or Shattuck, d. of John 
Osborne, had Mary, b. 2 Oct. 1680 ; Sarah, 1683 ; Abigail, 1685 ; Bea- 
jamin, 1687 ; Dorothy, 1690 ; Joseph, 1695 ; and Esther, 1697. James, 
Windsor, br. of the preced. by w. Esther had James, b. 1 Jan. 1657, k. 
at Deerfield by the Ind. Sept 1675 ; John, 27 Mar. 1659 ; Thomas, 27 
July 1661 ; Esther, 1 Dec 1663 ; Nathaniel, 15 Aug. 1666 ; Isaac, 27 
Feb. 1669 ; Abigail, 1 Sept 1671 ; Deborah, 1 May 1674; and Han- 
nah, 19 Dec 1676 ; and he d. 1 Dec. 1679. He was made freem. of 
Conn. 1657, at the same time with his f. ; and his br. Samuel, perhaps 
the elder, in yr. foil His wid. m. 29 Apr. 1680, James Enno. Sam- 
uel, Middletown, br. of the preced. by w. Sarah had Samuel, b. 6 Mar. 
1663; Thomas, 4 June 1667, d. soon ; Joseph, 24 Jan. 1669, d. soon; 
Sarah, 26 Oct 1670; Susanna, 19 May 1674 ; Nicholas, 23 Dec 1676; 
Mercy, 27 July 1679, Mary, 1681 ; and Ebenezer, 1684; d. Mar. 1691. 
Thomas, Windsor, br. of the preced. freem. 1658, was of New London 

Egleton, John, Fairfield, by w. Peaceable had John, b. 4 Sept. 
1657 ; d. 1659, his in v. bears date of 20 Oct. His wid. m. a. 1660, 
Daniel Silliman, from wh. it is said, all of this name desc. She d. the 
next yr. The s. d. unm. At F. this name has sometimes doub. g and 
sometimes is Eggleden. 

Eglik, William, Boston, m. Fhebe, d. of Robert Williams of the 
same, had Mary, b. 8 July 1 667 ; Samuel, 14 Mar. 1669; Phebe, 17 
May 1673 ; and John, 15 May 1677. 

Eglinton, Edward, Boston, d. 17 Nov. 1696. 

Egbon, John, Maiden, had EUz. b. 3 Feb. 1673 ; but that this was 
a possib. name in N. E. demands high authority to convince. See Gren* 
eaL Reg. X. 235. 

Eire, Simon. See Eyre. 

Ela, Daniel, Haverhill 1675, perhaps sev. yrs. earlier, a tanner, 
but in 1677 bad leave to keep an ordinary. Mirick, 52, 4. He took a 
of alleg. 28 Nov. 1677. Perhaps he had s. Israel, wh. took o. of alleg. 
28 Nov. 1677. 

Elbridge, Thomas, Boston, s. of Giles, merch. and joint grantee of 
the patent, 29 Feb. 1632 to Aldsworth, an Alderm. of Bristol, by the 

ELC — ELD 107 

Preflid. and Coanc of N. E. for Pemaquid, came, perhaps 1650, to dis- 
pose of that int. in lots, of wh. one moietj was in 1652 to Capt Paul 
Trhite for £200, and the last was in 1657. He also sold for the co. 
Monhigon. He was assoo. with the first wh. own. a fire engine in the 
metrop. 1680. Will^, L 13. 

Blcock, Anthony, New Haven 1657, had Mary, b. 1661; John, 
1606; Tliomas, 1666; and Sarah, 1669. He d. not long after, for in 
Sept. 1-672 his will is ment 

£ldeb, Daniel, Dorchester, m. 12 Mar. 1667, Ljdia Homes, wh. d. 
5 Sept. 1689, had Ljdia, b. 19 Julj 1668, d. next mo. ; Remember, 29 
June 1669; Andrew, 13 Mar. 1671; Ljdia, again, 13 June 1673; 
Dankl, 1 Jane 1675 ; and d. 4 Maj 1692. 

Eldebkin, John, Lynn 1637, Dedham 1641, Reading 1646, and 
two yra. later at Providence, and of New London 1651, where he built 
both ibib first ch. and first mill, finally in 1664 sett, at Norwich there also 
Imih the first ch. and mill, d. 23 June 1687 aged a. 71. He had Abigail, 
b. 13 Sept. 1641, but what was his w.'s name, or whether she had more 
ch. or when she d. is unkn. Yet a d. of this w. m. Daniel Comstock. 
He m. fi>r sec w. £liz. d. of John Drake, wid. of William Gaylord, 
and had Ann, b. Jan. 1661 ; John, Apr. 1664 ; Bathshua, Nov. 1665 ; 
James, Mar. 1671 ; and Joseph, Dec. 1672. His wid. long sury. him, 
and d. 18 June 1716, cet 95 ; and the error in Hist of Norwich, 117, 
whereby this date was made to belong to the h. is thus explain. JohN| 
Norwich, s. of the preced. m. 1685, Abigail Fowler. Four of the 
name had in 1829 been gr. at Tale. 
Elpebtoh, John, Providence 1645. 

£i*DBEi>, John, Hampton 1640. John, Warwick, m. Margaret, fifth 
d. of Randall Houlden the first. Samuel, Cambridge 1646, bj w. Eliz. 
had Eliz. b. 26 Oct 1642 ; Samuel, 26 Oct 1644 ; Mary, 15 June 1646 ; 
and Thomas, 8 Sept 1648. Both s. were of Wickford 1674, but, both 
being in the interest of Conn, they may not have been perman. sett. 
Taken prisoner by Conn, when R. I. was too weak to vindicate iier 
right, he, perhaps, to serve his relat and neighb. consent to be made a 
ooostable, until the royal justice might impartial set the disput bound*" 
ary. Samuel was at Rochester 1688, and is nam. in the Revo, in N. E. 
Justit p. 20. A Mrs. E. is ment 1643 at New Haven, with &m. of 5, 
and est of £1000, but not there in 1 647, prob. was gone home to London. 
WnxiAX, Yarmouth, m. a d. of William Lumpkin of the same, whose 
bapt name is not seen by me, had Ann, b. a. 16 Dec 1648 ; and Sarah, 
10 Oct 1650, beside Elisha, and Bethia ; of wh. the last two are nam. 
in the will of their gr.f. L. Very often it is Eldridge. 
Ei«DRn>GB, Jahss, Stonington 1670. Nathaniel, Windsor 1642, 

108 ELF — ELI 

prob. retn. * Nicholas, Chatham, s. of Robert, first rep. under new 
chart. 1692, d. 30 Apr. 1702, leav. wid. EIiz. James, the oldest s. and 
other dh. John, Nicholas, Mary, Eliz. Martha, and Desire. Robert, 
Yarmouth, m. "the lastwk. of Oct 1649," Eliz. d. of William Nickerson 
of the same, had Nicholas, b. 18 Aug. 1650 ; but i hear not of others. 
Yet Mary, wh. m. 30 Nov. 1668, John Smith of the same, was, perhaps, 
his d. Samuel, Stonington, was constable 1670. Thomas, Boedbn, 
1674, ship carpenter. Often this name, in early days, was writ. Eldred. 

Elford, John, Salem 1636, excom. 1639, tho. Felt, wh. states the 
fact, n. 576, as set out at full in Hutch. L 420, by the pastor's letter, has 
omit, the name among mem. of the ch. He prob. rem. with Roger Wil- 
liams, and the other outcasts. Tristbam, Gloucester 1664, then aged 
40 yrs. 

Elgabb, Thomas, Hadley 1678, a young man, chargeable to the 
town, perhaps an invalid soldier of Philip's war, rem. to Suffield, m. a. 
1691, Abigail FiUey, had Thomas, b. 24 July 1692; and perhaps other 
ch. Thomas, Windsor, 1729, prob. s. of the preced. but possib. the 

Eliot, or Elliot, and Elliott, ♦ Andbew, Beverly, came from 
Somersetsh. it is said, but no date is kn. had only s. Andrew, b. 1651 in 
Eng. was rep. 1690-2. He was of the juries, says tradit. wh. tried the 
witches, and had great mental affliction on that acoo. in the residue of 
life. Andrew, Beverly, s. of the preced. came with his f. m. 9 Dec 
1680, Mary, d. of Samuel Shattuck, had Mary, b. 1681 ; Andrew, 11 
Sept. 1683; and Samuel, 11 Feb. 1686; was a mariner, freem. 1683, 
and lost, on ret. voyage, 12 Sept 1688 at Cape Sable. Andbew, Bos- 
ton, s. of the preced. merch. m. Ruth Symonds of Beverly, had Samuel, 
a stationer and bookseller, a man of good esteem, ancest. of Hon. Sam- 
uel, late Mayor of Boston ; Ruth ; and Andrew, H. C. 1737, wh. was 
emin.' as a patriot and divine, and f. of Andrew, H. C. 1762 ; of John, 
H. C. 1772, the beloved, a disting. antiq. ; and of Ephraim, H. C. 
1780. Asaph, Boston, s. of Jacob, b. the yr. his f. d. m. Eliz. d. of 
Capt Richard Davenport, wh. d. 10 Mar. 1680, had Eliz. b. 1 Feb. bef. 
By sec. w. Hannah had John, 18 Dec 1683; and d. 3 Sept 1685. 
Daniel, Sudbuiy, or Marlborough, m. Hannah, d. of Peter Cloyes, had 
Daniel, b. 17 Aug. 1687 ; Ebenezer, 3 Mar. 1693; John, 16 May 1695; 
James, 2 Apr. 1697; Nathaniel, 10 Aug. 1699; Jonathan, 16 Aug. 
1701 ; and Peter, 25 Nov. 1704 ; rem. to Oxford. Edmund, Salisbury 
1652, by w. Sarah had John, b. 25 Sept 1660. He had, perhaps, two 
ws. one d. of Jared Hadden, one d. of Ralph Blaisdell. Fbancis, 
Braintree, youngest br. of the apostle John, b. in Eng. freem. 2 June 
1641, m. Mary, d. of Martin Saunders, had Mary, b. 27 Jan. 1641, d. 

ELIOT. 109 

young; Hachel, 26 Oct 164S ; John, 17 Apr. 1650 ; Hannah, 11 Oct. 
1651, but ano. reading of the Arabic numerals in the official transcr. of 
rec prob. erron. makes it 8 Jan. 1652, as in Geneal. Reg. XII. 110; 
Mary, again, 25 Oct. 1653 ; and AbigaU, 12 Jan. 1659. He was made 
deac 12 Oct 1653, and d. 1677. In his will of 30 Oct of that jr. he 
names w. Mary, ds. Abigail, Mary, Rachel, and Hannah. Mary m. 
Apr. 1662, Caleb Hobart, and d. early; Rachel m. 1662, John Poulter 
of Cambridge, and next, deac John Whitmore of Medford ; and Han- 
nah m. 3 Sept. 1670, Stephen Willis. Henby, Stonington, perhaps s. 
of first Joseph, m. 12 Mar. 1679, Deborah, wid. of James York, jr. had 
Deborah, b. 1680; and Ann, 1681. Humphrey, Portsmouth, s. prob. 
of Robert, m. £liz. d. of Robert Cutts, bef. 13 July 1685, had Champer- 
noon, wh. is nam. in the will of Francis Champemoon, made next yr. 
Jacob, Boston, elder br. of Rev. John, came prob. with him in the Lion, 
Not. 1631, freem. 6 Mar. 1632, ord. a deac 17 May 1640, wh. is quite 
obserra. as he was disarm, two and a half yrs. bef. as one of the pesti- 
lent heretics that support. Wheelwright and Mrs. Hutchinson in their 
*' opinions and revelations;'' and d. 1651, lea v. wid. Margery, wh. d. 30 
Oct. 1661. His will of 28 Apr. pro. 20»Nov. 1651, is well abstr. in 
GeneaL Reg. lY. 53. His ch. were Jacob, bapt 16 Dec. 1632 ; John, 
28 Dec. 1634, d. young; Hannah, 29 Jan. 1637, wh. m. 4 June 1653, 
deac Theophilus Frary; Abigail, 7 Apr. 1639, wh. m. 16 Dec 1657, 
Thomas Wybome ; Susanna,, b. 16, bapt 25 July 1641, wh. m. Dec 
1662, Peter Hobart of Hingham, and, next, Thomas Downes, and d. 14 
Mar. 1688 ; Mehitable, 25 Apr. bapt 4 May 1645 ; Sarah ; Asaph, 25 
Oct bapt 2 Nov. 1651, bef. ment A writer in Greneal. Reg. VHI. 46, 
has giv. dates of bapt. for b. and made Hannah, b. 1638, when she was 
bapt 29 Jan. 1636-7, and omit two childr. names bef. Asaph. Jacob, 
eldest s. of the preced. freem. 1654, m. 9 Jan. 1655, wid. Mary Wilcock, 
had Mary, b. 6 Oct foil. wh. m. 2 Jan. 1678, Elizur Holyoke ; Abigail, 
16 Dec 1657 ; Hannah, 15 June 1660, prob. d. soon; Jacob, 16 Nov. 
1662, d. young ; Joseph, 13 Jan. 1664 ; Hannah, again, 17 Mar. 1666 ; 
and Jacob, again, 16 Apr. 1673 ; was capt in high esteem, and deac. one 
of the selectmen 1677, and d. 16 Aug. 1693. John, Roxbury, the 
celebr. apostle of the Ind. b. at Nazing, Co. Essex, 1603, was bred at 
Cambridge, matric as a pensioner in Jesus ColL 20 Mar. 1619, where 
he took his A. B. 1623, came to Boston 2 Nov. 1631, in the Lion, freem. 
6 Mar. 1632, in Nov. foil, was sett in his office of teacher, with coUea. 
Thomas Welde, wh. was made pastor in July preced. He m. Ann 
Mumford, or Mountfort, wh. was betroth, to him in Eng. and foil, him 
the next yr. This was in Octor. I think, certain, not 4 Sept 1 632, as 
the town rec has it, for the ship, in wh. she came did not arr. until 12 

VOL. II. 10 

110 ELIOT. 

dajs later. She d. 22 Mar. 1687, had Hannah, b. 17 Sept 1683, wh. 
m. 4 Maj 1653, Habakuk Glover, and ¥ras liv. when Mather wrote the 
Life of her f.; John, 3 or 31 Aug. 1636, H. C. 1656; Joseph, 20 Dec 
1638, H. C. 1658; Samuel, 22, bapt 27 June 1641, H. C. 1660; 
Aaron, 19 Feb. bapt 3 Mar. 1644, d. 19 Nov. 1655 ; and Benjamin, 29 
Jan. 1647, whose bapt is not kn. as the foot of the page in ch. rec. 
where prob. it was writ is cut off. This youngest s. H. C. 1665, was, it 
is said, a preacher, and assbt his f. many yrs. ; but he was never ord. 
nor m. and d. 15 Oct. 1687. In the trembl. hand of the f. it is writ 
that he was bur. 26, the rec next but one above being ^ in this yr. my 
ancient dearly beloved w. d. I was sick to death, but the Lord was 
pleased to deliv. me." A very curious tract, proving Eliot's simplicity 
of heart, the Christian Commonwealth, compos, like William Aspinwall's 
Fifth Monarchy, under a strong persuasion of the " rising kingdom of 
Jesus Christ," being near at hand, may be seen in 3 Mass. Hist ColL 
IX. 130. In the humble apology, extort in May 1661, he says, it was 
sent to £ng. ^ about nine or ten yrs. since." As the more proximate 
reign of Oliver Cromwell was then in concoction, the work was kept 
back for the preposterous, but* natural, anarchy after his death, and then 
came forth to enjoy short popular, or prob. none at all. Our peop. 
gladly acknowl. the gov. of £ng. in King, Lords, and Commons, for the 
millennium seem, premature ; yet it was hardly an object of trite poHcj 
to compel the auth. to profess his sorrow for the harmless mistakes. 
Ever honor, will be the name of Eliot for the better work, not of a 
statesman, but a philanthro. laborer of forty yrs. in spread, among oar 
aborig. the sentiments and in some degree the doctr. of his relig. He 
had sec. coUea. Danfbrth, and third, Walter, and d. 20 May 1690. JoHsr, 
Watertown 1633, by w. Margaret had Eliz. b. 2 Feb. 1634 ; John, 1636 ; 
Ann, 12 July 1638; Samuel, 1640, d. soon ; Martha, Jan. 1 641, d. soon; 
and Sarah, 22 Dec. 1643 ; sold his est in 1646^ and prob. rem. to Stam- 
ford 1650, where w. Margaret d. 17 Aug. 1658, and d. Sarah was m. 
1659. JoHNy Newton, first min. of that town, then Cambridge vill. s. of 
the apostle, freem. 1660, ord. 20 July 1664, had w. Sarah, third d. of 
Thomas Willet, the disting. first Eng. mayor of N. Y. of wh. the Cam- 
bridge rec gives date of d. 13 June 1664, but Jackson's Hist says 1665. 
By her he had Sarah, bapt 21 Sept 1662, wh. m. 16 Nov. 1681, John 
Bowles. He m. next, 23 May 1666, Eliz. d. of Daniel Gookin, had 
John, b. 28 Apr. 1667, H. C. 1685, wh. was a man of some distinct at 
Windsor in Conn. At the age of only 32 he was cut off, 13 Oct 1668, 
in his will of 15 Aug. preced. provid. for the two ch. and ano. if his w. 
Extrix. had one. She m. 8 Dec. 1680, Edmund Quincy. John, Ames- 
bury, took o. of'alleg. 20 Dec. 1677. Joseph, New London 1667, rem. 


to Stonington. Joseph^ Guilford, s. of the apostle, ord. 1664, had 
preacL first two jrs. at Northampton, m. Sarah, d. of William Brenton, 
GoF. of R. I. had Mehitable, b. 6 Oct. 1676; Ann, 12 Dec. 1677; 
Jeauma, 1680 ; and Bashua, 1682 ; thus arrang. in his wiU. Bj sec w. 
Mftiy, d. of Samuel WyUis of Hartford, he had Jared, b, 7 Nov. 1685, 
Y. C. 1706; Mary, 1687 ; Rebecca, 1690 ; and Abiel; and d. 24 May 
1694. The will of 1 Dec 1693 gives his Newport est val. £1200, deriv. 
from Brenton, equally to ch. of first w. and fall prop, in Mass. from Wyl- 
fiSy £500, and his own f. £400 more, to s. Jared, and of resid. | to his w. 
idi. d. 11 Oct 1729, aged 73 ; and ^ to the other ch. Ann was w. of 
Jonathan Law, (Jov. of Conn. * Philip, Roxbury, br. of the apostle, 
ome prob. early in Apr. 1635, in the Hopewell, Capt Bundocke, tho. 
Ub name is not on the custom ho. list, for it contains his w. Eliz. aged 
^, and their ch. Mary, 13; Eliz. 8; Sarah, 6; and PhUip, 2; beside 
John Ruggles, 10, of wk the eh. rec says he was brpt over a serv. by 
Phitip Eliot Mary had been bapt 11 Mar. 1621 ; Eliz. 8 Apr. 1627 ; 
lad Sarah, 25 Jan. 1629. All were from Nazing, the seat of the fam« 
and we may be sure, that, as a subsidy man, or for other good reason, 
fae could not obtain license to leave his native land, prob. fear, to ask 
for it, and assum. the right of Eng. to come without He was freem. 
26 May 1636, a deac. in the ch. of his br. at Roxbury, rep. 4yrs. 1654-7 
and d. 22 Oct 1657, says the ch. rec but the less reliable town rec has 
it 24, wh. may have been the day of bur. leav. three ds. Eliz. Sarah, and 
aiiou respective ws. of Richard Withington of Dorchester, of John Aldis, 
and of John Smith of Dedham, as rememb. in his will of 21 Oct 1 657 ; 
bat I think Mary wh. m. 1 Jan. 1642, Edward Payson, and 11 v. long, was 
also ad. So that we may conject that ano. d. had been b. on our side 
of the ocean, and that Mary had rec her share of fl's prop, on her 
■L many yrs. be£ the wilL Richard, Beverly, d. 1664, or at least 
Ins inv. was then produc. Richard, New London 1662, transient 
I* Robert, Casco 1670 [Willis, L 95], Scarborough 1685, rep. in that 
last assemb. of Maine held by Presid. Danforth for Mass. bef. the rule of 
Andros, to wh. he accom. hims. being a counsel. 1688, when he liv. at 
Portsmouth, was in 1716 eldest in the counc of N. H. He was f. of 
Humphrey, I think; of Jane, wh. m. 1707, Andrew Pepperell, br. of 
Sir William ; and, next, Simon Frost ; prob. of Eliz. also, wh. m. 9 Jan. 
1700, George Yaughan. Samuel, Roxbury, s. of the apostle, afler gr. 
a teacher at the same, d. unm. 1 Nov. 1664, perhaps at Cambridge, 
Roxbury town rec does not ment the fact, that is learn, only by the 
of the collea. of his f. wh. gives him prefix of Mr. Thomas, Bos- 
ton, a carpenter, by w. Hannah had Mary, b. 25 July 1686. William, 
Ipswich 1634, came in the Mary and John that yr. hav. tak. the requi- 

112 ELI— ELL 

site oaths of alleg. and suprem. 26 Apr. ; was from Salisbury in Wilts, 
was drown, next yr. at Cape Ann, in the wreck of the vessel with Rev. 
Mr. Avery, 15 Aug. of wh. the story is so well relat. by the survivor, 
Anthony Thacher. See Young's Chron. of Mass. Forty-two of this 
name, variously spelt, had b^n gr. in 1834 at the sev. N. E. colL of wh, 
eleven were clerg. eight of them, and half of all at Harv. alone. 

Elistone, or Elliston, George, Boston, freem. 1690. 

Elithobp, or Elithro^, Henry, Dedham, a soldier in Moseley's 
oomp. Dec 1675. A wid. E. prob. his mo. m. 25 June 1657, Thomas 
Jones of Hull. John, Manchester 1686. Felt Nathaniel, Ips- 
wich, had Thomas, b. 15 Mar. 1663 ; Abigail, 9 Dec. 1665 ; Mary, 24 
July 1672 ; and Nathaniel, 10 July 1675 ; was aged 54 in 1686. Felt 
He was of Rowley 1691, or had est there to be tax. Thomas, Rowley 
1643, d. 1668 ; or ano. Thomas, there, d. 8 June 1689 ; and a third, quite 
aged, there d. 1709. 

Elkins, or Elking, Christopher, Scarborough 1663. Eleazer, 
Exeter 1677. Gershom, Hampton 1677, then took o. of alleg. Hen- 
ry, Boston 1634, tailor, freem. 6 May 1635, had Mary, bapt 8 Apr. 
1638, had been in Nov. 1637, disarm, as one of the majority of Boston 
eh. wh. support Wheelwright ; rem. to Hampton, d. 19 Nov. 1668. His 
will of 27 Apr. 1667 names ch. Gershom, and Eliezur. Henrt, 
Hampton, prob. s. of the preced. m. Esther, d. of Maj. Richard Wal- 
dron, wh. d. early, and she next m. Abraham Lea, wh. was k. by the 
Ind. 27 June 1 689 at the ho. of the f. of his w. when she was tak. into 
distant captiv. and after restorat from Canada m. third, Richard Jose, 
Sheriff of the Prov. Henry, k. by the Ind. 17 Sept 1707, at Kingston, 
may be gr.s. Thomas, Saco 1640, was deput of Robert Sankey, the 
marshal of Gorges* Prov. and in 1663 of Scarborough. 

Ellen, Nicholas, Dorchester, had Ann, b. 3 Jan. 1658, wh. m. 7 
Apr. 1677, Jacob Adams of Newbury. I presume his w. d. early, and 
he had sec w. as under the convertib. name appears. See Allen. 

Ellert, Benjamin, Gloucester 1692, prob. s. of William. Some 
folly about him is in the Magn. YII. appx. art 18. He rem. I presume, 
to Newport, there was much disting. and d. 1746. Isaac, Gloucester, a 
soldier in Appleton's comp. k. at the gr. Narraganset fight, 19 Dec 1675. 
* William, Gloucester 1664, m. 8 Oct. of that yr. Hannah, d. I sup- 
pose, of William Vincent, may have had William, b. perhaps 15 Sept 
1665, wh. d. young; William, again, 26 Jan. 1667; Benjamin, 6 Sept 
1669; Susanna, 2 Feb. 1673. His w. d. 24 Dec. 1675, and he m. 13 
June 1676, Mary, prob. wid. of John Coit, had Mary, 24 Feb. 1677; 
and Abigail, 20 Mar. 1679 ; perhaps he llv. 1668 at Salem ; was freem. 
1672, rep. 1689, and d. 1696. Six of this fam. had in 1828 been gr. at 

ELL 113 

Hait. and two at other N. E. colL of wh. William, H. C. 1747, prob, 
gr^ of Benjamin, was one of the signers of the Declar. of Independ. and 
d. 13 Feb. 1820 at Newport, aged 94. His w. Ann, d. of Hon. Jonathan 
Remington of Cambridge, d. 7 Sept 1764, set. 39. 

Ellet, or Ellit, John, Watertown, by w. Margaret had John, b. 12 
June 1636 ; Ann, 12 July 1638 ; Samuel, and Martha, both d. socur; 
and Sarah, 22 Dec 1643. William, by w. Sarah had Sarah, and d. 
1670, intest. and of his resid. I kn. nothing, yet think it may be the 
.^ame as Eliot of Ipswich. 

Ellicot, Yinbs, Boston, came in the Supply, eilb. at London, 24 
May 1679, but perhaps only trans. 

Ellingham, William, Kittery, perhaps, or York certain, when he 
sabmit. to Mass. 22 Nov. 1652, was constable 1655. Haz. L 575. Col. 
Bee IV. pt i. 129, 

Ellinqwood, Ralph, Salem 1637, had Josiah, bapt 26 May 1644; 
Stephen, 16 Mar. 1656 ; Ralph, 26 Apr. 1657; Joseph, 22 June 1662 ; 
Mary, 5 June 1664; and Sarah, 7 Aug. 1666. He had other ch. 
l^rob* be is the man by the London custom ho. rec emb. in the True- 
love, Sept 1635, by name of Ralph Ell wood, aged 28 ; was one of the 
founders of Beverly ch. 1667, and left prop, by his will to wid. and ch. 
Ralph, John, Joseph, Benjamin, David, Mary, and Eliz. 

Elliks, or Ellings, Anthony, Portsmouth 1631, sent over by 
Mason, the patentee ; freem. of Mass. 1674. 

Ellis, Abthub, came to N. E. in 1630, says Farmer, but my search 
for him has not been successf. Christopher, New London 1682. 
CoNSTAKT, Ipswich, d. 26 Oct. 1686. Felt. Edward, Boston, m. 6 
Oct. 1652, Sarah, d. of Robert Blott, had Sarah, b. 1 July 1654; per- 
haps others, certain. Edward, 26 Nov. 1656 ; and Ann, wh. d. 4 Dec 
1678 ; and he d. 23 Apr. 1695, aged 74. Francis, Salem, perhaps as 
eariy as 1691. Felt, L 420. Frederick, Norwich, had gr. of Id. 
1678. Henrt, Boston 1666, mariner. James, Stonington 1653,- d. 
1694* John, Dedham, freem. 2 June 1641, m. 10 Nov. 1641, Susan 
Lumber, had John, b. 26 Apr. 1646 ; and Hannah, 9 Apr. 1651, was of 
Medfield 1653, where his w. d. 4 Apr. 1654. He m. next, 16 June 
1655, Joan, wid. of John Clapp of Dorchester, had Samuel, 24 May 
1660, wh. d. at 24 yrs. ; and Joseph, 24 Oct 1662. He d. 2 Apr. 1697 ; 
and his wid. d. 2 Mar. 1704. Hannah m. 15 Dec. 1671, Samuel 
Rockett or Rockwood of M. John, Sandwich, m. a. 1645, Eliz. d. of 
first Edmund Freeman, had, perhaps, Bennet, b. 27 Feb. 1649 ; but 
certain. Mordecai, 24 Mar. 1651 ; Joel, 20 Mar. 1655 ; and Matthias, 2 
Jane 1657 ; d. 1677, then calL jr. yet wh. was the sen. is unkn. His w. 
snrv. and with Mordecai admin, the est John, New London 1664^ 

10 • 

114 ELL 

prob. rem. Joseph, Mass. freem. 1663, may have been s. of the preced. 
Matthias, Sandwich, s. of John, had Matthias, b. 5 Nov. 1681 ; a s. 
17 Aug. 1683; Mary, 17 Aug. 1685; Experience, 26 July 1687; 
Malacbi, 8 Oct 1689; Remember, 1 Dec. 1691; ano. ch. d. 31 Dec. 
1693, soon after b.; and Samuel, 12 Nov. 1699. Richard, Dedham, 
bpcw. Eliz. m. 1650, wh. may seem to be d. of Lambert Grenery, espec. 
as 6. in his will calls E. s.-in-law, had, perhaps sev. ch. but certain, a d. 
b. 1651 ; and Mary, 3 Feb. 1655, wh. m. 12 Mar. 1680, Amos Fisher. 
Roger, Yarmouth, had John, b. 1 Dec. 1648. Thomas, Medfield 1649, 
may be the same wh. was bapt. at Wrentham, Eng. 13 Dec 1629 ; and 
m. 21 May 1659, Mary, d. of Thomas Wight of Dedham, had Mary, b. 
26 Sept. 1660 ; Abiel, 15 Oct 1662 ; Samuel, 9 Nov. 1664 ; Thomas, 10 
Jan. 1666 ; Patience, 22 Feb. 1668 ; Ruth, 31 Oct. 1670 ; Thomas, again, 
24 July 1674; and Joanna, 17 Jan. 1677 ; and ano. d. nam. Jada, in 
the will of her gr.f.; and he d. 12 Dec 1690. His wid. d. 7 Mar. 1693. 
Mary m. 20 Mar. 1678 or 9, Jonathan Adams, and Patience m. 10 Dec 
1691, Henry Adams, both of M. One Thomas, perhaps liv. at Marble- 
head 1668-74. William, Braintree. See AUis. Five of this name 
at Harv. and four at other N. E. coll. had been gr. 1828. Sometimes it 
is writ. Elice. 

Ellison, or Elisson, George, Plymouth, m. Lydia, d. of Seer. 
Morton, but I find no more of him. Lawrence, Windsor 1643, rem. 
perhaps to Hempstead, L. I. there d. 1665. His s. Richard, Thomas, 
and John were Admors. Richard, Braintree 1646, by w. Thomasine 
had Mary, b. 15 Aug. 1646; Hannah, 24 July 1648 ; John, 21, or 26 
Aug. 1650 ; Sarah, 4 Dec. 1652 ; Temperance, or in ano.rec.nam. Tho- 
masine, 1 Mar. 1655 ; and Experience, 2 Aug. 1657. 

Ellmes, Rhodolphus, Scituate, came in the Planter 1635, aged 15, 
m. 1644, Catharine, d. of John Whitcomb, had Sarah, b. 29 Sept. 1645 ; 
Mary, 9 June 1648; Joanna, 28 Mar. 1651 ; Hannah, 25 Dec 1653; 
John, 6 July 1655; Joseph, 16 Mar. 1658; Waitetill, 9 Feb. 1661 ; 
Jonathan, 1663; and Rhodolphus, 1668. Sarah m. 1662, Thomas 
Hatch ; Jonathan had a farm in S. wh. his s. Joseph, gr.s. Joseph, 
gr. gr.s. Nathaniel, and gr. gr. gr.s. Thomas and Nathaniel held suc- 
cessive. Other descend, hold the ancestr. spot Rhodolphus, jr. went to 
Middleborough. Deane, 266. 

Ellsworth, Jereiciah, Rowley 1650, m. 2 Dec. 1657, Mary, wid 
of Hugh Smith, d. 6 May 1704. Josiah, Wmdsor, m. 16 Nov. 1654, 
Eliz. d. of Thomas Holcomb, had Josiah, b. 5 Nov. 1655; Eliz. 11 
Nov. 1657; Mary, 7 May 1660; Martha, 7 Dec 1662; Thomas, 2 
Sept. 1665 ; Jonathan, 28 June 1669 ; John, 7 Oct. 1671 ; Job, 13 Apr. 
1674; and Benjamin, 19 Jan. 1677; d. 20 Aug. 1689, let. 60,. when w. 

ELM— ELT 115 

Bod all the cb. were liv. Eliz. m. 23 Dec. 1680, Nathaniel Loomis; 
and Mary m. same day, Daniel Loomis. Jonathan m. 1693, Sarah Grant, 
and ran over 80 yrs, ; Job m. 1695, Mary Trumbull ; John m. 9 Dec. 
1696, Esther, d. of Daniel White of Hatfield. Thomas had a w. and 
diildr. Oliver, Ch. J. of the U. S. and f. of the late Gov. of Conn, wh 
d. 26 Nov. 1807, was a descend. Jo si ah, Windsor, s. of the preced. m 
30 Oct 1679, Martha, d. of Samuel Gaylord, had Martha, b. 1 Oct 1680 
Eliz. 1683; Mary, 1687; Josiah, 1691; Abigail, 1694; Samuel, 1697 
and Joseph, 1701. Twelve of this name have been gr. at N. E. coll 

Elmer, or Ellmer, Edward, Cambridge, came in the Lion, arr. 16 
Sept 1632, as in 4 Mass. Hist Coll. L 94, appears ; went early to Hart- 
ford, of wh. he was one of the orig. proprs. there had John, b. a. 1645 ; 
Samuel, bapt 21 Mar. 1647 ; Eliz. 15 July 1649 ; and Edward, 1654 ; 
leuL on the gr. schism in the Hartford ch. to Northampton, there had 
Joseph, 1656, wh. d. July of next yr. ; Mary, 1658; and he rem. to 
Windsor, on E. side of the riv. there had Sarah, a. 1664. He was k. 
by the Ind. in Philip's war, 1676. Of his w. we kn. not the name, 
nor m. and progeny of the s. or either of them, nor of the ds. exc. that 
Eliz. wh. had been m. was then d. but all the other ch. exc. Joseph, were 
liv. Six of this name, some writ it Elmore, prob. descend, had, in 1828, 
been gr. at N. J., Union, and Middlebury Coll. as Farmer notes. 

Else, or Elzie, Elisha, Newbury, freem. 1673. Nicholas, New 
Haven 1639, m. as sec. w. Hannah, wid. of Robert Coe of Stratford, had 
Samuel, b. 1666, wh. d. in 10 days ; gave at his d. 20 Dec. 1691, all his 
prop, to w. and her ch. She d. 2 Apr. 1702. Rooer, Yarmouth 1643, 
had John, bapt at Barnstable, 15 Apr. 1649 ; adm. to be inbab. of Bos- 
ton June 1654 ; rem. to Charlestown 1658, d. 25 Dec. 1668. A John E. 
d. at Boston 31 Dec 1702. 

Elson, Elsen, or Elsino, Abraham, Wethersfield, may have been 
there 10 yrs. but d. May 1648, leav. two ds. young, no s. His wid. m. 
next yr. Jarvis Mudge. James, Charlestown, by w. Sarah, wh. d. 
28 Mar. 1680, set 38, had James, bapt 28 July 1672 ; and Abigail, 28 
June 1674. He was, says tradit master of a ship, tak. in 1678, or 9, by 
a pirate of Algiers, and perhaps d. in slavery. John, Wethersfield, 
perhaps br. of Abraham, m. a wid. wh. had s. Benjamin, and Job, and 
John, had no ch. of his own, left good est. to the mo. and boys, d. prob. 
at same time with Abraham, the inv. of John being tak. only a few days 
after the inferior one of A. His wid. m. Thomas Wright John, Wells, 
freem. 1653, may have been the man at Cradock's planta. 1631, call. 
Elston in Winth. ; fore, by the Ind. hostiL 1675 to Salem, where he d. 
1685, leav. wid. and six ch. Felt 

El-^pan, William, Wobum, had Hannah, b. 14 May 1690. • 

116 ELT — ELY. 

Elton, John, Middletown, by w. Jane had Mary, b. 26 July 1672 ; 
Richard, 11 Feb. 1674, d. at 4 yrs.; John, 16 Nov. 1676; Bichard, 
again, 20 Apr. 1679 ; Ann, 9 Sept. 1681 ; and Ebenezer, 11 May 1686. 
A Mr. Elton of Southold, L. 1. 1662, was adm. to be freem. of Conn, 
that yr. and may have been f. of the preced. 

El WELL, Isaac, Gloucester, s. of Robert, by w. Mehitable had Isaac, 
b. 15 Jan. 1667; Joan, 21 Nov. 1668 ; Jonathan, 21 Oct 1670 ; Elea- 
zer, 16 July 1673 ; Abigail, 13 Apr« 1676 ; Daniel, 10 Jan. 1679 ; and 
Bethia, 5 Apr. 1682. Jacob, Gloucester, prob. br. of the preced. m. 5 
July 1686, Abigail, d. perhaps, of William Vincent. John, Glouoest^ 
br. of the preced. by w. Jane had Samuel, b. 26 Apr. 1678 ; and 
Mary, 2 Feb. 1681. Joseph, Gloucester, br. of the preced. m. 22 
June 1669, Mary Dutch, had Hezekiah, b. 2 June 1670; Joseph, 
19 Aug. 1672; Samuel, 8 June 1675; and Benjamin, 30 Sept. 1678. 
JosiAH, Gloucester, br. of the preced. m. 15 June 1665, Mazy, d. 
of John Collins, had Dorcas, b. 18 June 1666; Elias, 16 Oct 1668$ 
Nehemiah, 21 Dec 1671; William, 5 July 1674; and Josiah, 21 
Dec 1676. Robsbt, Dorchester 1635, rem. 1638 to Salem, there 
had bapt besides two ch. on 28 Aug. 1639, whose names the ch. rec 
does not give, John, 23 Feb. 1640 ; and Isaac, 27 Feb. 1642; freem. 
13 May 1640, rem. to Gloucester, was a selectman 1648, and often after; 
had w. Jane, wh. d. 31 Mar. 1675, and he d. 18 May 1683, but may 
have m. 29 May 1676, Alice Leach. He had Samuel, prob. eldest s.; 
Josiah; Joseph; Sarah, b. 1651, d. soon; Thomas, bapt. at Salem, 22 
Apr. 1655; Jacob, by Gloucester rec b. 10 June 1657, d. next May; 
Richard, bapt at Salem, 11 Apr. 1658; and perhaps one or two others 
at S. or at G. Samuel, Gloucester, prob. eldest s. of the preced. m. 7 
June 1658, Esther, d. of Ormond Dutch, had Samuel, b. 14 Mar. 1660 ; 
Jacob, 10 Aug. 1662; Robert, 13 Dec 1664; Esther, 25 Aug. 1667; 
Sarah, 25 Jan. 1670, d. in ten wks. ; Ebenezer, 29 Feb. 1672; Hannah, 
11 Aug. 1674 ; and Eliz. 30 July 1678. Thomas, Gloucester, perhaps 
br. of the preced. m. 23 Nov. 1675, Sarah Bassett, had Sarah, b. 24 
Aug. 1676 ; Thomas, 25 Apr. 1678 ; Mary, 13 Jan. 1680 ; and William, 
8 Apr. 1682. Mary, whose d. was 25 Mar. 1680, may have been the d. 
of this last ; but the rec does not indicate. She may be w. of Joseph 
or of Josiah. 

Ely, * NATHANIEL; Cambridge 1682, freem. 6 May 1635, rem. piob. 
next yr. tb Hartford, was an orig. propr. constable 1639, one of the first 
set. at Norwalk 1651, and rep. 1657, but rem. three yrs. later to Spring- 
field, there d. 25 Dec 1675. His wid. Martha d. 23 Oct. 1688. No 
rec of his fam. is kn. he left no will, and the only ch. we hear of are 
Samuel, and Ruth ; yet there may have been other ds. Richa^, Say- 


brook, had been a merch. of Boston 1 664, and there m. that jr. Eliz. 
wid. of John Cullick, and sis. of Col. Fenwick. But by a former w. he 
had, perhaps, not b. on our side of the wscter, William, and Richard. 
The est. of his w. had drawn him to S. and much trouble he had with 
it; d. 24 Nov. 1684; and his w. d. 12 Nov. 1683. Samuel, Spring- 
field, only 8. of Nathaniel, m. 28 Oct 1659, Marj, d. of Robert Day, had 
15 eh. betw. 1660 and 1686 incl. of wh. nine d. young; freem. 1680, 
and d. 7 Mar. 1692, leav. Joseph, freem. 1690, Samuel, John, and Jona- 
than, from wh. descend, are very num. His wid. m. 12 Apr. 1694, 
Thomas Stebbins, and next, 11 Dec 1696, deac John Coleman of Hat- 
field, and d. 1725. Willulu, Lyme, s. of Richard, m. 24 May 1681, 
Eliz. had Ann, b. 12 Mar. 1682 ; and Eliz. 26 May 1683. One of this 
name, without bapt. prefix, a mariner, came in the Mayflower 1620, but 
not as a passenger to abide in the Id. He was hired by the pilgrims for 
a yr. and has no farther relat to N. E. yet as he was not of the crew of 
Uie Mayflower, but con tin. here, after her depart and went home when 
his time was out, Deane thinks Gov. Bradford designs both him and 
Trevore to be count as of their serv. wh. seems very reasonab. and so 
the number must be reckon, one hundred and two, beside the ship's 
eomp. in that famous voyage. Twenty-three of this name had, in 1834, 
been gr. at Yale, of wh. seven were clerg. and six at the other N. E colL 
Emblin, John, Boston, min. of first Bapt. ch. from 20 July 1684 to 
kis d. 9 Dec. 1702. 

Ehersok, James, Ipswich, perhaps s. of Thomas, by w. Sarah had 
Eliz. b. 6 Mar. 1687. John, Ipswich, came in the Abigail 1635, a 
baker, aged 20, call, by Coffin, s. of John. It may be, that he rem. to 
Scituate, and m. at Dnxbury 19 July 1638, Barbara, d. of Rev. John 
Lothrop. John, Gloucester, s. of Thomas, ord. 6 Oct 1663, m. 1660, 
Ruth, d. of dep. gov. Symonds, had Ruth, b. 26 Aug. 1660 ; Martha, 28 
Nov. 1662 ; Mary, 7 Mar. 1665 ; Eliz. 26 Aug. 1667 ; John, 14 May 
1670, H. C. 1689; Dorothy, 6 July 1675; and Samuel, 20 Nov. 1678. 
He preach, above 40 yrs. and d. 2 Dec 1700. John, s. of the preced. 
min. of Manchester^ as Mather's Hecatompolis shows, but prob. not set 
there, wh. m. 14 May 1696, Mary, d. of Edmund Batter of Salem, was 
ord. at Newcastle 1704, the first min. and instal. at sec. ch. of Ports- 
mouth, as its first min. 23 Mar. 1715, and d. 21 June 1732, leav. 
six ds. John, Salem, neph. of John of Gloucester, H. C. 1675, was, 
doubtless, the worthy preach, at Berwick, wh. had the happy escape, on 
the night of 27 June 1689, when Maj. Waldron of Dover and fifty-one 
of his comp. were massacred or made prison, by the Ind. ha v. declin. the 
req. of the hospit soldier to lodge at his house, as the Appendix, art. 4 
to Mags. YIL relates. Belkn. and Alden folL his auth. mistake him for 

118 EMERY. 

the future min. of Portsmouth, wh. was not then gr. See Niles and 
Belkn. 1. 130. He had been employ, as scLmaster at Newbnrj 1681^ 
at a later day perhaps a1^ Gloucester, freem. 1691, certain, taught in 
Charlestown, and last at Salem 1699 until his d. 1712. Felt, L 439. 
At Charlestown, by w. Sarah had Sarah, bapt. 11 Aug. 1695. Fxob. 
he was never ord. John, Newbury, a lieut by w. Judith had John, b. 
25 June 1690; Daniel, 15 Jan. 1693 ; Joseph, 2 Mar. 1696; Samuel, 2 
Nov. 1699 ; and Jonathan, 10 Aug. 1702. Joseph, Ipswich 1638, per- 
haps s. of Thomas, York, freem. 1653, preach, two or three yrs. also at 
Wells, 1664 and foil, bee first min. of Mendon, ord. a« 1667, and cont. 
until the destruct 1675, of the town in Philip's war, rem. to Concord, 
there d. 3 Jan. 1680 ; m. 7 Dec 1665, Eliz. d. of Bev. Edwaid Bulkley, 
had three s. of wh. Peter, wh. m. a Brown, and Edward, wh. in. Mary, 
d. of Bev. Samuel Moody, were progen. of a long list of clerg. His 
wid. m. Capt John Brown of Beading. Michael, Haverhill 1656. 
Nathakiel, Ipswich, s. of Thomas, by w. Sarah, wh. d. 3 Aug. ] 670, 
had Nathaniel, b. 16 Aug. 1657 ; and Sarah, 15 Mar. 1659.' Natrak- 
lEL, Ipswich, s. of the preced. m. 1685, Martha Woodward, had Nathan- 
iel, b. 26 Dec 1686 ; Joseph, 26 June 1690 ; Mary, 19 Jan. 1692, d. 
young; a ch. 28 June 1695, whose name is not plain (m the rec Mary, 
again, 18 Dec 1697; Hannah, 5 Dec 1698; Ann, or Hannah, 4 Sept. 
1700 ; and he d. 16 Sept 1738. Bobebt, Haverhill, freem. 1668, wh. 
had rem. from Bowley, where he was as early as 1655, was ancest. of 
sev. fam. at H. perhaps of Thomas ; was k. by the Ind. with his w. and 
ch. Sarah and Timothy, 15 Mar. 1697. Thomas, Ipswich 1639, baker, 
d. 1 May 1666 ; by w. Eliz. had Joseph ; Nathaniel ; James, wh. went 
to Eng. Thomas, wh. d. bef. his f. leav. wid. Eliz. and perhaps s. Thomas ; 
and John, H. C. 1656, perhaps youngest, nam. in codic. to the will of his 
f. 1660. Most of these ch. were brot by the f. from Eng. Thomas, 
Ipswich, perhaps gr.s. of Thomas the first, m. 1683, PhiUis, eldest ch. of 
the sec Jacob Perkins of same, but I am ign. as to issue. Thirty of 
this name had, in 1834, been gr. at Harv. and twenty at other N. £» 
coll. of wh. seventeen were ord. min. besides sev. others, preachers. 

Embbt, or Emobt, * Akthokt, Newbury, a carpenter of Bomsey in 
Hants, came in the James, June 1635, to Boston from Southampton, per* 
haps with w. and ch. rem. a. 1644 to Dover, thence after 1648 to Kittery ; 
was ferryman, and kept an inn 1650, freem. 1652, constable 1658, rep* 
1680. George, Salem, a physician, had, says Felt, gr. of Id. 1637, 
was b. 1609, sentenc in 1668, to sit on the gallows with rope round his 
neck for execr. crime, and d. 20 Feb. 1687. His w. d. 1673. * James» 
Kittery, perhaps br. of Anthony, freem. 1652, constable 1670, and rep. 
1676, 7, 84, 5, and 92. John, Newbury 1635, br. of Anthony, came in 

EMMONS. 119 

the same sh. arr. 3 Jane, fireem. 2 Jone 1641, brot s. John, bad here, 
njB Coffin, ad. Ebenezer, rather a strange name, b. 16 Sept. 1648, 
Monday morning, but evident, here is error of date, if not, as must be 
suspect of name, for that day in the Almanac was Saturday ; and Jona- 
than, 13 May 1652. John, Newbury, s. of the preced. came with his f. 
m. 29 Oct 1650, Mary, wid. of John Webster of Ipswich, had Mary, b. 
24 June 1652 ; Hannah, 25 Apr. 1654 ; John, 12 Sept 1656 ; Bethia, 
15 Oct 1658 ; Saiah, 26 Feb. 1661 ; Joseph, 23 Mar. 1663 ; Stephen, 
6 Sept 1666 ; Abigail, 16 Jan. 1669 ; Samuel, 20 Dec 1670; Judith, 5 
Feb. 1673 ; Lydia, 19 Feb. 1675 ; Eliz. 8 Feb. 1680 ; and Josiah, 28 
Feb. 1681 ; and d. 1693, aged 65. His wid. d. 28 Apr. 1694. Greatly 
do I doubt the exactness of Coffin's relat here. If the w. were that w. 
of John Webster wh. had s. John, b. 1632, she could not be mo. of all 
these here assign, to her. Even if she were sec w. of that J. W. and a 
young wid. when tak. by Emery, it may seem exped. to allow him a sec 
w. to bring the two last nam. ch. Mary m. 10 Mar. 1671, the sec TVll- 
liam Sawyer. John, Newbury, s. of the preced. m. 13 June 1683, 
Mary, d. of the first William Sawyer, had Mary, b. 25 Dec 1684; 
John, 29 Sept 1686; Josiah, 19 Dec 1688; Daniel, 15 June 1693; 
Lydia, 29 Apr. 1698 ; and Samuel, 25 Oct 1699. His w. d. 3 Nov. 
folL jmd he m. 27 May next, Abigail, d. prob. of Samuel Bartlett 
Jonathan, Newbuiy, s. of first John, had serv. as soldier in Maj. Apple- 
ton's comp. and was wound, in the gr. battle of 19 Dec 1675; m. 20 
Nov. 1676, Mary, d. of Edward Woodman, jr. had Mary, b. 25 Sept 
1677; Jonathan, 2 Feb. 1679; David, 28 Sept 1682; Anthony, 13 
Nov. 1684; Stephen, 13 Jan. 1687, d. next yr.; Sarah, 18 Dec 1688; 
Stephen, again, 24 June 1692 ; and Edward, 10 Nov. 1694. Noah, 
Sjttery, perhaps s. of Anthony, or of the first John, had narrow escape 
from Ind. 1 Apr. 1693, as told in a let of Maj. Frost See Geneal. 
Beg. Xn. 142. Robert, New Haven. See Ambry. Stephen, New- 
bury, s. of sec John, m. 29 Nov. 1692, Ruth, d. of Henry Jaques, had 
Ann, b. 10 Oct 1693; Sarah, 1 Jan. 1696; Ruth, 16 June 1698; 
Mary, 15 Dec. 1700 ; Judith, 25 Feb. 1703 ; and Abigail, 4 May 1705. 
Six of this name, three of wh. were derg. had, in 1828, been gr. at 
Harv. and eight at other N. E. colL 

Emuons, Benjamin, Boston, s. of Thomas of the same, freem. 1676, 
by w. Mary, wh. d; 12 Sept 1690, had Mary, b. 23 June preced. He 
m. 10 Sept 1694, Mary Amory. Henby, Boston, by w. Mary had 
Samuel, b. 27 July 1690. Obadiah, Boston 1671, s. of Thomas, cord- 
winder, had Thomas. Samuel, Boston, br. of the preced. m. 16 Aug. 
1660, Mary, d. of Robert Scott, dec. Thomas, Newport 1638, prob. 
rem. to Boston, freem. 1652, d. 11 May 1664. His d. Hannah m. 1 


Jan. 1658, Henry Crab ; and Eliz. m. 10 Aug. 1660, John Henchman. 
His will, in GreneaL Beg. XIT. 345, 6, made 20 Jan. 1661, names w. 
Martha Extrix. and leaves good est. 

Emrt, or EiiERT. See Ambry. 

Enpicott, Gilbert, Reading, said to have been b. 1658, at Dor^ 
Chester; but I kn. no more. See Greneal. Reg. L 335. §t| Johx, 
perhaps from Dorchester, Eng. by some thot. his place of b. a. 1589, 
came in the Abigail, from Weymouth, a small port on the channel, a. 9 
ms. from D. with w. and a oomp. of prob. 20 or 30 others, indud. women 
and ch. to Salem, Sept 1628. He was one of the six orig. purch. of 
the Mass. Bay from the Plymouth Gounc. 19 Mar. preced. and the 
only one wh. came over for more than two yrs. In the Royal Chart, 
of 4 Mar. folL he is nam. an Assist one of the eighteen, after Salton- 
stall, Johnson, Humphrey, and others, bef. Nowell, Vassall, Pynchon, 
and others, and by his assoc at London, in Gen. Court on 30 Apr. after 
his coming, made the head, superint. or gov. of the first sett at Salem, 
call, by them London's planta. includ. those wh. preced. or accomp. him, 
by delegat of authority (tho. it was never consummat by needful 
qnalificat.) to him and twelve counsel, to be chos. partly by the comp. in 
London, partly by these deput. and two by the older planters here, for 
all necessary rule of the country, while the chief govemm. contin. in 
the gov. dep. gov. and eighteen assist req. by the Chart chos. by the 
General Court in Eng. on the last Wednesday of Easter term. Under 
this power of attorney, or delegat of authority, these persons were em- 
power, and indeed requir. to choose a seer, and admin, to him and all 
other officers an oath at the time of his and their elect '^ wh. said oaths 
are to be admin, in a pubL ct and not elsewhere." Nothing of the sort 
was ever done, no such ct ever held by him ; nor was any seer, ever 
chos. at Salem, nor dept nor couns. ever induct, there bef. 1630, any 
more than an archbp. an admiral, or field marshal. By the instr. to 
him from his constit the gov. and comp. in London, he, with seven 
couns. was authoriz. to do certain things ; but two of those seven, John 
and Samuel Brown, he had sent home, bef. these instr. reach, him. He 
was, therefore, disabled, by his own act, from fill, up the Council, choos. 
dep. gov. or seer, and other officers. Of course he was, in the lang. of 
the law, REMITTED to his authority under the patent from Plymouth 
Comp. to Sir Henry Roswell and the other five. This was, I think, all the 
power he ever used, and certain, it was all he need. Yet Cotton Mather 
in Magn. L 18, styles him dep. gov. in Aug. 1629 ; and a respect 
descend, has even gone to the length of mak. the title '* First Gov. of 
the CoL of Mass. Bay." To me this seems, in both authors, wrong. On 
p. 57 of the Hist, of Boston, wh. aSbrds copious proof of sedulous 


industrj, the auth. sajs, '' Matthew Cradock was the fir^i Gov. of the 
Mass. Comp." jet, facing the same page, be inserts the picture of John 
Endioott with a title at the bottom, "first Gov. of Mass.'' and 16 pages 
onward he inserts the picture of John Winth. with the title, giv. by the 
author, " sec. Gov. of Mass." Prob. no reader will be deceiv. for every 
one will ask, wh. was the second, third, fourth, &c. gov. of the Mass. 
Comp. wh. bee the Col. of Mass. Bay only by transfer of* all the au- 
thority, &C. in 1629, when Cradock was "first" gov. On his resignat. 
within six mos. of his elect, that yr. Winth. was chos. the same day, 
and Cradock an Assist But Cradock never came to our country, and 
so if W. be the sec. Gov. of Mass. because C. was the first ; of course 
W. would be justly reckon, the first in Mass. The order of success, of 
the Chart. Governors is this : first, Cradock, nam. in that instrum. 4 
Mar. 1629, and rechos. in May; sec Winth. chos. and sw. 29 Oct. 
1629, on Cradock's resignat. and in 1631, 2, and 3 ; third, Dudley, May 
1634; fourth, Haynes, May 1635; fifth. Vane, 1636; next yr. Wintli. 
again, and two foil. yrs. ; and Dudley, again, in 1640 ; sixth, Bel- 
liDgham, 1641; next yr. Winth. again, and rechos. the yr. foil.; sev- 
enth, Endicott, 1644; next yr. Dudley, again ; and the foil. Winth. again, 
three yrs. till his d. Honor eno. there is for Endicott, the earliest patentee 
wh. came over under the indenture from the Plymouth Company, without 
challeng. for him any that does not belong to him. . He was the first, 
and onfy, Gov. of London's Planta. and if he ever was qualif. by tak. 
the oaths under that delegat from the Gov. and Comp. of Mass. (wh. is 
unlikely, or at least cannot be prov.) he never had a successor in that 
office, wh. was merg. in the superior title on arr. of Winth. a few mos. 
after. With scrupuL precision. Increase Mather calls Winth. "the 
First Gov. that New Eng. saw at the head of the Mass. Col." On 
13 May 1629 (the Charter day of the Gen. Court for elections), Endi- 
cott was not chos. an Assist, or other officer of Mass. Bay, being absent ; 
still, however, he contin. head of the Planta. as much as he had been a 
fortnight, and, indeed, on his arr. eight mos. bef. no other patentee being 
on this side of the ocean ; but on 20 Oct. next, at the election in Lon- 
don (after transfer of the whole authority of the patent to those wh. would 
come to N. E.), when Winth. was chos. gov. and Humphrey dep. 
gov. immediat. on resignat. of Cradock and Goffis, he was again rais. to 
be one of the eighteen assist, being the first time he was ever chos. 
under the Chart. In this office, to the duty of wh. he took the o. to 
qoalif. him (as he could not earlier), 7 Sept. 1630, he cont. 9 yrs. by 
success, elect, exc. in 1635, when for his indiscreet zeal against the cross 
in the ensign, he was left out; but in 1636 he was made head of the 
first exped. against the Pequots ; in 1641, for the first time, dep. gov. 

TOL. 11. 11 


ace the Chart and sev. times after, and in 1644 gov. for the first time, 
with full power ace. the Chart, and again, after d. of Winth. 1649, 
51, 2, 8, and from 1655 to his own d. at Boston (where he had resid. 
above twenty yrs.) 15 Mar. 1665, senr. a longer period than any other 
of the govs, under the old Chart, and by Shirley alone exceed, since. 
Capt. Johnson in his " Wonderworking Providences of Zion's Saviour 
in N. E." honors him in cap. IX. of his first book with appropriate 
rhymes, as John Endicott, " twice Governor of the Eng." so^ I sup- 
pose, must refer to the elections of 1644, during Winth. life, and im- 
mediat afler his d. in 1649, the date of his writing. Scottow, too, in his 
^' Narrative of the Planting" of our Col. p. 12, or as it may be read in 
the reprint in 4 Mass. Hist Coll. IV. must be understood to intend the 
prior title of Winth. when the ^ choice of a govemour and deputy to 
ABIDE THERE " is told in that valua. paragraph on pp. 289-90. 

I think Mr. Felt, in Ann. of Salem, 1. 106, first, after a difier. general 
opin. for two hundred yrs. in 1845 suggest the right of E. in "prece- 
dency to Mr. Winth.;" and he explains his view of "an error in 
rank" by the note, on same page, that Roger Conant ^^may be trufy said 
to have preceded both Messrs. Endicott and Winth. in buch office 
FOR A PART OF THIS coMifONWEALTH." In Gcncal. Beg. XIL 133-7, 
he elaborate, discuss, the quest " what office did J. E. sustain, afler arr. 
6 Sept 1628, to his elect, by the [gov. and] comp. 80 Apr. 1629." But 
I am satisfied that his decision against the opin. of Gov. Hutch, will not 
be sustain, nor does it seem to me, that Endicott is entit to any more 
office than the Plymouth comp. gave by their deed indent He was sole 
propr. in Mass. and act with the absolute power of the other patentees in 
Eng. and Mr. Felt rather lessens than enlarges his right by reference to 
the votes of our gov. and comp. in London. As their grant of office 30 
Apr. 1629 never took effect, it must be regard, as if never passed. Dr. 
Young, in n. on p. 196 of Chron. of Mass. falls into similar error (of find, 
justificat of E. in displac the Browns in this instr.), when E. had acted in 
thus shipping off the Browns before this instr. came to his hand. Endn 
cott was of stem energy, but great prudence in secular affairs, disappr. the 
conduct of his friends in Eng. for putting to death their king, with sn^ 
strange mockery of solemnity, and issued warrant for apprehens. of Whal- 
ley and Goffe, the regicides, here. Much of the sad occurrences of cruel 
scourg. of the Bapt 1651 and hang, of the Quak. 1659, that fell within his 
admin, must be charg. to Wilson or Norton, the spirit advisers of the day ; 
and tho. Leverett, or Bradstreet would have, perhaps, successf. resist 
such inflict of counsel, we kn. the cruel bigotry of Dudley or Belling- 
ham would have gone against tolerat as far and as fiercely as Endicott 
His first w. Ann Gower, who was cous. or niece of Matthew Cradock, 

END — ENG- 123 

&rsi Chart, gov. d. soon after coming, and she bad, it is believ. no ch. ; 
and hem. 18 Aug. 1630, Eliz. Gibson (from Cambridge in Eng. says 
the fam. geneal.) had John, b. a. 1632; and Zerubbabel, a. 1635. He 
and bis descend, to the fourth generat. wrote the sec. syl. with e, but the 
i has prevail, since. John, Boston, s. of the preced. m. 9 Nov. 1653, 
Eliz. d. of Jeremiah Howchin, had no ch. d. 1668. His will of 27 Jan. 
was pra four wks. afler. His wid. m. the same jr. Rev. James Allen. 
William, Boston, mariner, in his will of 23 Apr. 1690, pro. 26 Jan. 
1692, he gave personal tools to his s.-in-]aw John Bell, and resid. of est. 
to w. Joanna. William, Boston, by w. Eliz. had William, b. 25 Sept. 
1686; Eliz. 26 July 1690, d. young; John, 23 Dec. 1693; Eliz. 2 Jan. 
1699; Benjamin, 10 Apr. 1702, d. young; Lydia, 19 June 1703, d. 
soon; Lydia, again, 17 July 1704; Sarah, 21 Aug. 1705, d. soon; 
Sarah, again, 6 Nov. 1706 ; and Benjamin, again, 17 Feb. 1709. Oflen 
this man's naihe begins with I, and the births, 1702 and 3, are insert, under 
both letters in the rec but bef. always have JS, and afler, I, but not both. 
Zerubbabel, Salem, s. of the gov. a physician, freem. 1665, by w. 
Mary wh. d. 1677, had John; Samuel; and Zerubbabel, b. 14 Feb. 
1665, both bapt 19 Sept. 1666; Benjamin, 21 Aug. 1667; Mary; 
Joseph, 17 July 1672; Sarah; Eliz.; Hannah; and Mehitable. He 
agreed to m. the same yr. of his w.'s d. (as in Geneal. Reg. YI. 252, is 
found by Coffin) Eliz. Kimball, but, it seems, with or without reasona. 
excuse, took for 2d w. Eliz. wid. of Rev. Antipas Newman, d. of Gov. 
John Winthrop of Conn. He sometimes resid. at Topsfield on the 
aocestr. est. but the farm, on wh. he and his f. had most expend, their 
affect, was in that part of S. now Danvers, call, by the gov. the Or- 
chard, still cultiv. by his descend. He d. 1684. 

EsTDiLL, Michael, Isle of Shoals, was gr. jur. at Court in York 

England, John, New Haven 1647, rem. to Branford, d. 1655, leav. 
wid. but no ch. Prob. ano. of this name in one of the Planta. of Provi- 
dence had d. Ellen, wh. m. 27 July 1665, Jeremiah Wescott. 

Engle, Bernard, Boston 1664, husbandman. James, Boston 1662, 
mariner. Perhaps it has bee. Inglee. 

English, or Engles, Clement, Salem, m. 27 Aug. 1667, Mary, d. 
of Richard Waters, had Mary, b. 18 Feb. 1669 ; Eliz. 19 Feb. 1671 ; 
Joseph, 12 Mar. 1673; Benjamin, 19 Oct. 1676; Abigail, 6 Dec 1680, 
iat 17 yrs. ; and Clement, posthum. 7 Mar. 1683. The f. d. 23 Dec. 
be£ James, Boston, m. 7 Jan. 1658, perhaps as sec. w. Joanna, d. of 
Joki Famum, wh. was not 14 yrs. old. We kn. too little of him to 
affirm or deny that he was d. 14 Mar. 1698; freem. 1691 ; or that he 
may be the man in last parag. Maudett, Boston, by w. Jane had 

124 ENO — ENS 

Hannah, b. 2 Mar. 1639, bapt. 6 Sept. 1640, had join, the ch. one day 
bef. ; Mary, Nov. 1 644. Sometimes his name is Maded Inglyss, or 
Engles ; and in Geneal. Reg. V. 398, 468, was transmut. to Jugs. His 
will of Nov. 1684 is sign. Madett Engs. That doc makes excor. his s. 
Samuel, names d.-in-law Marj, and Madet, Samuel, Nathaniel, 
and Mary. Perhaps that d.-in-law Mary, was the wid. Engs, wh. m. 14 
Dec. 1688, Joshua Lee. * Philip, Salem, s. of John of the Isle of 
Jersey, there bapt 30 June 1651, a merch. m. 1675, Mary, d. of Richard 
Hollingworth, suffer, very much in the blind ferocity against witchcraft. 
His w. was the greater sufferer, and liv. very few yrs. after escape. This 
was manag. with equal skill and firmness by Rev. Joshua Moodey, then 
min. with Willard, at the O. S. ch. in Boston. Sec the admirable note 
in Eliot's Biogr. Diet tit Moodey. He had sec. w. Sarah Ingersoll, 
was rep. 1700, one of the contribut to first Episc ch. 1734, and d. 1740. 
He reckon, his damage by the persec. at £1500, and was allow, a. 20 
yrs. later £300. Thomas, Plymouth, one of the passeng. in the May- 
flower 1 620, d. in the gen. sickness early next spring, leav. no w. nor ch. 
He had been a sailor, says Bradford, hired by the pilgrims. * Wii«.liam, 
Ipswich 1638, shoemaker, freem. 21 Sept 1642, rep. 1646 and 7, rem. 
to Hampton 1639, for short time, but went back to I. may be the same 
wh. was adm. at Boston 1652, and made a constable 1656; with w. 
Sarah, join, our first ch. on 15 Mar. 1663. 

Eno, Eanno, Enno, or Ennoe, James, Windsor 1646, m. 18 Aug. 
1648, Ann Bedwell, had Sarah, b. 15 June 1649; James, 30 Oct 1651 ; 
and John, 2 Dec 1654. His w. d. 1657, he had sec.w. 5 Aug. 1658, 
wid. of Thomas Holcomb, wh. d. 7 Oct 1679 ; and he m. 29 Apr, 1680, 
Esther, wid. of James Eggleston. He d. 11 June 1682. Sarah m. 
1667, Benajah Holcomb. Some of his descend, chang. the name to 
Enos. Col. Roger Enos, of the army 1776, was one. James, Windsor, 
8. of the preced. m. 26 Dec 1678, Abigail, d. of Samuel Bissell, had 
James, b. 23 Sept 1679; Ann, 1682; William, 1684; Abigail, 1687; 
Mary, 1691; John, 1693; Samuel, 1696; Susanna, 1 699 ; and David, 
1702, and d. 16 July 1714. His wid. d. Mar. 1728. John, Windsor, 
br. of the preced. m. 10 May 1681, Mary, d. of Ebenezer Dibble. 

Enow, Thomas, Falmouth 1689. Willis, I. 191. 

Ensdell. See Hinsdale. 

Ensign, David, Hartford, s. of James, m. 22 Oct 1663, Mehitable, 
d. of Thomas Gunn, had David, b. 16 Nov. 1664 ; James, 8 May 1666 ; 
Thomas, 7 Dec 1668 ; Sarah, 22 Jan. 1672; and Mary, 26 Jan. 1675. 
Afler his w. had been (for his ill-conduct) divorc she bee 1 685, sec w. 
of Isaac Sheldon of Northampton. His s. James well perpet. the name. 
James, Cambridge 1634, freem. 4 Mar. 1635, rem. a. 1639 to Hartford, 

E N S — E P E 125 

had large est only s. David, bef. ment. and three ds. of wh. Sarah, per- 
haps, m. 6 May 1651, John Rockwell ; Lydia was bapt. 19 Aug. 1649 ; 
and Mary m. Samuel Smith, afterwards of Northampton and Hadley. 
His will, of Nov. 1670, was pro. Mar. foil. John, Scituate, s. of 
Thomas, by w. wh. d. bef. him, had only eh. Hannah, b. 1 669 ; was k. 
by the Ind. at Rehoboth fight 26 Mar. 1676 ; had made his will in con- 
templa. of such a result a few days bef. So this fam. in male line was 
extinct. Thomas, Scituate, m. Jan. 1639, Eliz. Wilder of Hingham, 
prob. liv. there some yrs. had Hannah, bapt. 6 July 1640, wh. m. 19 
Nov. 1658, Thomas Shepherd of Maiden, not the Rev. of Charlestown, 
and d. 14 Mar. 1698; Eliz. wh. m. Nicholas Wade ; and John, bef. 
ment. He was of Duxbi^ry 1656, and d. 1663. His will of 16 July in 
that yr. names w. Eliz. and 'the three ch. 

E^'SOME, Robert, Boston 1646, merch. Felt. 

Ensworth, Endsworth, or Enisworth, Tixall, Tixoll, Tex- 
HALL, or Ttxhall, so various, writ, in rec. was of Hartford 1681, rem, 
1700, to Canterbury, had bapt at H. five ch. and left Nathaniel, Nehe- 
miah, Ezra, and Joseph. Possib. the orig. name was Ainsworth. 

Epes, or Eppes, ♦ Daniel, Ipswich, s. of Daniel, from Kent, Eng. 
came 1637 with his mo. Martha, wh. by the fam. tradit. corrob. by 
alight circumstances, is said to have m. the worshipful Samuel Symonds. 
He m. 20 May 1644, Eliz. eldest d. of Samuel Symonds, wh. d. 7 May 
1685, aged 60, by wh. he had Samuel, b. 24 Feb. 1647, H. C. 1669, wh. 
was of Boston 1673, and d. Apr. 1685 at London; Daniel, 24 Mar. 
1649, H. C. 1669; Nathaniel, 1650, d. soon; John, 1651, d. soon; 
Joseph, 1653; Martha, 1654; Mary, 1656, d. soon; Lionel, 1657 ; ano. 
& 1658, d. soon ; and Richard, 1659. He had sec w. Lucy, d. of Rev. 
John Woodbridge, wid. of Rev. Simon Bradstreet of New London; 
was fireem. 1674, a capt rep. 1684, and d. 8 Jan. 1693, aged a. 70 yrs. 
as his grave-st. tells. ' t * Daniel, Salem, s. of the preced. m. 17 Apr. 
1672, Martha, d. of William Bordman of Cambridge, wh. d. 9 Feb. 
1692, had Martha, b. 10 Aug. 1673, d. young ; Martha, again, 8 Mar. 
1676; Mary, 19 Feb. 1678, d. young; Daniel, 28 Oct. 1679 ; Samuel, 
4 Jan. 1681 ; Eliz. 19 Mar. 1684; Mary, again, 31 Aug. 1686; Ruth, 
22 July 1688 ; and Margaret, 31 Mac. 1691 ; was master of the gr. sch. 
from 1670, above 20 yrs. by John Dunton in his Life and Errors calL 
''the most eminent sch.master in N. E." wh. of course may be tak. with 
qualific in favor of contempa Cheever and Corlett He prob. had for 
sec w. Hannah, wid. of Francis Wainwright of Ipswich, was rep. 1708 
and 15, says Felt, U. 564, but he has omit, him in the list of Counsel, 
in wh. office, however. Hutch. U. 292, wh. could not easi. be mistak. 
says, he d. Nov. 1722. 


126 ERR — EST 

Erbington, Abkaham, Cambridge 1649, m. Rebecca, d. of Robert 
Cutler of Charlestown, bad Abrabam, b. 11 Nov. 1652, prob. d. soon ; per- 
baps a sec. Abrabam, b. 1 Nov. 1654, d. soon ; Rebecca ; Hannab ; Sarab ; 
Maiy, bapt 13 Jan. 1661 ; Abrabam, again, 8 Nov. 1663 ; and Jacob, 
wb. d. joung, 2 Oct. 1668; d. 9 May 1677, aet 55. Ann, prob. bis mo. 
d. LI Dec. 1653, aged 76 ; but bis f. was perhaps d. bef. she came over. 
Thomas, Lynn 1642, was of Charlestown 1647, but soon back to L. 
and prob. rem. to Warwick, there freem. 1655. 

Erwin, Edward, Dover 1658. 

EssET, William, Boston, m. Ann Sheffield, d. 24 May 1697. 

EsTABROOK, or Easterbrook, Benjamin, Lexington, s. of Joseph, 
m. 20 Nov. 1693, Abigail, d. of Rev. Samuel "(Millard, ord. 21 Oct 1669, 
d. 28 July folL Daniel, Cambridge, br. of the preced. Joseph^ Con- 
cord, came a. 1 660 from Enfield, Middlesex, Eng. it is said, witb two brs. 
(one of wb. Thomas, in 1673 was of Swanzey, but after at Concord), 
was gr. H. C. 1664, ord. a. 1667, coUea. witb Edward Bulkley, freem. 
1665, m. 20 May 1668, Mary, d. of Capt, Hugh Mason, bad Joseph, b. 
6 May 1669 ; Benjamin, 24 Sept. 1671, H. C. 1690, bef. ment. ; Mary, 
28 Feb. 1673; Samuel, 7 Jan. 1675, H. C. 1696; Daniel, 14 Feb. 
1677; and Ann, 30 Jan. 1678. He d. 23 May 1711. Daniel d. at 
Sudbury 7 Jan. 1737 ; Mary m. Jonathan Green of Newton ; and Ann 
m. 26 Jan. 1710, Joshua Haynes of Sudbury. Joseph, Lexington, s. 
of the preced. m. 31 Dec. 1689, Melicent, d. of Henry Woodhouse, had 
only Joseph, b. 10 Oct. 1690 ; his w. d. 20 Mar. 1693, and he m. 25 
Aug. foil. Hannah, wid. of Joseph Loring, d. of John Leavitt, bad 
John, 28 July 1694; Solomon, 22 Dec 1696; Hannah, 2 Aug. 1698; 
Melicent, 21 Mar. 1700; and Elijah, 25 Aug. 1703; was deac. and d. 
23 Sept. 1733. Samuel, Canterbury, s. of the first Joseph, taught scb. 
and help, his f. at Concord, bef. ord. 13 Jan. 1712, d. 26 June 1727. 
Thomas, Swanzey, by w. Sarah had Eliz. b. 19 Dec 1673. Six of this 
name had, in 1834, been gr. at Harv. and four at other N. E. coll. Often 
it is spelt Easterbrook. 

Esten, Thomas, Providence, sw. alleg. in May*1682. 

Estes, John, Lynn, s. of Matthew the first, sign, the address to Grov. 
Joseph Dudley 1703, with Richaad, as Quakers, when, of course, they 
did not state their ages upon that paper, wb. is print, in GreneaL Reg. U. 
149. Joseph, Dover 1719, br. of the preced. m. Mary, d. of Timothy 
Robinson, and has num. descend, in Maine. Matthew, Dover, s. of 
Robert of Dover, Eng. where he was b. 28 May 1645, m. 14 June 1676, 
Philadelphia, d. of Reginald Jenkins, had Joseph, whose day of b. is 
not told; John, 14 July 1684; Richard, 2 Sept. 1686; and Matthew, 
1689, possib. more. He prob. rem. to Scituate, and his w. d. 25 Dec 

EST — EVA 127 

1721 ; and he d. 9 Aug. 1723. Matthew, Scituate, s. of the preced. 

bj w. Alice had Edward, b. a. 1708 ; William, a. 1710 ; two ch. wh. d. 

joang; Matthew, 19 Dec. 1726 ; Sarah, 8 June 1733; and Robfert, 12 

Jan. 1736 ; and d. 11 May 1774 ; and his wid. d. 14 Dec. 1778, aged 84. 

EsTOW, William, Hampton 1639, d. 23 Nov. 1655, says Coffin, in 

his will, shortly bef. names only ds. Sarah, w. of Maurice Hobbs, and 

Mary, w. of Thomas Marston. 

Etheredge, Edward, Mass. 1646. Felt. 

Etherington, Thomas, Kittery, was lost, with his w. in the wreck 
of a small vessel, Nov. 1664. 

Edstis, William, Charlestown, liv. at Maiden, perhaps Winisemet, 
or Boston 1695, had, I suppose, s. William, wh. d. 4 Jan. 1691 ; perhaps 
other ch. and w. Sarah, wh. d. 12 June 1713, set. 74. 

E VANCE, John, New Haven 1639, came prob. from London, sign, 
the orig. compact of 4 June, was one of the most wealthy inhab. had 
Daniel, bapt 15 Mar. 1646; Mary, wh. d. 1650; and Stephen, b. 21 
Apr. 1652. He prob. went home, certain, was in London 1656, ace. his 
friend Gov. Eaton's will. His wid. Susanna m. at London, Henry 

Evans, David, Boston 1654, merch. d. 27 July 1663, leav. wid. 
Mary, by wh. he had, as I conject David, that d. 2 Nov. 1653 [see 
Geneal. Reg. X. 217, where the sumsime is not] ; and certain. Eliz. b. 
10 Aug. 1655, and Martha, 28 May 1657. Edward, Dover, s. of Rob- 
ert, had w. Dorcas, and ch. Elinor, b. 3 Mar. 1700; Rachel, 6 Apr. 
1703; and Joseph, 29 Oct 1704. Henry, Boston 1643, husbandman, 
freem. 1645. His w. Amy came in the yr. preced. from the ch. of Rox- 
bury. Admin, on one Henry E. wh. was drown. 1 Mar. 1667, was grant, 
in Middlesex to his w. Esther, next mo. John, Wethersfield 1640, may 
have been at Hatfield 1678. John, Roxbury, by w. Mary had John, 
bapt 30 July 1671 ; Peter, 27 Apr. 1673, d. soon; and Peter, again, 21 
June 1674 ; but I find none of these in the town rec It has been thot 
he serv. on Conn. riv. in Philip's war. Perhaps he lost his w. bef. or 
soon after rem. to Hatfield, there m. 1677, Mary, wid. of Experience 
Hinsdale, d. of John Hawks, had Elinor, b. 1678 ; Jonathan, 1 680 ; and 
Randal, 1682 ; rem. a. 1685 to Deerfield, where his w. had Ids. John, 
Dover, there act as a commiss. with others to sett lines betw. York, D. 
and Kittery, his name in the rec. being giv. Evines. Matthias, Dor- 
chester, s. of first Richard, a carpenter, m. 28 Apr. 1 669, Patience, d. 
of Gabriel Meade, wh. d. 22 May 1670, and he sold his est 1679. 
Peter, Deerfield, s. of John, had sev. ch. betw. 1711 and 28, of wh. 
one was Randall. Philip, Newbury, by w. Deborah had William, b. 
13 Oct 1687 ; Eliz. 8 Nov. 1689 ; and John, 30 Apr. 1692 ; the last, 

128 EVARTS. 

says Coffin, at Ipswich. Richabd, Dorchester, freem. 1643, by w. 
Mary had Richard ; Mary, b. 19 Jan. 1641 ; Matthias, 11 Feb. 1644; 
beside^prob. Hannah, wh. m. 27 Sept. 1665, Samuel Hicks ; and Joanna, 
wh. m. 16 Jan. 1668, Joshua Hemmen way. Mary m. 17 July 1066, 
Nathan Bradlee. Richard, Dorchester, s. of the preced. by w. Re- 
becca had Richard, b. 8 Feb. 1670; Mary, 80 Nov. 1671, d. at nine 
mos. ; Mary, again, 8 June 1673 ; Rebecca, 22 Oct. 1676 ; Thomas, 31 
Aug. 1678 ; Matthias, 26 May 1682; and John, 9 Mar. 1688; and d. 
10 Mar. 1725, aged a. 86. His wid. d. 1731, set 85. Richard, Reho- 
both, had Richard, b. 10 Aug. 1681. Robert, Dover 1665, had Rob- 
ert, b. 80 Sept. 1665 ; Edward, 28 June 1667 ; Jonathan, 10 Apr. 1669 ; 
and Eliz. 25 Jan. 1672 ; all by w. Eliz. was k. 28 June 1689, or (as 
ano. acco. is) d. of cancer, 27 Feb. 1697. Robert, Dover, s. of the 
preced. had w. Ann and ch. Joseph, b. 4 June 1682; Sarah, 9 Nov. 
1685; Benjamin, 2 Feb. 1687; Hannah, 21 June 1690; and Patience, 
5 Sept. 1693. He d. 1753. Thomas, Plymouth, d. 27 Jan. 1635. 
Thomas, Dorchester, 1640, perhaps was there 1689. Thomas, Salis- 
bury, m. 30 Sept 1686, Hannah Brown, had Ann, b. 5 Nov. 1687 ; 
John, 24 Aug. 1689 ; Abigail, 22 Aug. 1692 ; Thomasin, 5 Apr. 1696; 
and Hannah, 5 Apr. 1698. William, Taunton 1643, prob. d. bef. 1676, 
or may have been the same as William, Gloucester, one of the select- 
meti 1647 and 8, was of Ipswich 1656. 

EvARTS, Daniel, Guilford, s. of John, perhaps b. in Eng. had w. 
Mary, wh. d. 31 Mar. 1663; and he m. 1 Mar. 1664, Rebecca, d. of 
Henry Dowd, had Hannah; Daniel, b. 24 Jan. 1667; John, 20 Sept. 
1669 ; James, 18 Feb. 1672 ; Sarah, 15 May 1675 ; Samuel, 14 Dec 
1681 ; d. 5 Dec 1692. The last five ch. were liv. 1693. Hannah ^ 
1686, Thomas Stephens of Killingworth, and d. in few yrs. James, 
Fairfield, prob. eldest s. of John, freem. of Conn. 1664> m. Lydia, d. of 
Richard Guttridge, had John ; James ; Mary, b. 17 Mar. 1662 ; Lydia; 
Joseph, Feb. 1669, d. at ten yrs. ; Judah, a. 1673; Hannah, 22 Sept. 
1677; Joseph, again, 1679; Dorothy, a. 1683; and Jonathan, wh. d. 
1696. He perhaps was b. in Eng. d. 1684, his inv. hav. date of June. 
John, Concord, freem. Mar. 1638, had John, b. 29 Feb. 1640 ; and 
Judah, 27 Oct 1642 ; but dther ch. may have been older, certain. 
James and prob. one of more brot from Eng. rem. to Guilford 1 650, 
and d. 10 May 1669. We kn. not the mo. of his ch. but at G. he m. 
Eliz. wid. of John Farmelee, the elder. John, Judah, Daniel, and heirs 
of James were proprs. there 1685. His d. Eliz. m. Peter Abbot, and 
was k. by him, for wh. he was execut tho. prob. insane. John, Guil- 
ford, s. of the preced. m. 14 Sept 1665, Mary French, prob. d. of 
Thomas of the same, had Mary, b. 12 Aug. 1666, d. at 22 yrs. ; John, 

EVE 129 

J6 Sept 1668, wh.d. young; Hannah, 12 Nov. 1670; Sarah, 4 June 
1S73; Nathaniel, 25 July 1675; Mehitable, 25 Feb. 1679 ; Ebenczer, 
15 Sept 1681 ; SUence, 26 Jan. 1684 ; Eliz. wh. d. 1687 ; and Patience, 
14 May 1689, d. bef. her f. wh. had sec. w. Sarah d. of Dennis Cramp- 
too, and d. 28 Dec. 1692. Judah, Guilford, br. of the preced. m. 3 
Aug. 1670, Mary, d. of William Hayden of Killmgworth, had Mary, b. 
28 June 1675, d. at 3 yrs. ; Samuel, 4 Oct. 1678 ; Mary, again, 16 May 
1682, d. very soon; and Ebenezer, 16 June 1688, d. young; d. 1696, 
tear, the two s. 

Eve, Adam, Boston, is the strange name of one, wh. as Bond says, 
10.5 July 1694, Eliz. youngest d. of William Barsham of Watertown, 
bad d. Annabel, wh. m. 23 Dec. 1714, Jonathan Benjamin of W. 

EvELETH, Isaac, Gloucester, s. of Sylvester, m. 13 Nov. 1677, Abi- 
gail, d. of John Coit, had Isaac, b. 21 Jan. 1680; and Hannah, 9 May 
1681, was freem. 1684. John, Ipswich, by w. Mary had Mary, b. 13 
Nov. 1683; but may have had others sev. yrs. bef. or after; d. Dec 
1745, in his 107th yr. ace. Pemberton's MSS. Ann. prob. a mistake as 
to time and man. John, Ipswich, possib. s. of the preced. H. C. 1 689, 
min. of Manchester, ord. 1 Oct 1693, dism. 1695 ; in five yrs. more was 
Bdt at Stow, but again dism. 1717 ; two yrs. after preach, at Arundel 
and Biddeford until 1729, perhaps as Episc. Miss. d. at Kittery 1 Aug. 
1734, aged Go. He m. at Charlestown, then being sch.master, 2 Dec. 

1692, Mary, d. of Bowman of Cambridge,' had Joseph, wh. 

d. 27 Oct. 1714, aged a. 18, bur. at Cambridge, prob. a stud, at the Coll. 
Joseph, Gloucester, s. of Sylvester, m. 1 Jan. 1668, Mary, d. prob. of 
Edward Br^g, had John, b. 25 Jan. 1670; EHz. 17 Dec. 1671; 
Joseph, 31 May 1674; Isaac, 11 Oct. 1676; Edward, 25 July 1679; 
Moses, 13 Feb. 1682 ; Mary, 13 Nov. 1683 ; and Hannah, 1 Oct. 1685. 
He enjoy, great length of life, I believe ; and beside the serv. to his 
coantry in hav. so many ch. he merits high reward as one of that 
noble jury, wh. had yield, to the monstrous dictat. of the Ct. in the 
witchcraft cases 1692, at Salem, every man of them declar. that none of 
tbem wd. ^' do such things again on such grounds for the whole world." 
Silvester, Gloucester, had been a baker at Boston 1642, at G. was 
selectman 1647, 9, and 51 ; had w. Susanna wh. d. 7 Sept. 1659, or, as 
ano. report is, 14 Sept. 1669, by her had Isaac ; Joseph, bapt 26 Mar. 
1643, a. 1 yr. and | old ; and Hannah, 8 Oct. foil, both at B. He m. 6 
Sept 1672, Bridget, prob. wid. of first Elias Parkman ; his d. Mary m. 
1655, Thomas Millet, perhaps as 2d w. of the senr. but more prob. as 
first w. of the junr. At Gloucester a tradit prevails, that Joseph d. 
1745, aged 105, wh. partly conflicts with, partly confirms, that one about 
John; and the Supplem. to the Boston Evening Post of 16 Dec. 1745, 

180 EVE 

GODt. tbis obit, notice : ^^ On the 2d inst d. at Ipswich, Mr. Joseph 
Eveleth in the hundred and seventh yr. of his age — left sev. eh. of a 
great age, one of wh. is upwards of 70 yrs. old." Reasonab. therefore, 
may we believe that John, or Joseph, ran something over a century. 

EvERDEN, Anthony, Providence, tocfli the o. of alleg. May 1666. 
HiCHARD, Providence, sw. alleg. June 1668. Thomas, Salem 1682, a 
Quaker preach. Walter, from Kent, an aged man, employ, in manuf. 
of gunpowder, was in Mass. Aug. 1674. Hutch. Coll. 468. 

Evered, Andrew, York, made freem. of Mass. 1652, was liv. 1680, 
to sw. alleg. to the k. Sometimes it is Everest * John, with a per- 
petual alias Webb, for surname, Boston, from Marlborough in Wilts, 
emb. in the James at Southampton Apr. 1 635, an*. 3 June, had large est. 
from 1656, as also at Chelmsford, where he was capt and rep. 1663, 4, 
and 5, spent the last 5 or 6 yrs. of life in that part aflerwards Dracut, 
and d. 16 Oct. 1668. His will of 10 Feb. 1666, bestows £50 on ch. of 
Boston, names w. Mary, six serv. his niece Rebecca, w. of John Arsleby 
of Andover, and her brs. John, Robert, Thomas, Peter, and Nathaniel 
Eayres, or Ayres, of Haverhill, and the eldest s. of John Bishop of 
Nantucket, beside cous. or neph. James Breedane, and br. William Dins- 
dale of Boiston, and Rev. John Fiske, wh. with Thomas Hincksman he 
made overseers of this will, from all wh. it may be presum. he left no 
descend. Stephen, perhaps br. of the preced. hav. the same alias, and 
com. in the same sh. with him. No more is kn. of him. It may be un- 
availing to ask why this fam. is describ. in all the rec by a double sur- 
name, as was the progen. of famous Oliver Cromwell, by the precession of 
Williams. Webb was a com. name in Wilts, and in many other parts 
of Eng. William, Charlestown, without the alias, m. 30 Jan. 1659, 
Sarah Fillebrown. 

Everell. See Everill. 

Everest, Isaac, Guilford, by w. Joanna had John ; Isaac, b. 1 May 
1677 ; Benjamin ; and Lydia; d. 1697, prob. for his in v. of good est is 
of 23 Jan. in that yr. Job, Guilford, br. of the preced. d. 1684, unm, 
gave all his est. to Isaac. 

Everett, Francis, Reading, m. 7 Dec. 1675, at Cambridge, Mary 
Edwards. Israel, Dedham, s. of Richard, by' w. Abigail had Tabitha, 
b. 14 Jan. 1677; and Josiah, 3 Aug. 1678. He d. 23 Dec. 1678. 
Jedediaii, Dedham, youngest br. of the preced. by w. Rachel had 
Tabitha, b. 15 Apr. 1681 ; Ebenezer, 7 June 1682 ; Timothy, 12 June 
or Aug. 1685; Abigail, 31 May or Aug. 1690; and Richard, or Rachel, 
1 1 Mar. 1 692. John, Dedham, eldest br. of the preced. m. 13 May 1 662, 
Eliz. d. of Robert Pepper, had Eliz. b. 9 Aug. or 6 Nov. 1665 ; Hannah, 
14 Sept. 1670; Bethia, 3 Oct. 1673; John, 9 June 1676; WUliam, 20 

EVE 131 

Otl 1678, or Jan. 1679 ; Israel, 8 Apr. 1681 ; and Richard, 24 Aug. 

1683; freem. 1690, was a capt. and d. 1 Apr. 1714. His wid. Eliz. d. 
Jane 1715 ; but in one draft of a fam. geneal. that has been subm. to my 
inspect the dates of d. for h. and w. are exchang. Richard, Dedham, 
whose name is uniform, giv. Everard, bad, I presume, liv. at Watertown, 
there, prob. by w. Mary, bad John, rem. a. 1636 or 7, had Mary, b. 28 
SepL 1638, says the rec tho. it seems to me prob. that it was 1637 ; Sam- 
uel, 31 Mar. 1639, tho. the rec. of the county has, absurdly, 31 Sept as 
the town rec must be false, if it has Mary correct ; Sarah, 14 Mar. 1641, 
d. 1 Apr. folL ; and James, 14 Mar. 1 643, d. soon, as did also his mo. He 
m. 29 June 1643, at Springfield, where he had some est. Mary Winch, wh. 
came, at the age of 15, with Rowland Stebbins 1634, in the Francis, 
&om Ipswich; had Sarah, again, b. 12 Apr. 1644; Abigail, 19 Nov. 
1647; Israel, 14 July 1651; Ruth, 14 Jan. 1654; and Jedediah, 11 
July 1656. He d.-3 July 1682, in his will, pro. 25 of that mo. made 12 
May 1680, gave inc. of all his est to w. Mary during wid. to ch. Jede- 
diah, est in fee of 20 acres ; Abigail, w. of Matthias Puffer, ^^ the tract 
of Easy Plam ; '' to James Mackenwithy, wh. m. his d. Mary, 7 acres 
finr life^ remainder in fee to her ch. James, Daniel, and Mary ; to 
Sarah, d. of Cornelius Fisher, wh. m. 24 July 1665, his d. Sarah, £5 ; 
and other est equally to ch. John, Samuel, Jedediah, Abigail, and Ruth. 
Richard, Jamaica, L. L had d. in 1666, or earlier, for in that yr. Abra- 
ham Smith was appoint admor. of his est in trust for his childr. 
These ch. are not nam. Thompson, in 1656, calls him Evert ; yet in 
1686 he names at Jamaica, John Everit, perhaps one of them. Samuel, 
Bedham, s. of first Richard, m. 28 May 1669, Mary, d. of Robert 
Pepper, had Judith, b. 10 Feb. 1670, d. soon ; Judith, again, 12 Mar. 
1672; Samuel, 7 Oct 1681; Isaac, 25 May 1685; Mary, 24 May 
1688 ; and Benjamin, 20 Mar. 1693 ; was freem. 1690 ; and d. 26 June 
1718. William, Kittery 1640, whose name may be Averitt, under 
govera. by Grorges patent, allow, to keep an ordinary 1649, was adm. 
fireem. of Mass. 1652, when, perhaps, he was of Dover, d. at sea 1674. 
Ten of this name had, in 1834, been gr. at H. C. and ten at the othcfr 
N. £. colL 

EvEKiLL, Abiel, Boston, m. 6 July 1655, Eliz. d. of Lieut William 
Phillips, had James, b. 4 Apr. 1656 ; and d. early, for his wid. m. 1 Apr. 

1660, prob. as sec w. John Alden, jr. James, Boston, was adm. with w. 
Eliz. of the ch. 20 July 1634, freem. 3 Sept foil, had Ezekiel, bapt 15 
May 1636; Coneniah, 4 Nov. 1638, if the name on rec. be credible; 
and Eliz. 3 Oct 1641 ; beside Ann or Hannah, older than either, wh. 
was, prob. b. in Eng. and m. William Blanchard, but afler his d. m. 

George Manning ; was in good esteem, often one of the selectmen, d. 

132 EVE — EWE 

near the end of 1682 or beg. of 1683, for his will, made in Dec was 
pro. in Feb. foil. His d. Eliz. m. a Grant. Often the name appears 

EvERTON, Joseph, Charlestown, s. of William of the same, by w. 
Catharine had Catharine, bapt 22 Oct. 1699; and Joseph, 14 Sept 
1701. Samuel, Charlestown, br. of the preced. by w. Joanna bad 
Joanna, bapt. 15 Dec. 1700. William, Manchester 1658, Charlestown 
1674, by w. Sar^h had John, Fownell, Samuel, Joseph, and Sarah, all 
bapt 2 Sept 1677; William, 7 Oct 1677; Benjamin, 11 July 1680; 
and by sec. w. Ruth Walley, m. 19 Nov. 1684, had Eliz. bapt 3 Sept 
1688 ; and Ruth, 27 Sept 1691 ; wh. d. next yr. and he d. Oct. 1688, 
aged a. 63, as by the gravestone is falsely said. 

Ew'E, John, Hartford, by misadvent. k. Thomas Scott, 6 Nov. 1G4J, 
and was fin. ten pounds to the wid. and five to the coL 

EwELL, Gershom, Scituate, s. of Henry, had John. Henry, Scita- 
ate, came from Sandwich, Kent, 1635, in the Hercules, shoemaker, unit 
with the ch. 3 Apr. 1636, was a soldier in the Pequot war 1637, m. 23 
Nov. 1 638, Sarah, d. of Anthony Annabl^, rem. to Barnstable, where 
his eldest s. John was bapt 8 Mar. 1640; Ebenezer, 12 Feb. 1643; 
Sarah, 14 Sept 1645; and came back 1647, had at S. Hannah, b. 22 
June 1649 ; Gershom, 14 Nov. 1650 ; d. Abia, 27 Sept 1658 ; Ichabod, 
June 1659 ; and Deborah, 4 June 1663. His ho. was bum. in 1676 by 
the Ind. His will of 1681 names the'bef. ment exc John and Abia, 
adds other ch. Eunice, and ment. w. Sarah, and d. Sarah, w. of John 
Northey. John, Boston, s. of the preced. m. Mary, d. of Richard 
Goodale, but d. 31 July 1686 at Newbury, leav. d. Mary. Ichabod, 
Scituate, s. of Henry, cultiv. est. of his f. but his sons rem. to Marshfield, 
says Deane. Joseph, Ipswich, freem. 1683. Richard, Springfield 

' Ewer, Henrt, Sandwich 1637. Johx, Barnstable, d. 1652. Tho- 
mas, Charlestown, came in the James from London 1635, aged 40 ; with 
w. Sarah, d. of William Lamed, 28 ; and ch. Eliz. 4; and Thomas, 1^; 
had elder ch. perhaps John, certain. Sarah, wh. m. 18 June 1645, Tho- 
mas Blossom the sec. of Plymouth ; unit with the ch. Jan. 1636, as had 
his w. the mo. bef. freem. 3 Mar. 1636; d. 1638; and his wid. m. 11 
Dec 1639, Thomas Lothrop of Barnstable, where his d, Eliz. was bur. 
9 Apr. 1641. Perhaps he was the man against wh. charge for language 
against the king, in 1637, was brot by Lord Ley, so easily got rid of by 
Grov. Winth. I. 234 ; but he might soon after have seem, in greater dan- 
ger for error in his relig. opin. as he was one of the friends of Wheel- 
wright Yet his discretion in recant, is observ. Thomas, Sandwich, of 
wh. I learn nothing but that his wid. Hannah pro. his in v. 31 May 1667. 

EWI — EYR 133 

Thomas, Barnstable, perhaps s. of first Thomas, had by first w. Thomas, 
b. Dec 1673 ; and prob. mo. and ch. d. soon. He m. Oct 1684, sec w. 
Eliz. Lovell, wh. d. 20 Mar. 1712, had Thomas, b. Jan. 1686, bapt. 26 
Julj 1691; Shubael, 1690; John, Feb. 1692; Mehitable, OcL 1694, d. 
next mo.; Nathaniel, Nov. 1695; Jonathan, d. Nov. 1696; Hezekiah, 
1697 ; and Thankful, Oct bapt. 2 Nov. 1701 ; beside Sarah, and Eliz. 

EwiLL, John, Newbury 1669, d. 31 July 1686. Perhaps it is some- 
times Ewins, and he may have been s. of that William wh. in 1666 was 
aged 46, as Coffin says in Geneal. Reg. VI. 253. 

EwiNGTON, Thomas, Lynn 1642, is by me thot to be Thomas 
Euington, f reem. of R. I. 1 655. 

EwsTEAD, Richard, Salem 1629, came in the fieet with Higginson. 

ExELL, or Exile, Richard, Springfield 1646, m. 4 June 1651, 
Hannah, wid. of Thomas Reeves, had Mary, b. 1 Mar. 1 653 ; John, 4 
Nov. 1657 ; and Abigail, 20 May 1660 ; suffer, in Philip's war, and rem. 
1676, but whither is unkn. yet in 1681 or 2 he sent to Boston some 
whale oil to pay a debt he owed Pynchon, so that prob. either Long IsL 
or Rhode Isl. bee his home. Mary m. 30 Dec 1675, Henry Rogers. 

Eter, John, Nathaniel, Samuel, Haverhill or Salisbury. See 

Etnsworth, one way of spelL Ainsworth, wh. see. 

Ethan s, Edward, Haverhill, in 1663 was 40 years of age, as Coffin 
found, and no other finding has reach, me. 

Etre, Eire, often Eters, * John, Boston, youngest s. of Simon the 
first, m. 20 May 1680, Catharine, d. of Thomas Brattle, had Catharine, 
b. 20 July 1694; Bethia, 24 July 1695 ; and John, 7 Aug. 1700, H. C. 
1718*; was of ar. co. 1682, in the Com.tee of Safety 1689, rep. 1693 and 
8, and d. June 1700. His wid. m. 13 Nov. 1707, Waitstill Winthrop. 
Jonathan, Boston, br. of the preced. by Simon's first w. was educ. for 
a surgeon 1656, but no more is kn. of him. * Simon, Watertown, a 
sui^eon, came in the Increase 1635, from London, emb. 15 Apr. aged 48, 
with w. Dorothy, 38 ; and ch. Mary, 15 ; Thomas, 13 ; Simon, 11 ; Re- 
becca, 9 ; Christian, 7 ; Ann, 5 ; Benjamin, 3 ; and Sarah, 3 mos. freem. 
17 Apr. 1637, rep. 1641, selectman 1636-43, and elk, of the town 1641- 
5, when John Sherman succeed, and he soon rem. to Boston, where his 
w. d. 11 Aug. 1650 ; but he had, bef. rem. Jonathan, b. 20 Mar. 1638 ; 
and Dorothy, 14 June, 1640. Prob. too, his ch. Sarah d. at W. young ; 
and he m. a. 1651, Martha, d. of William Hubbard, sis. of the hist, and 
wid. of John Whittingham of Ipswich, had Maria, b. 26 Mar. 1652 and 
John, 19 Feb. 1654; and d. 10 Oct. 1658, unless 10 Nov. by ano. rec. 
be more prob. His wid. d. 13 July 1687. Abstr. of his will of 5 July 
bef. his d. may be seen in Greneal. Reg. IX. 39. Ann m. 5 Mar. 16529« 

VOL. II. 12 

134 EYTON. 

John Checklej ; and Mary, it is said, m. Richard Moseley, tho. wb. he 
was, I see not. Simon, Boston, brot. bj his f. the preced. with the other 
seven ch. 1635, m. Lydia, d. of Comfort Starr, had Simon, b. 6 Aug. 
1652, to wh. gr.f. Starr made a bequest ^ to help him to learning." On 
10 Aug. of next yr. his w. d. and he had d. few days bef. Simok, 
New Haven, s. of the preced. m. 22 July 1679, Eliz. d. of the'sec Isaac 
Allerton, the young wid. of Benjamin Starr, had Simon, b. 5 Sept 
1682 ; and Isaac, 23 Dec 1684 ; and d. 1695. Error in Geneal. Reg. 
L 157, giv. the list of proprs. at New Haven 1685 (wh. is general, very 
accurate), is seen in the name of this man, as Egears ; and in an earlier 
day some rec gives it Heyers, while the London custom ho. shows 
Ayres. That John, wh. was drown. 30 Nov. 1696, '^ skating on the 
Fresh Pond " (as SewalFs Diary in Geneal. Reg. Y. 76, tells), was his 
8. 1 venture to conject tho. he was so far from home, bee. both he and 
his partner in the casualty are call, students, and prob. they were prepar. 
for adm. at colL John, sen. John, jr. Joseph, Nathaniel, Samuel, 
and Timothy, wh. were all of Haverhill, and there took the milit. o. of 
alleg. 28 Nov. 1677, no doubt, tho. brot in with E. belong to the first 
letter of our alphabet ; yet as I could of either tell nothing more, their 
fall in Geneal. Reg. VI. 203, is no matter of regret Thomas, Water- 
town 1 644, eldest s. of Simon the first, wh. in his will had devis. to him 
the est at W. d. prob. without issue, perhaps unm. in Virginia 1666, 
tho. we may ask, in vain, why he was there, unless we assume' that he had 
lost or wasted his gr. prop. wh. infer, must be justif. by Bond, 204, mak. 
his inv. no more than £26. 13. Farmer thot the fam. might be deriv. 
from John £. of Brandon in Suff'k. whose s. Simon was in 1445 mayor 
of London. Ayer is oflen writ for this name. 

Etton, Samson, Cambridge 1650, then a stud, at colL wh. left bef. 
grad. to go to £ng. There he was made a fellow, but we read not the 
name of the colL nor at wh. Univ. See Hutch. L 112. 

Supplement of Corrections and AddiiUms for Earle on pp. 91 and 2. 

Under John of Northampton, strike out the sec sentence. 

Under the first Ralph, strike out s. '< Thomas^ and, after William, 
add ds. Mary, wh. m. William Corey ; Martha, wh. m. William Wood ; 
and Sarah, wh. m. Thomas Cornell. Add at the end. He had been rep. 
1650, after strik. out — ^ and is ment in Church's Ind« Wars," and the 
next two sentences. 

Under the sec. Ralph, strike ovX*^ perhaps son " and insert — eldest s. 
Strike out, also, the sec sentence, and ins. — His w. was Dorcas, and 

FAB — FAI 135 

ch. were John, William, Ralph, Joseph, and perhaps that Hannah, wh. 
m. 27 Aug. 1719, William Brown. He was propr. after mid. life at 
Dartmouth, and own. among the opposite islands, the interesting Cutty- 
bunk, for full value of wh. see Belknap's Amer. Biogr. IT. 114. 

Under sec Robert, in the last line, should be add. — but I see reason 
to believe, that at Newport the earliest kn.of that name was b. 1706, and 
that Farmer was wrong. 
Under Thomas (on p. 92), strike out "s." and ins. — br. 
Under William, ins. at begin, of line 3, s. of the first Ralph ; and 
after sec- word, strike out all that foil, and ins. — b. a. 1660; Thomas ; 
and John ; prob. all at Portsmouth, R. I. and by first w. Mary ; was rep. 
1693, 1704, and 6, and d. 15 Jan. 1717, lea v. wid. Prudence, wh. d. 18 
Jan. 1718. 
Of course Ralph the first, and William, should have * prefix. 
All this informat. was rec. bef. the first vol. began to be pr. yet so 
carefuL was it mislaid, that it was not examin. until the matter on the 
former pp. 91 and 2 had been three wks. pr. My dilig. correspond. 
Pliny E. of Leicester regrets the want of many dates of b. m. and d. 

Fabexs, Fabin, or Fabins, John, on a jury in New Hampsh. 1656, 
m. perhaps, one of the ds. of Edward Oilman. Eliz. came in the Eliza- 
beth and Ann 1635, aged 16, but we kn. not wh. was her f. Fabyan is 
a name in that region, and John F., Esq. of the province d. 1757. 

Faber, or Febar, Joseph, Boston 1637, a cooper, came in the Eliza- 
beth and Ann 1635, aged 26 ; was fined in Mar. 1638 for sell, wine 
without license. His w. was a principal cause of the excommun. of 
Capt. John Underbill, as with great particular, set forth in Winth. 1. 326. 
II. 15, and in ch. rec of 5 Mar. 1640. 

Face, Robert, Charlestown, carpenter, d. 22 Jan. 1657, in his will, 
pro. next Mar. gave all his prop, to John Fownell, the miller, with wh. 
he liv. 

Fairbanks, Eliezur, Medfield, s. of George, by w. Martha had 
Mary, b. 31 Oct. 1678; was of Sherborn, where he had Martha, 22 Jan. 
1680; Lydia, 8 Mar. 1682; Martha, 9 Dec. 1684; Mercy, 18 Oct. 
1088; and Eliezur, 29 Dec. 1690; and d. 1741. George, Dedham, s. 
of Jonathan, came, prob. from Yorksh. Eng. with his f. and other ch. by 
W.Mary, had Mary, b. 10 Nov. 1647 ; George, 26 May 1650; Samuel, 
28 Oct. 1652; Eliezur, 8 June 1655; Jonas, 23 Feb. 1657; was at 
Medfield, there had Jonathan, 1 May 1662; and Margaret, 27 June, 
1664 ; was after of Sherborn ; but at Medfield, says Barry, d. 10 Jan. 


1683, or 6 Apr. of same yr. George, Dedham, s. of the preced. m. 
1671, Rachel Adams, and had Rachel, b. 29 Sept. 1672 ; Mary, 5 Mar. 
1675 ; his w. d. 12 Maj 1678, and he by w. Susanna had Susanna, 24 
Mar. 1680, d. soon; Susanna, again, 17 May 1682; Dorothy, 6 Nor. 
1683; Margaret, 5 Jan. 1685 ; and by third w. Sarah, had Jonas, 15 
Feb. 1688, d. at 2yrs.; Sarah, 16 Nov. 1690; George, 2 Oct, 1694; 
and John, 9 Oct. 1697; John, Dedham, perhaps br. of Jonathan the 
first, brot from £ng. it is said, only d. Mary, wh. m. 2 or 12 Apr. 1644, 
Michael Metcalf the sec. and no more is heard of him. John, Dedham, 
eldest s. of Jonathan, came from £ng. no doubt, with his f. by w. Sarah 
had Joshua, b. 26 May 1642 ; John, 7 Feb. 1644 ; Sarah, 9 Dec 1645 ; 
Jonathan, 10 Nov. 1648, d. prob. at 13 yrs. ; Martha, and Mary, tw. 25 
Dec. 1650; Joseph, 10 May 1656; Hannah, 10 Feb. 1659; and Ben- 
jamin, 17 Feb. 1662. Some wrong infer, from rec may arise, that 
ano. w. Susan was mo. of the last six ch. His w. Sarah d. 26 Nov. 
1683 ; and he d. 13 Nov. 1 684. His will of 10 Nov. 1684, provides for 
ch. John, call, his eldest s. Joseph, his sec. and Benjamin, the youngest, d» 
Hannah, and gr.d. Mary Sawyer ; so that we may be sure others were d. 
John, Wrentham, perhaps s. of the preced. by w. Hannah had, at Ded- 
ham, John, b. 1677; but at W. Joshua, 18 Mar. 1682; Abigail, 17 
Aug. 1684; Nathaniel, 9 May 1687 ; Sarah, 22 Mar. 1690, 6mos.; 
and Deborah, 1 Aug. 1692. Jonas, Lancaster 1657, s. of the first 
Jonathan, m. 28 May 1658, Lydia, d. of John Prescott, had Mary, b. 
1659; Joshua, 1661; Grace, 1663; Jonathan, 1666; Hazadiah, 1668; 
Jabez, 1670; and Jonas, 1673. He was k. by the Ind. 10 Feb. 1676, 
with his 8. Joshua. The wid. m. a Barron, and in 1698, sett. est. of F. 
Jonathan, Dedham, the progenit. I presume, of all this fam. name now 
in N. E. came with w. Grace and prob. all his six ch. bef. 1641, d. 5 
Dec 1668. His will of 1 June in that yr. pro. 26 Jan. folL provides 
for or ment w. Grace, eldest s. John ; sec. George ; Mary, w. of Christo- 
pher Smith ; third s. Jonas ; and Jonathan, the youngest ; Sarah, eldest 
d. of s. John ; s.-in-law Ralph Day, and ea. of the four ch. he had by 
my d. Susan, his late w. and largest portion to s. John. He was prob. 
from the W, riding of Yorksh. as the will of his uncle George calls him 
of Sowerby in that part of Eng. Jonathan, Dedham, s. of the preced. 
m. Deborah, d. of Edward Shepard of Cambridge, had Deborah, b. 3 
June 1654; Grace, 17 Dec. 1656; Sarah, 12 Dec. 1658; Edward, 10 
Jan. 1661; David, 28 Jan. 1663; Samuel, 2 June 1665; Maiy, 24 
July 1667 ; and Jeremiah ; was freem. 1690. His wid. d. 7 Sept. 1705. 
Jonathan, Sherborn, s. of the first George, a physician, by w. Sarah, 
wh. d. 9 July 1713, had Greorge, b. 14 Apr. 1685 ; Jonathan, 21 Mar. 
1689 ; Comfort, 30 Oct 1690; Joseph, 25 Apr. 1692; Samuel, 27 Feb. 

FAI 137 

1693 ; and Jonas, 9 June 1697. By a sec. w. Anne he bad Benjamin, 

b. 1715 ; and d. 1719. Jonathan, Lancaster, s. of Jonas, m. 24 Aug. 

1688, Mary Howard of Concord, had Hannah, and Mary, wh. were 

saved, when he was k. with two other cL by the Ind. 1697. His w. 

was car. to Canada, but came home soon. The age of Hannah was 9 

yrs. of Mary, 3, when the est. was sett, by his br. Jabez in May 1 698. 

Joseph, Dedham, s. of first John, freem. 1678, or 1684. || Richard, 

Boston 1633, prob. with Eliz. his w. came with Cotton in the Griffin, at 

least his union with the ch. here was on the same day with Elder Leverett 

and w. Got. Brenton and Edward Hutchinson, in the month af\er the 

great teacher arr. freem. 14 IVIay 1634, ar. 'co. 1654, had Constance, 

bapt. 10 Jan. 1636; and Zaccheus, 8 Dec. 1639, d. young. He* was a 

man of some distinct disarm. Nov. 1637 for beret, perversity in the 

cause of Wheelwright, but within two yrs. after made by the same 

gOTemm. the first receiver of all letters from abroad for the whole Col. 

Constance m. 30 Mar. 1653, Samuel Mattock. 

Fairchild, * Thomas, Stratford, one of the first sett. 1646, rep. 
1659, 60, and oil. after ; had by w. whose name 1 see not, but she was d. 
of Robert Seabrook of S. Samuel, b. 1640; Faith, 1642 ; John, 1644; 
Thomas, 1646; Dinah, 1648; Zechariah, 1651; and Emma, 1653; of 
these the sec and third are not nam. in his will of 7 Dec. 1670, just 
bef. his d. and perhaps they were d. He had gone home, got sec. w. 
Catharine Cragg, a wid. of London (the contract of m. 22 Dec. 1662, 
in wh. he was bound to secure to her est. at S. for life or pay £200, 
being here rec), and had by her three ch. The s. Samuel and Thomas 
were proprs. two yrs. bef. Emma m. 20 Apr. 1676, Hackaliah Preston 
and d. Feb. 1733. 

Fairfield, Daniel, Boston, by w. Eliz. had Mary, bur. July 1639 ; 
Eliz. 30 Oct. 1640, wh. m. 22 Oct. 1657, Joseph Sowther; and Mary, 
again, 7 July 1643, wh. m. 20 Aug. 1660, John Parker; was freem. 
16S3, unless ano. Daniel of Boston were the man. Daniel, Salem 
1639, called a half Dutchman, the unhappy subject of severe punishm. 
as relat. by Winth. II. 45. He had liberty in 1656 to go with w. and 
ch. to Eng. and prob. wish, not to return. Daniel, Weymouth, by w. 
Sarah had James, b. 18 Mar. 1666 ; a ch. 24 Aug. 1667 ; and Sarah, 
25 Aug. 1670. He was, prob. f. of Daniel, b. at Braintree, 18 Sept. 
1662, whose diligence in keep, a Diary from 1689 to 1711, presented to 
the Hist. Soc. by Rev. Dr. Harris, its librarian, was much praised by 
the local historian. But it is kn. now, that the writer of the Diary was 
John Marshall, whose mo. Ruth m. the f. of the Diary-keeper. John, 
Charlestown 1638, Salem 1639, freem. 14 May 1640, had John, bapt. 27 
June 1641 ; and d. a. 1647, lea v. wid. Eliz. (wh. m. Peter Palfrey), and 


188 FAI — FAL 

ch. Benjamin, John, and "Walter, both the former and latter, perhaps, b. 
in Eng. John, Newport, freem. there 1655, was of Westerly 1G69. 
Prob. he had no ch. and in 1689 gave all his prop, to Mary Babcock, 
wid. of John to obt. mainten. of hims. and w. for life. * Walter, 
Reading, prob. s. of John of Salem, had Samuel, b. 13 Aug. 1658, d. 
young; Samuel, again, 14 Apr. 1660, d. young ; William, 14 Oct, 1662 ; 
and perhaps more; was after of Wenham, rep. 1689. * William, 
Wenham, s. of the preced. b. a. 1662 or 3, freem. 1690, was rep. 27 yrs. 
speaker 1741, d. next yr. a;t. 80. His eldest s. William of Boston d. 
1770, leav. six s. of wh. says Folsom, 268, Rev. John of Saco, H. C. 
1757, was one. 

Fairman, John, Enfield, one of the first sett, had James, b. 1 683, 
perhaps others bef. and d. 1 684. He wrote his name Ferman, and may 
have been s. or gr.s. of John Firmin of Watertown. 

Fairweather, or Fayerweather, * John, Boston, s. of Thomas, 
m. 15 Nov. 1660, Sarah, d. of Robert Turner, had Thomas, Penelope, 
and John, all bapt. 12 June 1670 ; and a ch. 28 Apr. 1672 ; was a con- 
Stable and freem. 1673, a capt rep. 1684, made command, of the Castle 
at the Revo. Apr. 1689 ; m. at Swanzey, perhaps sec. w. Eliz. Dicksey, 
in 1674; d. 13 Apr. 1712. Thomas, Boston, came early, perhaps in 
the fleet with Winth. for his name stands in the ch. list No. 101, bef. 
dates are found, freem. 14 May 1634, by w. Mary had John, bapt. 21 
Sept. 1634 ; and Mary, b. Nov. 1636, bapt. 5 Mar. 1637, d. Nov. 1638. 
His s. Thomas d. Aug. 1638 ; and he d. late in 1638. His inv. was 
brot. in by Elder Colbron and John Odlin 8 Jan. foil. 

Falconer, David, Boston, had Thomas, b. 1656. Snow, 61. 

Faldoe, Bartholomew, a youth of 16, emb. in the Planter 1635, 
to come from London, but no more is seen of him. 

Fales, spelled Vales, sometimes in col. rec. James, Medfield, was 
freem. 1673. James, Dedhara, perhaps s. of the preced. was freem. 
1684. John, Wrentham, m. 20 June 1684, Abigail Hawes, had John, 
b. 22 Apr. 1685, d. young ; John, again, 19 Apr. 1689 ; and Joseph, 8 
Sept. 1691. Seven of this name had been gr. at II. C. in 1825. 

Fall, John, Swanzey, k. prob. by the Ind. was bur. 24 June 1675. 

Fall AND, * Thomas, Yarmouth, freem. 7 Sept. 1641, rep. 1644 and 
57. Baylies, II. 3, 30. 

Falloway, or Fallowell, Gabriel, Plymouth, came early, was 
adm. freem. 1 Sept. 1640, but we only kn. of him that he d. 2^.Dec 
1667, aged 83. His will of 14 Oct. preced. names w. Catharine, his 
gr.s. br. Robert Finney, and no other exc. Sarah, d. of John Wood. 
John, Plymouth, m. 13 Feb. 1668, Sarah, d. of John Wood, was gr.8. 
of the preced. but it is less easily kn. wh. was his f. or what became of 

FAN 139 

Iiis or whether he had ch. He was drown, as an inq. held 20 
Oct. 1675, shows; and admin, was gr. to his wid. Sarah, with Samuel 
Dunham. William, Plymouth, perhaps s. of Gabriel, and possib. f. of 
the preced. m. 16 Maj 1640, Martha Beal, wh. as his wid. m. 29 June 
1649, Samuel Dunham. The name is easily confused, from likeness of 
double f to cap. H with Holloway or Halloway. 

Fane, Henry, Boston 1648, turner, had w. Eliz. 

Faneuil, Andrew, Boston, a Huguenot merch. from Amsterdam, 
to wh. city he fled from his native Rochelle, rec. as inhab. of the Col. 1 
Feb. 1692, as is told in note to Drake*s valua. Hist, of Boston, 536, in 
comp. with his brs. Benjamin and John. But some uncertainty exists, 
whether either of his brs. were ever resid. in N. E. Of John, certainly, 
the doubt is strong, for Sargent, in his delightful " Dealings with the 
Dead," 506, asserts that he held fast to the ancient form of religion, " and 
liv. and died, a Roman Catholic." In the will of Andrew, giv. him £100, 
he is call, of Rochelle. xxxiii. 205. Whether he had come over, and went 
borne in disgust at the Puritans of N. E. be more prob. than ano. hy- 
pothesis, that his brs. kn. there could be no harm in obtain, license for 
his adm. and, at least, their desire would be iis reputable to them tho. 
their br. took not benefit of it, is beyond means of solution. Benjamin 
m. indeed, at Kingstown, 28 July 1699, Ann Bureau, and he signed a 
certific at Boston near three yrs. bef. in favor of Gabriel Bernon's 
attempt, settlem. at Oxford, in Co. Worcester, as in 3 Mass. Hist. Coll. 
n. 60, is print so that he may well seem to have encourag. that French 
planta. if not even to have liv. there some time ; yet with many other of 
hli countrymen he had made New Rochelle, in the jurisdict. of New 
York, only 20 ms. from the city, his proper home, and there were b. all 
his eleven ch. There, too, he d. 1718, as had sev. of his inf. ch. But 
his eldest s. Peter, b. 20 June 1700, and Benjamin, 29 Dec. 1701, bee. 
merch. of distinct, at Boston. Andrew brot. w. from Holland, but no 
issue is ment. and his w. d. 16 July 1724. He had adopt. Benjamin, 
his neph. and of course the public expecta. was, that his 'uncle would 
bestow no small part of his prop, the largest in N. E. upon this favorite 
relat. yet bef. 12 Sept. 1734, when he made his will, he had driv. that neph. 
from his house, and in that instru. bequeath, him " five shillings and no 
more." In that doc. with codic. of 23 Jan. 1738, abundant est. was 
convey. He d. 13 Feb. foil. Between £7,000 and £9,000 he gave to 
other relat and friends, but the greater part of his wealth to his neph. 
Peter, at whose d. after few yrs. all. went to the disinherit. Benjamin 
to be enjoy, seven times as long as the orig. devisee could. Ben- 
jamin, Boston, merch. s. of Benjamin of the Province of New York, m. 
Mary Cutler, had Benjamin, Mary, and Peter, was happily disinherit. 
by his ancle Andrew, and gained longer life and good est rem. to Cam- 

140 FAN— FAR 

bridge and built beautif. mansion in that part now Brighton, d. Oct 1785. 
Peter, Boston, eldest br. of the preced. the richest man in the Prov. in 
conseq. of the will of his uncle Andrew, was never m. celebr. for his 
munific. in giv. to the town the market ho. kn. hj his name, built Sept. 
1742, and he d. 3 Mar. foil. Every thing about the donor, his br. his f. 
and his uncle is told in the very pleasant essays call. '^ Dealings with the 
Dead," 495 to 568. 

Fanning, Andrew, Stonington, perhaps, but only kn. to us as 
emb. 6 Feb. 1679, in the Diligence, to come to N. E. as serv. of 
Daniel Stanton. Edmund, New London 1652, is by tradit. said to have 
escaped from the Irish Massacre, 1641, but it has not told any thing of the 
eleven yrs. interval; rem. to Stonington bef. 1670, and sometime after, 
came back to N. L. liv. on Groton side, d. 1 683, leav. s. Edmund, John, 
Thomas, and William, beside d. IMary, wh. m. 24 Sept 1683, Benjamin 
Hewett Perhaps he was anc. of Edmund, Y. C. 1759, LL. D. wh. d. 
at London 1818. Descend, have cont on the ancestral shore, but one 
has explored unkn. tracts of the immense Pacific, where Fanning's island 
points out his path. Thomas, Watertown, m. 17 May 1655, Eliz. d. of 
Robert Daniel, had Eliz. b. 5 Apr. 1656; Mary, 12 Nov. 1657, d. in 
few weeks; Mary, again, 28 Oct. 1662, m. 10 June 1680, Benoni 
Larned; and Sarah, 18 July 1665. He d. Aug. 1685, and his wid. liv. 
to 27 Jan. 1722 in 92d yr. She was b. in Eng. Wij^liam, Newbury, 
m. 24 Mar. 1668, Eliz. Allen, had Joseph, b. 1 Jan. 1669 ; Benjamin, 2 
Apr. 1671 ; WilUam, 10 Nov. 1673; James, 24 July 1676 ; and Eliz. 6 
Mar. 1681. 

Farewell, George, Salem, had practised law sev, yrs. was made 
elk. of that Court instit. by Sir Edmund Andros 1687, at Ipswich, for 
trial of friends of freedom. Felt. Of course, he was imprison, at the 
Revo, in Apr. 1689. 

Fargo, Moses, New London 1680, a smith, by w. Sarah had Moses, 
b. 1691, and eight others, whose names are not seen. 

Farley, Caleb, Billerica, s. prob. of George, freem. 1690, had Eben- 
ezer, b. 3 Apr. 1674 ; George, 30 July 1677 ; both at Woburn ; Caleb, and 
sev. other ch. rem. perhaps with part of his fam. to Roxbury, there d. 16 
Mar. 1712 ; and Lydia, his wid. d. 19 Nov. 1715. Perhaps this caused 
Farmer to say that George, his f. was at R. bef. going to Woburn ; but I 
find no ment. of this name at R. bef. the eighteenth cent Caleb, a descend, 
of George, b. at Billerica, d. 5 Apr. 1833, aged 102, at Hollis, and the 
fam. is much diffused in that and neighb. parts of N. II. George, 
Woburn, m. ^ Apr. 1641, Christian Births; wh. prob. d. soon after; 
petnr. with many others in 1 655 for relig. liberty, as in 3 Mass. Hist. 
Coll. I. 45, spelt Farlo ; rem. to Billerica bef. 1655, had m. 9 Feb. 1643, 
and by w. Beatrice had James, b. 23 Nov. 1643, d. next Feb. ; Caleb, 1 

FAR 141 

Apr. 1645; Mary, 27 Feb. 1647; Timothy; and perhaps more ch. at 
W. ; at Billcrica, by w. Christian, had Samuel, b. last week of Mar. 
1655; and Mehitable, last week of May 1656; d. at B. 27 Dec. 1693. 
Fanner says he was early mem. of the Bapt. ch. at Boston, where the spell- 
ing is Farlow. Timothy was k. with seven others by the Ind. at Brook- 
field 2 Aug. 1675. Meshack, or Meshech, Ipswich, s. of Michael, m. 

6 Aug. 1684, Sarah, d. of Thomas Barnham, wid. of Clark, 

had Mesback, b. 10 June 1685; Michael, 2 Aug. 1686; and Jane, d. 
young ; d. bef. his f. lea v. wid. Sarah, and s. Meshack, and IMichael. 
Admin, was gr. 23 Dec. 1696, and the two s. acknowledged rec. 14 Mar. 
1712, from their uncle Michael, of their portions of f.*s est. and the 
elder of these two s. d. 6 Mar. 1716. Michael, Ipswich, sent over, 
says Farmer, 1675, from Eng. by Richard Saltonstall to have care of his 
fulling mill, had Meshack, bef. ment and Michael. Michael, Ipswich, 
8. perhaps, of Meshack, but more prob. of the preced. m. 1708, Mary, 
wid. of Benjamin Woodbury of Beverly, had issue, it is thought ; and 
perhaps Gen. Michael, wh. d. 20 June 1789, Shf. of Essex, was a 
descend. Seven of this name had been gr. at Harv. 1834, and three at 
other N. E. coll. 

Farman, Ralph, came from London, a barber-surgeon 1635, aged 
32, in the James, with w. Alice, 28 ; ch. Mary, 7 ; Thomas, 4 ; and 
Ralph, 2 ; but I find nothing of his resid. or d. and think it not improb. 
that he w^as one of the first sett, of Andover, and his name was Farnum 
or Famham. But Thomas Farman was of Milford 1658, and may not 
have been s. of the preced. 

Farmer, Edward, Billerica, s. of John of Ansley, or Anceley, near 
Atherstone in Warwicksh. came in 1671 or 2 with his mo. Isabella, a 
wid. wh. m. Elder Thomas Wiswall of Newton, outliv. him, and d. 21 
May 1 686 at the ho. of her s. He brot. perhaps, sis. Isabella and br. 
Thomas, certainly w. Mary, d. Sarah, b. a. 1669 ; and prob. John, 19 
Aug. 1671 ; had here Edward, 22 Mar. 1674; Mary, 3 Nov. 1675; 
Barbara, at Woburn, 26 Jan. 1678, d. at 4 yrs. in B. ; Eliz. 17 May 
1680; Thomas, 8 June 1683 ; and Oliver, 2 Feb. 1686 ; was a useful 
townsman. His w. d. 26 Mar. 1719, aged a. 76, and he d. 27 May 
1727, a. 87. His paternal acres through desc. of his youngest s. to wh, 
f. gave them is still the inherit, of 6th generat. Sarah m. Nov. 1692, 
Tliomas Pollard; Mary m. John Dean; and Eliz. m. 29 May 1707, 
William Green. Edward, Billerica, s. of the preced. m. Mary, d. of 
Thomas Richardson, had Mary; Andrew, b. 27 Mar. 1709 ; and Eliz. 
His w. d. 15 May 1746; and he d. 17 Dec. 1752. John, Boston, a 
soldier in Moseley's comp. k. in the gr. fight of Philip's war, 19 Dec. 
1675. John, Concord, of wh. I read only, that his d. Isabel was w. of 


David Wymsai, m. 27 Apr. 1675 ; and after his d. m. 19 Nov. 1679, 
James Blood ; and was of Charlestown 1677. John, Billerica, s. of 
first Edward, b. prob. in £ng. d. 9 Dec. 1736, aged 65, by w. Abigail, 
wh. d. 20 Mar. 1754, had Dorothy, Barbara, John, Daniel, Richard, 
Edward, Jacob, and William ; but the order of b. is uncert. Oliyeb, 
Billerica, youngest br. of the preced. m. Abigail, d. of Ebenezer John- 
son, gr.d. of Hon. William, and gr. gr.d. of Capt. Edward, auth. of 
Wonderwork. Provid. of Zion's Saviour in N. E. had Abigail, b. 22 
Dec. 1717 d. in 3 wks. ; Abigail, again, 14 Jan. 1719 ; Mary, 26 Aug. 
1721 ; Sarah, 14 Dec. 1723 ; Betty, and Rebecca, tw. 31 May 1726; 
Oliver, 31 July 1728 (wh. liv. at the ancestral farm, had ch. by two ws. 
of wh. the first, Rachel, d. of John Shed of Pepperell, m. 5 Apr. 1757, 
was mo. of John, b. 1 Dec. 1762, wh. was f. by Lydia, d. of Josiah 
Richardson of Chelmsford, wh. he m. 24 Jan. 1788, of John, the disting. 
antiquary, b. 12 June 1789, so that the Memoir of him, with wh. the 
Geneal. Reg. I. begins, ominously lost one generat in its first paragr.) ; 
Isabella, 2 Mar. 1731 ; Edward, 24 Feb. 1734; and John, 7 Dec. 1737. 
He d. 23 Feb. 1761 ; and his wid. m. Capt James Lane of Bedford. 
Thomas, Billerica 1675, prob. br. of first Edward, peii^ps came with 
him, is not heard of after 1684, and may have gone home. Thomas, 
Billerica, s. of Edward the first, m. Eliz. Hunt as in his Fam. Register, 
Concord, 1813, wrote the gr. antiq. (but a modern authority, not of 
higher reput. for accur. in a '* Genealog. Memoir," p. 27, gives the name 
Sarah), had Thomas ; Joseph, d. soon ; Joseph, again ; Susanna ; Josiah, 
or Jonas ; Eliz. ; Joshua ; Samuel ; and Benjamin. He and his w. d. 
at Hollis, a. 1767, and were bur. in one gr. A large genealog. mem. of 
many branches of first Edward's descend, is giv. in GeneaL Reg. but it 
has nothing beyond the names of the ch. of the eldest s. and of those of 
Thomas. In the royal chart, for Yirg. 1609 are found John and George 
Farmer, gent, Haz. I. 61-3. 

Farnuam, Farnam, or Farnum, Ephraim, Andover, s. of Ralph, 
m. 20 Mar. 1700, Priscilla Holt, had Ephraim, Joseph, Zebediah, Josiah, 
James, and perhaps others. || Henry, Roxbury, joiner, ar. co. 1644, 
freem. 1645 ; the name in ch. rec being Famham, but in col. rec. made 
Fimam, was not long at R. perhaps went to L. I. thence to Conn, cer- 
tainly was of Killingworth 1666, a deac. d. 13 Jan. 1700; left only s. 
Peter. John, Dorchester, freem. 13 May ■ 1640, perhaps br. of the 
preced. prob. one of the founders of 2d ch. at Boston June 1650 ; and in 
1666 was imprison, for here.'^y, and turned into a bapt by w. Eliz. had Eliz. 
wh. m. 6 Aug. 1657, Joshua Carwitbee ; Jonathan, b. at D. 16 Jan. 1639 ; 
Hannah, 9 Nov. 1642 ; Joanna, 3 Mar. 1645 ; John, wh. d. 26 Aug. 1652; 
and Rachel, wh. m. Thomas Marty n. John, Andover, m. 12 Nov. 1667, 


Rebecca Kent, d. of Stephen of Newbuiy, had John, b. 1 670, d. next yr. ; 

and David, d. 30 Nov. 1 687. Perhaps he had sec. w. Mary Tyler, and by 

her Ann, wh. d. 20 Apr. 1696. John, Boston, m. 7 Apr. 1654, prob. as 

sec w. Susanna, d. of Thomas Arnold of Watertown, had John, b. 20 May 

1655; freem. 1671, then of first ch. His d. Joanna m. 7 Jan. 1658, 

James English. John, Andover, s. of Ralph, perhaps is he wh. m. 30 

June 1693, Mary Tyler. Jonathan, Boston, s. of first John, was a 

capt. Joseph, Boston, freem. 1674. Peter, KiUingworth, m. Hannah 

Wilooxson, had seven ch. d. 14 Feb. 1704, and his wid. m. Nathaniel 

Boyce of Wallingford. Ralph, Andover, m. 26 Oct. 1658, Eliz. d. of 

Nicholas Holt, had Sarah, b. 1661, wh. m. 22 Apr. 1685, Benjamin 

Abbot; Ralph, 1662; John, 1664; Henry, 1666, d. 7 May 1683; 

Hannah, 1668 ; beside Thomas, Ephraim, and perhaps others earlier or 

later ; and d. 8 Jan. 1692. Tradit. makes him come from Wales, but I 

can hardly receive it. Who was his f. I have not learned, but imagine 

his name to have been Ralph, and that he was f. of Mary, wh. m. at 

Andover, 20 Oct. 1650, Daniel Poor; and of Sarah, wh. m. 26 Apr. 

1658, George Abbot. See Farman. Samuel, Andover, perhaps br. of 

Ephraim, and s. of Thomas the first, m. 4 Jan. 1698, Hannah Holt. 

Thomas, Andover, prob. br. of Ralph, and brot. with him in ch.hood by 

their f. m. 8 July 1660, Eliz. Sibboms, wh. d. 26 Aug. 1683; freem. 

1669, and he d. 11 Jan. 1686, aged a. 53. Thomas, their s. d. 6 Oct 

1672. Thomas, Andover, s. of Ralph, perhaps, or of the preccd. m. 14 

May 1693, Hannah Hutchinson. Descend, of these Andover stocks are 

many, usually writing the name, as did, also, John of Dorchester, Fam- 

ham. But at the various N. £. colL it is not easy to adjust them. 

Farnswobth, Joseph, Dorchester, freem. 14 Mar. 1639, by w. Eliz. 

had Mary, b. 30 Mar. 1637; Hannah, 14 Dec 1638; Rebecca, 2 Jan. 

1640; and Ruth, 3 June 1642; beside Joseph, Samuel, and perhaps 

others, by sec w. wid. Mary Long; was selectman 1647, and d. 12 Jan. 

1660. In his will of 2 Jan. preced. GeneaL Reg. IX. 140, provis. is 

made for his w. Mary and her two ch. by former h. Joseph, and Thomas 

Long, for his d. Eliz. w. of John Mansfield, d. Esther, d. Mary, w. of 

Abraham Ripley, Joseph, s. of Simon Peck, by Hannah, d. of 

testat. dec his eldest s. Joseph, s. Samuel, and d. Rebecca. Joseph, 

Dorchester, perhaps eldest s. of the preced. b. in Eng. freem. 1649. 

Hatthias, Lynn, Groton, an early propr. freem. 1670, selectman, by w. 

Mary, had Joseph, b. 17 Nov. 1657, d. at 17 yrs. ; Mary, 11 Oct 1660 ; 

at L. and at G. had Samuel, 8 Oct. 1669, and prob. others, af\er, or 

more likely bef. as Benjamin, John, Matthew, and Samuel, had fams. 

there in 1691 ; d. 1689, aged 77. His will is of Jan. in that yr. See 

BuUer's Hist. 395, 6. Mary m. 11 Apr. 1676, Samuel Thatcher of 

144 FAR 


Watcrtown. Samuel, Windsor, s. of Joseph, m. 3 June 1677, Marjyd. 

of Tboma3 Stoughton, had Mary, b. 17 May 1678, d. in few days ; and 

his w. d. 1684. Next yr. he m. Mary, d. of John Moses, had Joseph, b. 

1694. Early this name was writ, without s. Two of this fam. had been 

gr. at Harv. 1828, and five at other N. E. coll. Calamy, Eject Min. 

XL 840, ment. Mr. F. wh. came from N. E. and d. very poor. 

Farr, Barnabas, Boston, perhaps not perman. inhab. d. 13 Dec 
1654. Benjamin, Lynn, s. of George, freem. 1691, m. 28 July 1680, 
Eliz. d. of Francis Burrill, had Eliz. b. 3 July 1682; Mary, 28 July 
1684; and perhaps others. George, Salem, shipwright, came in the 
fleet with Higginson, 1629, soon bee farmer at Lynn, freem. 6 May 
1635, d. 24 Oct. 1662, leav. w. Eliz. wh. d. Mar. 1687, and ch. John, wh. 
d. 29 Oct. 1672 ; Lazarus, d. 9 Dec. 1669 ; Benjamin, bef. ment.; Jo- 
seph ; Mary; Martha; Eliz.; and Sarah. Martha m. 18 Sept. 1661, 
William Clark of Boston ; and Eliz. m. 4 Apr. 1666, Nicholas Hutchins 
of Lynn. One Mary F. was m. 10 Jan. 1658, to James My call of 
Braintree, by Maj. Atherton. James, Newport 1638. John, Stow, 
perhaps gr.s. of George, m. 11 May 1703, Hannah, d. of John Applin 
of Watertown. Joseph, Lynn, s. of George, freem. 1682, m. 22 Sept. 
1680, Hannah Walden, had Eliz. b. 15 Aug. 1681 ; Mary, 28 Feb. 
1684; and perhaps others. It has been supposed by some, that this 
name is the same as Farrar. 

Farrabas, Daniel, Cambridge, Concord, and Marlborough, m. 27 
Mar. 1660, Rebecca Perriman, wh. d. 1 May 1677; and he m. 22 May 
1679, Dorothy Rediat. By first w. he had Daniel, b. 20 Mar. 1664; 
Thomas, 7 Mar. 1667 ; Eliz. 16 Mar. 1669 ; Rebecca, at Concord, 15 
Feb. 1672; and by the sec. w. had John, b. at Marlborough, 1681; 
Isaac, 30 Oct. 1682; and Jonathan, 23 Mar. 1684; and d. Oct. 1687. 
The name was writ there Forbush, and his youngest s. was call. Forbes, 
as is shown by a careful inquirer in GeneaL Reg. VII. 135. His wid. 
m. 22 May 1688, Alexander Stewart. 

Farrand, Nathaniel, Milford 1645, was prob. f. of EUz. wh. m. 
26 Sept. 1676, Walter Smith of the same; certain, of Hannah, wh. m. 
1674, Thomas Thornton of Hartford. Of this name, five, perhaps all 
descend, have been gr. at Yale. 

Farrar, Ephraim, a soldier of Capt. Lothrop's Comp. call, "the 
flower of Essex," k. 18 Sept. 1675, by the Ind. at Bloody brook. 
George, Lancaster, s. of Jacob, m. 7 Sept. 1692, Mary How of Con- 
cord, whither, I suppose, he rem. and prob. sat down in that part now 
Lincoln, had Joseph; Daniel; George, b. 16 Feb. 1705, f. of Rev. 
George, II. C. 1751, wh. d. early, and of Rev. Joseph, H. C. 1767, min. 
of Dublin, N. H. and a chaplain in the war of the Revo. ; and Samuel, 

FAR 145 

MSept 1708, f. of Rev. Stephen, H. C. 1755, min. of New Ipswich; 

and of Hon. Timothy, H. C. 17G7, the oldest gr. that Inst, has produc 

irL d. 21 Feb. 1849, aged 101 yrs. 7 mos. 12 days, having been b. 28 
Jane 1747, O. S. Jacob, Lancaster, at the incorpo. 1653, k. by the 
Lid. 22 Aug. 1675, had, it is said, s. Jacob. Jacob, Lancaster, s. of the 
preced. b. in £ng. a. 1643, by w. Hannah had *Jacob, b. 29 Mar. 1669 ; 
George, 16 Aug. 1670; Joseph, 16 Aug. 1672 ; and John. John, Lan- 
caster 1653, br. of the preced. perhaps was also of Wobum, had there 
Mary, b. 10 Apr. 1656 ; Jacob, 22 Oct. 1657, d. of smallpox, June 1679 ; 
Isaac, 16 Dec 1659, d. in few days; Joanna, 9 Apr. 1661 ; Mercy, 1 
Apr. 1663 ; Hannah, 22 Jan. 1668 ; and Isaac, 1 July 1671. He d. 11 
July 1 G90, made his will 29 June 1 687 ; and his wid. liv. long. Joanna 
m. 30 Nov. 1680, Robert Doyle. Thomas, Lynn 1639, whose w. Eliz. 
d. 8 Jan. 1681, had Thomas; Sarah; Hannah; Susanna, b. 26 Mar. 
1659 ; Pelcg, and Mehitable, tw. 6 Oct 1660, d. soon ; and Eliz. wh. d. 
yooDg ; was frcem. 1690, and d. 23 Feb. 1694. He was less than two 
yra. bef. accus. of witchcraft, and some of the evid. (of wh. the most 
ngnificant was, that '* people used to call him old f. Pharaoh ") may be 
read in Geneal. Reg. VI. 317. Sarah m. 20 May 1667, Meletiah Lo- 
throp. Thomas, Lynn, s. of the preced. m. 3 Mar. 1682, Abigail 
Collins, freem. 1691 ; was selectman 1692, d. a. 1733. His will of 5 
Jane 1730, pro. 11 Jan. 1734, names w. Eliz. Rebecca Bassett, and her 
L William ; Richard Hood, and Samuel Newhall, call, kinsmen ; and 
kinswo. Hannah, w. of Edmund Needham ; but how the relationship 
grew is not seen. Seven of this name had, in 1834, been gr. at Harv. 
and nine at other N. E. coll. In old rec it oflen appears Farrow. 

Farbell, Benjamin, a soldier of Lothrop's comp. call. ^ the flower 
of Essex," k. at Bloody brook, 18 Sept. 1675. Perhaps the name may 
have been FarwelL 

Farrington, Daniel, Wrentham 1695, perhaps s. of John of Ded- 
bam, had w. Abigail. Edmund, Lynn, from Olney in Bucks, came in 
the Hopewell, Capt Bundocke, 1635, aged 47, with w. Eliz. 49, and ch. 
Sarah, 14; Matthew, 12 ; John, 11 ; and Eliz. 8; was of the first pro- 
ject, of sett, on L. I. 1640, perhaps went thither, but came back in 
few yrs. and d. 20 Jan. 1671. Edward, Andover, wh. m. Martha 
Browne, 9 Apr. 1 690, was s. of the first John. Jacob, Andover, d. 29 
June 1667, perhaps lea v. wid. Eliz. wh. m. 14 Nov. foil. Mark Graves f. 
but he may have been unm. and she his mo. John, Lynn, s. of Ed- 
mund, b. in Eng. rem. to L. I. 1640, with Rev. Abraham Fiersouy. 
and some yrs. later, came back, for the Lynn rec has ch. of a John^. 
by w. Eliz. viz. Edward, b. 5 July 1662; John, 9 Mar. 1664; and 
Jacob, 22 July 1666. Yet perhaps as many, or more, were b. to* 

VOL. II. 13 

146 FARROW. 

him on L. I. He d. at Lynn, 2 May 1666. John, Dedham, m. 1650, 
Mary, d. of William BuUard the first, had Maiy, b. 26 Mar. 1651 
Sarah, 1 Sept 1652; John, 25 Apr. 1654; Nathaniel, 9 Aug. 1656 
Eliz. 11 Apr. 1660; Hannah, 22 July 1662; Daniel, 10 Apr. 1664 
Judith, 1 June 1666; Abigail, 30 Apr. 1668; Benjamin, 15 Aug. 1672 
and Joseph, 10 Nov. 1681 ; was freem. 1668, and he d. bef. 1686, leav. 
wid. John, Lynn, perhaps s. of Matthew, b. at L. I. was soldier in 
brave Capt Gardner's comp. and wound, in the gr. fight of 19 Dec 
1675 ; m. 7 Oct 1679, Lydia Hudson, had John, b. 22 Nov. 1680 ; and 
Mary, 2 Oct 1685, was freem. 1681. Matthew, Lynn, s. of Edmund, 
b. in Eng. had, perhaps, accomp. his f. to L. L with so many other neigh- 
bors, there m. had ch. and came back, and I presume those ch. wh. the 
town rec shows were b. here, as Sarah, 13 Feb. 1658, d. next jr.; 
William, 6 May 1660; Sarah, again, 15 June 1663; and Theophilas, 
13 Aug. 1666. Matthew, Lynn, s. of the preced. prob. tho. not rec, 
here, had Sarah, b. perhaps 1 Feb. 1676, d. 26 Nov. foil. ; Sarah, again, 
20 Sept 1677 ; Martha, 2 May 1679 ; and Samuel, 29 Sept 1681 ; was 
freem. 1691, at the same time with Theophilus and William, no doubt 
his brs. Thomas, Newtown, L. L may have been of the Lynn breed, 
possib. elder br. of first Matthew. William, Lynn, s. of first Matthew, 
had William, b. 16 May 1684. 

Farkow, George, Ipswich 1637, m. 16 Feb. 1644, Ann Whitmore, 
perhaps d. of the first John, had Mary, b. 6 Jan. 1645 ; Martha, 25 Feb. 
1647 ; and George, 9 May 1650. This s. I presume, was the man k. by 
the Lid. at Wells, 27 Sept. 1676, i& he left three ds. but WilUam Sy- 
monds, and Joseph Storer were admors. He is ment by Hubbard, his 
townsman, in Ind. Wars. John, Hingham, came from Hingham, Eng. 
1635, with w. Frances and one ch. Mary, wh. m. 25 Oct 1649, Samuel 
Stowell, and 10 Apr. 1689, Joshua Beal; had here John, b. 6 June 
1639; Remember, bapt. Aug. 1642, wh. m. 1 Feb. 1660, Henry Ward; 
Hannah, 9 Apr. 1648, wh. m. 9 June 1674, Nathaniel Folsom ; perhaps 
one other d. ; and Nathan, b. 17 Sept 1654; d. 7 July 1687, not 1678, 
as Deane has it, at gr. age. His will of 28 Mar. pro. 17 Aug. 1687, 
ment. w. and all the ch. exc Hannah, gr.d. Mary, w. of his gr.s. John 
Gamett, and Frances, and Nathan, of his d. Remember. Hb wid. 
d. 28 Jan. after him. John, Hingham, s. of the preced. m. 16 Nov. 
1691, sec w. but m. 14 Aug. 1664, first, Mary Hilliard, perhaps d. of 
Anthony, had Mary, b. 25 Oct 1665; Hannah, 8 Dec. 1667 ; Abigail, 
27 Jan. 1670; John, 8 Dec. 1672 ; Esther, 28 June 1675; William, 17 
Nov. 1677 ; Priscilla, 1679 ; Remember, 3 Feb. 1682; and Sarah, 29 
Aug. 1685 ; and he d. 27 Jan. 1716. His will of 10 Feb. 1708, pro. 9 
Apr. 1716, names w. Frances, and seven of his ch. all exc Hannah, and 

FAR — FAU 147 

Filliam, wh. were d- Mary Josscljn, d. of Hannah, and Patience, 

iof William. Nathan, Hingham, br. of the prcced. m. 5 Dec. 1683, 

Mary Garnett, had Francis, b. 16 Dec. 1684; Christian, 13 Oct. 1686; 

Jonathan, 20 June 1689 ; Benjamin, 1692 ; Nathan, 29 Apr. 1695 ; and 

Msw. d. 27 Feb. 1710. He had ano. w. 23 Mar. 1711, Joanna, wid. 

o( Thomas Whiton, wh. was d. of Samuel May of Roxbury, and had 

been wid. of Francis Gardner of H. and d. 18 Oct. 1715. His will of 7 

0(rt. 1715, pro. 14 Oct. 1718, names w. and all the ch. It is thot. by 

somey that this is the same with Farrar, but I do not incline to that opin. 

while owning that oAen the spel. of the names is interchang. 

Farwell, George, Boston, one of the adher. of Andros, wh. was 
imprison. 1689. Henry, Concord, freem. 14 Mar. 1639, had w. Olive, 
8. Joseph, b. 20 Feb. 1641; James; perhaps Henry; John r Mary; 
Olive; and £liz. rem. to Chelmsford, there d. 1 Aug. 1670. His will, 
made three wks. bef. ment w. Olive, ch. John, to wh. he gave the Con- 
cord est ; Joseph, wh. with his mo. was excor. and his w. Hannah ; his 
own ds. Mary Bates ; Olive Spalding ; and Eliz. Wilbore. Henry, 
DoDStable 1673, s. of the preced. one of the first sett, at D. had 
Henry, wh. m. Esther, d. of Capt. Joseph ^lanchard ; Oliver, b. 1691, 
L by the Ind. 5 Sept 1724, lea v. w. and ch. ; Josiah, sole surviv. of the 
day, when his br. fell, in fight at the N. part of his native town, a lieut 
in Lovew ell's fight, slain at Fequawket, 8 May 1725 ; Jonathan, b. 24 
July 1700 ; Susanna, 19 Feb. 1703 ; Isaac, 4 Dec. 1704 ; and Sarah, 4 
Dec 1706. John, Concord, s. of first Henry, m. 4 Nov. 1658, Sarah 
Wheeler, freem. 1682. John, Dunstable, perhaps s. of sec Henry, b. 
15 June 1686, d. at Cambridge, 10 Sept 1709, possib. student at coll. 
Joseph, Chelmsford, s. of the first Henry, m. 1 666, Hannah, d. of Isaac 
Learned. Thomas, Taunton 1639, had John, wh. went to £ng. His 
wid. Sarah m. 8 Dec. 1686, Rev. George Shove. Baylies, I. 286, 9 

Fassell, or Fassett, John, Dedham, freem. 1654. Nathaniel, 
Concord 1666. Patrick, Maiden, had Joseph, b. Oct 1672 ; rem. to 
Billerica, where his name, on the tax list of 1679, with a varied spell, is 
print in Geneal. Reg. V. 173. 

Faulkneb, David, Boston, perhaps s. or br. of Thomas of the same, 
by w. Mary had Martha, b. 30 Mar. 1653; Mary, 10 Nov. 1654; 
Thomas, 26 Sept 1656; and I kn. no more of him, but find David, 
Maiden, by w. Eliz. had David, b. 17 May 1687; and Benjamin, 25 
Feb. 1698. Edmund, Andover, m. (4 Feb. 1648, as the rec. shows, 
but Farmer says 4 July bef.) Dorothy Robinson, wh. d. 2 Dec. 1668, 
had Francis, b. May 1651 ; and John, May 1654 ; beside, prob. sev. 
others, and d. 18 Jan. 1687. Mary, wh. m. 30 May 1671, Joseph 

148 FAU— FAW 

Marble; and Hannah, wh. m« 29 May 1689, Pasco Chubb, I suppose, 
were his ds. Francis, Andover, s. of the preced. m. 12 Oct. 1675, 
Abigail, d. of Rev. Francis Dane; had Eliz. wh. d. 17 Aug. 1678, and 
other ch. of wh. descend, are still known among us ; and d. 1732. Johx, 
Andover, br. of the preced. m. 19 Oct. 1682, Sarah, d. of George Abbot, 
had Sarah, wh. d. 1 Sept. 1689 ; and perhaps others, and d. 1706. 
Thomas, Boston, d. 1656, his inv. being tak. 22 July of that yr. 
amt. £153. 09. 

Fauncb, John, Plymouth, came in the Ann 1623, prob. young, for 
no w. or ch. is ment for ten yrs. m. 1633, Patience, d. of George Mor- 
ton, had Priscilla, wh. m. Joseph Warren; Mary, wh. m. 15 July 1658, 
William Harlow; Patience, wh. m. 20 Nov. 1661, John Holmes; 
Sarah, wh. m. 26 Feb. 1663, Edward Dotey; Thomas, b. a. 1647; 
Eliz. 23 Mar. 1648, d. next yr. ; Mercy, 10 Apr. 1651, wh. m. 29 Dec 
1667, Nathaniel Holmes ; John, wh. d. 29 Nov. 1654, prob. young; and 
Joseph, 14 May 1653 ; and d. 18 Jan. 1687. The name, Manasseh F. 
wh. stands next to his in the list of passengers in the Ann, must be, 
without doubt, for M. Kempton. Joseph, Plymouth, s. of the preced. 
m. 3 Jan. 1678, Judith Rickard, had Hannah, b. 12 June 1679 ; Maiy, 
2 June 1681 ; John, 3 Dec 1683 ; Mercy, 30 June 1686, d. in ten mos. ; 
Mehitable, 27 May 1689 ; Joseph, 21 May 1693 ; Eliezur, 6 Feb. 1696 ; 
Thomas, 15 July 1698 ; and Benjamin, 17 Feb. 1703, d. 28 June foil. 
Thohas, Plymouth, br. of the preced. m. 13 Dec 1672, Jane Nelson, 
had Patience, b. 7 Nov. 1673, m. 2 June 1702, Ephraim Kempton, d, 
1779 aged 105 and a half yrs.; John, 16 Sept. 1678 ; Martha, 16 Dec 
1680 ; PrisciUa, 20 Aug. 1684 ; Thomas, 18 May 1 687 ; Joanna, 24 June 
1689; and Jane, 18 Nov. 1692; was deac 1686, and rul. Elder 1699 
to his'd. 27 Feb. 1741, when he was aged 98, or 9, by extra v. comput 

Favor, or Feaver, Philip, Salisbury, m. 1689, Mary, d. of John 
Osgood, had Richard, b. 31 Mar. 1690 ; John, 31 Mar. 1692 ; and Ann, 
12 Apr. 1696. 

Fawer, or FowER, Barnabas, Dorchester, came 1635, in the James 
from Bristol as comp. with Rev. Richard Mather [see Young's Chron. 
of Mass. 450], was an assessor in 1638 ; by w. Dinah wh. came perhaps 
from Eng. with him, he had other ch. but we kn. only Eleazer, b. 18 
Sept 1642. His w. d. 9 days afler ; and for sec w. he took 10 Mar. 
1643, Grace, sis. of Jonathan Negoose; rem. to Boston, and d. 13 Dec 
1654 ; in his will, pro. 2 Feb. foil. ord. that his s. Eleazer be brought up 
at Mr. Cheever's sch. His wid. m. John Johnson of Roxbury. Great 
variety is exhib. in spell, this name; the rec of Watertown, where he 
owned some Id. calls it Farr ; Boston ch. rec has it Fore ; Blake a Ann. 
Four ; Dr. Harris, Flower ; but Farmer, or his corresp. made it Hawes 

FAW — FAY 149 

ty mistake of the old ff. Eleazer, Dorchester, s. of the preced. m. 28 

Ifaj 1662, Mary, d. of Daniel Preston, had Gibson, b. 1666. He made 

liis will 13 Nov. 1665, "bound to sea," prob. never came back. His 

md, m. it is said, Samuel Jenkins of Scituate, 6 July 1670. But I 

find no such person at S. Possib. it was S. J. of Greenwich, two yrs. 


Fa WNE, John, Ipswich, freem. 2 Sept 1635, with prefix of resp* rem. 
to Haverhill, had w. Eliz. and one of his ds. m. Robert Clement 

Faxon, Faxsox, or Fackson, Josiah, Braintree, s. of Richard of 
the same, by w. Mehitable had Josiah, b. 23 May 1690; Thomas, 8 Feb. 
1692; Lydia, 30 Nov. 1695; Mehitable, 14 June 1698; Edward, 6 
May 1700; Eliz. 7 Apr. 1702; Eliashib, 10 Mar. 1704; and Sarah, 
B Jone 1706 ; d. 1731. His wid. d. of Edward Adams of Medfield, 
d. 1 Mar.. 1753. Richard, Braintree 1659, s. of Thomas, b. prob. 
in Eng. by w. Eliz. had Eliz. b. 26 Mar. 1655 ; Mary, 2 Sept 1656, d. 
next yr.; Mary, again, 19 Dec 1657 ; Sarah, 13 Mar. 1659 ; Josiah, 8 
Sept 1660; Thomas, 2 Aug. 1662; Lydia, and Hannah, tw. 1 Sept 
1663; Ebenezer, 15 Dec 1664, d. soon; Richard, 21 June 1666; 
John, Apr. 1667, d. next yr. ; Joseph, 26 Aug. 1669; and Abigail, 18 
Sept 1670; d. 20 Dec 1674. His will made w. Eliz. extrix. and 
names cb. Josiah, Richard, Thomas, Mary, Sarah, Hannah, and Abi- 
gaiL His wid. m. 15 Jan. 1676, Caleb Hobart * Thomas, Braintree, 
freem. 1657, rep. 1669, had Thomas, and Richard, both, perhaps, brot 
from Eng. and d. 23 Nov. 1680. He had m. 5 Sept. 1670, Sarah, wid. 
of William Savil, and she d. 1697. Thomas, Braintree, s. of the 
preced. prob. b. in Eng. m. 11 Apr. .1653, Deborah, d. of Richard 
Thayer, and d. 25 May 1662 ; she d. 31 of same. His f. had admin. 
His ch. were Deborah, b. 28 May 1654, wh. m. 1 Jan. 1680, William 
Savil ; Rebecca, 25 June 1657, m. 30 July 1678, Samuel Bass ; Sarah, 
21 Aug. 1659, m. 27 Nov. 1679, Joseph Weld of Roxbury; and Jo- 
anna, 20 Sept. 1661, m. Nathaniel Wales of Dorchester. Thomas, 
Braintree, s. of Richard of the same, m. Mary, d. of Nathaniel Blanch- 
ard, had Richard, b. 4 Sept 1686 ; and Mary, 1688 ; and he d. of the 
prevalent smallpox that prostrat. so many more of the levies for the mad 
eipedit of Su: William Phips against Quebec, bef. depart. 1690. In 
bis will of 4 Aug. of that yr. he takes notice of ^^ being prest out in 

Fat, Henry, Newbury, weaver, d. 30 June 1655. || John, Marl- 
borough, came in the Speedwell 1656 from London, a youth of 8 yrs. liv. 
at Watertown, by w. Mary, had David, wh. d. 2 Aug. 1676, and the mo. 
i not long after; and he m. 5 July 1678, Susanna, wid. of Joseph 
Horse, eldest d. of William Shattuck, had David, again, 23 Apr. 1679 ; 


150 FEA — FEL 

Gershom, 10 Oct. 1681 ; Ruth, 13 July 1684; and Deliverance, 7 Oct 
1686. Shattuck Bays his wid. m. William Brigham, perhaps ar. oo. 
1678, freem. 1690, may be the progenit. of the num. race in South- 
borough and vicin. Richard, Dorchester 1634. Thomas, Hingham, 
d. 1678. William, Boston 1643. Seven of this name had, in 1834, 
been gr. at Harv. and six at other N. E. coll. 

Feake, • Henry, Lynn 1630, freem. 14 May 1634, rem. a. 1637 to 
Sandwich, was rep. 1643 and 4, had d. Eliz. wh. m. 24 Mar. 1654, John 
Dillingham ; rem. to Newtown, L. I. a. 1656. • Robert, Watertown 
1630, came, prob. in the fleet with Winth. req. 19 Oct. in that yr. to 
be made freem. and was adm. 18 May foil. m. bef. the end of Jan. 1632, 
Eliz. wid. of Henry Winthrop, d. of Thomas Fones of London, was rep. 
at the first Court of deput. and again 1635 and 6, and lieut. in 1635. 
Trumbull, in Hist, of Conn. I. 118, names him among purch. of Green- 
wich 1 640 ; but his resid. was at W. where he was sev. yrs. depriv. of 
reason, and d. 1 Feb. 1663. His inv. was tak. 18th of same, and ami. 
was only £9. 9. 2. 

Fearing, Israel, Hingham, s. of John of the same, cooper, m. 22 
July 1673, Eliz. d. of Edward Wilder, had John, b. 29 Dec 1674; Eliz. 
25 Jan. 1679 ; Margaret, 8 June 1680 ; and Israel, 29 Aug. 1682. His 
wid. d. 27 Jan. 1731. John, Hingham, from Cambridge, Eng. it is said, 
came 1638, with Matthew Hawke, his employer, in the Diligent, but 
preparat. had been made for him, perhaps, by gr. of Id. as early as 1635, 
was selectman 1648, constable 1650, freem. 1652, deac and d. 14 May 
1665. His will, three days preced. is found in Vol. I. 452. It names 
Margaret, his w. and ch. Johi^ and Israel, wh. was bapt. Sept. 1644 ; 
but not the ds. wh. were Mary, bapt. 18 Apr. 1647, m. 5 Dec 1665, 
James Hersey; and Sarah, 29 July 1649, m. 6 Feb. 1667, Benjamin 
Lincoln. The wid. m. 3 Nov. 1675, Robert Williams of Roxbury. 
John, Hingham, s. of the preced. m. 15 Dec. 1676, Hannah, d. of Nfb- 
thaniel Beal, freem. 1677, d. 20 Mar. 1726; had Nathaniel, b. 2 Jan. 
1680; Hannah, 20 May 1682; John, 4 Sept. 1684; David, 5 Feb. 
1687 ; Susanna, 1 Aug. 1689 ; Mary, 27 Dec 1691 ; and Rachel, 1 Oct 
1699, wh. d. under 12 yrs. The w. d. 14 Sept. 1717. Early the name 
was oflen spelt like the sound, Fering. Two had been gr. at Harv. and 
four at other N. E. coll. in 1828, says Farmer. 

Felch, Henry, Watertown 1642, Reading 1647, may earlier have 
been at Gloucester, had Hannah, b. 26 Feb. 1650 ; Mary, 31 July 
1653 ; Eli2. 15 July, 1655, d. at 2 yrs. ; John, 26 Feb. 1660; beside 
Samuel, 3 June 1657, wh. d. 22 Oct 1661 ; but this is call. s. of Henry, jr. 
and Hannah, and the residence of the parents, wh. were also parents 
of Eliz. IB of Boston, in the rec. of deaths of wh. town is found that 

FEL 161 

of Margaret, w. of Henry F. not jonr. 23 June 1655. So that much un- 
eertaintj results. • He rem. to Boston, hj w. Eliz. had Henry, and d. Aug. 
1670, leav. wid. Eliz. His will, pro. 27 Sept. of that yr. takes notice of 
ir. Eliz. of of s. Henry, and of Samuel Dunton, wh. m. one of 
Jiig ds. Henry, his s. d. 1699, at R. where John and Joseph liv. wh. 
prob. were his gr.s. 

Fellows, Joseph, Ipswich, perhaps s. of William, freem. 1682. 
BiCHARD, Hartford 1643, rem. 1659 to Springfield, soon to Northamp- 
ton, and in 1661 to Hatfield, d. 1663, leav. wid. Ursula, and ch. Richard, 
L by the Ind. 25 Aug. 1675 ; Samuel, d. unm. ; Sarah, wh. m. Samuel 
Billings, and next, Samuel Belding, both of Hatfield ; and Mary, wh. m. 
Joseph Leonard of Springfield/ Samuel, Salisbury, freem. 1645, a man 
of esteem, by w. Ann, had Samuel, b. 13 Jan. 1647 ; and Hannah, 15 
Sept 1648. His w. d. 5 Dec 1684 ; and he d. 6 Mar. 1698. Hannah 
ID. 16 Nov. 1666, Nathaniel Brown. Samuel, Salisbury, s. of the pre- 
oed. m. 2 June 1681, Abigail, perhaps d. of Thomas Barnard, had Sam- 
uel, b. 1683; Thomas, 29 Jan. 1686; Joseph, 23 Apr. 1688 ; Ann, 28 
Apr. 1690 ; Ebenezer, 10 Nov. 1692 ; and Hannah, 20 July 1697. He 
was freem. 1690. William, Ipswich, 1642, shoemaker, came in the 
Planter 1635, aged 24, had Ephraim, Samuel, Joseph, Isaac, Mary, Eliz. 
Abigail, and Sarah, the last b. 26 July 1657. From his will, pro. 27 
Mar. 1677, it seems, he lefl wid. but her name is not seen, nor whether 
she was mo. of all the ch. 

Felmingham, or Fillingham, Francis, Salem 1637, came from 
Brampton in Suff. aged 32, that yr. with Benjamin Cooper, his f.-in-law, 
by the Mary Ann, from Yarmouth. Felt informs us, that next yr. he 
had gr. of 200 acres at what is now Wenham. 

Felt, George, Charlestown 1633, liv. on Maiden side, m. Eliz. d. of 
wid. Prudence Wilkinson; bef. 1663 had rem. to Casco, where his s. 
George sett, on lands purch. many yrs. prior by the f. was a thriving 
man, but after his d. the f. was oppress, by younger men and soon afler 
1689, if not earlier, went back to Maiden, there d. 1693, set. 92. By w. 
Eliz. wh. was adm. of thech. 19 Jan. 1640, had Eliz. George, and Mary, 
all bapt. 26 foil, and Moses, 20 Dec 1641. George, Falmouth, s. of 
the preced. m. a d. of Jane, wid. of Arthur Mack worth (but perhaps by 
Samuel Andrews, her first h.), had George, Samuel, and Jonathan, was 
k. by the Ind. 23 Sept. 1676 on an isL in the harbor. Moses, Falmouth 
1689, s. of first George, rem. to Maiden, liv. there to great age. Rev. 
Joseph B. Felt, the annalbt of Salem, is supposed to be of this fam. but 
he thinks the line cannot be traced. Comp. Hubbard, Ind. Wars, 45, 
Fiothingham, 82, and Willis, I. 95, 148, 190. 

Felton, Benjamin, Salem 1635, came with mo. Ellen, freem. 22 
May 1639, by w. Mary (wh. was a sad burden to him) had John, bapt. 

152 FENN. 

26 Jan. 1640 ; Remember, 28 May 1643 ; and Benjamin, 18 May 1646 ; 
was keep, of the prison 1676. John, Lynn, perhaps s. of the preced. 
rem. to Salem, freem. 1680. Nathajjiel, Salem 1633; a youth of 17 
yrs. br. of Benjamin, went home in 1634, came again next yr. d. 30 July 
1705, in 90th yr. leav. John, Nathaniel, Eliz. Ruth, and Hannah, wh. m« 
a. 1684, Samuel Endicott, and next, 15 Dec 1697, Thomdike Proctor, 
He had also, bapt. there, Mary, 6 Apr. 1651, d. young ; Mary, again, 30 
May 1658; and Susanna, 1665. 

Fenn, I* Benjamin, Dorchester, came, perhaps, 1630, in the Mary 
and John, yet his name is not ment. bef. 1 638, soon affer which he rem. 
to New Haven and to Milford, had two ws. of wh. first was Sarah, d. of 
Sylvester Baldwin, wh. d. 29 Apr. 1663, 4ind he m. 12 Mar. 1664, Su- 
sanna Ward. Of the ch. Benjamin, bapt 20 Sept. 1640 ; Joseph, 20 
Nov. 1642; Sarah, Apr. 1645; Mary, 1647 ; and Martha, 1650; were 
of the first w. Samuel, 14 Mar. 1666, d. soon ; Samuel, again, 4 Sept. 
1667, d. young; Susanna, b. 4 May 1669 ; Samuel, again, bapt. 1671 ; 
and James, b. 14 May 1672; of course, were of the sec was rep. 1653 
for M. an Assist of that Col. 1654, promot. the un. with Conn, and 
was an Assist. 1665 of the Chart. Col. to 1672, when he d. The will of 
14 Sept. and in v. of 13 Nov. of that yr. show it. His est. was large 
here and in Eng. Co. Bucks, val. at £600, rents due 240, and this was 
by the will giv. to SamueL Sarah, perhaps, m. Samuel Burwell; 
Martha, m. 14 Mar. 1669, Samuel Newton; and Susanna m. William 
Hooker of Farmington. By the will of the wid. 9 Sept 1674, we learn, 
that she was about embark, for Eng. giv. her prop, chiefiy to James and 
Susanna, refer, to her aged mo. Susanna Wood or Woad of Suckley in 
Co. Worcester, a. 9 ms. from the city, a parish border, on Herefordsh. 
beside other relatives ; and by the in v. Nov. 1676, it is made prob. that 
she did not come back. Benjamin, Milford, s. of the preced. by w. 
Mehitable, had Benjamin, Mary, and Joseph, all bapt. in 1667 ; Sarah, 
1668; Mehitable; Hannah; Martha, 1677; and Susanna; and he d. 
1689, the wid. and eight ch. had the est. His heirs are, eo nomine^ proprs. 
in 1685. The d. of a Capt. Fenn of New Haven is ment. in 1655 by 
John Davenport in let. to John Winth. wh. may have been the Boston 
Robert, and d. at Barbados. 3 Mass. Hist. Coll. X. 13. Joseph, Nor- 
walk 1654, sec. s. of the preced. d. 1671, and is not kn. to have had fiun. 
Richard, came in the Planter 1635, aged 27, from London, but I kn. no 
more of him. Robert, Boston, a capt from Loudon, by w. Deborah 
of ch. at Salem, had Robert, bapt. 16 June 1644; and Deborah, by town 
rec. b. 15 Jan. bapt 8 Feb. 1646, a. a half day old, says the rec For 
sec w. he m. 26 June 1654, Mary, wid. of Capt. Thomas Hawkins, 
wh. surv. him, and m. 27 Feb. 1662, Henr}' Shrimpton. 

FEN 153 

Fenneb, Abthur, Providence, b. in Eng. 1G22, as is said, freem. • 
lSd5, 6W. alleg. June 1667, was capt. in Philip's war, 1676, as Hubbard, 
p. 59, remarks, did not rem.' in that yr. of distress, and is referred to in 
fieTO. in N. E. Justif. 30 ; had sec or third w. Howlong, d. of William 
Harris, m. Dec 1684. John, Providence 1645, perhaps br. of the 
preced. is doubtfully spoken of as having been at New Haven. John, 
Saybrook, had Phebe, b. 6 Sept 1673, certain, ano. d. and pefhapa 
more eh. was a capt. d. 1709, lea v. w. Sarah, and one d. m. Gershom 
Palmer, and one to David Buell. His est. was £500. Robert, Stam- * 
&rd 1641. Haz. H. 214. Thomas, Branford, or Wethersfield, d. 15 
May 1647. His inv. tak. two days af^er, is giv. by Trumbull in Col. 
Bee of Conn. I. 477. Thomas, Providence, perhaps s. or br. of Arthur, 
■w. alleg. in May 1671, and in 1676, "staid and went not away." Wil- 
liam, Providence, br. of Arthur, was there in 1645. Of one of these 
brs. descends Gov. Fenner. William, Saybrook, a propr. bef. 1673, 
was d. 1680, for the Court orders inv. of his est. to be made. He may 
be the same as the preced. 

Fenton, Robert, Wobum, by w. Dorothy had Robert, b. 6 Oct. 
1688 ; Frances, 22 July 1690 ; and prob. rem. 

Fknwick, George, Saybrook, came in May 1636 to Boston from 
Cng. not, as often said, 1635 (as by the letters of 10 and 23 June of the 
later yr. from Gov. Winth. to his s. John, agent of Fen wick. Lords 
Say, Brook, and others, is plain), went home the same yr. or the foil, but 
came back with his w. and childr. arr. in July 1639 at New Haven with 
fwo ships, the first, and perhaps the last, that ever came direct to that 
port from Eng. His establishm. was indepeud. until Dec. 1644, when 
lie sold to Conn. From all on the riv. above he had rec. up to that time 
acknowledgm. of his territor. jurisdict. by payment at his fort in the 
river's mo. He had been in Eng. a lawyer, calL of Grays Inn, Lon- 
don ; and now, on our side of the water, was chos. Assist, at the Court 
of elect, bef. and was at the head, after Gov. and Dcp. so cont. at the 
choice in May 1648, afler he had gone home. In Eng. he was in high 
esteem for capac and honor, a col. in the army of the N. gov. of Tyne- 
mouth, mem. of Parliam. nam. one of the High Court of Justice, the 
monstrous tribunal for sentence of the king, wh. serv. happily he escaped. 
His w. Alice d. here, and her monum. remains on the bank of the 
river where he bur. her ; of his fam. we kn. only sis. Eliz. wh. m. 20 
'Maj 1648, Capt. John Cullick, and ds. Eliz. Dorothy, and Mary, and 
infer, that the last d. bef. her f. as he does not name her in his will. He 
iras of the ancient house of F. whose power was great in Berwick, Dur- 
ham, and Northumberland ; and he enjoy, much influence in Parliam. 
and after the end of the civ. war, in the army, where he was col. 

154 FER 

His first w. was the lady Alice, wid. of Sir John Boteler, and d. of 
Sir Edward Apsley. He d. at Berwick, of wh. he was Grov. on 15 
Mar. and the will of 8 Mar. 1 657, with a codic. next day, pro. 27 Apr. 
foil, makes d. Eliz. extrix. provides for d. Dorothy, and abundantly for 
w. Catharine, wh. I take to be eldest d. of Sir Arthur Haslerigg, the 
energetic leader in the cause of liberty in the council and field, who, as 
well as Fenwick, was nominat. by Cromwell to serve in the pretended 
High Court of Justice for condemnat. of the king ; but they both 
escap. the snare. Haslerigg is in the will call, f.-in-law ; also Claver- 
ing, wh. may have been sec h. of his mo. and Fenwick calls hims. 
of Worminghurst, near Steyning in Sussex. Besides this Co. he had 
est in Middlesex and Kent. By J. Hammond Trumbull, wh. expend, 
large research, and with liberality of bestowing equal to the affluence of 
his acquis. I am instruct, that our Col. F. was the last male of this 
disting. fam. in the Brinkburn branch ; that his eldest d. Eliz. m. Roger 
of the Stanton branch ; and that their eldest s. John, by m. with Marga- 
ret, d. of William of the Bywell branch, had united the three houses 
into one. For this he cites Wallis' Hist, of North umb. His wid. m. 
Col. Philip Babington, Gov. of Berwick under Charles II. Hutch, has 
good acco. of him in Hist. I. 100 ; and a letter of his, 1639, at Say brook, 
in CoU. 107. See, also, 3 Mass. Hist. Coll. I. 184. 

Fergoose, Peter. See Vergoose. 

Ferguson, or Ferginsox, Archibald, Marblchead, m. Mary, d. of 
Moses Maverick, but I kn. nothing more, exc. that her right appears on 
settlem. of her f.'s est 1698. Geneal. Reg. VIII. 270. Daniel, Kit- 
tery, d. 1676, lea v. wid. Mary, wh. present, in v. 17 June of £103. 
Herbert, Springfield, took o. of alleg. 31 Dec. 1678 or next day. 

Fermase, Fermace, or Formais. See Vermaes. 

Fernald, Reginald, Portsmouth 1631, sent over by Capt Mason, 
the patentee, is the first surgeon among N. H. sett, was of the gr. jury 
1643, recorder 1654, d. 1656, leav. w. Joanna, s. John, Samuel, William, 
and Thomas. Tuomas, Portsmouth 1631, perhaps br. of the preced. 
Adams, Ann. 19 ; Belkn. I. 28. The name has been well perpet. 

Ferneside, Ferniside, or Farnyseede, John, Duxbury 1643, m. 
Eliz. d. of Comfort Starr, but had his first ch. Jacob, b. 28 July 1 642, 
rec at Boston, perhaps after rem. thither, also Mary, 8 Sept. 1646; 
Hannah, 8 May 1650 ; Lydia, 3 Apr. 1653 ; Eliz. 26, bapt 31 Oct 1658 ; 
and Ruth, 20 Aug. 1661. Of these ch. only three were alive in Apr. 
1659, when gr.f. Starr made his will, as is plain from it. His wid. Eliz. 
d. 4 June 1704, aged 83. Hannah m. 1673, Reuben Hull of Portsmouth. 

Fernam, Robert, Oyster Bay, L. I. 1664, a comraiss. for Conn. 

Fernis, Benjamin, Salem 1640. Felt. Possib. the name may be 

FER— FIE 155 

Fehbis, James, Greenwich, s. prob. of Jeffry, had est. there 1672. 
JfFFBY, Watertown, prob. freem. 6 May 1635, was one of the first sett, at 
Wethersfield, thence rem. to Stamford, there d. 1 666, leav. ch. as ment. in 
his will, James, Peter, Joseph, and d. Mary Lock wood. Joseph, Green- 
wich 1672, 8. of the preced. m. Ruth, d. of Nicholas Knapp. * Peter, 
Stamford, s. of Jeffrey, freem. 1662, rep. 1667. Zechariah, Charles- 
town 1675, freem. 1676, had Zechariah, bapt. 6 Feb. 1676; Sarah, 12 
Nor. 1676; and Hannah, 18 July 1680. 

Ferrt, Charles, Springfield, sw. alleg. last day of Dec 1678 or 
next day, as did hiss. John; m. 1661, Sarah Harmon, had John, b. 
1662 ; Charles, 1665 ; Samuel, 1667, d. soon; Sarah, 1668, d. bef. her 
£; Mary, 1671; Gershom, 1674; Solomon, 1677, d. young; Mary, 
1680 ; Eliz. 1683 ; and Solomon, again, 1686 ; was freem. 1671, and d. 
3 Jaly 1699, leav. 7 ch. of wh. descend, are many. Charles, Spring- 
field, 8. of the preced. freem. 1690. 

Febson, or FuRSON, Thomas, Dover 1644-8. 

Fessekden, Benjamin, Sandwich, s. of Nicholas, kept the sch. at his 
native place four yrs. from leav. coll. and was ord. at S. 22 July 1722. 
JoHX, Cambridge, from Kent,£ng. freem. 2 June 1641, selectman oflen, 
d. 21 Dec. 1666, without ch. His wid. Jane, d. 13 Jan. 1683, aged 80. 
T>^iCHOLA8, Cambridge, b. in £ng. prob. at Canterbury, a. 1650, came a. 
J 674, perhaps with w. Margaret, to inherit est. of the preced. wh. prob. 
•wna his uncle, had Jane, wh. d. 24 July 1676 ; Hannah d. 4 Sept. 1676 ; 
Thomas, d. 28 Jan. 1683 ; Nicholas, b. a. 1682, H. C. 1701 ; William, 
b. a. 1693; and Benjamin, 30 Jan. 1701, H. C. 1718. His w. d. 10 
I>ec. 1717, aged 61 ; and he d. 24 Feb. 1719, aged 68. Nicholas, 
Cambridge, s. of the preced. m. 8 Aug. 1706, Sarah Coolidge, was mas- 
ter of the gr. sch. d. 5 Oct 1719. The name, in descend, of first 
K^icholas, has been well perpet. nine of wh. 5 were min. were s. of H. C. 
and as many more in 1834 at other N. £. coll.; but it has been strangely 
^written, Haz. making it Phisenden; the town rec Fishenden; and 
matchless Mitchell, Fezington. 

Feyebtear, Edward, Salem, m. 30 Aug. 1664, Tabitha, d. of 
K^athaniel Pickman, had Priscilla, b. 7 Apr. 1665, d. in two mos. ; Eliz. 
20 Jan. 1666; Edmund, 15 Feb. 1668, d. Aug. 1670; John, 15 Jan. 
1670; Mary, 22 May 1673; and Edmund, 23 Apr. 1676; m. 6 June 
1688, sec. w. Mary wid. of Joseph Hardy, d. of John Graflon, had 
GraAon, b. 31 Mar. 1689; and Benjamin, 14 Jan. 1693; and she d. 
K^OT. 1705. This may be name of a Huguenot refugee. 

Field, Alexander, Charlestown 1640, shoemaker, rem. to Salem 
1642, with a w. was freem. 1649, may have rem. to New Haven, there 
Gillian, wid. of Richard Mansfield, and d. 1666. His wid. d. 1670. 

156 FIELD. 

Daniel, Providence, took the o. of alleg. May 1671. Darbt, Exeter 
1638, an Irishman, the first European, prob. wh. went up to the summit 
of the White Mountains, accomp. bj two Ind. was 18 days in all 
upon the way ; rem. a. 1645 to Dover, prob. and d. 1649, leav. wid. 
and tradit. says ch. perhaps that Eliz. wh. m. 28 Jan. 1664, Stephen 
Jones; and s. Joseph; and Zacharjr, b. 1645. Both, prob. Zacbarj, 
certain. . perpct. the name. Winth. II. 67. George, Boston, prob. 
bef. 1655, rem. to Sudbury. James, Dedham, freem. 1683. John, 
Providence 1637, prob. was of Bridge water after 1655. John, Provi- 
dence, sw. alleg. June 1668, and was then call. junr. so that he may have 
been s. of the preced. and perhaps Ruth, wh. m. 7 Jan. 1669, John 
Angel, was his sis. But whether Deborah, wh. d. there 1679, were mo. 
sis. ch. or cous. is only for conject. John, Hatfield, s. of Zechariah, 
m. 17 Dec. 1670, Mary, d. of Alexander Edwards, had John, b. 11 
May lG72; Mary, 2 Feb. 1674, d. early ; Zechariah, Aug. 1676; Ben- 
jamin, 14 Feb. 1679; Mary, again, 20 Feb. 1681; Bethia, a. 1684; 
Sarah, 2 Feb. 1688 ; Abilene, wh. d. 6 May 1689, prob. very young; 
Ebenezer, and Abilena, tw. 2 July 1690; was freem. 1690 ; and d. 26 
June 1717. Joseph, Dover 1657, s. of Darby, d. bef. 1694. Joseph, 
Hatfield, br. of John of the same, m. 28 June 1683, Joanna, d. of the 
first John Wyatt, had Mar}', b. 18 July 1684; Joanna, 9 Dec 1686, d. 
young; Joseph, 9 June 1689; a d. 15 Mar. 1691, d. soon; Joanna, 
again, 9 Jan. 1693; Lydia, 26 June 1695; Jonathan, 13 Oct. 1697; 
Martha, 19 Oct. 1699 ; Abigail, 4 Sept 1702 ; Israel, 29 June 1705, d. 
next mo. and Thankful, 19 Sept 1707, d. next mo. He rem. a. 1714 to 
Sunderland, then call. Swampfield, there his d. Abigail d. 10 Jan. 1721 ; 
and he m. 2 July 1722, Mary Belding, and d. 15 Feb. 1736, aged a. 78. 
BoBERT, Boston, tailor, came in the James from Southampton, arr. 8 
June 1 635, in the clearance call, of Yealing, or Pealing, as Mr. Somerby 
read the docum. was prob. at Providence 1638, but soon after came to 
B. ; by w. Mary, prob. d. of Christopher Stanley, wh. surv. him, had 
John, bapt. 26 May 1644 ; Robert, b. 30 Nov. 1647, d. young ; Thomas, 
d. young ; William, bapt 17 Mar. 1650 ; Thomas, again, 1, bapt 7 Dec 
1651 ; Thomas, again, b. 28 Nov. 1652 ; Robert, again, 11 Sept 1653, 
whose bapt. is not found; John, again, 9, bapt 15 June 1656; Eliz. 17, 
bapt 20 June 1658; Sarah, 20 Oct 1660, d. young, unbapt; Daniel, 6, 
bapt 7 Sept. 1662 ; and Sarah, again, 25, bapt 26 Mar. 1665. Rob* 
ERT, Saco 1653, perhaps was of Braintree, freem. 1690. Robert, 
Newtown, L.I. took, with others, in 1645, a patent from the Dutch (5ov. 
Kieft, for Flushing, lyid Robert ; John, wh. rem. to Boundbrook, N. J. ; 
Hannah, wh. m. 7 May 1656, John Brown ; Eliz. wh. was 2d or 3d w. 
pf famous John Underbill, or more prob. may have been w. of bis s. 

FIE 157 

John ; and BeDJamin. Samuel, Hatfield, s. of Zcchariah, m. 9 Aug. 
1676, Sarah Gilbert of Springfield, had Samuel, b. 27 Feb. 1678; 
Thomas, 30 June 1680; Sarah, 30 June 1683; Zcchariah, 29 Aug. 
16^0 ; Ebenezer, 17 Mar. 1688; Mary, 23 July 1690 ; Josiah, 5 Nov. 
1692; and Joshua, 9 Apr. 1695. He serv. in Philip's war, espec at 
the Falb fight under Turner, 18 May 1676, in revenge for wh. (it is 
believ.) he was k. over 20 yrs. later, in time of peace, by the Ind. 24 
July 1697. Thomas, Providence, wh. sw. alleg. 1 June 1667, was, per- 
haps neph. certainly success, to William at Field's point, had one d. 
and twelve s. of wh. were Thomas, Jeremiah, William, Anthony, 
Charles, John, Jonathan, Joseph, and Nathaniel, all at or near Provi- 
dence ; did not rem. in 1676, and d. 10 Aug. 1717. J William, Provi- 
denoe, perhaps br. of John, complain. 1 643, against Samuel Gorton to 
govemm. of Mass. was Assist. 1650, 8, 60, and in new chart 1663. Wil- 
LLAXy Providence, s. perhaps of Thomas, had Thomas, b. 3 Jan. 1670 ; 
Mary, 1 June 1673 ; Eliz. 27 Aug. of yr. not visible ; Amos, without 
day or month, 1677 ; and William, 8 June 1682, as in his fam. bible is 
writ Zechariah, Hartford 1639, had w. Mary, rem. a. 1659 to North- 
ampton, thence, 1663, to Hatfield, d. 28 June 1666 ; had Mary, b. a. 
1643, m. 4 Oct 1663, Joshua Garter; Zechariah ; John ; Samuel; and 
Joseph ; as above ment. So num. are descend, that almost every state 
and territory of U. S. has some. Zechariah, Hatfield, prob. eldest s. 
of the preced. ra. 17 Dec. 1668, Sarah, d. of John Webb the first, liad 
2:cchariah, b. 12 Sept 1669, prob. d. young; Ebenezer, 31 Oct 1671; 
John, 8 Dec 1673; rem. to Deerfield, and d. 1674. Zechariah, 
Providence, sw. alleg. May 1671, and in 1676, staid thro, the war; may 
have been of Dover 1 664, possib. s. of Darby, but much more prob. of 
John, or William ; by w. Sarah had s. Zechariah, b. 30 Jan. 1686; and 
I>aniel, 9 Aug. 1690 ; and was liv. 1708. Twenty-seven of this name 
bave been gr. at N. E. coll. of wh. 5 clcrg. and only one at Harv. 

Fielder, Stephen, Boston, m. Mary, d. of John Griggs of Roxbury, 
had Sarah, b. 30 May 1685. I suppose he liv. but a short time, and 
perhaps at R. where Sarah m. 24 May 1704, John Ruggles. 

FiENNES, Charles, a signer of the addr. with Gov. Wipth. 7 Apr. 
I63O9 on board the Arbella, was of the noble house of Say and Seale. 
See Hutch. I. 487 ; and Young's Chron. of Mass. 298. It is writ. Fines, 
perhaps in conform, with sound. If he did not land in the way down 
cbannel, he^ no doubt, went home in July with Revel, one of the Assist- 
to Becure supplies for the Col. He was b. at Broughton, Co. Oxford,. 
bred at the University of that city, d. 14 Apr. 1662, always a goodfr. of 
I^. £. and one of the patentees of Conn. Trumbull, Hist. I. 495. One* 

TOL. II. 14 

158 FIF — FIL 

of his ds. m. Theophilus, Earl of Lincoln, wh. was br. of the ws. of our 
Isaac Johnson and John Humphrey. 

FiFiELD, Abraham, Woburn, perhaps s. of Giles, d. 11 Sept 1711, 
aged 57. Benjamin, Hampton, prob. s. of William, m. 28 Dec. 1670, 
Mary, d. of Edward Cblcord, had Mehitable, b. 9 Apr. 1687, perhaps 
others, was k. by the Ind. 1 Aug. 1706, aged a. 60. Giles, Charles* 
town, m. 7 June 1652, Mary, d. of Abraham Perkins of Hampton, bad 
two or more ch. and rem. to Hampton, there had Mary^ b. 28 Nov* 
1659. Perhaps went back in few yrs. to C. and had there bapt Abra- 
ham; Giles; Richard, b. 20 Dec. 1663, d. soon; Richard, 6 Nov. 
1665; John; and Mary; all exc the first Richard, on 19 June 1670; 
Deborah, 6 July 1673; and Thomas, 9 Jan. 1676; but the two last, 
whose mo. d. 1676, were by sec. w. m. 2 May 1672, Judith, wid. of 
Samuel Con vers, eldest d. of Rev. Thomas Carter; was freem. 1671. 
His d. Mary m. 9 Jan. 1673, Samuel Haynes ; and Debojjrah m. I pre- 
sume, lieut John Jackson of Cambridge, as his sec w. John, Mass. d. 
18 Aug. 1665. Farmer. William, came in the Hercules 1634, was 
prob. at Ipswich first, next yr. at Newbury, rem. 1639 to Hampton, there 
m. sec w. 26 Oct. 1693, Hannah Cram, unless she was w. of the see* 
William of H. wh. d. 8 Mar. 1715, aged 66 ; and d. 18 Dec 1700, 
aged 85. The Hampton rec says Mary F. aged 80 yrs. d. Nov. 1688. 
Perhaps she was mo. of first William. 

FiLCHER, , Braintree, an oflScer of the sett, at Mount Wollas* 

ton 1626. Prince, in Ann. prints the name Fitcher, and Baylies, L 135, 
obeys him ; but Morton, 136, Hubbard, 103, Increase Mather, and othen^ 
give it as above. He was driven away by the wild company of Morton 
of Merry Mount, as the Plymouth Morton tells. 

Filer, or Fyler, George, Northampton, a surgeon, neph. of Wal- 
ter, had Judith, b. 1664; and Samuel, 1666; rem. to Westfield, bee. 
a Quaker, and rem. it is thought, to Shelter isl. 1674. John, Windsor, 
& of Walter, was a trader, m. 17 Oct. 1672, Eliz. Doleman, and in 1686 
m. Bethesda Pool, d. of William of Dorchester, and d. 1723, without 
ch. * Walter, Dorchester 1630, came prob. in the Mary and John, 
freem. 14 May 1634, rem. to Windsor 1636, had John, b. 12 Sept 1642, 
H. C. 1666, bef. ment and Zerubabel, 23 Dec. 1644, was rep. in 1661 
and 3, and d. 12 Dec 1683. His wid. Jane d. 1690. Zerubabsl, 
Windsor, s. of the preced. m. 27 May 1669, Experience, d. of Elder 
John Strong of Northampton, had Thomas, b. 25 Jan. 1670; Jane,* 1 
Jan. 1672; Zeitbabel, 31 Oct. 1673, d. soon; Zerubabel, again, 25 Dee. 
1674 ; John, 2 Mar. 1676 ; rem. to Suffield, and had Samuel, and AU* 
gail, tw. 5 Jan. 1680, both d. soon; Samuel, again, 26 Sept. 1681, d. 
young ; Abigail, 8 Apr. 1683 ; went back to W. and had there Stephen, 

FIL— FIN 159 

1688; Ebenezer, 1690, d. soon; Experience, 1691; and Eliz. 1694; 

and he d. Apr. 1715. Next yr. seven of the 13 eh. made div. of the est 
FiLiN, or FiLEEX, John, came 1637, in the Mary Ann from Yar- 

fflootb, in comp. with Philemon Dickinson, as servants of Benjamin 

Cooper, who was of Brampton in Suff. No more is kn. of him. 

FiLLEBROWN, Thohas, Charlestown 1658, Cambridge 1665, or 
earh'er, by w. Anna had Thomas; and Mary, both b. bef. 1666 ; Anna, 
hapt 14 Oct 1666, d. 9 Aug. 1685. [See Harris, Epit 13.] He was 
fnem, 1666 or 8, the name being ent at each yr. and d. 7 June 1713, 
and his w. d. 31 Mar. foil, both aged 82. Harris, 46, 47. But it is 
obeerv. he supposes him to be s. of Gordon F. when we believe no such 
person existed. The error prob. arose from misread, the abbr. — Goo. 
ftr goodman, as if it were a name of bapt. — Gordon. Mary m. 8 Oct 
1688, Nathaniel Cutter. Thomas, Cambridge, s. of the preced. m. 19 
Dec. 1688, Rebecca, d. of Richard Cutter. 

Fillet, Samuel, Windsor, s. of William, m. 29 Oct 1663, Ann, d. 
of Jonathan Gillet, had Ann, b. 16 Aug. 1664; Mary, 12 Apr. 1667; 
Abigail, 20 Jan. 1669, d. soon ; Samuel, 2 Apr. 1670, d. young ; Jona- 
thu, 30 Nov. 1672; Samuel, again, 7 Mar. 1674; Josiah, 21 Jan. 
1676; John, 18 Feb. 1678 ; and Abigail, again, 3 Jan. 1680 ; and two 
other ch. William, Windsor 1640, or earlier, m. 2 Sept 1642, Mar- 
garet, had Samuel, b. 24 Sept 1643, bef. ment ; John, 15 Dec. 1645, 
wL d. 1690, at Suffield, leav. ds. Mary ; Eliz. 4 Mar. 1650 ; Abigail, 21 
Aug. 1658; Deborah, 21 Mar. 1661 ; and William, 7 Mar. 1665, wh. d. 
at W. 1707, without ch. Mary m. 5 Apr. 1666, Joseph Skinner; Eliz. 
m. 17 Nov. 1669, David Winchell; and Abigail m. 26 Aug. 1680, John 

Finch, Abraham, Wethersfield, was first, prob. of Watertown, and 
fineem. 3 Sept 1634, but rem. soon, was, it is said, constable 1636, in 
Conn. feU in the Pequot war 1637 ; and in 1640, when his s. was a 
minor, the est was adnlin. He lefl only s. Abraham. The wid. Dorothy 
m. in 1637 or 8, John Edwards, had six ch. by him, and afler m. Rich- 
jud Toasley of Saybrook, in 1676 was a third time wid. Abraham, 
Wethersfield, s. of the preced. rem. with his mo. to Saybrook, frecm. 
1658, d. unm. and gave his prop, to sis. ch. of John Edwards. Daniel, 
probk of Watertown, and br. it may be of first Abraham, came, I sup- 
pose, in the fleet with Winth. freem. 18 May 1631, rem. to Wethersfield, 
with first sett there was, perhaps, constable 1636 ; thence to Stamford, 
of wh« he was one of the orig. proprs. and in 1653 to Fairfield, there 
made contr. of m. 25 Dec. 1657, with Eliz. wid. of John Thompson 
of the same, and d. Mar. 1667; in his will names s. Nathaniel, with Abraham and three ds. Henry, a soldier in Turner's comp. 

160 FIN — FIR 

Mar. 1676. John, Watertown 1630, perhaps br. of Daniel, rem. 1687, 
to Wethersfield, there was k. 30 Oct. 1 637, by Nepaupuck, a Pequot 
capt who for that act, sajs Trumbull, I. 112, was, afler trial, put to 
death, 30 Oct. 1639. But Dr. Bacon shows, 339-43 from the rec that 
the poor Ind. suffered for k. Abraham, not John, which was in open war, 
for Conn, had declared it 1 Maj preced. and so appears a sad example 
(would it had been the last in our country ! ) of judicial murder. Jo- 
seph, Greenwich 1672. Samuel, Roxbury, freem. 14 May 1634, was 
some time at WethersReld, came back to R. and m. 13 Dec. 1654, Judith, 
wid. I think, of William Potter, as sec. w. for in 1638 he had w. 
Martha and 6 in fam. d. 27 Jan. 1674. 

Finney, John, Plymouth 1643, had w. Christian, wh. d. 9 Sept 1649. 
His mo. d. 22 Apr. 1650, aged above 80 yrs. ♦Robert, Plymouth 
1643, was rep. 1657, and 8 yrs. more, deac. 1667, d. 7 Jan. 1688, aet. 88 ; 
and his wid. Phebe d. 1710, aged 91. More common spell, of this name 
is Phinney, wh. see. 

FiRMiN, Ferman, or Firman, Giles, Boston, came from Sudbury in 
Co. Suff. 1630, no doubt with Rev. George Phillips, wh. was min.of that 
parish, in the fleet with Winth. first sat down at Watertown with his 
former teach, but rem. in two yrs. to B. where his s. of the same name 
had some time prior join, our ch. ; was chos. deac. in 1 633, and a 
selectman, freem. 4 Mar. 1634, and d. in Sept. foil. Giles, Boston, s. 
of the preced. came, perhaps, with his f. 1630, but sett, at B. bef. him, 
rem. prob. with Rev. John Ward, his br.-in-law, to Haverhill, but first 
was at Ipswich 1638, freem. 22 May 1639; m. Susan, d. of Rev. Na- 
thaniel Ward; practised physic, hav. been bred at the univ. of Cam- 
bridge ; in 1 644, or soon after, went home, and preach, with gr. efiect, 
sett, as rector at Shalford in Essex. In a* sermon bef. Parliam. and the 
Westminster Assembly, he said, that in our country, in seven yrs. " I 
never heard one profane oath, and all that time never did see a man 
drunk," wh. is better proof of his keeping good comp. than of searching 
for opportunity. Punishm. were frequent enough for such ofiences ; bat 
his presence was, no doubt, protection of both eyes and ears. He was 
ejected, as Calaray shows, in 1662, and d. at Ridgewell, Apr. 1697. 
JooN, Watertown 1630, came, prob. in the fleet with Winth. lost his hat 
by fire in Nov. of the first yr. freem. 18 May 1631. Perhaps he went 
home, and came again, from Ipswich in Sufi", by the Elizabeth 1634| 
aged 46, was selectman 1638, and deac. Josiah, Boston 1640, liv. with 
Gov. Winth. freem. 2 June 1641. Robert, Newtown, L. I. one of the 
first sett. 1645. Thomas, Ipswich, freem. 22 May 1639, had w. Sarah ; 
may have been rcl. to Giles, liv. in the same town, and tak. the oath 
on the same day, was a merch. of good est. rem. to Salisbury 1652. 

FIS. 161 

Fish, Daniel, Portsmouth, R. I. s. of Thomas of the same, m. 1 May 
1^2, Abigail, d. of Thomas Mumford, had Comfort, b. 7 Feb. 1 683 ; 
Thomas, 3 July 1685; Ruth, 2 Nov. 1687; Daniel, 11 July 1690; 
Sarah, 29 Jan. 1694 ; and Jeremiah, 15 Sept 1698. Gabriel, Boston, 
in early inhab. rem. 1638 to Exeter, but in short time came to B. 
again, by w. Eliz. had Deborah, b. 20 Dec. 1642; but the ch. rec 
says she was bapt 11, aged a. 8 days; Abel, 5, bapt. 23 Dec. 1644. 
John, Lynn, rem. 1637 to Sandwich, carr. s. Jonathan, and Samuel, 
perhaps others; may have had Caleb, b. 18 Aug. 1649, wh. d. at 6 mos. 
or this may be s. of Jonathan or Nathaniel, went 1655 to New London, 
but back soon to S. and d. 1663. John, R. I. freem. at Portsmouth 
1655, may have been of Stonington 1670. John, New London, s. of the 
first John, prob. rem. a. 1684. Jonathan, Sandwich, br. of first John, 
had liv. at Ljmn, but at S. had Nathaniel, b. 18 Dec. 1650 ; John ; and 
Samuel ; rem. to Newtown, L. I. 1659, d. a. 1663. He was progenit. of 
Hamilton F. late gov. of N. Y. Nathaniel, Sandwich 1643, perhaps 
br. of John, had Nathaniel, b. 27 Nov. 1648; and John, 13 Apr. 1651. 
One Fish of Sandwich m. Lydia, d. of Rev. John Miller. Robert, 
Portsmouth, R. L m. 11 Sept. 1686, Mary, d. of Zuriel Hall, had Robert, 
h. 17 M&j 1690; Mary, 1 Mar. 1693; WUliam, 7 June 1695; Zuriel, 
10 July 1697; Isaac, 25 Dec. 1699; Alice, 3 July 1702; Jonathan, 27 
Oct 1704; Daniel, 17 May 1707 ; and David, 7 Mar. 1710. Samuel, 
New London, s. perhaps of first John, had Samuel, b. 1682; John, d, 
young; Moses, 1686; Abigail, .1690 ; Aaron, 1693; and Nathaniel, 
1699. Thomas, Portsmouth, R. L 1655, may be of Boston 1656, per- 
haps rem. to Portsmouth, R. L where Mary, his d. m. 18 Mar. 1671 or 2, 
Francis Bray ton, the sec. He d. 1687, and his will of 1673 names w. 
Mary, wh. was d. s. Daniel, John, Robert, Thomas ; and ds. Mehitable 
wh. m. a Tripp ; and Mary, bef. ment. beside Alee or Alice, wh. m. the 
sec- Henry Knowles. He had also an earlier w. m. 10 Dec. 1668, 
GrizigoD, d. of John Strange, and as the Portsmouth rec. shows, had 
Alice, b. 15 Sept 1671 ; Grizzel, 12 Apr. 1673; Hope, 5 Mar. 1676; 
Preserved, 12 Aug. 1679 ; and Mehitable, 22 July 1684. Perhaps by a 
fbnner w. he had Daniel, bef. ment. and Thomas, wh. d. bef. his f. but 
liad left 8. Preserved. Yet it may be that f. and s. are confus. Wil-> 
XLiX, Windsor 1647-75, was freem. 1669, but is not kn. to have had w. 
or eh. Five of this name had been gr. in 1825, at Harv. of wh. four 
were clerg. and four at the other N. E. colL of wh. two were clerg. 

Fisher, Amos, Dedham 1677, s. of the first Daniel of the same, 
fireem. 1690, m. 12 Mar. 1680, Mary Ellis, d. of Richard, had Mary, b. 
21 Aug. 1682 ; Amos, 2 June 1687 ; Eliz. 14 Apr. 1691 ; and his w. d. in 
a fortnight after. On 22 Dec foil, he m. Ruth Adams, and had Ruth,. 9 



Nov. 1693 ; Esther, 6 Sept. 1699 ; and this w. d. 10 Feb. 1730, perhaps 
after the h. Anthony, Dorchester, calL sen. freem. 1645, was select- 
man 1664-;6; d. 1671, in his 80th yr. says Blake. His inv. of 12 May 
1671 was ret. by s. Daniel and Nathaniel, and in July foil, they, with 
Cornelius, sis. Joanna, and Daniel Morse, wh. m. Lydia, ano. sis. div. 
the est. II Anthony, Dedham 1637, b. at Syleham, near Eye in Co- 
Suff. on the border of Norf. ar. co. 1644, freem. perhaps 1646, d. 13 
Feb. 1670. In his inv. taken 7 Apr. 1670, he is call, late of Dorchester, 
yet perhaps he had never rem. from Dedham, bef. some recent day. 
He m. 7 Sept. 1647, Joanna Faxon, prob. sis. of Richard, had Mehit- 
able, b. 27 June 1648 ; Josiah, 1 May 1654; Sarah, 27 Oct. 1658 ; and 
Eliz. 18 Sept. 1669. The wid. long surv. and d. 16 Oct 1694. It is 
not easy to discrimin. betw. these two Anthonies, both call, late of Dor- 
chester, where ea. had Ids. d. so near in time, or to resolve wh. w«3 
freem. in 1645, wh. in 1646. He m. sec. w. 14 Nov. 1663, Isabel, wid. 
of Edward Breck. ♦ Cornelius, Dedham, b. in Eng. s. of the first 
Anthony, carpenter, freem. 2 May 1649, liv. in that pt. wh. bee. AYren- 
tham, m. 22 Feb. 1653, Leah, perhaps d. of Nathaniel Hcaton, had 
Leah, b. 5 May 1656 ; Experience, 10 Jan. 1658; Cornelius, 8 Feb. 
1660; Ann, 20 Aug. 1661; Eleazer, 8 July 1663; and his w. d. 12 
Jan. foil. He m. 24 July 1665, Sarah, d. of Richard P^erett, wh. d. 28 
Feb. 1676, had Dorothy, 17 Apr. 1667; Sarah, 1668; and Jonathan, 
26 Oct. 1671, d. young; was rep. under the new chart. 1692, d. 2 Jan. 
1699, '^ the first head of a fam. wh. d. in the town in a nat way for 
30 yrs." Cornelius, Wrentham, s. of the preced. by w. Ann, or Han- 
nah, d. of Jonathan Whitney of Sherbom, wh. d. 6 Mar. 1701, had 
Jonathan, b, 22 Feb. 1691; Cornelius, 29 Sept 1692; Isaac, 19 May 
1694; and Ann, 28 Mar. 1696. He m. next, 27 Mar. 1702, Mary 
Colburn. I * || Daniel, Dedham, eldest s. of Anthony of the same, h. 
in Eng. freem. 13 May 1640, ar. co. 1640, m. 17 Nov. 1641, Abigail, d. 
of Thomas Marrett of Cambridge, a capt. rep. 1658-82, exc two yrs. 
speaker 1680, Assist 1683, on 8 Oct of wh. yr. he d. and his wid. d. 
three days afler. He had Abigail, b. 2, bapt 23 Aug. 1646, wh. m. 1 
Mar. 1667, John Houlton or Holten ; Daniel, 26 Feb. bapt 17 Man 
1650 ; Lydia, 14 July, bapt. 1 Aug. 1652, wh. m. 3 Dec 1674 Nathan- 
iel Chickering; Amos, bapt 8 Oct 1654, tho. in town rec. his b. was in 
Nov. after; John, 20 July 1656; Jeremiah, 12 Dec. 1658, wh. d. at 18 
yrs. and Esther, bapt. 4 Aug. 1667, tho. her b. if we believe the town 
rec. was on 5, wh. m. 31 July 1690, Timothy Dwight, and d. 30 Jan. 
foil. Daniel, Taunton, m. Hannah, d. of John Hill of Dorchester, had 
Hannah, b. 1 Feb. 1666; John, 30 Nov. 1667; Samuel, 3 Dec 1669; 
jEliezer, 12 May 1673; Mary, 30 May 1675; Mercy, 12 Dec 1677; 

FISHER. lea 

iracl,27 Mar. 1680; Nathaniel, 9 Feb. 1682. Daniel, Dedham, s. of 
the first Daniel, freem. 1690, m. 19 Jan. 1675, Mary Fuller, d. prob. of 
Bo()ert of the same, had Mary, b. 27 Sept. 1676; Jeremiah, 10 June 
J679 ; Daniel, 7 Jan. 1682 ; Hannah, 10 Oct. 1684 ; Nathaniel, 5 Apr. 
1687, H. C. 1706, first min. of Dighton ; Margaret, 28 Feb. 1690 ; and 
Abigail, 27 Sept. 1694 ; and he d. 17 Nov. 1713. His wid. d. 19 Mar. 
1726. Edward, Portsmouth, R. I. freem. 1655. His d. Ruth m. 2 
Jane 1664, John Potter of Warwick, and Frances, ano. d. m. John Briggs 
of the same. Eleazer, Wrentham, m. 21 Mar. 1688, Hannah Leonard, 
bad Eleazer, b. 19 Dec. 1688; Hezekiah, 29 Sept. 1691 ; and Hannah, 
15 Oct. 1695. John, a petitnr. for gr. of Lancaster 1644, perhaps the 
nme as foil. John, Medfield, s. of the sec Joshua of Dedham, m. 
Apr. 1658, Eliz. d. of Thomas Boy Iston of Watertown; was freem. 
1682. From his will of 26 June 1668, it is found that he had John, and 
Eliz. by her, had m. ano. w. Mary, prob, d. of Nathaniel Treadway, had 
Jonathan, and hopes of ano. ch. John, Dedham, s. of Daniel the first, 
m. 15 June 1681, Rebecca Ellis. Joshua, Dedham 1639, br. of the 
sec Anthony, b. in Eng. freem. 13 May 1640, ar. co. 1640, d. or was bur. 
14 Jan. 1646. * Joshua, Dedham, b. in Eng. of unkn. f. m. perhaps as 
lec. w. 15 Mar. 1643, Mary, d. of deac. Nathan Aldis, as I confidently 
infer, had Mary, b. 23 Mar. 1644 ; Joshua, 30 Oct. 1645 ; Hannah, 14 
Feb. 1 647, d. soon; Abigail, 19 Mar. 1649; Joshua, 19 Jan. 1651 ; John, 
18 Feb. 1652 ; and Hannah, again, 19 Jan. 1653 ; liv. in the pt. wh. bee. 
Medfield, freem. 2 May 1649, rep. 1653, and six yrs. more, d. 1674. 
He was also deac and his will of 2 May in that yr. provides for w. 
Ann, wh. may have been third w. d. Mary, w. of Thomas Battles, m. 5 
Sept 1648, and ea. of her ch. for Joshua, and John, s. of Joshua, a 
for John, Eliz. Jonathan, ch. of his s. John ; and Vigilance, ch. of his s. 
Heat. Joshua ; for Mary, sis. of Vigilance, w. of Thomas Clap, m. 10 
Nov. 1662 ; for ano. w. of John Houghton, and ano. Han- 
nah, whose film, name is illeg. By her will of 8 Apr. 1675, pro. 1 Feb. 
1677, the wid. Ann helps construct, of the preced. and the will of Lydia, 
wid. of Joshua, 29 Mar. 1680, speaks of her s. Vigilance and d. Mary 
Clap, shows she was w. of lieut. Joshua of whose est. as he d. intest 
admin, was giv. 10 Feb. 1709 to s. Joshua, and John. Joshua, Ded- 
liam, s. of the preced. prob. b. in Eng. m. 16 Feb. 1654, Lydia, wid. of 
Samuel Oliver, had Vigilance, b. 21 Nov. foil.; James, 1 Mar. 1657; 
and he d. 10 Aug. 1672. His wid. d. 2 Feb. 1683. Among deaths at 
D. are found those of John, 5 Sept. 1637; and of Constance, 1 Dec. 
1638, both, perhaps, inf ch. of this man by a former w. Joshua, Ded- 
liaiD^ s. of the precfed. by w. Mary had Mary, b. 25 Mar. 1645, and per- 
liaps other ch. beside Joshua and John, name, in the will of their gr. gr.f. 

164 FISKE. 

and he d. 26 Jan. 1709. Jostah, Dedham, freem. 1678, and the same 
or ano. is in the list of 13 Feb. 1684.' Prob. there were two Josiahs of 
D. and the latter m. Mehitable, d. of William Yeazie of Braintree» 
Nathakibl, Dedham, br. of Cornelias, m. 26 Dec. 1649, Esther, d. of 
John Hunting, had only ch. kn. to me, Nathaniel, b. 31 Julj 1660 ; and 
d. 23 Maj 1676 ; and his. wid. d. 24 May of next yr. He made his will 
26 Jan. 1661, tho. it was not pro. bef. 28 July 1676. * Olivek, Wren- 
tham, rep. 1689. Samuel, Boston, m. 22 Mar. 1659, Milcha, d. itf 
Thomas Snow. * Samuel, Wrentham, by w. Meletiah had Ebeneser, 
b. 20 Dec 1670 ; Hannah, 25 Oct 1^72; and Abigail, 11 Feb. 1674; 
was deac rep. 1689, and d. 5 Jan. 1703. Stephen, Billerica, aged 
man, d. 26 Dec 1682. Thomas, Cambridge 1634, came, perhaps, from 
Winton in Eng. but it is not told whether the town were in Wes^ 
moreland or Yorksh. and I doubt the spell, may have been Winston, 
freem. 4 Mar. 1635, rem. to Dedham 1687. Thomas, Dedham, per^ 
haps s. of the preeed. m. 5 Dec 1666, Rebecca, d. of the first George 
Woodward of the same, freem. 1678, and the same or ana is in the list 
of 1678. A Mary F. wid. join. Boston ch. 25 Dec 1647, and d. 6 Sept 
1653, but 1 kn. not wh. was her h. William, Marshfield, m. 17 Mar. 
1684, Lydia, d. of Houlton or Holten. Eleven of this name had been 
gr. at Harv. and fifteen at other N. £• oolL some yrs. back, of wh. five 
from Harv. and seven from the others were clerg. Great labor I have 
found to conciliate these Fishers, and some of it may seem unsuccess. 

FiSKE, Benjamik, Medfield, m. 1674,* Bathshua Morse, had Bei\]amin, 
and other ch. Possib. he was s. of William. David, Watertown 1637 
or earlier, had w. Sarah, d. of Edmund Smith of Wrentham in Co. Soff. 
but I kn. not, whether she liv. to come with him and their childr. He 
was freem. Mar. 1638 ; d. prob. 1661, for his will is of 10 Sept. 1660, 
and pro. 22 Jan. 1662. In it he ment s. David, d. Fitch, B.*in-law Fitch, 
bapt names not express, and the * David, Cambridge, s. of the 
preeed. b. in Eng. a. 1623, by w. Lydia Cooper, d. of that wid. wh. au 
Gregory Stone, had Sarah, wh. d. young, was bur. 8 May 1647 ; Lydia, 
b. 29 Apr. 1647 ; David, 1 Sept. 1648, wh. d. at oneyr. The w. d. 29 
Nov. 1654, and he m. 6 Sept 1655, Seaborne, or Sarah, as the rec of 
license to William Hubbard for the nw says, d. of William Wilson of 
Ipswich, had Eliz.; Sarah, again ; Hannah, bapt 27 Nov. 1659 ; and 
Abigail, b. 1 Feb. 1674; was freem. 1647 ; was lieut and rep. in the 
Courts of 1689 and 90. In 1686 he gave import depon. then call. hins. 
63, and he d. 14 Feb. 1711, when his makes him 87, so that Barry 
here fails of his usual care. He liv. at the Cambridge Farms, now 
Lexington. His will of 1708 ment w. Seaborne, and ch. David, EKx. 
Ann, and Abigail ; the d. Lydia, older than any of these, wh. m. Michaal 

FISKE. 165 

Fjeth, jr. was d. Eliz. m. John Russell; Hannah m. Timothy Carter; 
and Abigail m. Henry Baldwin ; both of Woburn. David, Cambridge, 
& of the preced. freem. 1684, by w. Sarah Day, perhaps d. of Robert, m. 
at Ipswich, 17 June 1674, had David, b. 5 Jan. 1677 ; Jonathan, 19 May 
1679; Ann, 2 Apr. 1683; Robert, 8 Mar, 1689; and perhaps that 
Ebenezer wh. d. at Lexington 10 Dec. 1775« aged 84. Bond says, his 
w. d. 22 Apr. 1729 ; and he d. says the gr.stone, 23 Oct 1729. David, 
FatertowD^ s. of the first Nathan, m. 15 Dec. 1675, Eliz. d. of George 
Reed of Woburn, had Nathan, b. a. 1676; and David, 11 Dec. 1678. 
Hed.9. 1694. James, Salem 1641, or earlier, s. of Thomas of Co. 
Soffl Eng. unless he were s. of Phineas, as to me seems more prob. freem. 
18 May 1642, rem. to Haverhill, there by w. Ann had James, b. 8 Aug. 
1649 ; John, 10 Dec. 1651 ; Ann, 1654, d. soon ; Ann, again, 1656 ; and 
Samuel, 1 Nov. 1658. John^ Wenham, s. of that John wh. d. 1633 (and 
was 8. of William, s. of Robert, wh. was s. of Richard of Laxfield in 
Queen Mary's time) ; b. as Mather tells (in Magn. 111. c. 24), a. 1601, 
at St. James parish in South Elmham, a subdiv. of the hundred of 
Wangford, Co. Suff. bred at King's Coll. Cambr. there took his Au B. 
1625, tho. Mather makes it Emanuel^ m. a. eight and twenty yrs. of age, 
by the same auth. 1629, Ann Gipps of Frinshall, Co. Norf. had, as tradit 
mid, two ch. wh. d. inf. but two others he brot. with his w. and a younger 
br. perhaps William, to Boston, 1637, sat down first at Cambridge, but rem. 
the same yr. to Salem, freem. 2 Nov. 1637, taught the gr. sch. among 
\aa pupils one being famous aflerward as Sir George Downing, min. 
k/e Cromwell and Charles II. at the Hague, had John, b. 29 Aug. bapt 
2 Sept. 1638, d. under nine yrs. ; Sarah, 24, bapt. 26 July 1640 ; Moses, 
b. at Wenham, 12 Apr. bapt. at Salem by Mr. Norris in June 1642, H. C. 
1662 ; be had preach, occasional, for Hugh Peters, and rem. to be min. at 
Wenham, ord. 8 Oct. 1644, had there Ann, 15 Jan. bapt. 12 Mar. 1646, be- 
ing the first bapt. in that ch. Eliezur, 8, bapt. 14 Feb. 1647, d. young; rem. 
in 1655 to and was min. of Chelmsford, where his w. Ann d. 14 Feb. 
1672, "after liv. with him a. 37 yrs." This renders Mather's acco. of 
the m. in 1629, impossib. and also the tradit. of his hav. had four ch. in 
£ng. as she was his first w. and makes it prob. that he brot. only one ch. 
On 1 Aug. foil, he m. Eliz. wid. of Edmund Henchman, and he d. 14 
Jan. 1677. His d. Ann m. Capt. John Brown of Reading, and d.. 30 
May 1681, aged 35. * John, Wenham, s. of Phineas of the same, b. in 
£ng. constable 1645, rep. 1669, d. 1683, leav. wid. Remember, wh. m. 
1689, William Goodhue, as his fourth w. and ch. John, freem. 1685; 
Samuel ; Noah; Eliz. and Remember, wh. m. 21 Jan. 1690, Nehemiah 
Abbot; beside, it is said, one other ch. John, Watertown 1648, m. 11 
I>ec. 1651, Sarah, eldest d. of Nicholas Wyeth of Cambridge, had 

166 FISEE. 

Sarah, b. 1 Feb. 1653 ; John, 7 Nov. 1654, d. in 3 mos. ; Jolin, again, 
20 Nov. 1655 ; Margaret, 28 Nov. 1658 ; Mary, 5 July 1661 ; Williain, 
23 Feb. 1664; Martha, 15 Dec. 1666 ; £Hz. 11 May 1669; Nathaniel, 
11 Sept. 1672 ; and Abigail, 8 Oct. 1675 ; was never freem. prob. bat 
took the 0. of fidel. 1652, and d. 28 Oct 1684, aet. 65. Mary m. 5 Feb. 
1684, Joseph Mason; Martha m. 20 Jan. 1684, Geoi^e Adams; £liB. 
m. 27 Dec. 1688, Simon Mellen; and Abigail m. 14 July 1699, Jonft- 
than Sanderson. John, Chelmsford, s. of Rev. John, m. 1666, Lydia 
Fletcher, perhaps d. of Robert, had no ch. d. a. 1700. John, Water- 
town, 8. of John of the same, m. 9 Dec 1679, Abigail d. of '^jioniaH 
Park, had Abigail, b. 12 June 1684; Eliz. 20 Jan. 1686; John^ 15 
May 1687; Jonathan, bapt. 25 Nov. 1688, d. soon; Jonathan, again, 8 
Dec 1689 ; Hepzibah, b. 13 Jan. 1694 ; ad. 1695, d. soon ; and David, 
13 Apr. 1697. He took 2d w. Jan. 1700, Hannah Richards, wh. d. 
1714, had Hannah, bapt 8 Oct. 1704, was freem. 1690, and d. 1718. 
John, a physician at Milford 1695. After long protract search, I can 
add that he m. 17 Jan. 1682, Hannah, d. of first John Baldwin, was 8. 
of John the constable of Wenham, and gr.s. of Phineas of Wenham ; 
and beside Benjamin, bapt 1696, and perhaps Ebenezer, and John, wh* 
join, the ch. at M. 1714, had s. Rev. Phineas, Y. C. 1704 ; but all these^ 
ch. were b. at Wenham. Joseph, Lynn, m. 22 May 1677, Eliz. Hamao, 
had Joseph, b. July 1678. He prob. rem. to Ipswich, and there Joseph, 
d. at 20 yrs. He had there, by sec w. Susanna, d. Susanna, b. 18 Mar. 
1700. It may well be assum. that he was a relative to some Wenham 
Fiske, but in what degree is unkn. Moses, Braintree, s. of Rev. Jolum 
was at Dover, perhaps as preach, freem. 1666, was ord. atB. 11 Sept. 
1672, m. 7 Nov. 1671, Sarah, d. of William Symmes of Charlestown, wh. 
d. 2 Nov. or Dec 1692, hav. brot. him fourteen ch. of wh. 7 s. were 
John; John 2d ; Samuel; Samuel, 2d, b. 6 Apr. 1689, H. C. 1708, min. 
of Salem; Moses; William; and Edward. He m. 7 Jan. 1701, Aniif 
wid. of Daniel Quincy, d. of Re v.. Thomas Shepard, the first, of Charles- 
town, had one d. and one s. Shepard, b. 19 Apr. 1703, H. C. 1721, a 
physician. His w. d. 24 July 1708 ; and he d. 10 Aug. folL NathaNi 
Watertown, prob. br. of the first David, was of an honor, fam. in Co. 
Sufi^. bearing coat of arms so early as the days of Hen. YI., as appeani 
on rec. freem. 10 May 1643, by w. Susanna had Nathan, b. 17 Oot 
1642 ; John, 25 Aug. 1647; David, 29 Apr. 1650 ; Nathaniel, 12 Julj 
1653 ; and Sarah, wh. m. Abraham Gralc He d. 21 June 1676, made 
his will two days bef. nam. s. John excor. but of that s. we hear no more 
from Bond. Perhaps he d. unm. or rem. Nathan, Cambridge, s. of 
the preced. freem. 1672, by w. Eliz. had Nathan, b. 9 Feb. 1666, d. 
young; Eliz. 11 Jan. 1668; Martha, 12 Jan. 1670; Nathan, again, S 

FISKE- 167 

Aa.1672; Susanna, 7 Apr. 1674; AbigaU, 18 Feb. 1676; WiUiam, 5 
Dec 1677, d. soon ; William, again, 10 Nov. 1678 ; and Ann, wh. d. 11 
Mj 1683 ; and he d. 1694. His wid. d. 15 May 1696. His s. Nathan, 
wk m. Sarah, d. of Simon Cooledge, had eight ch. of wh. the eldest s. 
Nathan, b. 25 Feb. 1702, m. Ann Warren^ was f. of Be v. Nathan of 
firookfield, D.D. b. 9 Sept 1733 at Weston, H. C. 1754. Nathaniel, 
Fatertown, youngest br. of the sec Nathan, m. 13 Apr. 1677, Mary, 
irid of John Child, d. of Daniel Warren, had Nathaniel, b. 8 June 
1678; Hannah, 29 Aug. 1680; John, 17 Mar. 1683; Sarah, 4 July 
1684; Lydia, 2 Dec 1687 ; Mary, bapt. 20 Apr. 1690; Eliz. 24 June 
1692 ; and Abigail, 28 Aug. 1698. * Phineas, Salem 1641, or earlier, 
perhaps f. but freq. calL br. of James, freem. 18 May 1642, rem. to 
Wenham 1644, was capt. rep. 1653, had James, John, and Thomas, all 
b. in £ng. Samuel, Wenham, s. of John, not the Rev. but the con- 
stable, freem. 1680, of wh. I kn. no more, exc that bef. Mar. 1694 he 
had rem. to Milford. Stephen, Reading, call, by Eaton an early sett. 
* Thomas, Wenham, s. of Phineas, came prob. with his f. in early youth 
was rep. 1671, 2, and often after, espec in the Revo, time 1689-91, a 
capt foreman of the jury in that sad case of witchcraft of Rebecca Nurse, 
after verdicl of not guilty, prevailed on to convict by the wonderful per- 
versity and extraordinary ignorance of the Court His shocking con- 
fession against hims. and the judges is in Hutch. U. 52. Thomas, Wen- 
Itfun, prob. s. of the preced. m. 3 Nov. 1678, Rebecca, youngest ch. of 
Bev. William Perkins, was freem. 1690. * William, Salem 1637, br. 
of Rev. John, with wh. he prob. came, as he had gr. of Id. that yr. freem. 
18 May 1642, rem. to Wenham, and was the first town dk. or oik. of the 
writs, 1644, had by w. Bridget Musket of Pelham, m. in Eng. William, 
Samuel, Joseph, Benjamin, and Martha, some, perhaps most, b. in Eng. 
bat William was bapt at Salem 4 June 1643, yet he may have been 2d 
of the name; was rep. 1^47-50, d. 1654. In the Col. Rec I. 235, is 
aettlem. of rights betw. him and his br. John, by wh. it seems that he 
was in Sept 1638, under 24 yrs. of age. Endicot, Hathorne, and two 
other of the ch. men of S. made the terms of agreem. William, 
Salem or Wenham, s. of the preced. was freem. 1670. William, 
Waterftown, s. of John the first, m. 20 Oct. 1693, Hannah, d. of John 
Smith, had William, b. 24 Aug. 1694, d. young; Hannah, 13 Oct 1696, 
Kary, 1699, d. soon ; Thomas, 12 Sept 1701 ; William, again, 13 Mar. 
1704 ; John, 24 Aug. 1706 ; and Samuel, '4 Jan. 1709. Of this name, 
lometimes spelled without e, twenty had many yrs. ago been gr. at Harv. 
of wh. 7 were clerg. and twenty at other N. E. coll. of wh. 9 were clerg. 
Tliat the ColL catal. capriciously divides the fam. is plain eno. as Rev. 
Hoses has the authentic Eng. letters, and his s. Rev. Samuel loses the 

168 FITCH. 

final letter. Much of the foregoing is deriv. from a very val. tract on 
Saff. Emigr. by Hev. Joseph Hunter, F. A. S. in 3 Mass. Hist CoU. 
X. 158, wh. informs us, that, at the Herald's office it appears, in early 
times, this fam. was entit. to coat armor. 

Fitch, * Benjamin, Reading, s. of Zecharj, perhaps b. in £ng. had 
Benjamin, ivh. d. 24 June 16G2 ; and Zecbary, wh. d. 16 Apr. 1684; 
was freem. 1679, rep. 1689, 91 and 2, deac. d. 1713. Benjamw, Bos- 
ton, perhaps s. of the preced. m. 2 Mar. 1693, Marj Het, and d. 14 Dec 
1739, aged 73. Jabbz^ Ipswich, s. of Rev. James, was tutor some time 
at Harv. ord. 1703, as collea. to Rev. John Rogers, m. 10 June 1704, 
£liz. d. of John Appleton; had Eliz. b. 16 Aug. 1705; Margaret; 
Marj ; Ann ; John, H. C. 1728 ; and James ; rem. to Portsmouth, was 
there inst. a. 1725, d. 22 Nov. 1746. James, Boston, a tailor, came in 
the Defence, 1635, aged 30, with w. Abigail, 24, and they both in Dec. 
foil, were adm. of our ch. had Eliz. bapt. 15 May 1636 ; and I find no 
more of him, but that he was of Muddy riv. 1638. JaueSj Saybrook, bb 
24 Dec. 1622, at Bocking, Co. Essex, was brot. a. 1638, to N. E. but 
where he was prepar. for the min. is unkn. tho. prob. with Hooker and 
Stone of Hartford, as the inscript on his tells, mak. the period <tf 
study seven yrs. and is in Mather's sec. classis. ord. 1646, by w. Abigai], 
d. of Rev. Henry Whitfield, had James, b. 2 Aug. 1649; Abigail, 5 
Aug. 1650 ; Eliz. 2 Jan. 1652^ Hannah, 17 Dec. 1653; Samuel, eaiif 
in Mar. 1655 ; and Dorothy, Apr. 1658. His w. d. 9 Sept 1659 ; and 
next yr. he rem. to sett. Norwich with large pt. of his S. people, m. 2 
Oct. 1664, Priscilla, d. of Maj. John Mason, had Daniel, b. Aug. 1665 ; 
John, Jan. 1667; Jeremiah, Sept 1670; Jabez, Apr. 1672, H. C- 
1694; Ann, Apr. 1675; Nathaniel, Oct 1679; Joseph, Nov. 1681; 
and Eleazur, 14 May 1683; all ment as liv. in the will, 1696, and all 
but the last had fam. He gave up his office 1696, rem. to Lebanoni 
and d. 18 Nov. 1702. His d. Eliz. m. 5 Sept 1674, Rev. Edward 
Taylor of Westfield, and d. 1689 ; Hannah m. it is said, Thomas Meeka, 
or Mix, and Ann m. it is said, Thomas Bradford ; but this makes strange 
discord with the Geneal. Reg. IV. 46 and 49. % James, Lebanon^ or 
Canterbury, eldest s. of the preced. was a man of importance, major^ an 
Assist of the Col. 1681, and prob. many yrs. later, had nine s. some bj 
first w. whose name is not kn. and some by sec w. Alice, wid. of Rev. 
William Adams, d. of* Dep. Gov. William Bradford, wh. brot him 
eight ch. Jeremiah, Lynn, 1634, rem. to Reading 1644. JeremiaHi 
Boston, perhaps s. of the preced. or of Zachary, by w. Esther had Mary, 
b. 1 Mar. 1653 ; and his w. d. 14 Sept 1656. Next he m. Sept 1657, 
Sarah Chubbuck of Hingham, was freem. 1690. His d. Deborah .m. 
Joseph Belknap, jr. One Jeremiah d. at Rehoboth, 15 Oat 1676* 

FITCH. 169 

John, came in the Defence 1635, aged 14, and so might be suppos. br. 
of the first James ; but a doubt arises, for the same London custom ho. 
rec. at Westminster Hall, I found, gave pa«*sage in the Blessing, on the 
same day, to one of the same name and age. Carelessness in parts of 
tliat rec if not wilfiil mistakes, is quite apparent ; but perhaps one of 
se?. foil, may be either passeng. John, Rehoboth 1644, prob. had 
John, wh. was bur. Apr. 1676, prob. posthum. for I suppose the f. wask. 
by the Ind. 26 Mar. preced. a volunteer under Pierce. Baylies, II. 200. 
John, Windsor, d. 1676, had been there many yrs. His w. d. bef. and 
he bad no ch. was not a freem. prob. not relat. of the many in Conn. wh. 
then bore the name. John, Gloucester, m. wid. Mary Coit, 3 Oct. 1 667, 
i 1715. John, Norwalk, s. of Thomas, m. 3 Dec. 1674, Rebecca, d. of 
deac Henry Lindall of New Haven, had John, b. 29 Sept. 1677; Re- 
becca, 15 Jan. 1680; and Nathaniel, 6 Nov. 1682. * Joseph, Norwalk 
1 052, perhaps br. of Thomas, rem. 1655 to Northampton, thence in 
1060 to Hartford, m. Mary, d. of Rev. Samuel Stone, had Joseph, Na- 
thaniel, perhaps ano. s. certain, sev. ds. was rep. 1662-8, then rem. to 
Windsor, there had large farm, enjoy, by sev. generat. of his posterity, and 
was liv. in 1713. With his mo. and elder br. he owned est. at Birch in 
Essex, wh. they gave power to Samuel WylHs, when he went to Eng. to 
kIL He sold to his br.-in-law Hezekiah, s. of Grov. Haynes. Joseph, 
Beading, s. of Zechary of the same, by w. Hannah, m. 2 July 1661, had 
Hannah, b. 3 Mar. 1662, d. in few days ; d. 1694, ast. 59. Coffin. Ricn- 
▲SD, Boston, perhaps br. of the James wh. came in 1635, as both were 
of Muddy riv. 1638. * Samuel, perhaps at Milford 1644, certain.*of 
Biartford 1650, schoolmr. m. that yr. or early in the next, Mary, wid. 
of William Whiting, freem. 1651, rep. 1654 and 5, d. 1659; he had 
Samuel, wh. went to Milford ; and Thomas, b. 1 652, wh. liv. at Wethers- 
field. His wid. m. Alexander Bryan of Milford. Samuel, Reading, 
prob. the s. of Zechary, tho. Eaton calls him an early sett He m. 
Sarah, d. of Job Lane, but of ch. I kn. not Thomas, Norwalk 1 652, 
br. of Rev. James, prob. came with him in 1 637, freem. 1 657, was early 
the richest inhab. had Thomas, and John bef. ment. and with them and 
well grown gr.childr. was liv. in 1688. But strangely Farmer makes 
liim f. of Gov. Thomas. Thomas, Boston, cordwainer, by w. Martha, 
d. of David Fiske the first of Watertown, had Martha, b. 9 Nov. 1656 ; 
Mary, 17 Feb. 1659 ; Sarah, 14 June 1661 ; Eliz. 2 Aug. bapt. 4 Sept. 
1664 ; and Thomas, 5 Feb. 1669. The ch. rec. of bapt. of one of his 
da. calls bim of Watertown, freem. 1666, d. 1678, lea v. wid. Martha. 
Thomas, Norwalk, s. of Thomas of the same, a serg. in 1672, had four 
eh. of wh. one d. bef. him. He d. 1690, lea v. Sarah, then aged 21 ; 
Thomas, 19 ; Mary, 16 ; and Samuel 2^. The third Norwalk Thomas, 

TOL. II. 15 

170 FIT— FLA 

s. of the preccd. wli. d. 10 May 1731, was f. of Gov. Thomas, so that 
not only one general, but two, were sunk in the common statement, as 
giv. by Farmer, of progenit. of the Grov. Thomas, Wethersfield, s. 
of Samuel of the same, m. a. 1G80, Abigail, d. prob. youngest of Wil- 
liam Goodrich of the same, had Thomas, b. 20 July 1681, d. young; 
and Sibbil, 2 Nov.' 1684, d. in few wks. as did the mo. in 5 days. He 
next m. Sarah, d. of Samuel Boardman of the same, had four eh. of 
whose names we are ign. and d. 17 Oct 1704. Zechary, Beading 
freem. 7 Sept. 1638, had Samuel, b. 6 Mar. 1645 ; and Zechary, 20 June 
1647 ; beside sev. other ch. was deac and d. 9 June 1662. His will of 
3 May preced. names w. Mary, s. Joseph, Samuel, Benjamin, John, 
Jeremiah, and Thomas, beside d. Sarah, w. of John Wessen or Weston 
of Salem. In some rec this man's name and his s. are spell. Fitts and 
often, Fitz. Four of the name had, in 1828, been gr. at Harv. and six- 
teen at Yale. 

Fitchew, Peter, Boston, a passeng. in the Champion, wh. drown, 
hims. as the inq. bef. Gov. Winth.. 18 May 1639, made return. See 
GeneaL Reg. Vlll. 55. He prob. had no fam. 

Fitts, Abraham, Salisbury, s. of Robert, m. 16 May 1655, Sarah, d* 
of Simon Thompson of Ipswich, whither he rem. was freem. 1674, prob. 
had s. of the same name. Richard, Ipswich, rem. to Newbury, m. 8 
Oct. 1654, Sarah Ordway, wh. d. 24 Apr. 1667 ; and he d. 2 Dec. 1672. 
Richard, Salisbury, perhaps s. of the preced. by w. Sarah had Nar 
thaniel, b. 13 July 1699. Robert, Salisbury 1640, rem. to Ipswich, d. 
a. 1665, leav. w. Grace, and s. Abraham above ment Perhaps this 
name has bee Fitz. 


ate 1637, m. 10 May, Eliz. d. of Thomas Blossom, and join, the ch. 14 
May ; but went to Barnstable 1639, there had Nathaniel, bapt. 9 Aug. 
1640, d. at 4 mos. ; Nathaniel, again, 15 May 1642 ; Mary, 6 Oct 1644 ; 
d. young; Hannah, 23 Apr. 1648 ; Mary, 2 June 1651 ; John, 7 Oct. 
1653; Joseph, b. 1 Mar. 1656; Thomas, 16 Aug. 1659; and Hope, 2 
Apr. 1661. Uannah m. 6 Nov. 1668, Jasper Taylor; and Mary hl 15 
Jan. 1669, Samuel Hinckley as 2d w. Nathaniel, Barnstable, eldest 
ch. of the preced. m. Nov. 1662, Mary Holley, had John, b. 1 Feb. 
1663 ; and Isaac, 7 Dec. 1664. Philip, Boston 1672, merch. 

Flack, Cotton, Boston 1634, freem. 13 May 1640, by w. Jane had 
Deborah, bur. May 1642 ; Deborah, again, b. 5, bapt 13 Oct. 1644, d. 
young; and s. Samuel, to wh. he gave, by will of 2 Nov. 1654, pro. 5 
Aug. 1658, his est. in that pt. of the town now Brookline, all the rest to 
his w. Samuel, Boston, s. of the preced. by w. Mary had John, b. 12 
Mar. 1653; Hannah, 26 Oct. 1656; and his w. d. soon after. 

FLAGG. 171 

Fligg, Allen, Watertown, youngest ch. of Thomas, m. 12 Mar. 
ISSo, Sarah, d. of John Ball, had Sarah, b. 6 Aug. 1686 ; Mary ; Allen, 
9 Feb. 1691 ; Daniel, 16 Oct 1697 ; Dinah, 1699, d. at 5 yrs. ; Mercy, 
and Deliverance, tw. 13 May 1702 ; Jonathan, 1 May 1704 ; and Dinah, 
Dec. 1709; and d. 1711. Bartholomew, Watertown, was a br. of 
thepreced. and serv. in Moseley's comp. Dec. 1675, in the great Narra- 
ganset campaign of Philip's war. His name in Geneal. Reg. VIII. 241, 
is CDrious. pervert, to Bolthomy. Benjamix, Watertown, s. of Thomas, 
m. 26 Sept 1690, Experience, d. of Richard Child, had Benjamin, b. 25 
Aug. 1691; Experience, 5 May 1693; Abigail, 16 Apr. 1694; Bar- 
tholomew, 16 Nov, 1697 ; Eliz. 28 Dec. 1699 ; Gershom, 11 July 1702 ; 
Ifaiy, bapt 9 Apr. 1704; Ebenezcr, 21 Jan. 1706; and Richard, 30 
May 1708; was freem. 1690, and d, 3 May 1741; his wid. d. 1747. 
Eliezur, Concord, prob. br. of the preced. freem. 1690, had Eliezur, 
Joseph, and Priscilla. His will, says Barry, was pro. 1722. Gershom^ 
Wobum, by Bond thot s. of Thomas of Watertown, freem. 1674, m. 15 
Apr. 1668, Hannah Leffingwell, had Gershom, b. 10 Mar. 1669; Elea- 
rer, 1 Aug. 1670; John, 25 May 1673; Hannah, 12 Mar. 1675; 
Thomas, 22 June 1677; Ebenezer, 21 Dec. 1678; Abigail, 8 Jan. 
1681; Mary, 2 Feb. 1683; Thomas, 19 Apr. 1685; and Benoni, 19 
Aug. 1687, d. same day; was a lieut. k. in fight with the Ind. at Wheel- 
wright's pond, 6 July 1690. His wid. m. 10 Dec 1696, Israel Walker. 
John, Watertown, eldest ch. of Thomas, m. 30 Mar. 1670, Mary, d. of 
Richard Grale, had Mary, wh. m. Ebenezer Pratt ; Sarah, b. 5 June 
1675, d. soon; and John, 6 Nov. 1677 ; was freem. 1682, and d. 1697. 
Michael, Watertown, s. of Thomas, m. 1673, Mary, d. of John 
Bigelow, bad Abigail, b. 1685; Michael, 1689; and Mary, 1691; by 
•ec w. Mary Earle, m. 1704, he had Earl, b. 29 May 1706 ; Prudence, 
1708; and Bezabel. His will was pro. 1711. Thomas, Watertown, 
came as serv. of Richard Carver from Scratby in the hundred of East 
Flegg, Co. Norf. a few miles N. of Yarmouth, where they emb. 1637, 
aged 21 ;.by w. Mary, had John, b. 15 June 1643; Bartholomew, 23 
Feb. 1645; Thomas, 28 Apr. 1646; Michael, 23 Mar. 1651; Eliezur, 
14 May 1653; Eliz. 20 Mar. 1655 ; Mary, 14 June 1657 ; Rebecca, 5 
Sept 1660; Benjamin, 25 June 1662; and Allen, bef. ment 16 May 
1665. Barry, fh)m wh. I copy in part, says he was liv. 1691. Eliz. 
and Mary m. Joshua, and Samuel, s. of John Bigclow, and brs. of Mary, 
w. of ]\Iichael F. In the rec. of W. the name is spell. Fleg, or Flegg, 
in conformity, as in our Eng. patronymics is so usual, with its geograph. 
deriv. but, in general, at other places, conform, to the sound. Thomas, 
Watertown, s. of the preced. m. 18 Feb. 1668, Rebecca, d. of Edward 
Dikes or Dix, had Mary, b. 19 Dec. 1668; Hannah, 24 Apr. 1671 ; 

172 FLA— FLE 

Kebecca, 31 Jan. 1674; Jemima; Hepzibah; and Thomas; and d. 
1719, at the pt. of the town wh. bee. Weston. William, Lancaster, k. 
by the Ind. 22 Aug. 1G75, as Willard, 37, in the Hist has it, possib. was 
8. of first Thomas. 

Flanders, John, Salisbury, youngest s. of Stephen, a soldier in the 
fight at Turner's Falls, 19 May 1676, freem. 1690, m. 1688, Eliz. Sar- 
gent, had Jacob, b. 5 Aug. 1689; John, 22 Aug. 1691; Eliz. 3 Sept. 
1693; Ezekiel, 21 May 1696; Josiah, 28 July 1700; and PhUip, 19 
Oct 1702. Philip, Salisbury, prob. s. of first Stephen of the same, 
freem. 1690, had w. in 1686 or 7. Stephen, Salisbury 1646, but not 
one of the first sett had two ws. By w. Jane had Stephen, b. 8 Mar. 
1647 ; Mary, 7 May 1650 ; Philip, 14 July 1652; Sarah, 5 Nov. 1654; 
Naomi, 15 Dec. 1656; and John, 11 Feb. 1659, bef. ment He d. 27 
June 1684. Stephen, Salisbury, s. of the preced. m. 28 Dec. 1670, 
had Thomas, b. 17 Feb. 1671, wh. d. 12 Apr. 1672; Stephen, 31 Jan. 
1672 ; Thomas, again, 3 Dec. 1673 ; Daniel, 16 Mar. 1675 ; Joseph, 28 
Mar. 1677 ; Philip, wh. d. 23 Feb. 1679, aged six wks. ; Sarah, 7 Dec 
1679; Philip, again, 8 Jan. 1682; Jane, 5 Mar. 1684; Jeremiah, 5 
Sept 1686 ; and Abigail, 22 Oct 1688. 

Flatman, Thomas, Salem, perhaps, 1637, at least he then had gr. of 
land, but seems to have prefer. Braintree, where he had Eliz. b. 7 May 
1640 ; and Thomas, 3 July 1643; was freem. 13 May 1640, wh. therec 
makes the name Flackman. 

Flavell, Thomas, Plymouth, came with a s. 1621, in the Fortune, 
and his w. foil, in the Ann, 1623 ; they had their shares, in 1624, at the 
div. of Ids. but neither is count in the div. of cattle 1627, so that we 
may suppose they had rem. or d. « 

Flea, John, Falmouth, one of the signers of a memo. 1689, of wh. 
no more is kn. Willis, L 191. 

Flemino, Abraham, a husbandman, aged 40, came by the Increase 
1635. John, Watertown, by w. Ann, had Sarah, b. 1 Sept 1639 ; and 
John, 25 Mar. 1642 ; was deac. d. 4 June 1657 ; and his w. d. 11 Nov. 
foil. Sarah m. 15 Nov. 1654, John Barnard. But he had elder ch. 
Thomas, Mary, and Eliz. all liv. in Eng. and John join, them on coming 
of age. Robert, Stonington 1669, had gr. of land 30 Sept that yr. 
and d. bef. 1681, leav. wid. Joanna and d. Mary Rose, possib. other ch. 

Fletcher, || UdwarDj Boston, cutler, adm. as townsman 24 Feb. 
1640, of the ch. in July, and freem. 12 Oct foil, was of ar. co. had w. 
Mary 1642, went home 1657, had preach, the yr. preced. at Dover; 
bee. a preach, had liv. says Calamy, II. 330, at Dunsburn, Co. Glouces- 
ter, from wh. in 1 662 he was eject and came back to B. but in his will, 
24 Feb. 1660, bef. the restor. he styled hims. elk. of Badgeixicp ; and was 


not encourag. I presume, here to exercise his gifks. In that will, pro. 
here 12 Feb. 1666, he ment little but lov. w. Mary, made extrix. wh. m. 
1676, Hugh Drury. Prob. he had no ch. Francis, Concord, s. of 
Bobert, b. in Eng. m. 1 Ott, 1656, Eliz. d. of George Wheeler, had 
Samuel, b. 6 Oct 1657; Joseph, 15 Apr. 1661; Eliz. 1663; John, 
J 665 ; Samuel, 1668 ; Hannah, 1671 ; and Benjamin, 1 674, wh. d. 1703 ; 
was freem. 1677. Henry, Reading, had Samuel, b. 12 July 1662. 
JoFTS^ Wethersfield, m. bef. 1641, Mary, d. of wid. Joyce Ward, whose 
L prob. came not to N. E. and by the old lady's will, 15 Nov. 1640, pro. 
4 Mar. folL naming s. Edward, left in Eng. Anthony, William, Robert, 
and John here, I presume this was her only d. She writes, that Mr. 
Wollerslove of Clipsham, Co. Rutland, was her atty. to receive money, 
and makes F. her s.-in-law, excor. See Trumbull, Coll. Rec. I. 451. 
He rem. to Milford, and had after liv. there two yrs. join, the ch. 1641, 
in wh. yr. his d. Sarah was bapt. Hannah, 1643, Eliz. 1645 ; Samuel, 
1649, d. young; Abigail, 1652, so that Mary and Rebecca, we may be 
Bure, were earlier of the six ds. by this w. He was deac. and d. 18 Apr. 
1662. His wid. ra. John Clark of Milford, wh. d. 1674, and when she 
made her will at Farmington 1679, in it are nient. these ds. Mary 
Stevens, Rebecca, w. of the sec Andrew Warner, Hannah, w. of John 
Chittenden of Guilford, Sarah, w. of John Stanley, Abigail F. unm. and 
Elix. wh. was w. of Elnathan Botsford, wh. was d. leav. d. Eliz. John, 
Portsmouth, freem. 1669, one of the founders of the first congrega. ch. 
1671, and deac was a physician, and d. 5 Sept. 1695. Pike. Adams, 
55. Belkn. I. 65. Joseph, Salisbury 1682, prob. s. of William, had 
Mary, wh. d. 23 Jan. 1683 ; and others, earlier, prob. for he was m. 18 
June 1660, freem. 1690 ; his w. d. 12 Mar. 1700, and he d. 3 days after. 
Joshua, Chelmsford, freem. 1690. Luke, Concord, br. of Francis, d. 
May 1665, leav. small est. prob. no ch. Moses, Plymouth 1620, whose 
name Morton erron. gives Joses, came in the Mayflower, without w. or 
ch. d. within four mos. Pendleton, Saco, s. of Seth, m. Sarah, d. of 
Roger Hill, was carr. prisoner to Canada, there d. bef. 1702. . He had, 
be£ 1690, sev, ch. as we learn from letter of his f.-in-law, but one, we 
doubt not, was f. of Pendleton, wh. d. 1807, aged 99 and ^ yrs. Rob- 
ert, Concord 1635, constable 1637, d. 3 Apr. 1677, aged 84; had Luke, 
Francis, Samuel, and William, part, no doubt, b. in Eng. Roger, Bos- 
ton 1646, is styled, in a deed to him of 26 June of that yr. '^ late of Lon- 
don, merch." beside having the prefix of respect, but no more is heard 
of him. Samuel, Chelmsford, s. of Robert, m. 14 Oct. 1659, Margaret, 
d of William Hailstone, freem. 1690. Seth, Saco 1656, the first min. 
perhaps s. of William of the same, m. Mary, d. of maj. Bryan Pendleton, 
had only s. Pendleton, to wh. the gr.f. gave large est. At the May sess* 


174 FLI 

of the Gen. Ct. 1660, some dissatisfact was brot. forward, and in Oct. 
foil, he was forbid, to preach there any more. Greenleaf, 53 ; Sullivan, 
222 ; and Folsom, 130-6. William, Concord, eldest s. prob. of Robert, 
b. in £ng. freem. 10 May 1643, m. 17 Sept. 1645, Lydia Bates, had 
John; Joshua, b. 30 Mar. 1648; Lydia; Samuel; rem. to Chelmsford 
1654, was one of the first selectmen, there had Paul ; and William, b. 21 
Feb. 1657, wh. was freem. 1690, and other ch. and d. 6 Nov. 1677. His 
farm contin. est. of a descend, of 6 or 7 generat. William, Saco, d. Jan. 
1668. Folsom, 168. Four of this name had, in 1834, been gr. at Harv. 
and nine at other N. £. coll. 

Flinders, Richard, Salem, b. a. 1637, had, beside John, Richard, 
wh. d. in Eng. Felt. 

Flint,. Edward, Salem 1665, ensign 1690. Ephraim, Concord, s, 
of Thomas, m. 20 Mar. 1684, Jane Bulkley, and d. 3 Aug. 1722. 
George, early sett, at Reading, freem. 1691, may have been s. of 
Thomas of Salem. Henry, Brain tree, came in 1635 to Boston, b. at 
Matlock in Derby sh. freem. 25 May 1636, ord. 17 Mar. 1640, m. Mar- 
gery, eldest d. of Joanna Hoar, and sis. of Rev. Leonard, Presid. of 
H. C. wh. long surv. had Dorothy, b. 11 July 1642; Ann, 11 Sept, 
1643, or, as the Arabic numerals {in G^neaL Reg. XII. 109), better 
read, 7 Jan. 1644; Josiah, 24 Aug. 1645, H. C. 1664; Margaret, 20 
June 1647, d. soon; Joanna, 18 Feb. 1649; David, 11 Jan. 1652, d. 
soon; Seth, 2 Apr. 1653; Ruth, 31 Jan, 1-655; John, and Cotton, tw. 
16 June or Nov. 1656 ; both d. soon ; he d. 27 Apr. 1668, and his wid. 
d. 10 Mar. 1687. His will, tho. not duly witness, was pro. 2 July 1668. 
Perhaps Dorothy m. 30 Apr. 1666, Rev. Samuel Shepard of Rowley, 
and both d. within two yrs. ; Ann m. 1 5 Nov. 1662, John Dassett ; Jo- 
anna m. 30 Dec 1 669, Rev. Noah Newman ; Seth d. at Dedham, 12 
May 1 673, being in his 2d yr. at H. C. ; and Ruth d. next mo. * John, 
Concord, s. of Thomas, m. 1667, Mary, d. of Edward, and sis. of Presid. 
Oakes, had Thomas; was rep. 1677 and 9, and d. 1687. John, Salem, 
perhaps s. of Edward, perhaps of Thomas, serv. in Philip's war 1676, 
k. an Ind. at Lynn, but next yr. was conv. of manslaughter for d. of a 
white man, liv. at the village, freem. 1 690, by w. Eliz. prob. d. of Na- 
thaniel Putnam, had Joseph, b. 25 Feb. 1693. Joseph, Salem, s. of 
Thomas of the same, was freem. 1690. Josiah, Dorchester, eldest s. of 
Henry, ord. 27 Dec. 1671, m. 24 Jan. 1672, Esther, d. of Capt Thomas 
Willet, had Mary, b. Nov. 1672, d. 9 Aug. foil.; Henry, 9 Feb. 1674, d. 
in few days; and Henry, again, a. 1675, II. C. 1693 (the disting. per- 
man. tutor from 1699 to 1754, d. unm. 13 Feb. 1760), wh. always wrote 
his name Flynt, as did his f. wh. d. 16, but grave st. says 15 Sept 1680; 
and Dorothy. His wid. d. 2Q July 1737, aged 89. J * Thomajs, Con- 

FLOOD. 175 

cord, br. of Bev. Henry, sold the Matlock est. wh. had been in the fam. 

m. ages (as father Flynt, his gr. neph. writes), to come to N. E. .1636, 

freem. Mar. 1 638 ; was rep. 1 637-40, and Assist. 1 642 to his d. 8 Nov. 

1653. He had brought £2,000, says his pastor, Rev. Peter Bulkley, in 
3 Mass. Hist Ck>lL I. 38 ; and Rev. Dr. Ripley, in his Dedic. sermon, 
p. 35, shows, that it was exp. chiefly for the benefit of the town. He had 
other ch. perhaps one or more b. in £ng. besides Ephraim, b. 14 Jan. 
1642; and John; both above ment; but tho. his will, made 21 Dec. 
1651, " intending a voyage to our native country of Eng." provides for 
w. and childr. it does not name them, but commends the latter to care of 
Rev. Peter Bulkley and Rev. Henry Flint, Capt. Simon Willard, and 
uncle William Wood of Concord. Thomas, Salem, d. 15 Apr. 1663, 
leav. wid. and ch. Thomas, Eliz. George, John, and Joseph. TnoBiAS, 
Salem, prob. s. of the preced. was wound, in the great swamp fight, 19 
Dec 1 675, when his capt. Gardner was k. but serv. afterwards as ensign 
1689 in the Dan vers co. perhaps was freem. 1690. William, Salem 
1645, d. May 1673, leav. good est to wid. and s. Edward, b. 1638; and 
Thomas. His d. Alice m. in 1657, John Pickering. Four of nine of 
this name gr. at Harv. up to 1834, were clerg. and three of seven, at 
other N. E. coll. 

Flood or Floyd, Edmund, Plymouth, came in the Ann, 1 623, but 
was rem. bef. the div. of cattle in 1627. Henry, Boston, by w. Mary 
had Henry, b. 27 Oct 1666; Mary, 29 May 1668; Henry, again, 20 
May 1671 ; and Jonathan, 16 Mar. 1673. James, Boston, by w. Han- 
nah had James, b. 6 Apr. 1668 ; Richard, 8 June 1670 ; Lydia, 10 July 
1672 ; Joseph, 15 Feb. 1675 ; Benjamin, 1 Feb. 1 677 ; Abigail, 25 Sept 
1679; and John, 3 Aug. 1681. John, Lynn, may have rem. to Salis- 
bury, where was one of this name, aged 27 in 1679, or to Maiden, where 
was John, freem. 1690, and d. early in 1702. By w. Sarah he had 
Hugh; John, b. 1665; Joseph; Daniel, 28 Dec 1675; Sarah; and 
Abigail. Joseph, Dorchester 1635, perhaps br. of the preced. had 
Eleazer, bapt. 1638, was bailiff 1636, and rem. to Lynn. Philip, New- 
bury, came a. 1680 from New Jersey, to wh. he had been drawn, no 
doubt, by the Carterets, from Guernsey, by w. Mary had Joseph, b. 12 
MaylG84; Esther, 15 May 1686; Mary, 18 July 1688 ; Henry, 14 Aug. 
1689; John, 11 Nov. 1693; Richard, 25 Feb. 1696; Rachel, 18 Mar. 
1698; Philip, 24 Apr. 1700; and Benjamin, 2 May 1705. Robert, 
Wethersfield, m. Hinman, 26, says, 1646, Abigail, d. of Nicholas Dis- 
brough of Hartford (but I think she was b. in 1649), d. 1689, leav. 
Robert, Abigail, John, Thomas, Mary, and George. Hinman, 211, says, 
his wid. Abigail m. Matthew Barry. Happy will he be, wh. can discrim. 
this from the sec. foil, name in all instances* 

176 FLO — FOB 

Flower, or Flowers, Lamrock, Hartford 168G, had Ljdia, b. 
1687 ; Lamrock, 1689 ; Eliz. 1693 ; John, 1695 ; Mary, 1697 ; Francis, 
1700; Ann, 1703; and Joseph, 1706; and d. 1716. Hinman, 133, 
gives ano. generat in part, and uses a differ. spelL by one letter in the 
bapt. name ; but I doubt that more than one letter must be erron. 

Floyd, Hugh, Boston, s. of John, by w. Elinor had Hannah, b. 5 
Nov. 1686 ; Sarah, 28 Jan. 1689 ; Ebenezer, 21 Feb. 1691 ; and Elinor, 
12 Feb. 1693. John, Scituate 1640, merch. wh. was of Boston 1653, 
and next yr. fin. 5 sh. for receiv. Mrs. Pacey (Gov. Dudley's d.) into 
his ho. as inmate; had Nathaniel, b. 1658, as Deane says, but he. 
strangely mistakes him for a mem. of the London Soc. for Prop, the Gosp. 
John, Lynn, or Romney marsh, now Chelsea, where he owned much Id. 
disting. for his serv. as capt against the Lid. 1690, and d. 1701 ; by w. 
Sarah had Sarah, b. 24 Feb. 1662; Hugh, 10 Sept 1663; John, 20 
Feb. 1665; Joseph, 15 Mar. 1667; and Joanna, 3 Feb. 1669; perhaps 
rem. to Maiden, and had Noah, Dec 1 670 ; and Daniel, 28 Dec 1 675 ; 
and in Boston had Mary, 14 Aug. 1679. John, Maiden, s. perhaps, of 
the preced. by w. Rachel had John, b. 2 Oct 1687 ; and Rachel, 25 Dec 
1690 ; and d. 7 Jan. 1723. Joseph, Lynn 1635, rem. to Boston 1666, 
as Lewis says. Joseph, Maiden, s. perhaps of John of the same, by w. 
Eliz. had Joseph, b. 22 Oct 1689 ; Nathaniel, 27 May 1691 ; Ruth, 25 
July 1695 ; and Dorothy, 29 Oct 1699. He d. 4 Jan. 1705. His wid. 
m. a Jenks. Richard, Boston 1642, by w. Lydia, had Lydia, b. 1643, 
and three other ch. d. bef. 1654, as one wid. Lydia F. m. 9 June of that 
yr. Joseph Gridley. His inv. taken so late as 8 Sept 1662, shows only 
£26. 5. 6. See Geneal. Reg. XII. 50. Hutch. I. 164, supposes Rich- 
ard F. to be the Treasr. of the Corp. and chart mem. of the Soc for 
Prop, the Gosp. London 1650. One must be bold to think any such 
case could lead that author into error, especially as his relat Richard 
Hutchinson, the wealthy ironmong. was ano. of the sixteen corporaL 
Yet, on turning to Scobell's Acts of that Parliamant, we find the fam. 
name of the mem. of that corpo. was Lloyd, instead of Floyd ; and we 
may be sure the Treasr. must have been a London merch. 

FoBES, Caleb, Norwich, s. of John, m. 30 June 1681, Sarah, d. of 
John Gager, had Sarah, b. 24 June 1684; Caleb; Mary; John; and 
Eliz. was the first deac in the ch. of Preston, part of N. and d. 25 Aug. 
1710. Edward, Bridgewater, br. of the preced. m. Eliz. d. of John 
Howard, rays Mitchell, had Eliz. b. 1677; John, 1679; Mary, 1681; 
Bethia, 1683; Hannah, 1686; Ephraim, 1688; Joshua, 1689; Ben* 
jamin, 1692 ; and WQliam, 1698, d. 1732. John, Duxbury 1636, was 
early at Bridgewater, m. prob. bef. they rem. Constant, sis. of Experi- 
ence Mitchell, had John, Edward, Mary, Caleb, William, Joshua, and 

FOG— FQL 177 

EHz. and d. 1661 or 2. The wid. m. 16G2, John Briggs ; the s. John d. 

sajs Winsor, at Sandwich, the same jr. with his f. and Joshua was k. at 

Behoboth fight under Capt. Pierce, 1G76. A descend. Rev. Perez, 

E C. 1762, was disting. William, Duxbury, s. of the preced. m. Eliz. 

d. of Constant Southworth, rem. to LitUe Compton. Confusion of this 
name with Forbes has been common ; it was also writ. Vobes. 

Fogg, Daniel, Berwick, s. of Samuel, had, I think, a fam. but kn. 
not details. He d. 1755. | Ralph, Plymouth 1633, rem. to Salem, 
freem. 3 Sept 1634, by w. Susanna had Ezekiel, bapt. 1 Apr. 1638; 
aod David, 15 Mar. 1 640 ; ar. co. 1 644 ; was town treasr. 1 637, and 
for some yrs. engaged in munic. affairs; but in 1652 his req. to keep an 
office of intellig. or exch. being refused, he soon went home, was a livery- 
man of London of the Skinners Co. and d. 1674. He had, also, John, a 
merch. of Barnstaple in Devon, but I kn. not whether b. in Eng. or 
here. Samuel, Hampton, m. 23 June 1659, Sarah d. of Richard 
Carrier, had Daniel, b. 10 June 1660; Seth, wh. was f. of Rev. Jere- 
miah, H. C. 1730, and d. 16 Apr. 1672. 

FoKAR, John, a husbandman, came in the Increase 1635, aged 21, 
bot more is unkn. 

Folger, * Eleazur, Nantucket, s. of Peter, prob. eldest, m. a. 1671, 
Sarah Gardner, had Eleazur, b. 2 July 1672; Peter, 28 Aug. 1674; 
Sarah, 24 Aug. 1676; Nathan, 1678; and Mary; was a blacksmith, 
and rep. d. at Boston 1716; and his wid. d. 19 Oct. 1729. John, 
Watertown, had gr. of house lot of six acres, but rem. lie came from 
Norwich, Co. Norf. 1635, Cofim says, in the same ship with Rev. Hugh 
Peter, with s. Peter (b. as tradit. says, in 1618), and that his w. was 
Meribah Gibbs. John, Nantucket, s. of Peter, m. Mar}', d. of Nathaniel 
Barnard. Peter, Nanlucket, s. of the first John, went early from 
Watertown, prob. with Thomas May hew, to the Vineyard, m. Mary 
Morrill, bestow, great pains in teach, the Ind. as successor to Mayhew, 
and rem. a. 1 663, to the isl. where his name has ever since been in high 
regard, had Eleazur, b. a. 1648 ; and John, a. 1659, beside seven ds. Jo- 
anna, wh. m. John Coleman; Bethia, wh. m. 25 Feb. 1669, John Bar- 
nard, and with him was drown. 6 June foil, when her younger br. Eleazur 
was saved ; Dorcas, wh. m. Joseph Pratt ; Bathshua, wh. m. Joseph 
Pope of Salem vill. ; Patience, wh. m. Ebenezer Harker, and next, 
James Gardner; Experience, wh. m. John Swain, jr. He d. 1690, and 
his wid. Mary d. 1704. His youngest ch. Abiah, b. 15 Aug. 1667, m. 
Josiah Franklin as his sec. w. and was mo. of the celebr. Benjamin, wh. 
in bis geneal. inq. was led to infer that the fam. was Flemish, and 
came to Eng. in the days of Eliz. Some verses by him, occasion, by 
Philip's war, under the whimsic title of Looking-Glass for the Times, 

178 # F L 

print, after ninety yrs. circulat. in MS. are sought for sometimes, less 
for poetical value, than bibliogr. curiosity. 

FoLLANSBEE, Thomas, Portsmouth, rem. a. 1667 to Newbury, prob. 
bring, w. Sarah, and perhaps ch. Rebecca, and Thomas, had Francis, b* 
22 Oct. 1677, and Hannah, l^Apr. 1680. Sarah, prob. his w. d. 6 
Nov. 1683. Rebecca m. 22 Nov. 1677, Thomas Chase. Thomas, 
Newbury, perhaps s. of the preced. by w. Abigail, had Mary, b. 4 Apr. 
1695; Thomas, 28' Mar. 1697 ; Francis, 13 June 1699 ; and William, 
14 Mar. 1701. 

FoLLEN, Abraham, Casco 1658. 

FoLLET, John, Dover 1640. Nicholas, Dover, s. of William, had 
w. Hannah and s. Nicholas, b. 5 Nov. 1677, and Sarah ; was a deputy to 
convent. 1689, on overthrow of Andros. Belkn. I. 122. His wid. m« 
Richard Nason. Philip, Dover 1671-5. Robeht, Salem, had Abra- 
ham, b. 23 Dec. 1671. William, Dover 1651, m. 20 July 1672, prob* 
as sec. w. Eliz. wid. of William Drew. 

FoLSOM, Adam, Hingham, perhaps elder br. of the first John, came, 
in 1639, from Hingham, near Norwich, Eng. Lincoln, Hist. 45. He 
went home, and d. a. 1670. Ephraim, Exeter, s. of John the first, was 
k. by the Ind. 11 June 1709. Pike's Journ. ♦John, Hingham, b. 1617, 
came, in the Diligent of Ipswich 1638, with w. and two serv. He was 
from old Hingham, Co. Norf. s. of Adam, wh. d. 1627; but, no doubt, 
derives the name from the tow^-of Foulsham, or Folsham, as Domesday 
book has it, a. 20 miles north of H. He had m. 4 Oct. 1636, Mary, d. 
of Edward Oilman of old H. and had here bapt. Samuel, 1641 ; John; 
Nathaniel, 1644 ; Israel, 1646 ; Peter, 1649 ; Mary, 1651 ; and Ephraim, 
1654 ; was rep. 1654 ; sold his est. in July 1659 at H. and Cohasset,and 
rem. to Exeter. His d. Mary m. 12 June 1672, Oeorge March of New- 
bury ; but in 1680, this aged f. with the four s. were all inhab. of E. <rf 
wh. he was constable, and d. 27 Dec. 1681. John, Exeter, s. of the 
preced. m. 10 Nov. 1675, Abigail Perkins, d. of Abraham the first of 
Hampton, had Mercy ; was deac. and had s. of wh. Oen. Nathaniel, of 
the continent. Congr. 1774, was a descend. Nathaniel, Rehoboth 1676, 
m. 9 June 1674, or 17 Mar. 1688, Hannah, d. of John Farrow. Na- 
thaniel, Exeter, s. of John, took o. of alleg. 1677. Peter, Exeter, br. 
of the preced. m. 6 May 1678, Susanna Cousins of Wells, had Eliz. Su- 
sanna, Mary, Benjamin, Peter, and John. Samuel, Exeter, s. of the 
first John, m. 22 Dec. 1663, Mary, d. of Henry Roby. Charles, H. C. 
1813, and Oeorge, H. C. 1822, are descend, of John ; the elder was the 
accomplish, librar. formerly of the Boston Athenaeum ; and the assid. 
historian of Saco and Biddeford, wh. sust. the honor of our country lately 
as her rep. at the Court of Holland^ was the latter. The ho. built by the 
first John at H. it is said, is still stand. 

FON — FOO 179 

Foxes, Jebemiah, Conanicut isl. in Narraganset Bay, now James- 
towB, s. of the first John, by w. Eliz. had James, b. 1695 ; Jeremiah, at 
luogstown on the main, 1697; and at the island, Joseph, 1699; and 
Ifargaret, 1701. John, Kingstown 1679, mcnt. as one of his Maj. 
Justices 1 68d, in Revo, in N. E. Justif. He was also a capt. but I dis- 
co?, bis later resid. to be the same from his jurisdict in Narraganset, or 
the king's prov. by his will, nam. w. Margaret, eldest s. John, others, 
Jeremiah, and Samuel liv. James and Daniel dec and d. Mary, w. of 
James Greene of Warwick. I presume he was the first comer of this 
name, perhaps was from London, lefl. num. descend, and d. 20 Dec. 
1703. John, Kingstown, s. prob. of the preccd. of wh. I learn nothing, 
cxc. from his will, pro. early in 1739, nam. br. Samuel, w. Lydia, ds. 
Margaret Holmes, and Mary Smith, gr.s. Fones Smith, and Fones Haz- 
ard, and cousin, L e. neph. John Fones. Samuel, Kingstown, br. of the 
preced. by w. Ann had Ann, b. 1 689 ; and prob. by w. Meribah had 
Samuel, b. 1702; Sarah, 1703; Margaret, 1704; Mary, 1705; John, 
1706; and Francis, 1710; and d. 1751, aged 90. 

FoNTLEROT, James, Boston, came in the Prudence and May from 
London, emb. 23 May 1679, but I presume he was not a perman. resid. 
Foote, or Foot, || Caleb, ar. co. 1648.. Farmer. I do not believe 
that his name ought to be given here. It is proper to obs. that orig. rec 
fi>r more than a hundred yrs. of that disting. comp. are lost The copy 
of early roster is comparatively too mod. to be relied on but for names 
of promin. men. Isaac, Salem, s. of Pasco, m. 2 Dec. 1668, Abigail, 
d. of Thomas Jeggles, or In galls, for a descend. (Hon. Caleb, of Salem) 
has giv. ea. name ; had Isaac, b. 4 Apr. 1670, d. within 3 mos. ; Abi- 
gail, 21 Nov. 1671 ; Samuel, 29 Apr. 1673 ; EUz. Apr. 1675; Malachi, 
11 Apr. 1680; Mary, 7 May 1682, d. young; and Mary, again, Jan. 
169 L He was freem. 1678. Isaac, Branford, s. of Robert, m. 1709, 
Rebecca, d. of Abraham Dickerman, had Jacob, b. 19 Feb. 1710; Han- 
nah, 28 Feb. 1712; and Isaac, 16 July 1717; was a physician, d. 11 
Feb. 1758; his w. d. 15 Oct preced. aged 77. John, Manchester, 
mariner, d. at Boston, 16 Aug. 1655. John, Amesbury, perhaps s. of 
Pasco, more prob. s. of Samuel, freem. 1690, by w. Bathsheba had Sam- 
uel, b. 3 Mar. 1692; Mehitable, 30 Mar. 1694; and John, 20 Dec 
1€97. John, Branford, s. of Robert, by w. Mary, m. 1696, had Eliz. 
«nd Mary, tw. b. 1697 ; Thomas, 1699 ; John, 1700 ; Samuel, 1702, d. 
young; Jonathan, 1704; and Patience, 1706; and d. 1713. Joseph, 
Branford, br. of the preced. m. 1690, Abigail, d. of John Johnson of New 
Haven, had Joseph, b. 20 Juno 1691; Daniel, 19 May 1695, d. at 6 
mos. ; Samuel, 25 Dec. 1696, d. young ; Robert, 31 May 1699 ; Daniel, 
again, 16 Aug. 1701 ; and Abraham, 28 Dec. 1704, d. young ; he m. 

180 FOOTE. 

1710, sec w. Sarab, d. of deac. John Bose, wh. d. 3 Jane- 1741, had 
Ichabod, May 1711, and, third, he m. 8 Dec 1741, Susanna, wid. of 
John Frisbie, wh. liv. to 17 May 1767. He d. 6 Mar. 1751. Joshua, 
Boxbury, cit and ironmong. of London, had large dealings with oar 
peop. 1644-52, came in 1653, rem. soon to Providence, there d. a. 1655. 
In his will of 2 Oct 1655, under wh. admin, was giv. at Boston, 31 Oct 
foil, to Joshua Hewes, to wh. William Blaxton was witn. he gave est to 
w. and ch. but does not name them, and I presume they cont. at London. 
Our rec shows that his s. was Samuel, and a. 1650, his d. £liz. m. Wil- 
liam Sheldon of London ; or, at least, the contract form, between the 
parties is in our books. * Nathaniel, Watertown, brought from £ng. 
w. Eliz. and ch. Nathaniel, £liz. Mary, Bobert, Frances, and SanA ; 
had Bebecca, b. prob. at Watertown, freem. 3 Sept. 1634, rem. to 
Wethersfield 1636, of wh. he was rep. 1641-4, and in this last yr. d. 
leav. good est to his ch. and wid. wh. was sis. of John Deming, and m. 
Thomas Welles, that afterwards was Gov. of the Col. and outliv. him (wh. 
d. early in 1 660), and d. 28 July 1 683. She made her will 1 6 Aug. 1 682, 
from the lang. of wh. we infer that her s. Bobert and all the ds. but 
Sarah were still liv. Eliz. m. 1638, Josiah Churchill ; Mary, m. 1643, 
John Stoddard, wh. d. 1 664 ; and in 1 674 she m. John Groodrich, wh. d. 
Mar. 1 680 ; an^ last, after her mo.'s d. she m. Lieut Thomas Tracy cf 
Norwich ; Frances m. 1648, John Dickinson, wh. rem. to Hadley, there 
d. bef. 1676, and in 1677, she m. Francis Barnard; Sarah m. 1652, 
Jeremiah Judson of Stratford, and d. bef. 1678, but her mo.'s will pro- 
vides for ; Bebecca m. 1657, Philip Smith of Wethersfield, wh. 
d. a. 1684; in 1688 she m. Maj. Aaron Cooke of Northampton, as his 
fourth w. Nathaniel, Wethersfield, s. of the preced. b. in Eng. m. 
1646, Eliz. d. of Lieut Samuel Smith, had Nathaniel, b. 10 or 14 Jan. 
1648; Samuel, 1 May 1649; Daniel, 1652; and Eliz. 1654; and H' 
1655, aged 34. His wid. m. William Gull, and outliv. him, wh. d. 1701 ; 
d. Eliz. m. 10 Nov. 1670, Daniel Belden. Nathaniel, Hatfield, s. of 
the preced. m. 2 May 1672, Margaret, d. of Nathaniel Bliss of Spring* 
field, had Sarah, b. 1 673 ; rem. to Springfield, had Margaret, 1 Dec. 
1674; Eliz. 23 June 1677 ; rem. to Stratford; thence to Branford; and 
soon after to Wethersfield, where are rec. tho. not all b. there, Mary, 24 
Nov. 1679 ; Nathaniel, 9 Sept 1682 ; Ephraim, 13 Feb. 1685 ; Josiah, 
27 Sept 1688 ; Joseph, 28 Dec. 1690 ; and Eunice, 10 May 1694. He 
serv. in Philip's war, as quartermr. was in. the Falls fight under Turner, 
had project sett, at Colchester, whither the wid. and youngest four ch* 
rem. He d. at W. 12 Jan. 1703 ; and his wid. d. at C. 3 Apr. 1745, 
aged 95. Nathaniel, Branford, eldest s. of Bobert, m. Tabitha, d. of 
Stephen Bishop of Guilford, had Eliz. and Dorcas, both bapt Mar. 

FOOTE. 181 

UOS; Nathaniel, June 1696; Daniel, Feb. 1607; Moses, b. 13 Jan. 

1702; Abraham, bapt. June 1704, d. young; and Abigail, b. 1706; d. 

1714; and his wid. d. next yr. aged 57. Pasco, Salem 1637, when he 

liad gr. of land, but join, the eh. not bef. 1 653, and on 6 Feb. of this jrr. 

had John, Malaehi, Samuel, Eliz. Mary, Isaac, Pasco, and Abigail^ all 

bapt together; d. 28 Nov. 1670. His will, pro. May foil, by s. Isaac, 

does not name the eldest two ch. so that we may infer that they were d. 

Abigail m. 15 Oct. 1670, George Early of Salem. Pasco, Salem, s. 

prob. of the preced. m. 2 Dec 1668, JVIartha Ward, had Malaehi, b. 13 

Sept. 1669 ; Martha, 14 Feb. 1671 ; and Pasco, 1 Sept. 1674. His w. 

d. and the three ch. also, as I judge ; he went to Newfoundland, thence 

MOO to New London, m. at Killmgworth, 30 Nov. 1678, Margaret, only 

d of Edward Stallion, had Isaac, and Stallion, wh. was adopt by the 

gri*. He d. a. 1685, and his wid. m. a. 1688, James Haynes. The 

younger s. had s. of his own name, bu^ both d. early, and Isaac succeed. 

to the whole inherit had permiss. to write hims. Isaac, alias Stallion 

Foote. Robert, Branford, s. of first Nathaniel, b. in Eng. a. 1629, had 

first gone from Wethersfield, where he was freem. 1 657, to New Haven, 

vhere by w. Sarah, m. 1659, he had Nathaniel, b. 13 Apr. 1660 ; Sarah, 

12 Feb. 1662 ; Eliz. 8 Mar. 1664 ; Joseph, 6 Mar. 1666 ; Samuel, 14 

Hay 1668 ; and at B. John, 24 July 1670; and Stephen, and Isaac, tw. 

14 Dec 1672 ; was lieut d. 1681. His wid. m. 1686, Aaron Blachley; 

d. Sarah m. 13 Aug. 1 682, Isaac Curtis, had nine ch. and next, m. 9 

Ang. 1714, Nathaniel How, sen.; Eliz. m. 12 Jan. 1685, John Graves, 

had ten ch. d. a wid. May 1730. * Samuel, Amesbury, s. prob. of first 

Pasco, m. 23 June 1 659, Hannah, d. of Richard Currier of the same, 

perhaps had sec. w. Bathsheba, wh. d. 3 Sept 1727, is thot. to have been 

£ of John ; was rep. 1690, and capt. taken by the Ind. in the assault on 

that town, and tort, to d. 7 July 1690. Samuel, Hatfield, s. of the sec. 

Nathaniel, m. 1671, Mary, d. of Thomas Merrick, had Nathaniel, b. 

1672; Mary, 9 July 1674, d. young; Samuel; Mary, again, 28 Feb. 

1680; Sarah, 26 Feb. 1682; Eleazur, 5 Sept 1684; Thomas, 24 Nov. 

1686 ; and Daniel, 6 Feb. 1689 ; d. 7 Sept 1689 ; and his wid. d. 3 Oct 

1690. His 8. Samuel was k. by the Ind. in the onslaught at Deerfield, 

29 Feb. 1704. Samuel, Branford, s. of Robert, m. 1694, Abigail, d. of 

William Barker, had Thank(ul, b. 3 Nov. 1694. He d. 1696, and his 

wid. m. Jonathan Rose. Stephen, Branford, br. of the preced. m. 1702^ 

Biz. d. of John Nash, had Sarah, b. 4 Oct 1706 ; Eliz. 10 Nov. 1709 ; 

Lydia, 1 Sept 1712, d. young ; Mary, 27 Sept 1715 ; and Rebecca, 20 

Oct 1723. His w. d. 15 Jan. 1739, and he m. 27 June foil. Hannah, 

irid. of lieut John Howd, wh. d. 10 Sept 1754, aged 70 ; and he d. 2^ 

VOL. II. 16 

182 FOO — FOR 

Oct 1762, aged 89. Twenty-three of this name had, in 1834, been gr. 
at N. E. coll. of wh. none at Ilarv. 

Footman, John, Dover, perhaps s. of Thomas, m. 18 Dec. 1C91, 
Sarah Cromwell, was liv. in 1715. Thomas, Dover 1648, had w. 
Catllarine, and sev. ch. d. as early as 1668. His will was of 14 Aug. 

Fop, Daniel, Hingham 1635. Lincoln, Hist. 42. 

FoRBAS, Alexander, Charlestown, m. 20 Oct. 1674,, Elate HobinsolL 
See Forbush. 

Forbes, Alexander, Boston, a soldier in capt Oliver's comp. L 
in the gr. battle of 19 Dec 1675. David, Hartford, s. of James, m. a. 
1681, Sarah, d. of Edward Andrews, wid. of Henry Treat, or, per- 
haps, her d. Sarah. James, Hartford, d. 1692, lea v. John, David, 
James, Dorothy, Mary, and Sarah. William, New London 1648, 
rem. soon. 

Forbush, or Fdrbush, Jonathan, Marlborough, by w. Hannah had 
eight ch. rem. to Westborough, there was deac. call. Forbes ; but the 
name of his f. seems to have been common, writ. Farrabas. 

Force, Benjamin, Wrentham, with w. Eliz. came from Newport, 
R. L 1690. 

Ford, or Foorde, Andrew, Weymouth, freem. 1654, by w. Elinor^ 
had Samuel, b. 13 July 1656; Nathaniel, 31 Mar. 1658; Ebenezer, 18 
Mar. 1660; Silence, 13 Nov. 1661; Prudence, 22 Dec 1663; Jacob, 
20 Feb. 1666 ; Eliz. 2 Nov. 1667 ; Israel, 7 June 1670; and Sarah, 28 
May 1672 ; beside, prob. eldest, Andrew, wh. with suffix of junr. was a 
propr. 1673. Prudence m. 14 June 1682, Joseph Lincoln of Hingham; 
Sarah m. 1702, Joseph Josselyn. John, Plymouth, one of the "first 
comers," with, perhaps, his wid. mo. elder br. William, and sis. Martha, 
in the Fortune 1621 ; and his mo. had a ch. the next night after land, at 
Plymouth ; but perhaps it d. soon. Of her. h. wh. prob. d. in Eng. we 
hear not It has been plausib. conject that she m. Peter Browne. She 
in 1624, counted four in the div. of lands; but perhaps she went home 
with s. William, for in 1627, at the div. of cattle, only John and Martha 
are nam. Baylies, L 262. But tho. a suggest, has been thrown out, 
that he went to Conn, it seems more likely that this first comer stood by 
the old col. had w. Hannah, and d. at Marshfield 1693. John, Haver- 
hill 1670, was s.-in-law of Stephen Kent. John, Milford, s. of Thomas 
of the same, d. 6 Sept 1711, leav. w. without name, and ch. Eliz. b. 
1695; Sarah, 1697; Ann, 1699; Thomas, 1702; John, 1704; Ruth, 
1707; with good est John, Boston 1661, merch. Martin, Bradford, 
m. 25 Mar. 1684, Lydia Griflln. Matthew, New Haven, a propr. 
1685, by w. Mary, m. 12 Jan. 1675, d. of John Brooks, had Matthew, 

FORD. 183 

bJOct 1675; Mary, 9 Aug. 1G78, d. young; John, 11 Nov. 1680; 
M&rjj again, 1682, d. soon; Mary, again, 9 Aug. 1684; Jonathan, 
ICS6; Daniel, 1688; and Benjamin, and Ebenezer, tw. 1691. He d. 
Udi. Michael, Marslifield, s. of William, ra. 12 Dec. 1667, Abigail, 
d. of Anthony Snow of Plymouth, had Lydia, b. 1668 ; Hannah, 1670 ; 
TTUIiam, 1672; James, 1675; Abigail, 1679; and tw. ds. one nam. 
Patience, 1682 ; wh. both, with the mo. d. 26 June 1682; next he m. 
1683, Bethia, d. of Walter Hatch of Scituate, had tw. ds. d. 17 Nov. 
1683; Thomas, b. 1685; Susannah, 1689; Bethia, 1691; Ephraim, 
1693; Eliz. 1694; and Elisha, 1696. Deane. Other ch. also are 
8pok. of. Nathaniel, Weymouth, s. of Andrew, by w. Joanna had 
Joanna, b. 7 Jan. 1684, d. soon ; JVIary, 7 Jan. 1685 ; Joanna, again, 19 
Oct. 1686; Lydia, 1 Apr. 1688 ; Ruth, 20 Nov. 1689; Sarah, 11 Feb. 
1692; Nathaniel, 10 Oct. 1694, d. soon; Nathaniel, again, 21 Nov. 
1695; and Joseph, 16 Jan. 1699. Robert, Haverhill 1677. Roger, 
Cambridge, d. 24 Apr. 1644. It is also spelled Foord, and by Harris, 
in Epit. Foorth. Samuel, New Haven, s. of Timothy of the same, had 
w. Eliz. was a propr. 1685. His ch. were Mary, b. 11 Sept. 1676; 
Eliz. 19 Feb. 1680 ; Samuel, 31 Aug. 1683 ; and prob. others ; and he 
d. 2 June 1712. * Thomas, Dorchester, came in the Mary and John 
1630, req. adm. as freem. 19 Oct. of that yr. and was sworn in 18 IVIay 
folL brot. eh. Abigail, wh. m. perhaps in 1 638^ John Strong ; Joanna m. 
1633^ Roger Clap; one, wh. ra. Aaron Cooke; and Hepzibah, wh. m. 
Richard Lyman ; but these two last, with the first, were m. after his 
rem. 1636, to Windsor, where he was rep. 1638-41, 4, and 54. His w. 
d. Apr. 1643, and it is said was bur. on the 18th of that mo. He m. sec. 
w. 7 Nov. 1 644, Ann, wid. of Thomas Scott of Hartford, had, perhaps, 
Ann, wh. m. 12 Mar. 1677, Thomas Newbury of Windsor; rem. in old 
age to Northampton, and d. 9 Nov. 1676. Thomas, Milford 1646, m. 
Eliz. d. of Alexander Knowles of Fairfield, had Eliz. b. a. 1652 ; John, 
14 Nov. 1654; Thomas, 14 Feb. 1656; Mary, Dec. 1658; Lydia, 
bapt. 1660; and d. 1662. His wid. m. 1663, Eliezer Rogers. Eliz. d. 
1673, unm. when brs. and sis. were liv. Thomas, Boston, m. a. 1690, 
Mehitable, d. of Gamaliel Phippen. Timothy, Charlestown 1637, rem. 
to New Haven 1639, there d. 28 Aug. 1684. He was f. of Matthew 
and Samuel, beside Mary, wh. m. 20 Nov. 1661, Nathaniel Thorpe; 
Bethia, m. 1671, Matthew Bellamy; and Eliz. m. 23 Dec. 1672, Joshua 
Culver; and his w. whose name is not kn. d. 25 July 1681. Who was 
Barbara F. that came in the Susan and Ellen 1635, aged 16, is unkn. to 
me. An Eliz. F. d. at Guilford 1673, perhaps d. of Thomas. Wil- 
liam, ^larshfield, s. as reasonab. is conject. of the wid. wh. came in the 
Fortune 1621, b. a. 1604, perhaps went home with his mo. bef. the div. 

184 FOR 

of cattle in 1627, but came again, and was of Marshfield 1639, but in 
1643 at Duxbury, had w. Ann, ch. William, b. a. 1634; Michael, bef. 
ment. ; Milicent, wh. m. John Carver ; and Margaret ; was a miller at 
Duxbury, and an orig. propr. of Bridgewater, d. 28 Sept 1676, aged 72 ; 
and his wid. d. 1 Sept 1684. William, Marshfield, s. of the preced. 
m. 4 Nov. 1658, Sarah, d. I suppose, of John Dinglej, had John, \k 
1659 ; Mary, 1662 ; and Josiah, 1664. He was out on serv. in the first 
day of Philip's hostil. 24 June 1675 ; and is said to have d. 1721, aged 
88 ; and his wid. d. 1727, aged 78. His d. Mercy m. 27 May 1680, 
Samuel Thomas. His s. John, perhaps, rem. to Morristown, N. J. 

FoRDHAM, John, Southampton, L. I. 1641, was perhaps a relat of 
Rev. Robert, and some time inhab. of Hempstead a. 1647. Johh, 
Southampton, L. I. s. prob. of Rev. Robert, m. Mary, d. of John Maltby 
of New Haven, d. 1683. Jonah, Brookhaven, L. I. s. of Rev. Robert, 
preach, first a. 1662, at Hempstead, d. 1696 by the Harv. Catal. but 
Mather had not marked him in 1698. He had Josiah, wh. after 1690, 
preach, a short time at Setauket, and was gr.-gr.f. of B. F. Thomp- 
son, Esq. the diligent histor. of that region. Robert^ Southampton^ 
L. I. came, .perhaps in 1640, perhaps earlier, in the sh. with Thomas 
Bittlestone ; was a short time at Cambridge, and, when Lechford lefl \a 
in, Aug. 1641, he was in tempo, office at Sudbury ; had w. £liz. and ch. 
Hannah, wh. m. Samuel Clark, one d. m. lieut. Edward Howell, both itf 
Hempstead, where he preach. John, and Jonah, H. C. 1658, both above* 
ment, Robert, and Joseph. He may have been more at H. than at 
S. his name being first in the Dutch Gov. patent for the town of H. and 
he d. Sept 1674. Descend, are not few in that quarter. 

FoRMAN, or FuRMAN, JoHN, and Josiah, Newtown, L. I. 1655. 
John, Newbury, Coffin says, had Abigail, b. 10 Nov. 1676 ; and John, 
5 Oct 1678. Samuel, prob. s. of one of the preced. had visit L. L 
but was order, to go home in June 1675, because a Quaker, as in Riker's 
Ann. of Newtown, 94, is well told ; but that author, in his note 399, on 
the deriv. of the fam. fell into the error of making John, the first coiner, 
freem. of Mass. 1631. Of this name there was no freem. in Mass. and 
the nearest approach to it is that of Giles Firmin 1 634, or of his s. Giles 
1639 ; but I venture to doubt that neither was progenit of this respectab. 


race. Samuel m. Mary, d. of Samuel Wilbore of Portsmouth, R. I. 

Forrest, Archibald, at Hatfield, perhaps transient a soldier in 
Philip's war 1676. 

FoRRETT, James, agent of William, Earl of Stirling, for his patent 
of L. I. was at Boston 1641. See Winth. II. 5. 

Forsyth, Gilbert, Hatfield, one of Turner's soldiers 1676, perhaps 
only transient 

FOR— FOS 185 

Fort, Abraham, Boston, m. 18 Jan. 165G, wid. Hannah Hutchinson. 
Fortune, Elias, Marblehead 1674. Dana, 8. A John Forten, 

14, came in the Hopewell J.635. 
Forward, Samuel, Windsor 1 070, by w. Ann, had Samuel, b. 23 
July 1671 ; and Joseph, 10 Nov. 1674 ; d. 16 Oct. 1684. His wid. Ann 
d. 22 June foil. Rev. Justus, H. C. 1754, was perhaps a descend. 

FosDiCK, John, Charlestown 1677, s. of Stephen, b. prob. in Eng. 
was, I suppose, after of Maiden, and perhaps that freem. call. serg. F. 
1690, m. 1648, Ann Shapleigh, perhaps d. of Nicholas, had James, b. 13 
Nov. 1649; Mary, 17 July 1651; Ann, 26 Sept 1653; Samuel, 15 
Dec 1655; and John, 20 Feb. 1658; beside Stephen, Thomas, Jonathan, 
and Ann, last six ch. bapt. 15 Apr. 1677. His w. Ann d. 15 Oct. 1679, 
aged 52 ; and his sec. w. Eliz. former wid. of John Betts, outliv. him 
only 10 days, yet aged but 60. He d. 17 Sept. 1716, aged 90. Sam- 
uel, New London, s. of the preced. m. 1 Nov. 1682, Mercy, d. of John 
Picket, had Samuel, b. 1683, d. soon ; Samuel, again, 18 Sept. 1684; 
Mercy, 30 Nov. 1686 ; Ruth, 27 June 1689 ; Ann, 8 Dec. 1691 ; John, 
1 Feb. 1694; Thomas, 20 Aug. 1696 ; Mary, 7 July 1699; and per- 
haps Ruhami ; and d. 27 Aug. 1702, and his wid. m. John Arnold. 
Descend, are still at N. L. as Caulkins shows. SxEruEX, Charlestown 
1635, brot. w. and ch. perhaps six, freem. 7 Sept. 1638, had w. Sarah, 
and d. 21 May 1664. His will of 23. Feb. pro. 21 June foil. ment. w. s. 
Thomas, wh. was d. and his two ch. ; s. John and his s. Samuel ; 
Stephen, and John, F. perhaps (as we kn. he had six ch.) of ano. s. not 
nam. ; d. Hannah, w. of James Barrett, and her s. Stephen ; d. Martha, 
w. of Richard Holden, and her childr. ; and d. Mary, w. of Thomas 
Webb. Thomas, Watertown, s. of the preced. d. at Charlestown 21 
June 1 650, lea v. two ch. rememb. in will of gr.f. 

FosKETT, John, Charlestown 1658, was a householder 1678. Eliz. 
liis w. was adm. of the ch. 6 Apr. 1673, and John, Thomas, Joshua, 
Kobert, Eliz. and Mary were their ch. all bapt. 20 Apr. of that yr. Jona- 
than, 1 Nov. 1674; and Abigail, 6 June 1680. 

Foss, John, Dover 1665, had John, was of gr. jury 1688, d. 1699. 
I)escend. are many in New Hampsh. and prob. in Maine. John, 
I^ver, prob. s. of the preced. m. 25 Jan. 1 687, Sarah Goffe. 

FossAKER, FossECAR, FossEKER, or FossiKER, JoHN, New London 
1648, but, after 1652, rem. was of Fairfield,* there m. it is said, Eliz. wid. 
of Peter Johnson, and liv. 1656 to 1660, when he was excus. from milit. 
serv. ; is nam. by Roger "Williams in letter to John Winth. ; but Knowles, 
2^, mistakes the bapt. name. 

Foster, or sometimes Forster, wh. from the sound can easily be sub- 
mit Abraham, Ipswich, eldest s. of Reginald, b. at Exeter in Devonsh. 


186 FOSTER. 

came with his f. a. 1 638, had Ephraim, b. 9 Oct 1 657 ; Abraham, 1 6 Oct 
1659 ; James, 12 June 1662; Benjamin, 1670 ; Ebenezer, 15 July 1672 ; 
Mehitable, 12 Oct. 1675; and Caleb, 9 Ijfov. 1677; d. 15or25 Jan. 1711, 
aged a. 89. Perhaps he was sometime of Rowley and Andover. Abra- 
ham, Andover, s. prob. of the preced. m. 13 July 1681, Esther Foster, 
but may have liv. at Ipswich, and by ano. w. Mary, had Abraham, b. 11 
June 1696 ; and Nathan, 17 May 1700 ; or these may have been w. and 
ch. of ano. Abraham of I. wh. d. 25 Dec 1720, a^ed 53. Abigail, the 
wid. of one Abraham at I. d. 8 Oct 1732. Andrew, Andover, freenL 
1669, had Andrew, d. 7 May 1 665, at gr. age, but not, we may be sure, by 
near a score of yrs. so old as 106 yrs. in the rec. and Hist of that town, 
p. 32, report Andrew, Andover, s. of the preced. m. 7 June 1662, 
Mary, d. of Daniel Russ, was freem. 1690. Bartholomew, Glouces^ 
ter, m. 9 Nov. 1669, Hannah, d. of Thomas Very, had Bartholomew, b« 
22 June 1670; John, 20 Sept 1673 ; Thomas, 6 Aug. 1676; Samuel, 
20 Sept 1G78; Edward, 3 Sept 1681, d. 10 Mar. foil. Benjamin, 
Ipswich, s. of Isaac of the same, d. Nov. 1700, prob. unm. certain. 1^ 
no w. or ch. Christopher, Lynn, came in the Abigail, 1635, aged 32, 
with w. Frances, 25 ; and ch. Rebecca, 5 ; Nathaniel, 2 ; and John, 1 ; 
but may have been here some yrs. bef. and possib. f. of George, wh. had 
been, says Samuel Fuller of Plymouth, in his will of July 1633, be* 
trusted to him by parents ; was freem. 17 Apr. 1637 ; rem. to L. I. prob. 

there liv. 1 670. Daniel, Ipswich, s. of Isaac, by w. Catharine, wh. d. 


8 Mar. 1695, had, perhaps, no ch. but by w. Mary had Catharine, b. 21 
Aug. 1696; Mary, 24 Feb. 1698, d. at 11 mos. and Hepzibah, 7 May 
1700. ♦ Edward, Scituate, came (early eno. to be tax. 2 Jan. 1633 by 
the Col. Court) from Co. Kent, says Deane; but I feel doubt of this, 
for his mo. was sis. of Timothy Hatherly, wh. he thinks was of Deroiu 
Yet it may be that the sis. of Hatherly was mo. of his w. not of hkng. 
She afterwards, not, as Deane thinks, first, m. Hanford, and was mo. of 
Rev. Thomas, came with two ds. in 1 635, and here, not, as D. supposes, 
in Eng. m. Richard Sealis. Her s. was a lawyer, says D. freem. 1636) 
certain, a young man of good repute, for he was one of the found, of the 
ch. at S. 8 Jan. 1635, rep. 1639 and 40, tho. not elevat as the histor. 
made out to be an Assist, of the Col. 1637; m. 8 Apr. 1635, Lettiee 
Hanford, had Timothy, bapt 7 Mar. 1636, bur. 5 Dec. 1637 ; TimoUiy, 
again, 22 Apr. 1638; d. loon; Timothy, again, b. 1640, and Elis. 
posthuQL 1644, not, as Deane gives, 1645. In his will of 24 Nov. 1643, 
he provides for the unb. one, w. and s. ; and in Feb. foil, his uncle HaUi- 
erly and f.-in-law Sealis, took the inv. See Geneal. Reg. IV. 28I. 
Edward, Springfield, m. 26 Dec 1661, Esther Bliss, wh. liv. Id the 
fam. of John Pynchon, not d. of Thomas, was freem. 1690, d. 1720. 

FOSTER. 187 

EirriRD, Marblehead 1668. Edward, Middletown 1670, m. EHz. d. 
of William Harris. Eli, Chelmsford, s. I presume, of Samuel of the 
same, freem. 1690. Elisha, Dorchester, s. of sec. Hopestill, m. 10 
Apr. 1678- Sarah, d. of Giles Pajson of Roxburj. He d. 16 Oct 
1C82, and iiis wid. m. 26 Mar. 1685, Ebenezer Wiswall, brot. no ch. to 
either h. it is thot. but long surv. and d. 21 June 1714. EPHRAur, An- 
dover, s. of Abraham, m. Hannah, d. of Robert Eames, had Rose, b. 
9 3Iay 1678, d. at 14 yrs. ; Hannah, 28 May 1682, d. young; Han- 
nah, again, 15 May 1684; Jemima> 25 Feb. 1686; Ephraim, 12 
Mar. 1687; John, 26 Mar. 1690; Gideon, 13 May 1692; David, 18 
Apr. 1694; Moses, 27 Sept. 1696; Aaron, 21 Apr. 1699; and Joshua, 
13 Mar. 1702. His s. Ephraim wa^s f. of Jedediah, H. C. 1744, a 
man of value, early in the revo. councils of Mass. d. 17 Oct. 1779, 
whose s. Theodore of Providence, and Dwight of Brookfield, were 
of U. 8. senate. George, Lynn, perhaps s. of Christopher. Henrt, 
Chelm^ord 1653. || Hopestill, Dorchester 1634, or earlier, had vr. 
Patience, wh. came in the Elizabeth 1635, aged 40, with her s. Hope- 
still, 14. In 3 Mass. Hist Coll. VIII. 261, is extr. from the rec. 
of London custom ho. where these names, with that of Rachel Bigg, 6, 
are giv. Of the accuracy of this part of the copy a gen. doubt being 
felt, by kindness of the official keeper of that rec at Westminster, a fac 
simile was obt. for a few lines, and thus its exactness proved. That ano. 
nameral, perhaps on the left, perhaps on the right, of the fig. 6, denoting 
the yrs. of Rachel Bigg, was omit, by the elk. in 1635, must be evid. to 
iU, for in her will, 17 Nov. 1646, she calls, hers, aged, and names her 
neph. Hopestill F. prob. the fellow passeng. to wh. she makes beq. See 
3 Mass. Hist. Coll. X. 131. The f. was freem. 22 May 1639, ar. co. 
1G42, selectman 1645 ; but neither of his, nor his w.'s d. is the date kn. 
It is even doubted if he ever came to our country, but had d. bef. 16^. 
They wh. thus doubt, think that Thankful, bapt 11 Sept. 1640, wh. m. 
John Baker of Boston, was prob. the d. of his s. next ment. * Hope- 
still, Dorchester, s. of the preced. b. in Eng. came as above said, was 
a brewer, an ever active townsman, as all above ascrib. to the f. belongs 
to the B. many yrs. rep. selectman, when ens. lieut. or capt. by w. Mary, 
• i of James Bates, wh. long surv. and d. 4 Jan. 1703, in 84th yr. had 
Hopestill, bapt. 10 Mar. 1645, H. C. 1667 ; John, 10 Dec. 1648 ; James, 
b. 13 Apr. 1651; Elisha, 1653; Thankful; Comfort, 28 Sept. 1658; 
Standfast, bapt. 25 Nov. 1660; Mary, perhaps earlier; and Richard, 
29 Mar. 1663; d. 14 Oct 1676, aged 56, as the gnstonc differs one 
day from Blake's Ann. 37. Thankful m. John Baker ; and Mary was 
8ec w. of Ephraim Sale. With three others, in 1653, all neph. of 
Smallhope Bigg and John Bigg (dec. in Kent, old Eng.), Hopestill F. 

188 FOSTER. 

made agreem. as to div. of est. of the uncles. The others were nam* 
Stow. HoPESTiLL, Boston, s. of the preced. soapboiler, freem. 1673, 
was of the sec. ch. wh. was Mather's; m. 15 Feb. 1667, Eliz. d. of 
Giles Pay€on of Roxbury, had Hopestill, Samuel, Mary, and Eliz. His 
wid. Eliz. m. Edmund Brown bef. 1694; but I think he d. 1678, and 
his br. the accomplish, bachelor, John, in his will of 18 July 1681, giv. 
his prop, to brs. and sis. names not him, but br. Hopestill's childr. 
Mary m. Timothy Nash ; and Eliz. m. Hopestill, Wobum, m. 15 
Oct. 1 670, E iz. wid. of the sec. Thomas Whittemore, had Thomas, b. 
17 Apr. 1672, d. in few days; Abigail, 12 Mar. 1673; John, 14 Fe^. 
1677 ; Mercy, 26 Feb. 1678 ; and perhaps rem. Isaac, Ipswich, br. of 
first Abraham, m. 5 May 1658, Mary Jackson, d. of William of Rowley, 
had Jonathan, b. 9 Jan. foil. d. soon; Mehitable, 19 Sept 1660, d. in 
few mos. ; Jonathan, again, 15 May 1661 ; Jacob, 9 Feb. 1653 ; Ben- 
jamin, June 1665; Eliz. 20 Apr. 1667; Mary, 26 June 1669 ; Daniel, 
14 Nov. 1670; IVIartha, 1 Aug. 1672; Ruth, 20 Feb. 1674; Phidence, 
23 May 1675; and Hannah, 24 Oct 1676. His w. d. 27 Nov. 1677, 
and he m. 25 Nov. foil. Hannah Downing; and next m. 16 Mar. 1680, 
Martha Hall, had Hannah, b. 16 Feb. 1682; Eleazer; and Sarah, 19 
Mar. 1688; and he d. 8 Feb. 1692, aged 62. Of his ds. Eliz. was, I 
think, unm. in 1700 ; Mary was w. of Grant ; Martha m. 8 Dec 1691, 
Thompson Wood ; Ruth was w. of Grove ; and Prudence of Boreman ; 
when their br. Benjamin's est. was div. Out of the m. of Martha with 
Thompson Wood grew, prob. the tradit. that a d. of the first Reginald m. 
a Wood, and afterwards Francis Peabody. Isaac, Charlestown, s. of 
William, freem. 1678, bee. min. of Hartford, m. 1680, in the yr. of his 
ord. Mehitable, d. of Samuel Wyllis, wid. of his friend Daniel Russell of 
Charlestown, had Ann, wh. m. Rev. Thomas Buckingham ; d. 20 Aug. 
1682, **in his prime of youth," says John Hull in his Diary, lament, the 
loss of the country. His wid. for third h. had Rev. Timothy Wood- 
bridge, wh. was a success, of F. also in the ch. of H. Jacob, Ipswich, 
s. prob. of the first Reginald of the same, m. 12 Jan. 1659, Martha 
Kinsman, d. perhaps, of the first Robert of the same, had Judith, b. 20 
Oct. foil. d. at 3 mos.; John, 1660, d. soon ; Jacob, 15 May 1662, d. 
next mo. ; and Sarah, 3 Aug. 1665 ; and his w. d. 15 Oct. 1666. Ano. 
Jacob, Ipswich, may have been, instead of the preced. s. of the first 
Reginald, m. 26 Feb. 1666, Abigail, d. of Robert Foster of the same, 
had Mary, wh. d. 11 Jan. 1667, very young ; Abraham, b. 4 Dec. 1667; 
Jacob, 25 Mar. 1670; Amos, 15 Aug. 1672, d. in few wks. ; Abigail, 3 
July 1674 ; Nathaniel, 7 Oct. 1676; Samuel, 10 Sept. 1678; Joseph, 14 
Sept. 1680; James, 12 Nov. 1682 ; and Mary, 20 Dec. 1684; and he 
d. 9 July 1710. He was deac. lefl ch. Sarah, Abraham, Joseph, and 

FOSTER. 189 

James; and liis wid. Abigail d. 4 June 1729. Jacob, Topsfield, freem. 
1685, maj have been one of the two preced. in all prob. Jacob, Ips- 
wieb, perhaps s. of deac. Jacob, more prob. of Isaac, bj w. Sarah had 
Marj, b. 13 May 1691 ; and his w. d. 27 Sept. 1697. Ano. Jacob, 
Ipswich, prob. s. of deac. Jacob, m. 5 Mar. 1696, Mary Caldwell, per- 
haps d. of the first John of the same, had Jacob, b. 9 May 1697; Wil- 
liam, 11 May 1699; Mary, 19 Mar. 1700; and his w. d. 12 Apr. 1709. 
James, Dorchester, s. of sec, Ilopestill, m. 22 Sept. 1674, Mary, d. of 
John Capen, wh. d. young ; freem. 1 678, by sec. w. Ann, d. of Job Lane, 
wh. d. 29 Sept 1732, in 68th yr. had Thankful, wh. d. 1 Mar. 1700 in 
18th yr. and prob. other ch. and d. five days after his w. John, Salem, 
had there bapt. Mary, 24 Mar. 1650 ; Samuel, 7 Mar. 1652 ; and John, 
8 June 1655; was freem. 1682. John, Marshfield, s. of Thomas of 
Weymouth, m. Mary, d. of Thomas Chillingworth, had Eliz. b. 1664^ 
John, 1666 ; Josiah, 1669 ; Mary, 1671 ; Sarah ; Chillingworth ; James, 
1683, d. soon; and Thomas, 1686. His w. d. 1702, and sec. w. Sarah 
d. 1731, as did he. John, Dorchester, s. of sec. Hopestill, an ingenious 
printer and mathematician, design, the arms for Col. of Mass. d. 9 Sept. 
1681, aged 33. He was never m. John, a soldier, fell 19 May 1676, 
after the Falls fight, near Deerfield. % * || John, Boston, an emin. 
merch. from Aylesbury, Co. Bucks, ar. co. 1679, of the council of safety 
1689, rep. 1690, at May session, for Portsmouth, where the inhab. 
earnestly desir. to continue the union with Mass. after the overthrow 
of Andros ; Col. of Boston reg. named in the Chart, of William and Mary 
bj approb. of increase Mather, a couns. d. 9 Feb. 1711, says his gr.s. 
Grov. Hatch. II. 190. His wid. Abigail d. 5 Mar. foil. Joseph, Bille- 
rica, freem. 1690. Reginald, or Renold, Ipswich, came, it is said, in 
1638, had gr. of Id. 6 Apr. 1641, and brot. Abraham, Reginald, William, 
Isaac, and Jacob, beside two ds. of wh. Mary is report, without proba- 
biL to have first m. a Wood, and next, when she must have been a 
very young wid. Francis Peabody. As to him, tradit. was rather wild, 
for tho. it seems prob. that all the ch. nam. in Geneal. Reg. I. 343, as 
there told, were b. in Eng. yet it does not give the d. Sarah, w. of Wil- 
liam Story, and must be wrong a. Mary, w. of Peabody, as hav. first m. 
a Wood. It appears, also, that he had sec w. Judith, wh. d. Oct. 1664, 
hav. brot. him Judith, 20 Jan. 1660 ; Mary, 18 June 1662 ; and John, 
15 July 1664. Very remarkab. was the residue of his exper. and the 
relat of it long distrust, by me,'*that he m. next, Sept. 1665, Sarah 
Martin, and had Ruth, b. 19 Dec 1671, d. next mo.; Ellen, 14 June 
1673; Hannah, 5 Oct- 1675; and Nathaniel, 19 Sept. 1678. Now this 
unusual blessing of fruit in old age, when the last ch. came fifty-six yrs. 
after the first, I doubted, might have arisen from mistake, and that both 

190 FOSTER. 

the last ws. and their offspring should really belong to his s. Reginald, 
wh. might well have had Judith to w. bef. he took Eliz. Dane, and after 
d. of the latter have m. Sarah Martin, inasmuch as sen. and jr. are 
changeable characters, and he wh. was jr. on the d. of his f. would be 
call. sen. But this explanat. is not receivab. bee. the first Reginald d. 
1681, as we infer from the date of in v. 30 May in this yr. and the Prob. 
rec. of his will of 30 Apr. bef. proving that he left w. Sarah, and ch. 
Abraham, Renold, Sarah, w. of William Story, Isaac, Jacob, William, 
and Mary, w. of Francis Peabody. Reginald, Ipswich, s. of the 
preced. m. Eliz. d. of John Dane, sec. of the same, had Rebecca, b. 25 
Feb. 1667, prob. d. young; Naomi, 6 May 1669; a ch. whose name is 
not seen, 17 Dec. 1671; and Rebecca, again, 1 July 1684. Richard, 
Plymouth 1651, m. 10 Sept. of that yr. Mary, d. of Robert Bartlett of 
the same ; had Mary, b. 8 Mar. 1653 ; but he liv. not long, for his wid. 
m. 8 July 1 659, Jonathan Morey. Richard, Charlestown, s. of Wil- 
liam, by w. Pamell, d. of Isaac Winslow, m. 4 May 1686, had PameD, 
b. 23 Feb. 1687, wh. d. young; Richard, 28 Nov. 1689, d. at 4 yrs.; 
Mary, 16 Feb. 1692 ; Richard, again, 23 Mar. 1694 ; Pamell, again, 25 
Aug. 1696; Ann, 8 Nov. 1699; Sarah, 16 Nov. 1701 ; Isaac, 3 Jan. 
1704, d. young; and Eliz. 21 Aug. 1706. * Samuel, Wenham, freem. 
1650, rem. to Chelmsford in 1655; by w. Esther had there Edward, b. 
29 Apr. 1657 ; Esther, 1 Nov. 1659 ; and Hannah, a. 1649 ; Samuel, a. 
1650 ; and Eli, a. 1653 ; all bef. rem. ; was deac rep. 1679, d. 10 July 
1702, aged 82. Allen, Hist. 117. Standfast, Dorchester, s. of sec 
Hopestill, freem. 1690, was a capt selectman, had w. Abigail, wh. d. 22 
June 1713 ; and sec. w. Sarah, wh. d. 1 Aug. 1727, in 59th yr. and s. 
Comfort, bapt 29 June 1689. He d. 11 Nov. 1727, in 67th yr. Tho- 
mas, Boston 1641, had prob* come in the Hercules 1634, was empL by 
the gov. as gunner at Castle isl. adm. of our ch. 26 Mar. and made 
freem. 18 May 1642. Thomas, Weymouth, freem. 1647, had Thomas, 
b. 18 Aug. 1640; John, 7 Oct. 1642; and Increase. Thomas, Brain- 
tree, had Hopestill, b. 26 Mar. 1 648 ; and Joseph, 28 Mar. 1 650. He may 
be the same as the last preced. Thomas, Roxbury, m. 15 Oct. 1662, 
Sarah, d. of Robert Parker, had Thomas, b. 1 Aug. 1663, d. in few 
days; Thomas, again; Sarah, 3 June 1667; Hannah, 23 July 1669; 
and Jonathan, 21 Sept. 1671 ; freem. 1666. TiioaTAS, New London, 
call, in the rec. s. of John Forster of Kingsware, m. 27 Mar. 1666, Su- 
sanna, d. of Ralph Parker, had Sutanna, b. 1667; Thomas, 26 Feb. 
1669; Jonathan, 17 Aug. 1673; Mary, 14 June 1675; Edward, 1677, 
d. soon; Samuel, 1678; Rebecca, 1681; and Ebenezer, 1683; was a 
master marin. trad, to Barbados and Boston, d. 1685. Thomas, Cam- 
bridge, d. 16 Sept. 1679 (as town rec. says, but the gr.stonc, 28 Oct.), 

FOU 191 

aged 39. Possib. this may be the freem. from Roxbury. Thomas, 
BiUcrica, one of the early Bapt. was serg. d. 20 Apr. 1682, says 
Farmer; and he thot he might be the Braintree man. Timothy, 
Dorchester, s. of Edward, sold part of his paternal est. at Scituate, m. 
13 Oct. 1663, Ruth, d. of Thomas Tileston, wid- of Richard Denton, by 
wh. (wh. d. 3 Dec. 1677), he had Ruth, b. 4 Aug. 1664; Eliz. 8 Sept. 
1C67, d. soon; Naomi, 11 Feb. 1669; Hatherly, 22 Sept. 1671 ; Re- 
becca, 1675; he m. 9 Mar. 1681, sec w. Relief, wid. perhaps of John 
Dowse of Charlestown, had Timothy, b. 8 Jan. 1682 ; Edward, 22 Jan. 
1683 ; Prudence, 3 Dec 1684 ; Thomas, 3 Nov. 1686 ; and Eliz. again, 
13 Oct. 1688; and d. 16 Dec of the same yr. Many of the name at 
D. are of his descend, but Hatherly went to Scituate, there m. and his 
descend, still enjoy the est. that was his gr.f *s. His f. made his will 
the day bef. his d. leav. w. Relief extrix. wh. m. Henry Leadbetter. 
William, Ipswich, prob. s. of Reginald, perhaps came bef. his f. in the 
Hercules 1634, for he had gr. of land there 1635, says Felt; was dis- 
anned Nov. 1637, as a follower of Wheelwright, and supporter of Mrs. 
Hutchinson, yet nam. with prefix of respect ; and was in Sept. foil. " in- 
fonn. that we conceive him not fit to live with us ; therefore he was 
wished to depart bef. the Gen. Court in Mar. next." Yet he may have, 
like not a few of his associate misbeliev. made his peace or been too 
much respected for his est. and thot. less dangerous soon afler, and per- 
haps was of Rowley 1661, freem. 1677. William, Newport 1639, 
with prefix of respect William, Salem 1638, sold his est. there 1641, 
and may possib. be either of the preced. but I think it more likely, rem. 
to Saco, for his br.-in-law Christopher Hobbs was by Court appoint. 
1654 to admin, there his est. William, Boston 1644, had w. Susanna, 
rem. I think in a short time to Charlestown, where he was adm. of the 
cL Aug. 1652, m. sec. w. Ann, d. of William Brackenbury, had beside 
the Isaac, H. C. 1671 ; and Richard, b. 10, bapt 16 Aug. 1663, bef. 
ment; John, b. 15 July 1656, wh. d. 18 Dec. 1659 ; Ann, bapt 5 Sept 
1658; Mary, 6 May 1660; Eliz. 5, bapt 9 Apr. 1665; Deborah, bapt 
1 Mar. 1668, d. soon; and John, again, 12 Aug. 1668. Being an 
eoterpris. merch. he was taken, with one of his s. by a Barbary corsair 
on the coast of Spain. From that captiv. his restor. is attribut. in the 
Uagn. m. 183, to the untimely d. of the Dey, cans, by imprecat. of our 
Apostle Eliot He d. 8 May 1698, aged 80, and his wid. d. 22 Sept 
1714 in 86th yr. William, New Hampsh. 1644. Twenty of this 
name had, in 1834, been gr. at Harv. and forty-two at other N. E. coll. 

FouLFOOT, Thomas, came in the Christian, 1635, aged 22, but where 
he liv. is ankn. 

Fountain, Aaron, New London 1680, m. Susanna, d. of Samuel 

192 FOW 

Bcebee, but after 1683 is not kn. Edward, came in the Abigail, 1635, 
aged 28. 

FowKES, or FooKS, Henry, Dorchester, freem. 6 May 1635, rem. to 
Windsor, d. 12 Sept. 1640, without ch. His wid. Jane m. William Hos* 
ford, and they both went home after some yrs. Dr. Harris, in Mem. of 
first ch. of D. by mistake, call, him Stokes. 

FowLE, George, Concord, freem. 14 Mar. 1639, brot. prob. w. frooi 
Eng. certain, s. John, by w. Mary had Mary, b. 24 Nov. 1640, d. prob. 
young; Peter, 2 Dec 1641 ; James, 12 Mar. 1643 ; Mary, again, 9 Feb. 
1646; rem. to Charlestown, there prob. had Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and 
Eliz. 27 Jan. 1656, d. soon. His w. Mary d. 15 Feb. 1677, aged 63, and 
he d. 19 Sept 1682, aged 72. Isaac, Charlestown, s. of the preced. m. 
30 Nov. 1671, Beriah, youngest d. of Henry Bright of Watertown, had 
Abigail, b. 16 June 1674, bapt 11 June 1676, d. soon ; Isaac, 31 Aug. 
bapt. 3 Sept. 1676; Abigail, again, b. 7 Aug. 1679; Henry, 3 Apr. 
1686 ; and Bright, bapt 16 Feb. 1690, d. soon ; freem. 1676, was a lient. 
and d. 15 Oct 1718, in 70th yr. His wid. d. 7 Oct 1733, aged 83. 
Abigail m. Rev. William Smith of Weymouth. Jacob, Boston, br. of 
the preced. d. unm. we infer from his will of 14 Dec. 1678, pro. Tuesdaj 
after. James, Wobum, s. of George, freem. 1668, was lieut by w. 
Abigail, had James, b. 4 Mar. 1667; Abigail, 13 Oct 1669; John, 12 
Mar. 1671; Samuel, 17 Sept 1674; Jacob, 3 Apr. 1677; Eliz. 28 
Sept 1681 ; Hannah, 23 Jan. 1684 ; and Mary, 18 July 1687 ; and be 
d. 17 Dec 1690. John, Charlestown, eldest s. of George, with w. Mary, 
adm. of the ch. in Mar. 1652, had Ann, perhaps b. in Eng. wh. m. 10 
Jan. 1655, Samuel Ruggles of Roxbury. The time of d. of hims. or ir- 
is unkn. Ann, perhaps his sis. came in the Susan and Ellen, 1635, aged 
25. John, Charlestown, perhaps s. of the preced. m. 25 Jan. 1659, Ann- 
Carter, wh. from the phrase in the ch. rec. on their adm. 1667, 1 presume 
was d. of Thomas, one of the earliest people at Charlesto%vn, had John, 
Ann, and Eliz. all bapt 3 May 1668 ; Zechary, 2 Aug. 1668; Mary, 12 
June 1670 ; Sarah, 18 Feb. 1672 ; Abigail, 18 Jan. 1674, d. soon ; Abi- 
gail, again, 9 May 1675 ; Eliezer, 23 Sept 1677 ; Mercy, 27 Mar. 1681 ; 
and Isaac, 28 May 1682. He was a capt his w. d. 20 June 1709 in 
70th yr. and he d. 3 Oct 1711, in 74th. Peter, Charlestown, s. of 
George, by w. Mary had John, and Mary, bapt 27 Feb. 1 670 ; Hanoahy. 
16 July 1671 ; rem. to Wobum, after 1680, when he was tythingman of 
C. And prob. other ch. but ret. to C. and was one of the selectmen 1690.* 
Philip, Maiden, m. 26 Nov. 1688, Eliz. Atwood, had Eliz. b. 14 Mar. 
1689. Thomas, Boston, prob. bef. 1635, merch. had w. Margaret, wh. 
adm. of the ch. 31 Jan. 1641, obtained bapt 14 Feb. for Eliz. their d. b, 
14 Mar. preced.; John, 11 July 1641, "10 days old;" Mary, b. 13, 

FOWLER. 193 

hpt, 16 Apr. 1643 ; and James, 3, bapt. 8 Dec. 1C44. Pcriiaps he had 
est. at Braintrec, but was adm. of our eh. 2C Mar. 1643, yet never a 
freem. tho. selectman of Boston in co. with Gov. Winth. He in Boston 
seems to have been among the most active, had the agent of D'Aulney, 
in the troubles of La Tour, to lodge at his house, and his ship was seiz. 
at London for dams, by the other party ; in 1646 he was earnest for ex- 
tens, of liberties, fined heavily, and went home in disgust, Nov. 1646. 
See New Eng. Jonas cast up at London, or Winth. XL Ano. Thomas, 
at Braintree, by w. Grissel had Hannah, b. 27 Feb. 1644. Zecha- 
BiAH, Charlestown, d. 7 Jan. 1678, and his wid. Mary d. later in the mo. 
both of smallpox. Seven of this name are among the gr. at Ilarv. bef. 

Fowler, or Fowlar, J *ABRAnA3r, Guilford, s. of John the first of 
the same, m. 29 Aug. 1677, Eliz. d. of George Bartlett, had Abraham, 
b. 1678; Ebenezer, 1680; Daniel, 1684; Josiah ; Caleb, wli. d. unm. 
Jan. 1724; Abigail; Eliz. 1694; and Mary; was mem. of ea. br. of 
the legisl. a judge of the Co. and d. 30 Sept. 1719. Ambrose, Wind- 
sor, thot by a writer in Geneal. Reg. XL 249, to be s. of William (but 
strong reason is seen against that opin.), m. 6 May 1646, Joan Alvord, 
wh. d. 22 May 1684, had Abigail, b. 1 Mar. 1647 ; John, 19 Nov. 1648 ; 
Mary, 15 May 1650; Samuel, 18 Nov. 1652; Hannah, 20 Dec. 1654; 
Eliz. 2 Dec. 1656 ; and Ambrose, 8 May 1658, all liv. when he made his 
will, 1692; was freem. 1657 of Conn, and had rem. a. 1668, to West- 
field, there d. 18 Oct. 1704. His eldest d. m. 17 Mar. 1671, Increase 
Sikes ; Mary m. 14 May 1677, Feamot King; and Hannah m. James 
Sexton. Descend, have been very num. at W. Ambrose, Westfield, 
youngest ch. of tke preced. ih. 11 Sept. 1693, Mary, d. of Joseph Baker 
of Northampton, had Ruth, b. 11 Sept. 1694; Mary, 11 Mar. 1696; 
Samuel, 9 Oct. 1700; Joseph, 18 July 1703; Mindwell, 1 Mar. 1700; 
David, and Noah, tw. 8 Feb. 1708, wh. both d. soon ; and he d. 1 July 
1712. Henry, Providence 1655, sw. alleg. May 1666. * John, Mil- 
ford 1639, s. prob. of the first William, b. in Eng. m. 1647, Mary, d. of 
George Hubbard, had Abigail, b. Dec. 1648, d. 1651 ; with f.-in-law 
rem. to Guilford, a. 1649, there had Mary, Dec. 1650, d. unm. ; Abra- 
ham, 19 Aug. 1652 ; John, 1654 ; Mehitable, 1656, wh. d. 18 Mar. 1751, 
Bmn. and Eliz. 30 Apr. 1658, wh. d. at 18 yrs. ; was deac. rep. 1665-73, 
and after ; d. May 1677 ; but his wid. liv. to 13 Apr. 1713. John, West- 
field, 9. of Ambrose, m. 1687, Mercy, d. of William Miller of Northamp- 
ton, had John, b. 1 Sept. 1689 ; Mercy, 10 Jan. 1691, wh. d. soon ; Abra- 
ham, 1693 ; Mercy, again, 1695 ; Isaac, 12 Nov. 1697; three at once, 
25 July 1700, wh. all d. without names, in few days ; Jacob, 31 Oct. 
1701 ; Meliitable, 16 Sept. 1703 ; and Ebenezer, 3 Sept. 1706, d. young. 
VOL. n. 17 

194 FOWLER. 

His will, of 1732, was pro. 1738. John, Guilford, s. of the first John, 
m. 1680, Ann, d. of deac. William Johnson, had John, b. 1685 ; Samuel, 
1687; Joseph, 1689; Mehitable, 1691; Benjamin, 1693; David; and 
Ann. His w. d. 1702, and he next m. Hannah, wid. of John Norton ; d. 
Jan. 1735. John, Milford, s. of the sec William, was there after 1700; 
but of his fam. I am ignor. John, Springfield, m. 31 Oct 1695, Hannah, 
d. of John Scott, had Hannah, b. 13 Aug. 1696; John, 16 Apr. 1698; 
Mary, 12 Feb. 1700; Sarah, 30 Jan. 1702; Abigail, 26 May 1703; 
Eliz. 13 Dec. 1705; Christopher, 29 Oct 1708; and Elisha, 16 Feb. 
1711. Jonathan, Norwich, s. of William the sec m. 3 Aug. 1687, 
Eliz. Reynolds, had Eliz. Joseph, Sarah, and Jonathan, but prob. these 
were by sec. w. See Geneal. Reg. VII. 131. Rem. to Windham, there 
d. 1696. Joseph, Ipswich, a tanner, s. says fam. tradit. of Philip the 
first, b. in Eng. had Philip, Joseph, John, and perhaps more ; but nothing 
is kn. further of him. Joseph, Newtown, L. 1. 1656. Joseph, a sol- 
dier, wh. may have been s. of Joseph the first of Ipswich, was k. by the 
Ind. near Deerfield, 19 May 1676, on return fix)m the Falls fight Mark, 
New Haven, s. of William the sec. perhaps had w. Mary, was a propr. 
1685, and d. next yr. His ch. were John, b. 1 Mar. 1681 ; Thomas, 8 
Jan. 1683 ; and Mary. The s. sett at Lebanon. Philip, Ipswich, a 
clothworker, having tak. o. of alleg. and suprem. at Southampton, to 
qualify him as a passeng. 24 Mar. came in the Mary and John, 1634, 
bring, says fam. tradit Benjamin, of wh. very little is heard, Joseph, bef. 
ment and Margaret ; was freem. 3 Sept 1634. He d. 24 June 1678, aged 
87, or more prob. 80, as by one report he was 73 in 1671. His d. Iklar- 
garet was wid. of Christopher Osgood of Ipswich in 1 650, wh. was her 
fellow passeng. and he had beside, Thomas, b. 1^6; and Philip, a. 
1646, wh. prob. d. young; by w. Martha. But he m. 27 Feb. 1660, 
Mary, wid. I presume, of George Norton. Philip, Ipswich, perhaps s. 
of Joseph, as Mr. Felt assures me, that, in 1668, the first Philip gave 
prop, to Philip his gr.s. and the youth was then of 18 yrs. He m. 20 
Jan. 1673, Eliz. Herrick, prob. d. of Zechary of Beverly, had Philip, b. 
27 Nov. 1675, d. 1 June 1676; Eliz. 11 Feb. 1678; Martha, 15 May 
1681, d. young; Joseph, 1683 ; John, 13 Jan. 1685 ; Benjamin, 19 Apr. 
1687 ; Mary, 1688 ; Martha, again, 6 Apr. 1690 ; and Philip, again, 1691. 
He d. Dec 1714, and his wid. d. 6 May 1727. Samuel, Salisbury 1665, 
perhaps was f. of Samuel of the same. Samuel, Westfield, a. of Am- 
brose the first, m. 6 Nov. 1 683, Abigail Brown of Windsor, had Samuel, 
b. 29 Jan. 1684; Jonathan, 19 Oct. 1685; Abigail, 25 Oct. 1687; 
Mary, 22 Feb. 1690; Hannah, 3 Nov. 1693; Esther, 16 Jan. 1696; 
Sarah, 31 May 1698; Isabel, 1 Feb. 1701; Eliz. 7 June 1704; and 
Mindwell. He made his will 1727, but it was not brot. to pro. bef. 

FOW — FOX 195 

i"39. Samuel, Salisbury, m. 5 Dec 1684, Ilannah Wortlien, eldest 

ch. of Ezekiel, had Samuel, b. 23 Oot. 1685 ; Hannah, 30 Apr. 1687 ; 

Susanna, 10 Mar. 1689 ; Jacob, 10 Dec 1690 ; Mary, 10 July 1692 ; 

and Sarah, 5 Mar. 1694; was freem. 1690. * Thomas, Salisbury, 
perhaps s. of the first Philip, by w. Hannah had Thomas, b. 16 
Mar. 1665, rem. to Amesbury, freem. 1690, rep. 1692. J*Willia3i, 
Milford 1639, one of the* seven pillars at the found, of the ch. 22 
Aug. in that yr. after 1647 was freq. rep. lieut. and at last an Assist, 
of the col. d. 25 Jan. 1661, leav. only William, and John. William, 
New Haven (prob. s. of the preced. b. in Eng.), where were bapt. his 
ch. John or Joseph, 1 or 15 July 1649 ; Mark, 14 Jan. or 17 June 1655 ; 
Deborah, 7 Mar. 1658 ; and William, 22 Jan. 1665 ; but some of these 
dates are assum. corrections of the errors of the less happy ch. rcc of 
Xew Haven, as giv. in Geneal. Reg. IX. 359 ; — besides wh. were Han- 
nah, Sarah, Mary, not on any rec Jonathan, b. 8 Feb. 1 652 ; Abigail, 
1660; and Mercy, 1669. The mo. of these ten ch. was a d. prob. of 
Edmund Tapp, wh. had been assoc with his f. as one of the pillars at 
found, of the ch. and whose wid. in her will of 1673, names him as her 
&-in-law, and the ds. that arc not found on rec. as her cousins. He took 
sec. w. 1670, wid. Eliz. Baldwin, and rem. to Milford, there d. 1683, at 
least the inv. of a good est. bears date 29 Mar. of that yr. Many of 
these particulars are obt. from his will of Oct. 1 682. His d. Hannah m. 
21 Nov. 1661, Daniel Buckingham of Milford ; Sarah m. 19 July 1665, 
the sec John Smith of the same ; Deborah m. 10 May 1688, as Cothren 
instr. us, Jesse Lambert ; and Mercy, it is said, m. John Bills of Lebanon. 
William, Milford, s. of the preced. d. 23 Feb. 1729. Twenty-two of 
this name had, in 1834, been gr. at N. E. Coll. of wh. none was of Harv. 

FowxELL, John, Charlestown, nUller, was of Cambridge ch. with w. 
Mary until 1668, tho. he had above ten yrs. liv. at Charlestown, but was 
freem. 1G45, had John, perhaps b. in Eng. wh. d. 1 Apr. 1654, in 18th 
yr. and, prob. Sarah, wh. m. 13 Nov. 1656, Henry Kimball, and d. 10 
Aag. folL and he d. 19 Mar. 1673, aged 65, leav. I presume no ch. for 
his will, made near ten yrs. bef. gave all to w* Mary, wh. was extrix. 
She m. a Hudson, and d. 25 Jan. 1696 in 85th yr. 

Fox, David, m. at Wobuni, 10 Jan. 1678, Lydia Jaquith. Elipha- 
LET, Concord, eldest s. of Thomas of the same, m. 26 Oct 1665, Mary, 
d. of Greorge Wheeler, freem. 1690, d. 15 Aug. 1711. His w. d. 24 
Feb. 1 679, as Shattuck shows, and he names the ch. Thomas, Eliphalet, 
Samuel, Joshua, Benoni, and ano. Joshua. On 30 Sept. 1681 he m. sec. 
w. Mary, wid. of Isaac Hunt, d. of John Stone of Sudbury. Gkorge, 
the celebr. head of the sect of Friends, s. of Christopher, b. at Drayton 
in the Clay, Co. Leicester, July 1624, came in 1672 from the S. part of 

196 FOX. 

our country, wh. he visit, the preced. jr. had much earlier an eager con- 
trov. with Roger Williams, but went home next jr. and d. 13 Jan. 1691. 
Isaac, Medford, by w. Abigail had John, b. 10 Apr. 1679 ; Isaac, 12 
Dec. 1680 ; Abigail, 11 Mar. 1682 ; Hannah, 15 Mar. 1683, d. young; 
John, again, 24 Apr. 1685 ; Samuel, 30 Apr. 1687; Ebenezer, 14 Oct. 
1689; and Thomas, 10 Nov. 1693. Jabez, Woburn, s. of Thomas of 
Cambridge, freem. 1677, ord. 5 Sept. 1679, collea. with Rev. Thomas 
Carter, d. of smallpox, 28 Feb. 1703, aged 56; had John, b. 10 May 
1678; Thomas, 16 July 1680, d. in 4 days; Thomas, again, 13 Nov. 
1681 ; Jabez, 2 Dec. 1684; Judith, 19 June 1690, wh. d. within a yr. 
all, I suppose, by w. Judith Reyner, d. of John the sec. wh. m. CoL Jona- 
than Tyng, and d. 5 June 1756, in 99th yr. His s. John, H. C. 1698, 
wh. was his success, ord. 4 Oct. 1703, and d. 12 Dec. 1756, aged 76, was 
f. of Hon. Jabez, H. C. 1727. John, wh. came in the Abigail, 1635, 
aged 35, with Richard, 15, perhaps his br. may have been br. of Thomas, 
and sett, at Concord, but nothing is kn. of either John or Richard. John, 
Xew London, br. of Eliphalet, m. 2 June 1678, Sarah, d. of Greenfield 
Larrabee, had John, b. 1680 ; Sarah, 1681 ; Thomas, 1682 ; he had also 
Jonathan, Benjamin, and Hannah, but possib. by sec. w. Hannah, wh. 
was d. of Robert Isbell, and wid. of Thomas Stedman ; he had, for third 
w. Mary, d. of Daniel Lester, jr. wh. was, it is said, gr.d. of his own sis. 
Mary, and 50 yrs. younger than hims. He d. Apr. 1730. Nicholas, 
JVIarblehead 1674. Richard, Wethersfield, m. Beriah, d. of the first 
Richard Smith of the same, was inhab. of the E. side of the riv. now 
Glastonbury. Samuel, New London, br. of John of the same, m. 30 
Mar. 1676, Mary, by wh. he had two ds. and Samuel, b. 24 Apr. 1681 ; 
he had sec. w. Joanna ; a third, Bathshua, wh. was wid. of Richard 
Smith, d. of James Rogers ; and a fourth w. Esther ; and by one, or 
other of these had Isaac, Benjamin, and Samuel, again, while the first 
Samuel was liv. and f. of a fam. He d. 4 Sept. 1727, in 77th yr. 
Thomas, Concord, freem. prob. of Mar. 1638, by w. Rebecca, wh. d. 11 
May 1647, had Mary, b. 18 Sept. 1642, d. next rao. ; Eliz. b. the same 
day ; Eliphalet, bef. racnt., and he m. 13 Dec. 1647, Hannah Brooks, 
had Hannah, b. 25 Sept. 1648; Thomas, 26 Feb. 1650; Samuel, bef. 
ment. ; Mary; John, bef. mont. ; Isaci^, 17 Oct. 1657; and d. 14 Apr. 
1658. Yet his will of 25 Jan. preced. in wh. w. Hannah is made extrix. 
names only eldest s. Eliphalet, and d. Eliz. tho. it speaks of others, and 
uncle Thomas Brooks, wh. ret. the inv. 23 Apr. of same yr. Mary, wh. 
went to New London witii brs. Samuel, and John, m. Daniel Lester, jr. 
Thomas, Cambridge, freem. perhaps, of 1644, selectman 1658, and often 
after, for sec. w. m. Ellen, wid. of Percival Green, wh. d. 27 May 1682, 
as Harris gives the inscript. aged 82, and took ano. w. 24 Apr. foil. Eliz. 

FOX 197 

widof Charles Chad wick, wh. 22 Feb. 1685, left him again a widower, 
and he d. 25 Apr. 1693, aged 85. Prob. he had no eh. cxc. Jabez, b. 
1647, H. C. 1665, to bear up the uncert. tradit. honor, asenbed to him, 
of descent from the auth. of the Book of Martyrs. For these two 
Thomases, I have varied from Farmer in the dates, respectively, of 
freem.*s oath. Th'e reason may be very slight but the Concord man 
seems to have been the elder of the two ; and tho. of the four names of 
freem., above and below those of these two Foxes, three are of Concord, 
yet two of them heard of not indeed bef. 1639, while Hay ward, of those 
adra. early in 1638, was of Concord 1635, and, of course, Ilutchins of 
Cambridge might seem to balance him ; still the preponderance is for 
Concord. Certainly the Smeedly two were here some yrs. bef. being 
adm. freem. Bond boldly conject. p. 765, that he was the same as 
Thomas of Concord, in wh. I dare not follow his lead. He thereby 
makes the wid. of Percival Greene to be third w. and the wid. of Chad- 
wick fourth w. of Thomas Fox. Seven of this name had, in 1834, been 
gr. at Harv. and equal number at Yale, Brown, and Dart. coll. 

FoxALL, JouN, Boston, had Ruth, bapt. 11 Nov. 1632, says the ch. 
rec I ought to obs. that this may be Coggeshall, or Coxshall, for that 
gent. arr. at Boston in the Lion, only 8 wks. bef. Greater errors are 
occasio. found in rec. Still it may be the name of John Fox well, tho. 
not likely. 

FoxcRAFT, or FoxcROFT, || Francis, Boston, said to be s. of Daniel, 

wh. was mayor of Leeds in Co. York, in 1665, ar. co. 1679, was a col. 

imprison, in Apr. 1689, as adher. of Gov. Andros, yet seems not to have 

snffer. permanent unpopular, by w. Eliz. d. of Gov. Danforth, m. 3 Oct. 

1682, wh. d. 4 July 1721, had Francis, b. 26 Jan. 1695, H. C. 1712 ; 

and Thomas, 26 Feb. 1697, H. C. 1714 ; d. at Cambridge 31 Dec. 1727. 

Francis, Cambridge, s. of the preced. m. 5 Nov. 1722, Mehitable Coney, 

d. perhaps of John, had Mehitable, b. 19 Aug. 1723; Francis, 11 Aug. 

1725, d. at 7 yrs.; Daniel, 11 Apr. 1726, H. C. 1746, d. at 80 yrs.; 

Eliz. 27 Mar. 1729 ; Thomas, 18 Jan. 1731, d. young; Martha, 29 Jan. 

1733, d. young ; Francis, again, 15 June 1735, d. next yr. ; George, 31 

May 1736, d. at 3 yrs. ; Catharine, 20 Apr. 1737, d. next yr. ; William, 

10 Apr. 1738, d. young; Layton, 10 Mar. 1739, d. at 16 yrs. ; John, 26 

Mar. 1740, H. C. 1758; George, 4 July 1741, d. young; Phebe, 12 

Aug. 1743 ; and Francis, 15 Nov. 1744, H. C. 1764 ; was Judge of Pro. 

for Middlesex, and d. 28 Mar. 1768^ George, Boston, nam. as propr. 

in the old Book of Poss'sions bef. deeds were com. was possib. never 

an inhab. but only a London merch. of the comp. of undertakers for us, 

of wh. no more is kn. but that his ho. lot was next to Edward Bendall's 

on the dock. Thomas, Boston, br. of Francis the sec. min. of first ch. 


198 FOX— FOY 

ord. 20 Nov. 1717, m. 1718, Ann Coney, d. of John, liad Samuel, b. 
1735, H. C. 1754, min. of New Gloucester, d. 16 or 18 June 1769. Of 
this name eight had been gr. at Harv. 1834. 

FoxERY, William, Boston 1652, adm. an inhab. and the name ia 
text and marg. of the rec. is so plain that it is wonder, why Drake, in Ilist. 
of Boston, 334, gave il^Foxley ; particular, as it was right in Farmer. 

FoxwELL, John, Barnstable 1643. John, Scarborough, eldest s. of 
Richard of the same, d. prob. bef. his f. leav. wid. Deborah, 1677, to 
admin, his est. Richard, Salem, or Boston, prob. came in the fleet with 
Winth. desired adm. as freem. 19 Oct. 1630, and 18 May foil, was sw. 
perhaps went home, or rem. soon to Scituate, and may have been there 
prior, certain, was in 1634, hav. m. Ann Shelley, a serv. wh. came over 
that yr. as the ch. rec. of Roxbury proves ; was one of the found, of the 
first ch. at Scituate, with Rev. John Lothrop, 8 Jan. 1635 ; but the ch- 
folF. are on rec. of Barnstable, Mary, b. 17, bapt. 30 Aug. 1635, wh. 
m. 8 Jan. 1655, Hugh Cole; Martha, 24 Mar. bapt. 22 Apr. 1638, m. 
9 May 1669, Samuel Bacon; and Ruth, 25 Mar. bapt. 4 Apr. 1641; 
rem. to Barnstable bef. the b. of last ; there his s. John was bur. 21 
Sept. 1646, and he d. 1668, says Deane, wh. tells of him as from Kent, 
yet, however, confus. him with the foil. Richard, prob. at Piscataqoa 
1631, or earlier, for he had been home in 1632, but came back in Apr. 
1633, yet perhaps in connex. with other men than those in whose do- 
minion he was first, being soon engag. in the patent right of Lewis and 
Bonython, and sat down at Scarborough 1636, there m. Sarah, d. of 
Richard Bonython, had Richard, John, Philip, and five ds. was in 1658 
receiv. under jurisdict. of Mass. and in 1663, declared on 4 July that he 
and his neighb. desired their sov. lord, the k. to determine what jurisdict. 
they belong, to; d. 1677, aged a. 73. Folsom, 116. His s. Philip was 
admor. Of the s. Richard, prob. d. bef. his f. ; John m. a d. of Richard 
Gumming, had Nathaniel, but the male line ended with him ; Philip was 
a selectman of Scarborough 1681, d. without heirs, it is believ. 1690. 
The ds. well perpet. the name as a bapt. prefix. Esther m. 1657, 
Thomas Rogers ; Lucretia m. James Robinson of Scarborough ; Su- 
sanna m. John Ashton or Austin ; Mary m. George Norton of York ; 
and Sarah m. Joseph Gurtis of Kittery. From this last desc. the por- 
tion of Gutts fam. 

FoY, Jeffery, Boston 1676, mariner. In his will of 12 Oct 1677, 
pro. 29 Jan. foil, he names w. Rochard, but no ch. John, Boston 1671, 
mariner, by w. Dorothy had Eliz. b. 21 Sept. 1672; John, 28 June 
1674 ; Joseph, and Benjamin, tw. 11 Aug. 1678 ; William, 6 Mar. 1681 ; 
Hannah, 4 Feb. 1683 ; Joseph, again, 21 Aug. 1685 ; Samuel, 15 Feb. 
1688 ; and Samuel, again, 26 Mar. 1689. Perhaps these mariners were 
from Guernsey, or other Ghannel Island. 

FRA 199 

Fraile, George, Lynn 1637, may, first, have been at Cliarlcstown, 
hj w.EIiz. liad Eliz. b. 30 Mar. 1G41; Hannah, Nov. 1G42, d. at 19 
JTS,; Eunice, Dec. 1644; Samuel, 7 Mar. 1646; Deborah, 1 Aug. 
1648; and Ruth, 30 Apr. 1653. He d. 9 Dec. 1663, leav. s. George, k. 
add. 1C69. Lewis, Hist. 90. His wid. d. at Salem 5 May 1669. Eliz. 
m. 23 Nov. 1668, William Shaw of Salem, and d. bef. him (wh. had sec. 
or third w. Mary) ; and Eunice m. 13 Mar. 1671, Abraliam Patch. 

Fbahe, Thomas, Amesbury, tailor, took o. of alleg. 1677, had w. 

Feaxcis, Francis, Reading, had John, b. 4 Feb. 1657. John, 
Braintree, a. 1650. His w. Rose d. 1659, ha v. had Eliz. b. 24 Jan. 
1657 ; and Susanna, on 4 Feb. of this last yr. John, Medford, s. of the 
first Richard, m. 5 Jan. 1688, Lydia, d. of John Cooper, had John, b. 10 
Oct. foil. d. soon ; John, again, 17 Feb. 1690 ; Stephen, 2 Nov. 1691 ; 
Nathaniel, a. 1693 ; Samuel, 17 Jan. 1696 ; Ann, 2 Nov. 1697 ; Joseph, 
5 Jan. 1700; Ebenezer, 30 Oct. 1701, d. soon; Lydia, 20 Apr. 1703 ; and 
Ebenezer, again, 25 Mar. 1708. His w. d. 24 Aug. 1725 ; and he d. 3 
Jan. 1728. Richard, Cambridge, was first at Dorchester, by w. Alco 
or Ahce had Stephen, b. 7 Feb. 1645 ; Sarah, 4 Dec 1646; John, 4 
Jan. 1650 ; Rebecca, and Ann ; all at C. was freem. 13 May 1640, and 
d. 24 Mar. 1687, aged a. 81. Richard, Northampton 1678, had come 
up from the E. prob. and was elk. of Turner's comp. in Philip's war, 
1C76, writing well. Robert, Wethersfield, had Susanna, b. 1651 ; 
Robert, 1653 ; and Mary, 1656 ; by rec. of W. beside John, and per- 
liaps others. His w. Joan d. 1705 ; s. John d. 1711 ; and he d. next yr. 
In one of the div. of town lots he had sh. on wh. John F. Esq., a de- 
scend, now resides. Stephen, Cambridge, eldest s. of first Richard, by 
w. Hannah, d. of wid. Mary Hall, m. 27 Dec. 1670, had Hannah, b. 28 
Sept. foil. wh. d. 17 June 1677; Stephen, 15 Aug. 1674; Hannah, 
again, 18 June 1677, d. young; and third Hannah, 7 Apr. 1680; was 
after of Reading and Medford, freem. 1690. His w. d. 2 Apr. 1683, and 
he m. 16 Sept. foil. Hannah Dickson. Nine of this name had, in 1829, 
been gr. at N. E. coll. of wh. Rev. Dr. Convers, H. C. 1815, Parkman 
Professor there, has been disting. for histor. research. 

Franklin, Benjamin^ Boston, s. of William of the same, by w. 
Catharine had Joanna, b. 12 July 1672 ; Sarah, 2 Oct. 1674 ; Benjamin, 
28 Jan. 1677. Benjamin, Marlborough, by w. Phebe had JVIary, b. 3 
July 1690; and John, 12 Sept. 1692. He taught a sch. there Jan. to 
Apr. 1699, and may be the same as the preced. tho. prob. is against it 
Benjamin, Boston, fifteenth ch. and youngest-8. of Josiah of the same, 
too famous to need any other memo, than that furnished by his autobiog. 
and the great work of Sparks. He m. 1 Sept. 1730, at Philadelphia, 


Deborah Reed, wh. d. 19 Dec. 1774, had only two ch. by her, Francis 
Folger, b. 20 June 1732, d. at 4 yrs. and Sarah, 11 Sept. 1743, whose 
descend, are quite num. James, a soldier in Moseley's comp. Dec 
1675, on the terrible Narraganset campaign, and in 1686 was a towns- 
man of Dartmouth. I would gladly kn. wh. was his f. John, Boston 
1 652, a cooper, perhaps br. of the preced. d. 26 Nov. 1653. John, Rox- 
bury 1664. Jonathan, Hadley 1678. Josiah, Boston, s. of Thomas 
of Ecton, Northamptonsh. where he was b. 23 Dec 1657, came a. 1683, 
with w. Ann and three ch. Eliz. b. 2 Mar. 1678; Samuel, 16 Maj 
1681; and Hannah, 25 May 1683; all b. at Banbury in Oxfordsb. 
followed in Boston his trade of soapboiler and maker of candles, had 
here, by her, Josiah, b. 23 Aug. 1685 ; Ann, 5 Jan. 1687 ; Joseph, 5 
Jan. or 6 Feb. 1688, d. soon; and Joseph, again, 30 June 1689. The 
first w. d. and he m. not very long after, we judge, Abiah, d. of Peter 
Folger, wh. d. 1752, in 85th yr. had John, bapt. 7 Dec 1690 ; Peter, b. 
22, bapt 27 Nov. 1692; Mary, 26 Sept. 1694; James, 4 Feb. 1697; 
Sarah, 9 July 1699 ; Ebenezer, 20 Sept. 1701, d. at 2 yrs.; Thomas, 
7 Dec. 1703 ; Benjamin, 6 Jan. 1706, the celebr. philosoph. and statesman, 
bapt. the same day, as his f. liv. very near to 0. S. ch. ; Lydia, 3 Aug. 
1708 ; and Jane, 27 I^Iar. 1712 ; so that there were seventeen ch. He d, 
16 Jan. 1745. His br. Benjamin, a silk dyer, and maker of verses, from 
London, came many yrs. later, and is beyond the scope of this work. 
Nor does it seem necessary to enlarge on the sev. branches of the 
orig. stock, for it is thought the fam. name is exhausted. Much less 
can I be expected to speak of the illustrious son of Boston, whose 
male descend, the royal Gov. of New Jersey, tho. illegit. after manj 
yrs. of separation in politic regards, was reconcil. to his f. Of him 
we may express our regret, that the yr. of b. of his son is unkn. tho.^ 
certain, it might have been hoped, bef. the m. of his f. as also that the 
name of his mo. and the reason why the young philosoph. did. not m. her 
(unless bee he had one w. already), arc equal, uncert But the fam. 
geneal. in G. Reg. VHI. 374, while it supplies no mo. for the Gov. says 
he was b. a. 1731 ; and that the blood of the great patron of commoa 
sense is perpet. only through female line. William, Ipswich 1634, 
came in the IMary and John that yr. with many others, wh. rem. to 
Newbury 1635, m. Alice, d. of Robert Andrews, was a blacksmith, rem, 
to Boston, where is rec b. of his d. Eliz. 3 Oct. 1638 ; was adm. of our 
ch. 30 Jan. 1641. Perhaps his w. d. bef. that, and by w. Joanna he had 
John, 14 July 1642; and Benjamin, 12 Oct. 1643; perhaps, also, by 
third w. Phebe had Ebenezer, wh. d. 24 Oct. 1 644 ; and Eleazur, 4 Oct, 
1645, bapt. as (with unusual precision), the rec. says "almost a day 
old," bur. perhaps, the same day; Eliz. m. 6 Oct. 1656, George May. 

FRA 201 

If onlj one was f. of these sev. eh. he d. at London, bef. July 1G58, 
when his inv. of good est. was appr. here and in that yr. his wid. Phebe 
m. Augustine Lindon. But one William left a wid. Jane, wh. d. 16 
Julj 1659, and confus. CAsi. spreads into the assign, of offspring among 
(hose of sim. names. We may obs. that Coffin has thus giv. this last 
born Eleaznr to that man (mem. of Roxbury eh.) hanged a yr. and a 
half prior for murder of Nathaniel Sewell, his apprent. a pauper sent 
from Eng. See Winth. II. 183-5. William, Windsor 1 648. 

Fkanks, John, m. 23 July 1663, Sarah, d. of Joseph Weld of Eox- 
bory, had John, b. 26 May 166-4; Joseph, 14 June 1666 ; and Sarah, 
26 Feb. 1669. Ano. John, of Boston, if the rec. be true, by w. Grace 
had Deborah, b. 11 Jan. 1666. 

Frary, *Eleazur, or Eliezur, Hadlcy, s. of John, m. 1666, Mary, 
d. of Isaac Graves, had Samuel, Elcazur, Isaac, Jonathan, Prudence, 
and Hannah; was calL of Northampton when frcem. 1680; rep. for 
Hatfield often betw. 1692 and his d. at that place 1709. John, Ded- 
ham, by w. Prudence had Isaac, b. 29 Dec. 1638; Eleazur, 14 Feb. 
1640; Samuel, 27 Oct. 1641 ; Theophilus; and prob. others bef. these, 
some b. in Eng. ; was one of the found, of the ch. 8 Nov. 1638, freem. 
13 Mar. 1639, liv. in that pt. wh. bee. Medfield, there d. July 1675, at 
great age, as he says in his will, made the mo. preced. in wh. he ment. 
only w. Prudence, and three s. Theophilus, Eleazur, and Samson, and 
some of their ch. but no d. of his own. Worthington, Hist. 104, led 
Parmer to the error of suppos. that he rem. to Deerfield. John, Med- 
field, perhaps s. of the preced. b. 1 620, or perhaps a neph. or other rel. 
freem. 1656. Richard, Northampton, d. 31 Jan. 1697. Samson, 
Hadlcy, liv. on W. side of the riv. wh. bee. Hatfield, was s. of John, had 
Mary; Mehitable ; Susanna, b. 1668; John, 1669; both of wh. soon d. 
and Nathaniel, 1675 ; rem. to Deerfield, there was k. 29 Feb. 1704, by 
the Fr. and Ind. wh. took his w. Mary and k. her bef. reach. Canada. 
Mehitable m. 1682, Hezekiah Root of Northampton ; ano. d. prob. elder, 
hav. m. his br. Jacob R. * Theophilus, Boston, br. of the preced. 
cordwainer, m. 4 June 1653, Hannah, d. of Jacob Eliot, had Theophilus, 
b. 20 Sept. 1657, d. soon; John, 19 Sept. 1658; Theophilus, again, 4 
Dec 1660, d. young; Theophilus, again, 30 Jan. 1662 ; Abigail, 5 Sept. 
1663; Mehitable, 23 Jan. 1665, d. soon ; Mehitable, again, 4 Feb. 1666 ; 
John, again, 11 Dec. 1668; Prudence, 23 Aug. 1670; Samuel, 13 May 
1673 ; and Bethia, 5 Dec. 1674. He had also Hannah, as by his will 
of 11 Sept. 1697, pro. 31 Oct. 1700, appears, in wh. he gives to now w. 
Mary, ds. Hannah Belcher, Abigail Arnold, and Mehitable Lillie, brs. 
Samson and Eleazur, and makes ds. excors. so that we may presume the 
fl. were all d. He was deac. of the third, or 0. S. ch. rep. 1689, and d 
17 Oct- 1700. 

202 FRA — FRE 

Frazer, Colin, Newbury, but rem. to Rowley after some yrs, m. 10 
Nov. 1685, Martha, d. of Duncan Stuart, had Simon, b. 19 Aug. 1686 ; 
Jolm, 1 Apr. 1688, d. young; Hannah, 31 Aug. 1692 ; John, again, 12 
June 1694, wh. d. at Boston, aged 19 yrs. ; Ebenezer, 27 July 1696; 
Gershom, 8 Aug. 1697; Nathan, 8 Jan. 1700; Abigail, 21 Apr. 1701; 
and Lawson, 14 Sept. 1704. William, Portsmouth 1645. 

Freake, John, Boston 1660, merch. with prefix of respect, m. 28 
May 1661, Eliz. d. of Capt. Thomas Ckrk, had Mary, b. 25 Mar. 1662 ; 
Eliz. 13 June 1663 ; Clark, 11 Oct. 1666 ; John, 8 Jan. 1668 ; Jane, 26 
Oct. 1669 ; Mehitable, 5 Oct. 1670 ; Thomas, 29 Nov. 1672 ; and Mary, 
6 May 1674 ; and he.d. by explos. of ship from Virg. in Boston harbor, 
4 May 1675, under 40 yrs. The wid. m. Elisha Hutchinson ; and Mary 
m. 6 May 1694, Josiah Walcot. 

Freathy, James, York, perhaps s. of William, took the o. of alleg. 
22 Mar. 1680. William, York, freem. of Mass. 22 Nov. 1652. 

Freeborne, or Freebourne, Gideon, Portsmouth, R. I. only s. of 
William of the same, by w. Sarah had Mary, b. 12 Feb. 1664, d. at 12 
yrs. ; Sarah, 14 Jan. 1667; Ann, 28 JVIar. 1669; Martha, 8 Aug. 1671; 
Susanna, 24 Mar. 1674; and Patience, 4 Mar. 1676; and by sec w. m. 
3 June 1678, Mary, wid. of John Lawton, d. of Matthew Broomer, or 
some such name, had Mary, 24 Aug. 1679; William, 3 Feb. 1682; 
Gideon, 29 Apr. 1684; Thomas, 5 Feb. 1688, d. the same yr.; beside 
Mercy, wh. m. Thomas Coggeshall, and Comfort, wh. m. ano. CoggeshalL 
Of the nine ds. we learn the m. of seven from the will of Susanna, a 
kind old maid, that d. 21 Jan. 1723, naming those sis. and their hs. 
together with her br. Gideon's two brs.-in-law, eleven cous. and thirteen 
nieces. William, Boston, came in the Francis from Ipswich 1634, 
aged 40, with w. Mary, 33 ; and ch. Mary, 7 ; and Sarah, 2 ; and serv. 
John Aldburg, 14, wh. may be the eounsellor of Andres 1687, as he was 
a man of distinct bef. this date. Freeborne first sat down in Mass. and 
was sw. freem. 3 Sept. 1634, of course liv. in some other town, when his 
s. Gideon was prob. b. and was a mem. of one of the chs. of the jurisdicL 
but was, perhaps, of Roxbury, certain, not of that in Boston, where he 
liv. in 1637, and was disarm, as a favorer of Wheelwright, went with the 
disaffect. to R. I. there, in Mar. after, signed the civil coven, at Newport, 
in 1655 was at Portsmouth the adjoin, town, and there d. 28 Apr. 1670, 
aged 80 nearly, and his wid. Mary d. six days after of the full age of 80, 
if fam. tradit. be prefer, to the custom-ho. rec. of their embark, from 
wh. we should calculate the h. to be 76, and the w. 69. 

Fbeeby, Nicholas, Casco, a. 1680. Willis, I. 217. 

Freelove, Morris, Portsmouth, R. I. m. 9 Feb. 1681, Eliz. d. of 
Samuel Wilbore, and rem. to Freetown. 


* Freemak, Anthony, came in the Hopewell, Capt. Babb, in the 
autamn of 1635, aged 24 ; but of him no more is kn. David, Reho- 
both, m. 4 Apr. 1684, Margaret Ingraham of Swanzey. {Edmund, 
LjnD, came in the Abigail 1635, aged 45, with others of the name, Mary, 
50 ; John, 85 ; Thomas, 24 ; John, 9 ; and Cecilia, 4 ; all ent, at the 
custom ho. 17 June in London ; but we kn. of six others for the same 
sh. ent. 1 July folL viz. Edward, 34 ; his w. Eliz. 35 ; and four ch. not 
of Edward, but of Edmund, Alice, 17 ; Edmund, 15 ; Eliz. 12 ; and 
John, 8. Who Mary and the four others were, that took their passage 
OD the earlier day, is all unkn. as well as the Edward with w. Eliz. 
Conjecture will find no benefit from rec. it is thought ; for we are not 
able to determine whether he brought a w. yet kn. that he had one at 
Sandwich, but not her name. Presume we may (from his will of 21 
Jane 1682, pro. 2 Nov. foil, naming s. Edmund, John, and Edward 
Perry, as the w. of Edward Perry was Mary), that he had m. on this 
ade of the water, a wid. Perry, tho. Mr. Winsor took a diverse view, as 
if E. P. had m. a d. of Freeman. No d. is ever ment. in this country, 
cxc the two' found in the old rec. of the London custom ho. Alice, wh. 
m. 24 Nov. 1639, deac. William Paddy, and d. at Plymouth, 24 Apr. 
1651; and Eliz. wh. m. a. 1645, John Ellis. An Eliz. F. wh. d. at 
Sandwich, 14 Feb. 1676, may have been the fellow passeng. call, in the 
rec w. of Edward, but while we are ignor. wh. Edward was, or where 
he liv. or if indeed the name be not a delusion on the rec there may be 
poesibil. of her being the w. of Edmund. Dr. Palfrey found gr.stones 
of many of this fam. name at Benefield in Northamptonsh. but the late 
Hev. Dr. James Freeman understood from fam. tradit that he was 
deriv. from Devonsh. On the first arr. of Edmund with his assoc. at 
Sandwich, they calL the place Saugus,'out of regard to the Ind. name of 
the place in Mass. whence they rem. He was an Assist, of the Col. 
1640-46 incl. but why in foil. yrs. omit, is not guessed at, nor why among 
instances of longev. he is not cited, when many younger are. * ISd- 
vrxD, Sandwich, s. of the preced. b. in Eng. m. 22 Apr. 1646, at East- 
ham, Rebecca, d. of Thomas Prence, the Gov. had only Rebecca, after 
b.of wh. his w. d. prob. in short time, and he m. 13 July 1651, Margaret 
Tonng, bad Margaret, b. 2 Oct. 1652 ; Edmund, 5 Oct. 1655 ; Alice, 
29 Mar. 1658 ; Rachel, 7 Sept. 1659, Sarah, 6 Feb. 1662 ; and Deborah, 
9 Aug. 1665 ; was rep. and the time of d. of hims. or of his w. is unkn. 
£dmukd, Sandwich, only s. of the preced. m. a. 1682, w. Sarah, had 
Edmund, b. 30 Aug. 1683; Benjamin, 6 July 1686; Mary, 13 Mar. 
1688; John, 12 June 1693 ; Thomas, 26 Mar. 1696; Joseph, 18 July 
1698 ; WiUiam, 4 Dec. 1700 ; Sarah, 6 Dec. 1703 ; and Isaac, 20 Oct. 
1706; d. 18 May 1720, and his wid. d. 12 Nov. 1742, aged 90. Of 


these ch. Mary d. at 46 yrs. bat all the other eight filled 60, or 70, or 80*, 
or 90 yrs. Henry, Watertown, s. of Samuel, by w. Mary had Samuel, b. 
13 Dec. 1G57 ; John, 13 Sept. 16G2, and Thomas, 17 Dec 1664 ; but, 
says tradit. only s. James enjoy, patem. est.; d. 1672. The in v. is 
dated of 18 Nov. in that yr. John, Sudbury, 1639, an orig. propr. by 
w. Eliz. had Joseph, b. 29 Mar. 1645, wh. was the freem. of 1678. 
t John, Eastham, s. of first Edmund, b. in Eng. m. 13 or 14 Feb. (both 
days being giv. in rec. by Geneal. Reg. IX. 313, and 314), 1650, 
Mercy, d. of Thomas Prence, tlie Gov. had John, b. 2 Feb. 1651, d. 
soon; John, again, Dec. 1651; Thomas, Sept 1653; Edmund, June 
1657; Mercy, July 1659; Hannah; Prence, 3 Feb. 1666; and Na- 
thaniel, 20 Mar. 16G9 ; he was an Assist of the Col. 1666 and folL yrs. 
but neither his nor his w.'s d. is found. Mercy m. Dec. 1679, Samuel 
Knowles; and Hannah m. 14 Apr. 1681, John Mayo. John, Eastham, 
8. of the preced. m. 18 Dec. 1672, Sarah, d. of William Merrick, had 
John, b. 3 Sept 1674, d. young; Sarah, Sept 1676; John, again, July 
1678; Rebecca, 28 Jan. 1681; Nathaniel, 17 Mar. 1683; Benjamin, 
July 1685 ; and Mercy, 3 Aug. 1687 ; and he d. 27 July 1721, but of 
w. date of d. is unkn. Jonathan, Hampton, freem. 1678. Jonathah, 
Dedham, freem. 1684, was a soldier in Moseley's comp. for the Narraganset 
expedit Dec. 1675. Joseph, Sudbury, m. 6 May 1680, Dorothy, prob. 
d. of John Ilaynes, had Joseph, b. 1 6 Mar. foil. d. young ; Joseph, again, 
18 Sept. 1684 ; Dorothy, 4 Aug. 1687 ; and perhaps others. Samuel, 
Watertown 1630, came, prob. in the fleet with Winth. by w. Maiy, per- 
haps d. of William Collier, had Henry, bef. ment and Samuel, b. 11 
May 1638. He request adm. as freem. 19 Oct 1630, having prefi^^ 
of respect in the rec. but was not sw. bef. 22 May 1639 ; and soon after 
went home, leav. his fam. but d. in short time, if any faith may be giv. 
to tradit that his wid. m. Thomas Prence, wh. had been, and was after, 
Gov. of Plymouth. Samuel, Eastham, it is reported, was thitl^r tak. 
by Gov. Prence (wh. m. his mo.), m. at E. 12 May 1658, Mercy, d: of 
Constant South worth, had Apphia, b. 11 Dec. 1660, d. at 2 mos.; Sam- 
uel, 26 Mar. 1662 ; Apphia, again, 1 Jan. 1667 ; Constant, 31 Mar. 
1669 ; and EHz. 26 June 1671. He was deac. Apphia m. 7 Oct 1685, 
Isaac Pepper. Ano. Samuel there was early at E. beside the s. of the 
preced. but I can form no conject wh. could be the jr. that had be^i 
adm. an inhab. in 1675, unless he may have been s. of John the first. 
Stephen, Milford 1646, then had house lot, but did not bee. inhab. until 
1658, rem. prob. to Newark, N. J. in few yrs. where Thomas Judd of 
Waterbury m. 1688, his d. Sarah; and perhaps he came back to Comi. 
and his wid. Hannah may have m. Robert Porter of Farmington. 
Thomas, Eastham, s. of first Jolm of the same', m. 31 Dec. 1673, Re- 

FRE 205 

becca, d. of Jonathan Sparrow, had Mary, b. 30 Oct. 1674; Thomas, 11 
Oct. 1676; Jonathan, 11 Nov. 1678; Edmund, 11 Oct. 1680; Joseph, 
U Feb. 1683; Joshua, 7 Mar. 1685 ; Hannah, 28 Sept. 1687 ; Prence, 
dJ||N 1690; Hatsell, 27 Mar. 1691 ; and Rebecca, 26 Apr. 1694 ; and 
ied. 9 Feb. 1716. William, Eastham, had a. 1686, w. Lydia, says 
flamblen. Nine of this name had been gr. in 1829 at Harv. four at 
Dart and one at Yale, and six at the other N. E. coll. 

Fbeeze, or Frieze, James, Salisbury, by w. Eliz. had James, b. 16 
Mar. 1667. James, Casco, k. by the Ind. 1689, was prob. s. of the pre- 
ced. lefl Jacob, wh. rem. to Hampton, and had Jonathan, George, and 
Joeepb. WiUis, I. 210. 

French, Dependence, Braintree, s. of John first of the same, by w. 
Mary, d. of Alexander Marsh, had Mary, b. 30 Mar. 1684^ and by w. 
Bebecca had John, 10 Mar. 1689 ; Dependence, 15 Apr. 1691 ; Rebecca, 
13 May 1694 ; and David, with Eliz. tw. 4 Mar. 1699. Edward, Ips- 
wich 1636, rem. to Salisbury, among its earliest proprs. and in 1652 had 
the greatest est. of any in that town but two ; and d. 28 Dec. 1674. In 
his will, 1673, speaks of his gr. age, names w. Ann, wh. d. 9 Mar. 1683 ; 
i Joseph, with his ch. Joseph, Simon, Edward, and Ann ; s. John, with 
his ch. John, Mary, Hannah, and Sarah ; s. Samuel, with his ch. Sam- 
uel; and d. Philbrick, w. of Thomas P. wh. she m. 22 Sept. 1669, 
then being wid. of John White of Haverhill, m. 25 Nov. 1662. Han- 
nah m. Jethro Wheeler of Rowley. Edward, Salisbury, youngest s. of 
Joseph, the first of the same, m. a. Oct. 1 695, Mary, eldest d. of Ephraim 
Vinslej, had Elisha, b. 12 Aug. 1696; Mary, 2 June 1698; and Eliz. 
5 July 1700. Ephraim, Windsor, had Richard, b. 1674, was an early 
lett. of Enfield. Francis, Derby, came prob. in the Defence 1635, at 
10 yrs, old, with William, perhaps his uncle, or br. with wh. he may have 
Kt. some yrs. at Cambridge, was of D. a. 1654. Jacob, Weymouth, 
freem. 1652. Jacob, Billerica, s. of William, m. 20 Sept. 1665, Mary, 
d. of Elder Richard Champney of Cambridge, had Jacob, b. 20 Feb. 
1667; William, 18 July 1668 ; Mary, 6 Oct. 1669, d. next mo. ; John, 
8 Dec 1670 ; Joseph, 5 May 1673 ; Jabez, 16 Sept. 1674, d. next day ; 
Hannah, 23 Oct. 1677, d. same day; Eliz. 8 June 1679; and Sarah, 7 
Mar. 1681 ; was freem. 1676, d. 20 May 1713. John, Cambridge, by 
w. Joan had John ; Mary ; Sarah, b. Oct. 1637 ; Joseph, 4 Apr. 1640 ; 
Kathaniel, 7 June 1643; was perhaps freem. 1644 ; his w. was bur. 20 
Jan. 1646, and he 16 of mo. foil. His d. Mary m. 2 May 1654, Theo- 
philus Richardson. John, Dorchester 1639, by w. Grace had John, b. 
28 Feb. 1641 ; Thomas, 10 July 1643, d. at 13 yrs.; rem. to Braintree, 
there had Dependence, 7 Mar. 1649 ; Temperance, 30 Mar. 1651 ; Wil- 
liam, 31 Mar. 1653 ; Eliz. 29 Sept. 1655 ; Thomas, again, 10 Mar. 1658, 

YOL. II. 18 

206 FRENCH. 

d. next jT. ; and Samuel, 22 Feb. 1660. His w. Grace d. 28 Feb. 1681 ; 
and he m. under a contr. of 8 July 1683, Elinor, d. of Rev. William 
Thompson, wid. of William Veazey. Prob. he was that freem. of 1644, 
tho. Thayer says 1 639 (when no such person is found), and he pgefeis 
claim of Cambridge John. He d. 6 Aug. 1692, aged 80 ; and ten pages 
of Thayer's Genealogy are filled with acco. of his descend, one of wh. 
was Rev. Jonathan of Andover, H. C. 1771. His wid. d. 23 Apr. 1711, 
aged 85. Temperance m. John Bowditch, and d. 12 Aug. 1720. Very 
difficult is the problem of adjusting the parentage of descend, of this 
John French, as in the distribut. of his est was needful ; and tho. after 
much study 1 succeed, for all others, the Lambs evade my search. See 
Geneal. Reg. XXL 353. John, Ipswich 1648, s.'prob. of Edward, m. 
23 Mar. 1659, Mary, perhaps d. of Joseph Noyes of Salisbury, rem. 
thither, had John, b. 12 Dec. 1660; Mary, 12 June 1663; Hannah, 9 
Aug. 1665, d. next mo.; Hannah, again; Sarah, 27 Dec 1669; Ed- 
ward, 20 July 1672 ; Abigail, 6 May 1675 ; Nicholas, 28 Oct 1677, d. 
at 21 yrs. ; James, 15 Aug. 1679 ; and Timothy, 15 Aug. 1681. Jomv, 
Billerica, s. of William, came in the Defence with his parents at the age 
of 5 mos. m. 21 June 1659 at Barnstable, Abigail, d. of Henry Coggan ; 
and in 1 662 m. Hannah, d. of John Burrage of Charlestown, and rem. 
to Dunstable. He had prob. Joseph, but of wh. w. is uncert JoHV, 
Northampton, came a. 1676, from Rehoboth, with w. d. of John EiDg»* 
ley, and ch. John, Thomas, Samuel, and Jonathan, the first three of wh. 
took o. of alleg. 8 Feb. 1679 ; beside three ds. Mary, w. of Samuel Stel>- 
bms, m. 4 Mar. 1 678, wh. d. bef. her f. ; Hannah, w. of Francis Keet ; 
and Eliz, w. of Samuel Pomeroy. Perhaps he was s. of John of Do^ 
Chester; certain, he d. 1 Feb. 1697. Samuel d. prob. unm. 8 Sept 
1683. John, Rehoboth, eldest s. of the preced. m. 27 Nov. 1678, Maiy 
Palmer, liv. with his gr.f. EJngsley, had Hannah, b. 19 Oct folL ; John, 
13 Apr. 1681. John, Braintree, eldest s. of John of the same, m. Ex- 
perience, d. of Thomas Thayer, jr. had John, b. 20 Sept 1686, d. young; 
Ann, 15 Jan. 1688; Thomas, 23 June 1690; Grace, 22 Feb. 1693; 
Deborah, 2 Aug. 1694; William, 16 Jan. 1696; and John, again, 16 
Apr. 1699. His w. Experience d. 29 Sept 1719, aged 60. Jonathak, 
br. of the preced. cont. at Northampton, had eight ch. betw. 1693 and 
1710 ; and Thomas, ano. br. Hv. at Deerfield. Joseph, Salisbury, prob. 
s. of Edward of the same, b. in Eng. prob. by w. Susanna, wh. d. 16 
Feb. 1688, had Joseph, b. 16 Mar. 1654; EHz. 5 Nov. 1655, wh. d. 6 
Dec foil.; Simon, 24 Oct 1657 ; Ann, 10 Mar. 1659, wh. m. 21 Jnly 
1680, Richard Long of the same ; Edward, 14 May 1663, wh. d. 8 June 
foil and Edward, again, 6 Apr. 1667, wh. d. 28 Dec 1674. Joseph, 
BiUerica, s. of John of Cambridge, m. Experience Foster, had there 

FRENCH. 207 

Joseph, Joboi Thomas, and Jacob ; rem. perhaps to Concord, and may 
hfe been the freem. of 1690. Joseph, Salisbury, s. of Joseph of the 
same, m. 13 June 1678, Sarah, d. of Roger Eastman, had Joseph, b. 26 
ilai. 1679 ; Timothy, 16 June 1681 ; and Simon, 26 Aug. 1683. He d. 
li Dec aAer, and his wid. m. 4 Aug. foil. Solomon Shepherd. Joseph, 
Taunton, had Thomas, b. 12 Dec. 1680, d. in few days ; Ebenezer, 27 
Jnne 1682. Michael, Exeter, took o. of alleg. 20 Dec 1677, but tho. 
dignif. with prefix of respect, as are very few others in the list of that 
day's work, we hear no more of him. Prob. he d. soon. Nathaniel, 
Taunton, m. 9. Jan. 1677, Mary Tisdale ; d. 14 June 1711 ; and his wid. 
Mary d. 18 May 1731. Richabd, Cambridge, one of the grantees of 
the fanns, 1652, soon nam. Billerica, by w. Martha had Samuel, 
U 13 July 1653 ; and, perhaps, other ch. certain. John, and Joseph. 
RoBEBT, Boston, mem. of the Scot's charit. soc 1684. Samuel, Salis- 
bury, s. prob. of Edward of the same, m. 1 June 1664, Abigail Brown, 
had Abigail, b. 17 July 1666 ; Hannah, 15 Mar. 1669 ; Samuel, 24 Mar. 
1672 ; Henry, 1673 ; and Nathaniel, 8 Dec 1678 ; and prob. his w. d. 
11 Jan. 1680; and by sec. w. Esther had Joanna, 16 Dec. 1683 ; John, 
9 June 1G86 ; and Esther, 22 Sept. 1688. Samuel, Braintree, youngest 
hr. of Dependence, by w. Ann, d. of Alexander Marsh, had Samuel, b. 
17 Nov. 1680, d. young; Samuel, again, 13 Sept. 1688; Hannah, 15 
Jan. 1690; Mary, 20 Sept. 1691; Alexander, 13 Dec 1695; Josiah, 
20 Mar. 1700; Nathaniel, 1 Apr. 1702; and Benjamin. His w. d. 4 
Feb. 1712 ; and he d. 13 Oct. 1718. Samuel, Billerica, youngest s. of 
William, one of the first sett of Dunstable, m. 24 D^c 1682, Sarah, d. 
of John Cummings, had Sarah, b. Feb. 1684; Samuel, 10 Sept 1685 ; 
Joseph, 10 Mar. 1687 ; John, 6 May 1691 ; Ebenezer, 7 Apr. 1693 ; 
Kchard, 8 Apr. 1695 ; Alice, 20 Nov. 1699 ; and Jonathan, 1 Feb. 1704. 
Ebenezer was k. by the Ind. 5 Sept 1724. Simon, Salisbury, s. of the 
first Joseph of the same, by w. Joanna had Sarah, b. 18 Mar. 1686 ; 
Suaanna, 23 Mar. 1688 ; Joseph, 28 Feb. 1690 ; James, 6 Nov. 1692 ; 
Hannah, d. young; Mary, 2 Sept 1696 ; and Joanna, 26 June 1699 ; 
vas freem. 1690. * Stephen, Dorchester 1630, prob. came in the 
Maiy and John, rem. soon to Weymouth, freem. 14 May 1634, rep. 
1638, had one w. Mary, wh. d. 6 Apr. 1655 ; and a s. wh. d. 31 Jan. 
1657 ; but he was f. of Jacob, and Stephen, made his will 17 Mar. 1679, 
pro. 29 July foil, in wh. he ment only sis. Mary Randall, w. perhaps of 
Robert, the &ye being ch. of s. Stephen, and br. Searle. Stephen, 
Weymouth, s. of the preced. by w. Hannah, d. of John Whitman of the 
nme, had Mary, b. 11 May 1662 ; Stephen, 11 June 1664 ; Samuel, 5 
May 1668; Hannah, 19 Apr. 1670; and Eliz. 29 Apr. 1674; was 
fineem. 1681. Thomas, Boston 1631, had, I think, by w. Alice, Mary, 

208 FRENCH. 

bapt. 23 Sept. 1G32, wh. d. soon, and Mary, again, 2 Mar. 1634, frecm. 
6 Nov. 1632, was dism. from Boston ch. 27 Jan. 1639 to that of Ipswich, 
whither he had gone 1634, prob. d. 1639. Perhaps he came in the Lion 
with John Winthrop, the Gov.'s s. ; for his name is on the list of the 
ch. bef. the use of dates betw. those of young W. and his w. Martha. 
II Thomas, Ipswich 1638, then call. jr. may have been of ar. co. that yr. 
and freem. 1674. Thomas, Charlestown 1638, rem. to Guilford 1650, 
or earlier, had many ch. of wh. I suppose, one was Mary (wh. m. 14 
Sept. 1665, John Evarts, and d. in few yrs.), but only Ebenezer and 
John liv. to mid. age. Thomas, Braintree, s. of John first of the same, 
by w. Eliz. had Eliz. b. 16 Dec. 1696 ; Thomas, 5 Aug. 1698 ; Moses, 
16 Feb. 1700; Jonathan, 20 June 1702; Rachel, 26 Mar. 1704;. Sam- 
uel, Sept. 1706 ; Abijah, 25 May 1709 ; Ebenezer, 9 Sept. 1711 ; Sarah, 
16 Feb. 1714 ; and Seth, 25 Oct. 1716. He d. 22 Sept 1717 ; and his 
wid. d. 23 Dec. 1718. Thomas, Northampton, s. of John of the same, 
m. 1683, Mary, d. of John Catlin of Hartford, sett, at Deerfield, had 
seven ch. of wh. in the assault, 29 Feb. 1704, by the Fr. and Ind. one 
was k. five others with hims. and w. were car. off to Canada, on the way 
however the w. was k. and he brot. back only two ch. was deac. d. 5 
Apr. 1733. * William, Cambridge, br. of John of the same, came, with 
Ilarlakenden, in the Defence, 1635, aged 30, w. Eliz. 30, or 32 (both 
stated in the rec. of London custom-ho.), and Francis, 10, wh. may have 
been s. br. or neph. Eliz. 6 ; Mary, 2^ ; and John, 5 mos. this last was 
bapt. at Cambridge, after arr. by Hooker, a fellow passenger, whose 
name is not found in the list, as the order of the Privy Council would 
have stopped him. He is ent. no doubt for purpose of deception, as serv. 
to Ilarlakenden, and prob. was of Co. Essex. At Cambridge he had 
Sarah, b. Mar. 1638 ; Jacob, 16 Jan. 1640, bef. ment. ; Hannah, 2 Feb. 
1 642, d. 20 June foil, but ano. Hannah foil, and Samuel, 3 Dec 1 645, d. 
July foil.; but ano. Samuel came after; was freem. 3 Mar. 1636; one 
of the first sett, of Billerica, where he had sec. w. 6 May 1669, Mary, 
wid. of John Steams, d. of Thomas Lothrop of Barnstable, had Mary, 
b. 30 Apr. 1670 ; Sarah, 29 Oct. 1671 ; Abigail, 14 Apr. 1673, d. next 
yr.; and Hannah, 1676. His d. Eliz. m. says Mitchell's Heg. an Eliot 
of Dedham ; the first Sarah m. 1 1 Dec. 1 657, John Trull ; and Hannah 
the sec. m. Jolm Brackett ; the sec. Mary m. Nathaniel Dunkler ; the 
sec. Sarah m. Joseph Crosby; and the third Hannah m. 5 OcL 1693, 
John Child. Evid. of his engagem. in the cause of Ind. instruct is found 
in a tract, " Strength out of Weakness," pub. at London 1652, reprint, in 
3 Mass. Hist. Coll. IV. 193. He was a lieut, rep. being the first from that 
town of B. 1660, and 3, d. a capt. 20 Nov. 1681, aged 78 by the rec. of 
Billerica, where posterity is still num. William, Braintree, br. of De- 

FRI 209 

peudence, m. 25 Sept 1689, Racbel, d. of Robert Twelves or Twells, had 

Filliam, b. a. 1690 ; d. 22 Feb. 1691, and his w. d. 8 days bef. Five of 

Has name had been gr. at Harv. two at Yale, three at Dart and six at 

oOier N. £. colL in 1834. 

Friabb, Elisha, of New Hampsh. 1689. Perhaps it was Fryer. 

Fbjbbens, William, giv. to me, as copied from a list of passengers, 

io the Mary and John, Robert Swyers (perhaps Sayers), master, to pass 

tor N. £. wh. took the o. of alleg. and supremacy, 26 Mar. 1634, is by me 

(is this is aLoQOSt an impossib. name and the two first letters might easi. in 

ttdent chirogr. be mistak. for H.) thought to mean our William Hibbens. 

Friend, Francis, one of the flower of Essex, k. 18 Sept 1675, at 

Bloody brook under Capt Lothrop. James, Wenham, perhaps s. of 

John, freem. 1690. y John, Salem 1637, had first been at Saybrook with 

joong John Winth. was a carpenter, had, says Felt, a gr. of Id. 

1637 there, but in Mar. 1640 was inhab. allow, of Boston, and ar. co. d. 

1656, yet perhaps was again at Salem. His will of 4 Jan. 1656 

names eh. Samuel, James, Bctliia, and Eliz. Gardiner names him, in 

ffist of the Pequot war, 3 Mas^. Hist. Coll. HI. 159 ; and, in spite of 

the variety of places, I judge him to be the same wh. sold a lot to George 

Willis at Hartford. 

Friese, James, Salisbury, by w. Eliz. had James, b. 16 Mar. 1667. 
Perhaps he was afler of Newbury, and had John, wh. is ment. by 

Frink, John, Stonington 1666, by w. Grace, wh. d. 1717, had Debo- 
rah; Samuel, b. 14 Feb. 1669 ; John, 18 May 1671 ; Thomas, 25 May 
1674; and d. 1718. Deborah m. Gershom Lambert. John, Ipswich 
1673, in his will, pro. Sept 1675, names w. Mary, and ch. John, and 
George. Bev. Thomas, H. C. 1722, Rev. Samuel, H. C. 1758, beside 
two at other N. E. colL had been gr. 1834. 

Frisbie, Edward, and John, Branford, were signers of the Planta. 
and Ch. cov. Jan. 1668 ; the latter m. Ruth, d. of John Bowers, perhaps 
had Abigail, wh. m. sec William Hoadly, and she (when his wid.) m. 
William Hoadly the £u%t ^ 

Frish, John, print, in Gen. Reg. IX. 80, as one of the Plymouth 
men under John Howland, Apr. 1634, when two men were k. is yet in 
my opin. design, to mean Irish, wh. see. 

Frisk, John, a propr. of Bridgewater 1645. In Wonderwork. 
Provid. Johnson names thus a min. coming in 1637, but it must be error 
of the press, perhaps for Fisk. 

Frissell, or Frizell, James, Roxbury, by w. Sarah had Sarah, 
bapt 2 Apr. 1665 ; Benjamin, 5 May 1667, d. 9 Nov. 1683; Hannah, 
16 Dec 1669 ; Ebenezer, 12 Mar. 1671 ; and Samuel, 8 June 1673 ; 


210 FRO 

freem. 1 GOO. Beside these cli. of wh. not one appears on the town rec 
from that we find Mary, b. IG May 1G56; and James, 1 Oct. 1658. His 
w. d. 11 Feb. 1713 ; and he d. 6 Feb. 1717, aged 90. James, Roxbury, 
8. of the preced. perhaps, by w. Mary had John, b. 14 Feb. 1706 ; and 
Isaac, 5 Nov. 1708. John, Braintree, from Scotland, d. 19 Jan. 1664. 
A John is found at Falmouth 1G89, and John, H. C. 1724. Samuel, 
Roxbury, s. of first James, by w. Martha had Martha, b. 16 Oct. 1695; 
Ebenezer, 22 Feb. 1698 ; and Samuel, 3 Apr. 1700 ; rem. to Framing- 
ham. William, Concord, a Scotchman, m. 28 Nov. 1667, Hannah, d- 
of William Clark of Woburn, had Hannah, b. 12 Sept. 1669 ; William, 
14 Oct. 1671; John, 28 Dec. 1673; Eliz. 1 Mar. 1675; Mary, 1 Oct. 
1677 ; and Clark, 13 June 1680 ; and he d. 5 Jan. 1685. Possib. he 
was one of the prison, taken by Cromwell at Worcester, and sent here 
for sale, 1651, in the John and Sarah, arr. at Boston, in May 1652; yet 
I think very few of that freight of misery liv. so long. 

Froglie, Timothy, a soldier in Capt, Turner's comp. 1676 from the 
E. at Springfield. 

Frost, Abraham, Fairfield, s. of William, b. in £ng. no doubt, calL 
in his f.'s will of 6 Jan. 1645, the younger of the two s. {* Charles, 
Kittery, s. of Nicholas, prob. b. in £ng. came with his f. a. 1637 ; was 
rep. 1658, 60, and 1, capt. ment. by Hubbard, p. 28 of Ind. Wars, and 
major, chosen at the first elect under the new chart. 1693, a counsellor, 
tho. not by Increase Mather nam. in it, was k. by the Ind. in ambush, as 
he was going home from pub. worship on Sunday, 14 July 1697, aged 
65 yrs. He had m. for sec. or third w. a. 1676, Mary, d. of Joseph 
Bolles, or Bowles, of Wells, had beside Sarah, Abigail, Mehitable, Lydia, 
Mary, and Eliz. three s. Charles ; John, b. 1 Mar. 1683 ; and Nicholas; 
of wh. the last d. without issue, but leav. wid. His d. Mary m. 12 Dec. 
1694, Capt John Hill of Saco. Charles, Kittery, s. of the preced. m. 
7 Feb. 1699, Sarah, d. of Capt. Simon Wainwright, wh. d. 5 June 1714> 
had Sarah, b. 6 Nov. 1699; Cliarles, 21 May 1701; Mary, 18 Sept 
1702 ; Eliz. 21 Dec. 1703 ; John, 9 Feb. 1705 ; Abigail, 10 Nov. 1707, 
d. in two mos. ; Mehitable, 23 Dec. 1709, d. in three mos. ; Abigul, 
again, 16 Sept. 1712; and Nicholas, 31 May 1714; and, by the sec. w. 
Jane, wid. of Andrew Pepperell, d. of Robert Eliot, m. 25 Nov. foil had 
Jane, 2 Mar. 1716, d. young; Eliot, 29 June 1718; and Jane, again, 9 
July 1720, d. at one yr. A differ, list of ch. in part, with variety in 
dates as well as names, may be seen in Gen. Reg. X. 45 ; and a critic 
examinat may lead to ascertain, whether a later be worthier than an 
elder tradit He was deac. Col. and Judge of Pro. Daniel, Fairfield, 
elder br. of Abraham, liv. in 1670, by w. Eliz. had Rebecca, b. 1640, 
wh. m. 5 Jan. 1664, Simeon Booth ; Daniel, wh. d. a. 1707 ; Joseph, wh. 

FROST. 211 

^]$o d. near the same time ; Isaac, wh. d. 1685 ; Sarah, wh. m. Samuel 
Smith ; Rachel, wh. m. Robert Rumsej ; Hannah, wh. m. John Sharp ; 
^nd Esther. Edmund, Cambridge, came in the Great Hope 1635, from 
Xpswich, having embarked with Rev. Thomas Shepard, wh. led that ship, 
^Ad came in one, not so good, prob. the Defence, from London ; freem. 3 
*. 1636; was nil. Elder, had w. Thomasine, and ch. John, bapt. in 
r. Thomas, b. Mar. 1637 ; Samuel, Feb. 1639; Joseph, 13 Jan. 1640 ; 
James, 9 Apr. 1643 ; Mary, 24 July 1645 ; Ephraim, a. 1646, or later ; 
by w. Mary had Sarah, 1653. He d. 12 July 1672. He left w. 
an unspeakable name, like Reana (wh. had been wid. of Robert 
Daniels, so his third w.) writ, in his will of 1 6 Apr. preced. and codic. 
of next day, names all his eight ch. gives something to the new colK then 
bnilding, and to George Alcock, then a student Ephraim, Cambridge, 
8. of the preced. freem. 1684, had w. Hepzibah, wh. d. 23 Sept. 1719, 
aged 64, ch. Edmund, Mary, Sarah, and perhaps others ; and d. 2 Jan. 
1718, aged, prob. 70, tho. the gr. stone would make him older. George, 
Saco 1636-40. Folsom, 33. James, Billerica, s. of Edmund, m. 17 
Dec 1665, Rebecca, d. of WiUiam Hamlet, and 22 Jan. 1667, Eliz. 
Foster, had James, Thomas, Samuel, Joseph, Benjamin, Mary, Abigail, 
Hannah, Sarah, and perhaps ano. ch. all, prob. but one by the last w. 
was deac d. 12 Aug. 1711. Jasper, Boston, m. 20 Aug. 1660, Eliz. d. 
of John Wakefield of B. had Jasper, b. 5 Feb. 1664; and Eliz. 24 
Feb. 1665. John, Cambridge, eldest s. of Elder Edmund, d. bef. 25 
Sept. 1672. He, perhaps, m. Rebecca, d. of Thomas Andrews of Water- 
town, had Rebecca, b. 3 Dec. 1669. John, Dover 1665, is possib. mis- 
taken by Farmer for J. Foss. John, York, s. of Nicholas, d. 1677, leav. 
John and Philip to be admors. ; and John, I think, was of Isle of Shoals, 
carr. on fishery, there d. 1718, leav. wid. Sarah, s. John, Samuel, and 
Ithamar, and a d. wh. it is said, m. William Fox, but it is n6t told where 
he liv. See Gen. Reg. IV. 249. John, Boston 1677, march, had 
Thomas, and John ; possib. was the propr. of New Haven 1685. { John, 
Newcastle, N. H. younger s. of first Charles, m. 4 Sept. 1702, Mary, d. 
rf William Pepperell, eldest sis. of Sir William, had Margery, b. 1 
Feb. 1704 ; William, 20 May 1705 ; John, 12 May 1709 ; Charles, 27 
Aug. 1710 ; Mary, 19 Aug. 1711, d. young; Sarah, 1 Feb. 1714 ; Mary, 
again, 26 Feb. 1715, d. young; Andrew Pepperell, 12 Apr. 1716; Jo- 
seph, 29 Sept 1717; Abigail, 26 May 1719; George, 26 Apr. 1720; 
Samuel, 19 Aug. 1721 ; Benjamin, and Jane, tw. 15 May 1722; Miri- 
am, 8 OcL 1725 ; Mary, again, 2 July 1726 ; and Dorothy, 21 Aug. 
1727 ; a merch. was of the counc. and d. 25 Feb. 1733. His wid. m. 
12 Aug. 1745, as his third w. Rev. Benjamin Colman of Boston ; she 
had third h. Benjamin Presoott of Danvers, and d. 1766, in 81st yr. Of 


the ch. Charles was H. C. 1730 ; and George was a counc and mem. of 
the Cent. Congr. Joseph, Boston, m. 20 Aug. 16G0, Eliz. d. of John 
Wakefield. Joseph, Charlcstown, s. of Edmund, m. 22 May 1666| 
Hannah, d. of Rev. John Miller, liad Jabesh, b. 12 Dec. 1667, d. in few 
days; Susanna, 27 Jan. 1669, bapt. 3 Apr. 1670; Joseph, 15, bapt 19 
Feb. 1671; Stephen, 9 Mar. bapt 13 Apr. 1673; Nathaniel, bapt 7 
May 1676; Hannah, 30 Aug. bapt 2 Sept 1677; Abigail, 23 May 
1680; Miller, 28 Feb. bapt 4 Mar. 1683; and Faith, 9, bapt 11 Sept 
1687 ; was constable 1690, but rem. to Billerica. Nicholas, Kitteij, 
b. a. 1595, at Tiverton in Devon, came prob. be£ 1632, with w. and two 
or three ch. of wh. one was Charles, bef. ment ; ano. Catharine, m. a. 
1655,^ William Leighton, and sec maj. Joseph Hammond. He bad| 
prob. b. here John, bef. ment ; £hz. wh. m. William Smith ; and Nicho- 
las, wh. was a merch. d. at Limerick in Ireland, Aug. 1673, unm. He 
had been in Oct 1632, very severely sentenced to fines, whip, brand, and 
banishm. on penalty of death for return, yet seems to have obtain, great 
mitigat so that we may be tolera. confid. as he did come again within the 
jurisdict that he was less guilty. He had good est. and provid. for ch* 
in will of 1660, in wh. w. is not nam. so that we may infer, she was 
then d. but this will was set aside ; and he d. 20 July 1663. Philip, 
York, whose f. is unkn. to me, took o. of alleg. 22 Mar. 1681. Samuel, 
Billerica, prob. s. of Edmund, had Thomas, Joseph, and perhaps sev. 
others, was frecm. 1678. His w. was Eliz. d. of Rev. John Miller.* 
Thomas, Sudbury, m. 12 Nov. 1678, Mary, wid. of John Goodridge, d. 
of Matthew Gibbs, had Thomas, b. 23 Aug. 1679 ; John, 14 Sept 1684 ; 
Samuel, 23 Nov. 1686 ; and Mary, 8 Nov. 1690, d. at 3 mos. His w. d. 
6 Jan. 1691 ; and he jn. 9 July foil. Hannah Johnson, by wh. he had 
Sarah. This w. d. 3 May 1712 ; and he m. 22 Dec 1712, Sarah Single- 
tary. His will of 1717 was pro. 1724. William, Fairfield, came from 
Nottingham, Eng. says Lechford in ^^ Plain Dealing," d. 1645. His will, 
of 6 Jan. in that yr. print, in Trumbull's Col. Hec I. 465, names s. Daniel, 
and Abraham ; ds. Eliz. w. of John Grey, Mary Eiley, and Lydia, w. of 
Henry Grey, and her ch. Mary, and Jacob ; speaks of his est. in Eng. 
wh. he devis. to M. Riley, and her ch. and of sev. Frosts and 
Greys. Nine of this name had, in 1838, been gr. at Harv. and eight at 
the other N. E. coll. 

Frothingham, Nathaniel, Charlestown, s. of William, m. 6 Feb. 
1668, Mary Hett, d. of Thomas, had Mary, b. 25 Sept 1668, bapt. 29 
Jan. 1671, d. young; Nathaniel, 16 Apr. 1670, d. soon; Nathaniely 
again, 2, bapt. 9 July 1671 ; Hannah, 26 Nov. bapt. 28 Dec 1673, d. 
young; Thomas, 2, bapt. 5 Dec. 1675 ; Joseph, 31 Oct bapt. 11 Not. 
1677; Benjamin, 26 Dec. 1679, bapt 15 May 1680; Mary, again, 14, 

FRO — FRY 213 

^pf. 19 Nov. 1682; Hannah, again, 30, bapt. 31 May 1685; Abigail, 
^O, bapt. 15 May 1687 ; and Abiel, bapt. 26 May 1689, perhaps post- 
•bcxm. was freem. 1671, and d. 12 Dec. 1688. Nicholas, Charlcstown, 
"^•"Ijose name is never seen by me, exc. in Gen. Reg. XI. 105, may be 
xxkistaken for Nathaniel. Peter, Charlcstown, s. of William, m. 14 
ir. 1665, Mary, d. of Richard Lowden, had William, b. 27, bapt. 29 
•. 16C8; Ann, 18, bapt. 21 May 1671 ; John, 19, bapt. 28 Feb. 1675 ; 
I, 8 June 1679 ; Mary, 27 June, bapt. 2 July 1682 ; and Martha, 
J, bapt. 29 Mar. 1685 ; was freem. 1668, and d. by the gr.stone, on the 
day with Nathaniel, but this, tho. striking, is not more observable, 
llian the carelessne^ in the rec. as to the ages of these brs. Samuel, 
Charlestown, br. of the preced. m. 1668, Ruth, d. of John George, had 
Bath, b. 20 Nov. bapt. 4 Dec. 1670 ; Eliz. 15 Oct. 1673, bapt. 22 Feb. 
foU ; Samuel, 30 Dec. 1675, bapt. 9 Jan. foil. ; Rebecca, 25 Oct. 1677 ; 
Hannah, 24 Feb. bapt. 15 May 1680 ; and John, 24, bapt. 28 Jan. 1683 ; 
▼as freem. 1671, and d. 25 May 1683 ; and his wid. m. Abraham Bry- 
ant William, Charlestown, came, prob. in the fleet with Winth. 
1630, for in the ch. of Boston his name with that of Ann, his w. are 
Nos. 74 and 5, and in that yr. 19 Oct. he desir. adm. as frecra. was sw. 
6 Mar. 1632, had Bethia, b. 7 Feb. 1631 ; John, 10 Aug. 1633 ; Eliz. 
15ilar. 1635; Peter, 15, bapt. 17 Apr. 1636; Mary, 1, bapt. 8 Apr. 
1638 ; Nathaniel, 16, bapt. 26 Apr. 1640 ; Stephen, 11 Nov. 1641, bapt. 
lame mo. ; Hannah, 29 Jan. 1 643 ; Joseph, 1 Dec 1 645, d. soon ; and 
Samuel ; perhaps William ; was deac. and d. 10 Oct. 1651. His wid.'d. 
28 July 1674, aged 67. Her will, of 4 Oct. 1672, names ch. Samuel, 
Peter, Nathaniel, s.-in-law, Joseph Kettle, and Thomas White, and makes 
the last excor. Mary m. 17 Nov. 1663, White; Hannah m. 5 July 1665, 
Joseph Kettle. This has been the most com. name in the town for a 
large part of its exist 

Frow, or Fro, David, an Irish serv. at Northampton in 1 068, m. 7 
Feb. 1678, Priscilla, wid. of William Hunter of Springfield, had Abi- 
gail, b. at S. 13 Sept. 1679, perhaps other ch. rem. from Springfield to 
Suffield, there d. 1710; and his wid. d. 1725. 

Frye, Benjamin, Andover, s. of John, m. 23 May 1678, Mary Par- 
ker, had Mary, b. 28 Feb. 1680; John, 28 Mar. 1682 ; Esther, 5 July 
1683; Joseph, 11 Feb. 1685; Hepzibah, 2 Nov. 1686; Nathaniel, 1 
Apr. 1691 ; Mehitable, 22 July 1693 ; and Ann. He d. a. 1696 ; his 
wid. d. 17 Mar. 1725 ; and of the ch. the early deaths of three are rec. 
Mehitable, 30 Nov. 1694 ; Mary, 4 Jan. 1696 ; and Ann, 27 June foil. 
George, Weymouth, weaver, freem. 1651 ; in his will of 26 July 1676, 
names d. Ruth Torrey, w. of Jonathan, d. Naomi Yeales, d. Bethia Reed, 
made James Smith, senr. of W. and Timothy Yeales of Boston excors. 

214 FRYER. 

He testif. in Mar. 1674, that he kn. the Torrejs, William and Samuel at 
Combe St. Nicholas, Co. Somerset in 1640, when thej came. jAMSSf 
Ando^ei^ br. of Benjamin, m. 20 Jan. 1680, Ljdia, d. of John Osgood, 
had Lydia, b. 10 Feb. 1681 ; James; Sarah, 27 Feb. 1685 ; Joseph, 11 
Nov. 1687, d. soon ; Timothy, 17 Feb. 1689, d. soon ; Timothy, again, 
11 Dec 1690, d. 27 Aug. 1693; Phebe, 1693; Jonathan, H. C. 1723, 
k. in Lovewell's fight at Pequaket, 1725 ; Ann, d. young ; Dorothy ; 
and Mary; both m. He was freem. 1691. John, Newbury, wheel- 
wright, came from Basing in Hants, May 1638, emb. in the Bevis at 
Southampton, with w. and three young ch. engaged, I think, by Richard 
Dummer, wh. was in the sh. rem. 1645 to Andover, and was one of the 
found, of the ch. freem. 1669 ; his w. Ann d. 22 Oct 1680, and he d. 
9 Nov. 1693, aged 92 yrs. 7 mos. says the rec His ch. says Coffin, 
were John; Samuel; James, b. 5 Jan. 1653; Benjamin; £liz. and 
Susan ; but, in the want of discrim. to instr. us wh. had come with 
parents, we assume that John and the last two were b. in £ng. We kn* 
that Susan on 5 Mar. 1662, d. unm. and that £liz. m. 4 Oct 1660, Rob- 
ert Stiles of Boxford. John, Andover, s. of the preced. m. 4 Oct 1660, 
Eunice Potter, prob. had no ch. was deac d. 17 Sept 1696. His wid. 
d. 24 Nov. 1708. Ano. John of A. s. of Samuel, m. 1 Nov. 1694, Ta- 
bitha Famum. Samuel, Andover, s. of John the first, m. 20 Nov. 
1671, Mary, d. of John Aslett, had John, b. 16 Sept 1672; Samuel, 
1675, d. young; Mary, 22 Feb. 1678 ; Phebe, 28 May 1680 ; Hannah, 
12«Apr. 1683 ; Ebenezer, 16 Feb. 1686 ; Nathan, 15 June 1688 ; Deb- 
orah, 26 Feb. 1692; Samuel, again, 26 Apr. 1694; and Benjamin, 2 
Oct 1698. He d. 9 May 1725; and his wid. d. 1747. Peter, ano. 
descend, of the first John, H. C. 1744, went, at the Revo, to £ng. d. at 
Camberwell, 1820, aged 98. Joseph, ano. descend, b. at A. 1711, went 
to Maine, was a Gen. in the war of the Revo, gave his name to Frye- 
burg. Six of these descend, had been gr. at Harv. in 1822. Willlui, 
Weymouth, d. 26 Oct 1642, leav. w. and ds. £liz. b. 20 Dec 1639 ; and 
Mary, 9 Jan. 1642. tlis nuncup. will is in Gen. Reg. U. 385. WiL* 
LiAM, Dover, by w. Hannah had William, b. 7 Feb. 1695 ; John, 26 
Aug. 1698; Benjamin, 11 Nov. 1701; Joseph, 3 Feb. 1705; and ano. 
ch. 9 May 1710. 

Fryer, or Frier, James, Cambridge. His w. Catharine d. 28 Juty 
1640. t * Nathaniel, Boston, mariner, perhaps s. of the preced. by w. 
Christian had James, b. 7 Oct 1653 ; Sarah, 20 July 1656 ; and £liz. 1 
Nov. 1657, is in a deed to him, call. £manuel, alias Nathaniel, after 
Mar. 1659, when he was adm. of the sec. ch. (of wh. his w. had been 
some yrs. a mem.) rem. to Portsmouth, m. at Newbury, says Coffin, OoL 
1679, Dorothy, perhaps d. of John Woodbridge, as sec w. was rep* in 

FUG — FUL 215 

i C66, capt and council, in 1G83, d. 13 Aug. 1705. Hubbard, in Ind. 
vVars, gives acco. of his eldest s. James. Thomas, Salem, had gr. of 
1639, rem. prob. to Gloucester, there was selectman 1642; and 
iz. perhaps his w. or d. d. there 9 Sept. 1685. 

FuGiLL, Thomas, New Haven 1639, is nam. by Rev. Thomas Shep- 
in his antobiog. as one of the serv. of Sir Richard Darlej of Butter- 
be, had bapt Mercj, on 2 Aug. 1640 ; John, 13 June 1641 ; and 
> 1 Feb. 1646 ; was Sec. of the col. in 1641, so cont. till 1645, 
vrhen for false rec he was dism. soon excom. and went home. See 
Tbung's Chron. of Mass. 525. One John F. prob. s. of Thomas, was 
at New Haven a. 1669, as by testim. of Capt. Nathan Andrews, and 
Mr. John Todd, 30 June 1710, that thej knew him above 40 yrs. bef. 
but he did not, as they knew of, lay any claim to the Id. that was 


FuLHAH, Francis, Watertown, m. Sarah, d. of John Livermore, had 
Jacob, b. 19 Nov. 1693 ; Sarah, 2 Mar. 1695 ; Hannah, 10 June 1697 ; 
and Mary, 4 Apr. 1702. His w. d. 10 Mar. 1724, and he m. 1 Oct folL 
Vary, wid. of Samuel Jones, d. of Thomas Woolson. 

Fuller, Bshjamin, Rehoboth, s. of Robert of Salem. Benjamin, 

Salem, s. of Thomas, m. 15 Dec. 1685, Bacon, had Samuel, 

Benjamin, Sarah, Ruth, Abigail, and Hannah. He liv. in the vill. wh. 
became Danvers, was freem. 1690. Daniel, New Haven 1640. Ed- 
ward, Plymouth, br. of the famous Samuel, came with him in the May- 
fbwer 1620, bring, w. Ann and s. Samuel, and leav. Matthew, on the 
other side, wh. was elder, d. early next yr. as did his w. but his s. Sam- 
uel oatli v. the hardships. Edward, Boston 1630, whose s. John, says 
Lewis, sett at Lynn. But I believe we kn. no more, than that the name 
has much prevail, there. Edward was employ, in 1643, to bring, with 
others, the cattle of the Gortonists, taken near Providence, under the 
absurd pretence of being spoil of war. No doubt he was of the true, or 
popular faith, or he would not thus have been trusted ; and this may, 
perhaps, render it less prob. that he was the same Edward subject in 
1689 to cens. by the Gen. Ct. for distemper, with wine. Edward, 
Lynn, freem. 1691, was, perhaps, s. of Robert of the same. Giles, 
Hampton, 1640, d. 2 Apr. 1673. Jacob, Salem vill. now Danvers, 
freem. 1690. James, Ipswich, by w. Mary, had James, b. 2 Dec. 1673 ; 
Mary, 30 May 1675 ; John, 20 Feb. 1677 ; Eliz. 25 Feb. 1679 ; Daniel, 
24 Feb. 1681 ; Nathaniel, 18 Feb. 1683; and Dorothy, 18 Dec 1684. 
Wis wid. prob. liv. to 16 Oct 1732, aged 85. Jeremiah, Newton, s. of 
the first John of the same, was lieut. had bur. four ws. Mary, wh. d. 17 
Aug. 1689; Eliz. wh. d. 1700, in which yr. he took Thankful, wh. d. 
1729; and Rachel, d. 1742 ; by first and last had no ch. but by Eliz. 
had Eliz. b. 14 Apr. 1694, d. soon; and Jeremiah, 8 July 1697, d. 

216 FULLER. 

youDg; and bj 3d w. had Thomas, 12 Sept 1701; Joshua, 12 Apr. 
1703; Thaiiful, 23 Dec. 1704; Jeremiah, again, 1 Nov. 1707, d. 
young; Eliz. again, 24 Aug. 1709, d. at 2 yrs. and Josiah, 2 Dec. 1710 ; 
and d. 23 Dec. 1743. John, Ipswich 1634, perhaps one of the first sett 
at Salisbury 1639 or 40. * John, Lynn 1644, may be the same as 
preced. was rep. 1655 and 64, had s. John, William, and James, and d. 
29 June 1666. John, Cambridge, in that part now Newton, may seem 
the youth wh. came with John Winthrop, jr. in his sec voyage in the 
Abigail 1635, call. 15 yrs. old, but that Jackson, %h. perhaps quotes the says he d. 7 Feb. 1699, in 87th yr. and he was freem. 1690, tho. his 
first four s. were together made freem. ten yrs. earlier. His wid. Eliz. d. 
13 Apr. 1700. He had John, b. 1645 ; Eliz. Jonathan, 1648 ; Joseph, 
10 Feb. 1652; Joshua, 2 Apr. 1654; Jeremiah, 4 Feb. 1658; of wh. 
two were in Capt Beers' comp. in Philip's war 1675, and still, after his 
d. serving in Apr. 1676 ; (and John, wh. is call, of Dedham, and prob. 
not one of these, was a corporal of Moseley's comp. and wound, in the 
gr. Narraganset fight, 19 Dec. 1675); Bethia, 23 Nov. 1661; and 
Isaac, 2 Feb. 1665, wh. d. 5 Oct. 1691. All the other five s. liv. from 
74 to 98 yrs. Bethia m. 27 Feb. 1685, Nathaniel Bond ; and Eliz. m. 
1663, Job Hyde, and d. 28 Nov. 1685. Hon. Abraham, a descend, in 
4th generat b. 23 Mar. 1720, was rep. for N. 20 yrs. begin. 1764; and 
parts of the ancestr. est. are now enjoy, by the seventh and eighth degr. 
* John, Lynn, s. of the first John of the same, was rep. 1674, and four 
yrs. in succ. was a lieut d. 26 Apr. 1695, had s. John; Thomas; Ed- 
ward; Elislia, b. 5 Apr. 1657 ; Joseph, 1 Nov. 1661 ; and Benjamin, 
16 Dec. 1665; at wh. time his w. was Eliz. John, Dedham, s. of 
Thomas of the same, m. 8 Jan. 1672, Judith, d. of John Grey, had 
Judith, b. 21 Nov. 1673 ; Hannah, 5 Sept 1675 ; John, 19 Nov. 1677 ; 
Thomas, 19 Nov. 1681 ; Robert, 11 Aug. 1685 ; and Hezekiah, 5 Aug. 
1687 ; was prob. the freem. of 1690. John, Behoboth, m. 25 Apr. 1673, 
Abigail Titus, perhaps d. of John or Robert of the same, had John, b. 8 
Sept 1674, d. under two yrs.; Abiel, 30 Dec. 1676. One John, aged 
15, came 1635, in the Abigail, and he may be the man of Lynn, or of 
Cambridge. John, Barnstable, s. of Matthew, a physician, by first w. 
had Lydia, b. 1675 ; and by sec. w. Hannah, of Boston, whose surname 
is not found, had Bethia, b. Dec. 1687 ; John, Oct 1689 ; and Reliance, 
8 Sept. 1691. In this yr. he d. and his wid. m. 9 Dec 1695, Capt, John 
Lothrop, it is thot Of ano. at Barnstable, call, little John (to disting. 
him from his cous. John, s. of Matthew wh. was elder), when his w. 
Mehitablc was adm. of the ch. 30 Sept. 1688, and was s. of that Samuel 
wh. was 8. of Edward, we kn. his ch. bapt were Samuel, Thomas, and 
Shubacl, on 21 Oct. foil, and Thankful, 19 May after ; he rem. to East 
Haddam, there had John, 10 Nov. 1697 ; Joseph, 1 Mar. 1700; Ben- 

FULLER. 217 

junio, 20 Oct 1701; and Mehitable, 16 Apr. 1706; and perhaps others. 
JoflJT, Newton, eldest s. of John of the same, freem. 1680 (ten yrs. bef. 
iiisf.), m. 1682, Abigail, perhaps d. of the sec Thomas Boylston, had 
Sarah, b. 5 Oct. 1683; John, 2 Sept. 1685; Abigail, 8 Mar. 1688; 
James, 4 Feb. 1690; Hannah, 31 Aug. 1693; Isaac, 22 Nov. 1695; 
Jooathan, 13 Feb. 1698, d. soon ; Jonathan, again, 28 Mar. 1700 ; 
Caleb, 24 Feb. 1702 ; and he ra. 14 Oct. 1714, Margaret Hicks, and d. 
1720. Jonathan, Rehoboth, eldest s. of Robert of Salem, m. 14 Dec. 
1664, £liz. Wilmot, perhaps d. of Thomas, had Jonathan, b. 23 Dec 
1665; David, 11 Sept. 1667 I I^aniel, 6 Aug. 1669 ; Robert, and Thomas 
tw. 28 June 1671, of wh. one, if not both, d. soon; Robert, again, 2 
Uar. 1673; Nathaniel, 1676; Eliz. 12 May 1678; Sarah, 23 Apr. 
1680; Mary, 1 Oct. 1681 ; and Noah, 12 Feb. 1685. Jonathan, Ded- 
bam, a. 1642, freem. 1671. Jonathan, Dedham, the frecm. of 1672, 
was, perhaps, s. of Robert of Dorchester, by w. Mary had Mary, b. 20 
Apr. 1679, prob. d. young; Samuel, 15 Feb. 1682; John, 3 Dec 1684; 
Mary, again, 21 Feb. 1687 ; Joshua, 23 Jan. 1689, d. soon; and Joshua, 
again, 15 Feb. 1692. His w. d. 29 Mar. 1701 ; and he d. 1720. Jona- 
than, Newton, s. of the first John of the same, m. Mindwell, d. of deac 
James Trowbridge, d. 12 Aug. 1722, aged 74, without ch. and his wid. d. 
1758, .aged 96. He was freem. 1680; and gave most of his est. to 
Jonathan, s. of his br. Joseph. Joseph, Newton, s. of the first John of 
the same, freem. 1680, was under Turner in the Falls fight, 1676, m. 13 
Feb. 1681, Lydia, d. of Fdward Jackson, wh. d. 12 Jan. 1726, had John, 
bu 15 Dec. 1681 ; Joseph, 4 July 1685 ; Jonathan, 7 Jan. 1687 ; Lydia, 
15 Feb. 1692 ; Edward, 7 Mar. 1694; Isaac, 16 Mar. 1698; and Eliz. 
1 July 1701; and he d. 5 Jan. 1740. Joshua, Newton, br. of the 
preced. freem. 1680, m. 7 June 1679, Eliz. d. of John Ward, had only 
da. Eliz. b. 22 Feb. 1680; Hannah, 8 July 1682; Experience, 5 Nov. 
1685 ; and Mercy, 11 Mar. 1689. His w. d. 6 Sept. 1691. By 2d w. 
he had Abigail, a. 1697 ; Sarah ; and Ruth ; d. 1752. He was in 89th 
jr. when he m. 19 July 1742, Mary Dana, in her 75th for third w. but 
tbey had no ch. Lancelot, New Haven 1 643. Matthew, Plymouth,, 
a. 1640, s. of Edward the first, b. in Eng. rem. to Barnstable 1652, a 
physician, appoint surg. of the force of the col. 1673, a capt. 1675, as 
Thatcher says, and d. 1 678. By w. Frances he had Mary, wh. m. 17 
Apr. 1650, Ralph Jones; Eliz. wh. m. 1652, Moseys Rowley; Samuel; 
and John ; and by Hannah, had Ann, wh. m. her cous. Samuel Fuller. 
Robert, Dorchester 1640, freem. 2 June 1641, by w. Ann had Jona- 
than, b. 15 Aug. 1643; rem. to Dedham, there had Benoni, 16 June 
1646; and perhaps his w. d. very soon; by w. Sarah, had Sarah, 21 
Sept 1647 ; John, 26 Nov. 1649 ; Patience, 22 Feb. 1652 ; and JVIary,. 
TOL. II. .19 

218 FULLER. 

1 Mar. 1654. His w. Sarah d. 1680, and he d. 14 Dec 1688. Robert, 
Salem 1689, rem. to Rehoboth, there was freem. ]j658, wh. he had 
visited perhaps fifteen yrs. bef. and may there have had one or more di. 
of wh. we kn. only, that he ealls Jonathan his eldest s. in a deed of 28 
' May 1696 for Id. in R. but had, also, Benjamin, old eno. to take deed of 
1 Dec. 1679 for ho. and six acres at R. while he styles hims. in both, of 
Salem, bricklayer. Prob. he had been driv. in Philip's war from enjoym. 
of his est and would encourage his s. to ascertain if it might be profit 
in peace. By the rec. at'R. his w. Sarah was bur. 14 Oct 1676; 
and w. Margaret, wh. may not have been .mo. of any ch. d. 30 Jan. 
1700 ; and he d. 10 May 1706. Abigail, perhaps his d. m. at R. 16 Oct 
1679, Thomas Cushman. Robert, Lynn, freem. 1680, may be the 
same as preced. but not prob. Samuel, Plymouth 1620, one of the 
most valu. pilgrims of the Mayflower, the first physician that came to sett 
in our country. He had been a deac. at least 8 yrs. at Leyden, tho. his 
w. Bridget, wh. came in the Ann 1 623, with a ch. that, I think, liv. not 
long, may have been m. but short time bef. he left Holland. He brot 
serv. William Butten, a youth, wh. d. bef. reach, the coast ; had Samud, 
and Mercy, b. here, both after 22 May 1627, and both liv. 1650 ; and d. 
1633, betw. 30 July, the date of his will, and end of Oct foil, when it 
was pro. His w. Bridget liv. until 1664. Samuel, Plymouth, neph. of 
the preced. made excor. of his will, was s. of the first Edward, and by 
him brot in the Mayflower 1620 ; after d. of his parents, liv. with the 
uncle, and at the div. of Ids. 1 624, was count I presume, out of respect to 
f. and mo. for three persons ; freem. of the col. 1634, rem. to Scituate, 
thence to Barnstable, at Scituate hav. m. S Apr. 1635, Jane, d. of Rev. 
John Lothrop, had Hannah, wh. m. 1 Jan. 1659, Nicholas Bonham ; Sam- 
uel, wh. was bapt at S. 11 Feb. 1638, and may be the one wh. d. at Reho- 
both 15 Aug. 1676 ; Sarah, tho. b. at S. bapt at B. 1 Aug. 1641, d. young; 
and b. at B. were Mary, 16 June 1644, wh. m. Joseph Williams, 18 Nov. 
1674; Thomas, 18 May 1651; Sarah, again, 14 Dec 1654, wh. m. a 
Crow ; and John ; beside one, 8 Feb. 1658, wh. d. at a fortnight ; and he 
d. 31 Oct. 1683 ; one of the latest Mayflowers. Samusl^ Plymouth, s. of 
the first Samuel, was a preach; but seems to have been slow to rem. prob. 
giving his time to pious care of his mo. refus. invit to Rehoboth after d. 
of Newman, but preach, at Middleborough sixteen yrs. and at last was 
ord. there when th« first ch. was gather. 26 Dec^ 1694, and d. 17 Aug. 
foil, in 71st yr. if his 'gr.stone be correct Of this the doubt is almost 
invinc for it would carry his b. to 1623 or 4, at least, whereas in the div. 
of cattle. May 1627, his f. head of the eighth lot, counts only for hims. 
w. and cous. or neph. bef. ment. Still stranger, however, to our modem 
notions, seems the nomin. of him as excor. of will, when he could not be 

FULLER. 219 

^« and prob. was only 5 jrs. old. He had w. Eliz. but was not m. bef. 
-I €50j ch. nam. in the will, pro. 1 Oct. 1 695, Mercj, w. of Daniel Cole, 
X>erhaps his sec; Samuel, b. 1659; Experience, w. of James Wood; 
John ; Eliz. w. of Samuel Eaton ; Hannah, w. of Eleazer Lewis, and 
X^saac, wh. was under age, as may have been the last d. By Lewis, in 
£ist. of Lynn, ed. 2, p. Ill, this Samuel is call. br. of John, s. of Ed- 
'vrardy and he speaks of his arr. in Boston 1630, so as to lead to confu- 
jBion, if Dot starting from it Deane, in Hist of Scituate, seems almost 
AS confus. as his br. Hist of Lynn^ The name of his w. is giv. in the 
<^ Hist, of M. as Brewster, and perhaps she was gr.d. of the noble Wil- 
liam ; she d. at Plymouth 4 Nov. 1713. Confusion, indeed, is often 
unavoida. With alT the aid deriv. from books, and the scrupulous dilig. 
of Otisy I am unccrt. whether Samuel, Barnstable, s. of the first Sam- 
uel of the same, wh. m. Ann, d. of his uncle Matthew and had Matthew, 
Barnabas, Joseph, Benjamin, Desire, and Sarah, were the same man as 
Samuel, Rehoboth, wh. m. 17 Apr. 1673, Mary Ide, perhaps d. of 
Nicholas. Samuel, Barnstable, s. of Capt Matthew, by w. Mary had 
Thomas, Jabez, Timothy, Matthias, wh. d. unm. Abigail, Ann, and Sam- 
uel, posihum. b. 1676. Thomas, Salem, perhaps 1638, in that N. W. 
part now Middleton, had Thomas, John, Jacob, Benjamin, Joseph, Sam- 
uel, and Buth. Thomas, Wobum, m. 13 June 1643, Eliz. Tidd, had 
Thomas, b. 22 or 30 Apr. 1644; Eliz« 12 Sept 1645; Ruth, 17 May 
1S48; Deborah, 12 May 1650; John, 1 Mar. 1653; Jacob, 14 May 
1655; Joseph, 8 Aug. 1658; Benjamin, 15 Apr. 1660; and Samuel, 9 
Ulky 1662. Prob. he was of Salem 1670, but perhaps went back to W. 
andm. 25 Aug. 1684, Sarah, wid. of John Wymap, d. of Miles Nutt 
* Thomas, Dedham 1643, by w. Hannah Flower, m. 22 Nov. of that yr. 
bad John, b. 1 Nov. 1644, d. soon ; John, again, 28 Dec 1645 ; Eliz. 1 
Apr. 1648; Hannah, 9. Nov. 1650; Thomas, 26 Feb. 1652, d. young; 
JuLrj, 25 Mar. 1655; Samuel, 25 Apr. 1657; Sarah, 3 Sept. 1659; 
and Thomas, again, 23 June 1662 ; freem. not in 1653, as Farmer said, 
but perhaps in 1672, was ensign, rep. 1673, 9, and 86. His w. d. 11 
Apr. 1672 ; and he d. 28 Sept 1690, hav. made his will four days bef. 
Eliz. m. the sec. John Kingsbury of the same, and next, 17 Sept. 1672, 
m. third Michael Metcalf. Thomas, Dedham, prob. s. of Thomas of the 
laae, freem. 1690. Thomas, perhaps s. of Thomas of Wobum, m. 25 
Aug. 1684, Sarah Wyman, may hav. liv. at Danvers, and been freem. 
1690. * William, Ipswich 1635, came that yr. in the Abigail, aged 25, 
with John, perhaps his br. aged 15, may have had w. Frances, rem. 
. 1639 to Hampton, rep. 1667, d. 26 May 1693. William, Concord, 
appoint, gunsmith May 1637, to accomp. the troops against the Pequots ; 
was a miller there 1639; had Hannah, b. 8 Aug. 1641 ; and his w. Eliz. 

220 FUE — GAG 

d. 24 July foil Possib. he was freem. 2 June 1641. William, Hamp- 
ton, prob. s. of William of the same, freem. 1G78, m. 22 June 1680, 
Susanna, d. of Isaac Perkins, and wid. of Isaac Buzzell of Salisbury. 
Nine of this name had been gr.- at Harv. in 1829, nine at Yale, three at 
Dart, and twenty-two at other N. E. coll. and at Union, of wh. twelve 
were clerg. 

Fu^BER, * William, Dover 1643, b. a. 1614, came in the Angel 
Gabriel from Bristol, wreck, at Pemaquid in the great storm .of Aug.. 
1635, was one of the witnesses to the tme deed of the Ind. 1638 to 
Wheelwright, rep. 1648; had William, b. 1646, wh. was of Dover, as 
well as the f. 1 684, and is the ancest prob. of a num. line ; beside 
Jethro, and three ds. Eliz. wh. m. John Dam ; Susanna, wh. m. 5 May 
1664, John Bickford; and Bridget, wh. m. Thomas Bickford. The w. 
of Dam was his sec. w. m. 9 Nov. 1664. John Bickford had ano. w. 
Temperance. Sometimes this name is^ Furbush. « 

FuRBusH, John, Marblehead 1668. Jonathan. See Forbush. 

FuRGESON. See Ferguson. 

FuRNELL, John, Cambridge, b. a. 1607, by w. Hilary had Sarah, b. 
Aug. 1638. II Strong, Boston, soapboiler, call, also, ship-carpenter on 
adm. to the ch. freem. 10 May 1643, ar. co. 1651, wh. name Whitman 
made Strange ; by w. Elinor had Eliz. b. 7, bapt 14 May 1643 ; Mary, 
bapt 10 Aug. 1645 ; Joanna, 26 Feb. 1647 ; Susanna, 14 Sept. 1652;d. 
in few days; John, 28 Jan. 1654; William, 1655. His wid. m. 1659, 
Michael Lambert William, Boston, perhaps br. of the preced. by w* 
Ellen (if the rec be good), had Joanna, b. 9 Dec. 1652 ; William, 29 
July 1654; and Joseph, 19 Jan. 1657. 

FussELL, John, Weymouth 1640. Joshua, Medfield 1649. 

Gaffingslet, John, Kittery, made ens. of the comp. by the Comrs. 
of Mass. 1668. Uutch. I. 267. Hubbard, 600, has the name Gattery. 

Gage, Benjamin, Haverhill, s. of John, was freem. 1669, m. 11 Oct 
1671, Prudence, d. of Thomas Leaver, and he liv. not long, for his wid. 
m. 6 Apr. 1674, Samuel Stickney. John, Boston, came, prob. in the 
fleet with Winth. being in the first half hundred mem. of the ch. was of 
Co. Suffolk, £ng. rem. to Ipswich 1 633, among the first sett, was freem* 
4 Mar. 1 634, had Benjamin, Daniel, Jonathan, Samuel, and prob. ThoDiias. 
His w. Ann d. June 1658 ; and he m. Nov. 1658, Sarah, wid. of Roberl 
Keyes, I believe, wh. surv. him; and he rem. 1664 to Rowley; but 
CoflSn says, wid. Sarah d. at Newbury, 7 July 1680. Josiaq, Haver- 
hill, freem. 1682. Samuel, Haverhill, s. of the preced. freem. 1671, m. 
10 June 1674, Faith, d. of William Stickney. Thomas, Yarmouth 
1649, of wh. I kn. only that he next yr. lost a s. Thomas, Beverly, br. 
of Samuel, by w. Sarah had Thomas, b. 1678 ; William, 1680 ; beside 

GAG — GAL 221 

/bur ds. all at B. but after his w. d. he rem. to Rowley and m: sec. w. 

£b'2. wid. of Humphrej Hobson, d. of Ezekiel Northend, had Eliz. b. 

1698. He is - ancest by the former w. I presume, of most of the 
hms, iQ R. of this name, six of wh. had been, in 1829, gr. at the 
N. £. coll. 

Gageb, John, New London, came prob. with his f deac. William, to 
Boston, 1630, and may have been at Hampton 1640; perhaps accomp. 
jOQDg John Winthrop, when he went to plant the Pequot conquest, a. 
1^, had w. Eliz. named in his will, yet she may not have been mo. of 
the eh. either six b. bef. rem. or three after he went, 1660, to Norwich ; 
John, Sept. 1647 ; Eliz. 1649 ; Sarah, 1651 ; Hannah, 1653, d. young; 
Samuel, 1654; Bethia, 1657; William, 1662, d. young; Lydia, 1663; 
Hannah, again, 1666 ; and Mary, 1671. He was freem. 1675, constable 
of Norwich 1681, and d. 10 Dec 1703. His eldest s. d. bef. and the 
willroent. only s. Samuel, and ^^ my six s. that m. my ds." John AUyn, h. 
of Eliz. Daniel Brewster, Jeremiah Ripley, Simon Huntington, Joshua 
Abel, and Caleb Forbes ; but this order does not relate to the priority of 
the ds. nor can I appropriate the ds. to their hs. exc. the eldest of them, 
after long inq. A descend, of sixth generat. was town elk. 1845. Caul- 
king Hist. 103. William, Charlestown, a surg. came in the fleet 
with Winth. was by hint reckon, of his fam. a Suffolk man, made 
deac of the first ch. now of Boston, and d. 20 Sept. 1 630. Rev. Wil- 
liam, a descend. Y^ C. 1721, was ord. 27 May 1725 at 2d ch. of Leb- 

Gaikes, or Gatnes, Daniel, Lancaster 1660, was k. by the Ind. 
10 Feb. 1676. Willard, Hist, Henry, Lynn, freem. 14 Dec. 1639. 
Samuel, Lynn, m. 7 Apr. 1665, Ann Wright; was of Hartford 1667, 
rem. to Haddam, had a fam. and there the name is still found. One,^ 
perhaps this progenit d. 1700, at Glastonbury. Thomas, Lynn 1640, 
may have been f. of the preced. 

Ga&e, Abraham, Watertown, s. of Richard, m. 3 Sept. 1673, Sarah, 
d. of Nathan Fiske, had Abraham ; Sarah, b. 15 Feb. 1675, d. young; 
Bichard, 25 Sept 1677 ; Hopestill, Dec 1678, d. soon ; Mary, 27 Mar. 
1680, d. young; Abigail, 12 Mar. 1682, d. at 14 yrs. ; Mercy, 16 Sept. 
1663; Ebenezer, 30 Apr. 1686; John, 23 Apr. 1687; Mary, again, 
bapL Apr. 1689 ; Sarah, again, b. 29 Aug. 1694 ; Jonas, bapt 14 Nov. 
1697 ; Joshua, b. 22 Feb. 1697 ; Eliz. and Lydia, tw. 9 July 1699 ; and 
Abigail ; d. 1718. Ambrose, Salem, had there bapt. Benjamin, and 
Elii. 17 May 1663; Charity, 17 June 1664; and Ambrose, 1665, was 
one of the founders of the ch. at Marblehead, and liv. there 1674. Eliz. 
m. Thomas Root of Boston. Bartholomew, Salem, m. 1662, Martha, 
d. of Robert Lemon, wh. d. the same yr. and he m. Mary Bacon, had 


222 GAL 

Abraham, b. 1666 ; Isaac ; Jacob ; Bartholomew ; Daniel ; and perhaps 
niore. Bexjahin, Danvers, prob. 8. of Ambrose, freem. 1690. Daki£L, 
Salem, ra. 1700, Rebecca, d. of Stephen Swett of Newbury. Kdmukd, 
Cambridge, d. 29 July 1642. Edmund, Salisbury, freem. 1666, rem. 
perhaps to Marblehead, and next to Falmouth bef. 1689. HnoHy Kit- 
tery, freem. 1652. John, Boston 1634, in rec. of his adm. to the cL 
said to be in employra. of John Button, d. soon. John, Watertown, & of 
Richard, m. 27 Sept 1677, Eliz. d. of Henry Spring, had Eliz. b. 1 June 
1678 ; John, 5 Apr. 1680, d. at 18 yrs. ; Sarah, 12 Dec 1681 ; Abigail; 
Hannah ; both bapt. 19 June 1687 ; and Abia, 14 July 1689. Richabd, 
Watertown 1640, had Sarah, b. 8 Sept 1641 ; Abraham; Mary; John, 
both s. bef. ment. perhaps Abigail; and Ephraim. Sarah m. 3 Apr. 
1663, Joseph Garfield ; an4 Mary m. 30 Mar. 1670, John Flagg. Twelve 
of this name had in 1834 been gr. at the various N. E. colL 

Gall, Ambrose, perhaps of Charlestown, m. as is said, Mary, d. of 
Samuel Ward, in early days ; but in my opin. the surname is erxor fi>r 
Gale; and for Edmund, Marblehead 1668, I have the same chaiita. 

Gallard. See Gaylord. 

Gallison, Elisha, Falmouth 1689, had a garrison ho. but WilliB, I. 
200, calls him Elihu Gullison. See Geneal^Reg. III. 25. Possib. he 
was s. of Hugh Gunnison. * 

Gallop, or Gallup, Benjamin, perhaps the same as Bbk Adam, 
Boston, 8. of John the sec. m. Esther, d, of John Prentice of New Lon- 
don, had Hannah, b. 22 May 1683; Esther, 1 Nov. 1685; Mary, Aug. 
1687; Benadam, 18 Apr. 1693; Joseph, 27 Sept 1695 ; Margaret, 11 
May 1698 ; and Lucy, 12 July 1701. Most, or all of these, were b. at 
, Stonington. With other volunteers from Boston, he went to the Vine- 
yard sound, where, tho. their own master was mort. wound, in the fight, 
they took and brot. to B. a pirate sloop, in Oct 1689. Humpbbet, 
Dordhester 1630, came prob. in the Mary and John, by w. Ann had 
Joseph, b. 1633. John, Dorchester 1630, perhaps br. of the preoed. 
rem. sood to Long island, part of Boston, 1632, was a fisherman and 
pilot, and prob. liv. alternate, down the harb. and up in town, where ho. 
and garden he had, as in the book of pos8.sions. join, to the ch. 5 Jan. 
1634, freem. 1 Apr. foil, brot w. Christobel, wh. liv. to summer of 1655, 
and ch. John, Samuel, Nathaniel, and Joan, wh. m. Thomas Joy ; and 
he d. Jan. 1650. His will of 20 Dec. 1649, pro. 9 Feb. foil, provides 
for all these, and gives £2. to new mee^ng-house, then building ; and the 
will of his wid. is to be seen in Geneal. Beg. Y. 444, made 24 Joly 
1655, pro. 31 Oct foil. He seems, by his conduct in punishm^ murderers 
of John Oldham, to have been very brave, and he left brave descend. 

GAL • 223 

* John, Boston 1687, serv. in th« Fequot war, for wh. Conn, made him 
a gr. of too acres ; m. Hannah, d of Margaret Lake^a wicL wh. resid. 
at John Winthrop's, had Hannah, b. 14 Aug. 1644; rem. to New Lon- 
don 1651, was 8. of the preced. b. in £ng. prob. was of Taunton 1643, a 
short time, rem. to Stonington, of wh. he was rep. Oct 1665 and May 
1667, had John, wh. bee freem. 1673; Benadam, b. a. 1656 ; William, 
1658; Christobel; Eliz.; Mary; and Margaret; beside Esther, b. 21 
July 1653, wh. m. 17 Dec. 1674, Henry Hodges of Taunton; and 
Samuel, wh. d. prob. unm. He was one of the six capt. k. in the gr. 
Narraganset swamp fight, 19 Dec. 1675, the hardest bat. of Philip's war,' 
when 80 were k. and 150 wound, of wh. many d. bef. relief could be had. 
His comp. had many k. and wound. Hannah m. as his sec w. 1672, 
Stephen GifTord; Christobel m. Dec. 1677, Peter Crary; Eliz. ip. 
Henry Stephens ; ftid Mkry m. John Cole of Boston. In 1704, Mar- 
garet was unm. John, Stonington, eldest s. of the preced. m. Eliz. d. of 
Thomas Wheeler of the same, had John, and Thomas, both bapt. 30 Apr. 
1682; Eliz. 31 May 1685; Samuel, 9 Oct. 1687 ; Eliz. again, 14 July 
1689 ; Nathaniel, 3 July 1692 ; William, 26 May 1695 ; and Benjamin, 
1 Nov. 1696. Joseph, Dorchester, s. of Humphrey, was of Turner's 
comp. in Philip's war. Nathaniel, Boston, s. of John the first, b. in 
£ng« m. 11 June 1652, Margaret Eveley, wh. in 1677, after his d. joined 
with Samuel's wid. in sale of the island est of their f. Samuel, Boston, 
br« of the preced. b. in Eng. m. 20 Jan. 1651, Mary Phillips, had Mary, 
b. 4 Feb. 1652 ; Hannah, 3 Sept 1654; Samuel, 14 Feb. 1657 ; freem. 
1664 ; perhaps was of Turner's comp. in Philip's war, or may, more 
prob. have sent his s. of same name; and he d. bef. 1677. Sam- 
uel, s. of the preced. was prob. a soldier in Turner's comp. in Phil- 
ip's war, and certain, a capt 1690, in the wild and sad expedit. of Sir 
William Phips against Quebec, fr. wh.- I kn. not that he ret alive. 
WuLiAM, Stonington, s. (^ John first of the same, m. 4 Jan. 1687, Sarah 
Cbesebrough, had Mary, bapt 7 Apr. 1695; Hannah, 24 Apr. 1698; 
Temperance, 25 May 1701 ; and Sarah ; perhaps others earlier. 

Oallt, John, Salem 1637, had then gr. of land, perhaps liv. on Bev- 
erly side, where John, prob. his s. was freem. 1670. His wid. Florence 
d. 1686, in 80th yr. His d. Eliz. m. Osmund Trask, bore him five s. and 
next m. John Giles, a. 1679, bore him one s. two ds. 

Galpin, Benjamin, Woodbury, perhaps s. of Philip, by w. Rebecca 
had Eliz. bapt Mar. 1683; Martha, Apr. 1685 ; Benjamin, May 1687, 
d. at 17 yrs.; Rebecca, Nov. 1689; Joseph, Apr. 1693; Sarah, Feb. 
1697; Rachel, Sept 1699; Samuel, b. 6 Apr. 1703; and Thankful, 18 
Oct 1706. He d. 1731, and bis wid. d. 1745. Philip, New Haven, 
m. Eliz. Smith, had Samuel, b. 1650 ; and Joseph, 1652 ; rem. to Fair- 

224 GAL — GAN 

field 1657, thence to Rye. Samuel, Stratford 1G85, s. prob. of the pie- 
ced, m. 22 Mar. 1677, Esther, d. of John Thompson of the same, had 
Esther, 1 678, wh. with the mo. d. soon. 

Galskt, William, Marblehead 1653, fisherman. This may be the 
same name as foil. 

Galusha, Daniel, Chelmsford 1691, or earlier, rem. to Danstable, 
had Rachel, and Daniel ; said to be of Dutch orig. His ho. was a gar- 
rison, burned by the Ind. 1706, when Rachel was k. Belkn. I. 173. 

Gamlyn, Gahlyi!^e, Gahlin, Gamliek, or Gamblin, Benjamin, 
Roxbury, s. of Robert, sec of that name, m. 11 Feb. 1678, Obedienoe, 
wid. of Philip Curtis, d. of John Holland of Dorchester, hftd Hannah, b. 
2 Oct. 1678; Benjamin, 28 Sept 1680, d. soon; Benjamin, again, 20 
Oct 1681, bapt (with sis. Hannah) on 26 Aug. 1688, H. C. 1702, wh. 
was couns. of N. H. 1732-7, and prefer, to Spell hil name Gambling ; 
Robert, 16 Dec 1684, d. in two wks. ; and Obedience, 31 July 1687, d. 
in few days ; was freem. 1690, but perhaps rem. for d. of neither h. nor 
w. is found on rec Robert, Concord, came when and how is beyond 
conject unless it were with Robert, junr. was made freem. 14 May 
1634, prob. then liv. at Roxbury, where his d. Mary, wh. had been do- 
mesticat in Pynchon's fam. d. of small pox 1633. He was bur. at G. 7 
Sept. 1 642, but why he went thither, or if he had any fam. or not, we are 
ign. Robert, Roxbury, call. junr. prob. s. of the preced. came in the 
William and Francis, early in 1632, with Rev. Thomas Welde, bring, 
w. Eliz. and her ch. John Mayo, by former h. had Eliz. b. 24 June 1634; 
Joseph, 8 Mar. says the town rec. but that of the ch. has 16 Dec 1636, 
bur. 30 Nov. 1653 ; Benjamin, bef. ment 20 Aug. 1639; and Mary, 6 
Mar. 1641, wh. m. 27 May 1663, Thomas Baker, freem. 3 Sept 1634. 
His will of 3 Aug. 1663, pro. 28 Jan. foil, calls hims. '<late of R.*' but 
ment. no other place, and speaks of Ids. and houses in R. names w. Elic* 
ch. Benjamin and s.-in-law Isaac Genery. The wid. d. 1681. 

Gammon, Philip, Casco, fisherman, m. bef. 1690, Mary, eldest d. of 
John Parrott, in 1734 was of Portsmouth. Willis, I. 210, 213. Rob- 
£RT, Pemaquid, 1674 took o. of fidcL 

Gannett, JosErn, Scituate, s. of Matthew the first, m. 17 Jan. 1677, 
Ruth, d. of Isaac Buck, as GeneaL Reg. IX. 316, gives the name, bat 
the transcript, was wrong, as was kn. by the facts in Deane, support, hj 
Col. rec of wh. I have inspect the orig. proving that the m. of Buck's 
d. was with Joseph Garrett (not Gannett) ; and this man m. wid. Sharpe, 
had Hannah, b. 1684; Joseph, 1686; Matthew, 1688; Deborah, 1690$ 
and Joseph, again, 1 693 ; the f. d. bef. his f. wh. in his will provides for 
these two gr.s. by est at Bridgewater. Matthew, Scituate 1651, but 
had, says Deane, been first at Hingham ; had s. Matthew, Jooeph, bef. 

GAP— GAR 225 

ment. and Behoboth, and da. named in bis will of 1694, Hannah Adams ; 
Abigail, w. of Jonathan Dodson ; and Eliz. Leavitt ; beside gr.d. Esther 
Palmer ; he d. 1695, in 77th jr. Sometimes the name looks in old en- 
gnus, hand like Grarrett. Rehoboth went to New Jersey, d. without ch. 
Matthew, Scitnate 1675, s. of the preced. had Matthew, and Joseph. 
MiCAH, Scituate, d. Oct* 1696, aged 77. Richard, Scituate, able to 
bear arms 1643^ of wh. no more is heard. Thomas, Duxburj 1642, br. 
of Matthew the first, rem. to Bridge water 1645, and d. 1655, lea v. wid. 
Sarah, and bj will of 19 June 1655, gave part of his lands to Jsr. Six 
of this name had been gr. at Harv. in 1820. 

Gappad, Daniel, if this be not an impossib. name, is by Porter call, 
one of the first sett tho. not orig. propr. of Hartford, 1636. Hinman 
has, 29, Grarwood, Daniel, as of Hartford, 1639 ; and greater variation 
than this is made by practised eyes in read, some old MS. Perhaps the 
name is GarretL Daniel is so very rare a name of bapt. in our early 
days, that it may lead to true samame. 

Gabdb, Gard, or Garbard, John, Warwick 1655, rem. to New 
London 1667, perhaps was the man, ''old John Gard," in 1712, and 
his s. Daniel charg. with misdemean. Roger, York, recorder of the 
Prov. 164Q, at the first Assemb. under Sir F. Gorges' commiss. mayor of 
Acomenticus 1644, had no w. in the country, wh. exposed him to sus- 
picion. Winth. II. 210. 

Garden, Miles, a soldier in Grallop's comp. in the expedit. of Phips, 
1690, to conquer Quebec, wh. was abortive. 

Gardiner, Benoni, Wickford, B. I. 1674. He is by Updike in 
Hist of the Narrag. ch. call. s. of Joseph, the emigr. and f. of William. 
Christopher, a knight of some holy order, came prob. in the Lion 
1630, from Bristol, for Dudley says, it was ^ a month bef. us ; ** liv. at 
or near Mount Wollaston, a. seVen miles from Boston, with Morton, the 
mischief-maker, less than two yrs., was sent home by our officers. Of 
him, and Mary Grove, wh. accomp. him, while he had two ws. in Eng. 
ena may be read in Dudley, as reprint, in* Young's Ghron. of Mass. and 
in 3 Mass. Hist Coll. VIU. 320. David, Gardiner's L s. of Lyon, 
went to London for educa. m. 4 June 1657, Mary Lungman, a wid. of 
St Margaret's, Westminster, had John, b. 19 Apr. 1661 ; David ; £liz.; 
and Lyon ; ea. of wh. bee head of fam. He d. very sudden, at Hart- 
ford, whither he went on business, and a monu. to his mem. bears this in- 
script there : ^ Here lyeth the body of Mr. David Gardiner, of Gardi- 
ner^s Ij^land, dec^. 10 July 1689 in 54^ yr. of his age. Well, sick, dead 
in one hours space. Engrave the remembr. of death on thine heart ; 
when, as thoa dost see, how swiftly hours depart" Joseph, Wickford, 
is said to be the founder of a fam. of distinct and calL one of the first 


sett, of Narraganset. He was f. of Benoni, bef. meat whose eldest s* 
William, b. 1671, d. 14 Dec. 1732. The fourth s. of William was Syl- 
vester, an emin. physician of Boston, b. at S. Kingstown, 1717. LTOir, 
or Lion, as he wrote it, Saybrook 1 635, came in the Bachilor of only 25 
tons, aged 36, with w. Mary, 34 ; and a fem. serv. Eliz. Colet, 23, and 
eleven male passeng. one only however nam. in the custom-ho. rec embu 
11 Aug. at London, arr. at Boston 28 Nov. His w. was. d. of Dericke 
Willamson of Worden in Holland, in the serv. of whose prince he bad 
bef. been^engag. and he came away for London, 10 July of .that yr. had 
David, b. 29 Apr. 1636 ; Mary, 30 Aug. 1638 ; both at Saybrook fort; 
and Eliz. 14 Sept. 1641, on the isl. purch. of the Lid. that has ever sinoe 
borne his name, but by him call. Isle of Wight, and she was the first 
Eng. ch. b. there. He was a man of very gr. energy and discretion^ ai 
fully was shown in the Pequot war. Of that he wrote a Relation, lesa 
exact, indeed, than entertain, but worth perusal, print, afler 200 yrs. re- 
pose, in 3 Mass. Hist ColL IIL 131. He lived at Easthampton longec 
tliaa at Saybrook ; had early acquir. the admir. est off the £. end of 
Long I. (still enjoy, by descend, of the ninth generat.) call. Gardiner'a 
isl. in Gardiner's Bay ; prob. liv. after 1642 on L. I. and d. late in 1663«- 
His wid. liv. a. two yrs. and her will is rec at New York. His will of 
1658 names the two first b. and the Eliz. d. of Eliz. as does alsa 
that of the mo. Mary m. Jeremiah Concklin, and d. at Easthampton, L* 
L 15 June 1727. Eliz. m. Arthur Howell of JSasthampton, had Eliz. 
and d. soon after in Feb. 1 658. Of course her m. was bef. she was sifz- 
teen yrs. old. Perhaps his name of bapt was Lionel, in old times conv- 
mon eno. but I have never met. the conject and Lion is a more appropr. 
designat for the lion-hearted. Richard, Plymouth 1620, one of the 
passeng. of .the Mayflower, was liv. late in 1624, but tho. he partook of 
the div. of Ids. eai'ly in that yr. he haS no share in the div. of cattle» 
1627. No more is kn. of him, but what Bradford tells, that he bee « 
mariner, and d. away, and he had no w. 

Gardner, * Andrew, Roxbury, .or rather Brookline, s. of sec 
Thomas of the same, m. 20 May 1668, Sarah, d. of Hugh Mason, had 
Andrew, b. 1674, H. G. 1696, the preacher, at Lancaster, casuaL k» by 
a soldier, 1704 ; and prob. others, certain. Thomas, 9 Dec 1684 ; liv. ai 
Muddy riv. was capt a rep. 1689, and lost in the exped. of Sir WOliaxa 
Phips against Quebec next yr. Benjamin, Hingham, youngest 8. of 
John the first of the same, m. 3 Jan. 1696, Sarah Dunbar, prob. d. of 
Robert of the same, had Sarah, b. 19 June 1698; Benjamin, 1^ May 
1700 ; and Hannah, 2 Nov. 1703. All this fam. are frequent spelL 
Garnett Ebenezer, Salem 1682, s. of George, had w. Sarah, wh. d* 5 
Sept 1682, aged a. 23; and he d. 1685, without ch. His will made ill 


Feb. of that yr. disposes, besides £50 to ^ poor honest people of S." to 
I^. Heoiy Bartholomew ; sis« SwiDoerton ; sis. Willoughbj ; sis. Pilgrim 
kc; sis. Hathome, and three eh. jMin, Nathaniel, and Ruth ; sis. Mary 
IWner, and her three ch. Robert, Habaccuk, and Mercy ; br. Samuel 6. 
»d his three ch. George, John, and Hannah ; Susanna, d. of uncle 
Thomas G. ; Margaret, d. of uncle Samuel G. ; and to G-eorge, s. of one 
of these ancles, prob. of Thomas. Edmund, Ipswich, freem. 7 Oct. 
1640. Edwabd, wh. came in the James from London 1635, aged 25, 
nay have been the same as preced. Francis, Hingham, a soldier in 
Cbipt Johnson's comp. at the gr. Narraganset fight, 19 Dec 1675, was 
lec. 8. of John of the same, m. 14 Jan. 1681, Joanna May, d. perhaps of 
Samuel of Roxbury, had Samuel, b. 14 Aug. 1G84 ; and d. 14 Jan. 1689. 
ffis wid. m. 26 Jan. 1690, Thomas Whiton, bore him seven ch. and m. 
28 Mar. 1711, Nathan Farrow for third h, George, Salem 1637, per- 
haps B. of first Thomas, b. in Eng. freem. 27 Dec 1642, had ch. by w. 
Eliz. bapt. there Hannah, 5 Dec 1644; Samuel, 14 May 1648; Mary, 
10 July 1653; George, 24 Sept 1654; Ebenezer, b. 16 Aug. 1657; 
and Rath, both bapt 2 Apr. 1665 (in 1658 his w. was indict, for favor- 
ing qoakers, and was, perhaps, d. bef. the bapt. of these two) ; and Mehit- 
able b. 20 Apr. perhaps 1660, d. next mo. unbapt. rem. to Hartford, m. 
Elii. wid. of Rev. Samuel Stone, and d. 20 Aug. 1679*. ^> will of 21 
Jaly preced. gave large prop, to s. Samuel, and Ebenezer, ds. Hannah, w. of 
John Battolph ; Mary, w. of Turner, and Ruth, w. of Hathome, aild names 
hr. 8. Thomas, and Samuel G. and sis. Graflon. George, and Henry, 
were of Wickford, R. I. 1674 ; and George, possib. their f. was of R. L 
1S38. George, Nantucket, s. of the first John of the same, m. Eunice, 
d. of Nathaniel Starbuck. Henry, Wobum, s. of Richard of the same, 
had, by w. Eliz. wh. d. 3 June 1703, aged 43, John, H. C. 1715; had 
eee. w. Hannah, and d. 20 Feb. 1714. Jacob, Hatfield, by w. Hannah 
had Jacob, b. 1676, rem. soon afler he took o. of allcg. 8 Feb. 1679. 
James, Gloucester, ro. 19 Jan. 1662, as Felt copies the rec Eliz. d. of 
William Vinson, or Vincent, had Sarah, b. 16 Apr. 1662, d. soon ; James, 
5 Oct 1663, d. same day; George, 22 Mar. 1665, d. same day ; Eliz. 4 
Jime 1666 ; Sarah,* again, 17 Jan. 1669 ; Mary, 13 Sept. 1671, d. next 
ma; Joseph, 23 Oct. 1672; Rebecca, 15 Sept. 1675; John, 11 June 
1678; and James, again, Aug. 1681. James, Hingham, br. of Francis, 
m. 18 June 1685, Eliz. d. of Henry Ward, and had Henry, b. 11 May 
1^; Joseph, 8 Nov. 1689; Eliz. 25 Sept. 1693; and Nathaniel, 26 
hAj 1701. James, Nantucket, s. of Richard the first, wh. had rem. 
thither from Salem, m. Mary, d. of Nathaniel Starbuck, wh. was said to 
be the first white ch. b. on that isl. 30 Mar. 1663, had Samuel ; Jethro; 
Barnabas, b. 12 Apr. 1695 ; Jonathan, 12 Sept. 1696; Eliz. and Mehit- 


able. By sec. w. Patience, d. of Peter Folger, wid. of Ebeneser Haf«- 
ker, he had no ch. but he took third w. Rachel, wid. of John Brovm of 
Salem, d. of John Gardner, his f.'s^lihind had James ; but by foardi w. 
Mary Pinkham, wid. of Richard, and d. of James Coffin, had no ch. and 
d. 1 June 1723, and his wid. d. 2 Mar. 1741. John, Salem 1643, s. of 
the first Thomas of the same, b. prob. in Eng. m. 20 Feb. 1654, PrisdOa, 
eldest ch. of the first Joseph Grafton, had John, b. 20 'Feb. 1C54, so that 
1 doubt the day of m. was earlier, Joseph, B July 1655 ; Priscilla, 6 Not* 
1656, wh. had m. prob. at Salem, but after being a wid. foil, her f. to 
Nantucket; Benjamin, 3 Feb. 1658, d. young; Rachel, 8 Aug. 1662^- 
wh. m. as is said, John Brown, and next, James Gardner, her cous. ; Ben- 
jamin, again, 17 May 1664 ; Ann, 30 Feb. 1667, wh. m. Edward Coffin ; 
Nathaniel, 24 Sept 1668 ; and Mary, 27 May 1670, wh. m. Jethro Cof- 
fin. He soon after rem. to Nantucket, there had Mehitable, b. 24 Nor. 
1674, wh. m. Ambrose Dawes the sec. ; and Ruth, 26 Jan. 1677, wh. Bk 
the sec. James Coffin. He had commissns. from Lovelace, Groy. of N. 
Y. sev. times, first, 1673, to be capt. of milit. and 1680, a civ. magistr. ad 
his elder br. Richard had bef. him, and when the isl. pass, by the new 
Chart, into Mass. jurisdict. he was; 1699, made Judge of Probate to his d.' 
6 May 1706, aged 82. His will was of 2 Dec. preced. John, Hingham, 
by w. Ma)||^had John, bapt. 18 July 1652; Francis, 3 Apr. 1653; 
Mary, 19 Nov. 1654; Samuel, 23 Mar. 1656; Deborah, 5 July 1657i 
James, perhaps, 5 Feb. 1 660 ; Stephen, 1 4 Sept. 1 662 ; Thomas, 5 June 
1664 ; Benjamin, perhaps, 8 Apr. 1666 ; and Christian b. 3 June (in dii 
rec. call, s.), bapt. 14 June 1668 ; and the f. d. 24 Nov. foil, and his wid. 
m. 18 June next Nathaniel Chnbbuck. At H. he had gr. of ids. in 
1656 ; but may have been the Duxbury inhab. of 1640. John, Wobuniy 
freem. 1680. John, Hadley 1678, perhaps s. of Samuel of the same^ 
freem. 1683. John, Hingham, eldest s. of John of the same, m. 25 
Feb. 1681, Mary, d. of Samuel Stowell of the same, had John, b. 4 Jan. 
1684; Mary, 3 Aug. 1686; Ruth, 12 Feb. 1689; Eliz. 24 Oct 1691; 
Hannah, 12 May 1694; and Remember, 25 Sept. 1697. ♦John, Sa- 
lem, a promin. man, rep. 1716, 19-21, in wh. last yr. he d. leaY. one 
tenth of his est. to the poor. Joseph, Salem 1649,* s. of the first Tho- 
mas, freem. 1672, had m. Aug. 1656, Ann, d. of Emanuel Downing, 
was the brave capt. k. with five others of same rank, and eight of hia 
com p. alone, in the gr. battle of Philip's war, at the Narraganset swamps 
19 Dec. 1G75 ; left no ch. and his wid. m. Simon Bradstreet, soon after 
Gov. Joseph, Nantucket, br. of Richard, jr. m. 30 Mar. 1670, BethtA 
Macy, d. of Thomas, had Sarah, b. 23 Oct. 1672; Damans, 16 Feb^ 
1675; Bethia, 13 Aug. 1676; Deborah, 30 Mar. 1681; and Hope, 7 
Jan. 1684. Joseph, Hatfield, perhaps br. of Jacob of the same, by w. 


Utrj had Mehitable, b. 20 May 1679^ soon after wh. he rem. Perhaps 
k aod Jacob were uncles or cousins of Abigail, wh. m. at H^ the Rev. 
Mm Wise, wh. dedin. the invit to bee. the min. there, and after resid. 
ftf more than a jr. left the town ; for both these went also, and it may 
be, thej, or one of them, had been drawn thither bj him. Joshua, Rox- 
boy, 8. of sec. Thomas of the same, m. 1680, Mary, d. of John Weld of 
the same, had Joshua, b. 22 Oct. 1682, d. same day; Margaret, 7 Oct. 
1688 ; Frauds, 3 Feb. 1686 ; and prob. Joshua, again, H. G. 1707. Na- 
thaniel, Boston 1649, merch. was inhab. of London 1662. Nathan- 
iel, Nantucket, s. of the first Richard of the same, m. Abigail, d. of James 
Coffin, had Hannah, b. 6 July 1686 ; Ebenezer, 27 Oct. 1688 ; Peleg, 22 
Joly 1691 ; Judith, 28 Oct. 1693 ; Margaret, 28 Jan. 1696; Nathaniel, 
14 Dec 1697; Andrew, 26 Dec 1699; Abel, 6 Aug. 1702; and Su- 
limia, 4 Aug. 1706. His w. d. 15 Mar. 1709, and he d. in Eng. Nich- 
olas, Wickford, R. I. 1674, perhaps br. of Bei\jamin, George, Henry, 
€r some one of them. Peter, Roxbury, prob. br. of sec Thomas, b. 
tm 1617, emb. in Apr. 1635, on the Elizabeth, at London, m. 9 May 
1646, Rebecca Crooke (unless thb name be wrong, as I suspect it is, in 
the rec), had Rebecca, b. 9 Nov. 1647 ; Peter, 24 Jan. 1649 ; both bapt 
84 Mar. 1650 ; Thomas, 1, bapt. 23 May 1652, d. at 15 mos. ; Sarah, 10, 
btpt 29 Jan. 1654, d. at six yrs. ; John, 7, bapt. 30 Dec 1655; Sam- 
«ei 3, bapt. 8 Mar. 1657, k. by the Ind. 2 Apr. 1676 ; Joseph, 11, bapt. 
16 Jan. 1659; Sarah, again, 20 Apr. bapt. 8 June 1662; Benjamin, 23 
Apr. bapt 22 May 1664 ; Ebenezer, 5 Aug. bapt 10 Sept 1665, d. 13 
No?. 1683; and Jonathan, 14 Aug. bapt 1 Sept 1667; was freem. 
1690 ; Peter, the younger, d. 30 Oct 1673 ; his ma d. 10 June 1675, 
ifed 45 ; and the f. d. 5 Nov. 1698. Sarah m. 31 May 1683, John 
Gkc Richard, Salem 1643, s. perhaps, of first Thomas, liv. there 
1666, went next yr. to Nantucket. Bef. rem. he, by w. Sarah, ^rob. d. 
of Samuel Shattuck, had Joseph; Sarah; Richard, b. 23 Oct 1653; 
Deborah, 12 Feb. 1658 ; Damaris, 21 Nov. 1662 ; and James, 19 May 
1664; beside Miriam; Nathaniel, 16 Nov. 1669 ; Hope; and Love, 2^ 
Hay 1672. Of the last d. I see no more ; but Sarah m. Eleazer Folger ; 
Deborah m. John Macy, and next Stephen Pease; Miriam m. Joha 
Worth ; and Hope m. John Coffin ; and the f. d. 23 Jan. 1689. His wid.^ 
S^ih d. 1724, aged above 92 yrs. Richard, Woburn, m. 18 Oct 1651, 
Ana or EUuinah Blanchard, wid. of Thomas of Charlestown, had John, 
b. 14 Aug. 1652 ; Ann, 17 Jan. 1655 ; Benjamin, 26 Dec 1656; Henry, 
12 Feb. 1658, bef. ment ; Esther, 15 Oct 1659 ; Ruth, 1 Apr. 1661 -^ 
Hannah; Abigail; Rebecca; and Mehitable ; these four prob. at Charles- 
town; was freem. 1652 ; d. early in 1698 ; but the gr.stone says 29 May.. 
His will of 15 Mar. 1697, pro. 6 May 1698, shows he then liv. at Cbailes- 
VOL. II. 20 



to^vn. It names onlj s. Henry, and six ds. Esther m. Edward Jobnsoo, 
s. of Hon. William, and gr.s. of Capt Edward, (the hist, of Wonder 
Work. Frovid.) ; Ruth m. John Jepson. Richard, Nantucket, s. of the 
first Richard of the same, m. 17 May 1674, Mary Austin, had Patience 
29 June 1675 ; Joseph, 8 May 1677 ; Solomon, 1 July 1680 ; Benjamin, 
20 July 1683; Miriam, 14 July 1685; and Lydia, 16 June 1687, d. 
young. He was judge of Probate, and d. 8 May 1728 ; but his w. d. 1 
June 1721. * Samuel, Salem 1657, was s. I presume of first ThomaSy 
b. in this country, a. 1629, had w. Mary White, and ch. Mary, b. 5 Aug. 
1658, d. under 4 yrs.; Eliz. 30 May 1660, d. at 18 yrs. ; Mary, again, 
29 June 1663, wh. m. Joseph Henfield; Margaret, July 1664, wh. jsl 
Deliverance Parkman, and d. 25 Mar. 1689 ; George, 15 Jan. 1668, d» 
at 8 mos. ; Jonathan, and Hannah, tw. 18 July 1669 ; and Abel, 1 Sept 
1673; was freem. 1675, selectman 1686, rep. 1681, 2, 5; his w. d. 12 
Sept 1 675, and he d. Oct. 1 689, leav. only youngest three ch. Samuel^ 
Hartford, or Wethersfield 1641, rem. to Hadley 1663, there liv. 1678, 
had Samuel, wh. d. 1676, unm. and Joseph, wh. d. 1684, leav. wid. but 
no ch. He had also five ds. wh. m. but the male line failed. Samuex^ 
Roxbury, a soldier in brave Capt Johnson's comp. at the gr. battle, 19 
Dec. 1675, was a lieut k. at Sudbury fight under Wadsworth, with eight 
of his comp. Apr. 1676. Samuel, Plymouth, m. 20 Dec 1682, Susanna 
Shelley, had Samuel, b. 27 Sept 1683. Stephen, Hingham, s. of John 
the first by w. Sarah had Deborali, b. 9 Oct 1689 ; Sarah, 31 July 1691 ; 
Stephen, 6 Feb. 1693; Lydia, 22 Jan. 1695; David, 26 Aug, 1697; 
Abigail, 12 Jan. 1699; Stephen, again, 29 Dec 1700; Patience, 3 Sept 
1703; and Joshua, 25 Dec. 1705, wh. prob. d. young. * Thomas, Sa- 
lem, was first at Cape Ann, employ, by the project of sett, to ovei^ 
see fishery, 1624 or 5, and rem. with Conant, freem. 17 May 1637, re^ 
same yr. It is said, on what ground I kn. not, that he was from 
Scotland ; but to me it seems much more likely, that he was firom 
Sherborne in N. part of Co. Dorset Prob. he had other ch. beside 
Seeth, bapt 25 Dec 1636 (wh. m. I believe, the i^ec Joseph 6raf^ 
ton) ; as, Richard, George, John, Samuel, Joseph, Sarah, and Miri* 
am, for some of wh. the prob. is stronger than for others. Sarah was 
w. of Benjamin Balch, it is thot and Miriam of a Hill; and Mar* 
garet, wh. was rec. of the ch. 1639, may have been his w. He dmS9 
Dec. 1674. Thomas, Roxbury, d. Nov. 1638 ; and "our aged sis. G* 
says the ch. rec was bur. 7 Oct 1658, wh. I presume, was his vnd. 
but the town rec. does not ment. the occurrence of her d. TnoiCASy 
Salem, merch. prob. eldest s. of Thomas of the same, b. no doubt in Eng* 
rec. of the ch. 1639, freem. 2 June 1641, was a selectman, d. 1684. Han- 
nah, prob. his w. is, by Felt, ins. among ch. mem. of 1649. Bapt of 


Ms ch. were Mary, 2 Apr. 1643 ; Thomas, 25 May 1645, wh. d. 1695 ; 
EJiz. 22 Apr. 1649 ; Abigail, 20 Apr. 1651 ; Bethia, 26 Mar. 1654 ; Han- 
nah, 24 Jan. 1658 ; and Jonathan, 12 Oct. 1662. Perhaps Mr. Farmer 
liad, from Felt, names of sev. other ch. but some, I believe, were brs. and 
9W. of his. Thomas, Roxbury, s. prob. of Thomas of the same, b. in 
Bog. m. 4 July 1641, if the rec. be distinct, Lucy Smith, had Andrew, 
bi 5 Mar. 1642, bef. ment. ; Thomas, 1645, a wrong mo. being giv. in 
the rec. ; Abigail, bapt. 15 Feb. 1646, d. Aug. 1649 ; Mary, bapt 9 Apr. 
1^48 ; Peter, 8 Dec. (tho. town rec. has Sept) 1650, and he d. 24 Aug. 
1653; Abigail, again, b. 6, bapt. 26 Dec 1652 ; Lucy, 11 Feb. 1655; 
Joanna, 25 Jan. 1657 ; Joshua, 8 May 1659 ; and Caleb, 13 Apr. 1662, 
d. at 19 yrs. Neither of the last five is named by Ellis, nor are the last 
Aree found in town rec. Perhaps, as his resid. was in that part of Bos- 
ten, calL Muddy river, the elk. did not think he was of R. He was 
freem. 1646 ; and his w. d. 4 Nov. 1687, and he d. 15 July 1689 ; in his 
will, made three days bef. provides for Thomas, and Joshua ; beside ds. 
Uary, wh. m. 13 Dec. 1665, Thomas Boylston ; Abigail, w. of Rev. John 
Wise ; Joanna Stanton ; and Lucy Monk. Thomas, Salem, s. of the 
•ec Thomas of the same, m. 22 Apr. 1669, Mary, d. of Jonathan Porter, 
bad Mary, b. 14 Feb. 1670 ; Thomas, 25 Oct 1671 ; Habakkuk, 25 Oct. 
1674; Joseph, 29 Aug. 1677; and a d. 22 July 1679. Thomas, Rox- 
buiy, s. of the sec. Thomas of the same, m. 19 Nov. 1673, Mary, d. of 
Elder John Bowles, had Sarah, b. 15 Mar. 1675 ; Thomas, 18 Apr. 
1676 ; Mary, 11 Mar. 1679 ; Jolin, 9 Jan. 1680 ; Caleb, 23 Apr. 1682 ; 
Peter, 22 July 1684; and Isaac, 18 Aug. 1686. Thomas, Hingharo, 
lixth B. of John the first of the same, m. 17 Dec. 1705, Judith Tower ; 
bot no rec. of ch. is seen. Thirty of this name had, in 1829, been gr. 
It Harv. and five at the other N. £. coll. 

Garfield, * Benjamin, Watertown, s. of Edward sec. of the same, 

4«em. 1690, was rep. 1689 and 92. By first w. Mehitable, d. of Timo- 

thj Hawkins, he had Benjamin, b. 8 May 1674; and Benoni, 4 Dec 

1675 ; and his w. d. five days afler. He m. 17 Jan. 1677, sec w. Eliz. 

Bridge, had Eliz. b. 30 June 1679; Thomas, 12 Dec 1680; Ann, 2 

June 1683; Abigail, 13 July 1685; Mehitable, 7 Dec 1687; Samuel, 

8 Sept. 1690 ; and Mary, 2 Oct. 1695 ; and d. 28 Nov. 1717. His wid. 

m. 25 Oct. 1720, Daniel Harrington. Edward, Watertown, d. 14 June, 

if Bond be correct, 1672, aged 97. Edward, Watertown, s. of the pre- 

oed. b. in Eng. freem. 6 May 1635, by w. Rebecca had Samuel ; Joseph, 

b. U Sept 1637 ; Rebecca, 10 or 18 Mar. 1641 ; Benjamin, 1643 ; and 

Abigail, 29 June 1646, wh. m. John Parkhurst, and d. bef. her f. His 

w. Rebecca d. 16 Apr. 1661, aged 55, and he m. 1 Sept. 1661, Joan, 

lid. of Thomas Buckminster of Muddy river, now Brookline. His will 

232 GAR 

of 10 Dec 1668, pro. 11 July 1672, foar weeks after his d. makes Ben- 
jamin, bef. ment his excor. names, also, Samuel, ^ m. many jrs. ago,** 
and two other s. two ds. Mixer and Garfield, beside gr.childr. Sarah 
Farkhurst, and Sarah and Ephraim G. Rebecca bee 10 Jan. 1661, 2d 
w. of Isaac Mixer. It seems to me, that Dr. Bond has confused the f. 
and s. making ea. d. on the same day, and the age of the elder forbidding 
the likelihood of his being f. of the ch. Joseph, Watertown, s. of the 
preced. m. 3 Apr. 1663, Sarah, d. of Richard Gale, had Edward, b. 22 
June 1664; Abigail; Benjamin, 18 Nov. 1669; Jonathan, 17 Feb. 
1672 ; Sarah, 18 Feb. 1674 ; Jerusha, 6 June 1677 ; John, 8 June 1680 ; 
Rebecca, 1683; and Grace, 1688 ; was freem. 1690. Samuel, Water* 
town, eldest br. of the preced. b. I presume, in Eng. by w. Susanna, 
wh. d. 2 May 1652, had John, b. 8 Feb. 1646, d. in 3 yrs. ; Ephraim, 20 
Nov. 1649; and he ra. 28 Sept 1652, Mary Benfield, had Mary, SO 
June 1653; Sarah, 17 Jan. 1655; Rachel, 23 Nov. 1656; Eliz. 8 Dee. 
1658; Deborah; John, 7 July 1664; Ruth, 25 Apr. 1666; Lydia, 81 
Aug. 1668 ; Daniel, 5 Nov. 1670, d. at 13 yrs. ; perhaps Ann; Merq^i 
18 Feb. 1674 ; Eliz. 16 Sept 1676 ; and he d. 20 Nov. 1684. He had 
liv. many yrs. in Saleni. Perhaps in Eng. this name bee. Gaffield. 

Garford, Jabvis, Salem, bef. 1635, says Felt, had w. Ann, was 
freem. 22 May 1639. Perhaps it was sometimes calL Graffort. 

Gablakd, GEORok, Maine 1659. Jabez, Dover, by w. Dorcas had 
Jabez, b. 10 Feb. 16^3 ; Dorcas, 3 Apr. 1698 ; Rebecca,' 25 Jan. 1700 ; 
Ebenezer, 14 Mar. 1704 ; Nathaniel, 12 Apr. 1706 ; and Lydia, 17 Feb. 
1708. Jacob, Newbury, s. of John, m. 17 Jan. 1682, Rebecca, d. of 
Thomas Sears, had Jacob, b. 26 Oct 1682 ; and Rebecca, 3 Dec. 1688 ; 
rem. to Hampton, and there had eleven more. John, Hampton, m. 96 
Oct 1654, Eliz. wid. of Thomas Chase, d. of Thomas Fhilbri(^ had 
Jacob, and perhaps other ch. and d. 4 Jan. 1672; and his wid. m. 19 
Feb. 1674, Henry Roby. John, Hampton, took o. of alleg. Dec 1676. 
He may have been s« of the preced. Peter, Charlestown 1637, Boston 
1654, by w. Joan had Mary, rem. perhaps iO New Hampsh. bef. 1686* 

Garlick, Joseph, New London 1651, but in few yrs. went to Brook- 
haven, or Easthampton, where his w. was charged with witchcraft in 
1657, and, luckily for her, the case was referred, and she sent to Hart- 
ford ; and her life was saved. See Trumbull, Col. Rec. of Conn. J. 578 ; 
Wood's, and Thompson's Hist of L. I. and the Mem. in 3 Mass. HisL 
Coll. X. 183, of Lyon Gardiner, wh. seems to have been wise enough to 
assert her innoc tho. her name was ena 

Garhan, George, New London 1 666, stands in tax list next yr. 

Garner, Edmund, Cambridge 1635, rem. bef. 1638. Thomas, Bos- 
ton 1648, merch. A capt G. is nam. by Belkn. serv. with his comp. 

G A B 238 

1^9 against Ind. Often this is the form of spell. Gardner, from 


GARXETTy John, Hingham 165G. Judith, possib. his sis. or mo. came 
in the Francis 1634, aged 26, from Ipswich, and was the same jr. in 
Sept adm. of Boston ch. as ^' our br. John CoggeshaU's maid serv/' and 
either as maid or wid. soon m. Robert Shelley of Scituate, and took 
letters of dism. to the ch. there 14 July 1644. His wid. m. in Juqe 
1669, Nathaniel Chubbuck, says the rec. and Mary, perhaps a d. m. 5 
Sec 1683, Nathan Farrow. I suppose he had s. also, John, d. Joanna, 
and Stephen, wh. m.*Dec. 1687, Sarah Warren, wh. may have been d. 
of Joseph. Joanna m. 26 Jan. 1690, Thomas Whiton. 

Gabnset, Henry, Dorchester 1655, freem. 1690. Joseph, New 
Haven 1647, rem. prob. to Stamford, and m. 11 May 1659, Rose Water- 
baiy, wid. of John, had Joseph, b. 1662 ; perhaps others ; and d. 1 1 Nov. 
1688. Joseph, Milford, m. 10 Apr. 1673, Hannah, d. of Samuel Coley 
of the same, had Joseph, b. 1675, bapt. Feb. 1678 ; and Sarah, 1678; 
perhaps others. He and s. Joseph liv. there 1713. Joseph, Stamford, 
{irab. s. of the first Joseph of the same, was liv. 1701. William, York, 
freem. 1652. 

Gabbett, Garbad, or Gabrard, Daniel, Hartford 1640, had 
Daniel, b. 1647, was prison-keep, many yrs. and liv. 1687, aged 75. 
Hi&AM, or Hebhan, Charlestown 1638, had Id. in Concord. Hugh, 
Charlestown 1638. James, Charlestown 1637, freem* 6 June 1639, by 
.W.Deborah had Mary, b. 4 May 1638 ; Priscilla, 28 June bapt. 15 July 
1610; James, 6 Aug. 1643, the same or ano. James in rec 4 Aug. 
1646; and perhaps others. Prob. this was the master of the sh. in 
ihose.anhappy voyage to London, 1657, perish. Thomas May hew, Davis, 
Jnce, and Pelham, all scholars, the hope of the country, going to £ng. 
ibr employm. of wh. Gookin, in his Hist Coll. printed in Vol. I. of the 
CoIL of the Soc. 202, gives suffic. acco. His wid. Deborah went home, 
liT. at Wapping, and sold her Ids. here 1663. Joseph, Scituate, eldest s. 
of Richard of the same (in Geneal. Reg. IX. 316, mistak. for Gannett, wh. 
leebef. ment), m. 17 Jan. 1677, Ruth, d. of Isaac Buck, had only s. Joseph, 
k 1680, and four ds. nam. in his will Ruth Wade, Mary Briggs, £liz. 
Briggs, and Jael 6. as Deane relates. He had serv. in Philip's w^ar. 
Joseph, Hartford, perhaps s. perhaps gr.s. of Daniel, was there 1693. 
IhcHABD, Charlestown, shoemaker, came, no doubt, in the fleet with 
Winth. req. adm. as freem. 19 Oct. 1630, but was lost in a storm, of wh. 
foil report is in Winth. I. 40. Hannah, '^ a fatherless ch." d. says the 
ICC Feb. 1632, and I suppose her to have been his d. prob. that one wh. 
went thra the wreck with him. Richabd, Scituate, first town elk. 
1636, m. Lydia, d. of Elder Nathaniel Tilden, had Joseph, b. 1648; 


284 GAB — GAT 

John, 1651; Mary, 1655; and Richard, 1659. Deane sapposes him 
to have heen s. of the preced. in wh. he must be mistaken ; but may be 
nearer to prob. in think, him that Richard wh. d. at Boston, 29 Mar. 
1662. RicHABD, Scituate, youngest s. of the preced. m. 1695, Ferski, 
d. of Capt. Michael Pierce, had ds. Ann, and Deborah ; and s. John, b. 
1706. Robert, Boston, bj w. Marj had John, b. 2 June 1643; Rob- 
ert ; Mary ; and Sarah ; all ment. in his will of 27 Nov. 1660, in wh. 
he says ^ being bound on a voyage to Barbados ; *' yet he liv. prob. some 
yrs. after that In the deed of Boston est. to him, he is styled Garret, 
alias Bentcher. His s. John, says Deane, had only s. Richard, b. 1689. 

Garretson, John, Boston, m. 5 Dec 1659, Alice Willey, perhaps 
d. of Isabel. 

Garri&on, or Garresen, Edward, Boston, m. 29 Aug. 1660, Joan 

Garrold, Henrt, Boston, a tanner, 1639, had hot in Nov, preced. 
ho. of James Hawkins, that had been Mr. Brenlon's. 

Gascoyne, Gaskin, or Gaskell, Edward, Salem, shipwright, had 
gr. of Id. 1637, by w. Sarah had Samuel, bapt. 7 Aug. 1639 ; Daniel, 10 
Oct. 1640; Sarah, 14 May 1643; Hannah, 1 Mar. 1646; and Edwaid, 
30 Apr. 1648. Samuel, Salem, s. prob. of the preced. was punish. 
1658, for his curiosity or depravity in attend, a Quaker meet. He had 
8. John, wh. d. 9 Oct. 1686, perhaps few days old ; and his w. Eliz. d. 
18 of the same. The Salem rec. also certif. that by w. Eliz. he had 
Eliz. b. 13 May 1688 ; where we can see that an error of date is gir. 
unless he had sec w. of the same name as the first. But he could cer- 
tain, not be f. of that temporary dweller in Cambridge or Charlestown 
nam. Samuel, wh. was after of New Haven, m. very likely as sec. w. 20 
July 1687, Eliz. Sherman, d. of John, but whether the min. or the capt. 
is by Bond lefl uncert. Yet we may easily presume that between the 
two Samuels there is confus. tho. we may be very sure that no Quaker 
would then have been permit to m. a d. of either Capt or Rev. John S. 
It was clear, the d. of Rev. John that m. at mature age after her £'s d. 
Samuel G. a thriving merch. of New Haven, had prob. Samuel and 
Mary perhaps by former w. and he had bapt at Watertown, John, 30 
Nov. 1690 ; and d. 1706. His inv. was of 20 Jan. foil and Sherman's d. 
Eliz. was admin. Samuel, Stratford, s. of the preced. d. soon after 
his f. leav. w. Abigail half his est. beside provis. in case she were preg- 
nant, and residue to sis. Mary, by his will of 31 Jan. 1707. 

Gatcuell, or Getchell, sometimes Gitchell, Jeremiah, MarUe- 
head 1668-1674. Johx, Salem 1637, aged a. 26, was of Marblehead 
1648. He may have been the f. of that John, a soldier in Beers's corap. 
wh. fell 4 Sept 1675, with his leader, at Squakeag fight Jonathan, 
Marblehead 1674, rem. to Portsmouth, B. I. and there m. 5 Mar. 1683, 

GATES. 235 

Uuj, wid. of Gershom Wodell, had Priscilla, b. 10 Nov. foil, and 

Isbeil, 22 Oct 1685. Samuel, Salem 1638, rem. to Hampton 1644, 

theoce to Salkbary 1648, bj w. Dorcas, wh. d. 12 Jane 1685, had 

Frisdlla, b. 26 Feb. 1649 ; and Samuel, 8 Feb. 1657. His d. Susanna 

m.10 Biar. 1662, Joseph Norton* Samuel, Salisbury, s. of the preced. 

ID. 27 Not. 1679, Eliz. Jones of Amesbury, had Hannah, b. 30 Jan. 

168L; Moses, 15 May 1682; Eleanor, 3 Oct 1683, d. soon; Eleanor, 

igaio, 2 Nov. 1684 ; Dorcas, 8 May 1685, as rec says; and Mary, 12 

Apr. 1687. Perhaps the name in our days is commonly Getchell. 

Gates, Daniel, East Haddam, s. of George, by w. Rebecca had 
Daniel, b. 5 Feb. 1707 ; David, 27 June 1709 ; Rebecca, 27 June 1711 ; 
Abigail, 18 Mar. 1714; Joseph, 7 Sept 1716; Mary, 29 Mar. 1719; 
Ruth, 10 Aug. 1721; Ephraim, 18 Aug. 1724; and Judah, 2 Aug. 
1727 ; and d. 24 Nov. 1761. * George, Haddam, an orig. propr. 1662, 
vas of Hartford the yr. preced. by w« Sarah, d. of Nicholas Olmsted, 
wh. d. 7 Nov. 1709, had Joseph, b. 7 Nov. 1662 ; Thomas, 21 Jan. 
1665 ; John, 5 Apr. 1668 ; Sarah, 16 Mar. 1670 ; Mary, 16 Mar. 1674 ; 
6e(»^ 16 Aug. 1677, infirm; Daniel, 4 May 1680; and Samuel, 8 
Kov. 1683 ; was one of the first sett rep. 1668-73, and later, a capt 
ran. a. 1685 to E. side of the riv. and d. 12 Nov. 1724, in 90th yr. 
Sarah m. a. 1694, Timothy Fuller. John, East Haddam, s. of the 
preced. had Sarah, bapt 12 Feb. 1716; Rachel, 14 July 1717; Han- 
nah, 12 Apr. 1719; and Esther, 26 Feb. 1721; gave all his est by 
deed, 4 Oct 1742, to these four ds. his w. whose name is not found, then 
fir. Joseph, East Haddam, br. of the preced. by w. Eliz. had Joseph, 
k 28 Dec 1695; EUz. 23 May 1697; John, 20 Sept 1698; Sarah, 20 
Aug. 1700; Jonathan, 17 Dec. 1703; Susanna, 21 Sept 1705 ; Jacob, 

10 July 1708 ; Samuel, 29 Mar. 1710 ; and Patience, perhaps posthum. 
at least when bapt 23 Mar. 1712, she is call, ^a ch. of Joseph Gates's 
lelict," but the careless town rec. marks her b. 31 Mar. of that yr. His 
wid. d. 17 Nov. 1759 in her 89th yr. Samuel, East Haddam, youngest 
B.of George, by w. Esther had Sarah, b. 15 July 1712 ; Hannah, 4 Feb. 
1714; Samuel, 14 Aug. 1715; Esther, 26 Feb. bapt 2 Mar. 1718; 
Uary, b. 29 July 1719 ; James, 29 Aug. 1721 ; Stephen, 30 June 1723 ; 
and Jonah, bapt 25 Apr. 1725. Simon, Cambridge, s. of first Stephen, 
by w. Margaret had Abigail, b. 1671 ; Simon, 1673, d. 11 Apr. 1675; 
Simon, again, 5 Jan. 1676 ; George, 1678, d. next yr.; Amos ; Samuel, 

11 Aug. 1685; and Margaret, 13 Aug. 1689. He had rem. a short 
time to Lancaster, afler was of Boston, liv. at Muddy river. Stephen, 
Hingham 1638, came in the Diligent with w. and two ch. that yr. ; was 
finom old Hingham, rem. to Cambridge, thence 1654 to Lancaster, where 
be was constable 1657, freem. 1656, went back to C. there d. 1662. He 

286 GAT — GAY 

calls hims. of C. in his will, made 9 June, pra 7 Oct. of that yr. He 
had Stephen, Simon, and Thomas, b. I think, on this side of the ocean ; 
and those he brot prob. were Eliz. wh. m. Nov. or 22 Dec 1649, John 
Lazell ; and Mary, wh. m. 5 Apr. 1658, John Majrnard. His wid. Ann 
m. 1663, Richard Woodward of Watertown, outliv. him, and d. 5 Feb. 
1683, at Stow, where G. had sometime resid. Stephen, Boston, s. of 
the preced. by w. Sarah, prob. d. of George Woodward of Watertown, 
had Stephen; Simon, b. 5 June 1667; Thomas, 31 Dec 1669; Isaac; 
Nathaniel ; rem. to Marlborough, and had Sarah, 27 Apr. 1679 ; Be* 
becca, 23 July 1682; and Daniel, 25 Apr. 1685; he was some yrs. tt 
Charlestown ; and his will was pro. 1707. Thomas, Marlborough, br. 
of the preced. m. 6 July 1670, Eliz. Freeman of Sudbury, had Elis. b. 
1671; Sarah, 1673; rem. to Sudbury, where were b. John, 9 Apr. 
1678; and Joseph, 16 Mar. 1680; rem. to Stow, there had Josiah, 8' 
Mar. 1682 ; Deborah, 22 Feb. 1684 ; Ann, 18 July 1686 ; and Abigail, 
18 Feb. 1689. He was constable of S. and had Id. in Lancaster; but 
sold all his est in Mass. after rem. to Norwich, in 1703. * Thomas, East 
Haddam, sec. s. of George of the same, m. a. 1692, Hannah, d. of deac 
Daniel Brainerd, had Thomas, b. 3 Oct. 1693 ; Daniel, 26 May 1695; 
Jeremiah, 17 IVIar. 1697; Hannah, 1 June 1699, d. at 14 yrs. ; Esther, 
24 Feb. 1701, d. at 19 yrs. ; Mary, 29 Aug. 1703 ; George, 17 Nor. 
1705; and Joshua, 26 Apr. 1708; was town elk. capt. deac rep. 1725. 
and d. 20 Apr. 1734. His wid. d. 7 Sept. 1750. 

Gatline, or Gattliffe, Jonathan, Boston, s. of Thomas, a mariner, 
m. June 1663, Mary, eldest d. of Amos Richardson. Thomas, Dorches* 
ter, a miller, was of Braintree 1650, d. 17 May 1663, had ch. only a. 
Jonathan; Prudent; and Mary b. 13 Feb. 1656; lefl good est wid. 
Prudent, not mo. of Jonathan. 

Gatsell, Walter, came in the Abigail 1635, aged 34, but we kn. 
no more. 

Gattert, John. See GafRngsley. 

Gault, William, of Yarmouth, Co. Norfolk, cordwainer, aged 29 
yrs. a single man, emb. 11 May 1637 in the Mary Ann, but we. kn. not 
his resid. here ; nor can the name be found, exc that John Easton, wh. 
bee gov. of R. I. had m. 4 Feb. 1661, Mehitable G. wh. may have been 
his d. 

Gaunt, Peter, Lynn, rem. to Sandwich 1637, there was liv. 1643. 
Thomas, Rehoboth, perhaps s. of the preced. may be the same as in ano. 

part of the Col. Rec is giv. Grant, of the bur. of whose ch. Sept 

1676, ment. is made on Col. Rec. had John, b. 21 Jan. 1678. 

Gat, Ebenezer, Dedham, s. of John the first, by w. Lydia had Blear 
zur, b. 19 Aug. 1676. John, Watertown, freem. 6 May 1635 ; rem. to 

GAYER. 237 

Dedham, by w. Joanna (in fam. tradit said to have been wid. Baldwicke, 

and to have had s. John by former h. perhaps in Eng.) had Samuel, b. 

10 Mar. 1639; Hezekiah, 8 July 1640; perhaps Eliz. wh. m. 1660, 

Biohard Martin; certain. Nathaniel, 11 Jan. 1643, or as Geneal. Reg. 

YL 873, perhaps wrong, gives the date 11 Nov. 1642 ; Joanna, 23 Mar. 

1645; Ebenezer, 21 Mar. 1647; Abiel, and Judith, tw. 23 Apr. 1649; 

John, 6 May 16$1 ; Jonathan, 1 Aug. 1653 ; and Hannah, 16 Oct. 1656, 

wh. d. young. He d. 4 Mar. 1688; and his wid. d. 14 Aug. 1691. 

Hezekiah d. unm. 20 Nov. 1669, hav. in his nuncup. will 25 Oct. preced. 

rememb. f. ma brs. and sis. Nathaniel, John, Jonathan, Samuel, Abigail, 
and Judith, and giv. especial, to ^^ sis. Whiting that new book concerning 
Thoma3>.|^vage," for wh. I fear, all search in bibliograph. works will be 
Tiin. In the lists of freem. 1644 and 5 appears the name of John Gay, 
but it may well be feared, that one, if not both, is or are repetition only. 
Alio, fium of Gay there was, indeed, in Dedham, or in that part wh. bee. 
Wrentham, who widely spread, but of wh. the progenit. is not kn. to me. 
John, Watertown, by w. Hannah, had Hannah, b. 25 Dec. 1 668 ; and 
Thomas, Mar. 1674; d. in few yrs. after, for Bond shows that admin, to 
wid. Hannah pass. 18 Dec 1678. John, Dedham, s. of the first John, 
m. 13 Feb. 1679, Rebecca, d. of John Bacon, had Rebecca, John, 
Stephen, Abigail, Mary, and Hezekiah. Jonathan,. D^edham, br. of the 
pieced, m. 29 Aug. 1682, Mary Bullard, had Hannah, Mary, Jeremiah, 
Sarah, Jonathan, and Abigail. Nathaniel, Dedham, s. of first John, 
bj w. Lydia Lusher, as GeneaL Reg. VI. 373, tells (tho. it is not kn. 
whose d. she was), had Benjamin ; Nathaniel ; both d. young ; Mary ; 
Lydia-; Nathaniel, again ;^usher, b. 26 Sept 1685, wh. was f. of the 
Kcv. £benezer of Suffieldj H. C. 1737, D. D. ; Joanna ; Benjamin, 
again; Abigail ; and Ebenezer, 26 Aug. 1696, H. C. 1714 ; was freem. 
1677, and d. 20 Feb. 1713 ; but his w. liv. to 6 Aug. 1744. Samuel, 
Dedham, eldest br. of the preced. m. 23 Nov. 1661, Mary, prob. d. of 
£dwa]:d Bridge of Roxbury, had Samuel, Edward, John, Hezekiah, and 
Timothy ; and d. 15 Apr. 1718, and his w. d. 3 days after. Samuel, 
Boxbury, by w. Abigail had Samuel, b. 24 Feb. 1688 ; and Abigail, 15 
Oct 1689. The gr. ornament of this fam. was Rev. Ebenezer, youngest 
B. of Nathaniel, third min. of Hingham, ord. 11 June 1718, wh. d. 18 
Mar. 1787, the honor, patriarch of our N. E. pulpit in that age. Eleven 
of this name had, in 1826, been gr. at Harv. of wh. five were Qlerg. and 
three at the other N. E. coll. 

Gater, * Samuel, Nantucket, rep. soon after the new chart, of 1691. 
William, Nantucket, m. Dorcas, d. of Nathaniel Starbuck, had Damaris, 
b. 24 Oct. 1673; Dorcas, 29 Aug. 1675; and William, 8 June 1677. 
w. d. a. 1696 ; and he d. 23 Sept. 1710, hav. had ano. w. but no ch. 


by her. Perhaps he was br. of Samuel ; and his d. Damans m. 17 Aug. 
1 692, Nathaniel Coffin, the progenit. of Adm. Sir Isaac ; and Dorcaa m. 
6 Dec 1694, her cous. Jethro Starbuck. 

Gaylord, Gaylor, Gayler, Gallard, or Gallerd, John, Dor- 
chester 1632, one of two chos. by the town to meet the Court of Assist, 
bef. any system of rep. had been formed. Whether he d. soon, or went 
home, may long be unkn. but his name does not occur again. John^ 
Windsor, youngest s. of William the first, prob. the only one of the ch. 
b. on this side of the water, m. 17 Nov. 1653, Mary, d. of «lohn Drake, 
had (tho. others may have been b. and d.), John, b. 15 June 1656, wh. 
d. :May 1664; Mary, 19 Jan. 1664; John, again, 23 June 1667 ; and 
Eliz. 19 Feb. 1671 ; is among the freem. 1669, d. 31 July lg89, le»T- 
wid. Mary. John, Windsor, oldest s. of the sec William, was propomidL 
for freem. 1671. Of him I read only that his s. John, m. 13 Dec 1683^ 
at the age of 16, as Goodwin says, Mary, d. of Hon. Daniel Clark, wh. 
was above 25, had John, Mary, and Ann, of wh. the last d. young ; and 
he d. 29 Apr. 1699, of course a. 32 yrs. old. Joseph, Windsor, 8. of 
Walter, m. 14 July 1670, Sarah Standley, had Sarah, b. 11 July 1671; 
Joseph, 22 Aug. 1673; John, 21 Aug. 1677 ; and perhaps more; rem* 
to Waterbury. Samuel, Windsor, s. of the first William, b. in £ng> 
came with his f. to Dorchester; m. 4 Dec 1646, Eliz. Hull, prob. d* 
of George, had Eliz. b. 4 Oct. 1647; Mary, 10 Nov. 1649; Sarah, 

18 Jan. 1652; Abigail, 29 Sept. 1653; Samuel, July 1657, wh. d. 
on serv. in the army 1690, leav. wid. but no ch.; and Martha, Jane 
1660. His w. d. 1680, and he m. 1682, as her fourth h. Mary, wid. 
of lieut. William Allis of Hatfield, where he d. Sept. 1689. Martha 
m. 30 Oct. 1679, Josiah Ellsworth. Walter, Windsor, br. of the 
preced. came with his f. to Dorchester, m. 29 Apr. 1648, Mary, d» 
of deac. Edward Stebbins of Hartford, had Joseph, b. 13 May 1649, 
wh. was one of the first sett, at Waterbury, after of Durham ; Marj, 

19 Mar. 1651; Joanna, 5 Feb. 1653; Benjamin, 12 Apr. 1655; 
Isaac, 21 June 1657. His w. d. 29 June 1657, and he m. 22 Mar. 
1658, Sarah, d. of William Rockwell, had EHezur, 7 Mar. 1662; and 
Sarah, 13 Apr. 1665; d. 9 Aiig. 1689; so that three of the four s. cf 
deac. William d. within few wks. Joanna m. 16 Dec. 1669, John Porter. 
* William, Dorchester, perhaps br. of John of the same, a deac chos. 
at the gather, of the ch. Mar. 1630 at Plymouth, Eng. came in the Marj 
and John, req. adm. as freem. 19 Oct of that yr. and was rec 18 Maj 
folL rep. 1635, 6, and 8, rem. to Windsor, and was rep. near 40 sess. up 
to 1664, d. 20 July 1673, in 88th yr. All his ch. were b. in Eng. exc 
John, and it is not kn. that he was not. Eliz. his only d. m. 5 Oct 164X» 
Richard Birge, and next, Thomas Hoskins. William, THndsor, eldost 

GAZ — GEA 289 

0. of the preced. b. in Eng. m. 24 Feb. 1 642, Ann Porter, bad Ann, b. 

24 Apr. 1645; Hannab, 30 Jan. 1647; John, 27 Jan. 1649; WiUiapi, 

25 Feb. 1651 ; Hezekiah, 11 Feb. 1653 ; by sec. w. Eliz. sis. of the w. 
0f his joimgest br. John, d. of John Drake, had Josiah, 13 Feb. 1 655, 
tnd Nathaniel, 3 Sept. 1656. He d. 14 Dec after, and his wid. m. a. 
1660, John Elderkin of Norwich. Ann m. 11 May 1663, or 11 Mar. 
1664 (both dates being giv.), Isaac Phelps. William, Hadley, s. of the 
preced. m. 1671, Ruth, d. of John Crow, had Samuel, and William, and 
d. 1680. His wid. m. next yr. John Haley. 

Gazeau. See Gosier. 

Geach, Edward, a soldier under com. of Major Savage on Conn, rivery 
1675 ; in Apr. 1676, his w. pray, for his disch. then in Capt Sill's comp. 

Gearing, Gerrin, or Jerrin, Peter, a soldier, from the E. part of 
the CoL k. by the Ind. 19 May 1676 in the return from the Falls fight 

Gears, Geer, or Geers, Daniel, Preston, s. of George, had Dan- 
iel, b. 15 June 1700 ; John, 29 Mar. 1703 ; Christopher, 19 Dec. 1706 ; 
Ebenezer, 29 Dec 1709 ; William, 4 Jan. 1713 ; and Thankful, 7 Jan. 
1722; and d. 2 Oct 1749. George, New London, m. 17 Feb. 1659, 
Ssrah, d. of Bobert AUyn, or Allen, of Norwich, had Sarah, b. 27 Feb. 
1660; Jonathan, 26 May 1662; Joseph, 14 Oct 1664; Hannah, 27 
Feb. 1666; Margaret, Feb. 1669; Mary, 26 May 1671; Robert, 
3 Jan. 1676; Daniel; Ann, 6 Jan. 1679; Isaac, 26 Mar. 1681, and 
Jeremiah. He d. 1726, hav. made his will 5 June 1723, in wh. he 
Dimes as liy. w. Sarah, all his s. and d. ezc. Mary (and her two ds. Han- 
nah and Mary to have their mo.'8 part), and made his s. Robert and s.-in- 
Isir Thomas Gates to be excors. The farm, wh. he hot 1664, is now 
oecop. by his descend, in Ledyard, set off from Groton, former, pt of 
N. L. Sarah m. Nathaniel Parks ; Hannah m. Charles Williams ; Mar- 
gvet m. Thomas Gates ; all of Preston ; Mary m. Zechariah Mainor of 
Groton ; and Ann m. Daniel Tyler. Isaac, Groton, Conn. s. of the preced. 
by w. Martha had Isaac ; Benjamin, b. 1717 ; Martha ; Lucy ; George, 
1724 ; Eliz. ; Solomon ; Sarah ; and Jacob, 1732 ; all liv. and nam. in his 
will of 25 Oct 1739, pro. 10 Jan. 1746, shortly bef. wh. he d. Jeremiah, 
Groton, Conn, youngest ch. of George, by w. Esther had Oliver, Han- 
nah, Esther, Zebulon, Ziporah, and Jerusha ; and d. 1721. Jonathan, 
Preston, eldest s. of George, by w. Mary, wh. d. 24 Apr. 1718, had 
Jonathan, Deborah, Sarah, Mary, Zerviah, and Dorothy ; and he d. 30 
Apr. 1742, leav. wid. Experience, and all these ch. exc. Deborah, liv. to 
partake his est Joseph, Preston, br. of the preced. m. 7 Jan. 1692, 
Sarah Howard, had Joseph, b. 17 Oct foil. wh. d. at 25 yrs. and very 
observ. is it, that, sSier so long an interval, came other ch. Keziah, 23 
Feb. 1710; Sarah, 17 Sept 1712; Benajah, 31 May 1714; Joseph, 

240 GEA— G£D 

again, 29 May 1719; Silas, 26 Mar. 1722; and Ezra, 16 Maj 1724; 
amd d. 1743. Robert, Groton, Conn. br. of the preced. m. Martha Tyler, 
had Robert, b. 1707 ; Ebenezer, 1 Apr. 1709 ; James, 1711 ; Maryi and 
Martha ; all nam. in his D?ill of 30 Aug. 1742, pra 30 Nov. folL as then 
liv. Thomas, Enfield, 1682, br. of George, by w. Deborah had lUis. 
b. 4 May 1685, d. under 3 yrs. ; and Shubael, earlier, wh. perpet. the 
fam. and the f. d. 14 Jan. 1722, aged 99, as is said, also that hia wid* 
outHv. him 14 yrs. 

Geary, Arthtjr, Roxbury, had Samuel, b. 22 Sept 1638, but other 
ch. William, and Nathaniel, perhaps bef. he came from Eng. was freem. 
14 Mar. 1639, d. 17 Dec 1666, aged 67. In. his wiU of 8 Nov. 1664, 
he provides for w. Frances, and these three s* Denis, Lynn, came fron 
London, in the Abigail, 1635, aged 30 ; with w. Eliz. 22 ; and ds. Eliz, 8; 
and Sarah, 2 ; d. early, and Winth. says, XL 341, lefl by his will £300 
to the Col. of Mass. Nathaniel, Roxbury, s. of the preced. b. preb. 
in Eng. m. 14 Oct 1658, Ann, d. of William Douglass, had Hannah, In. 
26 July 1659, d. 28 Jan. 1671 ; Mary, and Eliz. tw. bapt 13 Oct 1661 
(but as town rec names only Eliz. b. 10 July that yr. I presume tbe 
other d. soon) ; Nathaniel, b. 4 July 1663 ; Sarah, 3 July 1665 ; William, 
4 Mar. 1667; Rebecca, 25 Jan. 1669, d. at 10 yrs.; Hannah, 4 Jaly 
1671 ; Samuel, 7 Sept 1773; and Deborah, 15 Apr, 1676, d. at 2 yn. 
and he d. 28 Jan. 1679. Samuel, Roxbury, br. of the preced. m* 6 
Dec. 1669, Eliz. Parker, wh. d. 20 Nov. 1676, had no ch. He was 
frecm. 1668. William, Salem 1639, was freem. 2 June 1641, had 
bapt there Samuel, 14 Mar. 1641 ; Mary, 14 May 1643 ; and John, 28 
June 1644. * William, Roxbury, s. of Arthur, b. in Eng. had w. 
Hannah, d. of William Curtis, m. 25 Aug. 1651, had prob. no ch. was 
freem. 1652, rep. 1675, a deac d. 4 Sept 1712, aged 83. Sometimes 
this is writ Gery, Gerry, Gary, and this last form has been made Gary* 

Gednet, or GiDNET, I * Bartholomew, Salem, s. of John, prae* 
tis. as a physician 1662, m. 22 Dec 1662, Hannah Clark, had Jona- 
than, bapt 30 July 1665; Bartholomew, 7 Aug. 1666; both d. soon; 
Hannah, b. 19 Aug. 1667 ; Lydia, 17 Apr. 1670; Bethia, bapt 2 Jone 
1672; Deborah, b. Jan. 1674, d. soon; Samuel, Dec 1675; Deborab, 
and Martha, tw. bapt 25 Nov. 1677; Priscilla, 1 May 1681, d. soon; 
and Ann; was freem. 1669, rep. 1678, Assist 1680-3, and made of 
Andres's Council by James IL, yet cont in the new chart one of 
the judges of the witchcraft delusion, judge of Pro. and CoL of the 
reg. His w. d. 6 Jan. 1696; and he d. 28 Feb. 1698. Elrazub, 
Salem, br. of the preced. m. 9 June 1665, Eliz. Turner, had Eleazur, b. 
1666 ; Eliz. 1669 ; Ruth, 24 May 1672 ; and Mary, 27 Aug. 1674; was 
freem. 1671. He m. sec w. 6 June 1678, Mary FatteshaU, and had 

GEE — GEN 241 


Ebenezer, b. 25 May 1679 ; Edmond, 15 Nov. 1680; and* Martha, 29 
k^^ 1682 ; and he d. 29 Apr. next yr. Eli, Salem, br. of the preced. 
A 4 Sept 1?16, had, by w. Mary, wh. d. bef. hims. William, b. 1674; 
and Bath. John, Salem, came in the Mary Ann from Yarmouth in 
May 1637, with w. Mary (call. Sarah in the custom ho. rec), aged 25"; 
eh. Lydia, E[annah, and John, 2 mos. old, and serv. William Walker, 

and Burgess, aged 26. He was of Norwich, Co. Norfolk, and was 

\ a. 1603, freem. Mar. 1638 ; had here Bartholomew, bapt. 14 June 
1640; Eleazur, 15 May 1642; Sarah, 23 June 1644 ; and Eli, b. 1648. 
He bad sec. w. Cath^irine, and d. Aug. 1688. Ano. John, aged 19, of 
wb. no more is heard, came by a differ, sh. in the mo. preced. also from 
Norwich, as serv. of John Pierce. John, Salem, s. of the preced. b. in 
Eng. m. 4 May 1659, Susanna Clark, had John, b. 5 Mar. 1660 ; Su- 
flanna, 10 Sept. 1663; Sarah, 29 Apr. 1660; William, 25 May 1668; 
and Nathaniel, 1670 ; was freem. 1669, and d. bef. his f. His wid. m. 
DdiTeranee Parkman, as his fourth w. William, Salem, s. of the 
preced. m. 7 Jan. 1690, Hannah, d. prob. of Samuel Gardner, had Su- 
sanna, b. 9 Apr. 1691 ; Margaret, 9 June 1694 ; Bartholomew, 22 Mar. 
1698, and Hannah, 12 June 1701 ; was sheriff of the Co. and d. 24 Jan. 

Gee, John, Boston, s. of Peter, d. 25 July 1693. Joshua, Boston, 
Iff. of the preced. freem. 1675, by w. Eliz. d. of the Rev. Thomas Thorn- 
ton, wb. bee. third w. of the Rev. Peter Thacher of Milton, was f. of 
Bev. Joshua, b. 29 June, bapt. 3 July 1698 at Mather's ch. H. C. 1717, 
coDea. of Rev. Cotton M. (and reputed a man of large mental power, of 
^ a well dr. charact. iff in Eliot's Biog. Diet) wh. was f. of Joshua, 
a C. 1744, and d. 22 May 1748. Peter, Boston 1667, fisherman, by 
^* Grace had Thomas, John, and Joshua, the two bef. ment. Henrt 
wd Ralph 6. were sent 1631 by Mason to his patent. 
Geeb. See Gears. 

Gendall, *Walteb, Falmouth 1669, an enterpris. trader among 
tbelnd. was also of Scarborough, and North Yarmouth last, rep. 1683 
vA 4, was capt against the enemy, and in the first fight of the war of 
1688 defeated them, and next day was k. by the Ind. in ambuscade. 
Willis, I. 153. 81. 95. 

Genert, or Chenerie, Isaac, Dedham, in that part wh. bee. Med- 
Md, s. of Lambert, m. Eliz. d. of Robert Gamlyn. John, Water- 
town, br. of the preced. had prob. been at Haverhill 1646, m. 12 May^ 
1656, Sarah, wid. of Thomas Boylston of W. had John, b. 7 or 17 
Dec 1657, was in Capt. Beers's comp. in Philip's war, and d. the- 
neft day after being wound. 4 Sept. 1 675, at Squakeage. His wid. d» 
14 Sept. 1704. Lahbert, Dedham 1636, may have been first ate 

TOL. II. 21 

242 GEORGE. 

Watertown, freem. 1645, bad the two s. bef. ment and by ano. w. m. 14 
May 1656, Thomasin Hewes, wh. d. at W. 2 Jan. 1670, had Mary, b. 
24 Dec 1659 ; and ano. d. perhaps, wh. m. Richard Ellis; and he d. at 
D. 30 Jan. 1674. His will, of 17 preced. pro. 4 Feb. foil, names the 
three ch. of hims. then gives to eh. of his s.-in-law Richard Ellis, and to 
d.-in-law Ruth Ellis, wid. whereby we may be led to assume that he had 
m. a wid. Ellis for Sd w. 

Gennor. See Jenner. 

George, Eleazer, Salem 1668. James, Haverhill 1653, Salisbary 
1662, Was of Amesbury in 1677, when he sw. fideL by w. Sarah had 
Samuel, b. 25 Feb. 1666. John, Watertown, had Robert and Susanna, 
but by a w. unkn. to us, and these ch. were prob. b. in Eng. where his w. 
may have d. He m. at W. Ann, wid. of Henry Goldstone, and d. 1G47| 
his inv. being of 12 June, and pro. 29 of the same in that yr. His wid. 
d. 26 Apr. 1 670, aged 79. Susanna m. 1 Oct. 1 648, Robert Harrington ; 
but of Robert we hear no more. John, Charlestown 1657, had been in 
Mar. 1641 apprent for 8 yrs. to Gov. Winth. with his own consent, 
that he may have been of full age, and a differ, person from him wh 
one of the found, of the first Bapt. ch. in Boston 1665, d. 12 Sept. 1666. 
Hutch. Coll. 399, shows the sad proceed, just bef. by the Court against 
him. His nuncup. will names wid. Eliz. ch. Eliz. Glazier, Martha Roe, 
or Row, John, Ruth, Hannah, and Mary. His wid. m. a. Harboar, and 
she had her ch. bapt Mary George, 15 Apr. 1677; and John George, 
call, young man, 5 Aug. 1677. Mary m. 11 July 1678, Joseph Dowse; 
Hannah m. 25 Nov. 1673, James Miller; and Ruth m. 1668, Sami^ 
Frothingham. John, Boston, possib. st of the preced. but more prob^ of 
Peter, m. Lydia, d. of Rev. Samuel Lee, was one of the first mem. of 
Brattle st. ch. Feb. 1700. His wid. bee third w. of Rev. Cotton Mather, 
5 July 1715. John, Charlestown, perhaps s. of John of the some, had, 
in 1690, w. Mary. Joshua, a soldier in Philip's war, wh. had been 
impress. Nicholas, Dorchester, innholder, freem. 1 666, then calL sen. 
had w. Eliz. s. Nicholas, prob. other ch. made his will 27 Apr. 1675, aild 
d. perhaps the same yr. for license in 1676 was giv. to his wid. Eliz. Wh. 
d. at D. 8 Nov. 1699, in 98th yr. Nicholas, Dorchester, b. of the 
preced. had Nicholas, and perhaps other ch. rem. to Boston, and by the 
blundering rec. there his w. Mary brot. him John, 6 Feb. 1684; 
Nicholas, 7 Feb. 1684; Mary, 5 Feb. 1686; Mary, agam, 28 June 
1688 ; and Nicholas, again, 23 Jan. 1688-9. Peter, Braintree, had 
Susan, b. Feb. 1643; Mary, 7 Sept. 1645; Hannah, 7 Sept. 16i8; 
John, 24 June 1650, d. soon; Samuel, 12 Apr. 1651 ; John, again, 
1653; and Peter, 9 Jan. 1655 ; sold his est. at B. and rem. 1670, no 
Block island. Richahd, Boston, m. 1 Nov. 1655, Mary, d.«f William 

GER 243 

PeHhad Mary, b. 22 Aug. 1656 ; Hannah, 21 Jan. 1661 ; Thomas, .11 
Oct. 1663; Maiy, again, 26 Jan. 1666; and Eliz. 8 Apr. 1670. Wil- 
LUif, Ljnn 1637. Lewis. In all prob. he is the gent call. capt. wh. 
IS one of the Commmissrs. of Gorges, held a Court at Saco on 26 Mar. 
of the jT. bef. and may reasonably be suppos. to have gone home. 

Gebaerd, Garriard, Geriard, Geraerdi (or other variation). 
John, Warwick, was a Dutchman from Manhados, wh. a. 1651 sat down 
It Narraganset, m. that d. of the sec. w. of Ezekiel Holliman, whose 
Mine b^. the m. of her mo. was Meribah Sweet, d. of Isaac, and there- 
ifier cbang. to Renewed HoUyman. He is among the freem. of 1655, 
iod left childr. as by Judge Brayton I am assur. viz. Mary, wh. m, 2 
kjL 1672, and John, Warwick, wh. by w. Deliverance had John, b. 22 
Dec 1695 ; and Sweet, 15 May 1699. 

Gerbish, Benjamin, Salem, s. of capt. William, m; 24 Oct. 1676, 
Hannah, d. of Thomas Ruck, had five s. and six ds. freem. 1681, col- 
lector of the port 1682, d. 2 Apr. 1713. Ilis eldest s. Benjamin, b. 17 
ba, 1683, was made, it is said, Gov. of Bermuda 1754, and d. next yr. 
JOHMy.SalQm 1651, shipwright, m. perhaps 1652, Eliz. d. oi Rev. John 
Sgginson. See Geneal. Reg. VI. 339, and 342, where I am sure there 
Mttt be a chance for mistake, for John Iligginson could have no d. old 
mo. to be m. that yr. or the next ; nor had he ever a d. Eliz. that we 
liear of. In a later generat. John G. m. Eliz. II. and we may presume 
tUs earlier John to be as mythical as his w. J * John, Dover 1 669, 
ddest 8. of William the capt m. Eliz. d. of Maj. Richard Waldrbn, had 
Bidiard, wh. was a couns. and d. bef. 1737 ; John, a capt. ; Paul, a col. 
t&d conns, for Mass. ; Nathaniel, a capt. ; Timothy, a col. and couns. f. 
of Robert Eliot G. H. C. 1730, the first double name in the Catal. and 
of Joseph, H. C. 1752 ; and Benjamin, wh. was of Boston^ ar. co. 1714. 
At the assault on her gr.f. Waldron*s ho. Sarah, prob. d. of this John> 
was tak. and car. away by the Ind. He was a capt. sheriff, rep. 1684, 
ttnns. 1689, and judge of the Sup. Ct. of N. II. d. 1714. Joseph, 
Wenham, br. of the preced. freem. 1673, was ord. that yr. as suc- 
cess, of Antipas Newman, m. Ann, d. of maj. Richard Waldron, had, 
fceside Ann, and ano. d. Eliz. b. 9 Oct. 1673 (both of wh. m. min.), s. 
Joseph, b. 25 Apr. 1676 ; Paul ; John ; and Samuel ; andd. 6 Jan. 1720. 
Of these Joseph, H. C. 1700, is in italic, as a min. ; but the catal. does 
•ot give the yr. of his d. and Samuel, the bookseller, was Suffk.. Reg. of 
Deeds, and town elk. of Boston. Moses, Newbury, youngest br. of the 
pieoed. m. 24 Sept 1677, Jane, d. of Henry Sewall, and sis. of Ch. Just. 
had Joanna, b. 3 Oct. 1678; Joseph, 20 Mar. 1682; Sarah, 25 Dec. 
1683; Eliz. 27 Dec 1685; Mary, 20 Sept. 1687; and John, posthum. 
2 Apr. 1695 ; and d. 4 Dec. 1694. * William, Newbury, from Bristol, 

244 GER— GIB 

Eng. where be wa£ b. 20 Aug. 1617, but ano. acco. tbat seems more 
prob. says 17 Aug. 1620; came a. 1640; by tradit. it is idly said hie 
was an officer under the Duke of Buckingham, yet as the gr. Duke was 
assassina. 23 Aug. 1 628, when G. was at most eleven yrs. old, or only 
eight, and ano. Duke of B. could not have come bef. 1640, we may 
slight the report. First capt. of the N. band, however, we kn. he was 
by Johnson's "Wonderwork. Prov. and he was rep. 1 650-3, and also for 
Hampton 1663 and 4. He m. 17 Apr. 1645, Joanna, wid. of John 
Oliver, had John, b. 12 Feb. or by ano. acco. 15 "May 1646 ; Abigail, 10 
May 1647 ; William, 6 June 1648 ; Joseph, 23 Mar. 1650, H. C. 1669 ; 
Benjamin, 13 Jan. r652 ; Eliz. 10 Sept. 1654; Moses, 9 May 1656; 
Mary, 1 Apr. or 9 May 1658 ; Ann, 18 Oct. 1660 ; and Judith, 10 Sept 
1662. His w. d. 14 June 1677 ; and he rem. next yr. to Boston, there 
m. Ann, wid. I suppose of John Manning, as she is said to be d. of 
Hichard Parker, had Henry, and, on a visit to a relative at Salem, d. 9 
Aug. 1687. Eliz. m. 23 Oct. 1676, Stephen Greenleaf, jr. ; and Maiy 
m. the same day, John Dole. William, Newbury, s. of the preoed* 
a physician, m. 1671, Ann, had William, b. 21 Jan. 1674, rem. to 
Charlestown, there prob. had Henry, b. Sept. 1676, d. young, and the 
f. d. 10 May 1683. His wid. m. 14 Jan. 1685, Lawrence Hammond, as 
his fourth w. Eight of this name had been gr. in 1812 at Harv. and 
two are found on the catal. of other N. E. coll. 

Gerry, Henry, Salem 1648. Felt. 

Gesbie, or Gesbro, John, New London, had, says Miss CaaUuns, 
gr. of land 1651 ; but did not improve it, nor have I heard such a name 

Getchell. See GatchelL 

Getryell, John, Salem 1649. Perhaps this may be Getchell. 

GiBB, Andrew, Brookhaven on L. L 1655. Thompson. 

GiBBARD, or GiBBERT, RoBERT, camc in the Arabella from London, 
1671 ; but no more is heard of him. J* William, New Haven 1647, 
from "Warwicksh. owned prop, at Tamworth, as did his br. Timothy of 
Calladownhouse, near Coventry, both in that sh. had w. Ann, d. of Ed- 
mund Tapp (wh. next m. William Andrews), and nine ch. named jn his 
will of 6 Aug. 1662, Hannah, bapt 31 Oct 1641; Esther, b. 1643; 
Mary, 1645 ; Phebe, bapt. 10 Jan. 1647 ; Sarah, b. Oct 1648 ; Hebecca, 
Feb. 1651 ; Samuel, 7, bapt. 8 May 1653 ; Timothy, b. Oct. 1655 ; and 
Abigail, 18, bapt 19 Aug. 1660; beside John, bapt 19 Sept 1658, wh. 
prob. was d. ; was a man of distinct rep. 1652, Seer, of the Col. 1657, 
and Assist 1661, d. 1663. Samuel d. 1673. See Trumbull, L 233, 41, 
50. His wid. m. William Andrews, Hebecca m. 11 Dec. 1667, Thomas 
Yale, and Phebe m. early in 1676, Nathan, the s. of William Andrews. 
Both his and Timothy's heirs were pix)prs. 1685. 

GIB 245 

Gibbons, or Gibbins, Ambrose, Portsmouth 1630, factor of the 
Comp. of Laconia, came that yr. and his w. came the foil, of Dover, 
J643, a selectmaD, liv. at the part, call. Oyster river, d. 11 July 1656, 
iiid May 1657, his Admor. sold the est His d. Rebecca m. Henry 
Sherburne. { * ( Edward, Charlestown 1630, had some yrs. earlier liv. 
tmong the ch. of misrule at Mount Wollaston, but was seriously impress. 
by the service, 1629, at ordin. of Higginson and Skelton ; request, to be 
freencL 19 Oct. 1630, and was rec 18 May foil. rem. soon to Boston, was 
rep. 1685, ar. co. 1637, its capt. 1641, 6, and 54, maj.-gen. 1649, Assist. 
1650, d. 9 Dec 1654. He had good est. but it was lost in his friendship 
for one of the two Fr. competit. for L'Acadie. His w. was Margaret, 
and town rec says d. Jerusha was b. 5 Oct. 1631, prob. d. bef. bapt. but 
oor eh. rec ment. bapt. of Jotham, 27 Oct. 1633 ; Edward, 3 Jan. 1636, 
d.80on; Edward, again, 26 Mar. 1637; a s. whose name is illegib. or 
prepoBterous, 7 Oct. 1638; and John, 18 Apr. 1641. Jotham was of 
Bermuda, 1655, but liv. at Boston, and d. 1658; and a Mr. Gibbons 
Bade a visit to Boston 1668. Scottow speaks of his '^ honorable ex- 
tract." A worthless forgery of six pages, pr. at London, 1708, repre- 
^t as offic despatch from com. of a Span, fleet, 1640, tells of our maj. 
6. in July of that yr. on the N.* W. coast of this contin. in a gr. ship 
&om Boston. By it the amiable credul. of a writer in N. A. Rev. No. 
Cn. p. 131, was nearly overcome, as on the next p. it wholly gave way 
to a greater delusion ; but the fraud was exposed in the No. foil. p. 562. 
Hekrt, New Haven, 1644, a propr. 1685, is, prob. that steward of 
Thomas Trowbridge's affairs, when he left New Haven for Eng. His 
agency requir. some force by the sons of T. to extricate tlieir est He d. 
late in 1686, antl gave his est. to Trowbridge. He calls William his br. 
James, Saco, came in the Increase, 1635, aged 21, sent with others by a 
London goldsmith, freem. 1653, was a man of much serv. had w. Judith, 
d. of Thomas Lewis, and ch. James, Eliz., Thom^, Charity, Rebecca, 
Bachel, Esther, and Anthony. Folsom, 111. Rachel m. Robert Edg- 
oomb. James, Saco, s. of the preced. m. 1 668, Dorcas, d. of William 
Seely. Folsom, 188. William, Hartford 1639, sent with 20 men by 
George Wyllys, 1636, as agent to prepare a sett, for his employer, was 
in good esteem, liv. 1647 ; had w. Ursula, and only ch. Sarah, b. 17 
Aug. 1645, wh. m. James Richards. William, New Haven, one of the 
signers to the compact of 1639, a propr. in 1685, br. of Henry, bef. 
ment His only ch. Ann m. Ellis Mew, outliv. him, and d. Feb. 1704. 
She had brot in the inv. of her f. 1 689. Sarah, passeng. an*, at Boston 
in the Speedwell, 27 July 1656, aged 21, was banish, as quaker. 

GiBBs, Benjamin, Boston, perhaps s. of Giles, was first at Boston 
1662, by w. Lydia, d. of Joshua Scottow, had Benjamin, b. 22 May 


246 GIBBS. 

1665, d. young; Lydia, 26 Jan. 1670; Benjamin, again, 26 Feb. 1673, 
d. soon ; and Benjamin, a third time, 29 July 1674; was freem. 1666, 
serv. on Conn. riv. as capt. in Philip's war, 1676, and d. soon after. His 
wid. ra. 1678, Anthony Checkley, the Attorney-General, and next 6 
Mar. 1712 William Colman, f. of Rev. Benjamin. Francis, Windsor 
1640. Giles, Dorchester 1630, prob. came in the Mary and John, 
freem. 4 Mar. 1633, was selectman 1634, rem. to Windsor, there d. 21 
May 1641. His will, of three days bef. names w. Catharine, and ch. 
Gregory, Samuel, Benjamin, Sarah, and Jacob, all minors ; and perhaps 
all b. on our side of the ocean. Sarali m. John Share, it is said ; but 
wh. he was, is undiscov. Gregory, perhaps of Windsor, s. of the pri- 
ced, was freem. of Conn. 1658, m. Joyce, wid. of James Osbom ; was cf 
Springfield 1677, and at Suffield 1683, and later. A Gregory is by 
Felt found at Salem 1655. Henrt, Hingham, came from old Ilingham 
to Charlestown 1633, serv. to Edmund Hobart, d. 7 July 1676 ; and it 
seems strange, that no other ment. of him is found. Henry^ Watertown, 
s. of Robert, cont after grad. at coll. to study [Hutch. I. 172], m. 9 June 
1692, Mercy, d. of William Greenough, wh. d. 24 Jan. 1717, had Elia. 
b. 12 Jan. 1696, d. at 4 mos. ; Mercy, 23 Dec. 1696 ; Margaret, 3 Joly^ 
1699 ; Henry, 16 Mar. 1702, d. next yr.; WHliam, 11 July 1704, d. at 
11 yrs.; Mehitable, 8 Jan. 1706; Henry, again, 13 May 1709, H. C. 
1726; was ord. 6 Oct 1697; and d. 21 Oct. 1723. Jacob, Windsor, 
s. of Giles, m. 4 Dec. 1657, Eliz. Andrus, had Mary, b. 21 Apr. 1659; 
Abigail, 7 Jan. 1662; Jacob, 1 Dec. 1664, d. soon; Jacob, again, 22 
June 1666; Sarah, 28 Feb. 1669; Eliz. 1 Apr. 1672, and perhaps 
ano. d. was b. whose name is not to be seen on the defac rec nor the 
date. His w. d. Jan. 1696. * John, Wethersfield, a rep. at the Gen. 
Ct. Mar. 1638. John, Cambridge, came in 1637, perhaps in comp. with 
Gov. Eaton from London, had sh. in div. of Ids. at C. 1638, and in short 
time rem. to New Haven, was freem. in the earliest list, and with his w. 
had, 1647, seats assign, in the ch. By her, wh. d. 1668, he had no ch. 
but he m. 27 Oct. 1670, Hannah, d. of John Punderson, and d. 1690, 
leav. wid. wh. was d. of Punderson, and d. Margaret, b. 29 Jan. 1684 
His will of 27 Nov. 1685, gave all to wid. Hannah, and d. Margaret, 
except small gifl to cous. Daniel Sherman. John, Sandwich, perhaps 
sec. 8. of Thomas of the same, had Job, b. 27 Apr. 1676, and Barnabas, 
24 June 1684. John, Sudbury, s. of Matthew, m. 1688, Ann, d. of 
Thomas Gleason, had Thomas, b. 19 Apr. 1689 ; Mercy, 3 Aug. 1691 ; 
and John. He m. sec. w. 31 May 1694, Sarah Cutler of Reading, had 
Sarah, 6 Dec. 1701; Nathaniel; Isaac; Jacob; Israel; and Ephraim; 
and d. 2 Apr. 1718. Matthew, Sudbury, was of Charlestown bc£ 
1654 ; had, by w. Mary, supposed to bo d. of Robert Bradish of Cam- 

GIBBS. 247 

bridge, Matthew and Thomas, tw. b. 17 Dec. 1656 ; of wh. Thomas 
d. soon ; Thomas, again, 10 Apr. 1660; John; Eliz.; Hannah; and 
Marj; and d. bef. 1697, when est. was sett Eliz. m. John Russell of 
Daxburj; Hannah m. 11 Feb. 1674, Samuel Winch; and Mary m. 23 
Mat. 1675, John Groodridge, and next, 12 Nov. 1678, Thomas Frost, jr. 
Matthew, Sudbury,- s. of the preced. m. 1678, Mary, d. of John Moore, 
liad ^Matthew, b. 12 Mar. 1680 ; John; Samuel, 1 Mar. 1685; Joseph, 
7 Oct. 1 687 ; Jonathan ; and Josiah ; but he had sec. w. Eliz. sis. of the 
irst w. and we kn. not whether the ch. were all of one mo. He d. 9 
ICar. 1732. Bobert, Boston, merch. b. 1636 or 1639, of an anc. fam. 
in Warwicksh. said to be s. of Sir Henry, came bef. 1660, for in this yr. 
be yisit. New London, where he had dealings in tr. m. 7 Sept. 1660, 
Eliz. d. of Jacob Sheafie, dec. had Margaret, b. 13 May 1663 ; Robert, 
20 Sept, 1665 ; Henry, 8 Oct, 1668, H. C. 1685, bef. ment. and Jacob, 
18 Feb. 1672; and d. 7 Dec. 1673, aged 37. His wid. m. 20 Mar. 
1676, Jonathan Curwin of Salem. The fam. of this name in Devonsh. 
of wh. was the late Sir Yicary, Ch. Just, in the Com. Bench, was not the 
itock from wh. our Boston Gibbs is derived, but an offshoot seven or 
dght generat preced. from the ancient race in Co. Warwick, says the 
Genealog. hist of the more ancient Gibbes. Robert, it is said, was of 
the eighth generat from Thomas, by whose eldest s. of the same name 
tbe male line was contin. to Sir Henry, f. of the first sett, at Boston. 
Robert, Boston, s. of the preced. m. 19 May 1692, Mary, d. of Jona- 
than Shrimpton, as I judge, had Jacob, b. 6 Mar. 1 693 ; Henry, 7 Nov. 
1694; Robert, 29 Nov. 1696; Mary, 28 May 1699; and Samuel, 9 
Dec 1701 ; was, perhaps, the freem. of 1690, then liv. at Salem vill. ; 
but d. at Boston 7 Dec. 1702. Samuel, Sandwich, had Samuel, b. 22 
Jane 1649 ; and Sarah, 11 Apr. 1652. Samuel, Windsor, s. of Giles, 
freem. of Conn. 1657, kept an inn, m. 15 Apr. 1664, Hepzibah, d. of 
Thomas Dibble, had Hepzibah, b. 12 Jan. 1665 ; Patience, 2 Dec 
1666 ; Eliz. 30 Jan. 1669 ; Joanna, 26 Mar. 1671 ; Experience, 4 Apr. 
1673; Catharine, 29 Apr. 1675, d. young; Samuel, 16 Apr. 1677; 
Jonathan, 16 Feb. 1680 ; and Miriam. * His w. d. Feb. 1698 ; and he d. 
a. 1716. Samuel, Sandwich^ s. of Samuel of the same, m. 5 Mar. 
1676, Patience, d. of Thomas Butler of the same ; but 00 further could 
the diligence of my informer instruct me. Thomas, Sandwich, br. of 
Samuel the first, had Thomas, b. 25 Mar. 1636 ; Samuel, 22 June 1639 ; 
John, 12 Sept prob. 1644; Sarah, 11 Apr. 1652; Job, and a tw. sis. 
Bethia, 15 Apr. 1655 ; and Mary, 12 Aug. 1657. Barry. Perhaps he 
hid two ws. Thomas, Sandwich, s. of the preced. m. 1674, Alice, d. of 
the first Nathaniel Warren, had Bethia, b. 10 Dec. 1675 ; and Thomas, 
28 Jan. 1679. William, New Haven, a hatter, sw. fidel. Apr. 1654, 

248 GIBSON. 

and no more is kn. Seven of this name, incladlng Gibbes, had, in 1828} 
been gr. at Harv. and six at Yale and N. J. coll. 

Gibson, Christopher, Dorchester 1G30, came, prob. in the Afaxy 
and John, dcsir. adm. as freem. 19 Oct but why he took not the o. ii 
unkn. m. Margaret, d. of James Bates ; rem. to Boston 1646, and was 
one of the found, of 2d ch. 5 June 1650, chos. 6 Nov. 1670, a deac. and 
d. 3 Oct. 1674. He was a soap-boiler, gave town of Dorchester soiAe Id. 
valuable to their purpose in 1846. John, Cambridge 1634, freem. 17 
May 1637, in petition to the k. 1688, calls hims. 87 ; [Hutch. I. '367»] 
and he d. 1694. His w^. was Rebecca (wh. was bur. 1 Dec. 1661, bj 
£liot*s ch. rec. prob. correct, while ano. by interchange of the numerali 
for day and mo. made the date 10 Mar. and the anxious may go to the 
orig.), and ch. Rebecca; Mary, b. 29 Mar. 1637; Martha, 29.Apn 
1639 ; beside John ; and Samuel, b. 28 Oct. 1644 ; the eldest s. and d. were 
prob. b. in £ng. He m. sec. w. 24 July 1662, Joanna, wid. of Henry 
Prentiss ; Rebecca m. 22 June 1654, Charles Steams of Cambridge ; MsSty 
m. 3 Apr. 1655, John Ruggles ; and Martha m. 3 Nov. 1657, Jacob Newv 
ell ; both of Roxbury. John, Cambridge, s. of the preced. b. prob. m 
Eng. m. 9 Dec. 1668, Rebecca Errington, had Rebecca, b. 4 Oct 1669 ; 
Timothy; and Mary; and d. 15 Oct. 1679, aged 48, says Harris, Epit 
7, where he mistook the s. for the f. John, Watertown, m. 14 Oct 
1680, Hannah, d. of Joseph Underwood, liad Silence, b. 17 Dec 1680; 
and Mary, 27 July 1G82. JUichard, Portsmouth, bred at Magdalen 
Coll. Cambr. had his A. B. 1636, perhaps came in Apr. 1637, under 
patronage of Trelawney to instr. his fishermen at Richmond Isle, and 
preach., after, at Isle of Shoals, gave offence to our govemm. by exereiie 
of his funct of bapt. and m. as Episcop. ord. and went home in 164S. 
Willis, I. 26. Folsom, 78. 9. Winth. IL 66. Richard, Maine, a 
soldier, very severely punish. 1674 for drunken, and strik. his oapt 
Frost ; yet the same, or ano. Richard was on serv. in opposite quarter 
of the country, Dec. 1675, under Moseley. Roger, New London 1675, 
said to be from R. I. had William, and only d. Thankful, wh. m. 
George Smith; d. a. 1682. Samuel, Cambridge, s. of John the first, 
m. 30 Oct. 1668, Sarah, d. of James Pemberton, had Martha, b. 12 Dee. 
1671, and Samuel, wh. d. 14 Sept. 1676, and his w. d. 10 Oct foil, and 
he m. 14 June 1079, Eliz. Stedman, wid. of John, and d. of John 
Remington ; was freem. 1090. William, Boston 1665, or Lynn, where 
his 8. Purchas d. 15 June 1665 ; and Aquila d. 4 Nov. 1671; a cord- 
wainer, was freem. 1677; and I suppose the gifted preacher ment. bj 
Backus, I. 435. William, Boston, perhaps s. of the preced. m. Hiaa- 
uah, d. of Gamaliel Phippcn. William, New London, s. of Roger. 
Two of this name had, in 1828, been gr. at Harv. and six at Yale and 
N. J. coll. 

GID— GIL 249 

61DDIN68, * George, Ipswich, came in the Planter 1635, aged 25, 

m'rh w. Jane, d. of John Tuttle, 20, freem. 7 Sept. 1638, rep. 1641, and 

8 ^. more ; had Thomas, John, James, Samuel, Joseph, and Marj, wh. 

flL Samuel Pearce, or Pierce; and he d. 1 June 1676, lea v. good est 

flis w. outliv. him. Oflen it is spelt Gittings. He had a lawsuit on a 

very gr. question, of wh. Hutch. Coll. 287, gives full and interest, report. 

*JoHN, Ipswich, perhaps br. of the preced. rep. 1653-5, d. a. 1680, 

leav. three ds. beside s. Thomas, and William, of wh. the elder d. soon 

after his f. Joseph, Ipswich, s. of George, freem. 1682, had Joseph, 

and d- 1691. Samuel, Ipswich, br. of the preced. m. 4 Oct. 1671, 

Hannah Martin, and had sec. w. Eliz. Thomas, Ipswich, br. of the 

preced. m. 23 Feb. 1668, Mary, d. of William Goodhue, had three ch. 

and was freem. 1 675. 

Giffobd, John, Lynn 1653, or earlier, agent for the comp. in Lon* 

im fiir iron works at L. n. Margaret Temple, had Margaret and Philip. 

Philip, Lynn, s. of the preced. m. 30 June 1684, Mary DaTis, perhaps 

. i of John of that town, had Philip, b. 30 July 1685 ; and Mary ; d. 19 

Jane 1690. Lewis. Stephen, Norwich 1660, an orig. propr. m. May 

1G67, Hannah Gove, had Samuel, b. 1668; Hannah, 17 Jan. 1671 ; his 

w. d.24 Jan. foil, and he m. 1672, Hannah, d. of John Gallop, had John, 

b.1673; Ruth, 1676; Stephen, 1679 ; and Aquila, 1682. The sec. w. 

i 1721, aged 79 ; and he d. 27 Nov. 1724. William, Boston 1654, 


Gu.BEBT, EbeneIbr, Hartford, youngest s. of Jonathan the first of 
the same, had Esther, b. 13 Nov. 1694; and Thomas, 30 Sept 1699. 
GiLiis, Taunton, s. of John, testif. in 1703 that he was above 70 yrs. 
Md rememb. 50 yrs. a. the est. of his br. Thomas there. Henry, 
Springfield, 8. of Thomas of the same, had Henry, b. 1684; John, 
1685; Samuel, 1689, all there; but he rem. to Brookfield, and 
piob. had more ch. Humphrey, Ipswich 1648, d. 13 Feb. 1658 (as 
ICC has it in GeneaL Reg. XH. 370), when his ch. all minors, were 
John ; Abigail ; Esther, aged 4 yrs. and two other ds. of wh. one m. 
Peter Harry or Harvey ; and his wid. Eliz. m. 24 Sept. 1658, William 
Bayner. His will of 14 Feb. the day bef. he d. is in Geneal. Reg. XII. 
298. * John, Dorchester, may have come in the Mary and John 1630, 
or at least was here early with s. Thomas and John, well gr. youths, per- 
haps had Giles or Joseph b. there, rem. a. 1637 to Taunton, being of the 
flrst sett rep. 1639, d. after 1654, his will being of 10 May in that 
yr. leav. w. Winifred. Of his will, wh. ment. the four s. by name, 
d. Mary Norcrosa, and her d. Mary ; and Eliz. Peter, of his w. 
abstr. is in Geneal. Reg. V. 338. The inv. was brot. 3 June 1657. 
John, Taunton 1637, s. of the preced. b. in Eng. may have been f. of 


Jane 1GG2 ; and his wid. m. 28 Dec. 1664, Samuel Marshfield. Sarah 

m. Samuel Field of Hatfield. John was tak. by the Ind. in Philip's war, 

1675 or 6, and Mrs. Bowlandson, during her captiv. among them, saw 

and assist, him. He escaped with gr. peril of his life ; but I kn. nothing 

more. Thomas, Topsfield, from Scotland, it is said, but I hesitate to 

believe it, came in the Prudent Mary from London, arr. at Boston, July 

1661. A fellow passeng. was Ch. J. Samuel Sewall, then nine yrs. old. 

He had been min. in Eng. and soon found a place in our country as first 

min. of T. in 1663. But his imprud. and intemper. requir. his dism. 

and he went back to Charlestown, where he had first sett and d. 26 Oct 

1673 at the ho. of Rev. Zechariah Sjmmes. His will, of 2 June 1678, 

wh. gives every thing to w. Eliz. speaks of £30 due ^ for pains in the 

ministry at T." tho. we may fear, as his dism. was not reputable^ it 

could not be recov. at law. It is strange, that ch. rec. of Charlestown, 

on recept. of his wid. call, her Sarah. Budington gives fit>m the MagiL 

part IV. of Book IIL cap. YI., the monument inscript. wh. is still legib. 

Thomas, Saybrook, s. of John of Hartford, m. 27 Sept 1681, Debonh 

Beamont, had a ch. 7 June 1683, that d. in 12 days, and the w. d. two 

days earlier. Thomas, Taunton, s. of Thomas of the same, gr.s. of fixst 

John, was an ensign, m. at Boston 18 Dec. 1676, Ann Black, calL of 

Milton, wh. d. 9 May 1722, aged 71, and he d. 20 Apr. 1725, aged 82. 

In the rec. of the Proprs. of T. the ch. are thus descr. Hannah, b. 28 

Sept 1677; Sarah, and Mary, tw. 11 Aug. 1679; Thomas, 11 July 

1681, perhaps d. at 11 yrs.; Nathaniel, 19 July 1683 ; and Mehitahle, 

5 May 1686. Thomas, Boston, s. of first Jonathan, mariner, vety 

brave and enterpris. m. 26 Nov. 1689, Lydia, d. of Samuel Ballard of 

Charlestown, had Ann, b. 9 July 1692 ; Mary, 20 May 1694 ; Thomas, 

24 Aug. 1697; Samuel, 21 Feb. 1699; Eliz. 7 Feb. 1702; and Lydia, 

9 July 1707. His w. d. 23 Mar. 1708, aged 37; and 24 Sept next he 

m. Mary Trowbridge. He d. 9 Feb. 1719, and his wid. d. 80 Dec 

1733, Thomas, Brookfield, s. of Thomas of Springfield, where he took 

o. of allcg. 1 Jan. 1679, had, beside sev. ds. Thomas, Jonathan, and 

John; d. at Springfield 14 May 1698. William, Windsor 1640, made 

freem. of Conn, that yr. possib. was f. of sev. of the preced. but no more 

is told of him. William, Boston, cordwainer and merch. 1675, had w« 

Kebecca, three s. of wh. William was one, wh. d. soon afler his f. also d. 

Mary. He d. Jan. 1 693. ^ 

GiLDERSLEEVE, * RiCHAUD, Stamford, one of the first sett in 1641, 

was rep. in 1643, but he had been five yrs. at Wethersfield bef. going to 

S. yet it is tiot kn. that he went from Watertown or other part of Masa. 

In 1663 he was of Hempstead, L. I. whither he rem. near 17 yrs. bef. 

and in some of the time had liv. at Newton, next jrr. had a commiss. for 

GIL 253 

admio. justice there ; and the fam. name was perpet by Hichard, jr. 
prob. his s. 

GiLE, GuTLE, Gyles, or Giles, Daniel, Salem 1689, fisherman. 
£dward, Salem, freem. 14 May 1634, m. wid. Bridget Very, had there 
iMpt. Mehitable, 2 Apr. 1637 ; Remember, 23 June 1639 ; Eleazur, 27 
Nov. 1640 ; and John, 11 May 1645. He d. prob. a. 1650. His wid. 
long oatliv. him, made her will 14 Jan. 1669, pro. 30 Nov. 1680, giv. 
est. to ch. Samuel and Thomas Very, the latter of Gloucester, Mary, w. 
of Thomas Cutler of Reading, and Eleazur, John, and perhaps other 
Giles eb. Mehitable m. 9 Mar. 1 659, John Collins of Gloucester ; and 
Bemember m. 1 Apr. 1659, Henry Moses of S. Eleazur, Salem, s. of 
tbe preced. m. 25 Jan. 1665, at Lynn, Sarah More, perhaps sis. of 
James, or George, or Richard, or all three, had Sarah, b. 1 Jan. 1666; 
Eliz. 7 Dec 1667; Hannah, Feb. 1670; Mary, 14 Feb. 1672; Su- 
sanna, 1 Mar. 1674 ; and Eleazur, 3 Mar. 1676, wh. prob. d. in youth ; 
and his w. d. 9 May 1676. He m. 25 Sept. 1677, Eliz. d. of James 
Bishop of New Haven, had James b. 15 Nov. 1679, d. under 10 yrs. ; 
John, 31 Aug. 1681 ; Abigail, 7 Dec. 1684 ; Ruth, 12 July 1687; Ed- 
^irard, 28 Apr. 1689 ; James, again, 15 May 1691 ; Samuel, 17 Dec. 
1.694 ; Eleazur, again, 8 July 1698 ; and Mehitable, 11 Apr. 1701. He 
^ prob. 1726, and his wid. d. 1732 or 3. John, prob. of Dedham, 
freem. 10 May 1643, was perhaps of Boston 1654. John, Salem, s. of 
Xdward, by first w. (a Giles, whose bapt name is unkn.), had John, and 
by sec- w. Eliz. d. of John Galley, wid. of Osmund Trask, for wh. he 
x^em. to Beverly, had Eleazur, b. 1680, Mary, 1681, wh. m. John 
^Wheeler, and Bridget, 1683. He d. a. 1715. John, Salem, a sch.- 
S3ttster, by w. Mary had Sarah, b. 24 Jan. 1690; and John, 31 Aug.. 
^693; rem. to Boston, had Charles, 12 June 1696; William, 7 July 
:i698 ; Thomas, 8 Oct. 1700 ; Mary, 24 Jan. 1703, d. soon ; and Mary, 
^igain, 9 June 1706 ; and he d. 29 Aug. 1730, aged 77. His wid. gave 
^vid. July 1736, that more than 50 yrs. bef. she liv. with her h. John, at 
^emaquid, in a house of Thomas Gyles, so that we may infer he was a 
^conger br. of that suffer, but spell, his name with a slight variat He 
"was a witness to the will of Giles Corey, and sign, his name Gyles. 
^Iabk, Dover, perhaps s. of Matthew, had Mark, and John, was mort. 
wound, by the Ind. 11 Aug. 1704, when his s. was wound, also. Fen- 
liallow. Sometimes the spell, is Goyles. Matthew, Dover 1643, had 
lHark; and d. a. 1667. Samuel, Newbury, an early sett. rem. 1640 ta 
Haverhill, freem. 18 May 1642, m. 1 Sept. 1647, perhaps sec w. Judith 
Davis, had John, Samuel, Epliraim, and Sarah ; d. 21 Feb. 1684. 

Gilford, John, Hingham, perhaps s. of wid. Mary, wh. d. 7 May 
1660, and he d. 26 Sept. foil, may have boen f. of Susanna, bapt. 2 Nov.. 
vol. II. 22 

254 GILL. 

1651 ; Paul, 14 Aug. 1653 ; and Priscilla, 22 Apr. 1660, wh. d. within 
3 mos.; Susanna m. 18 Oct 1672, Thomas Jewett. Paul, Hinghanii 
perhaps s. of the preced. m. 20 Feb. 1 677, Susanna Pullen, wh. had one 
or more ch. and d. 8 Apr. 1690. Samuel G. perish, in the Canada 
exped. 1690. William, Boston, by w. Mary had John, b. 14 May 

Gill, Arthur, Dorchester, ship-wright, rem. to Boston, freem. 2 
June 1641, by w. Agnes had John, b. 16 Nov. 1639 ; Thomas, 12, bapt 
20 Oct. 1644; Frances; and Nathaniel, d. young. He went home a. 
1654, and d. 1655. His d. Frances m. 17 Oct. 1656, Henry Boy en of 
Boston. Farmer gave this partly under Anthony Giles. John, Dor^ 
Chester 1640, freem. 1666, liv. in that pt. wh. bee Milton, bot Stougb- 
ton's mill 1673, rem. to Boston, and d. 1678. His w. was Ann, sis. I 
presume, of Roger Billings ; and his d. Rebecca m. Joseph Belcher* 
John, Salisbury, m. 2 or 3 May 1 645, Phebe, d. of Isaac Buswell, had 
Eliz. b. 8 Jan. 1646; John, 15 Oct 1647 ; Phebe, 6 J^m. 1650; Sam- 
uel, 5 Jan. 1652; Sarah, 27 June 1654; Moses, 26 Dec. 1656; Ben- 
jamin ; and Isaac, 24 Apr. 1665. John, Boston, mariner, and merch. 
1649-77. His w. was Eliz. Weare, or Ware, d. of William, and ch. 
Obadiah ; Eliz. John ; b. 1 1 Jan. 1 657 ; William ; and Thomas, nnlesB 
ano. John had this w. and ch. John, Salisbury, s. of John of the samop 
by w. Martha had Riohard, b. 24 Mar. 1674. Moses, Salisbury, br. of 
the preced. took. o. of fidel. with his br. Samuel, 25 Mar. 1678. Sak* 
UEL, Salisbury, prob. s. of John first of the same, m. 5 Nov. 1678, Sarah 
Worth, had Daniel, b. 18 Nov. 1679; John, 22 Mar. 1682; Sarah, 26 
Sept. 1684; Samuel, 16 Sept. 1687; Judith, 8 Apr. 1690; Benjamin, 
and Phebe, tw. 24 Ang. 1693 ; Hannah, 5 Mar. 1696; and William, 26 
July 1697, freem. 1690. Sauuel, Hingham, s. of Thomas, m. Jan. 
1685, Ruth Lincoln, youngest d. of Thomas, the husbandman, of the 
same, had Mary and one s.; and d. 29 Mar. 1729. His wid. d. 10 
Apr. 1751, in 89th yr. Thomas, Hingham 1635, m. Hannah, d. of first 
John Otis, wh. names her with his other ch. in his will of 30 May 1657, 
had Mary, bapt. Jan. 1644; Sarah, bapt. same day; Hannah, 10 Nor* 
1645 ; Eliz. June 1647 ; Thomas, b. 11 Mar. 1649 ; John, 8 Apr. 1651, 
d. young ; Deborah, 8 May 1653 ; Samuel, 10 Dec. 1655 ; Nathaniel, 7 
Feb. 1658, d. next mo.; John, 14 Apr. 1660, and Rachel, 3 Oct. 1661. 
His w. d. 24 Jan. 1676 ; and he d. SepL 1678. Mary m. 14 Nov. 1660, 
John Beal; Sarah m. 3 Jan. 1666, John Langley ; Hannah m. 13 June 
1666, Samuel Clap; Eliz. m. 6 Feb. 1668, Samuel Stodder, d. 8 May 
1693; Deborah m. 9 May 1672, Josiah Lane, d. 16 Apr. 1727; and 
Rachel m. Jan. 1685, Samuel Stowell. Thomas, Hingham, s. of the 
f)reced. m. 31 Dec 1673, Susanna, d. of Nathaniel Wilson, had Nathan* 

GIL 255 

H b. 31 Dec 1674, from wh. all the fam. in Hingham descend ; Thomas, 

1 June 1677, d. young; Thomas, again, July 1679, d. young; Hannah, 

2S Oct 1681 ; Susanna, 11 Nov. 1683 ; and Abigail, 21 July 1687, was 

* Leut. freem. 1677. William, Salem, m. 16 Feb. 1668, Hannah 

Aleacham, perhaps d. of Jeremiah, had William, b. 20 Nov. 1680; John, 

20 Mar. 1683 ; Hannah, 19 Sept. 1685 ; Eliz. 18 May 1689 ; and Eben- 

ezer, 28 Aug. 1691. 

GiLLAM, Benjamin, Boston, ship-carpenter, freem. 6 May 1635, had 

tlie yr. bef. lefl his w. Ann with youngest s. at home, and she came in the 

Abigail 1635, aged 28 with the boy Benjamin, 1 yr. and here they had 

Zechary, b. 30 Sept. bapt. 23 Oct 1636; Ann, Nov. 1638, d. soon; 

^on, again, bapt 12 Jan. 1640; Eliz. b. 5, bapt 9 Jan. 1642; and 

Joseph, b. 4, bapt 13 Oct 1644. We kn. not the time of his d. but in 

the will of his wid. 23 Feb. 1674, pro. 31 July foil, she calls hers, his 

gives to 8. Benjamin and Joseph remembr. but all her real and 

est to d. Hannah Sharp, intreats care by her of my d. Gwinn's 

motherless two ch. and makes Richard Sharp Excor. Eliz. w. of Thomas 

Cwinn had d. early in 1669. Benjamin, Boston, s. of the preced. came 

^th his mo. 1635, aged 1 yr. m. 26 Oct 1660, Hannah, eldest d. of 

^IhcMiias Savage, had Martha, Hannah, and Faith, all bapt 7 Jan. 1672 ; 

l>70Disia, 9 Feb. 1673 ; and Thomas, 13 July 1679. John Dunton, in 

liis ''Life and Errors," commem. Hannah, as w. of his friend Sam^uel 

fillips, the stationer ; Faith m. Matthew Middleton ; and Mary, wh. 

^"was quite young at the date of his will, perhaps was the only other ch. 

Se was, prob, master of that sh. in wh. CoL Cartwright, one of the royal 

«oiiiiiii8.Dr8. was going home in the autumn of 1665, taken by the Dutch, 

«i lelat^by Morton, Mem. 315 ; Hutch. I. 250 ; and Hubbard, 585. He 

liad command of a com p. in Philip's war, serv. at Hadley 1676, under 

\k fUin-law; d. aAer Mar. 1681 ; his will of 28 of that mo. was not 

pro. by his relict, Hannah, bef. 17 June 1686, when she was w. of Giles 

Sjlmter; he i9fa bur. says Sewall, 13 June 1685. Robert, R. L 

1638, was, I think, of a diff. fam. from the preced. and by rec is spelt 

Gilham. Zechart, Boston, eldest s. of first Benjamin, mariner, m. 26 

July 1659, Phebe, d. of lieut William Phillips. 

GiLLETT, or Jellett, Cornelius, Windsor, eldest s. of Jonathan, b. 
perhaps in Eng. had Priscilla, b. 23 Jan. 1660, d. soon; Priscilla, again, 
90 Mar. 1661; Abigail, 20 Sept 1663; Cornelius, 15 Dec 1665; 
Mary, 12 Aug. 1668 ; Esther, 24 May 1671 ; Sarah, 3 Jan. 1674 ; Jo- 
anna, 22, bapt 23 Apr. 1676; and Daniel, 30 June 1678 or 9, was freem. 
1658. Jeremiah, Windsor, br. of the preced. had a fam. John, Bos^ 
ton, m. 22 Dec 1653, wid. Eliz. Perry, had Hannah, b. 12 Oct 1654; 
and he d. no long time after, as may be judg. for his wid. m. 5 Dec 


1656, William Wardell. See Geneal. Reg. XII. 275. John, Windfior 
br. of Cornelius, m. 8 July 1669, Mary, d. of the first Thomas Barber, 
had John, b. 6 Aug. 1673; Thomas, 18 July 1676; Samuel, 16 Feb. 
1678 ; Nathaniel, 3 Oct. 1680 ; and Mary, 1683. His wid. m. 20 Jane 
1683, George Norton of Springfield. Jonathan, Dorchester, freem. € 
May 1635, rem. next yr. to Windsor with ch. Cornelius, Jonathan, and 
Mary, wh. m. 15 July 1658, Peter Brown ; there he had Ann, bapt. 29 
Dec 1639, wh. m. 29 Oct. 1663, Samuel Filley ; Joseph, 25 July 1641 ; 
Samuel, 22 Jan. 1643 ; John, 5 Oct. 1644 ; Abigail, 28 June 1646, d. al 
2 yrs. ; Jeremiah, 12 Feb. 1648; and Josiah, 14 July 1650 ; was a con- 
stable 1656, and d. 1677. Jonathan, Windsor, s. of the preced. m. 28 
Apr. 1661, Mary Kelsey, wh. d. 18 Apr. 1676, had Mary, b. 1665, d. 
young; Mary, again, 21 Oct. 1667 ; Jonathan, 18 Feb. 1671 ; William, 
4 Dec 1673 ; and for sec w. he m. 14 Dec. 1676, Miriam, d. of Thomas 
Deeble, had Thomas, 31 Mar. 1678, d. soon; Ebenezer, 26 Oct 1679; 
d. soon; Samuel, 17 Dec 1680; Hannah, 1682; Jonathan, 1685; and 
Miriam, 1687. Of these ten ch. only five were liv. when he d. 169& 
Joseph, Windsor, br. of the preced. m. 1664, £liz. Hawks, had Joseph) 
b. 2d^ov. 1664; £liz. 12 June 1666; Mary, 10 Sept 1667 ; Jonathan, 
11 Aug. 1669 ; John, 10 June 1671 ; Nathaniel, 4 May 1673; Hannah, 
30 Jan. 1675; was k. by the Ind. with Capt Lathrop and flower oi 
Essex, 18 Sept 1675. Josiah, Windsor, br. of the preced. m. 30 June 
1676, Joanna Taintor, had Josiah, b. 24 Nov. bapt 1 Dec 1678; and 
Joanna, b. 28 Oct 1680. Matthew, Dorchester 1634, came that yt. 
in the Mary and John, rem. to Windsor 1636. Nathan, Dordiester 
1630, br. of first Jonathan, came, it is said, with the mm. Maverick and 
Warham by the Mary and John, was freem. 14 May 1634, xem, to 
Windsor 1636, had Eliz. b. 6 Oct 1639 ; Abia, 22 Aug. 1641, wh. m. S 
Dec. 1663, Isaiah Bartlett; Rebecca, 14 June 1646, d. young; Eliaa, 1 
July 1649; Sarah, 13 July 1651; Benjamin, 29 Aug. 1653; NatluuH 
17 Apr. 1655; and Rebecca, again, 8 Dec. 1657 ; hi^. w. d. 167]^ and 
he rem. to Simsbury. Samuel, Hatfield, m. 23 Sept 1668, Hannah, d. 
of John Dickinson, had Samuel and three ds. was k. by the Ind. at the 
Falls fight 19 May 1676, and his wid. m. 15 May foil. Stephen Jennings, 
and suffer, more than once by the same enemy afler, being tak. four mos. 
afler her m. and car. to Canada, and her sec h. k. 22 July 1710 by Ind. 
at Brookfield, tho. ano. authority makes it her s. Stephen and Benjamini 
and in 1708, her s. Joseph, and the h. of her d. Captivity, suffer, the 
former wound, the latter k. by the Ind. at the same town. Eleven of 
this name, of wh. six were clerg. had been, in 1834, gr. at N. £. cdL 
but none at Harv. 

GiLLiQAN, Alexander, Marblehead 1674. 

GIL 857 

GcLUHGHAMy James, Salem, prob. bef. 1692, m. 22 May of tbat yr. 
Bebecca, d. of John Bly of the same, bad Rebecca, b. 10 Feb. 1693 
Hannah, 22 July 1694 ; James, 2 Feb. 1696; Benjamin, 7 Sept 1697 
Martha, 13 Jan. 1699 ; Deborah, 28 July 1700 ; John, 19 Jan. 1704 
Mary, 31 Ang. 1705 ; William, 26 Dec. 1706 ; Jonathan, 9 Oct 1709 
and David, 7 Dec. 1711. 

GiLLOw, Benjamin, Lynn 1637, s. of John. John, Lynn 1637, had 
Benjamin, John, and perhaps more ch. He is, perhaps, the cow-keeper, 
of vh. good story is told in Winth. I. 274. John, Lynn, s. of the 
preoed. m. 7 Apr. 1666, Sarah Keyzer, had John, b. 6 Jan. 1667 1 
Sarah, 2 Oct 1670; and Robert, 20 Apr. 1673, posthum. for the f. d. 
two mos. preced. Thomas, Lynn 1639, perhaps br. of the preced. 

Gillowat, John, Lynn 1637. Lewis, who possibL means the same 
name as the preced. 

GiLMAN, Caleb, Exeter, youngest s. of Moses the first, m. Susanna, 
d. of lieut Peter Folsom, had David and Caleb. Datid, Exeter, br. of 
CUeb, had no w. and d. 1735. Edward, Hingham, came to Boston 
1633, in the Diligent, with w. three s. two ds. and three serv. ; was from 
Hingfaam, Eng. where the fam. is still resid. in high esteem ; freem. 13 
Mar. 1639. His w. m. 3 Jane 1614, was Mary Clark, and the old cb. 
lec. in Eiig. shows bapt of his ch. Mary, 6 Aug. 1615 ; Edward, 26 
Dec 1617 ; Sarah, 19 Jan. 1622 ; John, 23 May 1626 ; and Moses, 11 
Maf. 1630. One of these prob. d. at home, and Lydia, we kn. was b. 
in Eng. He rem. to Rehoboth 1 643, and to Ipswich soon after, where 
he was 1647 ; and, after 1652, to Exeter, there d. One of his ds. m. it 
is thot John Leavitt ; Lydia, certun. was w. of Daniel Cashing, m. 19 
June 1645; one is believ. to have m. John Fabins; and one m. a 
Hersey ; but perhaps one or more were b. at Hingham ; or one may 
^▼e had two hs. Edward, Ipswich 1647, Exeter 1652, s. of the 
preoed. b. in Eng. m. Abigail, d. of Antipas Maverick of Eittery, but 
ithetfaer she was first w. or sec. is uncert had prob. a fiun. yet we are 
not told more than that he was s.*]n-]aw of Richard Smith, had Edward ( 
and went for home in 1653 to obt mill gear, and was lost at seiu 
BsBKiBL, perhaps s. of the preced. was sei^. of eapt. Tamer's comp. 
1676 in Philip's war. Jebbmiah, Exeter, s. of first Moses, uu Mary, d. 
of Andrew Wiggin, had Jeremiah, Andrew, Simon, Israel, Thomas, 
Benjamin, Ezekiel, Joseph, bapt at Hampton 24 Oct 1697 ; and Han** 
nah, bapt at the same time. X John, Exeter, s. of first Edward, b. in 
£ng. m. 30 June 16^7, Eliz. d. of James Tieworgy, or Trueworthy, 
wh. d. 8 Sept, 1719, had six s. and ten ds. viz. Mary, b. 10 Sept 1658; 
Eliz. 16 Aug. 1661 ; Catharine, 16 Mar. 1665, d. at 19 yrs. ; Sarah, 25 


258 GIL 

Feb. 1667 ; Ljdia, 12 Dec 1668; Abigail, 3 Nov. 1674; Debonh, 30 
Apr. 1679, d. next yr. ; Joanna, tw. with the last; Alice, 28 May 1688; 
and Catharine, again, 27 Nov. 1684. Eight of the ds. were m. Mary 
m. Jonathan Thing; £liz. m. 1678, Nathaniel Ladd, and next, 3 Dec. 
1693, Henry Wadleigh; Sarah m. 24 Dec. 1684, Stephen Dudley; 
Lydia m. John White ; Abigail m. Samuel Thing ; Joanna m. Robert 
Coffin, and next, Henry Dyer ; Alice m. James Leavitt ; and Catharine 
m. Peter Folsom the sec and next, Richard Calley of Stratham ; and 
of the 8. James, b. 6 Feb. 1660 ; John, 6 Oct 1663, d. young; Samuel, 
30 Mar. 1671, d. at 20 yrs.; Nicholas, 26 Dec 1672 ; John, again, 19 
Jan. 1677 ; and Joseph, 25 Oct 1680. He was one of the first cotti& 
under Prov. Chart 1680, a judge, speaker, of the ho. and d. 24 Julj 
1708. JoHK, Exeter, s. of Moses, had John, Jonathan, Hannah, and 
Martha ; d. 1753. John, Exeter, s. of the Couns. by two ws. had six 8. 
five ds. of wh. Peter, b. 6 Feb. 1705, was a coons. ; d. 1 Dec 1788. 
* Joshua, Hampton, wh. may have been, but prob. not, s. of first Ed- 
ward, was rep. 1669. Joshua, Exeter, s. of Moses of the same, m. 10 
N'ov. 1702, Maria Hersey, had Maria, b. 2 Oct 1704; Sarah, 20 Dee. 
1708; Hannah, 14 Sept 1712 f and Joshua, 2 Feb. 1716; and d. 26 
Jan. 1718. Moses, Exeter, s. of first Edward, b. in Eng. was first at 
Hingham, there m. Eliz. d. of William Hersey, had Jeremiah, b. 31 
Aug. 1660 ; James, 31 May 1665 ; John, 7 June 1668 ; David ; Joshua; 
and Caleb ; besides Moses ; Eliz. 10 Apr. 1663 ; Mary, and Judith, and 
lie d. 1702. His will was of 12 Jan. and was pro. 6 Aug. of that jr. 
Eliz. m. 25 Oct 1682, By ley Dudley; Mary m. Cornelius Conner; and 
Judith m. Thomas Lyford. Moses, s. of the preced. prob. eldest, had 
two ws. Ann, and Eliz. neither of wh. have kn. surnames, had ch. (nam. 
in his will, made 4 Apr. 1741, pro. 28 Oct 1746), Moses, Abigail, Ann, 
Judith, Shuah, and Eliz. Nicholas, Exeter, s. of John, m. 9 Jane 
1697, Sarah, d. of Nathaniel Clark, I presume, of Newbury, had seven 
a. of wh. Farmer names two, Daniel, b. 28 June 1702, gr.f. of Gov. G. 
and Nicholas, 18 Jan. 1707, H. C. 1724, min. of Durham, and head of 
im honor, line. Of this name, orig. writ with two ll's, six had been gr. 
At Harv. in 1834, and seven at the other N. E. coll. 

GiLPm, Anthony, Barnstable, had, prob. no w. or ch. may have 
been only short dme in the land, d. last of Mar. or first of Apr. gave by 
will, pro. 5 June 1655 to Nathaniel Bacon all his est in trust for the 
lieirs, wh. he calls William Hodges of Darnton, Yorksh. and his five sib. 

GiLSON, James, Rehoboth 1668, had Nathaniel, b. 24 Jan. 1675. 
John, Groton, s. of Joseph, by w. Sarah had John, b. 2 Mar. 1698; 
Sarah, 1 May 1700; Michael, 14 Oct 1702; Susanna, 28 May 1704; 
and Ebeinezer, posthum. 17 Dec 1707. Joseph, Cfadmsford, m 13 

GIL — GLA 259 

Nov. 1660, Mary Caper, rem. to Groton^ had Joseph, b. 8 Mar. 1667; 
Sarah, 25 June 1669 ; and John, bef. menL and perhaps some earlier. 
Joseph, Groton, s. of the preced. by i\. Hepzibah had Ann, b. 22 Oct. 
1690; Jeremiah, 10 Jan. 1697; Sarah, 25 Dec 1698; and by sec w. 
£li£. had Mary 8 Feb. 1704. I William, Scituate 1631, one of the 
found, of the ch. 8 Jan. 1635, a man of good powers of mind and prop. 
only four persons in the CoL paying higher tax in 1633, when he was 
chos. an Assist, d. 1 Feb. 1640, made his will five days bef. names in it 
w. Frances, no ch. neph. and niece, John and Hannah Damyi, and neph. 
Daniel Rumball. His wid. d. 1649. He built, says Deanet, the first 
windmill in the Col. for grind, com, wh. bef. ^as pounded. 

GiLTEN, Thomas, Ipswich 1639. Felt, II. 

GuiGELL, GiNOLE, Gengill, or GiMGEN, JoHN, Taunton 1639-43, 
[Baylies, I. 286. 9.] rem. to Dorchester, thence, perhaps, After many yrs. 
io Salem, freem. 1646, made his will 10 Apr. 1685, at the age of 70, but 
it waa pro. not bef. 24 Mar. 1687. He seems to notice no fam. connex. 
givea £5 to ch. of Dorchester, same amt. to Mr. Lawson, min. of Salem 
▼ilL (Danvers), if he cont there till ch. be formed. One John Gingden, 
as Mr. Paige spells it, took the o. of fideL 1674, at Pemaquid. Wil- 
UAM, Westeriy 1661. 

Girdleb, Francis, Salem, £reem. 1678, had bapt there, tho. he liy. 
on Marblehead side^ George, Francis, Hannah, Benjamin, and Mary, all 
ia July 1678; Ann, Aug. 1680; John, May 1684 The name is made 
Grodler in G^eaL Reg. YII. 70. 

GiRLiNO, Richard, Cambridge 1635, of wh. no. more is told. 

Gisborne, Francis, Warwick, m. 8 June 1671, Mary, d. of John 
Wicks. He had, perhaps, liv. with Capt. Samuel Wilbor, for he, in his 
will seyen yrs. later, gave Gisborne one hundred acres on R. I. 

Gishop, Edward, West Chester, if such a name be possib. appoint, 
by Col. of Conn, a commisnr. in 1663. Trumbull, CoL Rec 412. 

GiTTiNOs. See Giddings. 

GiVAN, John, Boston 1684, mem. of the Scots Charit Soc 

Glading, John, Newbury, m. 17 July 1666, Eliz. Rogers^ had Su* 
saona, b. 6 Oct. 1668; John, 11 Oct. 1670; William, 25 July 1673; 
Eliz. 15 Sept 1676 ; Mary, 14 Jan. 1679 ; and Hannah, 8 Nov. 1681. 

Glanfield, Robert, Salem, mariner, m. 12 July 1665, Lydia Waal, 
prob. d. of Miles first of the same, had Lydia, b. 3 Sept 1666 ; Abigail, 
20 Apr. 1668; Peter, 7 June 1670; Robert, 27 July 1672; and Sarah, 
16 Jan. 1675. 

Glass, James, Plymouth 1638, apprent to Henry Coggin of Barn- 
stable, first, and, after, to Manasseh Kempton, it is said; m. 31 Oet 1645, 
Mary, d« of William Pontus, had Hannah, b. 2 June 1647, d* next yr. 

260 GLA — GLI 

Wjbra, 9 Aug. 1649; Hannah, again, 24 Dec. 1651; and Mazji 
posthum. 1652. He wad freem. 1648 ; and 3 Sept. 1652, near the liar* 
bor, lost in a storm. His wid. m. 1657, Philip Delano^ as bifl sec :W« 
Wybra m. Joseph Bumpus of Middleborough ; Hannah m. Isaac Billing" 
ton ; and Marj m. Samuel Hunt. James, Boston, by w. Eliz. had 
William, b. 11 Jan. 1688; Robert, 19 Sept. 1692; and Eliz. 6 Not, 
1695. Richard, Pemaquid, took the o. of fideL 1674; was of Bianr 
Chester 1686. Roger, Duxburj, had been apprent. to John Crockeri 
and for his ill treatm. was discharg. in 1639 by the Court, and put oat tft 
John Whetcomb of Scituate ; by w. Mary, had Eliz. James, Eaunii 
Mary, and John. He wa3 freem. 1657, perhaps, br. of first James, and 
d. 1690. Amy, perhaps sis. of James, or Roger, or both, m« 1639| 
Richard Willb. John, s. of Roger, perish, in the bootless exped. against 
Quebec, 1 690; 

Glazier, John, Wobum, by w. Eliz. d. of John Greorge of Charlfls* 
town, had John, b. 1663 ; Zechariab, 20 Apr. 1666 ; Eliz^4 Aug. 1668.; 
John, 15 Dec 1669; Ruth, 30 May 1671 ; Samuel, 5 July 1672; and 
George, 3 June 1676. 

Gleason, Isaac, Enfield 1684, had been a soldier in the FaUs fi^' 
1676, was, perhaps, s. of Thomas of Watertown, had at E. Isaac, Tho» 
mas, and sev. ds. d. 1698. John, Sudbury, s. of Thomas, m. Mary, d. 
of James Ross, had Mary, b. 1681 ; and Martha, 1688, in wh. yr. he d» 
Joseph, Sudbury, s. of Thomas, had Joseph, b. 1668, d. next yzn 
Joseph, again, 18 Oct 1671; Susanna, 1676; Abigail, 1680; Mary^ 
1682; Joyce; and Isaac Barry thinks he had three ws. viz. Hannah; 
Martha, wh. d. 1684; and he m. 22 Dec 1686, Abigail Garfield; d» 
1711 at Sudbury. Thomas, Watertown, Cambridge, and Charlestowiii 
had ch. b. in both the first, Thomas, Joseph, John, as Barry appeals 
to say, at W. and in Cambridge by w. Susanna had Mary, 31 Oct. 
1657, and in my opin. also, either there, or at Charlestown, Isaac and 
William. Bond thinks, wkb good. reason, he is the man ment. in GreneaL 
Reg. III. 401, as sw. fidel. in 1653. Thomas, Sudbury, s. prob. eldest^ 
of the preced. by w. Sarah had Sarah, b. 6 Feb. 1665 ; Ann; Thomas; 
Isaac; Patience; Mary, 19 June 1680; and John. His w. d. 8 Jfoltf 
1703; and he d. 25 July 1705. Wili^iam, Cambridge, perhaps s. of 
Viomas, by w. Abiah, had William, b. 1679; Esther, wh. d. young; 
and Isaac, bapt. 7 Dec 1690 ; and d. 1691. 

Glenn, James, Boston, a printer, 1682. Thomas, Hist. I. 280. 

Glidden, Charles, Portsmouth 1665, of Exeter 1677, when he took 
o» of fideL Richard, Exeter 1698, perhaps s. of the preced. 

Glide, John, a soldier, perhaps from Marlborough, under capt. Wit 
li^m Turner, 19 May 1676. 

GLOVER. 261 

Gloyeb, Charles, Salem 1632, a shipwright, arr. at Boston 16 
Sept. in the Lion, freem. 2 June 1641, had w. Eliz. rem. to Gloucester, 
was selectman 1644 and 5 ; had Samuel, b. 20 June 1644. lA w. d. 
Mar. 1648, and he m. 12 Feb. 1650, wid. Esther Saunders. Habakkuk, 
Boston, 8. of John of Dorchester,* b. in Eng. was a tanner, with good est. 
freem. 1650; m. 4 May 1653, Hannah, eldest cfa. of Rev. John Eliot, 
had Hannah, ^b. 3 July, bapt. 3 Sept. 1654, d. soon; and Rebecca, 24, 
faapt. 29 Ju\j 1655 ; both at Roxburj ; other ch. John, and Rebecca, wh. 
m. Thomais Smith of Boston, and sec. a Clark ; d. Apr. 1693. His will 
of 7 Sept 1692, pro. 24 Apr. foil, names onlj w. Hannah, and d. Re- 
becca Clark. Henrt, Mediield, d. 21 July 1655, and inv. of his est on 
wh. his w. Abigail was admz. ift in Vol. UI. 31, of our Suffk. Prob. rec. 
Henrt, New Haven 1647, or earlier, came, prob. in the Elizabeth from 
Ipswich 1634, aged 24, had Mary, bapt. June 1641 ; Mercy, Aug. 1643 ; 
Hannah, May 1646; John, 8 Oct 1648; Abigail, b. 1651, bapt. July 
1652; and Sarah, 3, bapt 9 Dec. 1655 ; was a promin. man, propr. in 
1685, d. 1689. In letters of Davenport to Winth. 1655, 3 Mass. Hist 
ColL X. 9 and 12, his w. is refer, to; and perhaps he was the lieut of 
Soutfaold 1662, that yr. adm. as freem. of Conn. Trumbull, Col. Rec 
388. His d. Hannah m. 24 Nov. 1663, David Ashley ; Surah m. 1678i 
John Ball ; and his will, pro. Oct. 1689, gives to dhildr. of his s. John, 
t* John, Dorchester 1630, came, perhaps, in the Mary and John, but 
was a Lancashire man, and engag. in the favor of the Plant bef. embark, 
in 1629, was a capt rep. 1637-50, and near all the same yrs. selectman, 
rem. to Boston, was assist 1652 and 3, d. early nert yr. Hb will of 11 
Apr. 1653, has codic. of 26 Jan. foil, and pro. 9 Feb. afler, recites that 
he had giv. a yr. bef. to s. Thomas his messuage at Rainhill in Lancaster, 
Eng. ^ as competent jointure to Rebecca now his w. with wh. he is to 
have a consid. portion,^' had promis. s. Nathaniel £400 ; had giv/ Ha^ 
bakkuk half a new dwell.-ho. and pits and accom. for tan. equal to £400, 
prov. for w. Ann, s. John, and Pelatiah, b. Sept. 1636 ; all of wh. ezc 
the last two, I think he had brot. from Eng. He had no d. John, 
Cambridge, s. of Rev. Josse, b. in Eng. H. C. 1650, in 1654 was liv. in 
Eng. had a degr. of M. D. at Aberdeen, and prob. never came again to 
our side of the ocean. Johk, Boston, s. of first John, H. C. 1651, 
(unless this distinct belong to a New Haven gent), a merch. wh. had 
perhaps, liv. at Swanzey 1683, but at B. d. and was bur. 25 Sept. 1696 ; 
in his will names w. Eliz. prob. d. of John Andrews, but no other relat 
styles bims. gent wh. may seem to support his right to the colt, honor. 
John, Boston, by w. Mary had John, b. 1 Feb. 1661, may be the same 
as preced. Johk^ New Haven, perhaps s. of Henry, regard, by Prof. 
Kingsley in let. to me, as the gr. of Harv. 1651, d. 1679, or early in 80, 

263 ,GLOVER. 

leav. good est but it is nncert. whether he had fam..bat if b. of Henry, 
he had certain. John, Salem, m. 2 Jan. 1660, Marj Gappy, d. of John 
of thei^same, had John, b. 29 Aug. 1661; William^ 15 Mar. 1664; 
Mary, 1 May 1666; Sarah, July 1668; Hannah, 24 June 1670; Ben- 
jamin, 28 Mar. 1674; perhaps Jonathan, Apr. 1677 ; and £benezer, 18 
Apr. 1685. His will of 19 Apr. 1695, pro. 13 May folL ment wid. Maiy, 
8« John, and other diildr. not nam. On est. of her s. William, 6 Apr. 
1700 admin, was giv. to mo. John, Barnstable, s. of Nathaniel of Dor- 
chester, went «rith his mo. to Barnstable after her nu and d. 25 Aug. 
1690, aged 35. John, Norwich 1674, m. Hannah, 29 May 1682. 
Jonathan, Salem, b. of John of the same, m. Abigail Henderson, per* 
haps d. of Archibald, had Abigail, .b. 2S Nov. prob. 16d9 ; Mary, 18 
Jan. 1701 ; Jonathan, 14 Dec 1702; Benjamin, 7 Sept. 1704; Joseph 
27 June 1706; and David, 9 Jan. perhaps 1709. Josse^ rector, it is 
said, of Sutton, in Surry, made contr. 7 Jane 1638, with Stephen Dajfs 
of Cambridge, Eng. to come over with w. ch. and serv. in the John of 
London, at exp. of' Glover, his design being to set up a printing press 
here ; d. on the pass, and his wid. £liz. m. Henry Dunster, aAer. the 
first Presid. of Harv. CSolL His eldest a. Roger was a capt k. in the 
dvil war at Edinburg, it. is said; John, above ment is the onlj other s.; 
but three ds. were fixed in our country ; Eliz. w. of Adam Winthrop, 
wh. d. early ; Sarah, w. of Deane Winthrop ; and Priscilla, w. of John 
Appleton. Sometimes he is calL Jesse ; by President Quincy and many 
others, Joseph ; but the stranger name prevails. - Of course, he has no 
claim to be insert in these pages, as inhab. of N. E. where he never 
came, but eminent, are his righteous intent to be lionor. and his relat to 
our country by his childr. m. and his own d. on the ocean would make 
omiss. inexcus. Nathaniel, Dorchester, s. of first John, b. in Eng. m. 
Mary, the ch. brot from Warrington in a pannier, to embark at Bristol, 
as told by a credita. tradit d. of John Smith, common, kn. as Quarter* 
master, bee he had serv. in the Netherlands in that capac had Nathan- 
iel ; John, b. 1655 ; and Ann ; was freem. 1654, selectman 1655 and 6, 
d. 21 May 1657. Ann m. 11 July 1673, William Rawson. His wi<L 
m. 15 Mar. 1660, Thomas Hinckley, after Gov. of Plymouth. Nathan- 
iel, Dorchester, s. of the preced* freem. 1678, was capt 1687, m. Han- 
nah, d. of Thomas Hinckley, Gov. of Plymouth Col. wh. d. 20 Aug. 
1Z30, as the gr.stone at D. has it, but mak. her yrs. less by two than 
truth, wh. is very unusual occur. He had Hannah, b. 3 Dec 1681 ; and 
d. 6 Jan. 1724. Pelatub, Springfield, s. of firpt John, b. at Dorches- 
ter 1637, or 9, was educ. at Harv. but left the coll. without gr. m. 20 May 
1660, Hannah, d. of capt John Cullick, had Samuel, b. 28 Nov. 1661, 
wh. d. 24 .July 1689, unm.; John, 1 July 1663, d. in two yrs.; Pelatiah^ 

GOA— GOB 263 

27 Jan. 1666; Ann, 21 Aug. 1668, d. 1690^ onm. and Mary, 17 Apr. 

W2, He was see. min. of S. ord. 18 June 1661 ; his w. d. 1689, and he 

A 29 Mar. 1692. PeleUah, wh. had fain, in S. and Mary, wh. m. 1693, 

John Hayoes of Hartford, outliv. the f. Sprague, 18. Ralph, Mass. req. 

to be adm. freem. 19 Oct 1 630, bav. then prefix of respect in the rec and 

flo may be presum. to have come in the fleet with Winth. but he d. bef. 

July 1633, and his est. was admin, by Thomas Mayhew, so that we may 

suppose he had liv. at Watertown. Stephen, Gloucester 1658, m. 7 

Qet 1663, Ruth, d^ of William Stephens, perhaps as sec w. had a ch. 

b. 2 Aug. 1664, d. in 3 days, and his w. d. in few more; ilks selectman 

1659, 61, 9-86; d. 10 Dec 1686. His will names only Sargents, 

liii friends, and he gave all his prop, to Nathaniel, s. of William S. re- 

qoiring that he should be ^ bred up to learn." so that I presume him to 

be either the gr. of 1707, or his neph. | Thomas, Dorchester, eldest s. 

pfob. of first John, ar. co. 1642, liv. in London 1661, and may well be 

thoL to have ended his days in Eng. where he was well m. Six of this 

ntme had, in 1834, been gr. at Haw. and four at other N. E. coll. 

GoABBY, John, a youth of 16, emb. at London, early in Apr. 1635, 
IB the Hopewell, Capt Bundock ; but tho. his fam.*name has not reach, 
n^ here, it may exist in the old country. 

Goad, or Gourd, Joseph, Boxbury, s. of Richard, was of Moseley's 
eomp. in Dec 1675, liv, few yrs. bef. 1679 at Hadley, m. 23 Mar. 1681, 
Aan Chaplin, had Ann, b. 27 Aug. 1682 ; Sarah, 19 Apr. 1684, d. in 
ftwmos. ; Mary, 27 Mar. 1687 ; and Sarah, again, 27 Dec 1689 ; and 
he d. 12 Aug. 1691. Richard, Roxbury, came in the Elizabeth and 
AoD, perhaps, the name slightly varied, 1635, aged 17, m. 30 Nov. 1639, 
Fhebe Howes, had Hannah, b. June 1641 ; John, both bapt 1 July 
1643; Mary, 23 'June 1644; Phebe, 14 Mar. 1646; Joseph, 19 Sept 
1647, d. at 8 mos. ; Sarah, 25 Mar. 1649; Joseph, again, 13 Apr. 
1651; Lydia, 27 Feb. 1653; Benjamin, 3 Dec 1654, d. soon, and the 
Aodeofc official transcr. at Boston, as giv. in GeneaL Reg. XI. 330, 
makes the b. 27 Nov. and bur. 31 Oct bef. and Benjamin, again, 7 Sept 
1656. This last was execut 2 Apr. 1674, and Danforth, the min. of his 
ptrents preach, an appropr. discourse on the foil. Sunday. See Sect. 
Bawson's letter to Winth. 3 Mas$. Hist. Coll. X. 98, and Thomas, Hist 
L 274. What day the mo. d. I kn. not ; but the unhappy f. liv. to 29 
Sept. 1683. Thomas, a youth of 15, came in the Abigail, 1635, per- 
haps as serv. to John Winth. the younger. 

GoBAN, if the name be not mistak. Donald, Boston 1 684, mem. of 
the Scot's charit soc 

GOBLK, John, doncord, with s. John foil, their min. Rev. John Jones, 
in Sept 1644 to Fairfield. Stephen, Ck)ncord, was execut 21 Sept ' 
1676, and. Daniel, also, execut 26 of same, for murder of three friendly 

264 60DDARD. 

IncT Such was the hatred borne to the red race, indiscriro. bj some, 
and the strict, impartial admin, of the govemm. not fblL alwajs in ooi 
days. Daniel was perhaps uncle of the other offender, and Stephen had 
ch. b. at C. bj w. Hannah, Hannah, 3 Nov. 1666; Daniel, 21 Mar, 
1669; John, 20 July 1671 ; and Elsej, 1673. His will, made six ds. 
bef. his execut. names them all. Thomas, Charlestown, afler few jn. 
was of Concord, had w. Alice, perhaps d. of Ralph Mousall, freem. 3 
Sept. 1634, had three s. and three ds. of wh. Mary was, we kn. bapt. 27 
Feb. 1636 ; Sarah, 27 May 1638; Daniel, 18 July 1641; and he d. 
Dec. 1657. 4iis will of 30 Nov. prec^d. makes w. Alice exoor. namei 
d. Sarah, unm. and Thomas and Stephen, s. of his s. Thomas. Thoxas, 
Charlestown, s. of the preccd. rem. prob. to Concord, was freem. 1990^ 
by w. Ruth had Thomas, wh. outliv. his f. ; Stephen, perhaps the muk. 
derer ; Robert, wh. d. young ; Mary ; Ruth, b. 4 Aug. 1663 ; and Abi- 
gail, 19 Jan. 1669. He d. 22 Nov. 1690. 

GoDDARD, Benjamin, Cambridge, «. of William of Watertown, d. at 
Charlestown 24 Oct. 1748, had bapt»at Charlestown, Nathaniel, 12 Mar» 
1693, as deac Hastings in the rec. test. Benjamin, b. 1705 ; Martha; 
John, May 1709; and Thomas, 1720; and d. 27 Nov. 1737. •Ed- 
ward, Watertown, youngest s. of William of the same, m. June 1697, 
Suscuina, d. of the sec Simon Stone, had Edward, b. 4 May 1698; Su- 
sanna, 25 Feb. 1700; Simon, 18 Feb. 1702 ; Benjamin, 15 Aug. 1704; 
David, 26 Sept. 1706, H. C. 1731, min. of Leicester; rem. to BostUm, 
had William, 22 Mar. 1709, d. at two mos.; Mary, 4 Jane 1711, dat 
two roos. ; Ebenezer, 18 Nov. 1712, d. at one mo.; Ebenezer, again, 17 
Jan. 1714 ; rem. to Framingham, was rep. 8 yrs. selectman longer; and 
town elk. 18 yrs.; and d. 9 Feb. 1754, his w. d. 5 days bef. OnLBS, 
Boston 1679-95. James, Brookline, s. of Joseph, m. Mary, d. of TImh 
mas Woodward, had Sarah, b. 2 Oct 1714; James, 22 Mar. 1717; 
Eliz. 8 May 1718; William, 1 Oct, 1721; Marmaduke, 3 May 17W; 
Joseph, 30 Aug. 1727 ; Thomas, 13 Oct 1728, d. young ; Tryphena, 80 
Jan. 1730 ; and William, again, 14 Aug. 1731 ; and d. 1734. His wid. 
d. 1765. John, Dover 1631, sent by Mason for his plant had John, 
Benjamin, and three ds. m. to John Oilman, Arthur Bennet, and James 

Thomas; d. 1660, leav. wid. Welthea, wh. m Sinmions, was K 

it is said, 1620, and liv. 1705. John, Dover, s. of the preced. in the 
pt now Durham, d. a. 1675, without w. or ch. John, Brookline, 
youngest br. of James, ra. 1725, Lucy Seaver, wh. d. early, without ch. 
and he m. 4 Sept 1729, Hannah, wid. of Jonathan Stone, d. of Samuel 
Jamison, had John, b. 28 May 1730 ; Samuel, 13 July 1732; Hannah, 
17 July 1736 ; and Joseph, 5 Dec 1740 ; rem. to Worcester, and d. 26 
June 1785. Joseph, had gr. of Id. at Deerfield 1687 or 8, but did not 


fir. there. He was of Boston, io thafrpt now Brookline, s. of William 
.of WatertowD, b. in Eng. m. 25 May 1680, Deborah, d. of Nathaniel 

IVeadwaj, Jiad Deborah, b. 19 June 1693, being the sole entr. on the 
rtc bat he bef. had Eliz. b. 8 Jan. 1681 ; Joseph, 7 Nov. 1682 ; these 
Id Watertown, James ; Robert, 1694 ; and John, 1699 ; and d. 25 July 
1728. His was that most beautif. farm stiU ei^'oy. by descend. Joseph, 
Biookline, eldest s. of the preced. had w. and d. beside three s. of wh. 
two d« yoang, and the other went to New London ; but we kn. not names 
tf w. nor eh. nor the time of d. of any. Bond supposes the d. was 
Siroh; and that f. d. early. Josiah, Watertown, br. of the first 
Joseph, m. 28 Jan. 1696, Rachel, d. prob. of William Davis of Roxbury, 
had Ebenezer, b. 30 Oct 1696 ; Rachel, 18 Apr. 1699 ; Josiah, 12 July 
1701; Jane, 14 Apr. 1706, d. soon; Samuel, 26 Jan. 1709, d. soon; 
Jane, again, 10 June 1710 ; Samuel, again, 28 May 1712, d. next jr. ; 
Etii. 18 Apr. 1714; and prob. WiUiam; and d. 14 Nov. 1720. His 
wii d. 28 Apr. 1740. Robert, Watertown, s. of William the first, 
Ik in London, m. 23 Feb. 1714, Eliz. d. of WiUiam Shattuck, had Eliz. 
k5Nov. 1714. He d. 1716, and the wid. m. 13 Apr. 1717, Ephraim 
Angier; and next m. 26 Apr. 1726, John Holland. One might doubt, 
Ihat Bond may be wrong in saying (since he m. so late), that he was b. 
IB London, but the w. was arr. at discreet age bef. the m. Robert, 
Brookline, s. of Joseph, m. 1 Sept. 1717, Mehitable, d. of Henxy Sponge 
bid only Elisha, b. 13 July 1719, on the rec. of B. but on rec of Rox- 
boiy, also, Mehitable, 8 IVIar. 1721 ; Mary, 1 Mar. 1725 ; and Robert, 
28 Oct. 1727. His w. d. 18 Nov. 1760, and he had sec. w. but no other 
^ rem. to Sutton, and d. 8 May 1785. Thomas, came, in 1635, from 
Mariborough in Wilts, arr. at Boston 3 June, in the James from South- 
ampton, but we are ign. of any thing more. William, Watertown, 
oune, 1665, from London, later than most of the first people in the 
iB8pective fam. that can claim to be the progenit of the N. E. race.. 
He had by w. Eliz. who came next yr. six ch. of wh. she lost three, and 
hot William, b. a. 1653 ; Joseph, 1655 ; and Robert ; here had Tho- 
wu, 8 June 1667, d. next mo. ; Benjamin, 17 Aug. 1668 ; Eliz. 22 Jan. 
1671, d. young; Josiah ; and Edward, 24 Mar. 1675 ; was a d. 
6 Oct 1691 ; and his wid. d. 8 Feb. 1698. William, Sherbom, prob. 
liOf the preced. b. in Eng. m. 10 Dec. 1685, Leah Fisher, had Eliz. b. 
S8 Aug. 1687; William, 18 Aug. 1689, d. at 14 yrs. ; Sarah, 24 Nov. 
1693; Abigail, 2 Dec 1697; and he d. 6 Feb. 1708. His wid. d. 10 
8q»t 1720, says Barry. Eleven of this name had been gr. at Harv. in 

Godfrey, § Edward, Kittery and York 1630, alderman of the city of 
AoomenUcus, gov. in 1649 of the Pro v. of Mame by delegat from the- 

TOL. u. 23 

206 G0DIN6. 

paten tee, under the Gorges pat but in 1652 bee heem. of Mass. by 
volunt submiss. Felt says, he boasted, in 1654, that he had, for 45 jtb. 
been a promoter of N. E. 32 yrs. an adventur. for sett it, and for 24, 
inhab. of York, "and the first that ever thot of sett there." Francis, 
Duxbury 1638, carpenter, rem. i»u*ly to Bridge water, d. 1669. His wiU 
names w. Eliz. and d. Ellz. w. of John Gary. George, Eastham, had 
George, b. 2 Jan. 1663 ; Samuel, 27 J^. 1665 ; Moses, 27 Jan. 1667 ; 
Hannah, 25 Apr. 1669 ; Mary, 2 June 1672 ; Ruth, 1 Jan. 1675 ; Rich- 
ard, 11 June 1677; Jonathan, 24 June 1682 ; and Eliz. 10 Sept 1688. 
George, Marblehead 1668-74. Isaac, Hampton, s. of William of 
the same, m. 15 July 1670, Hannah Meriam, perhaps d. of George of 
Concord ; but no ch. is kn. James, Newbury, s. of Peter, m. 10 Feb. 
1700, Hannah E[imball. Johx, at New London, in 1667, a short tune, 
may have been, as Farmer says, inhab. of Andover, and b. 1622; but 
prob. was first at Ipswich and Newbury, as he came 1634, in the Mary 
and John. John, s. of deac. William, m. 6 May 1659, Mary Cox, prob. 
d. of Moses ; but I kn. no more. Peter, Newbury, m. 13 May 1656, 
Mary, d. of Thomas Brown, the first white b. in the town, had Andrew, b. 
3 Mar. 1657; Mary, 21 Oct 1659, d. in 2 wks. ; Mary, again, 23 Jan. 
1661; Margaret, 9 Oct 1663; Eliz. 8 Feb. 1667; Peter, 14 Nov. 
1669 ; Joanna, 16 Nov. 1672 ; James, 9 Mar. 1677 ; and Sarah, Z Apr. 
16^ ; and he d. 5 Oct 1697, aged 66. His wid. d. 16 Apr. 1716, in Slst 
yr. In a note. Hutch. U. 216, has strangely mistak. this woman's birdi- 
place and age, but the latter need not be matter of surprise. Margaret m. 
12 July 1681, Joseph Richardson. Richard, Taunton 1652, m. a d. 
of John Turner, had Richard, John, and Robert Richard, TanntoD, 
s. of the preced. m. 1 Jan. 1680, Mary, d. of John Richmond, had Bicb- 
ard, John, and Joseph. Equally strange and lamentab. is it, that a 
name which has so long predomin. at Taunton, should have so little 
genealog. precision in its details. In his ^^ Ministry of T." Emery, a 
very dilig. inquir. I. 234, gives no dates of b. m. or d. Wiluax, 
Watertown, freem. 13 May 1640, by w. Margaret had Isaac, b. 15 Agit* 
1639 ; Sarah, 15 May 1642 ; rem. to Hampton, was deac and d. 25 
Mar. 1671. His will, made that yr. names w. Margaret, s. Isaac, a.-in- 
law Thomas Webster, s. John, prob. eldest, and b. in Eng. and da. 
Sarah and Deborah; and, I believe, his wid. m. 14 Sept 1671, John 
Sanborn. Deborah m. 5 Dec. 1667, John Taylor; and Sarah m. 18 
Aug. 1670, John Clifford. He had, perhaps, m. in Eng. the wid. 

GoDiNG, or Godding, George, Fairfield 1651, may be the same aa 
Godwin. Henry, Watertown, m. 7 Apr. 1663, Eliz. Beers, perhaps d« 
of Anthony, had Timothy, b. 8 May 1664 ; and Eliz. 8 Nov. 1667, wh. 

GOD — GOF 267 

m.8 Jan. 1690, John Morse. Richabd, Gloucester 1666, wh. d. 1709. 
TluB Dame may oe the same as Groodwin or Godwin. 

GoDMAN, ^,New Haven. His w. Eliz. was, in 1653, suspect for 

awitcL • 
GoDSOE, William, Salem 1684, had w. Eliz. says Felt 
Godson, Francis, Lynn 1634. Perhaps the fam. name may be the 
nme as the preced* 
Godwin, Samuel, Fairfield 1670. 

Gob, George, Dover, found by Mr. Quint to have been tax. there 
seren or eight yrs. fr. 1669. Henry, Peter, and Ralph, fishermen, 
of wh. the first and last are said to have been sent to Piscataqua by 
Kason in 1631, may, I think, be more likely to spell their own names 
Qee ; and Peter to be gr.f. of the famous min. of Boston. 

GoFFE, Anthony, Wobum, by w. Sarah had Joseph, b. 1 Nov. 
1687, d. soon ; and James, 3 June 1689, d. next day. Perhaps he rem. 
* Edward, Cambridge, came from Ipswich in Co. Suffk. by the Great 
Hope, embark, late in 1634, or very early in 1635, with Rev. Thomas 
Siepard, who left this sh. and some mos. later took another pass, from 
Lobdon. He was first at Watertown, certain, had Id. there 1637 ; brot. 
w. Joyce, and ch. Samuel and Lydia ; here had Nathaniel, b. Feb. 
108, wh. prob. d. young. His w. d. Nov. 1638, and he m. Margaret, 
1 of wid. Isabel Wilkinson (wh. surv. him and m. 1662, John Witch- 
Mi of Windsor), by her had Deborah, b. 15 Dec 1639; Mary, prob. 
vL was bur. 23 Apr. 1646 ; Hannah, 23 Mar. 1644 ; and Abiah; was 
fteem. 25 May 1636, rep. 1646 and 50, d. 26 Dec. 1658, aged 64. A 
vexatious rec. in Geneal. Reg. IX. 169, makes Nathaniel b. 23 Aug. 
1M5 by his w. Joyce, wh. d. near seven yrs. bef. when he was, of course, 
>• of Margaret ; beside enrich, him with w. Judith, that he never kn. 
It must always be borne in mind, that the volume from wh. these transcr. 
Ve print is only a copy, not orig. His will, declar. three days bef. but 
vrit 26 June 1657, gives double portion to s. names w. Margaret and 
htat mo. dec also wid. Barnard, mo.-in-law of his s. and the Ann 
Goft, and John, Lydia, and Jonathan Sprague, ch. of John Sprague by 
hk Meat d. Lydia, m. 2 May 1651 ; Deborah, d. 21 Nov. 1660. Han- 
nah m. 21 Sept 1664, John Moore, jr. of Windsor; and Abia m. 12 
Oct 1664j Henry Wolcott 3d. Jacob, Wethersfield, m. Margery, d. of 
John Ingersoll of Westfield, 5 Dec. 1679, had Jacob, b. 5 Nov. 1680, d. 
soon; Moses, 10 Mar. 1682, d. young ; Mabel, 31 Oct 1690; Mary, 15 
N€nr. 1693; and £unice, 27 Mar. 1696; and he d. 21 Oct 1697. His 
wid. m. Jonathan Buck. John, Newbury, freem. 22 May 1639, d* 9 
Dec 1641. His wUl, made 5 days bef. names w. Amy, ch. only Susan, 
and Hannah. How^ whence, or when, he came to our shores is yet 

268 GOPFE. 

tmkn. A long prevalent mistake of Grosse of Watertown, freem. of 
1631, for this man, was encourag. by the identity of appibr. of the names 
on Col. rec. no differ, can be seen by the most practised eye. Elis. 6. 
aged 26, a passeng. in the James from London in July 16d5,^ay have 
been a sis. Johk, Boston, freem. 1678, mem. of 2d ch. He bad bapt 
there, Hannah, 2 Aug. 1691 ; Ebenezer, 12 Feb. 1698 ; Eliz. 5 May 
1695; Sarah, 13 Dec 1696; Sarah, again, 11 Jane 1699; Sarah, 
again, 21 Ang. 1709; and Mary, 15 Apr. 1711. Of these, by my oon- 
ject the first five were of Hannah, d. of William Sumner. Fhoip, 
Wethersfield, had Jacob, b. 1649 ; Rebecca, 1651 ; Fhilip, 1653 ; Moses, 
1656 ; and Aaron, 1658; d. 1674 Samuel, Cambridge, s. of Edward, 
came with his f. 1635, m. 25 June 1656, Ann, d. of wid. of John Ba^ 
nard of Watertown, had Hannah, b. 12 May 1657; Edward, 28 Nor. 
1658 ; Deborah, 22 Jan. 1661, d. 27 Dec 1690 ; Samuel, 1 Jan. 1663; 
Lydia, 7 Jan. -1665 ; John, 11 Nov. 1666 ; Eliz. 6 Oct. 1668, d. 15 Jan. 
1691 ; Susanna; Edmund, H. C. 1690; Nathaniel, 9 Apr. 1675; and 
Joseph, 23 May 1677 ; and the w. d. Apr. 1679, aged 44. Harris, in 
Epit. says she was his sec w. but this is prob. wrong. Maiy, perhaps 
his d. m. Thomas Trowbridge^ and was mo. of the leanu judge, who, oat 
of regard to his unde Edmund, his guardian, having no ch. assom. the 
name of Goffe for a time, but reassum. the name wh..was so adorn, hy 
him. He took ana w. 21 Nov. 1682, but I kn. not whom, d. 15 Jan. 
1706, aged 76. Willllu, Hadley, a mig.-gen. in Eng. a mem. of the 
pretend. High Court of Justice, selected by the minority of the Long 
Farliam. to sentence Charles I. to d. arr. at Boston 27 July 1660, staid 
short time at Cambridge, and in Feb. folL went to New Haven, reach, that 
town 7 Mar. in comp. with lieut-gen. Edward Whalley, whose d. Fraaees 
he had m. They liv. in concealm. some yrs. but in Oct. 1664, took ap 
perman. resid. at Hadley with Rev. John Russell, where he outliv. W. 
some yrs. and d. a. 1679. Dr. Stiles^ in his Hist, mistook the gr.8toDe 
at New Haven of dep.-gov. Matthew Gilbert, mark. M. 6., 80, for 
his ; but he was, we kn. bur. without any maik at the gr. with bis f.-in- 
law, at Hadley, more than » hundred miles off, and our fathers prob. 
could not have violated the sanctity and secrecy of their resting-place 
under an idle pretence of domg honor to their memories. In oar own 
days the remains have^been discov. dose to the founda. of Russdl's faoose. 
He was s. of Rev. Stephen of Stanmer, in Co. Sussex. His three A» 
Eliz. Ann, and Frances, if this last be not, as sometimes said, Frederic, 
remain, in Eng. with his excellent w. of wh. three letters are in print 
one in appx. to Hutch. I. 532 ; second in 3 Mass. Hist Coll. L 60, 
and third in Hutch. Coll. 432. Very large and impartial story of 
these regicides is in Hutch. I. 213-19 ; and the cool judgment of 
modem times may ratify what << matchless " Mitchell wrote contempor. 

60L 269 

thai, since he ** had opportun. to look a little into that action, for wh. 
tbese men suffer. I could never see that it was justifiable." Perhaps he 
bk, that putting to d. in cold blood the sovereign, with wh. they had 
treat, on equal terms, as their captive, for sev. jts. was a muiSier, 
Biiiess excus. bj necessity; and that coward, pretence, when need, is 
euL found. 
Gold. See Grould. 
60LDER. See Groulder. 

60LDHAM, Henry, New Haven, freed from train, for weakn. 1645, 
WIS soon after at Guilford, had only Susanna, wh. m. the sec John 
Bishop. His will of 9 July 1661, gives some Id. to Nicholas Hunger, 
etlL 8.-in-1aw, prob. s. of his w. Frances, larger part to w. and d. The 
wid. d. 1671 or 2. 

GoLDiHa, Peter, Boston, by w. Jane had Mary, b. 21 Jan. 1666 ; 

ud Frances, 22 Feb. 1668 ; and by wife Sarah had Eliz. b. 6 Oct. 

1673 ; Windsor, 3 Mar. 1675 ; Thomas, 23 Jan. 1678 ; Sarah, 19 Aug. 

ie79; Jane, 1 Jan. 1684; and Mercy, 8 Sept. 1686 ; in 1685, calL 

U1118. 50 yrs. old; rem. a. 1690 to Hadley, there liv. 3 or 4 yrs. had 

Abigail, b. 1691, rem. to Sudbury, and d. 11 Oct. 1703, leav. wid. Sarah* 

Mm Smith, of Hadley, m. 1691, prob. the eldest d. tho. rec. of the 

Mme then is Martha; Daniel Warner m. 1704, Sarah; and Chiliab 

South m. 1710, Mercy. Willum, Boston, a min. from Bermuda, was 

It Boston lecture 5 Nov. 1646, but went soon to London. See Wins- 

Ws Salamander ; and 3 Mass. Hist Coll. H. 130-3. 

Goldsmith, one Daniel, Milford, wh. d. there 1684, call, capt was, 

poiiaps, only trans. John, Charlftstown 1647, serv. to Philip Drinker. 

JoiHUA, Salisbury, m. 14 Aug. 1667, Mary, d. of William Huntington ; 

It Amesbury sw. alleg. 20 Dec 1677. Ralph, Mass. 1661, nam. in 

George Fox's Journal, 325. Richard, Wenham, rem. in 1655 to 

Aelmsford, a young man, k. by lightning 18 May 1673, as particul. told 

IB Remark. Providences of Increase Mather. Thomas, Southampton^ 

L 1. 1641, Salem 1643, at least he then had gr. of Id. and was next yr. the town; but in 1673 was, and had long been, inhab. of South'^ 

•Bspton. See 3 Mass. Hist Coll. X. 88. He m. perhaps as sec. w» 

Sosanna, wid. of John Sheather of Guilford. Zaccheus, Wenham^ 

perhaps br. of Richard, freem. 1685, and afler recov. from the usurp, of 

Andros, sworn again 1690. 

60LDSTONE, Henry, Watertown, came in the Elizabeth from Ips- 
wich 1634, aged 43, with w. Ann, 45 ; and ch. Ann, 18 ; and Mary, 15. 
He was of infirm health, so as to be excus. firom train. Nov. 1634, and 
d. 25 July 1638, and his wid. m. John George of W. Ann m. 1634, 
deac Henry Bright of Watertown ; and Mary m. 8 Oct of same yr. 


270 GOL— GOO 

Joshua Hewes of Roxbury. He was s. of Bev. William, vicar of 
Bedingfield, Co. Suffk. and was bapt. at Wickham Skeithi says Mr. 
Somerby, 17 July 1591. 

GoLDTHWAJT, Samuel, Salem, s. of Thomas of the same, m. 3 Sept 

1 666, Eliz. Cheever, prob. d. of the celebr. Ezekiel, had Eliz. b. 7 Dec. 

1667, d. in few wks.; Samuel, 5 Mar. 1669; Thcraias, 14 Feb. 1671, 
prob. d. young; Ezekiel, 3 Oct 1674; Hannah, 9 Apr. 1686; and 
Thomas, again, 1 Mar. 1689. Thomas, Boxbury 1631, prob. came in 
the fleet the yr. bef. was freem. 14 May 1634, rem. prob. 1637, to Salem, 
had there bapt Samuel, 20 Aug. 1637; Mehitable, 27 Apr. 1640, wh. 
d. 3 May 1668, unm.; and Eliz. 20 Nov. 1642, wh. m. Sept 1660, 
John King. The name was long kept up in that town ; and none has 
been worse pervert in spell. 

GoLDWTER, George, Salisbury 1650, Dover 1658, d. 12 Apr. 1684, 
prob. at S. I think his d. Martha m. 30 Oct 1684, sec Robert Pike. 

GoLiKO, Hugh, a soldier in Turner's comp. in Philip's war. 

GoLT, or Gault, William, Salem, came in the Mary Ann of Yar- 
mouth 1637, aged 29, a cordwainer of Yarmouth, Co. Norf. single man, 
had there bapt. Deborah, and Sarah, on 10 Sept 1648. 

GoocH, Edward, Boston 1685, well spok. of by John Dunton, calL 
him Gouge; was warden of King's Chap. 1692. John, York, was 
freem. 1652, and Ruth, his w.'was in 1640, too free with Bev. Greorge 
Burdett, from Yarmouth, Co. Norf k. Eng. for which she was sentenc lo 
stand in white sheet ; but she was prob. sec. w. Yet in his will of 7 
May 1667, pro. 12 July foil, he gives prop, to w. Ruth, s. John and 
James, with small portions to gr.ih. Eliz. Donnell, Mary, Hannah, 
Phebe, Peter, Nathaniel, and Ruth Weare, and Eliz. Austin. In 1656 
John, jr. is nam. also; and James was k. by the Ind. Sept 1676, as 
says Hubbard, 51 ; and a d. of the first John, m. prob. Peter Weare. 
Robert,. Pemaquid, d. 1667, or, at least, the inv. ret by his wid. Lydia, 
bears date 25 Sept of that yr. but the spelL varies to Grouch, Googei 
and Gutch. It has been long prevalent in parts of Maine. 

Good, William, a soldier in Moseley*s comp.^^Dec 1675. Sarah, 
Salem, one of the first suffer, under the cruel infat. against witchesi July 
1692. See Goode. 

Good ALE, Joseph, Boston, m. bef. 1681, Sarah, wid. of ThomaB 
Ri](. Nehemiah, Lynn, m. 30 July 1673, Hannah, d. of Richaid 
Haven, had Martha, b. 4 May 1674; Joseph, 24 Mar. 1677 ; Maiy, 17 
Oct. 1686 ; and perhaps others. His wid. Hannah liv. above 20 yra. at 
Framingham, d. at the end of Dec. 1726. Richard, Newbury 1638, 
was from Yarmouth, Co. Norf. rem. to Salisbury, among first sett 1689 
or 40 ; had w. Dorothy, wh. d. 27 Jan. 1665 ; ch. Ann, wh. m. Willi 

GOO 271 

AUen ; and Richard of Boston. He d. 1G66, sajs Coffin. The same 
writer gives in his list Eliz. G. also from Yarmouth^ wh. d. 8 Apr. 1647, 
at Newbury, hav. eh. Susanna, wh. m. Abraham Toppan ; and Joanna 
SL John Oliver, both bef. 1644. I presume she was his mo. A wid. 
Mary 6. d. at Salisbury 3 May 1683. Richard, Boston, mariner, one 
ai the found, of the first Bapt. ch. perhaps with w. Mary, in Boston 
1665, had Richard, b. 29 Aug. 1655, and Mary, wh. m. John Ewell. 
He may be the man wh. d. at Middletown 1676, had been otily short 
time there. Robert, Salem 1637, came in the Elizabeth from Ipswich 
1634, aged 30, with w. Catharine, 28 ; and ch. Mary, 4 ; Abraham, 2 ; 
and Isaac, ^ yr. had bapt. there, tho. I find not name of h. or w. in Felt's 
fist of ch. mem. one ch. 31 May 1640; Jacob, 9 Jan. 1642; and Han- 
nah, 6 Aug. 1645. Sometimes the name seems Gk)odall or Goodell. It 
ms long in esteem at S. 

Goods, or Good, Robert, Mass. 1646. Thomas, came in the 
Bevis from Southampton 1638, aged 24, may have] set down at Salem, 
where, 1640, Abigail, perhaps his w. was adm. of the ch. Among the 
mferers for the suppos. crime of witchcr. 1692, Sarah Good, call, 
by Hutch. IL 26, an " old woman, who was bedrid," was execut. 19 
Jdy; and Deborah, imprison, from 12 Apr. to 10 Dec when happily 
the delusion began to evaporate. 

GooDENHOUSE, Samuel, Ncw Havcu. See Yangoodenhousen. Sam- 
TJiL, Boston, s. I presume^ of the preced. by w. Bethia had John, b. 3 
Oct 1691. Perhaps he rem. to New York, or elsewhere. The name 
fa not seen 1695. 

Goodenow, Goodnow, or Goodenough, * Edmund, Sudbury, 
ttme in the Confidence from Southampton 1638, a husbandman of Dun- 
lead, in Wilts, aged 27, with w. Ann, and John, and Thomas, their s* 
and serv. Richard Sanger; had here Hannah, b. 28 Nov. 1639, if the 
1^ be not wrong, as prob. it is ; Mary, 25 Aug. 1640 ; Sarah, 17 Mar. 
1643; Joseph, 10 July 1645 ; and Edmund; was freem. 13 May 1640, 
i^p. 1645 and 50, in Johnson's Wonderwork. Provid. is honored as 
leader of the milit d. 1676. Thomas, prob. d. young; Hannah m. 29 
Apr. 1656, James Pendleton; Sarah m. John Kettle. Edmund, Sud- 
bury, youngest s. of the preced. m. 1688, Dorothy Mann, had Dorothy, 
h. 1689. His w. d. 2 Apr. of that yr. and by w. Rebecca he had 
Sarah, b. 1 Mar. 1696; John, 1698; Rebecca, 1 July 1702; Eben- 
e2er, 4 Apr. 1704; Cornelius, 4 Dec 1705; Jonathan, 1 Mar. 1707; 
Dorothy, May 1710 ; David, 10 Mar. 1713 ; and Mercy, 13 Mar. 1715 ; 
and he d. a. 1727. John, Sudbury, eldest br. of first Edmund, came in 
the same sh. call of Semley, in Wilts, husbandman, aged 42, with w. 
Jane, and Lydia, and Jane, their ds. was freem. 2 June 1641, a select- 

272 GOO 

man 1644, <L 28 Mar. 1654. His will was nancup. His wid. Jan^ d* 
15 July 1666, in ber will, of 7 July 1662, names d Jane, w. of Heniy 
Wight of Dedham, and their ch. John, Joseph, David, Benjamin, and 
ano. then lately b. yet does not ment. the other d. wb. Bany says m. 
Andrew Duning, but perhaps she was d. John, Sudbuy, s. of fint 
Edmund, b. in £ng. was freem. 1673, by w. Mary had Hannah, b. 1656 1 
Mary, 1659; Edmund, 1661; Sarah, 1663, d. young; Sarah, agai^' 
1666; EUz. 1672; Joseph, 1674; Ebenezer, 1677; Lydia, 1678; airf 
Mercy, 1680. His w. d. 1704; and he d. 1721. Hannah m. 1680^ 
James Smith ; Eliz. m. 1691, Joseph Hayden; and Mercy m. 22 Sept^ 
1701, Joseph Patterson. Nathaniel, perhaps s. of Thomas, came is 
the Speedwell firom London, aged 16, in 1656, arr. at Boston 27 Jn^ 
1656; bat I have only the slight ground for my conject that Thomn^ 
aged 20, came in the same voyage ; and the strong one, that this is tbe 
ch. Thomas, of one yr. who accomp. his f. in 1638, and had been sent 
home for him. Samuel, Marlborough, s. of Thomas, by w. Mary had 
Thomas, b. 1672, was freem. 1690, d. 1717. Thomas, Siidbiir7> 
younger br. of sec. John, elder of sec. Edmund, came in the same alb 
with them 1638, aged 30, call, in the clearance, of Shaftsbury, wh* is a 
borough of Dorset, in the border of Wilts, and but three and five milet 
from the respective homes of his brors. He brot w. Jane, s. ThomaSy 
aged one yr. and sis. Ursula. The women's ages are not giv. in the 
custom ha ree. but Ursula, we are told by Barry, d. at Sudbury, S8, 
Apr. 1653. He was freem. 10 May 1643, and by w. Jane had hem 
Mary, b. 25 Aug. 1640; Abigail, 11 Mar. 1642; Susanna, 20 Febk 
1643, d. soon; Sarah, 20 Jan. 1644, d. at 10 yrs.; Samuel, 28 Feb. 
1646, bef. ment; Susanna, again, 21 Dec. 1647; Eliz. wh. d. 28 DedL 
1653; and Jane, who, in 1672, was w. of Christopher Bannister o£ 
Marlborough ; but of the last two I am unable to fix priority. He had 
sec w. Joanna in 1662, says Barry, and he d. late in 1663. Fbsaib. faii, 
s. Thomas was sent home in 1655, on other business, but he may have 
gone to bring, 1656, Nathaniel, wh. may have been b. shortly bef. the 
parents came away from Eng. and left to the care of fnends of the fiun. 
GooDFELLOw, Thomas, Hartford, Porter says, was there bef. 1689^ 
had a lot, but did. not sett, either forfeit, or sold the same ; d. wX 
Wethersfield, 25 Nov. 1685, leav. wid. Mary, eldest d. of Peter Graal 
m. a. 1681. 

GooDHEART, IsBRAND, Hartford, serv. of Caspar Yarleet in 1658* 

Goodhue, * Joseph, Ipswich, eldest s. of first deac William, freem* 

1674, rep. 1672 and 3, was selectman and deac. m. 13 July 1661, SaraK^ 

youngest d. of John Whipple, wh. d. 23 July 1681, bore ten ch. of wlu 

in an agreeable writing left by her, that has been often print and last in 

GOO 278 

1850, seven are named, Joseph, b. 13 May 1 662, d. yoang ; Joseph, again ; 
Xary; William, 1666; Sarah; John, 1679; and Susanna. He m. 
next; 16 Oct 1684, wid. Rachel Todd, and had Ebenezer, 25 Julj 
2985; Beiyamin, 25 Jan. 1691 ; and intermed. ch. not nam. She d. 
1691, and he m. next, 4 Julj 1692, wid. Mercy Clark, had Samuel, 5 
Apr. 1696; and d. 2 Sept. 1697, leav. wid. who ra. John Hovey, sen. of 
Tdpsfield, and d. Apr. 1731. In a fam. genealogy I find the names of 
oCher three ch. of first w. (not nam. by their mo.) to be Margery, Eliz. 
and Hannah. The youngest s. liv. to 7 Nov. 1785. Hon. Benjamin, 
H. C. 1766, b. at Salem, 20 Sept. 1748, who was a mem. of the first ho. 
of Bep. under the Fed. Const, and Senator of U. S. 1796-1800, and d. 
28 July 1814, was a gr. gr.s. of Joseph, and f. of Jonathan, the late 
princely merch. of N. Y. whose s. Henry C. H. C. 1845, d. so prema- 
turely 1847. Nicholas came from London in the James 1635, aged 
^ with Jane, prob. his w. 58, a clothworker, of wh. no more is ever 
heurd. Perhaps he was f. of William, and a Kentish man, and may 
hiTe liv. at Ipswich. William, Ipswich, freem. 7 Dec. 1636, had 
w. Margery Watson, wh. f. it is said, liv. in Kent, and bought for his d. 
die est of Giles Firmin (after his return home), had Joseph, b. 1639, 
bef. ment.; William ; and Mary. His w. d. 28 Aug. 1668 ; and he m. 
7 F^ 1670, wid. Mary Webb, wh. d. 7 Sept. 1680 ; in her will, made 
(under power in mar. contr.) 8 June preced. she gave fumit. to Ben- 
jmin and Mary, ^ two of the ch. of my s. Mr. John Fayerweather of 
Boston,'' and made him excor. He next m. 1683, Bethia, wid. of 
Joseph Grafton, and formerly wid. of Capt. Lothrop of the fiower of 
Bsez, wh. d. 6 Dec 1686; and in 1689 he m. fourth w. Remember, 
tiiof John Fiske of Wenham, wh. d. 16 Feb. 1702. He was select- 
iiaQ,deac. in 1658, rep. 1666, and often after, d. 1699, aged 86. Mary 
»i 23 Feb. 1668, Thomas Giddings. ♦ William, Ipswich, s. of the 
JRtced. liv. in that pt. call. Chebaco, now Essex, was deac. of ch. there, 
freem. 1681, selectman, capt. rep. 1691, after overthrow of Andros, 
under whose tyrannic admin, he, with his spirit friend, Bev. Mr. Wise 
aod others, had been fined. Revo, in N. £. justif. 16. He m. 14 Nov. 
1666, Ebmnah, d. of Rev. Francis Dane of Andover, had William, b. 13 
Nov. 1667 ; Nathaniel, 24 Oct 1670 ; Hannah, 4 July 1673 ; Joseph, 8 
ICar. 1676; Francis, 4 Oct 1678, H. C. 1699, wh. d. 15 Sept 1707, at 
fiehoboth, min. of Jamaica, L. I. says Farmer; Eliz. 19 Dec. 1680; 
John, 1681, d. soon; Margery, 12 Aug. 1683; John, again, 12 Aug. 
1685; Mary; and Bethia. He d. 12 Oct 1712, leav. wid. Hannah. 
His 8. John lived to 7 Jan. 1773. Five of this name had, in 1834, been 
gr. at Harv. and four at other N. E. coll. 

GooDiNO, Daniel, Kittery 1659, may be the same as Goodwin. 

274 GOO 

Goodman, John, Plymouth 1620, passeng. of the MayfloweTi i 
single man, had sh. in the div. of Ids. (unless the rec be wroog), in tiu 
spring of 1624, but Prince, folL Bradford, wh. could not be mistaL 
marks him as one wh. d. bef. Mar. 1621. We, howeFer, kn. no aore. 
John, Sudbury, hl 19 Sept 1656, Mary, perhaps d. of Thomas AxteB, 
had Hannah, b. 15 Dec. 1657. John, Hadley, s. of Richard, fireem 
1690. Richard, Cambridge 1632, perhaps the freem. 14 May 16M 
rem. to Hartford early, certain, bef. 1640, was constable 1656| m. 8 Ilea 
1659, Mary, d. of Stephen Terry, had John, b. 1661 ; Richard, ISttj 
Stephen, 1664, d. soon; Mary, 1665; Thomas, 1668, d. soon; Elk 
1670; Thomas, again, 1673; and Samuel, 1675, d. soon; rem. lo 
Hadley, I suppose, bef. most of the ch. were b. in a depon. of 3 Nvr. 
1673, calls hims. 64 yrs. and was k. by the Ind. 1 Apr. 1676. Bk a 
Richard went to Hartford after 1678. 

Goodrich, Bartholomew, Branford 1667, then sign, the plant and 
ch. cov. David, Wethersfield, s. of William, m. 7 Mar. 1689, Hanwahi 
d. of Thomas Wright, had Josiah, b. 15 June 1690; £liz. 19 Nov. 
1691; Elizur, 30 Mar. 1693 ; David, 8 Dec 1694; and Abigail 2 Apr. 
1697. His w. d. 27 Apr. of next yr. and he m. 1 Dec folL Pmdeoea 
d. of Bei\jamin Churchill, had Hezekiah, 28 Jan. 1700; Pradenee, IC 
June 1701 ; Sarah, 12 Mar. 1703 ; Mary, 15 Dec 1704; Hannah, 1 
Aug. 1707 ; Jeremiah, 9 Sept. 1709; Ann, 14 Feb. 1712; Zebnlon» 9S 
Nov. 1713; Benjamin, 13 Nov. 1715; Abigail, 18 Jan. 1718; Chadiii 
7 Aug. 1720; and Milioent, 23 Jan. 1723; and he d. 23 Jan. 17M; 
his w. had d. 9 May 1752. Ephraim, Wethersfield, br. of the pieoed 
m. 20 May 1684, Sarah, d. of Richard Treat, sec of the aame, hai 
Kicliard, b. 27 Feb. 1685; Ephraim; Sarah, 1698; William, 1701; 
David, 1705 ; Thomas ; and Gideon. His w. d. 26 Jan. 1712 ; and In 
m. 25 Dec folL Jerusha, wid. of capt. Thomas Wells, d. of the flm 
James Treat of the same, had Oliver, b. 14 Sept. 1714 ; and GordoB, 
29 IXk*. 1717. He was a capt and d. 27 Feb. 1739. His wid. d. 15 
Jan. 1754, John, Wethersfield 1643, m. a. 1645, Eliz. d. of ThomM 
Edwards, had Elii. b. 2 or 7 Nov. 1645 ; John, 5 or 8 Sept 1647; 
Mary, 15 Dec 1650; Joseph, 10 Jan. 1653; Jonathan; and Hannak. 
His w. d. 5 July 1670 ; and he m. 1674, Mary, wid. of John Stoddard, 
d. of first Nathaniel Foote ; d. Mar. or Apr. 1680, and his wid. m. 
Thomas Tracy of Norwich. Eliz. m. 1664, Daniel Rose; Mary a. 
1G77, Thomjis Reed, jr.; and Hannah m. 1678, Zechariah Maynaid, 
both of Sudbury. John, Wethersfield, s. of the preced. by w. Marj 
had Mary, b. 23 Apr. 1676 ; and he d. May 1676. John, Wethersfidd, 
8. of William, m. 28 Mar. 1678, at Charlestown, Rebecca, d. proh 
youngest, of capt John Allen, had Sarah, b. 10 Apr. 1679 ; Rebecca, 


11 lHoY. 1680; Mary, 2 Sept. 1682; Samuel, 21 or 24 May 1684; 

Abigail, 27 Apr. 1686 ; John, 9 June 1688 ; AUyn, 13 Nov. 1690; and 

Ami, 1 Sept. 1692; beside Jacob, whose date is not found; he d. a. 

1730. Jonathan, Wethersfield, s. of first John of the same, m. 8 Dec 

1691, Abigail, d. of Moses Crafls, had Jonathan, b. 1 or 9 Feb. 1693; 

Al^gail, 28 Nov. 1694; Moses, 19 July 1697; Lucy, 9 Sept 1699; 

ud Rebecca, 24 Dec 1701. Joseph, Sudbury, s. of John the first, d. 

at S. Oct 1680, prob. unm. lea v. will, devis. est to brs. and sis. * Wil- 

lUK, Wethersfield, br. of first John, m. 4 Oct 1648, Sarah, d. of 

Matthew Marvin, wh. outliv. him, had William, b. 8 Aug. 1649 ; beside 

eight others ment below; and d. 1676, leav. good est to wid. ds. 

reqiectiv. ws. of Robert Wells (wh. was Eliz. b. 1658, m. 9 June 

1^5) ; Abigail, of Thomas Fitch ; Mary, of Joseph Butler, and eldest 

d. Sarah, b. 1649, m. 20 Nov. 1667, John Hollister ; and s. John, b. 20 

Kay 1653 ; William, again, 8 Feb. 1661 ; Ephraim, 2 June 1663 ; and 

David, 4 Mar. 1667. He was early an ens. rep. 1660, 2, 5, and 6, but 

proh. not progenit of the emin. men of the state of Conn, bearing this 

same His wid. bee sec w. of capt William Curtis of Stratford. It is 

aometimes spelt, in conform, with sound, Goodridgc and Guttridge, on 

ctrekas rec William, Wethersfield, s. of the preced. by w. Grace 

Mey, m. 22 Nov. 1680, wh. d. 23 Oct 1712, had William, b. 3 Aug. 

1681, d. at 3 mos.; William, again, 2 or 23 July 1686 ; Benjamin, 29 

8e{it 1688; Joseph, 29 July 1691, or 29 Feb. 1692 ; Isaac, 18 Aug. 

1698; Ann, 25 Mar. 1697; Ephraim, 12 Sept 1699; and Ethan, 3 

^ue 1702. He had by sec. w. IVIary Ann, wid. of Dr. Nicholas 

^Ajnudt, Eliz. Lucenia, and Eunice ; and d. 1737. This fam. of wh. 

tteen had 20 yrs. since been gr. at Yale, was from Suffolk, Eng. Rev. 

^nniam, br. prob. by m. of Rebecca, a sis. of John and of William, the 

ftit comers, gave them by will, 1678, all his est. at Hegesset, a village 

i>eir Bury St Edmunds. 

GooDRiDGE, Benjamin, Newbury, youngest s. of William of Water- 
town, m. 8 Sept 1663, Mary Jordan, perhaps d. of Francis of Ipswich, 
lad Joseph, b. 6 July 1667; Daniel, 3 Mar. 1670; John, 1 Jan. 1674; 
the last by sec w. Deborah, wh. d. 8 Nov. 1676 ; by 3d w. Sarah Croad, 
9L 16 Nov. 1678, had Samuel, 15 Aug. 1681 ; was tax. 1691, at 
Bovrley. Jebemiah, Newbury, eldest s. of William of Watertown, m. 
U Nov. 1660, Mary, d. of Robert Adams, had Mary, b. 21 Nov. 1663 ; 
William, 2 Aug. 1665 ; PhUip, 23 Nov. 1669; Eliz. 27 Feb. 1679 ; 
Hannah, 15 Nov. 1681 ; and John, 26 May 1685. John, Watertown 
1687, perhaps br. of William, had gr. of Id. that yr. Q John, Boston, 
ar. CO. 1640, tailor, adm. of the ch. 29 Jan. and freem. 18 May 1642, 
when the rec has it Guttering ; by w. Prudence had Joseph, bapt 2 

276 GOO 

Oct. 1642, at 8 dajs old. Joseph, Newbury, sec 6. of Tniliam o£ 
Watertown, m. 28 Aug. 1 664, Martha, d. of £dinund Moores, had Han- 
nah, b. 27 Julj 1665 ; John, 13 Sept. 1667, liv. to 9 Mar. 1756 ; Ed- 
mund, 14 June 1672 ; Abigail, 17 Sept 1675; Martha, 2 Feb. 1681; 
Margaret, 11 Oct. 1683; and Joseph, 21 Oct 1688. Bichabd, Grail- 
ford 1639-. Robert, -Boston, kept a coffee ho. in the main, nov 
Washington street, where the name was always calL Gutteri^lge ; by w. 
Mary had Robert ; Mary, b. 1677 ; Eliz. 9 Apr. 1682, d. soon ; EUs. 
again, 7 Aug. 1684 ; and Susanna, 19 Aug. 1686. His w. d. 25 Mar. 
1701 ; and he m. 11 Feb. 1703, wid. Mary Thaxter,d. prob. of see. Tho* 
mas Buttolph, had John, b. 8 Sept 1706; Buttolph, 16 Sept 1707 ; and 
Mary Ann, 2 Sept 1711. He d. 4 Nov. 1717, aged 72. Robert, Bos- 
ton, prob. s. of the preced. m. 27 Feb. 1704, Rebecca Halsey. Thoxas, 
Boston, mariner, had w. Mary, to wh. admin, of his est was giv. 27 Oct 
1691. William, Watertown 1636, by w. Margaret had Maiy, perbape 
b. in Eng. ; Jeremy, b. 6 Mar. 1638 ; Joseph, 29 Sept 1639 ; and Ben- 
jamin, 11 Apr. 1642; d. I conject. at Newbury, bef. 3 Apr. 1647, when 
his inv. was tak. ; and his wid. m. John Hull of Newbury. Coffin. 
This name is in the rcc frequent spelt Gutteridge, sometimes without d^ 
sometimes Guttrige, sometimes with single ty sometimes without final t, 
often, too, Goodrich, once Guddridge. Mary m. 20 Dec 1653, Edward 
Woodman, jr. 

GooDSELL, Thomas, Branford 1667, a youth then, m. 4 June 1684t 
Sarah, d. of Samuel Hemmingway of New Haven, had Samuel, b. 88 
Feb. 1685 ; Mary, 28 Dec 1686 ; Sarah, 14 Sept 1689 ; Lydia, 3 Maj 
1692; Deborah, 29 Dec 1694; Abigail, 4 Oct 1697, d. soon; AbigBoI, 
again, 28 Feb. 1699 ; Thomas, 4 Jan. 1702 ; and John, 21 Dec 1705. 

GoODSPEED, Benjamin, Barnstable, s. of Roger, m. Mary, d of 
John Davis, had Mary, b. 10 Jan. 1678.' Ebenezer, Barnstable, br. of 
the preced. m. Feb. 1677, Lydia, d. prob. of Thomas Growell, had Ben- 
jamin, b. 31 Oct 1678 ; a s. 21 Jan. 1680, d. 20 Dec folL; MehitaUe, 
4 Sept 1681 ; Alice, 30 June 1683 ; Ebenezer, 10 Sept 1685; Maiy^ 2 
Aug. 1687; Susanna, 7 Nov. *1 689; Patience, 1 June 1692; Both, 12 
July 1694; Lydia, 14 Oct 1696; Eoger, 14 Oct 1698; BeUance, 18 
Sept 1701 ; and Moses, 24 Nov. 1704. John, Barnstable, br. of the 
preced. m. 9 Jan. 1669, Experience Holley, had Mercy, b. 18 Feb. 
1670; Samuel, 23 June 1671; John, 1 June 1673; Experienoe, 14 
Sept 1676 ; Benjamin, 31 Mar. 1679 ; Rose, 20 Feb. 1681 ; and Bat]|- 
sheba, 17 Feb. 1684. Nathaniel, Barnstable, br. of the preced. m. 
Nov. 1666, Eliz. d. of John Bursley, had Mary, b. 18 Feb. 1668. His 
wid. Eliz. m. Oct 1675, Increase Clap. Roger, Barnstable, m. Dee. 
1641, Alice Layton, had Nathaniel, b. 6 Oct 1642, bapt 14 Jan. 1644, 
the mo. hav. join, the ch. 31 Dec bef. ; John, 15 June 1645 ; Mary, 


latter part of Julj 1647 ; Benjamin, 6, bapt. 19 May 1649 ; Ruth, 10 
ijr. bapt 15 May 1652; Ebenezer, b. Dec 1655; and Eliz. 1 May 
1658. Mary m. 14 Dec. 1664, Samuel Hinckley; Kutb m. 2 Feb. 
1675, John Davis, jr. 

GooDWiK, or GoODWTN, Adam, Providence 1641, had come with 
John Moulton of Ormsby, in Co. Norf. as his serv. aged 20 in Apr. 
1637 emb. at Yarmouth. Christopher, Charlestown 1676, freem. 
1677 ; his w. Mary or Mercy, d. of William Crouch (by wh. he had 
Biz. b. 13 Mar. 1659, and prob. Timothy, bapt 8 June 1662; Mary 
nd Hannah, ^0 Apr. 1676 ; and Mercy, 6 June 1680) ; d. 22 Jan. 1683, 
ct 65. Christopher, Charlestown, call. junr. prob. s. of the preced. 
hA w. Mary, wh. d. July 1678, aged 25. He prob. had sec. w. Joanna, 
nd d. Deborah, bapt 6 June 1680 ; Christopher, 9 Oct 1681. Daniel, 
Berwick, kept an inn there in 1662. Edward, Boston 1641, adm. of 
die cb. 26 Mar. 1642, freem. 18 May after, was a boatman, had w. Eliz. 
wA d. Eliz. wh. m. Samuel Gardner, and he d. 1694 Edward, Salis- 
Wry 1667, shipwright, m. 5 June 1668, Susanna Wheeler of Newbury, 
vid. I suppose, of George, and prob. lefl descend. John, Charles- 
town, m. 2 Dec 1669, Martha, d. of Benjamin Lathrop, had Nathaniel, 
K1672; and Martha, 1674, both bapt 26 Mar. 1676; John, 23 Sept 
1677; Mercy, 17 Apr. 1681 ; rem. to Boston, where four of his ch. in 
1688, being possess, with a spirit of childish misch. sadly perplexed and 
befooled Cotton Mather, so as to cause Mrs. Glover, the washerwoman, 
to be convict of deal, with the devil, and hang, as in his Magn. is told. 
By these infant instructors the learn, author was adequate, prepar. for 
^ honors be gain, in the doleful tragedies of 1692, enact, at Salem. 
Sev. other ch. he had, as perhaps a sec John; Benjamin, b. 1683; 
fluinah, 1687 ; and Eliz. 1694; and he d. 21 Jan. 1712. His wid. m. 
1714, John ]^earson, and d. 26 Sept 1728. John, Reading, an early 
t0tt. * Nathaniel, Heading, perhaps br. of the preced. freem. 1 679, 
>cp. 1689, d. 23 Aug. 1693. Nathaniel, Hartford, s. of Ozias, freem. of 
Omo. 1662,'m. a. 1664, Sarah, d. of John Cowles, had Nathaniel, b. July 
1665 ; Sarah, Apr. 1668 ; John, bapt 10 May 1672. His w. d. 8 May 1676, 
M by a sec w. Eliz. d. of Daniel Pratt, he had Samuel, bapt. 22 Aug. 
U82 ; Hannah, 6 Dec 1685 ; Ozias, 26 June 1689 ; Mary and Eliz. 14 
Oct 1691 ; and he d. 1714. Nathaniel, Hartford, s. of the sec William, 
QU Mehitable, d. of the first Samuel Porter of Hadley, had Hezekiah, 
Inac, Abraham, Stephen, Eleazer, Mehitable, Benedict, Joanna, Ruth,, 
and Alice ; and his w. d. 6 Feb. 1726. Of this branch wa.n the disting. 
genealogist, Nathaniel, b. 5 Mar. 1782. Ozias, Hartford, one of the 
first sett was b. a. 1596, as infer, from his sw. in 1674, that his age was 
78, br. of Elder William, d. a. Apr. 1683, leav. s. William, b. in Eng. 
TOL« n. 24 

278 GOO 

« a. 1629 ; and Nathaniel, a. 1637; beside d. Hannah, wh. m. William 
Pitkin, and liv. to 1724, aged 86. Richard, Gloucester, m. 20 Not. 
1666, Hannah Jones, had Hannah, \S. 26 Oct. 1667; Richard, 22 Feb. 
1669 ; Thomas, 19 Aug. 1672 ; Mary, 27 Feb. 1675 ; and Eleanor, 31 
May 1680. Richard, Amesbury, m. 14 Nov. 1677, Mary Fowler of 
Salisbury. Richard, Newbury, perhaps s. of the first Richard, m. 26 
Mar. 1692, Hannah, d of George Major, had Hannah, b. 18 Jan. 1693; 
Greorge, 21 July 1695; Richard, 8 May 1698; and Susanna, 15 Jan. 
1701. * William, Cambridge, came to Boston in the Lion, arr. 16 
Sept. 1632, freem. 6 Nov. foil. rep. in first Gen. Court of dep. in Mass. 
1634, rem. next yr. or more prob. in May 1636, to Hartford, there was 
in highest esteem, ardent friend of famous Hooker, and after his dec 
dissatisf. with Stone, upon controv. of many yrs. bef. and after 1654^ 
rem. to Hadley with large pt. of the congreg. a. 1659, thence, a. 1670 to 
Farmington. He was rul. Elder both at Hartford and Hadley, d. XI 
Mar. 1673, leav. wid. Susanna, wh. d. 17 May 1676. His only ch. £lix. 
m. John Crow. William, Hartford, s. of Ozias, freem. 1657, d. 15 
OcL 1689, leav. by w. Susanna, William, b. a. 1658; Nathaniel; and 
Susanna. His wid. m. a Shepard. William, Hartford, s. of the 
preced. had Eliz. b. 24 Apr. 1681 ; Sarah, 1 Apr. 1683 ; Mary, 8 Dec. 
1685; Susanna, 24 Feb. 1689, d. at 14 yrs.; Rebecca, 15 Jan. 1691; 
Hannah, 10 Apr. 1695; Violet, 18 Oct. 1696; William, 9 July 1699; 
Rachel, 18 Jan. 1702, d. in a wk. and Susanna, again, 12 Aug. 1704^ 
wh. liv. to 1793. Of this name five had, in 1834, been gr. at Harv. 
six at Yale, and nine at other N. £. coll. 

GooDWRiGHT, Isaac, Kittery 1686, calL cous, i. e. neph. in the wiil 
of Christopher Adams, in wh. he gives him two cows. 

Goodyear, Andrew, New Haven, prob. s. of Stephen, nomin. for 
freem. 1669. John, New Haven, perhaps br. not prob. s. of Stephen 
of the same, had Stephen, b. 8 May 1654; beside wh. I can learn no 
more of him. 1 1 Stephen, New Haven 1638, was prob. a London 
merch. here chos. Assist, and, in 1641, dep.-gov. in wh. ofiice he senr. 
until he went home; his w. embark, late in Jan. 1645 in Lamberton'fl 
sh. for London, was lost with all the rest of many passeng. as the vessel 
was never heard of. He m. Lamberton's wid. went home 1656 or 7, 
and d. soon at London, leav. here Mary, b. of first w. bef. com. to our 
country, who m. Thomas Lake of Boston ; Eliz. wid. of Daniel Sile- 
vant ; perhaps, however, this was only d. of Lamberton ; Hannah, wh. 
m. 29 Oct 1656, Samuel Wakeman; Stephen, bapt. Aug. 1641 ; Lydia, 
June 1645, ment. in Lake's will ; Andrew, 8 Apr. 1649 ; John, b. of sec 
w. Mar. 1651, wh. was a propr. at New Haven 1685, of wh. I kn. no 
more ; and Esther, b. 12 May 1654. 

GooKiN, X * II Daniel, Cambridge, b. in Kent, Eng. passed many. 

GOOKIN. 279 

prob. fourteen yrs. in Virg. from J 630, whither he went with his f. per- 
liapsof the same name, who had gr. in that Col. 1620, came to Boston 
in ash. 20 May 1644 with othar passeng. flying from the Ind. massacre, 
OB the Sunday foil, was adm. of our Boston ch. and freem. 29, in both 
lec call, capt and, on 7 Sept. next, Mary, his w. was adm. of Boston ch. 
yet we may be sure he liv. at Roxbury, for there was b. his d. Eliz. 14, 
bapt 30 Mar. 1645 ; and Hannah, bapt. 23 May 1646, d. in few wks. 
and the town rec. omit. b. soon afler he rem. to C. of wh. he was rep. 
1649, and speaker 1651, assist. 1652 to the Andros usurp. 1686, except 
in 1676, when at the May election he had the honor of being turned 
eot for his noble care of the friend. Ind. in the then raging war ; maj.- 
gen. 1681, d. 19 Mar. 1687, aged 75. In 1655 he went home for a 
ihort vis. of priv. business, but was taken off by Oliver, who sent him 
back to induce our fathers to colonize Jamaica, wh. was just then added 
to his domin. Of course his miss, was fruitless, and he went in 1657 
once more to £ng. and came hither again in 1660, by the sh. that brot. 
the regicides Whalley and Goife, arr. at Boston 27 July. Those self- 
exiled men he befriended, perhaps without approv. their course ; for he 
vas lojal eno. to dedicate his Hist. Coll. to the King. Beside the ch. 
above ment. of wh. Eliz. m. 23 May 1666, Rev. John Eliot, jr. as his sec. 
w. and next m. Edmund Quincy,and d. 30 Nov. 1700, he had, b. at Cam- 
bridge, Daniel, who d. 3 Sept. 1649, few mos. old; Daniel, again, 12 
Wy 1650, H. C. 1669 ; Samuel, 21 Apr. 1652 ; Solomon, 20 June, wh. 
i 16 July 1654; Nathaniel, 22 Oct. 1656, H. C. 1675, and Mary, 
older than any, wh. may even have come from Virg. wh. m. 8 June 
1670, Edmund Batter of Salem, as his sec. w. He had hims. sec. w. 
Hannah, wid. of Habijah Savage, d. of Edward Tyng, of wh. in his will, 
18 Ang. 1685, he speaks with gr. tenderness, wh. d. 28 and was bur. 31 
Oct. 1688, aged 48 ; and by her a sec d. Hannah. Daniel, Sherborn, 
*We8t surv. 8. of the preced. long labored for instruct, the Ind. with 
^tle Eliot, freem. 1676, was ord. 26 Mar. 1685, the first min. at S. 
of wh. Sewall's good acco. is in Geneal. Reg. IV. 80, d. 8 Jan. 1718. 
% first w. Eliz. d. of Edmund Quincy, m. 1681, he had Daniel, b. 7 
^^J 1682 ; and by sec. w. m. 4 Oct. 1682, whose name is not seen, had 
Mar}', 16 Oct, 1686 ; Edmund, 31 Mar. 1688 ; and Eliz. 20 May 1690. 
fie m. ano. w. 21 July 1692, Bethia, d. of Edward Collicott, had Bethia, 
b> 7 Oct. 1693, d. within 5 mos.; Nathaniel, 5 June 1695, d. at two 
OBog. and Richard, 12 July 1696. The London Comp. for propag. the 
gospel contrib. to his support. His s. Edmund and Richard had fam. 
i^ATUANiEL, Cambridge, br. of the preced. fifth and youngest s. of the 
maj.-gen. ord. 15 Nov. 1682, success, of Urian Oakes ; m. Hannah, d. of 
Habijah Savage, had Nathaniel, b. 15 Apr. 1687, H. C. 1703, the min. 

280 GOO — GOE 

of Hampton, wh. m. 21 Dec 1710, Dorothy, d. of his predeces. Rev. 
John Cotton, and hec the head of a long and honored line, but d. two 
hundred yrs. afler the date giv. in the •gr.stone tale, GreneaL Beg. XL 
78 ; Habijah, 23 Jan. 1690, d. at six mos. and Hannah, wh. m. 10 Aug. 
1711, Vincent Carter. He d. 7 Aug. 1692, less than 36 jrs. okL His 
wid. d. 14 May 1702, aged 34. Samuel, Cambridge, br. of the preced. 
was made sheriff of Middlesex by the patriots 1689, was rather more 
energetic than discreet. in magnify, his office; had Samuel, b. 11 Nor* 
1681 ; and two other ch. refer, to in the will of the gr.f. beside Nathaiuel, 
16 Feb. 1686. 

GooLE, Francis, Duxbury 1643; at Bramtree, by w. Rose, had 
Samuel, b. 6 Feb. 1659. 

Goose, Isaac, Boston, freem. 1 690, in wh. yr. ^is w. Mary d. aged 
42. He was constable 1673 ; but fuller acco. may be read under Ver- 
goose. John, Charlestown, perhaps s. of William, by w. Sarah had 
John, bapt. 1 July 1677; Mary, next Sunday; and Rebecca, 1 Aug. 
1680. William, Salem 1637, was of Charlestown 1658, had Jdin, 
bapt 16 May 1669, tho. unless we kn. how many yrs. old he was, we 
might guess him to be s. of ano. genersit and d. 1666, says Felt. His 
d. Mary m. 7 Mar. 1660, Thomas Woodward. - William, Charlestown, 
perhaps s. of the preced. had William. His wid. Susanna, d. of Abigail 
Chadwell, d. 4 May 1674, aged 34, says the gr.stone. 

Gordon, Alexander, Exeter 1677-1689. Edmund, a passeng. in 
the Susan and Ellen 1635, aged 18, of wh. no more is heard. JoHV, 
Bridgewater 1682. Nicholas, N. Ilampsh. 1689. Five of this name 
had been gr. at Harv. in 1834, three, ea. at Yale, and Dart and five at 
other N. E. coll. yet none seem deriv. from early inhab. 

Gore, || John, Roxbury 1635, brot. w. Rhoda, perhaps d. Mary, and 
s. John, b. 23 May 1634, in Eng. had Obadiah, b. 27 June 1636, d. al 
10 yrs. of consumpt ; Abigail, 5 July or Aug. 1641, d. 13 or 30 Apr* 
foil.; Abigail, again, 5, bapt. 7 May 1643 ; Hannah, 15, bapt. 18 May 
1645; Obadiah, again, bapt.. 25 Mar. 1649, d. 3 Sept. 1653; .tw. oh. 
unbapt. d. 11 June 1651 ; beside Samuel, of wh. I find not rec. of b. or 
bapt. He was freem. 18 Apr. 1637, ar. co. 1638, and d. 2 June 1657« 
His will of 22 May preced. remarks that eldest s. John, and d. Mary 
Mylam, w. I think, of Humphrey M. had rec adv. from his est. but ' 
provides for Samuel, Abigail, and Hannah. This last m. 13 June 1677» 
Ralph Bradhurst. His wid. Rhoda m. lieut John Remington. Johx, 
Roxbury, s. of the preced. b. in fng. m. (very late in his days) 31 May 
1683, Sarah, perhaps d. of Peter Gardner, had John, b. 27 Feb. bapL 2 
Mar. 1684 ; Sarah, 24, bapt. 30 Aug. 1685 ; perhaps Hannah, 14 Feb. 
1688; Ebenezer, 7 Nov. 1689; Abigail, 15 Feb. 1692, d. next yr. ; 
Abigail, again, 26 Oct 1693; Samuel, 11 Sept 1695 ; d. soon; Samuel, 

GOR 281 

again, 15 May 1697, d. soon; and Samuel, again, 1 Sept 1699 ; d. 26 
June 1705. The s. John was prob. H. C. 1702, unless the scholar were 
his cous. b. the summer bef. him. The name was perpet. by the s. of 
one Samuel, Roxbur}", br. of the preced. carpenter, m. 28 Aug. 1672 
Eliz. d. of Jolil Weld, had Abigail, b. 29 May 1673, d. soon; John, 
l»pt. 10 Nov. 1678, d. 1679 ; Samuel, 20, bapt. 23 Oct. 1681 ; John, 
again, 22 June 1683 ; Thomas, 16, bapt. 22 Aug. 1686, d. at 3 yrs. ; 
Obadiah, 13, bapt 15 July 1688 ; was freem. 1690, and d. 4 July 1692. 
GrOREN, or Goring, Henry, Windsor, had William, b. 13 Oct 1679, 
next yr. aband. his fam. and his w. was, after 5 yrs. divorc. The s. 
vent, in 1710, to £ng. in vain pursuit of est 

Gorges, Robert, s. of Sir Ferdinando, in Sept 1623, came over 
and sat down with sev. fams. at Weymouth, but they were soon willing 
to go home, and perhaps very few, if any, contin. for a sec. yr. Tho- 
HAS, York, cous. of the preced. neph. of Sir F. came in 1640, was first 
mayor of the corpo. but went home after three yrs. Winth. II. 9. In 
Hatch. I. 176, is a strange trad it that he came back and d. here. WiL- 
UAM, Saco^ ano. neph. of Sir F. deput. with full authority for his 
govemm. of Somersetsh. i. e. all the coast betw. the Kennebeck and 
Piscataqua riv. came over in 1635, and on new-year's day, 25 Mar. 
1636, held his court ; but, I imagine, he was soon tired of his office, and 
went home. See Chalmers, Polit Ann. 472-4. 

GoRHAM, GoRUM, or GoRAM, James, Barnstable, s. of John, m. 24 

Feb. 1674, Hannah, d. of Thomas Huckins, had Desire; b* 9 Feb. 1675 ; 

James, 6 Mar. 1677 ; Experience, 28 July 1678; John, 2 Aug. 1680; 

Mehitable, 20 Apr. 1683, bapt 16 Sept foil.; Thomas, 16 Dec. 1684, 

Itopt. 26 July foil.; Mercy, 22 Nov. 1686, d. young; Joseph, 25 Mar. 

kapt. 2 June 1689 ; Jabez, 6 Mar. bapt 10 May 1691 ; Sylvanus, 13 

0(1 1693, bapt 17 June foil.; and Ebenezer, 14 Feb. bapt 26 Apr. 

1696. His w. d. 13 Feb. 1727. John, Plymouth, s. of Ralph, b. in 

£og. bapt. at Benefield, Northamptonsh. 28 Jan. 1621, m. 1643, Desire, 

eldest d. of John Howland, the Pilgrim of the Mayflower, had Desire, 

^•2Apr. 1644; rem. to Marshfleld, where he had been, perhaps, bef. 

lad there Temperance, 5 May 1646; Eliz. 2 Apr. 1648; James, 2 or 

28 Apr. 1650; and John, 20 Feb. 1652; rem. to Yarmouth, there had 

Joseph, 16 Feb. 1654; rem. last to Baraitable, there had Jabez, 3 

Ang. 1656 ; Mary, 20 Jan. 1659 ; Lydia, 11 Nov. 1661; Hannah, 28 

Nov. 1663 ; and Shubael, 21 Oct. 1667 ; was capt in Philip's war, d. on 

serv. of fever 5 Feb. 1676 at Swanzey. His d. Desire m. 7 Oct. 1661, 

John Hawes ; s. Jabez was wound, in Philip's war; the wid. d. 13 Oct. 

1683; d. Mary m. sec. George Denison, and Lydia m. 11 Jan. 1684, 

John Thacher. John, Barnstable, s. of the preced. m. 24 Feb. 1675, 


282 GOB 

Maiy, d. of John Otis, had John, b. 18 Jan. 1676, d. joung ; Tempe* 
ranee, 2 Aug. 1678; l^Iary, 18 Apr. 1680; Stephen, 23 June 1683; 
Shubael, 2 Sept 1686 ; John, 28 Sept 1688, bapt 3 Mar. foil. ; Thank- 
ful, 15 Feb. bapt 19 Apr. 1691 ; Job, 30 Aug. 1692 ; and Mercy, Dec 
1695, bapt 5 Apr. foil, and he d. 11 Nov. 1716. RALPH, Diixbiirj 
1637, prob. came, with s. John, and prob. Ralph, from Benefield, near 
Oundle, a. six or seven ms. dist Northamptonsh. But no more is heard 
of him, so that we may suppose he went home. Shubael, or (as com- 
mon, writ) Shobal, Barnstable, s. of first John, m. May 1695, Priscilla 
Husscy, had George, b. 29 Jan. 1697 ; Abigail, Mar. 1699 ; Lydia, 14 
May 1701; Hannah, 28 July 1703 ; Theodate, 18 July 1705 ; Daniel, 24 
Sept 1708; Desire, 26 Sept 1710; and Ruth, 7 May 1713. Nathan* 
iel, Fresid. of the Contin. Cong. 1786, and his s. Benjamin, H. C. 1796, 
sev. times mem. of U. S. Congr. were descend. Early this name was 
writ, with double r. and without A. sometimes Goarum. Eight had been 
gr. at Harv. 1832. 

GoKNBLL, John, Dorchester, tanner, may have come 1630 in the 
Mary and John, from Devonsh. or from Suff k. with Winth.*; freem. 10 
May 1643, d* 31 July 1675, aged 64.yrs. says his gr.8tone whose spelL I 
foil, while Col. rcc. gives it Gurnell. His wid. Jane m. 1676, Gilei 
Burge, outliv. him, and d. 4 Apr. 1678. Her will was of 2 Mar* 
preced. She is call, on the gr.stone near his, w. of John Gromell, with- 
out any refer, to Burge. He had large est and, as the ch. of his brs. 
or sis. would not come to partake it, acco. to his bequest, in will of 
19 Jan. 1674, the town has enjoy, good portion of the £1648. value. 

GoRNOCK, Duncan, New Haven 1688, a mem. of the ch. then,4Uid 
his w. Margaret join. 1689 ; but I can hardly think any ch. of such a 
name was there. 

Gorton, Abraham, Roxbury, s. of John, m. 31 May 1683, Mary 
Sumner, had Mary, b. 24 Mar. 1684; and John, 9 Mar. 1686. Per> 
haps he rem. Benjamin, Warwick, youngest s. of the first Samuel, m. 
5 Dec. 1672, Sarah, d. of Richard Carder, had Mary, b. Oct 1673; 
Maplet ; Sarah ; Samuel ; Benjamin ; Alice ; and ano. d. The five da. 
all m. John, Roxbury, had w. Mary, and d. Mary, wh. d. Aug. 1636; 
T^^Jy agaioy b. 21 June 1641, but bapt so late as 11 June 1643, d» 
young; Sarah, bapt. 21 Jin. 1644; Hannah, 5 Apr. 1646, d. 1669, 
unm.; Mary, again, 3 Sept 1648; Alice, 8 Mar. 1652; Eliz. 30 July 
1654, d. soon ; John, 16 or 24 Jan. 1656, d. bef. his f. ; and Abraham, 8 
May 1659. He was freem. 1669, and d. 1676, in his will of 17 June 
in that yr. names w. s. Abraham, and ds. Sarah, Mary, and Alice. 
Mary m. 23 May 1665, Daniel Marshcrofl. John, Warwick, sec s. of 
the first Samuel, m. 28 June 1668, Margaret Wheaton, had Othniel, b. 

GOS 283 

22 Sept. 1669; Samuel, 22 Julj 1672; John; and Benjamin, a. 1681. 

&LMDEL, Warwick, a most active relig. disturber of sev. places, b. a. 

1600, at Groton, where, he says, his fam. liad been many generat came 

to Boston 1636, went soon to Plymouth, thence, in 1638, to Hhode IsL 

was adm. an inhab. 27 June of that yr. but in the autumn of 1641 was 

disquieting Roger Williams at Providence; in 1643, with Ilolden, 

Greene, and others, made the great movem. to purchase of Warwick 

fiom the Ind. wh. led to hostile aggress, by the govcmm. of Mass. who 

took all his sett, prisoners, and punish, them crueL not without some 

ksitat. even sparing their lives. Next yr. he went to Eng. with other 

suffer, and obtain, just assertion of his right, and had peace near thirty 

71B. for his adherents in the cloudy doctrines. See good Mem. in K. I. 

Hist ColL II. by Judge Staples ; and critical disquis. by Charles Deane 

IQ Genealog. Reg. IV. 201. He had ch. Samuel, John, and Benjamin, 

beside the ds. Maher, wh. m. Daniel Coles ; Mary, wh. m. perhaps, Peter 

Greene, first, and, next, John Sanford ; Sarah, wh. m. William Mace ; 

Ann, wh. m. John Warner ; £liz. m. John Crandall, and Susanna, m. 

Benjamin Barton. Samuel, Warwick, eldest s. of the preccd. m. 11 

Dec 1684, Susanna, d. of William Burton, had Samuel, b. 1 June 1690 ; 

' Hezekiah, 11 June 1692 ; and Susanna, 4 June 1694; and d. 1724, aged, 

« report is, 94 yrs. but that may seem greatly exagger. He was old 1675 to act as interpreter betw. the Eng. and Ind. Thomas, 

Portsmouth, R. I. freem. 1655. 

GosiEB, Bastian, Boston, a strange name of some Huguenot, I sup* 
pose, of less importance than most of that noble comp. wh. the earliest 
iDent. of, in our town rec is under the name of Gazeau, as hav. by w. 
Bits. Bartholomew, b. 23 Apr. 1686; William, 19 Aug. 1687 ; John, 
4 Aug. 1689 ; and £liz. Sept. 1690. Perhaps he was invited by the 
dk. to write, and the sec. ch. appears to be s. of Bastian Geffecre, so 
tiuu the chirogra. was as difficult to be made out as the sound. In 
glowing towards English, from Gazeau, I give the form wh. is claim. 
br the two last ch. He may have rem. from B. 

GosMER, John, Southampton, L. I. 1641, took est Aug. 1655 in 
Boston, wh. in June 1658, he made over ''to his kinswo. Ann, w. of 
Bichard Carter." 
GosNALL, H£NRY, Boston 1634, had w. Mary. 
GosNOLD, Bartholomew, the disting. navigat s. and heir, as he 
styles hims. of Anthony G. of Grundisburgh, first nam. in honor of 
his Sovereign, if he did not discov. the Elizabeth islands, S. W. of 
Cape Cod, and plant a small col. on Cuttyhunk 1602, soon giv. up; 
renew, in 1606, the plant of Virg. and d. there 22 Aug. of next yr. 
leav. no issue, unless possib. the last above nam. were a s. wh. is not 
very likely. 

GOULD. 285 

Aug. 1660. H^NRT, Ipswich, by w. Sarah, m. 24 Sept. 1675, had 

S«ah; Eliz. b. 14 Oct. 1677 ; Jane, 1 Nov. 1679; and Joanna, 19 

Nov. 168L James, Haverhill, took o. of fidel. 28 Nov. 1677. James, 

Newport, perhaps br. of sec Daniel, m. Catharine, d. of Walter Clarke. 

Jabvis, Hingham, cordwainer, came in the Elizabeth 1635, aged 30, 

serr. to Clement Bates, rem. to Boston, d. 27 May 1656, leav. John. 

JUEMIAH, R. L 1638, is in the list of Newport freem. 1655. Jeremy, 

VeTmouth 1639. John, a husbandman from Towcester, Northamptonsh. 

cune in the Defence 1635, aged 25, with w. Grace, 25 ; but no light is 

finnd as to his sett John, Charlestown, had w. Mary in 1636, wh. d. 

88 Sept- 1642, and d. Mary, bapt. 29 Jan. 1637 ; Sarah, 15 Dec. 1637 ; 

Uz. 17 Feb. 1640 ; Abigail, 26 Sept. 1642 ; by ano. w. Hannah, wh. 

il5 May 1647, had Hannah, 26 Oct. 1644; and John, 21 Jan. 1647, 

1 soon. By the same rec. he is favor, with ano. John, 5 Aug. 1648, 

ptob. by ano. w. Joanna, both f. and s. liv. 1678. He may have been 

ttie of the early sett, at Reading. * John, Newport 1655, rep. 1672; 

but I leam no more of him. * John, Topsficld, only s. of Zaccheus, 

b* a. 1637, in Eng. freem. 1665, the greatest landholder in the neighb. 

m. 12 or 14 Oct. 1660, Sarah, perhaps d. of John Baker, wh. d. 20 

JJUL 1709, had John, b. 1 Dec. 1662 ; Sarah, 18 Dec. 1664 ; Thomas, 

14 Feb. 1667 ; Samuel, 9 Mar. 1670; Zaccheus, 26 Mar. 1672; Pris- 

«illa, 2 Nov. 1674; Joseph, 24 Aug. 1677 ; and Mary, 16 June 1681, 

•nd he d. perhaps 26 Jan. 1710. Sarah m. 29 Mar. 1682, Joseph 

«ixby ; and Priscilla m. a Curtis ; but where either resid. is uncert. 

"'•^Bs lieut in com. of the mil. fined, impris. and charged with treason by 

^J^« usurp, governm. of Joseph Dudley, after whqse overthrow with 

It of Andros, he was rep. See Hutch. I. 365, and better and fuller 

in 3 Mass. Hist. Coll. VII. 150-4. John, Taunton, m. 24 

*Xig, 1673, Mary, d. of Robert Crossman, had Mary, b. 19 June 

^IL; Hannah, 9 Nov. 1677. John, Stamford, m. a d. of George Slaw- 

•on. John, Topsfield, s.- of the first John of the same, m. 10 Nov. 

l684> Phebe French, had Phebe, b. 7 July 1685 ; John ; Mary, 11 May, 

Vapt. 3 Nov. 1689 ; Nathaniel, bapt. Oct. 1691 ; Sarah, b. 8 Sept. bapt. 

UOct 1694; Hannah, 19 June 1697 ; Daniel, 8 Nov. 1699; David, 

85 Dec 1701, bapt. 22 Feb. foil. ; Solomon, 19 Mar. 1704; and Lydia, 

8 May,, bapt. perhaps 8 June 1707. His w. d. 25 Apr. 1718; and he 

had sec w. Rose, and d. 5 Nov. 1724. His wid. d. 6 Feb. foil. 

* Joseph, Topsfield, youngest br. of the preced. m. 12 Jan. 1713, Pris- 

dlla, eldest ch. of Tobijah Perkins, had Priscilla, b. 6, bapt 11 Apr. 

1714; Joseph, wh. d. young; Amos, wh. d. bef. hisf. ; Ruth; Mary; 

Sarah; and Joseph; beside two or three ch, wh. d. young; was capt. 

rep. and d. Apr. 1753. His will of 21 Mar. preced. pro. 23 Apr. foil. 

284 GOS — GOU 

Goss, Edward, Marbleliead 1668. John, Watertown, freem. 18 
May 1631, came in the ileet, prob. with Winth. 1630, and w. Sarah, and 
sev. ch. of wh. Joseph was bur. 10 May 1631, and £liz. d. 25 Dec 1641. 
He was the man, I think, punish, by very heavy fine for evil speech ; 
and the court, on pet of w. and childr. represent his mental distemp. 
Apr. 1640, confirm, by Phillips, Mayhew, and others, remit the whole. 
His name in the freem. list was read as hav. double f* instead (tf 
double «. He was bur. Feb. 1644, and his wid. m. Robert Nichds. 
Philip, Roxbury, or, as may seem not unlikely, Muddy riv. as the town 
rec. does not show his name ; the ch. by his w. Hannah Hopkins, bapt. 
at R. were Philip, 16 Feb. 1670 ; Hannah, 16 of next mo.; and Marjt. 
22 Aug. 1680. Richard, N. Hampsh. 1689. 

Goto BED, Robert, Concord, d. 10 Mar. 1667. 

GoTT, * Charles, Salem, came in the Abigail with Endicott, Sept 
1628, req. adm. 19 Oct. 1630, as freem. and 18 May folL was rec was 
first deac« of the ch. rep. 1635; had Deborah, bapt 12 Feb. 1637; 
Charles, June 1639 ; and Daniel, 28 June 1646; rem. to Wenham, was 
rep. for this town 1654, and d. 1667 or 8. Charles, Wenham, s. of 
the preced. m. 12 Nov. 1659, Sarah Dennis, wh. d. 8 Aug. 1665, and 

25 Dec. foil, he m. Lydia Clark, was freem. 1663 ; and may have been 
f. of Charles, the freem. 1682. Daniel, Wenham, br. of the preced«. 
freem. 1670, m. 2 Jan. 1666, Eliz. Morris, had Mary, b. 27 Jan. X667i 
John, 17 Sept 1672 ; and Thomas, 22 July 1675, d. in 2 wkfi. 

Gouge, or Gouch. See Gooch, and Gutch. . 

Gould, or Gold, Adam, Groton, by w. Rebecca had Dorcas, b. 8 
Sept 1683, rem. to Woburn, there by w. Hannah had Thomas, b. 168^;, 
and his w. d. soon. Christopher, Hampton 1660. * Daniel, New- 
port, a freem. there 1655, rep. 1672, m. 18 Dec 1651, Wait Co^eshall, 
prob. d. of the first John, had Mary, b. 2 Mar. 1653 ; Thomas, 20 Feb. 
1655 ; Daniel, 24 Oct 1656; John, 4 May 1659 ; Priscilla, 20 June 
1661; Jeremy, 5 May 1664; James, 13 Oct 1666; Jeremy, again, 2 
Feb. 1669 ; Content, 28 Apr. 1671 ; Wait, 8 May 1676 ; and I find not 
the date of his d. Daniel,- Newport, s. of the preced. m. Mary, eldest 
d. of Walter Clark of the same, had a fam. but I kn. not details. 
Daniel, Reading, one of the early sett was prob. s. of Zaccheu9 of 
Lynn, had w. Eliz. wh. d. 3 Aug. 1691, says Lewis. He may have 
been f. of that John of K. wh. d. there 24 Jan. 1712, by gr.stone, as 
Mr. Eaton finds, aged a. 69 yrs. Edward, Hingham, a pailmaker, 
came in the Elizabeth from London 1635, aged 28*, was of Hawkhurati. 
Co. Kent; liv. at Boston in 1657. Francis, Chelmsford, had been of 
Braintree, by w. Rose had at B. Hannah, b. 18 July 1655; and John, 

26 Apr. 1657, wh. prob. d« young; and at C. had John, again, 21 

GOULD. 285 

Aug. 1660. H|:nrt, Ipswich, by w. Sarah, m. 24 Sept. 1675, had 

Sarah; Eliz. b. 14 Oct. 1677 ; Jane, 1 Nov. 1679; and Joanna, 19 

Nov. 1681. James, Haverhill, took o. of fidel. 28 Nov. 1677. James, 

AWport, perhaps br. of sec. Daniel, m. Catharine, d. of Walter Clarke. 

Jabvis, Hingham, cordwainer, came in the Elizabeth 1635, aged 30, 

seiT. to Clement Bates, rem. to Boston, d. 27 May 1656, leav. John. 

JifiEMiAH, R. L 1638, is in the list of Newport freem. 1655. Jeremy, 

VeTinouth 1639. John, a husbandman from Towcester, Northamptonsh. 

oame in the Defence 1635, aged 25, with w. Grace, 25 ; but no light is 

fimnd as to his sett John, Charlestown, had w. Mary in 1636, wh. d. 

28 Sept. 1642, ftnd d. Mary, bapt. 29 Jan. 1637 ; Sarah, 15 Dec. 1637 ; 

EHz. 17 Feb. 1640; Abigail, 26 Sept. 1642 ; by ano. w. Hannah, wh. 

il5 May 1647, had Hannah, 26 Oct 1644; and John, 21 Jan. 1647, 

i soon. By the same rec. he is favor, with ano. John, 5 Aug. 1 648, 

prob. by ano. w. Joanna, both f. and s. liv. 1678. He may have been 

ooe of the early sett at Reading. * John, Newport 1655, rep. 1672; 

but I learn no more of him. * John, Topsfield, only s. of Zaccheus, 

ka. 1637) in £ng. freem. 1665, the greatest landholder in the neighb. 

m. 12 or 14 Oct 1660, Sarah, perhaps d. of John Baker, wh. d. 20 

Jan. 1709, had John, b. 1 Dec. 1662 ; Sarah, 18 Dec. 1664 ; Thomas, 

UFeb. 1667; Samuel, 9 Mar. 1670; Zaccheus, 26 Mar. 1672; Pris- 

cOla, 2 Nov. 1674; Joseph, 24 Aug. 1677 ; and Mary, 16 June 1681, 

and he d. perhaps 26 Jan. 1710. Sarah m. 29 Mar. 1682, Joseph 

Bixbj ; and Priscilla m. a Curtis ; but where either resid. is uncert. 

^ lient in com. of the mil. fined, impris. and charged with treason by 

^ usurp, govemm. of Joseph Dudley, after whqse overthrow with 

^t of Andros, he was rep. See Hutch. I. 365, and better and fuller 

•coo. in 3 Mass. Hist. Coll. VII. 150-4. John, Taunton, m. 24 

Aug. 1673, Mary, d. of Robert Crossman, had Mary, b. 19 June 

WL; Hannah, 9 Nov. 1677. John, Stamford, m. a d. of George Slaw- 

*m. John, Topsfield, s.- of the first John of the same, m. 10 Nov. 

1684, Phebe French, had Phebe, b. 7 July 1685 ; John ; Mary, 11 May, 

l*pt 3 Nov. 1689 ; Nathaniel, bapt Oct 1691 ; Sarah, b. 8 Sept bapt 

14 Oct 1694; Hannah, 19 June 1697; Daniel, 8 Nov. 1699; David, 

S5 Dec 1701, bapt 22 Feb. foil. ; Solomon, 19 Mar. 1704; and Lydia, 

S May,, bapt. perhaps 8 June 1707. His w. d. 25 Apr. 1718 ; and he 

had sec. w. Rose, and d. 5 Nov. 1724. His wid. d. 6 Feb. foil. 

•Joseph, Topsfield, youngest br. of the preced. m. 12 Jan. 1713, Pris- 

dlla, eldest ch. of Tobijah Perkins, had Priscilla, b. 6, bapt 11 Apr. 

1714; Joseph, wh. d. young; Amos, wh. d. bef. hisf. ; Ruth; Mary; 

Sarah ; and Joseph ; beside two or three ch. wh. d. young ; was capt. 

rep. and d. Apr. 1753. His will of 21 Mar. preced. pro. 23 Apr. foil. 

286 GOULD. 

names w. and five ch. J Nathan, Fairfield 1 652, m. Martha, wid, of 
Edmund Harvey, an Assist.' 1657, and every yr. but one foil, was nam. 
for same rank in the Royal Chart, of 1662; in 1670 was the richest 
inhab. He wrote his surname without u, but perhaps the universal pro- 
nuneia. caused the change. He d. 4 Mar. 1694, in his will of three 
days preced. names only s. Nathan, and ds. Sarah, w. of John Thomp- 
son ; Deborah, w. of George Clark ; Abigail, w. of Jonathan Selleck ; 
and Martha, wid. of John Selleck ; his w. hav. d. bef. His s. t Nathak, 
of Fairfield, dep.-gov. in 1707, was made Ch. J. of the Sup. Ct. 1712, 
and d. early, prob. in Nov. 1723, as the in v. of his est bears date of 14 
of that mo. He had m. Hannah, d. of John Talcott the sec. of Hart- 
ford, had John, Nathan, Samuel, Onesimus, David, Joseph, Hezekiah, 
H. C. 1719, min. of Stratford, and a d. of unkn. name, wh. m. Rev- 
Thomas Ilawley of Ridgcfield, who all had shares in his est. The fieun* 
has, in our day, been cmin. for public serv. Nathan, Salisbuiy 1660, 
by w. Eliz. had Mary, b. 20 June 1661 ; Eliz. 4 Apr. 1664; and Sam- 
uel, 3 Feb. 1668; was of Amesbury 1690, and freem. that yr. in his 
will of 12 Dec. 1692, names w. Eliz. and ch. Joseph, Eliz. Hannah, 
and Samuel. Nathaniel, Miiford 1646, may be only a mistake of 
Lambert, a^ other inquir. find not such person there. Robert, Hull, 
m. 1666, Judith, and had sec w. Jane Smith, a wid. d. of Tho- 
mas Harris of Boston; was freem. 1680. Samuel, Topsfield, 8. 
of the first John of the same, m. 20 Apr. 1694, Margaret Stone, 
whose f. is unkn. had Sarah, b. 25 Feb. 1698, wh. d. unm. 21 Feb. 
1786; Samuel, bapt 6 Apr. 1701; Moses; Jonathan, 4 Sept. 1709; 
Patience; Margaret; Zaccheus, a. 1716; and Hubbard; and d. 1724| 
his will of 26 Nov. in that yr. being pro. 21 Dec. foil. Perhaps he 
liv. late in life at Boxford. Thomas, Boston, came in the Jonathan 
1639, aged 32, may have been the freem. of 2 June 1641, but he was 
not of Boston ch. so that it is doubtful ; but perhaps was first of Cam- 
bridge, and by w. Mary had Jacob, b. 16 Sept. 1643 ; d. 26 Oct. 1662. 
Thomas, Newport 1655, m. Eliz. d. of William Balstone, may have 
been many yrs. of Wickford 1674. Thomas, Charlestown, with w. 
Hannah, join, to the ch. 1640, had Hannah, bapt« 11 Apr. 1641, he a. 
1665, bee. a Bapt. was long imprison, for his falling off, but ultimate. 
discharg. with reput. He had sec. w. Mary bef. all his troubles were 
over ; but I kn. not if bef. or afler he gather, the first Bapt. ch. of B. 
and C. in May 1665. He d. perhaps Feb. 1674, prob. at Boston, and 
in his will names w. Mary, s. Samuel, ds. Mary Skinner, Mehitable 
Goodwin, Mary Bunker, and her two ch. Abigail Shapley, s. Nathaniel 
Hay ward, and d. Hannah Gold. The vols, of Backus, I. 414, Benedict, 
I. 385, Frothingham, and Budington may be profitab. consulL Ana 

GOU — GOV 287 

Thomas, of Charlestown in 1652, with w. Hannah joining the ch. that yr. 

nay have been s. of John, unless I have been confus. by two ws. of one. 

Thomas, Boston, m. 10 Sept, 1C56, Frances Robinson, had prob. other 

cb. beside Ann, b. a. 1685, wh. m. 27 Feb. 1703, Nathaniel Green. 

Thomas, Topsfield, s. of the first John of the same, m. perhaps Mercy, 

ioi the sec William Sumner, had Thomas, b. 4, bapt. 14 Sept. 1701; 

Jacob, b. 16 Jan. 1703; Deborah, 17 Nov. 1704, d. in few mos.; 

Deborah, again, 23 Sept. 1707 ; Simon, 8 Mar. 1710 ; Mercy, 17, bapt 

27 Jan. 1712 ; Yates, 24 Mar. bapt. 4 Apr. 1714; Benjamin, 29 May, 

bapt 3 June 1716; and Nathaniel, 9 Nov. 1718; and d. 9 June 1751, 

aoc pec of ch. but 4 July 1752, by town rec His wid. d. 8 May 1763. 

Zaccheus, Lynn 1640, had, says Lewis, s. Daniel, b. a. 1650, wh. 

went, I suppose, with other of his neighb. to Heading. Zaccheus, 

Weymouth 1639. Zaccheus, Ipswich 1644 (in that pt wh. soon was 

^jncorp. as Topsfield), came from Hants Green, near Potter's Row, in Co. 

Backs, a parish, seen on the map, a. 33 miles froili London, near Gr. 

Hissenden, lefl good est to only s. John, and four ds. perhaps, both at 

Rowley and Topsfield. His d. Fhebe m. Thomas Perkins ; Martha m. 

John Newmarch ; Mary m. a (prob. Abraham) Redington, and Priscilla 

m. John Wild, wh. strange as it may appear, wqs a witness against her br. 

Zaccheus, Topsfield, s. of the first John of the same, m. 21 Jan. 1702, 

Bliz. Curtis, but whose d. she was is unkn. had Eliz. b. 13 Feb. 1703 ; 

Hary, 11 Mar. 1705; Priscilla, 4 Aug. 1707; John, 29 Jan. 1710; 

Sarah, 28 Jan. 1712 ; Abigail, 12 Aug. bapt 25 Sept 1715 ; Zaccheus, 

7 No7. 1717; Eliezer, 29 May, bapt 17 July 1720 ; and Susanna, 11 

Feb. bapt 28 Apr. 1723 ; and d. 1739, in his will of 16 Apr. of that yr. 

ptt). 28 May folL names all the nine ch. as alive. From this br. of the 

^f^sL tree descends Benjamin A. wh. so many of the scholars of Boston 

honor as their instruct in the classics. Six of this name had, in 1834, 

^ gr. at Harv. fourteen at Yale, and three at other coll. of N. E. 

GouLDEN, or Golden, Roger, R. L 1676, capt of a vessel, did 
8«rF, in Philip's war, especial, on 12 Aug. 1676, when the gr. ad versa. 
Was k. m. Penelope, d. prob. youngest of the first Benedict Arnold. 

GouLDEB, Francis, Plymouth 1643, d. 17 May 1664. Catharine, 

prob. his w. or d. there d. 16 Mar. 1651. 

GouRDiNO, Abraham, Boston 1672, mariner. 

GoTE, or Goave, Ebenezer, Hampton, s. of Edward, m. 20 Dec. 

1692, Judith Sanborn, had Jeremiah, b. 20 Mar. 1695 ; Edward, 29 

May 1696; Sarah, 3 Apr. 1698; Judith, 18 Feb. 1701; Ebenezer, 15 

Feb. 1703 ; Lydia, 3 Feb. 1705 ; Enoch, 28 Oct 1708 ; Hannah, 20 

Jan. 1711 ; N^han, 30 Dec. 1713; Mary, 18 Apr. 1716; and Rachel, 

26 Apr. 1718 ; and he d. 1758. * Edward, Hampton, rep. in the first 

288 GOWING. 

assemb. of N. H. 1680, raised insurrect.. 1682 against the royal gov. 
Cranfield ; but being insane or drunk, perhaps both, and unsupport by 
other patriots, was tak. convict of treason,- sentenc to d. and ship, from 
Boston to London, where he was kept in gaol some yrs. At last he was 
let off, being not of suffic import, to suffer for so dignified an offence, 
and his est. restor. Full story of this folly is in Belkn. I. 98-100, and 
briefer in Chalmers, Folit Ann. 495-6.^ He was first of Salisbaty, 
there had John, b. 19 Sept. 1661; William, 21 Oct 1662, d. next 
yr. ; Hannah, Mar. 1664; and at H. had Mary, 14 Apr. 1666, wh. m. 
28 Dec. 1682, Joseph Sanborn; Abigail; Peniel; both d. soon; Abi- 
gail, again, 17 Apr. 1670, wh. m. 25 Sept 1690, Philemon Dalton of 
Hampton ;. Ebenezer, 23 June 1671 ; Edward, d. soon; Jeremiah^ 8 
Oct 1674, d. at 18 yrs. ; Ann, 9 Jan. 1677, m. 3 July 1696, Jeremiah 
Conner; and Sarah, 5 Nov. 1678, wh. m. 16 Dec 1698, Samuel Dear- 
bom. He d. 29 July 1691, and his wid. Hannah d. after 1718i« 
George, Dover 1667 and 8, prob. capt in 1696. John, Charlestown, 
was, I suppose, a merch. who had not long been inhab. in his will of 2S 
Jan. 1648, made very shortly bef. he d. names ch. John, Edward, and 
Mary, giv. the last to Ralph Mousall to bring up. John, Cambridge^ 
prob. br. of Edward, m. 6 Oct. 1658, Mary, perhaps d. of William 
Aspinwall,, wh. d. 14 Nov. 1676, had Mary, b. 14 Sept 1659 ; John, SI 
Sept 1660; both bapt 3 Mar. 1661, for she had unit with the cIl 
three days bef. ; Aspinwall, 2, bapt 6 Oct 1661, d. in few days; Nflr 
thaniel, bapt 16 Nov. 1662 ; James, 13 Dec 1663, d. young ; Nathaniel 
again, 4 Aug. 1667 ; he m. sec w. 15 Mar. 1677, Mary Woodhead, had 
Jonathan, b. 19 Jan. 1678, wh. d. 11 Oct 1681 ; Jonathan, again, S 
May 1682 ; and Sarah, 28 Aug. 1686. His s. John d. 28 Apr. 1679; 
his w. d. 11 Sept 1700; and he m. third w. 2 Dec 1700, wid. 'ESm, 
Walden, and d. 21 Nov. 1704, aged a. 77. It is thot that John, his £ 
came to C. a. 1653, bring. Edward and John ; this last, constable at CL 
1667, being then call. junr. and perhaps the f. d. 16 Jan. 1682. John, 
Hampton, s. of Edward, engag. in the ridicul. treason with his f. got off 
by his youth, by w. Sarah had Mary, b. 29 Oct. 1687 ; John, 29 Oct 
1689; Hannah, 1 Apr. 1691; Jonathan, 2 May 1695; Sarah; and 
Abigail ; and he d. 1737. Jonathan, Cambridge, s. of John, m. 26 
Dec. 1706, Lydia Cooper, had John, b. 2 Nov. 1707 ; Mary, 8 Mar. 
1710; Lydia, 22 Aug. 1712; Keziah, 17 Apr. 171«; Hannah, 27 
Feb. 1718 ; Sarah, Dec 1720 ; and two who d. at b. 1722 and 3. He 
rem. to Weston, where his w. d. 18 Apr. 1740 ; and he d. 22 Dec 1747. 
GowiNO, or Go WEN, John, Lynn, by w. Joanna, m. 1682, had, says 
Lewis, John, Tliomas, Eliz. Samuel, Joanna, Lois, and Timothy, but be 
gives no dates for them. Nathaniel, Reading, freem. 1691. Rob- 

GOY— GRA 289 

SST, Dedham, freem. 1644, by w. Eliz. had John, b. 13 Nov. 1645. 
SixoN, Rowley, a soldier of Appleton's comp. wound, in the gr. battle 
of PhUip's war, 19 Dec 1675. 

GoTT, John, Dorchester 1635, rem. perhaps 1642, or earlier, to 
Salem, where Mary, prob. his w. was adm. to the eh. 1 643, had there 
iNfpt. Joseph, and Mary, 30 July 1643, and Mary, again, 17 Mar. 1644 ; 
118 of Marblehead 1648. 

GozzARD, Nicholas, Windsor, d. 1693, leav. wid. Eliz. and ch. Eliz. 
tko 21 ; Nathaniel, 16; and John, 11. 

Graffort, {Thomas, Portsmouth, m. 11 Dec. 1684, Bridget, wid. 
of Thomas Daniel, d. of Richard Cutts, was a conns, of the Prov. 1692, 
rem. to Boston bef. 1695, and d. 6 Aug. 1697. His wid. d. 29 May 

Grafton, John, Sale'm, mariner, s. of Joseph, of wh. Mather, Magn. 

Ms the story, copied from his f.'s Remarkab. Provid. cap. I. how he 

nsy in Sept. 1669, shipwr. and preserv. m. 1 Dec 1659, Seeth, d. of 

the fir^ Thomas Gardner, had Mary, b. 7 Sept. 1660 ; Seeth, 28 Apr. 

1665; Abigail, 12 Aug. 1667 ; Jehoadam, 1 Oct 1669 ; Margaret, 24 

Jul 1671; and Nathaniel, .14 July 1672; freem. 1680, d. 24 Nov. 

1715. Mary m. 25 July 1678, Joseph Hardy. Joseph, Salem 1636, 

hem. 17 May 1637 ; had w. Mary, wh. d. Not. 1674, and ch. Priscilla ; 

foeph, bapt. 24 Jan. 1637; John, 28 Apr. 1639, bef. ment and Na- 

thmiel, 24 Apr. or 1 May 1642. He was an active mariner and merch. 

His sec "W. was Bethia, wid. of capt. Thomas Lathrop, d. of Daniel Rea, 

or Bay, wh. as admor. of L. join, with him in 1681, to sett the est. with 

I EieL'el Cheever, and his w. Ellen, sis. of L. and afler his (G.'s) d. m. bef. 

26 June ^1683, deac William Goodhue. Priscilla m. 20 Feb. 1654, John 

Gardner. Joseph, Salem, s. of the preced. m. 29 Oct 1657, Hannah, 

iof Joshua Hobait of Ilingham, had Joseph, b. 17 Aug. 1658 ; Joshua, 

^Apr. 1660; and Martha, 17 Aug. 1658. He m. 30 June 1664, sec. 

V. Eliz. Brown, was freem. 1669, d. at Barbados, Feb. 1670, or 1. 

fosBUAy Salem 1649,^ Felt I suppose he was br. of first Joseph. 

Kathaniel, Salem, s. of the first Joseph, m. 6 Apr. 1665, Eliz. d. of 

Hoses Maverick, had Eliz. b. 18 Dec 1667; Remember, 29 Sept 

1669; Priscilla, 12 Mar. 1671 ; and he d. at Barbados, 11 Feb. 1671. 

His wid. m. a Skinner; and his d. Eliz. m. William Hughes, and 

Priscilla m. Thomas Jackson. See Geneal. Reg. VUI. 270, in note. 

Thomas, N. Hampsh. 1689. 

Gkahah, Benjamin, Hartford, m. Abigail Humphrey, prob. d. of 
John of Simsbury, and she d. 27 June 1697. Henby, See Grihme. 
Jamss, Boston, came, prob. as friend of Andros, and was his Atty.-Gen. 

TOL. II. 25 

290 GRA 

but on the overthrow of that admin, was impris. without bail. Hutch. 
Coll. 564. Hist. I. 388. Revol. in N. E. Just. 21. 31. 

Grame, Samuel, Boston 1641, a pewterer, join, the ch. 26 Mar. 
1642, had bapt. next day d. Mary, 3 yrs. old. 

Granger, Bryan, Salem 1637. Felt. George, Suffield, s. of 
Lancelot of the same, m. 26 Apr. 1693, Lydia, d. of Rev. John Young- 
love, but of ch. or of d. of h. or w. I hear not. John, Scituate 1640, left 
wid. Grace, in whose will of 24 Nov. 1648, are nam. minor s. John, ^nd 
d. Eliz. The s. d. at Marshfield, prob. 4 Oct. 1 655. John, Andover, 
perhaps eldest s. of Lancelot, m. 9 Feb. 1680, Martha, prob. d. of Daniel 
Poor, had Mary, wli. d. 16 Dec. 1682; and his wid. m. 21 Feb. 1700, 
Moses Haggett. Lancelot, Ipswich 1648^ rem. to Newbury, m. 4 Jan. 
1654, Joanna, d. of Robert Adams, had John, b. 15 Jan. 1655; Geoi^ 
28 Nov. 1658; Eliz. 13 Mar. 1662; Dorothy, '17 Feb. 1665; Samue^ 
26 July 1668; and Abraham, 17 Apr. 1673; but he had others at 
L as Thomas; Rebecca, m. in 1686, Joseph Wolcott; Robert, k. at 
Brookfield 1709; beside Hannah, and Mary, eleven ch. in aJU In 
1679 he rem. to what is now Suffield, where his d. Eliz. m. 16 July 
1684, Vicary Sikes; and there he d. 1689. His wid. Joanna was lir. 
1701* All the ds. m. and Abraham, with three brs. ea. had fams^ at S. 
Hon. Gideon, P.-M.-Gen. of the U. S. was of this stock. Samuel, 
Suffield, s. of the preced. m. Esther, d. of deac John Hanchet, had 
Samuel, Esther, Deliverance, Abraham, John, Jeremiah, and Robert. 
Of his d. the date is not seen, but his est. was div. 1722. Thomas, 
Duxbury, serv. of Love Brewster, was execut. 1642, as Gov. Bradibid, 
397, tells. Thomas, Suffield, s. of Lancelot of the same, m. 14 Nov. 
1683, Mindwell, d. of Stephen Taylor of Windsor, had Thomas, b. 9 
Mar. 1684; William, 1 Nov. 1685; d. in few wks. ; Eunice, 13 Jan. 
1687 ; Eliz. 26 Mar. 1692; and prob. others.- 

Grannis, Edward, Hartford, m. 3 May 1655, Eliz. d. of William 
Andrews, had Joseph, b. 31 Mar. 1656, d. young; and perhaps more; 
but he m. 1662, sec. w. Hannah, d. of John Wakefield, had Hannah, 
who m. 13 Jan. 1681, John Hill; Mabel, m. 2 Mar. 1684, John John- 
son ; Abigail, m. 1689, John Allen, jr. ; renL to Hadley, there had 
Sarah, b. 20 Oct 1671, m. 1690, Nathaniel Bishop ; John, 5 Dec 1674; 
rem. again to Conn. ; at New Haven, where the name is still to be heard, 
had Joseph, 12 Mar. 1677; and Ann. John, New Haven 1670, may 
have been br. of the preced. Joseph, New Haven, s. of Edward, m. 
3 Nov. 1702, Hannah, d. of John Russell, had Joseph; William, BusseH, 
Thomas, Stephen, Isaac, Sarah, Ann, Mabel, and Hannah. 

Grant, Alexander, Boston 1657, one of the found, of the Seot^s 
Charit Soc that yr. Among the twelve Grants, transport in the John 

GRANT. 291 

and Sarah from London 1652, to be sold at Boston, part of the gleanings 

of the field of carnage at Worcester of 3 Sept. preced. is one Alexander, 

wL may be this man ; but it seems to me very unlikely. None of that 

cai^ would be kindly rec. here, as they had been smitten by the wrath 

of Heaven in the odious cause of Charles II. ; and tho. some may think, 

that of these young men it might be large sacrifice to take, at the lowest 

comput threfe quarters in five yrs. yet I believe that a larger proportion 

than that fell victims to the heartless policy. See the end of this paragr. 

under Thomas. Benjasiin, New London, a. 16C4, mariner, perhaps s. 

of Christopher, m. a d. of Matthew Beck with, rem. to Lyme, and d. a* 

1670, leav. ch. But Bond gives Benjamin, s. of Christopher, to be 

of Watertown 1G94, a weaver, with w. Priscilla, so that, in my opinion, 

one man only must be count. Benjamin, wh. was of Cambridge, says 

Caulkins, in 1693. Caleb, Watertown, a mason, by w. Mary, wh. d. 1 

Feb. 1684, had Caleb; Sarah, b. 1671, d. soon ; Joseph, 3 Apr. 1681, 

d. soon; Mary; and Abigail, 2 Jan. 1684; and he d. 5 Nov. 1694. 

Chkistopher, Watertown 1634, by w. Mary had Abigail, b. 6 Feb. 

1635; Joshua, 11 June 1637;. Caleb, 8 Feb. 1640; and Benjamin, 6 

Sept. 1641 ; and by w. Safah had Sarah, 1 Feb. 1643 ; Joseph, 27 Sept. 

1646; Mary, or Mercy, or both; and Christopher, 1649; but it is 

observable, that Bond takes note of only one wife. He d. 6 Sept. 1 685 ; 

was employ, in sett, the glass in the first edifice erect, for Harv. Coll. 

Abigail m. Roger Rose; Sarah m. 23 Feb. 1666, Samuel Seaverns; 

and Mary m. 27 Feb. 1668, Daniel Smith ; and much puzzle may be 

seen as to m. of Mercy with Samuel Daniel, or Daniels, in Bond, 197, 

260, and 776. Edward, Boston 1658, shipwright, m. Sarah, d. of 

William Ward, or Weare, had Experience, b. 26 Dec 1658 ; and 

Joseph, 15 Feb. 1661 ; freem. 1672, d. 1682, leav. wid. Sarah, and s. 

Joseph only. An inscript. ridicul. false, purporting to be on his gr.stone 

in the N. bur. ground in B. as if he d. 12 June 1630, bef. the arr. of 

toy exc Blaxton, on this peninsula, giv. at p. 29 of the Dorchester 

Sazton's Memo, imposed on the severe judgment of Farmer. Many 

Use impress, can be obt. from gr.stones, thoughtless, changed, as oflen 

they are by idle sch.boys, as one of them, sixty-seven yrs. ago, did, in 

sev. instances at that bur. ground, by his acknowledgm. to me. James, 

Boston 1657, one of the found, of the Scot's Charit. Soc. that yr. 

James, Charlestown 1658, may have been of Dover 1657, of York 

1674, and of other town later, nothing being kn. at either place about 

bim exc. that at York one of the name took. o. of alleg. 22 Mar. 1681. 

James, Dedham 1664, d. 1698, leav. wid. Margaret. James, Boston 

1684, perhaps s. of the first James of the same, was rec. into the Scot's 

Charit. Soc 1684. John, Windsor, s. of Matthew, m. 2 Aug. 1666, 

292 GRANT. 

Mary Hull, had John, b. 20 Oct. 1670 ; Mary, 26 Apr. 1675 ; Eliz. 10 
July 1677; Abigail, 27 Jan. 1680; and Josiah; and d. 1684. Johk, 
Newbury, by w. Sarah had Sarah, b. 10 Apr. 1691 ; William, 1 Nov. 
1604; Joanna, 2 Apr. 1697 ; and Abraham, 2 Jan. 1702. He was tax. 
at Rowley 1691. Jane, of Rowley 1643, wh. d. 1696, may have been 
his mo. JosEPn, Watertown, s. of Christopher, m. 24 Dec. 1684> 
Mary Grafton, had Jonathan, bapt. 24 Apr. 1687; Mary, b. 13 Sept 
1686, d. goon; Sarah, 19 Mar. 1688; Mehitable, bapt. 27 Oct 1689; 
Joseph, 18 May 1690; Stephen; Joshua, b. 13 Dec. 1694; Eliz. 16 
Nov. 1696; Abigail, 28 Aug. 1698; Mary, 8 Nov. 1699; Hannah, 
24 Nov. 1700; Mercy, 20 Sept 1702; Bathsheba; and Christopher. 
Joshua, Kennebeck, eldest s. of Christopher, had Joshua, and was k. 
by the Ind. 14 Aug. 1676. Willis, I. 147. His f. had admin, next jr. 
of his est Matthew, Dorchester, came in the Mary and John, 1680, 
with Maverick and Warham, was, we may suppose, therefore of Co. 
Devon, freem. 18 May 1631, had w. and d. Friscilla, b. in Eng. and 
here had Samuel, b. 12 Nov. 1631 ; Tahan, 3 Feb. 1634, rem. 1685 to 
Windsor, for the first plant, there, was many yrs. its faithful town elk. 
had John, b. 20 Apr. 1642, but rec. no othef ch. and d. 16 Dec. 1681. 
For sec. w. he had Susanna, wid. of William RockwelL Friscilla m. 14 
Oct 1647, Michael Humphrey. Feter, Boston 1657, one of the found. 
in that yr. of the Scot's Charit Soc. may have rem. to Hartford, d. 
1681, Icav. six ch. of wh. the eldest Mary had m. Thomas Goodfellow. 
Feter, Dover 1659, perhaps br. of James of the same. Robert, 
Ipswich 1685, His wid. Mary d. 3 Apr. 1728, aged 58. Samuel, 
Boston 1640. Samuel, Windsor, eldest s. of Matthew, freem. 1664, m. 
27 May 1658, Mary Forter, had Samuel, b. 20 Apr. 1659, John, -24 
Apr. 1664 ; Matthew, 22 Sept. 1666 ; Josiah, 19 May 1668 ; Nathaniel, 
14 Apr. 1672 ; Mary, 23 Jan. 1676 ; and Sarah, 19 Jan. 1679. Seth, 
Cambridge 1632, came with Wadsworth, Talcott, Goodwin, Olmstead, 
and others in the Lion, arr. at Boston 16 Sept with them rem. to Harf- 
ford, an orig. propr. btt no more is kn. of him than from his in v. of 14 
Mar. in Trumbull, Col. Bee. I. 481, we may infer, that he had fam. not 
num. and d. early in 1647. Tahan, Windsor, s. of Matthew, m» 22 
Jan. 1663, Hannah, d. of Nicholas Falmer, had Matthew, b. 4 Jata. 
1664 ; Tahan, 27 Sept 1665 ; Hannah, 8 June 1668 ; Thomas, 20 Feb. 
1671 ; Joseph, 14 May 1673; Sarah, 19 Sept 1675; Mary, 23 Oct 
1678; and ano. ch. 1680; and he d. 14 Nov. 1680. Thomas, Dcm^ 
Chester, a soldier, Dec. 1675 of brave capt Johnson's comp. prob. had 
no fam. for in his will of 5 Aug. 1681, pro. 29 Sept. foil, he names nooe^ 
but gave to his " dame Withington " a memento, and to James G. <A 
Dedham £20. Thomas, Behoboth, had ch. bur. Sept 1676, wiChoul 

GRANT. 293 

name, prob. very young. I think this name may have been misspelt on 
tie rec Gaunt ; yet under Grant appears again in Col. Rec. hav. Ilan- 
Mh, b. 4 Apr. 1681 ; David, 2 Feb. 1683. Under this name came to 
oar country many, twelve men in one ship, the John and Sarah, from 
London in May 1652 ; three call. James; three, John ; and one, Alex- 
ander, Alister, Daniel, Patrick, Tliomas, and William, respectiv. They 
were among the 272 wretch, passeng. put on board Nov. preced. 
"free by ordin. of ParL 20 Oct" to be sold here, prisoners, gleaned on 
ihe fatal field of Worcester, 3 Sept. of that yr. A simil. cargo, from 
the doleful har^^est of Dunbar, of near, the same numb. prob. in the 
former yr. sent to us by the governm. at home, had, as in his let. of 28 
Joly 1651, from Boston, to the Lord Gen. Cromwell, our John Cotton 
assures him, " not been sold for slaves to perpet. servitude, but for 6, or 
7, or 8 yrs. as we do our own." For the precise import of these last 
words, that may seem intentional, ambiguous, moderate sagacity will 
luggedt different conject. yet far more interest belongs to the number ; 
and the. it is easy enough -to guess, it is difficult to ascertain, the exact 
enumeration. But some in the shipm. of the former yr. must have been 
Grants. Neither of these slave cargoes prob. could add much to our 
wholesome population. The Comtee. of the Privy Council, a quarter 
cf a century aAer, sent over to Gov. Bradstreet a series of twenty-seven 
qaestions relat, to the condition of this Col. in every particular, to wh. in 
1680 he gave answers, the latter part of 17th hav. these words: " Now 
and then, two or three negroes are brot. hither fix>m Barbados and other 
of his Majesty's plantations, and sold here for about twenty pounds 
apbee; so ^hat there may be, within our governm. a. 100 or 120, 
>od it may be as many Scots brot. hither and sold for servants in the 
&ne of the war with Scotland, and most now married and liv. here, and 
about half so many Irish, brot hither at sev. times as servants." Tlie 
^crotDning mercy," as Oliver, with foresight at least equal to his piety, 
entitled the result of each of those terrible days, showed its profit more 
ID England than among the Cols, in the West Ind. or N. A. Most of 
the unhappy exiles d. of disease, we may believe, whether titled scurvy 
or broken heart ; and some of the sad remainder, no doubt, after close 
of the yrs. for wh. they had been sold, abandoned the land of their 
lorrows. Twenty-eight and nine yrs. only had elapsed when Bradstreet 
gave this loose report, and by his reckoning, inexact as it is, we see 
reason for inference, that four fiflhs of the young prisoners, brot. here in 
1651 and 2, were not remaining. From his laxity of phrase " most 
now married and liv. here," I should feel compel, to make large deduc- 
tion. See 3 Mass. Hist. Coll. VIII. 337. So tliat after yrs. of con- 
sideration giv. to this subject, and dilig. inquiry for the stocks whence 


294 6KA 

sprang the N. E. popul. of 1775, and duly estimatiog the ratio of in- 
crease from that glorious colonj of " Scotch Irish/* sixty-five yrs* later, 
whose male adults were only one third of these offscouring of the civil 
war, I presume that not more than one in twenty or thirty of these 
involunt. youthful " redemptioncrs " was m. on our shores. Here is one 
of the necessary sequences of such social convulsion. The names of 
most of these sad settlers frofn one ship may be seen in Genealog. Beg* 
I. 377 ; and the valuable epistle of Cotton to Cromwell b in Hutch. Coll. 

Grantham, Andrew, Newbury, d. 15 Dec 1668, 

Grath. See Guoth. 

Graves, Abraham, Concord 1677, s. of John, was of Andoverl689. 
Edward, Hartford, among freem. in 1669. Francis, Salisbury, by w. 
Ann had Hannah, b. 29 Aug. 1690. * George, Hartford, an orig. 
propr. was dcac. rep. 1657 and afler; had George, John, and two or 
three ds. one of wh. Mary, m. Samuel Dow, 12 Dec 1665 ; d. Sept. 
1673. * George, Hartford, s. of the preced. perhaps b. in Eng. m.d 
Apr. 1651, Eliz. Ventris, rem. early to Middletown, of wh. he was rep. 
1658, some yrs. marshal of the Col. d. 3 Dec 1692, leav. George, John, 
Eliz. Sarah, and Mercy. Isaac, Hartford, s. of Thomas, b. in Eng. m. 
Mary, d. of Richard Church, had Mary, b. 5 July 1647 ; Isaac, 22 Aug. 
1650; Rebecca, 3 July 1652, or 6 July 1653; Samuel, 1 Oct. 1655 
and Sarah ; rem. to Hatfield, then pt. of Hadley, and had Eliz. 1668 
John, 1664 ;. Hannah, 1666; Jonathan; and Mehitable, 1 Oct. 1671 
was freem. 1669, and k. by the Ind.l9 Sept. 1677, all hb ch. exoefift 
Isaac and Rebecca then liv. Eliz. m. Benjamin Hastings ; MehitaUe 
m. 1690, Richard Morton, and next, William Worthington. IsaaCi 
Hatfield, s. of John of the same, m. 1679, Sarah, d. of John Wyatt id 
Haddam, whose wid. had m. his f. John, Roxbury, came in May 163d, 
with w. who d. soon af^er, and 5 ch. John, Samuel, Jonathan, Sarah, and 
Mary, says the ch. rec The William and Jane came in that mo. bat as 
Winth. says she brot. only thirty passeng. I think these came, perhapv, 
that mo. in the other sh. Mary and Jane, wh. had 196. In Dec 1635 
he m. Judith Alward, or AUard, had Hannah, b. 8 Sept. 1036; was 
freem. 18 Apr. 1637, and d. 4 Nov. 1644. Eliot calls him "godly br." 
and after mention, next to him, of funer. of " Thomas Ruggles, a god^ 
br.'* adds : " these two broke the knot first of the Nazing Christians. I 
mean they first d. of all those Christians that came from that town in 
Eng." As he, also, came from that little town, we know how he must 
have felt their loss. Fourth afler the d. of the s. we read in the t&i 
Jan. " a. 24 day, old mo. Graves d. She was a. 80 yrs. of age." Ja 
his will, of 1 Nov. 1644, he provides for his mo. for w. and all the 
ch. exc. Sarah, who was, prob. d.; but on 26 Nov. of next yr. hia a 

GRAVES. 295 

John made his will, and gives to all br. and sis. yet more to Sarah, 
than the other two, and to his f.'s wid. On 5 Dec. 1645, the writer 
adds to his sad list: ''John Graves, a godly young man, eldest s. of him 
who d. the yr. bef." The wid. Judith m. 2 June 1646, William Potter, 
nirv. him and m. 13 Dec 1654, Samuel Finch; and Hannah m. 24 
May 1654, John Mayo. John, Wethersfield, br. of Isaac, b. in Eng. 
freem. of Conn. 1654, had John, Mary, Isaac, Samuel, and Sarah, b. 
there, rem. 1659 or 60, to Hadley, w. side of the riv. now Hatfield, and 
had Eliz. b. 1662; Daniel, 1664; Ebenezer, 1666; Bethia, 1668, d. 
soon ; and Nathaniel, 1671 ; perhaps this last by sec w. Mary, wid. of 
John Wyatt of Haddam. He was k. by the Ind. 19 Sept. 1677. Of 
the ten ch. nine were liv. in 1692. Daniel and Ebenezer sett, in Spring- 
field. His wid. m. lieut. William Allis, and next, Samuel Gaylord. 
John, Concord 1643, had, says Shattuck, Benjamin, who m. 1668, Mary 
Hoar; John, who m. 1671, Mary, d. of Thomas Chamberlain; and 
Abraham. ♦ John, Guilford, s. of first George, perhaps b. in Eng. m. 
26 Nov. 1657, Eliz. d. of Jasper Stillwell, was a rep. 1670 and 6, still 
one of the proprs. and so was his s. John, in 1 685. John, Hatfield ' 
1679, 8. of John of the same. John, Casco, bef. 1680 m. Martha, d. of 
Michael Mitton. Willis, L 97, 165, 173. John, Ipswich, freem. 1685, 
a oordwainer, by w. Martha had Martha, 2 yrs. old ; and Sarah, one yr. 
when admin, of his est. was grant. 24 July 1699. But he was in 1682 
liv. at Portsmouth, and had Abigail, b. 29 Dec. 1687. Joseph, Sud- 
hnry, s. of Thomas (call, the Admiral) of Charlestown, m. 15 Jan. 1666, 
Eliz. d. of John Maynard, had Samuel, b. 14 Feb. 1667 ; Richard, 7 
Apr. 1672; John, 10 May 1674; and Deliverance. His w. d. 1676, 
•nd he m. 1678, Mary Ross, had Mary, 1680 ; Ebenezer, 1681, d. soon ; 
•od Ebenezer again, 28 Feb. 1682. Descend, have been num. at S. 
Mark, Lynn, had Hannah, b. 14 Dec. 1657; and Esther, 10 FA>. 
1669. Mark, Andover, may, or may not, be the same as preced. by w. 
Amy, who d. 20 Feb. 1666, had Dorcas, who m. 17 Apr. 1678, George 
Abbot; Amy, b. 1659; Ruth, 1661 ; Sarah, 1663; Mark, 1664, d« 
jonng; his sec w. m. 14 Nov. 1667, was Eliz. prob. wid. of Jacob 
Farrington, and he had Abraham, Thomas, Mark, again, 1671; and 
Hannah, who ul 27 Dec 1689, Timothy Abbot ; but it is not certain, 
that one, or more, of the four last-nam. were not by the fii*st w. Na- 
thaniel, Charlestown, eldest s. of Thomas of the same, b. on tliis side 
of the water, m. 24 or 29 Aug. 1664, Eliz. d. of Richard Russell, had 
ICathaniel; Maud; and Eliz.; beside Catharine, bapt 6 Apr. 1673; 
was a mariner, and d. 12 Feb. 1679. His wid. m. capt. John Herbert 
of Reading, outliv. him, and d. 18 Oct. 1714, aged 70. Nathaniel, 
Wethersfield, may have been s. of Thomas of Hartford, perhaps b. in 

296 GRAVES. 

Eng. freem. of Conn. 1657, d. 1682, leav. no s. and ds. Sarah, b. 1656; 
Mary, 1658; Rebecca, 1660; JVIartha, 1667; and Abigail, 1669. Rich* 
ARD, Salem, came from London in the Abigail 1635, aged 23, a pew* 
terer, had bapt. there, in ' right of his w. who was rec. into the eh. jiut 
bef. three ch. at once, 14 Mar. 1641 ; Joseph, 16 Oct. 1642; Benjamin 
and Eliz. I suppose tw. 6 Aug. 1645; Mary, 16 Apr. 1648; Richard, 
6 Oct. 1650; Hannah, 15 Aug. 1652 ; and Deliverance, 16 July 1654, 
In the autumn of 1635, by the Hopewell, capt. Babb, from London, 
came Joan Grave, aged 30, and Mary, 26, but whether they were, or 
either of them, maid, or w. or wid. or any way relat to any in our 
country, is altogether beyond conject Richard, Boston, had Roth, 
wh. m. 7 Aug. 1656, Henry Keskeys. Robert, Ipswich 1638. Sax« 
UEL, Lynn 1 630, had Samuel, and prob. sev. other ch. of wh. we have 
no report. Lewis, 64. Samuel, Ipswich 1658, feltmaker, m. Grace, d. 
of William Beamsley of Boston, where he may have liv. at first, had 
Samuel, b. 5 Aug. 1658 ; John, 1 Aug. 1660 ; Eliz. Hannah, 19 DeOb 
1668 and Jonathan, wh. d. young. His d. is not dated, but his wid. liv. 
to 26 Nov. 1730, so was 95 yrs. old. Samuel, Lynn, s. of Samuel of 
the same, m. 12 Mar. 1678, Sarah Brewer, had Crispus, b. 3 Aug. 
1679 ; Hannah, 27 Aug. 1681 ; and Samuel, 2 Aug. 1684. Samuel, 
Ipswich, s. of the first Samuel of the same, took o. of fidel. 1678, by w. 
Joanna had Abigail, b. 11 Feb. 1683 ; Mary, 18 Feb. 1685 ; and Sam^ 
uel, 26 ]^iar. 1 687 ; and d. 4 Oct. 1732, aged 74. Thomas, Charlestown, 
the engineer, who laid out the place in 1629, came (under contr. of 10 
Mar. 1629), in the fleet with Higginson, with possib. but not prob. w, 
and five ch. from Gravesend, Co. Kent, an*, at Salem in Jjine ; by the 
Grov. and Comp. of the Mass. Bay was join, with the three min. two 
Brownes, and Samuel Sharp, as advisers of Endicott, wh. was never 
aUe to consult them, as a body; req. adm. 19 Oct. 1630, and IS Mjj 
foil, was made freem. ; and no more is kn. of him, but prob. he went 
home in the spr. of 1632, when his engagera. end. or rather in the yr. 
after, for Frothingham, pp. 52 and 140, renders it prob. that he was 
still here in Mar. 1633 ; certain, he did not come to ch. union with hif 
neighb. That his w. and ch. came to this side of the ocean is not cert 
since the accurate Prince mistook him for the Adm. We may les8 
wonder at this, for the fam. tradit. of the latter has confus. the two per^ 
sons ; and a vexatious uncertain, ran through all the books, until Young's 
Chron. 262; Budington, 168; and Frothingham, 140, particular, the 
last, by the widely diverse autographs, taught us, happi. to discrimin* 
Thomas, Hartford, not an orig. propr. an old man, excus. from train. 
1 645, rem. to Hadley, perhaps had not any ch. b. here, yet had brot. from 
Eng. Isaac, John, and perhaps Samuel, and a d. whose name is unkn. 


GRAVES. 297 

and possib. Nathaniel ; as all, exc this last, rem. with him. lie d. Nov. 
1662; and his wid. Sarah d. 1666. Thomas, Dorchester, of whose 
sad fam. rem. to Virg. and there all d. exc. one, a d. miserable enough 
to throw away hers, and good est upon Nathaniel Eaton, the outcast 
liead of Harv. ColL ; the story is found in Winth. II. 342 ; but it is 
Btrenge, that Harris did not give the name among his townsmen. Thom- 
AB, Charlestown 1638, prob. was nine yrs. bef. mate of the Talbot, in 
th. came Higginson to Salem, and in the same station on board the adm. 
iL of Winth.'8 fleet, was, it is said, s. of John, b. at Ratclifife, near Lon- 
don, 6 June 1605, bapt 16th of the same ; was sev. yrs. master of a sh. 
almost constant empl. betw. London and Boston, and in 1642 had the 
first vessel ever built at B. for foreign trade, in wh. his br. -in-law, Coyte- 
nore, made the first voyage in tliat yr. ; was freem. 13 May 1640, m. 
ia Eng. bef. 1635, I presume, Catharine Gray, d. by her first h. of 
Catharine Coytemore, the wid. who came over in 1637, her s. Thomas C. 
kav. been here a yr. earlier, prob. brot. s. John, and perhaps ano. ch. 
unit with his w. to the ch. 7 Oct 1639, and on 5 of next mo. had bapt. 
• their s. Nathaniel, and prob. Thomas, b. the ^r. preced. beside Susanna, 
b. 8 July 1643, as the Boston elk. has record, for what reason can only 
be guess. ; and Joseph, 13 Apr. 1645. He names these five ch. in his 
will, and two others, Rebecca, with her ch. and Eliz. of wh. we hear no 
more. The wid. d. 21 Feb. 1682. He was a very active and brave 
Ban, for good serv. in the Eng. chan. perhaps "on his last voyage, was 
wvard. by Parliam. I suppose (certain, not, as tradit. says, by Oliver, 
whose power bee perfect too late for such liberality), with the title of 
Sear Adm. and d. at C. 31 July 1653, the last will, however, was made 
13 June 1652. Susanna m. 18 Nov. 1669, Hev« Zechariah Symmes, 
oin. at a later day, of Bradford, and d. 23 July 1681, after hav. seven 
ci ♦Thomas, Charlestown, s. of the preced. II. C. 1656, some yrs. a 
totor at colL *^ a godly, learned man, a good tutor, and fiolid preacher," 
Oys Ch. J. Sewall, wh. was under him at coll. m. 16 May 1677, Eliz. 
wid. of Dr. John Chickering, wh. d. 22 July 1679; was freem. 1673, 
and he m. 15 May 1682, Sarah, wid. of Dr. Samuel Alcock, d. of John 
Stedman of Cambridge, who had first been wid. of John Brackett. By 
her, perhaps, were b. all his ch. exc a d. ; Thomas, bapt. 30 Sept. 
1683, H. C. 1703 ; Catharine, John, Nathaniel, Susanna, and Joseph. 
Bat, as Sewall, in his Diary, ment. his leav. a s. by the d. of Mr. Sted- 
man, I almost necessari. infer, that all these ch. exc. Thomas, d. bef. 
their f. He was a physician, rep. and a judge, d. 30 May 1697, and his 
wid. (who had fourth h. Col. John Phillips, outliv. him and) d. 1 Mar. 
1731 in 87th yr. His s. Thomas, a judge of Sup. Ct d. 19 June 1747, 
aged G3. Thomas, Lynn, perhaps s. of Samuel of the same, freem. 

298 GRAY. 

1691, d. 24 Jan. 1697. Lewis. William, Dover 1659. Of this name 
four had been gr. at Harv. and three at other N. E. coll. in 1834. 

Gray, * Edward, Plymouth 1643, a youth, m. 16 Jan. 1651, Mary, 
d. of John Winslow, wh. d. 1663, and he m. 12 Dec. 1665, Dorothy, d. 
of Thomas Lettice, had Desire, b. 6 Nov. 1651 ; Mary, 18 Sept. 1653; 
Ehz. 11 Feb. 1658; Sarah, 12 Aug. 1659; John, 1 Oct. 1661 ; by the 
first w. and Edward, b. 31 Jan. 1667 ; Susanna, 15 Oct. 1668, by the 
sec. and perhaps others. He was a merch. rep. 1676-8, d. June 1681, 
and his gr.stone is call, the oldest now standing in the town. Desire m. 
10 Jan. 1672, lieut. Nathaniel Southworth. Edward, Yarmouth, prob. 
s. of the first John of the same, m. 16 July 1684, Meletiah, d. of George 
Lewis of Barnstable, had Priscilla, b. 8 Oct. 1686 ; Gideon, 6 Sept 1688 ; 
John, 26 July 1691 ; Meletiah, 6 June 1694 ; and Mercy, 13 Apr. 1696. 
Edward, Boston, a youth, apprent. 1686, was from Lancash. m. 1699, 
Susanna Harrison, had sev. ch. of wh. was Harrison, the disting. loyalist, 
Treas. of the Prov. ; and by sec. w. m. 1714, Hannah Ellis, had ser. 
ch. of wh. Ellis, b. 1716, H. C. 1734, the eldest, coUea. pastor of a eh. 
in Boston with William Tf elstead, d. 17 Jan. 1753, bef. his f. Gideoit, 
Yarmouth, s. prob. of John the first of the same, rem. Henry, Boston 
1638, a tailor. * Henry, Fairfield 1j643, m. Lydia, d. of William Froit, 
was rep. 1656 and 7, d. 1658, lea v. Jacob, Henry, Levi, William, and 
Sarah. He had also IViary, nam. in the will of her gr.f. Frost, who d. 
prob. bef. her f. Jacob had sh. in div. of Id. 1670. James, Providenoe, 
sw. alleg. May 1671. John, Fairfield, br. of Henry, m. wid. Eliz. 
Watson, d. of William Frost, had two ch. rememb. in the will of the 
gr.f. Frost. John, Yarmouth 1643, m. Hannah, perhaps d. of William 
Lumpkin, had Benjamin, b. 7 Dec. 1648 ; William, 5 or 10 Oct 1650; 
and prob. Mary ; Edward; John; and Gideon; and d. a. 1674. Maty 
m. 13 June 1670, Benjamin Ryder. John, Saco, sw. alleg. to Masi. 
1653. John, .Newtown, L. L 1656. John, Harwich, s. of John of 
Yarmouth, had Lot; Susanna; Hannah; Lydia; Sarah; Thooias; 
Samuel; Mehi table ; Andrew; Ann, d. young; Elisha; Joshua; and 
Ann; possib. also Edward; and Thankful Joseph, Taunton, m. 25 
Feb. 1668, Rebecca Hill, perhaps d. of John of Dorchester, or Mil- 
ton, had Mehitable, b. 21 Feb. 1669 ; Joseph, 31 Dec 1673, says CoL 
Rec. and Ephraim, 20 June 1673, wh. error is compensate by notice 
of d. of Ephraim, 21 June 1675. His w. d. 13 May 1676. Nicholas, 
a soldier, prob. from the E. on Conn. riv. 1676. Petee, BraintreOi d. 
Apr. 16G3, prob. unm. Robert, Salem, by w. Eliz. there had bapt 
Eliz. 9 Mar. 1651 ; Joseph, 9 May 1652 ; Bethia, 11 June 1654 ; Rob- 
ert, 23 May 1658; and Hannah, 26 June 1659, rem. to Andovefy d. 
1718, aged 84. Ano. Robert, or the same, was fined as a Quaker, at 

GRA — GRE 299 

Sedem 1669. Perhaps the same m. 8 Mar. 1609, Hannah Holt, and had 

Catharine, b. 15 Julj 1670; Henry, 17 Jan. 1072; Jemima, 23 Dec. 

^olL d. soon; and Hannah, 30 Jan. 1075. Robert, Salem, prob. s. of 

the first Robert, jn. 7 Aug. 1085, Sarah Glover, prob. d. of John of the 

a^me, had John, b. 2 May 1080 ; Samuel, 15 Apr. 1091 ; and Sarah, 22 

^ag. 1695. Samuel, Salem, m, 28 Dec. 1071, Abigail Lord, had 

Sannah, b. 30 Aug. 1072, wh. d. the same yr. Samuel, Boston, by w. 

Susanna had Samuel, b. Oct. 1084; £Iiz. 21 Dec 1085; Joseph, Dec 

1687-; Susanna, 3 Jan. 1089, d. soon ; Rebecca, 20 Jan. 1090; John, 16 

^ug. 1692 ; James, 4 Jan. 1099 ; and Susanna, again, 8 July 1703. 

Samuel, Boston, goldsmith, rem. to New London, m. Lucy, d. of £d- 

-vrard Palmes, and d. 20 May 1713, under 29 yrs. old. Thomas, Salem 

1626, came with Conant, says Felt, but on next p. he quotes depon. to 

prove that he purch. Nantasket in 1022, of wh. we may doubt at least 

tlie date. He was an unruly subj. punish, by the governm. in 1030, 1, 

2, 8, 9, and 40, but still at Marblehead 1048. It is not kn. that he had 

-%Fr. or ch. but he kept a house. Thomas, Plymouth 1043, elder br. of 

JBdward of the same, d. not 29 Nov. 1052, as is told in Geneal. Reg, 

IX. 317, but a. 7 June 1054. Walter, Hartford 1044, freem. 1054. 

Nineteen of this name had, in 1834, been gr. at Harv. four at Yale, 

cue at Dart and six at other N. E. coll. 

Gratgoose, Nathaniel, Boston 1040, a single man, when adm. 2 
-Aug. of that yr. into the ch. 

Gra2illier, Ezekiel, Boston, prob. a Iluguenot, who by w. Mary 
liad Ezekiel, b. 8 Oct. 1088. In reasona. conject. as his name does not 
appear among taxpayers 1095, he rem. perhaps to the S. 

Grele, or Greeley, Andrew, Salisbury, an orig. propr. by w. 
Haty had Phihp, b. 21 Sept. 1044; Andrew, 10 Dec. 1040; IVIary, 10 
July 1649 ; Joseph, 5 Feb. 1052 ; and Benjamin, 9 Dec. 1054; was of 
Haverhill 1009, and d. 30 June 1097. Andrew, Salisbury, s. of the 
preced. m. 12 June 1073, Sarah, d. of Henry Brown, had Andrew, b. 8 
Oct. 1674, wh. d. at S. 10 Nov. 1093 ; Henry, 28 Sept. 1070 ; Mary, 5 
Dec 1678; Abigail, 24 June 1081; Sarah, 21 Oct. 1085; Rachel, 19 
May 1088; Hannah, 29 July 1092; and Judith, 13 Juije 1090; was 
freem. 1690, and d. 20 Nov. 1730. Joseph, Haverhill 1077, s. prob. 
of the first Andrew, took o. of alleg. 11 Dec. of that yr. Nathaniel, 
Salisbury 1049, perhaps br. of the first Andrew. Philip, Salisbury, 
B. of the first Andrew, m. 17 Feb. 1070, Hannah, d. prob. of Jqhn Ilsley, 
had John, b. 10 Jan. 1071 ; Jonathan, 15 Feb. 1073; Sarah, 21 Mar. 
1676; Mary, 5 June 1079; Philip, 25 Dec 1081; Joseph, 24 itfov. 
1683 ; and Ruth, 3 Oct. 1084. He was freem. 1090. 
Green, Abraham, Hampton 1078. Bartholomew, Cambridge, 

800 GREEN. 

freem. li May 1634, came the yr. bef. and cL the yr. folL when male 
prepar. to rem. with major part of his neighb. to Conn, as is said ; bat 
his wid. Eliz. wh. d. 28 Oct. 1677, aged S8, and ch. Samuel, Nfithaniel, 
Sarah, w. of Thomas Longhorn, and Phebe, were all of Cambridge du 
1 658. Bartholomew, Boston, youngest ch. of the first Samuel of Cam* 
bridge, was a printer of no small note for issue of the first newspaper 
on our contin. Apr. 1704, and so in our time more thot of than his £ for 
the wonderful Bible. lie was deac of the third or Old S. ch. and d. 28 
Dec 1732. Next Thursday the newspaper from his office contain, an 
ill-compact, memoir, in wh. his f. is made to vouch, perhaps undoly, 
for sev. things, among others, nineteen ch. eleven by first w. eight by 
sec. when by the rec. we are led to count seven by one, six by the othec 
Even the birthday of the propr. may be thot. a yr. too early. Bai^ 
THOLOMETw, Charlestown, s. of the first Jacob of the same, by w. Maria 
had Maria, bapt. 15 Oct. 1693; may have had no more. Benjamih^ 
Warwick, s. of the first Thomas of the same, m. Susanna, seventh d. of 
Bandall Iloulden, had Benjamin. Charles, Marblehead 1668. DanikLi 
Wickford 1671, own. junsdict. of R. I. 20 May of that yr. with other 
inhab. of that Narraganset country, was prob. the same wh. by w* Be- 
becca had Peleg, b. 1690; Daniel, 1692; Jonathan, 1694; R^)eocl^ 
1696; Eachel, 1698; Sarah, 1700; and Jonathan, again, 1705. But 
wh, was his f. is not seen. David, Providence, s. by his sec w. of ihe 
first James, m. a Slocum, perhaps d. of Giles the sec had David ; and. 
by sec w. wh. was a Barber, had Jonathan, Joseph, and sev. ds. 
Menry, Beading, call, by Winth. *^a scholar," but we kn. not at wh..fl£ 
the University lie was bred, had been, in 1643, invit. to go to Martha*^: 
Vineyard by its first sett« but went not, m. Frances, eldest d. of deac 
Simon Stone, had Joanna and Nathaniel ; and was the earliest min. of 
E. ord. 5 Nov. 1645, and d. 11 Oct 1648. His wid. m. as the will of £ 
shows. Il£NRT, Ipswich 1641, was perhaps the freem. of 13 Mi^ 
1640, for I can hardly suppose it possible, tho. Farmer gave it withoot 
suspicion, that the Rev. Henry would have failed of his prefix of respod- 
from the seer, t IIenbt, Hampton 1644, was, perhaps, the couns. to tlie 
tyranny of Cranfield 1685, m. 1691, prob. for sec or third w* wid. 
Martha Page, and d. 5 Aug. 1700, aged a. 80. Henby, I^Ialden, s. «f 
the first Thomas, m. 11 Jan. 1672, Esther Hasey, perhaps d« of Wil» 
liam, had Henry, b. Jan. 1673; Esther, Sept. 1674; Lydia, 11 Aqg. 
1685; Jacob, 9 May 1689, beside Joseph, Daniel, and Dorcas, prob. all 
bef. Lydia, and he d. 19 Sept. 1717. His wid. d. 1740. Hbnkt, 
Wickford 1674. Isaac, Salisbury 1678, freem. 1690. Jabez, Pxon- 
dence, br. of David of the same, m. 16 May 1697, Mary, d. of Ben- 
jamin Barton, had James, Jabez, Nathaniel, Benjamin, Rufus, John, and . 
a d. by first w. and ano. d. by sec w. Nathaniel, his s. was f. of the 

GREEN. 801 

C3en. Nathaniel of the army of the Revo. * || Jacob, Charlestown, s. 
of John of the same, b. in Eng. came with him, had w. Eliz. and eh. 
vfacoby b. 11 Oct 1654; Joseph, wh. d. 26 Aug. 1657; John ; Mary, 
bapL 13 May 1662; Bartholomew, 14 Feb. 1664; Dorcas, 81 Dec 
X665; Joseph, again, 5 Apr. 1668 ; ar. co. 1650, freem. 1650, was rep. 
3677. His d. Eliz. m. Samuel Long. Jacob, Salisbury, 1678. Jacobs 
Charlestown, s. of the first Jacob, by w. Mary had Caleb, bapt. 29 Apr. 
3683; Dorcas, 14 Dec 1684; Joseph, 14 Aug. 1687; Mary, 29 July 
1688; Joseph, again, 15 May 1690; Benjamin, 26 May 1695; Bar- 
tholomew, 29 Nov. 1696; and Joseph, again, 22 Oct 1699. James, 
CSiarlestown 1646, freem. 1647, and of course his name is among the 
mem. of the ch. yet not found among householders ; had w. Eliz. s. 
John, and James, liv. on Mistick side, and d. 29 Mar. 1687, s^d 77. 
JaxeB, Warwick, s. of John the first of Providence, b. in Eng. was 
Ireem. 1655, m. Deliverance Potter, d. of Robert ; had sec. w. Eliz. d. 
of John Anthony; d. 27 Apr. 1698. He is call, the progenit of Gren. 
Nathaniel Greene, the soldier of the Revo. By the first w. he had 
Jsmesj b. 6 June 1658; Mary, 8 Sept. 1660; Elisha, 7 Mar. 1662; 
mnd Sarah, 27 Aug. 1663 ; and by the sec. m. 3 Aug. 1665, Peter, 25 
-Aug. 1666; Eliz. 17 Oct. 1668, John, 1 Feb. 1671, d. young; Jabez, 
IT May 1673; David, 24 June 1677; Thomas, 11 Nov. 1682; John, 
•agahiy 30 S^pt 1685 f and Susanna, wh. may have been b. bef. either of 
^e last two, being ment. in the will of her f. as under age of 18. Mary 
SL 19 Feb. 1685, James Reynolds of Narraganset; Sarah m. Henry 
Xeynolds ; and Eliz. m. a Reynolds, perhaps br. of other two, tho. I 
Ittve seen a geneal. that says she m. a Hull. James, Boston, liv. at 
Somney Marsh, now Chelsea, but at Dorchester m. 9 Nov. 1661, Re- 
l)ecca, d. of Thomas Jones, had Eliz. b. 14 Nov. 1662 ; James, 15 Dec 
1664; Rebecca, 7 Aug. 1665 ; if the rec be credib. ; Richard, 7 Apr. 
1669; John, 24 Feb. 1672; Esther, 27 Sept. 1674; and Samuel, 20 
July 1680; was freem. 1683, and by w. Ann had Rebecca, 19 May 
1688. James, Portsmouth, R. I. mariner, sold Id. there 1669. James,. 
Warwidc, eldest s. of the first James of the same, m. 29 Jan. 1689, 
Ifary, d. of capt. John Fones of Kingstown, had Fones, James, Daniel, 
Elisha, John, Jeremiah, Samuel, Mercy, Deliverance, and Mary. Job, 
Warwick, s. of the first John of the same, m. a Sayles, d. perhaps, of first 
J<^, had Job, Christopher, Daniel, Philip, Amy, Phebe, Mary, and 
Cktharine. John, Charlestown, came in the James from London 1632,. 
arr. 12 June, with w. Perseverance and three ch. John, Jacob, Abigail, 
Sarah Jones, a serv. and Joseph Greene, of whom we may presume 
that he was a relat perhaps apprent. Winth. says the sh. brot. twelve 
passeng. and in the Custom ho. paper we have the names of two, beside- 
YOL. n. 26 

802 GREEN. 

the seven here ment. His w. was d. of Bev. Francis Johnson, it is 
saidy a puritan of eminence, who had fled to Amsterdam. She with her 
h. join, the ch. 29 Mar. 1633, and he was made freem. three days after, 
calL on the rec serg. but his milit. distinct was sunk in the more import, 
title of ruling elder, the Only one Cbarlestown ch. ever had ; was some- 
time town elk. and selectman twelve jrs. begin, in 1646, d. 22 Apr. says 
the gr.6tone or May 1658, aged 65. His will of 21 Apr. of that yr. 
names w. Joanna, wid. of John Shatswell of Ipswich, and as she had 
brot. him good est. that had lessened in his hands, he gave her moat of 
his prop. He names in it gr.s. John and Jacob, s. of his s. Jacob, gcji, 
Joanna, ch. I suppose, of Richard Shatswell of Ipswich, call, by him 
s.-in-law, had three ch. at Cbarlestown, but lost three also, and the sorv. 
were John, Jacob, and Mary, this last b. 1, bapt 6 Apr. 1634* ^ much 
was this name early spread at Maiden, that in the remonstrance against 
the action of the Gen. Ct. upon the case of Rev. Mr. Matthews, their 
min. sign, by thirty-six females, in 1651, three were nam. Eliz. and ooe^ 
Margaret, Green. John, Roxbury, liv. with Daniel Brewer, d. be£ 
14 Feb. 1639. John, Providence 1636, may be that surg. who came 
from Southampton in the James, a. 6 Apr. and arr. at Boston d June 
1635, had been of Salisbury, in Wilts; brot w. and five ch. John, fa. 
1620; Peter; James, 1629; Thomas, 1631; and Mary, prob. older 
than the last two. He partook largely in the exertions of Gorton and 
his friends to obtain security for their worldly as well as spirit rigfata, 
and went to negotiate in London in 1644 for Narraganset, of wh. War- 
wick was the chief settlem. with full success ; and d. betw. 28 Dec 
1658, the date of his will, and 7 Jan. next, when it was pro. The w. 
brot. from £ng. mo. of all the ch. d. 1643, at Conanicut, where she had 
sought refuge in conseq. of her suffer, when' the Mass. forces came to 
Grorton's planta. and took him and all his adher. prisoners. A sec. w* 
was Alice Daniels m. in Eng. but ch. is not heard of, nor by third w« 
Philippa, wh. d. 1687, aged 87. Mary m. James Sweet. The farm on 
wh. he was bur. is still enjoy, by his descend. John, who came in tKe 
Francis from Ipswich, in Co. Suffk. 1634, aged 27, may have beoa of 
Salem, d. early, leav. wid. to wh. Felt says gr. of Id. was made in 1638, 
but that diligent writer, I. 516, thot the husband was of the comp. in the 
James from Southampton a jr. later. In aid of that conject. perhaps 
rather slight, is the fact, that six or seven of the passeng. in the more 
recent sh. bee. inhabs. of Salem. But it is easy to mistake with so com- 
mon bapt. and surnames. John, Cbarlestown, s. prob. of first John, b. 
in*£ng. was adm. of the ch. 17 Apr. 1642, and freem. 18 May foil. He 
digested, from sev. verbal stories, the acco. of settlem. of ^the town, 
wh. has remarkably misled Prince and other inquirers. The first aoTen 

GREEN. 303 

pages, 60 far from being a contempo. rec. of exact facts, begin with rela- 
tkaiy more or less minute, of what took place thirty-five jrs. earlier. See 
HToang's Chron. of Mass. 387. He had been serv. . of William Wil- 
loughby at Portsmouth, Eng. and after was of his s. Francis our dept- 
^v. JoHK, Sandwich 1643, made his will 29 Feb. 1660, d. soon afler. 
John, New Haven, had John, b. 1651. John, Kitterj 1652, subm. to 
Jorisdict. of Mass. that jr. John, Fairfield 1648, made freem. 1662, 
had good est * John, Stamford, was rep. 1668-71, and perhaps later. 
John, a freem. of Mass. 1654, may have been of Maiden or Cambridge. 
1 1 John, Warwick, eldest s. of the first John of Providence, b. in Eng. 
came 1635 with his f. freem. 1655, m. Ann, d. of William Almy, had 
Peter, Job, Samuel, Richard, and four ds. of wh. Ann m. her cous. 
Thomas Green ; one m. prob. Joseph Torry of Newport ; Catharine m. 
Charles Holden ; and perhaps Susanna m. John Spencer ; was a propr. 
of Westerly 1661, one of the counc to Sir Edmund Andros 1687, was 
major, dep.-gov. 1690-1700, and d. 1708. John, Narragansett 1664, 
mark. senr. seems to render it necessary to count ano. John to be junr. 
there at that time, and it may be that one or both went thither from 
Newport; or he may be the s. perhaps youngest, of the first James wh. 
HL 16 Feb. 1711^ Mary, d. of Increase Allen (but that surname is too 
eommon to permit to guess wh.), and had, as the £Etm. report says, David, 
James, Increase, Job, beside sev. ds. John, Sudbury, a capt in 1674. 
John, Maiden, s. of the earliest Thomas of the same, m. 18 Dec 1660, 
Sarah Wheeler, d. of Isaac of Charlestown, had Sarah, b. Sept. 1662 ; 
John, d. young; Mary, Dec 1668; John, again, 21 Mar. 1674 ; Sarah, 
again, 14 Jan. 1677; was freem. 1668, and d. 16 Oct. 1707. John, 
Dover or Portsmouth, m. 12 Sept 1666, Mary Jenkins, d. of Robert, 
periiaps, or Henry. John, Cambridge, only s. of Percival of the same, 
SL 20 Oct 1656, Ruth, d. of Edward Michelson, had John, b. 24 July 
1657; Nathaniel, 25 Sept 1658; Percival, b. 29 Mar. bapt 1 Apr. 
1660, H. C. 1680, first in the cataL of this copious name; Ruth, 24 
Not. 1661; Samuel, b. 4, bapt 10 May 1663; EUz. 22 Apr. 1665, 
bapt next day; and Edward, 15, bapt 21 Apr. 1667; as in Mitchell's 
Beg. appears, and, afler the termin. of that, had Thomas, b. 7 Mar. 1669 ; 
Jonathan; Bethia, 20 Jan. 1673; Joseph, 24 Oct 1675, H. C. 1695; 
Benjamin, 13 Aug. 1677 ; and Mary; Michelson, also, 14 Mar. who d. 
infl 21 Oct. 1681. He succeed, his f.<*in-law as marshal of the Col. and 
d. d Mar. 1692, aged 55. His wid. m. Samuel Cbampney. His s. 
John was tak. 1681, by the Turks, as we learn from the Diary of 
Noadiah Russell, sub; 20 Apr. 1682. Edward was a shipmaster, d. 
1696, unm. Bethia m. Joseph Hicks, and d. 12 Apr. 1708. John, Mai- 
den 1673, mariner, perhaps br. of James of Boston, freem. 1683, by w. 

S04 GBEEl^. 

Mary had Mary, b. Dec 1668 ; Samuel, 1679^ beside Eliz. and. Hannah, 
and d. 22 Mar. 1709. John, Newport, m. Maiy, eldest d. of William 
Jeffrey, is, perhaps, one who was inhab. 1655 ; and ano. John, adm. at 
Newport 1668, may have been his s. Johk, Wobum, m. 3 July 1671, 
Sarah, d. of John Bateman of Boston, had Sarah, b. 6 June 1672 ; 
Samuel, 29 Jan. 1674; John, 6 Jan. 1677 ; Hannah, 4 Mar. 1679; and 
peihaps he rem. John, Boston, may have been s« of Ralph, freem; 
1690. John, Stow, s. of Jacob the first, d. 1688, unm. Jonas, New 
London .1694, a shipmaster, of whose fam. I am igno. m. Jane, d. <f 
Alexander Pygan, had Samuel, and perhaps other eh. Joseph* Ply* 
mouth 1643. Joseph, Weymouth, may be he who came 1632 in the' 
James, with first John of Charlestown, by w. Eliz. d. of John WhiUnan 
of same, m. May 1657, had Joseph, b. 2 Apr. 1658; John, 16 Jatf 
1661; Eliz. 5 Apr. 1664; Mary, 15 Aug. 1667; and Zechary^ 7 Ape. 
1671. Joseph, Boston, perhaps s. of the first Samuel of Cambridgey 
m. in the spr. of 1672, and d. in three wks. Joseph, We3rmoath, •• 
of Joseph of the same, rem. to Scituate 1690, and m. 1695, Ann, d. of 
John Turner, jr. Joseph^ Salem vilL now Danyers,.8. of John of Cam* 
bridge, ord. 10 Nov. 1698, success, to wretched Mr. Paris; d. 2G Nov. 
1715, leav. wid. and seven ch. He m. 16 Mar. 1699| Eliz. d. of Bev. 
Joseph Gerrish of Wenham, had Ann, b. 27 Nov. 1699 ; a ch. 11 Jan. 
1701, d. very soon; John, 22 Dec 1701 ; Joseph, 12 Dec 1708; Ed- 
ward, 1 Dec 1705;; EUz. 8 May 1708 ; William, 11 Aug. 1710 ; Ben- 
jamin, 1 July 1713; and Ruth, 23 Apr. 1716. Nathaniel, Cam-' 
bridge, s. of Bartholomew, b. in Eng. freem. 1645, had w. Joaonik 
Nathaniel, Boston, m. 22 June 1657, Mary, d. of Jer«my Houehia, 
freem. 1665. Nathaniel, Boston, s. of Thomas the first of Warwiek, 
m. 27 Feb. 1703, Ann, d. of Thomas Gould, had Thomas, b. 4 JoM 
1705; Bufus, 30 May 1707; Nathaniel, 14 May 1709; WiiUam, $ 
May 1711; and Benjamin, 11 Jan. 1713. He d. 8 Aug. 1714; and 
his wid. d. 16 Jan. 1728 in her 43 yr. Nicholas, York,'d. 1663, leav. 
wid. Susanna, wh. m. Jeremiah Shears, and childr. whose names are not 
seen. The inv. was of 23 July in that jr. Nicholas, is the name of 
a soldier in Mosele/s comp. Dec 1675. Percival, Cambridge, br. it 
is suppos. of Bartholomew the first, came in the Susan and Ellen 1635, 
aged 32, with w. Ellen, 32, and two serv. fireem. 3 Mar. 1636, in the 
col. list whimsical, pervert to Passevil, had John, b. June 1636 ; and 
Eliz. Apr. 1639 ; d. 25 Dec. 1639, when the town rec makes the nanw 
Perceiveall. His wid. Ellen, m. Thomas Fox ; and d. Eliz. m. 4 Apr; 
1656, John Hall of Concord, and d. 14 Feb. 1714i Thomas, in Hist, of 
Print. 1. 235, has confus. I think, the childr. of Bartholomew and PereivaL 
Pebcival, Cambridge, gr.s. of the preced. the earliest gr. of this fam. 

GREEN. 805 

fiuune at Harv. a preach, d. 10 July 1684. Peter, Warwick, s. of first 
John of Providence, b. m Eng. came with his £ ; m. it is said, Mary, d* 
of Samnel Gorton, was freem. 1655, and d. 1659, by drown, without 
usae« His wid. m. prob. John Sanford. Peter, Warwick, s. of John 
tiie first of Warwick, m. 16 Dec 1680, Eliz. d. of Stephen Arnold, had 
r, John, William, Stephen, Elisha, Barbara, and ano. d. said to hare 
Stephen Arnold, not her cous. Peter, Warwick, s. of James the 
first of the same (perhaps eldest, by his sec. w.), m. a Slocum, had sev, 
d. and was drown, (wh. may only be the story of first Peter, his uocle), 
as the geneaL reports witho|it giv. any names of ch. Ralph, Boston, 
liad John, b. 22 Deo. 1 642, perhaps rem. to Maiden, and there had a 
cb. b. Jan. 1654. Richard, Plymouth, came in the Charity 1622 for 
Weston's planta. at Weymouth, being br.-in-l. of W. d. soon afler land- 
ii^ See Winslow's Good News from N. E. in Young's Chron. of the 
Pilgr. 299. I Richard, Boston, mariner, perhaps ar. co. 1638, but I 
doabt the rec. as he was not adm. inhab. bef. 1654 ; by w. Rebecca had 
Rebecca, b. 7 Aug. 1665 ; and he d. early in 1672. Richard, War- 
wick, 8. perhaps youngest, of the first John of the same, m. a Sayles, had 
Joiho, Audrey, Amy, Isabel, Eleanor, and Mary. Richard, Warwick, 
L oTthe first Thomas of the same, m. a Carder of the same, whether a' 
1 or gr.d. of Richard is unkn. had Richard, Thomas, Mary, Eliz. and 
Welthean. Robert, Wickford 1674. Robert, Hingham, m, Oct. 
1S66, £li2.JS^ichols. Samuel, Cambridge, eldest s. of first Bartholomew, 
kin Eng. came prob. with his f. 1632, tho. a foolish tradit is in print 
of his coming with Gov. Dudley, and after reach. N. E, tak. ^^ empty 
oieb to shelter them from the weather ; " was freem. 4 Mar. 1635, and 
iniJe,*not bred, a printer (as is well seen in Thomas's Hist), d. 1 Jan, 
1702, aged 87, or, we may believe, something less. By his first w. Jane, 
4 of Guy Bainbridge, wh. d. 16 Nov. 1657, he had Eliz. b. 16 Apr. 
1640; Sarah, 7 Oct. 1642 ; Lydia, 23 Mar. 1645, d. soon ; Lydia, again, 
18 Apr. 1646; Samuel, 6 Mar. 1648; Joseph, 7 Nov. 1649; and 
Deborah, 19 Mar. 1655 ; and by sec w. Sarah, d. of Elder Jonas Clark, 
m. 23 Feb. 1662, had Jonas, bapt. 31 Jan. 1664 ; Lydia, again, IQ Nov. 
1665 ; Eliz. b. 3 Nov. 1665 (as by the rec.) d. very soon ; Bartholomew, 
26 Oct. bapt. 3 Nov. 1667 ; Mary, b. 6 Nov. 1669 ; and Dorcas, 6 Sept 
1671. He was town dk. some yrs. capt. of the town milit. thirty yrs. 
and engag. at the press fifly yrs. the greatest work, in conjunct, with 
Uarmadake Johnson (sent from London by the Soc for Prop. Grospel), 
being the Ind. Bible. He is spoken of by John Dunton, in '< Life and 
Errors," with gr. kindness. Samuel, Warwick, s. of John the first of 
the same, ul it is said, a Gorton, but that may be a mistake for his 
QDcle Peter ; but he had Mary, William, wh. bee. the Grov. of the Col. 


806 GREEN. 

Samuel, and Benjamin. Sahuel, Boston, *& at the first Sainnel» m. 
Nov« 1685, Eliz. d. of capt Joseph Sill, was f. of Timothy, one of the 
earliest printers in Conn, and progenit of a line in that art, d. Jolj 1690 
of the smallpox, as did his w. at same time. Samuel, Maiden, freem. 
1690, s. of the first Thomas of the same, m. 1666, Mary, only ch. of 
Richard Cook of the same, had Samuel, b. Jan. 1668 ; Thomas, 1669 ; 
John, 1 Apr. 1672 ; William, Aug. 1674 ; Martha, 1683 ; Eliz. 16 Not. 
1687 ; Isaac, 20 May 1690 ; beside Mary, David, and Jonathan. He 
had sec. w. Susanna, but the first w. liv. to 24 Nov. 1715 ; and he d. 81 
Oct. 1724. Thomas, Ipswich 1648, may have been br. of Henry of the 
same ; but as nothing is ever heard of either, they may be oidy casual 
visitors. Thosla.s, Maiden, had w. Eliz. wh. d. Aug. 1658, and he m. 5 
Sept 1659, Frances, wid. of Richard Cook, wh. had been wid. of Isaae 
Wheeler, but prob. by former w. only had ch. Thomas, the eldest; 
John, b. a. 1632 ; WilUain, a. 1635 ; Henry, Nov. 1638 ; all prob. b. in 
Eng. Samuel, Apr. 1645; beside Eliz. Mary, perhaps both brot fitnn 
Eng. ; Hannah ; Martha ; and Boreas, 1 May 1 653 ; and he d. 19 Dec. 
1667. TH03IAS, Maiden, not s. of the preced. by w. Margaret, perhaps 
d. of the first Thomas Call, wh. d 22 June 1667, had Thom^, h* 1 Apr. 
1653 ; John, 26 Jan. 1659 ; Ephraim ; Mary ; and Eliz. all minors, bam. 
in his will of 25 Feb. 1674, of wh. s. Thomas and Ih*. Thomas Call wext 
excors. ; and he d. 25 May foil, but he had m. 19 Aug. 1667, Eliz. Webb 
for sec w. and may have been the freem. of 1670. THOSLA.a, Maiden, 
s. of the first Thomas of the same, m. Rebecca, d. of Joseph Hills, bad 
Bebecca, b. 1654 ; Thomas, Feb. 1656 ; Hannah, 160ct. 1658, d. soon; 
Hannah, again, 24 Feb. 1660 ; and Samuel, 5 Oct .1670 ; was prob. Che 
freem. of 1671. His will of 13 Feb. 1672, on wh. day he d. pro. f Apr. 
folL made w. Bebecca extrix. names ch. all minors, and br. John Wait 
overseer. The wid. d. 6 June 1674. Thohas, Providence, youngest s. 
of the first John of the same, came with his f. 1635, in the James frpm 
Southampton to Boston, arr. 3 June, rem. with his f. to Warwick, m. 80 
June 1659, Eliz. d. of Bufus Barton of W. wh. d. 20 Aug. 1693, had 
Eliz. b. 12 July 1660; Thomas, 14 Aug. 1662; Benjamin, 10 Jan. 
1666; Bichard, 5 Mar. 1667; Welthean, 23 Jan. 1670; Bufus, 6 Jan. 
1673 ; and Nathaniel, 10 Apr. 1679 ; and he d. 5 June 1717, aged 76. 
Thomas, Maiden, s. of the sec Thomas of the same, m. 22 Mar. 1676, 
Mary Weeks, had Thomas, John, Mary, Ebenezer, and EUz. wh. waa b. 
22 Dec. 1689; was freem. 1690, an'k d. 28 Apr. 1694. His wid. iB.a 
Gage. Thomas, Warwick, s. of Thomas of the same, m. Ann, d. of 
this uncle, sec John Green, had, beside sev. ds. John of Portsmouth, B^L 
'wh. perpet the name by a doz. ch. Tobias, Hull, 1675. WiLLiAXt 
<Charlestown 1640, freem. 1644, was of the pt wh. bee Wobam, by w* 


Haanahhad Maiy^ b. 20 Jan. 1644; Hannah, 7 Feb. 1647; John, 11 

Oct 1649 ; William, 22 Oct. 1651 ; and the f. d. 7 Jan. 1654. Wil- 

LiAMy Maiden, 8. of the first Thomas of the same, m.' 12 Sept 1659, 

Eliz. d. of Isaac Wheeler of Charlestown* But ano. rec makes the m. 

on 13 Jan. 1660. He was freem. 1668. His ch. were William, b. 1661 ; 

Isaac; John, Oct 1667; Eliz. Nov. 1668; and Sarah, 11 May 1671. 

He had sec w. ul 6 Feb. 1695, Isabel, wid. of James Blood, d. of John 

Farmer, and d. 30 Dec 1705 ; and his wid. d. 3 Mar. 1737. William, 

Boston, mariner, had ho. and Id. 1659-77. William, Providence, sw. 

aileg. May 1671. William, Groton, by w. Mary had William, b. 18 

July 1665; Ann, 12 May 1667; John, Mar. 1669; Eleazer, 20 May 

1672; Eliz. 11 Mar. 1680; and Hannah, 10 Apr. 1683. William, 

Wobum, by w. prob. nam. Hannah, had William, b. 9 Aug* 1675 ; 

Francis, 30 Nov. 1678; Ebenezer, 18. July 1680 ; Mehitable, 30 June 

1682, d. at 15 yrs. Hannah, 7 Oct 1684, d. soon, perhaps ; Mary, 1 Nov. 

1686; Samuel, 18 July 1689; Jacob, 14 Oct 1691 ; *and Joseph, 14 

Apr. 1694. The stocks of Greens in our country are not exhaust ; and 

perhaps never may be all brot into a work like this, on acco. of their 

number. Very early there was, beside the Salem wid. a wid. Green at 

Boxbury, as the cli« rec proves, and we may well imagine that she came 

Bofrom^ng. for perhaps the Jane, wh. m. 25 Dec 1639, Martin Stebbin, 

and the Mary, who m. 26 Aug. folL Thomas Griggs, both at R were, 

one or both, her ch. ; and in 1635, Thomas, a youth of 15, emb. in the 

Hopewell, capt Bondock, at London, to come hither, fellow passeng. 

with Astwoodi Buggies, Payson, Whittemore, and the Eliots, who all sat 

down at the same place. Ano. wid. with fam. of three was at New 

Haven 1643, may have been mo. of John, but who was her h. will not 

be easy to learn. Especial, hard has been the gather, of the Maiden 

fams. and those of the four, five, or six Thomases. Wholly vain would 

it be, to discrimin. in such a puMicat the fams. by final 0, or without it, 

for, in all contempc MSS. letters or rec of the elder days, ea» Individ. 

may be found with either terminat Twenty-nine of this name, with both 

forms, had, in 1834, been gr. at Harv. of wh. nine had been min. two at 

Yale, of wh. one was nain. and thirty-one at the other N. E. colL of wh. 

one had been min. 

GREEHfiELn, FsTBB, Salcm, perhaps s. of Samuel, in 1668 sign, 
petitn. to the Gen. Ct Sahusl, Salem, a weaker, of Norwidh, Oo. 
Norfk. came in the Mary Ann from Yarmouth 1637, aged 27, with w. 
Barbara, 35,^ two ch. Mary, and Barbara, beside John Teed, a serv. 19 ; 
was a short time at Ipswidi, but of Hampton 1639, and of Exeter 1645. 
He m. sec w. Susan, wid^r of Humphrey Wise ; had gs. of Id. at Salem, 
but perhi^ps did not take it Thoxas, Sandwich 1643. 

308 G R £ 

Grbekhill^ Samuel, Cambridge, came in May 1634, with w. and a. 
Thomas, not then weaned, wh. had been bapt. 20 Jan. 1633, at Staple- 
hurst, Co. Kent, freem. 4 Mar. 1635, went with the bodj of emigr* to 
Hartford next yr. there d. soon, leav. wid. Rebecca, wh. m. Jeremj 
Adams, and two ch. Rebecca, wh. m. 4 OcL 1649, John Shepard, and 
Thomas, wh. d. 1653 unm. but leav. a will. He came in the same sh. . 
with Simon Willard. 

Greenland, Henry, Newbury, b. a. 1 628, a physician, there from 
1662-75. John, Charlestown 1644, by w. Lydia had John, b. 16 Oct. 
that yr. who, or his f. was of Maiden, freem. 1678. John, Maiden, 8. 
of the preced. by w. Lydia, wh. d. 20 Jan. 1705, had Lydia, b. 2 Feb. 
1673, and was deac ; d. 17 Oct 1728, aged 84. 

Greenleaf, Daniel, Newbury, may have been s. of first Edmund, 
or more prob. inf. of Stephen, d. 12 Oct 1654. Edmund, Newbury, a 
dyer, brot a. 1635 w. Sarah, wh. was, it is said, nam. Dole, perhaps ab. 
of Richard the first, and ch. Eliz. wh. m. 1642, or earlier, Giles Badger, 
and, next, 16 Feb. 1648, Richard Brown; ano. d. Judith, b. 1628, wb« 
m. here Henry Somerby, and, next, 2 Mar. 1653, Tristram Coffin, jr.; 
Stephen, 1630 ; and Enoch ; perhaps also Daniel ; all b. in Eng. was 
freem. 13 Mar. 1639, head of the milit under Gerrish 1644; rem. a. 
1650 to Boston, was adm. an inhab. 27 Sept 1654, and d. 1671. Ed* 
HUND, Newbury, youngest s. of first Stephen, m. 2 July 1691, Abigail, 
d. of Abiel Somerby, had Judith, b. 15 Dec. 1692 ; Rebecca, 29 Sept 
1693, d. soon ; Abigail, 6 Mar. 1695 ; Mary, 10 Sept 1697; Rebecca, 
again, 22 Feb. 1700 ; and Edmund, 10 Feb. 1703. Enoch, Maiden, 8. 
of Edmund the first, b. prob. in Eng. a dyer, had est giv. by his f. 1663^ 
rem. to Boston, by w. Mary had Enoch ; Joseph ; Ruth ; Bethia, b. 11 ■ 
Aug. 1676 ; and Rooksby, bef. 1683, when he mortgag. that est Enoch, 
Boston, s. of the preced. by w. Catharine had Joseph, b. 4 Apr. 1687; 
and Rachel, 10 Nov. 1688 ; perhaps l^m. or d. soon. John, Boston 
1662, shipwright, m. 26 Feb. 1666, Hannah, d. of William Yeazie at 
Braintree, perhaps had fam. but certain, had sb. Mary, nam. in the wiU 
of Eliz. Robinson, as of kin to her. John, Newbury, s. of first Stephen^ 
m. 12 Oct 1685, Eliz. Hills, had Eliz. b. 30 July 1686 ; Jane, 10 No^. 
1687 ; Judith, 15 July 1689, d. young; Daniel, 24 Dec 1690; Parker, 
' 20 Feb. 1695; Martha, 23 Apr. 1699; and Benjamin, -21 Nov. 1701; 
and d. 24 June 1734. Samuel, Newbury, br. of the preced. m. 1 Mar* 
1686, Sarah, d. of John Kent, had Daniel, b. 28 Feb. 1687 ; John, 18 
Oct 1688 ; Stephen, 27 Aug. 1690; and Sarah, 3 Nov. 1692; and lie 
d. 6 Aug. 1694. * Stephen, Newbury, s. of capt. Edmund, b. in Eng. 
m. 13 Nov. 1651, Eliz. d. of Tristram Coffin, had Stephen, b. 15 Aug^ 
1652 ; Sarah, 15 Oct 1655; Daniel, 17 Feb. 1658 ; EHz. 9 Apr. 1660; 

G R E 309 

John, 21 Jane 1662; Samuel, 80 Oct. 1665; Tristram, II Feb. 1668; 
Edmand, 10 May 1670 ; Judith, 13 Oct 1673, d. at 5 yrs. ; and Mary, 
6 Dec 1676. His w. d. 19 Nov. 1678 ; and he m. 31 Mar. foil. Esther, 
wid. of capt Benjamin Swett ; was freera. 1677, a capt. rep. 1676 and 
66; and d. 1 Dec. 1690, hy drown, at Cape Breton. Prob; this was 
one of the conseq. of the sad crusade of Sir William Phips to Quebec. 
His wid. d. 16 Jan. 1718, aged 89. Eliz. m. 24 Sept. 1677, Thomas 
Koyea. Stephen, Newbury, eldest s. of the preced. was a capt. d. at 
gr, age 18 Oct 1743; m. 23 Oct 1676, Eliz. d. of capt William 
Gerrish, had EKz. b. 12 Jan. 1678; Daniel, 10 Feb. 1680, H. C. 1699; 
Sl^hen, 31 Aug. 1682, d. in few wks. ; William, 1 Apr. 1684, d. in two 
wks.; Joseph, 12 Apr. 1686; Sarah, 19 July 1688; Stephen, 21 Oct 
1690; John, 29 Aug. 1693 ; Benjamin, 14 Dec. 1695 ; and Moses, 24 
Feb. 1698. He serv. in Philip's war on Conn. riv. above Hatfield, and 
waswoond. 25 Aug. 1675. Daniel was min. of N. Yarmouth, ord. 1708, 
and d. at Boston, 27 Aug. 1763. Tristram, Newbury, br. of the 
preced. m. 12 Nov. 1689, Margaret Piper, had Nathaniel, b. 25 Jan. 
1692; Eliz. 16 Mar. 1693 ; Stephen, 16 Apr. 1694; Edmund, 24 June 
1695; Sarah, 27 Mar. 1697; Judith, 28 Sept 1698; and Mary, 28 
Sept 1699. Six of this name had, in 1834, been gr. at Harv. and five 
at other N. E. coll. 

Grsenman, or Grinman, David, early a propr. of Taunton. Baylies, 
11.265. Perhaps he was of Newport, freem. 1655, Edward, or 
Bdhumd, freem. of Newport 1655, Westerly 1661, perhaps s. of John. 
Jomr, R. I. 1638. 

Gbeenough, Edward, Boston, s. of the sec. William, m. 10 Sept 

1703, Bebecca Haggett, had Rainsford, Sarah, and Eliz. but their dates, 

or his d. or that of his w. are all unkn. Jonx, Boston, s. of William 

tie sec m. 18 Oct 1693, Eliz. Grosse, had Eliz. b. 13, bapt. 25 Nov. 

1694; Mary, 15, bapt 16 Aug. 1696; William, bapt 29 May 1698; 

Join, 17, bapt 23 July 1699 ; William, 5, bapt 13 July 1701 ; Eliz. 7, 

Upt 11 July 1703 ; Abigail, 8, bapt 26 Aug. 1705 ; Newman, 6, bapt 

9 Hay 1708; Thomas, 6, bapt 7 May 1710 ; Jerusha,28, bapt. 30 Dec 

1711; and Samuel, 26, bapt 27 June 1714; and d. 1732. He was 

progenit of most of the name in recent times, includ. the disting. artist, 

Horatio, H. C. 1825. Lure, Boston, eldest s. of William the sec. by w. 

Ab^ail Hammond, d. of Lawrence of Charlestown, m. 30 Jan. 1690, 

had only Abigail, b. 17 Sept bapt at Charlestown 2 Nov. 1690. Rob- 

xitT, Rowley 1685, was made town elk. 1691, had, perhaps, a fam. but 

details are unkn. William, Boston, a sea capt. freem. 1669, m. 4 Jiily 

1662, Eliz. d. of Nicholas Upshall, had eleven ch. yet no descend, of 

male line remain ; made his will 24 July 1678, bound on a voyage, wh. 

was not pro. bef. 1 Feb. 1686, when his wid. had been some yrs. m. to 

310 QBE 


Timothy Prout. His ch. were William, b. 12 Apr. 1656; William, 
again, 5 Sept 1658; Israel, 27 July 1660; Samuel, d Mar. 1662, d 
soon; Dorothy, 16 Mar. 1663; Eliz. 30 Nov. 1664; Ann, 21 Feb. 
1669; Joseph, 22 Jan. 1672; Mercy, 16 Feb. 1673; Sarah, bapt 4 
July 1675 ; Sarah, ag^n, 7 May 1676 ; all d. young exc Eliz. wh. m. 
William Roby, and Mercy, wh. m. 9 June 1692, Henry Gibbs, and d. 
24 Jan. 1716. William, Boston, shipwright, cous. of the preced. b. iit 
Eng. freem. 1673, m. 10 Oct 1660, Ruth, d. of Thomas Swift of Dor^ 
Chester, had four s. and three ds. Mary, b. 28 Nov. 1 662 ; Ann, 23 Majr 
1665; Luke, 10 Feb. 1668; William, 20 Feb. 1671; John, 17 Fek. 
1673 ; Samuel, 31 Aug. 1676 ; and Consider, 17 Mar. 1678. He au 
sec. w. Eliz. d. of Elder Edward Rainsford, had Newman, 2 Apr. 1681 1 
Edward, call. William on town rec 8 July 1684; Eliz. 8 June 1686; 
imd Ann, 5 May 1688. This w. d. 23 May 1688 ; and he m. 29 Nov. folL 
Sarah Shove of Chelmsford, and d. 6 Aug. 1693, aged 52. Mary m. 
William Stone, and she is only d. of his five nam. in the will of 1 Aug; 
1693, of wh. William and John were excors. William, Boston, s. of 
the preced. m. July 1696, Eliz. d. of Rev. Increase Mather, and thus 
furnish, the opportun. for that pleasant relation in the Magn. VI. 87, 
of the piety of the ch. Ann, sis. of this third William, who d. at 5 yA 
old. He prob. had no ch. and his wid. m. 6 Oct 1703, Josiah Byle& 
Four of this name had been gr. 1828 at Harv. and four at other N. £. 

Greenslad, Grbenlt, Greexslate, or Greensledoe, Thomas^ 
Scarborough 1658, Salem 1668. Compare Willis, I. 64, with Genealog. 
Reg. V. 264, and IX. 85. 

Greensbuth, Nathaniel, Hartford, was, prob. h. of the womn 
there execut. for a witch, in 1662, suppljing the first examp. of the dm 
delusion in c vii. of Mather's Magn. VI. 67. I Stephen, Boston 1686^ 
ar. ca 1638, was more than once prosecut for freedom of speech. Winth* 
I. 214. Thomas, Hartford 1660. Hinman, 138. 

Greenway, Grinawat, Grinowat, or Grinnowat, ClehxmTi 
Saco 1636. Folsom, 36. John, Dorchester, came, prob. in the Maiy 
and John 1630, req. 19 Oct to be freem. and 18 May folL was admi. a 
millwright of much esteem, brot. ch. perhaps one or more already m. in 
Eng. Ann, who was w. of Robert Fierce, outliv. him almost 31 yrs* 
and d. 31 Dec 1695, says Blake's Ann. and the gr.stone a. 104 yrs. ao 
perhaps the oldest tenant of that mansion ; Ursula, w. of Hugh BatteOf 
and she came 1635, aged 32, with her maiden name, as comp. to her sia. 
Mary who was w. of Thomas Millet, and passengers in the Elizabeths 
and Catharine, w. of William Daniel; had div. of Id. 1652; was then 
old ; and his w. Mary d. 23 Jan. 1659. Oliver, Saoo 1636. Sallivan, 
219. Richard, Salem 1637. Felt 


Grbekwood, Isaac, Boston, 8. of Nathaniel, m. 6 Sept. 1694, Ann 
Xtjode, and d. 1701. James, Cambridge (s. of first Thomas, hy his sec. 
^.), m. 13 Apr. 1713, Thankful, d. of Joseph Wilson, had James, b. 27 
J^an. 1714; and Abigail, 1715. His w. d. 4 Feb. in that jr. and he m. 
S Jan. 1716, sec w. Abigail ; and d. 1720 at Roxbuiy. * John, Cam- 
bridge, br. of the preced. (b. of the first w. of f.) m. Hannah, d. of James 
TlVowbridge, had Thomas, b. 28 Jan. 1696; Eliz. 20 Sept. 1697; Han- 
nah, 4 Mar. 1699 ; Ruth, 12 Oct 1701 ; Daniel, 27 Nov. 1704; Su- 
mmnsLj 7 Dec 1707 ; and Josiah, 21 June 1709. His w. d. 21 June 
1728 ; and he m. next yr. Alice Lyon of Roxbury, one of the many, of 
"wh. no rec is found ; was rep. 1735-7. He d. 29 Aug. 1737. Na- 
YHAKiELy Boston, s. of Miles, b. at Norwich, Eng. and the f. came not 
to our country, m. 24 Jan. 1656, at Weymouth, Mary, d. of Samuel 
Allen of Braintree, had Miles, b. 23 May 1660, d. young ; Samuel, 24 
Sept 1662; Isaac, bef. ment H. C. 1685; Ann, 7 Apr. 1669 ; Mary, 
26 Sept. 1671 ; and Sarah, 24 Feb. 1674. The gr.stone on Copp's Hill 
muka his d. 31 July 1684, aged 53 ; and his inform, will, made ^a 
week bef. he d.** is m Vol. VI. 471. Samuel, Boston 1670, wh. by w. 
liaiy had Mary, b. 30 Dec. 1673, wh. d. at 45 yrs. unm. Samuel, 6 
Mar. 1677; Priscilla, 13 June 1680; Miles, 12 Sept. 1682; Peter, 7 
ivitj 1685, d. at 21 yrs. and Martha, 8 Jan. 1688 ; I suppose d. 19 Aug. 
1711^ aged 65, and was br. of the preced. Samuel, Boston, s. of Na- 
tbaoiel, m. Eliz. d. of Robert Bronsdon; had Eliz. b. 18 Oct. 1687, d. 
in few days ; and, it is said, eight other ch. of wh. were Samuel, H. C. 
1709; and Isaac, bapt 17 May 1702, H. C. 1721, the unhappy first 
Professor at that seminary in the Hollis chair of the Mathematics ; 
IQes, b. 1705 ; Nathaniel, bapt 23 Mar. 1707 ; and Joseph, 20 Aug. 
1710; the last three d. in few days after their sev. b*. and their f. d. 16 
% 1721, aged 59, and his wid. d. 9 Dec foil, aged 51. Thomas, 
OttDbridge, m. 8 June 1670, Hannah, eldest d. of John Ward of New- 
ton, had John, bef. ment. ; Thomas, b. 27 Jan. or 15 July 1673, H. C. 
1690, min. of Rehoboth ; and by sec. w. Abigail had James, b. 19 Dec. 
1687, bef. ment ; and William, 14 Oct 1689 ; was freem. 1690, and d. 
1 Sept 1693, aged 50. His ho. was at the village then call. New Cam- 
bridge, after Newton. Thomas, Rehoboth, s. of the preced. m. 1693, 
Elis. d. of Noah Wiswall, had Hannah, b. 5 Feb. 1694; John ; Noah, 
iO Apr. 1699, d. at 4 yrs.; Esther, 20 Aug. 1701, d. soon-; Eliz. 5 Apr. 
1704 ; Esther, again, 25 June 1709, d. unm. at 22 yrs. Jackson says 
he was ord. 1693; but ano. acco. makes him ord. 8 Sept 1696; d. 7 
Sept 1720, l^v. eldest s. John, b. 20 May 1697, H. C. 1717, wh. bee. 
Ub success, in the pulpit Eight of this name (wh. is spell. Greenhood 
io the Cambridge rec), had, in 1834, been gr. at Harv. and one at Dart. 

812 GRE — GEI 

Gbeet, J0HK9 Westfield, m. a d. of Ediiiiind Hart, liad Jolm, b. 1 

Jan. 1671. Perhaps he came from Weymouth with H. bat he rem. 

Gbeoory, Elizaphal, Windsor 1641. Henrt, Springfield 1689, 
rem. in few jrs. to Stratford, and perhaps after 1650, rem. again. 
Jachin, Norwalk, s. of John first of the same, had Mary, b. 5 Dec 
1669; John, 25 Jan. 1671; Thomas, 17 Jan. 1673; Samuel, 19 Mar. 
1676; Sarah, 15 Sept 1678; Matthew, 17 Dec. 1680; and Jachin, 10 
May 1682. • John, New Haven, had Joseph, bapt 26 July 1646 ; and 
Thomas, 19 Mar. 1648 ; rem. a. 1653 to Norwalk, with all his ch. pmb. 
John, Jachin, Thomas, Joseph, and Sarah ; was rep. sev. yrs. afler 1662, 
and liv. in 1688. Sarah m. 10 May 1676, James Benedict JoHV, 
Norwalk, prob. s. of the preced. had Eliz. b. Jan. 1665 ; Sarah, Dec 
1667; Jonathan, June 1671; Abigail, June 1672; and Mary, Dec 
1674. John, Weymouth, by w. Hannah had Hannah, b. 9 Apr. 1669. 
Jonas, Ipswich, m. 1653, Hannah, d. of Thomas Dow, and she d. 82 
Feb. 1672.' Joseph, Norwalk, prob. s. of first John, is not by Hall 
said to have had any fam. Judah, Springfield, m. 1643,. Sarah, d. of 
Henry Burt, and no more is kn. of him, but that his wid. m. Hemy 
Wakley. Judah, Norwalk, perhaps s. of first John of the same, m. 90 
Oct 1664, Hannah, d. of Walter Haite, had Hannah, b. 24 Sept 1665; 
John, 17 Mar. 1669; a d. Percie, 11 Feb. 1672; Joseph, 16 July 
1674; Lydia, 9 Jan.. 1677; Josiah, 13 July 1679; and Benjamin, 26 
Mar. 1682. Perhaps he was a propr. of New Haven 1672; and m 
1685 one of the first sett, at Danbury. Thomas, Norwalk, s. of first 
John, m. 25 Dec. 1679, Eliz. d. of George Pardie of New Haven, had 
Martha, b. 31 Aug. 1680, perhaps, tho. Hall calls the mo. Apr. 

Grennell, Matthew, Portsmouth, R. I. among freem. of 1655. 
See Grinnell. 

Grice, or Grise, Charles, Braintree, freem. 1651, had w. Margeiy 
provided for in his will of 9 Nov. 1661, pro. 12 Nov. 1663, a s. David 
then in Eng. of wh. it was so unc whether he would come hithet within 
three yrs. afler d. of testator's w. that testator would give to either a. 
that would come of his bros. John and William, and if neither of them 
would come, within three yrs. afler notice, then all his real est in fee €0 
s.-in-law William Owen. Whether Owen had m. a d. of Grice, or 
Grice had m. the mo. of devisee in this contingency, I hope the historiflB 
of Braintree will discover, or, at least, show, if the est. bee vested in 
this s.-in-law. Josiah, Boston, br. of the preced. freem. 1690, d. neiA 
yr. Samuel, Boston, freem. 1690. 

Gridley, John, Boston 1681-3, was pub. executioner, and had a 
salary, but in one place this office is assigned to Joseph, of wh. I know 


ix>tliiiig. Joseph, Boston, perhaps s. of Richard, had w. Eliz. s. Rich- 
ard, ds. Eliz. and Mary, w. of . . . . Perrin ; but he had sec. w. 9 Jane 
1654, Lydia, wid. of Richard Floyd, or Flood ; and by her had Mary, 
b. 22 Atar. 1655, and d. early in 1687. His will of 19 Mar. was pro. 
14 Apr. of that yr. || Richard, Boston, as early as 1631, by w. Grace 
hkl Mary, bapt. 10 June 1632; Sarah, 1 June 1634; Hannah, 24 Apr. 
16S6; tha disarm, in Noy. 1637, as supporter of Wheelwright, contin. 
to have eh. Return, 8 Apr. 1638 ; Believe, 3 May 1640 ; and Tremble, 
b. 14 Mar. bapt. 2 Apr. 1642. The last two were s. both d. bef. the f. 
wk. was freem. 1 Apr. 1634, ar. co. 1658, and a capt His will of 19 
Oet* 1674, pro. next mo. names w. Grace, Mary Gridley, d. Dor- 
knr, and ch. of Tremble. His d. Return m. 9 Apr. 1656, John Davis ; 
and Hannah m. 16 Sept 1657, Edward Davis. Samuel, Farmington, 
ft of Thomas of the same, had John, bapt. 29 Jan. 1682 ; Joseph, 8 
Mar. 1685 ; Esther, 15 May 1687 ; James, 3 May 1691 ; and Sarah, 8 
July 1694. Descend, arq num. Thomas, Hartford, m. 29 Sept. 1644, 
Mary Seymour, d. prob. of Richard of the same, had Samuel, b. 25 
Nov* 1647; and Thomas, 1650; rem. to Farmington, thence, perhaps, 
to Northampton, there d. His wid. m. deac. John Langdon. Perhaps 
'he had d. Mary, wh. m. 7 Oct. 1675, Thomas Root. Thomas, Farmii^g- 
tODy perhaps s. of the preced. had, beside four ch. that d. young, Thomas, 
bi^t. IMnne 1683 ; John, 5 Oct. 1684 ; Samuel, 21 Mar. 1686 ; Mary, 
b Feb. 1688; Jonathan, 2 Nov. 1690 ; and Eliz. 29 Oct 1693. Ten of 
fikis name had been gr. at Tale in 1826, and only two at Harv. 

Geiffin, or Grifping, Hugh, Sudbury, one of the first sett, had w. 

Elis, freem. 1645, d. 21 or 27 Jqne 1656, in his will of 6 Mar. preced. 

Dames ch. Jonathan; Abigail, b. 16 Nov. 1640'; Sarah, 20 Nov. 1642 ; 

and Shemuel, 9 Jan. 1645, perhaps the youngest; beside Hannah Upson, 

d. of his w. Eliz. by former h. Hugh, Stratford 1654, had John, b. 

that yr. and perhaps Thomas, a propr. with him, in 1685, may have been 

hiss. Humphrey, Ipswich 1641, who d. 1665, had w. Eliz. and ch.. 

John, Nathaniel, Samuel, Lydia, and Eliz. who was prob. w. of Edward 

Deare, all liv. 1670, when his wid. who had become w. of Hugh 

Sheritt of Haverhill, made her will in their favor. Jasper, Marblehead 

1674. * John, Windsor 1646, m. 13 May 1&47, Ann Bancroft, had 

Hannah, b. 4 July 1649 ; Mary, l.Mar. 1652 ; Sarah, 25 Dec 1654; 

John, 25 Oct 1656; Thomas, 3 Oct. 1658; Abigail, 12 Nov. 1660; 

Mindwell, 11 Feb. 1663 ; Ruth, 21 Jan. 1606 ; Ephraim, 1 Mar. 1669 ;. 

and Nathaniel,' 31 May 1673 ; was one of the first sett, at Simsbury, where 

he had gr. of Id. as reward for his introduct of manuf. of pitch and tar;. 

jrep. some yrs. d« 1681, when his ten ch. were liv. Hannah m. 20 May 

1667, Isaac Fond ; and Mary, m. 1 May 1672, Samuel Wilson. Johx,. 

VOL. u. 27 

814 GRI 

Boston, a caulker, m. 27 Apr. 1655, Susanna Price, had Eliz* b. 26 
Aug. 1656; Sarah, 10 Mar. 1659; Mary, 21 Jan. 1662; Susanna, 13 
Nov. 1664; and Remember, 5 Feb. 1667; and was liv. 1677. John, 
Salisbury, perhaps s. of Humphrey, sw. alleg. 1677. Joseph, Boxbuiji 
8. of Richard, was in the Falls fight under Turner, 1676, by w. Sarah 
had Sarah, b. 29 Aug. 1686, d. soon; Sarah, again, 19 July 1690s 
Samuel, 2 Jan. 1693 ; Joseph, 21 Jan. 1695 ; and Benjamin, 2 Sept 
1702. Matthew, Say brook 1645, may have rem. to Chariestowo, 
there m. 29 Aug. 1654, Hannah Cutter, had Matthew, b. 7 May 1656^ 
who d. there 23 Apr. 1691 ; Hannah, 11 Nov. 1657 ; Samuel, 20 Sept 
1659; £liz. bapt. 9 Feb. 1662; Rebecca, 9 Oct. 1664; Richard, 18 
May 1666 ; John, 29 Mar. 1668 ; Jonathan, 5 June 1670 ; and Sarah, 
6 Oct. 1672. Matthew, Charlestown, s. of the preced. m. Debor^ 
wid. of Zechary Hill, d. of Francis Norton. Nathaniel, Salisbury, m. 
26 Aug. 1671, Etiz. Ring of Andover, had Hannah, b. 11 Mar. 1676; 
Eliz. 30 Oct 1682; Maria, 24 June 1686 ; and Judith, 5 June 1689; 
Philip, Salisbury, by w. Ann had Hannah, b. 12 Mar. 1653 ; Maiy, 
24 Apr. 1655 ; and John, 4 Nov. 1656 ; and was k. by lightning. Ana 
Philip of Scarborough d. a. 1668, had inv. brot in June of next yr. 
and his wid. m. John Beaudesert of S. * Richabd, Concord 1635, 
freem. Mar. 1638, rep. 1639 and 40, was an Elder of the ch. m. pEob. 
as sec. or third w. 10 Dec. 1660, wid. Mary Harrod, and d. ^jLAr" ^^ 
aged 70 yrs. By will, of wh. he made w. extriz. few days Kf. his 1 
he gave most of his prop, to Christopher WooUey. Richard, Boxbnryi 
had w. Mary, and ch. there bapt. Mary, Eliz. and Joseph, all on 17 May 
1657, some days after he had join, with the ch. Abigail, 18 Sept. 1659 } 
Esther, 5 May 1661; Samuel, 25 Jan. 1663; and Hannah, 4 Man 
1666 ; was freem. 1657, and he d. 28 Feb. foil, the last bapt. Richard^ 
Boston, gunsmith, was one of the pirates execut. with Thomas Pound 
and Thomad Hawkins, their chiefs, Jan. 1691, as from the rec is extr. 
in Drake's Hist, of Boston, 490. Robert, Newport 1654, freem. of 
that Col. 1655. Samuel, Charlestown, by w. Priscilla had Samuel, 
bapt 6 Feb. 1687, the same day with his mo. ; John, 7 July 1689; 
Caleb, 3 Apr. 1692; Hannah," 12 Nov. 1693 ; Priscilla, 6 Sept 1696 1 
and Sarah, 14 Apr. 1699. Thomas, New London 1651, rem. 1654» to 
Stonington, d. 1661, leav. Thomas, and perhaps other ch. Admin, on his 
est was giy. in Boston 18 July for a creditor. See QeneaL Reg. X. 859. 

Griffith, Henkt, Cambridge, d. 12 Nov. 1639. Joshua, came 
from London, in the Abigail, 1635, aged 25, and perhaps* his resid. may 
be ascert in a happier day. William, Boston 1676. 

Griggs, George, Boston, came in the Hopewell, capt Bnndocke, 
from London, 1635, aged 42, call, in the custom ho. rec of Landen, in 


Socks ; with w. Alice, 42 ; and ch. Thomas, 15 ; William, 14 ; Eliz. 10 ; 

' Jlaiy, 6 ; and James, 2 ; emb. 1 Apr. had here Eliz. again, b. 14 May 

1636 ; Sarah, 15 Maj 1637 ; and Willian^ also, wh. d. in Dec 1638 ; 

and the sec. Eliz. d. Maj 1640. He d. 23 June 1660, hav. made his 

win 4 July 1655, provid. for his w. s. James, and ds. Ann Jones, w. of 

Matthew, Mary Brooks, and Sarah King. The wid. in her will of 20 

July 1662, pro. 1 May foil, doubts if s. James ever come, names 

William Bang, and his mo. Sarah, who had m. Roger Burgiss, and 

admin, was giv. to Robert Lattimore, who had m. the d. Ann Jones. 

Junes was presumed, in 1665, being many yrs. unheard of, to be d. 

The male descend, failed at once. Huhphret, Braintree, d. Aug. 1657, 

leaY. w. Grissel, who had been wid. of Thomas Jewell, bound hims. 5 

Oct 1655, bef. m. 9 Mar. 1656, to bring up the ch. of said Thomas. 

John, Boxbury, s. perhaps of Thomas, b. in.Eng. m. 11 Nov. 1652, 

Haiy Patten, had John, b. 10 Aug. foil, and Mary, both bapt. 27 Mar. 

1659 ; Hannah, 23 Oct. of same yr. ; Abigail, 22 Sept. 1661 ; beside 

Both, who d. 1673 ; and other ch. as we judge from the will ; d. 23 Jan. 

1692. His will, made some days bef. calls hims. '' very crazy, yet sound 

in memory and apprehension," calls John his oldest, names ds. Mary 

Fielder, with her ch. Sarah; ds. Hannah Raynsford; Abigail G>ok; 

Sirah Kidder ; appoints his br. Joseph, his s. John, and s. James, when 

he comes of age, to be excors. John, Roxbury, s. of the preced. m. 

1682, Eliz. Case, was^freem. 1690. Joseph, Roxbury, br. of first John, 

kin Eng. prob. freem. 1653, m. Mary, d. of Griffin Grafts, wh. d. 30 

June 1653, without ch. and next m. 8 Nov. 1654, Hannah Davis, had 

bipt there, Samuel, 5 Oct 1656, d. in 3 mos.; Mary, 22 Nov. 1657; 

Hannah, b. 25, bapt. 27 Mar. 1659 ; Joseph, 13 Oct 1661 ; Benjamin, 8 

Uir. 1668; Joanna, 10 Jan. 1673 ; Ichabod, 27 Sept 1675 ; and Mary, 

S7Mar. 1682 ; his w. d. 9 Jan. 1684 ; and he d. 10 Feb. 1715, aged 90. 

Stephen, Marblehead 1674. Thomas, Roxbury 1639, brot w. Mary, 

who d. or was bur. 29 Nov. of that yr. and s. John and Joseph ; m. 26 

Ang. 1640, Mary Green, and he d. 23 May 1646, afler long illness. 

I William, Boston, cooper, freem. 1672, ar. co. 1675, m. a d. of John 

Hannaford. William, m. Thankful, d. of Richard Baker of 


Ohigsok, or Gbegson, X Thomas, New Hayen, came from London 
to Boston 26 June 1637, in comp, with Grov. Eaton and John Daven- 
port, was one of the chief men, an active merch.' and an Assist, of the 
CoL first treasr. and first Conmiissr. for the Union with other N. E. GoL 
liv. on £. side of the harbor, sailed in Jan. 1646 for London, with 
l4unberton and " divers other godly persons," of wh. nothing was ever 
heard, the little vessel hav. no doubt, foundered. He left wid. Jane, 

316 GRI 

who liy. to 4 June 1702, one s. Richard and eight da. Mary, bapt. 26 
Jan. 1640 ; Phebe, 15 Oct. 1643 ; Abigail, 23 Feb. 1645 ; Ann, who m. 
Stephen Daniels; Susanna, ^i. 13 May 1661, Ahraham Cruttenden; 
Sarah, m. 1667, John Gilbert; but Dodd calls her w. of Whitehead; 
Phebe was sec. w. 1 673, of Rev. John Whiting of Hartford ; and next, 
of Rev. John Russell of Hadley. 

Grihme, or Grihmes, Benjamin, Hartford, s. of Henry, was a lient. 
and d. 1725, had Benjamin, b. 1685, d. soon; George, 1687; Johiiy 
1689 ; Benjamin, again, 1694; Samuel, 1696; and hy sec w. m. 16d8y 
Sarah Webster, had Elisha, 1699 ; and Isaac, 1702. Henry, Hartford 
1661, had goo.d est. d. 1684, leav. Benjamin, then aged 22; John, 19, d. 
a. 1720; Joseph, 17 ; Mary, 16; Sarah, 13; Eliz. 10; Susanna, 7; 
and Rebecca, 4. This name, in the sec. generat perhaps from no desire 
of concealm. bee. Graham. Yet Benjamin, who m. 1684, Abigail 
Humphrey, is call, when her interment is rec. 1697, Grimes. 

Grimes, Samuel, Boston, a pewterer, by w. Frances had Mary, K 
27 Apr. 1639 ; freem. 18 May 1642, yet spell, in the ch. rec of 26 Mar. 
preced. Grame, and in town rec. of b. Greames. He rem. to Plymoalh, 
there, by w. Ann, had Susanna, b. 22 Nov. 1657, wh. m. 27 Mar. 1678, 
Daniel Vaughan of Newport William, Greenwich, d. 1671, without 
fam. gave his prop, to the town. 

Grimstone, or Grimsted, Margaret, a wid. d. at Boston 20 Jan. 
1650. Her inv. tak. 7 Feb. folL was £27. 13; but wh. rec this prop, 
is not kn. to me. 

Grinnell, Daniel, Portsmouth, R. I. Matthew, R. L 1638, 
receiv. as a freem. and 11 v. at Portsmouth 1655. 

Griswold, * Edward, Windsor, b. at Kenilworth, in Warwickah. 
1607, as tradit. says, came, it is always said, with Rev. Ephraim Hait^ 
tho. it is certain, wrong, for his s. George testif. that he was b. 1638, and. 
'< liv. in his youthful yrs." with his f. and uncle Matthew at KenilwortV 
Eng. Bef. com. to W. he had Francis, George, John, and Sarah, prob.* 
all b. in Eng. and he had at Windsor, Ann, b. 19 June 1642, in wh. yr* 
John d. there; Mary, bapt. 13 Oct. 1644; Deborah, 28 June 1646; 
Joseph, b. 12 Mar. 1648 ; Samuel, bapt 18 Nov. 1649 ; John, again, 1 
Aug. 1652 ; rem. a. 1664 to Killingworth, so named ace. the com. pro- 
nunciat. of his native place. He was rep. 1658-61 for W. and often 
for K. His s. Francis, and br. Matthew, as well as hims. were reps, in 
one Court. His s. Samuel d. 1673, and he d. 1691. Sarah m. 1650, 
Samuel Phelps; Mary m. 19 May 1661, Timothy Phelps; and Deborah 
m. 13 Nov. 1662, Samuel Buell. Francis, Camhridge 1639, perhapa 
br. of the preced. perhaps cous. by w. Mary had Mary, b. 28 Oct. 1689 ; 
Hannah, 3 Feb. 1643, d. at two mos. and Hannah, again, 4 Mar. 1645 ; was 


freem. 1645, liv. at Charlestown 1649, and d. soon. His wid. m. William 

Bollard. Often this name is Grissell, Grisill, Grisold, Greshold, and Gre- 

ahould. •Francis, Norwich, 1 660, eldest s. of Edward, b. in Eng. a. 1 632, 

liv. first at Saybrook, there had Sarah, b. 28 Mar. 1653 ; Joseph, 4 June 

1655, d. in few wks. ; Maiy, 26 Aug. 1656 ; and Hannah, 11 Dec. 1658 ; 

and at N. had Deborah, May 1661 ; Lydia, 1663, d. next yr. ; Samuel, 

1665; Margaret, 1668; and Lydia, again, Oct. 1671 ; was freem. 1657, 

Kent and rep. sev. yrs. ; d. Oct. 1671. Mary m. 1672, Jonathan Tracy ; 

and Hannah m. 7 Mar. 1678, William Clark of Saybrook. Geoboe, 

Windsor, s. of Edward, b. in Eng. it is said, 1638, and there certain, he 

liv. some yrs. with his f. was freem. 1654, m. 3 Oct. 1655, Mary, d. per- 

bapa, of Thomas Holcomb, had Daniel, b. 1 Oct 1656; Thomas, 29 

Sept 1658; Edward, 19 Mar. 1661 ; Mary, 28 Sept 1663 ; George, 3 

Bee 1665; John, 17 Sept 1668; Benjamin, 16 Aug. 1671; Deborah, 

30 May 1674; and Abigail, 31 Oct. 1676, wh. d. 7 May 1682; beside 

Samnel, who d. inf. ; and he d. 1704. John, Eillingworth, prob. br. of 

^ {Nreced. and b. in Eng. had Samuel, Joseph, Benjamin, Daniel, and 

Walter, d. 1717. Joseph, Windsor, s. of Edward, adm. freem. 12 Oct 

1670,^. 14 July 1670, Mary, d. of John Gaylord, had Mary, b. 16 

Mar. 1671 ; Joseph, 24 Jan. 1678 ; Francis ; Matthew, 1687 ; and per- 

l»p8 others. * Matthew, Saybrook, younger br. of Edward, and per- 

h^ of first Francis, came from Warwicksh. Eenilworth being his 

utive place, and possib. with Rev. Ephraim Huit, m. Ann, d. of first 

Henrj Wolcott, had two s. and three ds. but the dafes t>f b. are unkn.. 

ttoept that Matthew, perhaps not the eldest, was b. 1653; was rep., of 

8* often, and of Lyme after the div. of the old town ; call. hims. 66 yrs.. 

oU in 1684, and d. Jan. 169d ; his wid. then 79. His s. John d. young ; 

*fced8. all m. Eliz. 17 Oct 1670 to John Rogers of New "London, the 

fand. of the sect of Rogerenes ; and being 12 Oct. 1676 divorc. from 

Jam m. 5 Aug. 1679, Peter Pratt, wh. d. 1688, and she had in 1694,. 

^Uid h. Matthew Beckwith, and bore ch. to ea., and d. July 1727 ; Ann 

B. 2 Sept 1674, Abraham Bmnson of Farmington ; and Sarah m. capt. 

Homas Colton of Springfield. Matthew, Lyme, s. of the preced. m. 

81 May 1688, Phebe Hyde of Norwich, had Phebe, b. 15 Aug. 1684 ; 

Eli2. 19 Nov. 1685; Sarah, 19 Mar. 1687; l^Iatthew, 15 Sept 1688; 

John, 22 Dec 1690; George, 13 Aug. 1692; Mary, 22 Apr. 1694;. 

Deborah ; Samuel, who d. 10 Jan. 1728, aged 29 ; Thomas, who d. 27 

Jane 1716; and Patience. All his ch. were by first w. but he had 

ML after 30 May 1705, Mary, wid. of Thomas Lee, who outliv. him, and, 

d. 27 Oct 1724, aged 68. He d. 15 Jan. 1716, aged 63. Eliz. Sarah, 

and Matthew d. unm. but Sarah, as her gr.stone tells, at the age of 74. 

John was f. of first Gov. Matthew, who was b. 25 Mar. 1714. Michael, 


818 6B0 

Wethersfield, had Thomas, b. J1646 ; Esther, 1648 ; Mary, 1650 ; Michael, 
1652, prob. d. young ; Abigail, 1655 ; Isaac, 1658 ; Jacob, 1660 ; Sarah, 
1662 ; and Michael, again, 1667. The first two^ and last ^ve are nam. 
in his wilL Samuel, Norwich, only s. of sec. Francis, m. 10 Dec. 
1685, Susanna Huntington, d. 1740. Caulkins. Thomas, Windsor, 8. 
of George, m. 11 or 16 Aug. 1681, Esther, d. of Job Drake. Twenty- 
three of this name had, in 1834, been gr. at Yale, and scTcn at other 
N. E. colL exc. Harv. 

Groom, Nicholas, Mass. d. 1651, and Henry G. (I kn. not whether 
f. br. or s.) had admin, of his est. in Middlesex Co. Samuel, Salisbury 
1650, a mariner, in the list of inhabs. dignified with prefix of Mr. went 
home to London bef. 1 658. He may seem to be that Quaker, who pubL 
in 1676, ^ A Glass for the people of N. E." wh. in a note to his Histi 
I. 72, Hutchinson ascrib. to Gorton. 

Grosse, Clement, Boston, s. of Isaac, b. in Eng. was a brewer, m. 
bef. 1649, had Isaac, who was a cordwinder, when, in 1678, the f. is call 
innholder, allow, to be 1658 ; by w. Mary had Edmund, b. 9 Mar. 1656 ; 
and Eliz. 5 Mar. 1658 ; a former Eliz. hav. d. 1 Sept 1656; William, 3 
Mar. 1665; Edmund, again, 27 Sept 1669; and Ann, 18 Mar./671; 
but in 1695 no male of this or other line was a taxable inhab. of Bostooi' 
tho. a wid. Grosse is found. Edmund, Boston, elder br. of the preoed. 
mariner, by w. Catharine had Isaac, b. 1 Oct 1642 ; Susanna, Aug. 
1644; both bapt 23 Mar. 1645; perhaps Thomas; Hannah; Lydia» 
bapt 10 Mar. 1650; by w. Ann had Mary, b. 9 Sept 1652 ; Eliz. 80 
Jan. 1654; John, 21 Apr. 1655. He d. 1 May afler, and hb will, in 
wh. he provides for w. and ch. Isaac, and Susan only, was pro. 3 May 
1655, and set aside by ch. 25 May. His d.'Lydia m. I presume, Geotge 
Harris of Concord. Edmund, Boston, m. 19 Feb. 1695, Dorothy, d. of 
Josiah Belcher. He was s. of Clement, and had, I think, no ch. Isaag^ 
Boston 1635, call, husbandman, when adm. of the ch. 17 Apr. 1686^ 
disarm. 1637, as a friend of the antinomians. Cotton and Wheelwrig^ 
follow, the latter to Exeter, was there a ruler, or man of distinct ; but 
ret to Boston in few yrs. d. 1649, lea v. good est. by his will (of 29 May 
shortly bef. his d.) div. among w. and ch. Edmund, Clement, Matthew^ 
beside Isaac, Hannah, Susanna, Thomas, and even an expected 
ch. of his s. Clement It made Edmund excor. His wid. d. 1653. 
Isaac, Boston, gr.s. I presume, of the preced. had w. Eliz. and in£ d. 
when 5 Nov. 1>666 admin, was given to the wid. Matthew, Boston, a. 
of the first Isaac, m. 5 Oct 1652, Mary Trott, perhaps d. of John, wh. 
d. that yr. had Martha, b. 29 June 1653 ; Thomas, 5 July 1655 ; Maij^ 
17 Sept 1657; EHz. 3 Feb. 1659; Sarah, 23 Aug. 1662; and by w. 
Elinor had John, 11 Sept 1670; Ann, 5 Jan. 1672 ; and Ruth, 12 May 

6 BO 319 

1678. His will, of 28 Dec. 1693, pro. 22 Feb. foil, f^ves to s. Ed- 
ward (of whose b. we are ign.) double portion, and equal shares to 
others. Ano. Matthew, Boston, by w. Ann had, says rec. Eliz. b. 30 
Jan. 1654, but it is wrong. The eh. was Edmund's. Sihon, Hingham, 
m. Oct. 1675, Mary Bond, had Simon, b. 11 Aug. 1676 ; Thomas, 4 
KoT. 1678 ; John, 13 Apr. 1681 ; Jostah, 2 Aug. 1683 ; Micah, 20 Feb. 
1686; Alice, 26 Apr. 1689; and Abigail, 28 June 1692.. Highly prob. 
is it, that old Isaac was his gr.f. but wh. of the s. was his f. is not so 
dear. Descend, are kn. at Scituate. TaoiCAS, Boston 1668, prob. gr.s. 
of first Isaac, and perhaps s. of Clement, by w. Eliz. had Hannah, b. 
21 Aug. 1672; Eliz. 22 Jan. 1674; Abigail, 25 Oct. 1677; Mary, 18 
Jan. 1681 ; Huldah, 13 Sept. 1686 ; Thomas, 6 Dec 1686 ; and Jerusha. 
His wid. jn. a Heath, and on 29 Dec. 1709, third h. Francis Burroughs, 
and outliv. him. Of the ds. Hannah m. 22 June 1693, Nathaniel 
Halsey ; Eliz. m. 18 Oct 1693, John Greenough ; Abigail m. 28 July 
1702, Joseph Shippen ; Mary m. a Phillips ; and Jerusha m. 19 Sept. 
i710, capt John Fairweather ; Huldah was, in 1713, unm. It is speU. 
Groce in one rec. or more. 

Gkosyenob, John, Roxbury, came, as the fam. tradit. tells, from 
Co. Chester, by w. Esther had William, b. 8 Jan. 1673, H. C. 1698 ; 
Susanna, 9 Feb. 1681 ; a ch. 4 Sept 1683, d. soon ; Ebenezer, 9 Oct 
1684; Thomas, 30 June 1687, d. soon; and Joseph, 1 Sept 1689, and 
he d. 26 Sept 1691. The name is Norman, meaning great hunter, and 
the Eng. peerage is rich with it Twelve more of this name . had, in 
1828, been gr. at other N. E. coll 

Gboth, if such a name be possib. or misprint for Growth or Grath, 
John, Salisbury, m. 7 Jan. 1674, Eliz. d. prob. of John Eaton, had Eliz. 
h. July 1674, was adm. to practise medicine 1679 at Hampton. Per- 
haps he was a Grerman, and call, doctor ; may have d. early, and Wil- 
liam Hutchins perhaps m. his wid. 30 Apr. 1685. 

Grout, John, Watertown, by w. Mary had John, b. 8 Aug. 1641 ; 
and Mary, 11 Dec 1643; was at Sudbury 1643, freem. 1665, select- 
man, sev. yrs. town dk. and a capt was 70 yrs. old in 1689, d. 25 
July 1697, his will, pro. 16 Aug. foil, dispos. of good est His sec. w. 
was Sarah, wid. of capt Thomas Cakebread, d. of Nicholas Busby, wh. 
in Us will, namea John Grout his s. and Sarah 6. he calls his youngest 
d. By her his cb,' were John ; Sarah, wh. m. John Loker^^jr. and d. 
1702; Joseph, b. 24 Jvly 1649; Abigail, 14 Oct 1655, wh. m. 1678, 
Joseph Curtis ; Jonathan, 1 Aug. 1658; Eliz. m. Samuel Allen, bore 
him 5 ch. and after m. lieut John Lirermore ; Mary, 1 Aug. 1661, m. 
19 Sept 1688, .Thomas Eoapp; and Susanna 1664, who m. 1692, John 
Voodwardi John, Sudbury, eldest s. of the preced. m. 1667, Rebecca 

320 GBO 

ToU, had San*,b. 1668; Bebecca, 1671; Etiz. 1672; Abigaa,lG7e; 
John, 1682, d. young; John, again, 1684, d. soon; John, again, 1685; 
and Edward, 1688; d. 1708. Joseph, Watertown, a carpenter, br. of 
the preced. m. Susanna, d. of William Hagar, had Susanna, b. 3]L Mar. 
1681; Joseph, 6 Feb. 1688; and perhaps Mehitable. Wiluaic, 
Charlestown 1664, had w. Sarah. 

Grove, Edwabd, Salem, was of Boston, a soldier in CoL senr. at 
the fort 1686, d. 26 Dec 1686, six ds. after male his will, and in it 
. names w. Eliz. only eh. Mary, w. of William Hirst of Salem, and her s. 
Grove, to wh. he gave two books, best rapier, a swivel and carbine 
Mary was the name of the free companion of Sir Christopher Gardiner 
in 1680, sent home next yr. to meet his two ws. so Dudley in his letter 
to the Countess of Lincoln tells, as pr. in Young's Chron. See, also, 3 
Mass. Hist. ColL VIII. 320-4. See Grow and Groves. 

Groveb, Andbsw, Maiden, m. 7 Feb. 1674, Hannah Hills, d. 24 
• Apr. foU. leaT.«prop. to Hannah, wid. of Joseph Hilk who may bare 
been the mo. of the w. or the w. herself, if the disposition of the wii 
were made bef. m. and his wid. d. 30 May next Edmund, Sakm 
1633, had Naomi, Mary, and Lydia, all bapt 17 May 1646; and 
Deborah, 26 Mar. 1648 ; liv. on Beverly side, perhaps his w. was Ma^ 
garet, and he may have had other ch. was freem. 1678, and d. June 
1683, in 82d yr. Deborah m. 1671, John Bennett John, Oiark»- 
town 1640, by w. EUx. had John, b. 18 Feb. 1641 ; Elix. 1 Sept 1642; 
and Lydia, 28 Apr. 1644 ; rem. to Boston, the part calL lUunney marsh, 
where his s. John, by w. Hannah had Jotham, and d. 19 Feb. 1674; si 
did his mo. next mo. bef. his f. who d. Dec 1686, aged 80. In his win 
of 1 Dec pro. 16, he gave d. Elix, Jenks one half of his est beside 
part of his negro's time ; one thud to his s. PauTs oh. and one sixth to 
gr.d. Lydia Morrell, w. of Joseph Bill, making d. and gr.d. ezoon. 
John, Beverly 1671, may have been s. of Edmund. John, Mal« 
den, wh. d. of the age of 17 yrs. 19 Feb. 1674; may have been 
ch. of Thomas. Lazarus, Maiden, s, of Thomas, m. Buth, d. of 
Richard Adams, in whose will he is made excor. had Lazaros, b. 
Dec 1665; and his w. d. 27 Sept 1674. Nbhemiah, Beverly, pe^ 
haps 6. of Edmnnd, freem. 1678. Sajcuel, of wh. I know only tbat 
he came from London, aged 16 in 1635, by the Tnielove. SixoVt 
Maiden, lieem. 1690, had been a soldier in Philip's war, and was 
in the ^mous Falls fight, by w. Sarah had Mary, b. 8 Mar. 1687; 
and Simon, 26 Apr. 1691 ; and d. 28 Nov. 1717, aged a. 63 71& 
Stephen, Charlestown or Maiden 1658, was a soldier at Hadley in 
1676, by w. Sarah had Hannah, b. 6 Feb. 1686; and John, 2 Mar- 
1689. Thohas, Charlestown, Maiden side, by w. Eliz. had Lasamsyb. 

GRO— fiRU 821 

5 Apr. 1642; Eliz, 27 Dec- 1652, wh. d. mid. of Mar. 1674; Thomas, 
1 Apr. 1653 ; John, 1656, d. young; Grace, wh. d. 3 Oct. 1658 ; and 
bed. 28 Oct 1661. His wid. Eliz. and s. Lazarus were admors. The 
wiim. 7 Apr. 1675,* Philip Atwood. Thomas, Maiden, perhaps s. of 
tbepreced. m. 23 Maj 1668, Sarah, d. of John Chadwick, had Thomas, 
b.Mar. foil ; Sarah, Nov. 1670 ; Andrew, Oct. 1673. 

Groves, John, Ejtterj, m. Martha, d. of Michael Mitton, rem. to 
Little Compton. Willis, 1. 96. Matthew, a soldier in Philip's war on 
Goon. riv. * Philip, Hartford, early sett, was rep. 1642 and often 
after, but for Stratford, whither he rem. bef. 1650, was rul. elder, d. 
1676; and bj will of 1673 provid. for w. Ann, and four ^'motherless 
du" Nathaniel, Hannah, Sarah, and Ruth, wh. were his and ch. 
of Nathaniel Porter. In codic Jan. 1676, one mo. bef. his d. he gave 
to his d. Eliz. w. of said N. P. and to her s. John. Also he gave to his 
sis. Susanna Grant, at Hanwell, near Banburj, Oxfordsh. and to his br. 
J<^ liv. $' a. 3 m. from Bristol, Eng. £12. ea. to be paid, if possib. 
in ** silver of N. E. currency." 
•Grow, John, Ipswich, m. 15 Dec. 1669, Hannah, d. of Robert Lord 
of the same, had John, b. 3 Dec. foil. d. next yr. ; Samuel, 3 Dec 1671 ; 
John, again, 16 Dec. 1673 ; Joseph, Sept 1677 ; Hannah, 3 Jan. 1680 ; 
Nathaniel, 17 Sept 1683; Thomas, 20 Oct 1685; and William, 22 
NoY. 1690; and d. 9 Jan. 1727. In 1669 he was aged 27. Samuel, 
Ipewich, s. of the preced. by w. Ruth had Mary, b., 17 May 1695; 
Samuel, 31 Aug. 1696; and Ruth, 14 Feb. 1699. This name to me 
ttems much more likely to be Grove, but in the ancient form of writ. 
* for t; it was, perhaps, pervert. 

Gritbb, Gabriel, Isle of Shoals 1677, or earlier, we may suppose, 
fcrhe d. a. that yr. Thomas, Boston, 1633, leather-dresser, numbered 
160, when he and w. Ann unit with the ch. freem. 4 Mar. 1634, had 
^ Abiah, bapt 5 Mar. 1637, and she d. that night; John, b. Aug. 
hapt 2 Sept. 1638; Samuel, 5, bapt 12 Dec. 1641 ; John, again, d. 
in Aug. 1644; Eliz. bapt. 30 June 1644, d. in 4 mos. ; Heman, 21, 
hapt 22 Feb. 1646, a. 2 days old, d. little more than one and a half yr. 
old. He was of some consequence, constable in 1646. Most of these ch. 

ike outliv. for in his will, pro. 6 Mar. 1674, in wh. he calls hims. aged a. 

7i, '^ as appears in a scrawl, taken out of the reg. where I was bapt." he 

gare his est. ^ to the church," but left w. and s. to the same. Ano. 

Thomas, Boston, perhaps s. of the preced. so lefl to depend on the ch. 

ii. 15 July 1692 at B. 

Gkuman, Grumman, or Growman, John, Fairfield, freem. 1664, 

had good est. m. Sarah, d. of Kichael Try, with wh. he had gain, it ; 

lir. long afler 1670, and d. without ch. tho. he had had some. 

822 6RU — GUL 


Gruhwell, Joim, a freem. of Conn. 1658, of wb. more is unkn. 

Grundt, Robert, Roxbury, bad tbere bapt Eliz. 27 Apr. 1679; 
Jobn, 13 Maj 1681 ; Robert, b. 12, bapt. 15 July 1683 ; Edmund, 21 
June 1685; and Rebecca, 10 Jan. 1687. 

Guernsey, James, Saffield, m. 17 Feb. 1693, Mary, wid. of Joseph 
Eastman, d. of Hon. Peter Tilton, had many quarrels with his w. but 
prob. no ch. by her. Joseph, Milford 1640, or, by Lambert, 1673. 

Guild, John, Dedham, weaver, perhaps freem. 1643, spelt Guile; d* 
Oct 1682, had also est. in Wrentham and Medfield, left ch. Samuel, 
John, and Eliz. John, Wrentham, s. of the preced. by w. Samh had 
Sarah, who d. 7 Dec. 1682 ; Sarah, again, b. 2 June 1683 ; Eliz. 7 July 
1685 ; Joanna, 4 Nov. 1687 ; John, 7 Oct 1690 ; and Josiah, 14 July 
1694. Samuel, Dedham, br. of the preced. a soldier of Moseley's comp. 
Dec. 1675 ; freem. 1678. Nine of this name have been gr. at Harr. 

Guile, Abraham, Watertown, freem. 1682. See Gile. 

Gull, William, Wethersfield 1649, m. after 1654, Eliz. wid. of Na- 
thaniel Foote, d. of lieut Samuel Smith, had no s. but sev. ds. certain. 
Mary, and Ann, bef. he rem. to Hadley in 1663 ; there had Esther, b. 
21 Nov. 1665 ; and Mercy, 27 June 1668 ; was freem. 1673. Ann m. 
1680, Jonathan Root, is nam. in the will of her f. as liv. 1701, when 
he d. and names also, as liv. his w. Eliz. ds. Mary, w. of Robert Bard* 
well, who was m. 21 Nov. 1676 ; Mercy, w. of Jeremiah Alvord ; and 
a ch. of his dec d. Esther, who had been w. of Joseph Gillet 

GuLLiFORD, GuLLiFER or GuLLiVER, Anthont, DorchestCF 1656, 
liv. in that ^art wh. is now Milton, freem. 1666, had w. Elinor, d. of 
Stephen Elingsley, and many ch. of wh. we kn. the dates of but few : 
Stephen; Samuel, who d. 1676, and Stephen admin, his est; Lydm; 
Jonathan, b. 27 Oct 1659, a man of some distinct and rep. for Milton; 
Nathaniel ; Hannah ; Mary ; and Eliz. He made his will early in 17M 
but liv. to 28 Nov. 1706, ^ed 87. Of the ds. Lydia m. 25 or 29 OcL 
1675, James Leonard ; Hannah m. a Tucker ; and Mary m. an Atherton* 
This name, from the first form, was in Coll. rec of freem. GuUifer and 
easi. bee Gulliver, but in GeneaL Reg. IX. 315, Galiphar. A l^ter 
of Pope to Swift, 23 Mar. 1727-6, Bp. Warburton's Ed. 1766, Vbl 
IX. 76, begins : '' I send you a very odd thing, a paper printed in 
ton, in N. E. wherein you'll find a real person, a member of their 
ment, of the name of Jonathan Gulliver. — The accident is very singular, 
that these two names should be united." He then expends some imperti- 
nent criticism, as, if Jonathan were an Anabapt not christen. tiU of fiM 
age ; when we know the name was giv. bef. either of the wits was b. 
Capt Lemuel himself, tho. the most calibr. of the progeny of Jonathan 
Swift, was not a fictitious person, only, on this side of the water ; but onr 

GUN 323 

Dorchester namesake made no claim of eqaalitj with the renown, travel, 
io other worlds than our own. 

GcTLLT, Jacob, Boston, bj w. Mercy had Jacob, b. 25 June 1677; 
and Mary, 18 Apr. 1680 ; and no more is kn. 
GuLTHORP, Raxph, Boston, adm. inhab. 1643. 
GuNLiTHEy.HENRT, Dorchcstcr. See Gunliff. 
GuiTNy Abel, Derby, s. of Jasper, m. a. 1670, Mary, d. of John 
Smith of Milford. Daniel, a Soot, one of the unhappy prisoners from 
the field of Worcester, Cromwell's cro.wning mercy, 3 Sept 1651, 
shipped at London, in Nov. foU. with two hundred and seventy-one 
others in like sad est on the John and Sarah, to be sold at Boston, 
where in May next they came. He was bot. by a Newbury man, was 
one of the few that shortly outliv. his misery ; in 1654 was tried on the 
capit charge of adultery with Alice, w. of John Cheater, and was acquit ; 
hot, being then sick, he was sentenc for wantonness with her, to be 
whip, when he is capdtHe of it ; and as there was hope of his cure, the 
Coart order. Lunerius to be employed about him. I know not, that he 
was whip, but find by the rec. he d. that yr. Daniel, Milford, s. of 
Jasper, m. Deborah, d. of Thomas Coleman of Hatfield, had no ch. but 
i 1690, and his wid. d« Dec. 1703. Jasper, Roxbury, came in the 
Defence, 1635, aged 29, with Ann, 25, perhaps his w. tha the eh. rec 
to not mention her, wh. may therefore lead us to suppose her a sis. ; 
was fireem. 25 May 1636. At the London custom ho. the name is writ 
Goim. Perhaps he visit Milford 1639. After ten'yrs. he rem. to 
Hartford, there was a physician some time, and afler 1657, rem. to Mil- 
ford, where by heedless reading of the rec one might think he liv. 
eighteen yrs. bef.; d. 1670, leav. one d. Mehitable Fenn, four s. Job- 
ttuia, Abel, Daniel, and SamueL John, Westfield, s. of Thomas, m. 22 
Jul 1679, Mary Williams, had Thomas, b. 14 Dec foil. ; John, 5 May 
1682; Mary, 9 Jan. 1685; Daniel, 21 Mar. 1687; Mary, 14 Mar. 
1691 ; and Aaron, 29 Aug. 1694. His w. d. 26 Nov. 1711. Nathan- 
ISL, Hartford, perhaps s. of Thomas, may have been b. in £ng. m. 17 
Not. 1658, Sarah, d. of Robert Day, liv. not long at Branford, and his 
wid. m. 24 Nov. 1664, Samuel Kellogg of Hatfield. Samuel, Hatfield, 
only ch. of the preced. m. 1684 or 5, Eliz. youngest d. of the first John 
Wyatt, had beside six ds. Nathaniel, b. 1693; Samuel, 1696; Abel, 
1700; and John, 1707; rem. 1714 to Sunderland, was deac. d. 1755, in 
9Sd yr. when all his ch. were m. and he was surround, by descend. 
Thomas, Dorchester, freem. 6 May 1635, rem. to Windsor, had Eliz. 
wh. d. Aug. 1640; Eliz. again, b. 14 Oct. 1640, d. young; Deborah, 
21 Feb. 1642; Mehitable, 28 July 1644; and John, 8 July 1647; rem. 
to Westfieldi there his w. d. 28 Nov. 1678 ; and he d. 26 Feb. 1681. 

824 GUN — GUE 

Deborah m. 5 Nov. 1659, Timothy Thrall of Windsw; MehitaUe m.^ 
Oct 1663, David Ensign, and aAer bear. &Ye ch. was, for his ill conduct, 
divorc and some yr& later, 1685, was sec* w. of Isaac Sheldon of 

Gunnison, or Gullison, * I Hugh, Boston 1634, on adm. at the eh. 
next yr. is titled " serv. to our br. Richard Bdlingham," freem. 25 May 
1636, by w. Eliz. wh. d. 25 Jan. 1646, had Sarah, b. 14 Feb. bapt 4 
Mar. 1638 ; Eliz. bapt 19 Apr. 1640 ; and Deborah, b. Oct. 1642, says 
town rec but bapt 25 Sept. says the ch. beside two s. Joseph and Eliha, 
of wh. the last two were s. of Sarah, adm. of our ch. May 1647, b. 31 
Mar. 1649, and 12 Feb. 1650, respectiv. She brot. in for bapt on 23 
May 1647 her ch. by Henry Lynn. See Lynn. In 1646 he was of 
ar. CO. in 1651 call, vintner, sold his est the King's Arms, and rem. to 
Kittcry, was rep. for Wells in 1654. I presume his s. Eliha was a 
propr. of Falmouth in 1689, had a garrison ho. by Willis, L 290, nam. 
Gullison, but the bapt. name truly giv., yet in Grenealog. R^. YIL 
120, when his m. is imperfect, giv. it appears Gullison ; and in XIL 25 
quoting the same transact of the Counc of war, is turned into Elisha 
Gallison. See Gallison. 

GuNTER, Lester, a youth of 13, emb. at London, 1635, for N. £. in 
the Truelove. 

GuppiE, GuppT, or GuppEY, John, Weymouth, freem. 1653, rem. to 
Charlestown, where in 1678 was "goodman Guppy," who had w. Ells. 
both join, with ch. 1 680. He had been of Salem, there had w. Abigail, and 
by her had Abigail, b. 31 May 1672 ; and Eliz. 3 Feb. 1675. But pei^ 
haps this John was s. of Reuben, and not the Weymouth man. Rsubev, 
Salem 1648, by w. Ellen had John, b. 12 June of that yr. and Reuben, 

6 Jan. 1651, was liv. in 1684, in 85th yr. Robert, Salem 1647. Felt 
Farmer says the name is found at Dover. 

GuRLET, Samuel, Coventry, s. prob. of William of Northampton, m. 
a. 1712, Experience, d. of Nathaniel Rust of the same, had Bather, b. 
24 Feb. 1713; Jonathan, 2 Apr. 1715; Samuel, 30 June 1717; Lois, 
17 Jan. 1720; Eunice, 14 June 1722; Experience, 25 Jan. 1725; 
Margaret, 4 May 1727, d. young ; Mary, and ano. d. who d. very sooo, 

7 IVIar. 1729 ; and Abigail, 30 June 1721. He rem. to Mansfield, d. 
there 23 Feb. 1760 ; and his wid. d. 10 July 1768. He was not anoest. 
of the benev. agent for coloniz. of Africa, unless Goodwin strangely 
omits that great honor. William, Boston, I find nam. in 1653, but not 
in re^. of b. or d. or m. or of prop. William, Northampton 1679, brot 
up in the fam. of Rev. Solomon Stoddard, but most indistinct, is the 
tradit. that he was b. a. 1665, tho. neither parent nor other relat. is kn. 
and was brot. from Scotland; m. 1684, Esther Ingersoll, had Samuel, b. 

GUR— GYL • 325 

6 Maj 1686, and on 1 or 21 May of next yr. was drown. His wid. m. 
23 Jan. 1689, Benoni Jones, wli. with two of her ch. were k. in the 
assault on Northampton 18 May 1704, when she was taken, carr. to 
Canada by the Ind. there d. 
GuRNALL, John, Dorchester. See Gornell. 

Gurnet, Edward, Cambridge 1636. John, Braintree, an early 
iohab. may be that apprent. of John Newgate, b. 29 Sept. 1615, ment. 
hy Winth. 11. 345. He d. 1663. His w. d. 1664. John, Weymouth, 
\rj w. Eb'z. had Eliz. b. 5 May 1 689. Peter, Weymouth, s. perhaps 
of Richard of the same, was a soldier, Dec. 1675, in Johnson's comp. 
BiCHARD, Weymouth, by w. Rebecca, d. prob. of John Taylor first of 
the same, had Joseph, b. 23 Feb. 1665 ; and Mary, 9 Sept 1667 ; freem. 
GusTiK, John, Falmouth. See Augustine. 

Gutch, Robert, Salem 1638, had bapt. there John, 3 Oct. 1641 
Patience, 28 May 1643 ; Lydia, 6 Apr. 1645 ; Magdalen, 7 Jan. 1647 
Eliz. 19 Nov. 1648 ; Deborah, 16 May 1652 ; and Sarah, 4 June 1654 
iras freem. 27 Dec. 1 642 ; rem. to the E. beyond Casco, hot. from Ind. 
Id. near mouth of Kennebec riv. This may be the same name as 
Gouch, Gooch, or Gouge, in sound nearly alike. 
GuTTERiDGE. See Goodridge. 

GuTTERSON, John, Andover, m. 14 Jan. 1689, Abigail Buckmaster, 
lad Abigail, wh. d. 21 Dec. 1694; and Samuel, d. 19 June 1700. 
William, Ipswich 1648, d. 26 June 1666; had William, b. 20 Sept. 
1658, d. young; Mary, 8 Aug. 1660 ; John, 26 Mar. 1662 ; and Sarah, 
8 July 1665 ; but I suppose he may have been s. of William, whose inv. 
u by Coffin made 1643. 

Gut, Henry, Charlestown 1652, merch. John, Casco 1663-75, a 

tenant of Robert Jordan. See Willis, I. 94, 141 ; and Gcnealog. Reg. 

'• 264. Nicholas, Watertown, came in the Confidence of London, 

1688, aged 50, with w. Jane, 30 ; d. Mary, and two serv. from Upton 

iQ Hants, emb. at Southampton, was deac. freem. 22 May 1639; d. 6 

Joljr 1649 ; and his wid. liv. to 1669. She was extrix. of his will, and 

made her own 16 Aug. 1666, pro. 22 Dec 1669^ ment her s. Joseph 

Tajnter, meaning, no doubt, s.-in-law, his four s. and five ds. Joseph,. 

Benjamin, Jonathan, and Simon, Hannah, Rebecca, Sarah, Mary, and 

Dorothy ; s.-in-law Henry Curtis, her d. Mary, his w. with whom the 

testatrix liv. and the s. Ephraim, John, and Joseph. 

GwiN, John, Charlestown 1646. Thomas, Boston 1660, m. Eliz.. 
d. of Benjamin Gillam, wh. d. 1669, leav. two ch. 

Gtles, Edward, and Matthew, I have assigned to Giles. Thom- 
as, Salem, had d. Hannah, m. 1650, Thomas Very of Gloucester. 
VOL. II. 28 

826 • HAB— HAC 

Thomas, an actire promoter of settlem. at Kennebeck, call. Pejepscot, 
now Brunswick, 1666, maj have been s. of the preced. was k. at^ 
Pemaquid by the Ind. 2 Aug. 1 689 ; had, beside Samuel, bis youngest^ 
then absent, three s. James, the third, then 14, was taken at the same 
time, and esc 3 jrs. afler, was retaken, and tortured to d. Thomas, the 
eldest, escap. and John escap. with life, but with ten yrs. of captiv. ; and 
many yrs. later, this last print, a memoir of his f. in 1736. His (John's) 
will was pro. 6 June 1755. The wid. of Thomas was carr. captiv. and 
in a short distance confer, with her s. John, prison, in ano. canoe, and 
gave him her parting blessing, and was never again seen by him, and no 
doubt she d. in capt. The two ds. were tak. at the same time, Maiy 
and Margaret, who were redeem, and were afterwards m. in Boston. 

Habberfield, William, Boston 1683, clothier, had w. Mary, and, 
I suppose, was of Lynn, the freem. 1691, with Mr. bef. his surname^ 
possib. intend, in the rec. for Wm. 

Hack, William, Taunton, had William, b. at Plymouth, 15 Nov. 
1663, and w. Mary, who took admin. 1667, bee. he was long gone home. 

Hacker, George, Salem, perhaps s. of William, m. Sept. 1672, 
Bethia Meacham, perhaps d. of Jeremiah, had Bethia, b. 25 July 1673, 
d. at one yr. ; Bethia, again, 9 Mar. 1675 ; George, 13 Aug. 1678 ; and 
Sarah, 28 Feb. 1681 ; was made prison-keeper 1698. William, Lynn 
1643. Possib. this may be the same as Hackett or Harker. At South- 
ampton, L. I. wh. was sett. chieHy from L. was the name of Hacker; 
but Farmer suggest that this might be Hagar. 

Hackerberrt, Thomas, one of the soldiers in Moseley's comp. Dec 
1675, march, to Narraganset. 

Hackett, Jabez, Lynn 1644, rem. to Taunton, there had John, b. 
26 Dec. 1654 ; Jabesh, 12 Sept. 1656; Mary, 9 Jan. 1660 ; Sarah, 18 
July 1661 ; Samuel, 29 July 1664; and Hannah, 25 Jan. 1667. John, 
Boston, by w. Rebecca had Mary, b. 26 June 1689. William, Salemi 
a youth, execut Jan. 1642, for bestiality. Winth. H. 48. William^ 
Dover 1657, at Exeter had Mary, b. 2 Dec 1665, when perhaps his w. 
d. was of Amesbury 1666, mariner, m. 31 Jan. 1667, Sarah, d. I think, 
of Thomas Barnard of Salisbury, had at S. Sarah, b. 8 F^b. 1668; 
Ephraim, 7 Mar. 1680; WUliam, 10 Mar. 1683; Judah, 2 Jan. 1685; 
Ebenezer, 17 Oct. 1687; beside, perhaps, Rebecca (earlier than 
Ephraim), wh. m. Aug. 1695, Jonathan Whiting of Portsmouth ; and 
these four s. may have been s. of ano. Perhaps he came from Lynn. 
William, Salisbury, possib. s. of the preced. had Ephraim, b. 7 Mar. 
1680 ; William, 10 IVIar. 1683 ; Judah, 2 Jan. 1685 ; and Ebenezer, 17 
Oct, 1687. 

Hackford, William, Salem 1637. Felt Prob. he soon rem. 

HAC — HAD 327 

Hacklinton, or Hackletox, Francis, Northampton 1661, a brick- 
maker, unm. perhaps rem. next yr. to Hartford, and m. Joanna, d. of 
Samuel Wakeman. 

Hackwell, John, came in the Increase, 1635, aged 18, but we kn. 
not of his resid. 

Hadawat, John, Barnstable. See Hathaway, the modem name. 
Hadborne, George, from Stepney, near London, a glover, came in 
tlie Abigail, 1635, aged 43 ; with w. Ann, 46; and ch. Rebecca, 10; 
-Ajin, 4 ; and two serv. Where he sat down has not been found. 

Hadden, or Haddon, Ferman, Charlestown, perhaps s. of Jared, 
Ocrard, or whatever his name was, of Cambridge, by w. (to wh. Bel- 
igham, Dept.-Gov. m. him 5 May 1 657, but by his carelessness, or that 
the Reg. the name is blank, yet in the reg. of b. her bapt. name is 
found), Eliz. had Sarah, b. 15 Dec 1657 ; Samuel, 27 Feb. 1659 ; and 
perhaps more. Jared, Jerad, Garrett, or Gerard, Cambridge 
X C32, came, prob. in the fleet with Winth. for he is among the first hun- 
mem. of the Boston ch. adm. prior to any sec arriv. freem. 14 
1634, a propr. of Salisbury 1640, had w. Margaret, and at S. by 
T, Sarah, b. 15 Jan. 1640; was liv. at'S. 1663. His w. d. 20 Mar. 
1 C73. George, Cambridge, or at least H. C. 1647, may have been s. 
of the preced. but where his afler life was spent, or when he d. is unkn. 
CSonject. that he went to Eng. is plausible. A Catharine H. is witness 
the will of Thomas Bittlestone at C. and may have been first w. or 
'en d. of Jared. • 

Hadlet, Groroe, Ipswich 1639, liv. in 1678, says Felt. George, 

1668, was perhaps the same or s. of the preced. Samuel, 

-xnesbnry, s. of George, sw. alleg. Dec. 1 677. 

Hadlock, James, Roxbury, m. 19 May 1669, Sarah Draper, had 

b. 16 Dec 1670, rem. to Salem, there had, in 1678, w. Rebecca, 

^« prob. of Richard Hutchinson ; s. James, and John, ds. Mary, Hannah, 

^^^rah, and Rebecca. But possib. he had some of these by ano. w. for 

^t*c will of Hutchinson, 1682, calls him s.-in-law, but names not the w. 

^Or any Hadlock exc Sarah. James, jr. was incl. in the tax list 

(Mr. Felt assures me) of 1682 for Salem vill. John, Concord, d. 1675. 

«0HN, Salem, prob. s. of James, m. 16 Jan. 1694, Sarah Pasque or Pasco, 

h«d Sarah, bapt. June 1695 ; and Margery, 27 Sept. 1696. Nathan- 

Ul, Charlestown li43, freem. 1646, afler 1658 rem. to Lancaster, by w^ 

Mary had Mary, b. 31 May 1641 ; and Nathaniel, 5 June 1643. Na- 

thakiel, Salem, perhaps s. of the preced. suflfer. says Felt, Nov. 1668, 

with Quakers, rem. to Gloucester, m. 1 JMay 1673, Remember Jones, 

had John, b. 27 Feb. 1682. 

Had well, William, a passeng. in the Arabella from London 1671, 
of wh. we kn. no more. 

828 HAF — HAG 

Haffell, or Haffield, Richard, Ipswich, came, 1635, in the 
Planter, aged 54, with w. Martha, 42 ; and ch. Mary, 17 ; Sarah, 14; 
Martha, 8 ; Rachel, 6 ; and Ruth, 3 ; liv. not long, I think, for his will 
was made 17 Feb. 1639 ; tho. not pro. until 29 Sept. 1668, perhaps bee 
in provid. for the ^ye ds. and their mo. it exactly foil, the law. Abstr. 
is in Geneal. Reg. III. 156. 

Haffut, William, giv. by Mr. Coffin in GeneaL Reg. VI. 341, as 
aged 48, in 1668, tho. no indicat of resid. is seen. 

Hagar, or Agar, John, Watertown, perhaps s. of the first William, 
a soldier in brave capt. Davenport's comp. k. in the great Narraganset 
battle, 19 Dec. 1675. Samuel, Watertown, s. of William, was freem. 
1690, m. Sarah, d. of Isaac Mixer, had Sarah, bapt. 24 May 1691; 
Mary, 25 July 1697 ; Samuel, b. 1 Sept. 1698; and Isaac, 24 Apr. 
1701 ; and he d. 13 Feb. 1705. His wiU of 27 May preced. made br. 
Isaac Mixer, and s. Samuel cxcors. nam. w. Sarah, and ch. Isaac, Sarah, 
and Mary. William, Watertown, prob. came in the fleet with Wintlu 
was made freem. 18 May 1631, tho. he may have arr. only a few wks. 
bef. with Rev. Roger Williams, but nothing more is kn. of him. Wil- 
liam, Watertown, perhaps s. of the preced. b. in Eng. m. 20 Mar. 1645, 
Mary Bemis, had Mary, b. 25 Dec. 1 645 ; Ruhamah, and Samuel, tw. 
20 Nov. 1647 ; Hannah, 21 Nov. 1649 ; Sanih, 3 Sept 1651 ; Susanna; 
William, 12 Feb. 1659; Rebecca, 29 Oct. 1661; Abigail, and Mebit- 
able; and d. 10 Jan. 1684; and his wid. d. Dec 1695. Ruhamah m. 
Joseph Wait; Sarah m. 12 Mar. 1674, Nathaniel Whitney ; Susanna 

m. Joseph Groat; Hannah m Priest; Abigail m. 30* Mar. 

1687, Benjamin Whitney ; Rebecca m. 14 July 1681, Nathaniel Healey ; 
and Mehitable m. 20 June 1687, Nathaniel Norcross. Willlam, 
Watertown, s. of the preced. m. 30 Mar. 1687, Sarah, d. of the sec 
John Benjamin, had perhaps first b. William ; Sarah ; Mary ; John, b. 
29 Apr. 1697 ; Ebenezer, 13 Aug. 1698; Joseph, 1 Jan. 1702 ; Mehit- 
able, 7 May 1704; and Mercy, 1707. He d. 8 May 1731, and his wid. 
d. 20 Oct. 1745, set. 82. Well has the name been perpet 

Hagborne, or Hackborne, Abraham, Boston, shoemaker, by w. 
Eliz. had Eliz. ; Sarah, b. 24 Dec. 1639; Isaac, bapt. 2 Oct. 1642;? 
days old ; and Joseph, b. 8 Oct. 1652; freem. 1645, when in Col. Rec 
the spelling is Hackburne. Eliz. the d. m. 8 Sept. 1654, James Young. 
Samuel, Jioxbury, by w. Catharine whose fam. name, it is Raid, was 
Dighton, had Eliz. b. in Eng. says the town rec 7 May 1 635 ; Samuel, 
20 Jan. 1638; John, 26 May 1640; and Hannah, bapt. 5 June 1642, 
tho. the authentic careless copy of rec. in Boston says b. 5 Jan. 1643; 
freem. 2 May 1638, and he d. 24 Jan. 1643, tho. other rec. says 27 Dec 
1642, leav. good est. In his will 19 Jan. 1643, of wh. abstr. is in 

HAG — HAL 329 

'Geneal. Reg. II. 261, he calls Abraham br. His wid. m. 14 Apr. 
1W4, Gov. Thomas Dudley, whose w. d. near the end of Dec. preced. ; 
andafler his d. 31 July 1G53, she m. in less time than Dudley had been 
wid 8 Nov. foil. Rev.' John AUin of Dedham ; had ch. by all the h. and 
i 29 Ajg. 1671, three days only after the last, in whose grave she was 
bur. Hannah m. 24 Dec. 1662, Samuel Hunting. Samuel, New 
London, s. of the preyed, was in office of trust 1664, and had been there 
four yrs. bef. and cont. at least four yrs. after. 

Haggett, Henry, Salem 1642, freem. 1670, prob. of Wenham at 
Ills d. 1676, in 83d yr. leav. wid. and ch. Henry, Moses, Mary, Deliver- 
ance, and Hannah, who m. 1665, Philip Welsh of Ipswich. Prob. ano. 
d. Abigail m. 22 Sept. 1668, Thomas SpofTord. Moses, Andover, s. of 
the preced. m. 23 Oct. 1671, Joanna Johnson ; and 21 Feb. 1700, sec. w. 
Martha Granger, wid. of John, and d. I think, of Daniel Poor. 

Hailstone, William, Taunton 1640, an orig. propr. hot. in 1646, 

an est. at Boston, as by the Book of Poss.ns. is pro. but sold next yr. 

was liv. 1675. Baylier, I. 286, II. 282. His d. Margaret m. 14 Oct. 

1659, Samuel Fletcher of Chelmsford. 

Hauies, John, Boston, by w. Mary had Catharine, bapt. 21 May 

. 1682. 

Haines. See Haynes. 

Halbridge, Halbich, Holbridge, or Holbich, Arthur, Boston 

1635, rem. to New Haven, said to have come 1638, certainly there 

June 1639, and some yrs. later, d. 1648. His wid. rec. assist, by pub. 

contrib. and brot. her childr. Mercy and John to be bapt. 30 June 1650. 

Hale, Gershom, Springfield, had sev. ch. bef. going thither, and one 

^ 1698, when his w. Ann d. there. Whence he came, or who was his f, 

la unkn. a s. and a d. were m. 1708. Joiin, Beverly, eldest ch. of deac*^ 

Robert of Charlestown, m. 15 Dec. 1664, Rebecca, d. not (as Coffin in 

Geneal. Reg. VL 341, says) wid. of Henry By ley of Salisbury (wh.. 

•Wms the more strange, as on p. 246 of the same Vol. he had noted 

frnlj that Byley's wid. m. John Hall, yet six lines after, makes her m. 

Bev. John Hale). This blunder, that arose from similar names, would 

kave been avoid, by that most dilig. antiquary, had he consider, the 

times of the two ms. as the wid. got her sec. h. when Hale was not five 

JTB. old. He had Rebecca, b. 28 Apr. 1666 ; and Robert, 3 Nov. 1668, 

H. C. 1686 ; was ord. 20 Sept. 1667, after preach, three yrs. to the new 

formed congr. His w. d. 13 Apr. 1683, and he m. 31 Mar. 1684, Sarah, d. 

of Rev. James Noyes, I presume, and had James, 14 Oct. 1685, H. C. 

1703; Samuel, 13 Aug. 1687; Joanna, 15 June 1689; and John, 24 

Dec- 1692. This w. d. 20 May 1695, and 8 Aug. 1698 he m. Eliz.wid. 

of Nathaniel Clark, d. of Henry Somerby, who outliv. him. He serv. 


830 HALE. 

as one of the chnplains in the Quixotic exped. equally brief and dis- 
astrous, of Sir William Phips, 1 690, against Canada ; and in the out- 
break of the diabol. witchcraft, 1 692, was, of course, by his proximity to 
the chief incanta. much engaged. Most luckily, somebody of Wenbam 
made charge of that crime upon his sec. w. then big with h^ last eh. 
and his eyes were opened to the monstrous delusion, as with great 
moderation and dignity is set forth in a tract published by him a few 
years after. See a valua. Memoir 3 Mass. Hist. Coll. VIL 255. Of 
his ch. Robert was a promin. man, author, I think, of those Terses on 
Nathaniel Mather, found at the end of Lib. IV. of his br.'s Magnalia; 
James was min. of Ashford ; and Samuel, progenit. of a long line that 
has disting. itself in N. Hampsh. John, Newbury, s. of the fint 
Thomas of the same, m. 5 Dec. 1660, Rebecca, d. of Richard LoweU, 
had John, b. 2 Sept 1661 ; and his w. d. 1 June folL He m. 8 Dec 
1663, Sarah, d. of Henry Somerby, had Samuel, b. 15 Oct 1664, d. at 

8 yrs.; Henry, 20 Oct 1667; Thomas, 4 Nov. 1668; and Judith, 6 
July 1 670. The sec. w. d. June 1 672 ; and by third w. Sarah Symondfl, 
who d. 19 Jan. 1699, he had Joseph, 24 Nov. 1674; Benjamin, II Aug. 
1676, d. at one yr. and Moses, 10 July 1678, H. C. 1699. Tlua last 
was first min. of Byfield parish, Newbury, m. 1704, £liz. d. of Richard 
Dummer. Joseph, Boxford, s. of Thomas of the same, m. Mary, d. of 
William Watson. Robert, Charlestown, came, prob. in the fleet with 
Winth. 1630, and was of the earliest mem. of Boston ch. being No. 18, 
and with his w. Joanna among those who formed the Charlestown eh. 14 
Oct 1632, of wh. he was one of the first two deac. freem. 14 May 1634| 
ar. CO. 1644, ensign and a selectman 11 yrs. d. 16 July 1659; had^ 
beside John, b. 3, bapt. 5 June 1636,.H. C. 1657, bef. ment ; Mary, 17, 
bapt 19 May 1639 ; Zechary, 3 Apr. 1641, who d. at two yrs. ; Samuel, 

9 Apr. 1644 ; and Joanna. His wid. m. Richard Jacob of Ipswich, and 
d. a. 1679. Joanna m. 9 Nov. 1664, John Larkin; and Mary m. 
Edward Wilson. Samuel, Charlestown, s. of the preced. a mariner, 
by w. Lydia had Lydia, bapt 28 Oct 1677, and he d. 1677. • Samuel, 
Hartford 1640, one of the first proprs. at Norwalk 1654, had first been 
at Wethersfield 1642, and with his br. Thomas serv. in the Pequot war 
1637, was rep. for N. 1657, 8, and 60, went back to Wethersfield, and 
liv. in that part wh. is now Glastonbury; where sev. descend, cont 
In his will ch. nam. are Samuel, b. a. 1 644 ; John ; Thomas ; Ebenezer ; 
Mary; Rebecca; and Dorothy. Samuel, Newbury, s. of the first 
Thomas of the same, was, perhaps, of Dover, 1665; m. 21 July 1673, 
.Sarah, d. of William Ilsley. Coffin tells no more. Samuel, Glaston- 
bury, s. of Samuel of Wethersfield, m. 20 June 1670, Ruth, d. of 
Thomas Edwards of the same, had Ruth, b. 20 Jan. 1672, d. under 4 

HALE 331 

mos.; Samuel, 14 Jan. 1674, d. very soon; Mary, 13 June 1675; 
Samuel, again, 17 July 1677; and Ruth, again, 1 Dec. 1681. His w. d. 
26 Dec- 1682, and he m. 1695, Mary, d. of the first Samuel Welles, and 
d. 18 Nov. 1711 ; and his wid. d. 18 Feb. 1715. Thomas, Roxbury, 
br. of Samuel of Hartford, a single man, says the eh. rcc. frecm. 14 May 
1634, rem. soon after to Hartford, came back for short time, m. Feb. 
1640, Jane Lord, a serv. mem. of the ch. of R. and ret. to Conn, went 
among 6rst sett to Norwalk 1654, not long after rem. and i)erhaps closed 
kis days at Charlestown. Thomas, Newbury, a glover, came in 1635, 
with w. Thomasin, and s. Thomas, b. 1633; freem. 7 Sept. 1638, had 
here John, b. 3 June 1636 ; and Samuel, both bef. ment. ; liv. some yrs. 
at Haverhill, where he was selectman ; in 1659, perhaps at Salem ; but 
went back to Newbury, and d. 21 Dec. 1682, aged 78 ; and his wid. 30 
Jan. folL Thomas, Saco 1653, then made freem. of Mass. Thomas, 
Charlestown, m. 14 Dec. 1659, Mary Nash, d. of William, had John, 
bapt. 23 Apr. 1665 ; and freem. of 1671, came from Norwalk, says the 
ch. rec. and we may think is the same as Thomas of Roxbury 1634. 
Thomas, Newbury, s. of the first Thomas of the same, b. in Eng. m. 
26 May 1657, Mary, d. of Richard Hutchinson of Salem, had Thomas, 
Yy. 11 Feb. 1658 ; Mary, 15 July 1660 ; Abigail, 9 Apr. 1662 ; Hannah, 
29 Nov. 1663; Lydia, 17 Apr. 1666; Eliz. 16 Oct. 1668; Joseph, 20 
JPeb. 1671 ; and Samuel, 6 June 1674. He prob. liv. at Boxford in 
latter days. Hannah m. 14 Aug. 1684, William Peabody. Thomas, 
"^ethersfield, s. prob. of Samuel of the same, m. 30 Oct. 1 679, Naomi, 
^ of the first John Kilborne of the same, had Naomi, b. 20 Sept. 1 680 ; 
3£ary, 20 Nov. 1682; Thomas, 26 Jan. 1685; Ruth; Eunice; and 
Imothy, 1692. Thomas, Newbury, s. of the sec. Thomas of the same, 
16 May 1682, Sarah, d. prob. of Ezekiel Northend, had Thomas, b. 9 
\ 1683; Edna, 21 Nov. 1684; Mary, 28 Apr. 1687; Ezekiel, 13 
Hay 1689 ; Nathan, 2 June 1691 ; Sarah, 9 Mar. 1693 ; Ebenezer, 21 
Apr. 1695 ; Daniel, 22 Feb. 1697 ; Hannah, 7 June 1699 ; and Joshua, 
17 Mar. 1701. Thomas, Hadley, m. Priscilla, d. of William Markham, 
had Martha, b. 1676; Thomas, 1678; John, 1680; Samuel, 1683, d. 
young ; Priscilla, 1685 ; William, 1687 ; and Joseph, 1691 ; rem. to En- 
field, there had Samuel, again ; and d. a. 1725. Timothy, Windsor, m. 
1663, Sarah, d. of Thomas Barber, had Sarah, b. 1665 ; Timothy, 1667 ; 
John, 1670; Thomas, 1672; Samuel, 1674; Vine, a d. 1675, wh. d. 
young; and Josiah, 1678 ; rem. to Sufficld, had Joanna, 14 Sept. 1680, 
wh. d. 26 July 1689. Of the s. wh. all, as well as their f. wrote the 
name Halo (tho. at Windsor it always termin. in various rec. with double 
ly and yet at Suffield and in rec. of Co. Ilampsh. ends with e ; while, per- 
haps, some exchange of families may appear among other fams.), Thomas 

332 HAL • 

liv. at Springfield ; Josiah at Brookfidd ; Timothy, and Samuel, al 
Suffield; and John, d. at Windsor, unm. William, Billerica, d. 20 
May 1G68, leav. wid. Ann. Of this name 16 had been, in 1834, gr. 
at Harv. 8 at Yale, 3 at Dart, and 11 at the other N. E. colL 

Haley, John, Hadley, m. 1681, Ruth, wid. of William Gaylord, d. 
of John Crow, had no ch. by her or by sec w. Hannah, d. of Samuel 
Bliss; and d. 1688. His wid. m. 1689, Simeon Smith of Hadlej. 
Thomas, Wells or Saco, bef. 1650, m. a d. of John West, had Ann, 
Lydia, Samuel, and Thomas. This last was a scrg. of the garris. at 
Saco, k. by the Ind. Aug. 1695; but Folsom, 125, says descend, are 
num. See Fike*s Joum. and Niles, Hist William, Reading, aa 
early sett. 

Halford, Thomas, a passeng. in the Christian from London, 1035, 
aged 20, of wh. I kn. no more. 

Hall, Andrew, Boston, mariner, m. 1677, Ann, d. of Robert 
Ratchell. Andrew, Newton 1691. Benjamin, Dover 1659, was, 
perhaps, a Quaker, wh. rem. to Portsmouth, R. I. and m. 27 July 
1676, Frances, d. of George Parker, had Mary, b. 3 Apr. 1678 ; Wil- 
liam, 19 Aug. 1680 ; Benjamin, 17 June 1682 ; George, 29 June 1685;' 
and Nathaniel, 29 June 1689. Benjamin, Yarmouth, s. of John the 
first of the same, m. 7 Feb. 1678, Mehitable Matthews, perhaps d. of 
James ; and d. at Harwich. Benjamin, Wrentham, m. 9 Jan. 1692^ 
Sarah Fisher, had Sarah, b. 20 Feb. 1697, d. 6 May folL Christo-. 
pher, Groton, by w. Sarah had Grace, b. 25 Nov. 1672 ; and John, 9 
Apr. 1681. Daniel, New Haven, merch. m. 1670, Mary, d. of Henry 
Rutherford ; but he may have been of ano. town, and only came to N« 
H. to be m. d. at Barbados, 1675. Edward, Cambridge 1636, freem. 
2 May 1638, had w. Margaret who outliv. him, but no ch. In his will 
of 20 Jan. 1678, he calls hims. 70 yrs. old. Matchless Mitchell's ch. reg» 
gives this couple no ch. and his next is, wid. Hilary H. whose ch. were 
all adult, when she join. ; and he adds, two of them, John and Susanna 
are since join, to the ch. of Concord. Edward, Duxbury 1636, or 7, 
was of Taunton, in 1641, says Winsor, but back again at D. next yr. a 
propr. at the sett of Bridgewater in 1645 ; and withdrew from tlie 
jurisdict. in 1652, but prob. was of Rehoboth, made his will 23 Nov* 
1670, nam. w. Esther and s. John. Edward, Lynn, s. of John, had v. 
Sarah, and ch. Joseph, b. 3 July 1646 ; Ephraim, 8 Sept 1648 ; Sarah, 
Aug. 1651 ; Eliz. 30 Apr. 1654; and Rebecca, 30 Apr. 1657; and he 
d. 15 Apr. 1657. But Felt calls tliis Hale. Keaync, giv. him a legacy 
in his will, has odd words of praise. Edward, Braintree 1640, by w; 
Esther had John, b. 23 Jan. 1651 ; and Esther, 23 Oct. 1654; may 
have been of Rehoboth in 1658. There his d. Esther m. 24 Dec. 1674^ 

HALL. 383 

ITiomas Jordan. Elisha, Yarmouth, youngest s. of Jonathan first of 

the same, by w. Lydia, wh. d. 23 Feb. 1724, had Ebenezer, b. 20 Nov. 

1681; Elisha, 14 June 1682; Tabitha, 18 Dec. 1683; Judah, 18 Jan. 

1686; Phebe, 3 Mar. 1689; Job, 10 Sept. 1691; and Sylvanus, 17 

May 1693. Epbrai^i, Boston, s. prob. of Edward of Lynn, m. 1 July 

1674, Sarah Rand of Lynn, had Ephraim, b. 22 Oct. foil. ; Samuel, 25 

Dec 1676; Edward, 29 Jan. 1681 ; Zechariah, 6 Mar. 1686; Eliz. 21 

Jan. 1689 ; and Nathaniel, 14 May 1692. Francis, New Haven 1639, 

was at Stratford afl'er 1648, and 1657 adm. freem. of Conn, jurisdict. had 

Isaac, and Samuel. At Fairfield he had large est but d. early in 1690 at S. 

He brot. from Eng. w. Eliz. and took 31 Oct. 1665, sec. w. Dorothy, wid. of 

John Blakeman, d. of Rev. Henry Smith, bear, off the prize against the 

coanter claims of John Thomas, encourag. by the wid. some mos. bef. 

and he left four ds. Mary, Eliz. Rebecca, and Hannah ; but none by her. 

Hannah m. Joseph Blakeman. The wid. had third h. Mark Sension of 

Korwalk, who d. 1693 ; and for her fourth h. took deac. Isaac Moore of 

Farmington. George, Taunton 1643-64. His will, made the same 

mo. in wh. he d. 30 Oct. 1 669, names w. Mary, and ch. John, Samuel^ 

Joseph, Charity, and Sarah. Gershom, Harwich, s. of the first John 

of Barnstable and Yarmouth, m. Bethia, d. of the first Edward Bangs, 

bad Samuel, b. 1669; Edward; Bethia; Mercy, if the name be not 

Ifary ; and Jonathan ; but the dates, as well as order, is uncert. His 

W. d. 15 Oct. 1696, and he had sec w. Martha. Tho. one of the most 

active sett, of H. he had long liv. at Yarmouth, and there was bur. He 

d. 31 Oct 1732. Hatevil, Dover, s. of the sec. John of the same; 

by w. Mary had Hatevil, b. 15 Feb. 1709. Henry, Westerly 1664, 

Unit, with Richard Knight of Newport in purch. from Ind. in Jan. of 

next yr. and from his will seems to have had, in 1705, ch. eldest s. 

Henry, s. Edward, James, and John, s.-in-law Thomas Stevens, and James 

Adams. Hexry, Boston, a soldier in capt. James Oliver's com p. k. by 

the Ind. in the gr. swamp fight, 19 Dec. 1675. Henrt, Westerly, prob. 

8. of the first Henry, in his will of 1715, names w. Constant ; ch. Henry, 

James, John, Edward, William, Elisha, Susanna, Eliz. Lydia, Mary, 

and Martha. Isaac, Fairfield, a surg., s. of Francis, perhaps b. in 

Eng. for he took o. of fidel. at New Haven, 7 Apr. 1657, d. 1714, 

leav. w. Lydia, ch. Francis, John, and prob. others. James, New 

London 1662, then was tenant of John Winth. on Fisher's isl. perhaps 

in 1669, liv. at Westerly, and may have been s. of Henry, sen. Job, 

New Haven 1646. John, Charlestown, came 1630, it is thot. from 

Coventry, prob. in the fleet with Winth. being No. 19 on the list of mem. 

of Boston ch. and one of the found, of that in Charlestown, with w. 

Bethia, in 1632; freem. 14 May 1634, had beside Samuel, wh. m. Eliz. 

334 HALL. 

Pollard, but d. perhaps late in 1694, at Yarmouth, without issue (as the 
wid. m. 27 Apr. 1 699, Jeremiah Jones of the same, and his will of 7 
Oct. 1693, names only w. Eliz. and brs. John, Joseph, Nathaniel, 
Gershom, William, Benjamin, and Elisha), John, bapt. 13 May 1638; 
Shebar, 9 Jan. 1 640, both d. young ; by w. Eliz. Lamed had John, 21 
Sept. 1645; Eliz. 4 Sept. 1647, d. soon; Eliz. again, 21 Nov. 1648; 
and he rem. to Barnstable and Yarmouth, where more eh. were b. No 
little confusion, after large scrutiny, exists as to the men of this namey 
so that it may be there was one John at Barnstable at the same time 
there was one at Charlestown, but it is not prob. ; at least it is certain, 
that the ch. rec. of B. proves, that s. of John, there bapt. were Joseph, 
3 July 1642; Benjamin, 14 July 1644, d. in few days; Nathaniel, 8 
Feb. 1646 ; Gershom, 5 Mar. 1648 ; William, 8 June 1651 ; Benjamin, 
again, 29 May 1653 ; and Elisha. His will, of 15 July 1694, pro. 29 
Aug. 1696, names the eight liv. s. John, Kittery 1640. John, Dover, 
brot. Ralph, John, Stephen, and perhaps other ch. from Eng. very early* 
John, Roxbury, wh. in the ch. rec. has prefix of respect, I presume, was 
the freem. of 6 May 1635, unless he may rather be reckoned of 13 May 
1640 ; but as no further ment of him occurs here, perhaps he rem. with 
the gr. migra. to Conn, and was at Hartford 1644, and at Middletown 
1654, where he d. 26 May 1673, aged 89. His will of few days b^ 
ment. s. Richard, John, and Samuel, d. Sarah, w. of Thomas Whitmore, 
m. 11 Dec. 1645, and d. 7 Dec. 1664. He says it was the 40th yr. of 
liv. in N. E. John, Lynn, perhaps as early as Mr. Lewis would have 
him, or 1630, possib. the freem. of 13 May 1640, and may have been a 
short time at Salem 1637, bee. one of the first propr. 1640, of Salisbiu7, 
hav. prefix of respect, m. 3 Apr. 1641, Rebecca, wid. of Henry Byley, 
had John, b. 18 Mar. 1642; and d. bef. 22 Aug. 1650, when his wicL 
m. Rev. William Worcester. John, Boston, was one of the selectmen 
1657, and ens. John, Dover 1650, s. of John of the same, b. in Eng. a 
deac. 1657, had John, b. a. 1649; Ralph; Hatevil; Nathaniel; and 
perhaps more ; was a man of many offices, d. a. 1693, or 4, leav. good 
prop, may have been f. or gr.f. of that John who was there drown. 1697. 
John, Newport 1638, was freem. there in 1655. John, New Haven 
1639, m. Jane Wallen or Woolen, had John and Sarah, both bapt. 9 
Aug. 1646; John, and Sarah, again, in the list next jt, are by me dis- 
believ.; Samuel, 21 May 1648; Thomas, 25 Mar. 1649; Jonathan, b. 
5, bapt. 13 not 15 Apr. 1651 ; obs. that the bapt. are very untmst- 
worthy ; and David, Mar. 1653 ; was freed from train, in 1665, being 60 
yrs. old ; rem. to Wallingford among early sett a. 1670, there d. early 
in 1676, leav. wid. and nuncup. will. Sarah m. Dec 1664, Wingle 
Johnson. Ano. John, at New Haven 1648, was serv. of John Meigs* 

HALL. 885 

JonSy Dover, call. jr. prob. s. of sec. John of the same, m. 8 Nov. 1671, 
Abigail Roberts, d. of John of the same, had John, b. 27 June 1678 ; 
Thomas, 19 Jane 1675; and Abigail, 24 Feb. 1680. *Jobn, Middle- 
town, 8. of John of the same, b. in Eng. rep. 1658, m. 1 Oct. 1674, Mary 
Hubbard, wid. of Thomas, hav. lost 20 July 1678, his first w. Ann, d. 
of John Wilcocks (unless she were sec. w. of his f.), and d. 22 Jan. 
1695, in 75th yr. without ch. leav. lands to Ebenezer H. s. of his w. and 
other large prop, to two nephs. and a gr. neph. all nam. John. John, 
CoDoord, had in 1 652 been of Cambridge, s. of wid. Mary above ment b. 
in Eng. m. 4 Apr. 1656, EUz. d. of Percival Green of Cambridge, had 
Elis. b. 18 Sept. 1658; John, 18 Dec 1660; Nathaniel, 7 July 1666; 
rem. to Medford, where all of his other ch. were b. except Percival, b. at 
Cambridge, 11 Feb. 1672 ; and he d. at M. 18 Oct 1701, leav. wid. 
Eliz. wh« d. 4 Feb. 1714, aged 74; s. John; Nathaniel; Stephen, b. 
1670; Ferdval; Jonathan, b. 1677; Sarah, 1670; and Thomas ; beside 
ds. Mary, 1668, w. of John Bradshaw ; and Susanna ; among wh. large 
est was then div. by John the admor. Eliz. was w". of John Oldham. 
Ferdval m. a. 1697, Jane, d. of Thomas Willis, and rem. to Sutton a. 
1720. John, Guilford, s. of William, m. 18 Nov. 1669, Eliz. Smith, 
perhaps d. of George, had Eliz. b. 22 Nov. 1670; Mary, 18 May 1672 ; 
John, 28 Beb. 1674; Ebenezer, 8 Mar. 1678 ; Silence, 15 Dec. 1679 ; 
Eiiphalet, 18 Jan. 1681; and Nathaniel, Dec. 1688; d. 8 Jan. 1705. 
In bis will of 27 Nov. preced. the eldest s. and d. are not nam. and per- 
haps they were d. Mary m. 1698, Daniel Bishop; and Silence m. 
Abraham Morrison. John, Yarmouth, s. of John first of the same, m. 
Priacilla, d. of Austin Bearse, had, it is said, s. John ; Joseph, b. 29 
Sept 1663 ; a d. Nov. 1668 ; Priscilla, Feb. 1671 ; Esther, Apr. 1672 ; 
Mary, 1 Mar. 1674; Martha, 24 May 1676; and Nathaniel, 15 Sept 
1678 ; of wh. Joseph, who d. 29 Jan. 1787, was f. of David, H. C. 
1724, D. D. min. of Sutton. See N. E. Weekly Journal of 1737. John, 
the f. d. 24 Oct 1710, and his wid. d. 80 Mar. 1712: John, Walling- 
fard, s. of John of New Haven, m. 6 Dec 1666, Mary Parker, and had 
two or more ch. was first deac. d. 1721. John, Taunton, m. 4 Feb. 
1671 (or as Col. Rec. says 1667), Hannah Penniman, had John, b. 27 
June 1672; Joseph, 7 Apr. 1674 ; James, 8 Dec 1675 ; and Benjamin, 
6 Dec. 1677. John, Roxbury, freem. 1684. John, Wethersfield, d. 
1692, leav. wid. Rebina, and ch. Eliz. 9 mos. old. John, Medford, s. 
of John of the same, m. 2 Dec 1687, Jemima, d. of the famous capt 
Sill, had John, b. 11 Sept 1689, d. in few days; John, again, 19 Sept 
1690 ; William, 24 June 1692, d. soon ; William, again, 1 Nov. 1694, d. 
soon; Eliz. 10 June 1696; Andrew, 5 May 1698; Jemima, 8 Oct 
1700 ; Joseph, 30 Nov. 1702 ; Stephen, 19 Jan. 1704 ; Martha, 20 Aug. 

336 HALL. 

1706 ; and perhaps two more ; and his w. d. 12 Dec 1712, aged 45. He 
d. 14 Nov. 1720. Jonathan, New Lqndon 1676, s. of John of New 
Haven, had Jonathan, bapt 18 Oct. 1677; Peter, 17 Oct 1680; Han- 
nah, 17 June 1683 ; and perhaps more, possib. at New Haven, bef. or after, 
for no acco. of his d. is found, so that he maj have rem. Jonathak, 
Dorchester, sec. s. of Richard of the same, m. Eliz. d. of Richard 
Withington, had Eliz. b. 23 May 1694 ; and Sarah, 19 Sept 1696 ; and 
his w. d. 4 Apr. 1700. He m. 4 Apr. 1701, Eliz. Clap, d. of Elder 
Hopestill, had Jonathan, b. 22 May 1702 ; Eliz. 2 Aug. 1703 ; Richard, 
2 Mar. 1705; and Hopestill, 18 Mar. 1707; and d. 29 Dec 1718. 
Jonathan, Medford, s. of the first John of the same, m. 1702, Lydia, 
d. of Gershom Cutter of Cambridge, had Jonathan ; Lydia, b. 27 Apr. 
1705 ; and Gershom ; and his w. d. 10 days bef. him, wh. d. 11 Jan. 
1754. Joseph, Lynn, perhaps br. of Ephraim, m. 3 Mar. 1674, Ells. 
Rand, had Eliz. b. 12 Jan. 1675 ; Joseph, 2 Nov. 1676; Sarah, b. first 
week of Apr. 1679; and Zechariah, 9 Nov. 1684. Joseph, Green* 
land, part of Portsmouth, d. of smallpox, 19 Dec 1685. Joseph, 
Exeter, s. of Balph, m. Mary, d. of Edward Hilton, jr. had Joseph, and 
Edward. Joseph, Yarmouth, s. of the first John of the same, m. 12 
Feb. 1 690, Hannah, d. of sec. John Miller of the same, had Hannah, b. 
20 Feb. 1691 ; Priscilla, 28 Mar. 1692; and Margery, 24 Feb. 1695; 
had sec. w. Mary, but no ch. and d. 31 May 1716. His wid. rem. to 
Conn. I KiNSLET, Exeter, s. of Ralph, a capt. m. 25 Sept. 1674, Ells, 
d. of Samuel Dudley, had also sec w. but in the Geneal. Reg. VL 
260, it is imposs. to clearly assign to the respective mos. the ch. Josialiy 
Paul, Ehz. Mary, and Mercy ; was couns. 1698, judge of Sup. Court 
1699, d. 1736. Nathaniel, Dorchester 1633. Nathaniel, perhaps 
of Duxbury, "a maim, soldier in the late Ind. war," was allow. £5 
per an. Nathaniel, a capt. in the Ind. war at the E. under Chnrdiy 
fought with great bravery in defence of Falmouth 21 Sept 1689; was 
s. of the first John of Yarmouth, and m. Ann, d. of Rev. Thomas Thorn- 
ton, had no ch. kept a tavern, and practis. as physician ; rem. to Hing- 
ham, thence to the Delaware riv. Nathaniel, Dover, br. of HateTiI, 
had w. Hannah in 1696. Nathaniel, Medford, s. of the first John of 
the same, m. 16 Apr. 1690, Eliz. d. I suppose, of Richard Cutter of 
Cambridge, had Eliz. b. 9 Jan. 1691 ; Nathan, 25 Oct 1694 ; Susanna, 
30 Aug. 1696 ; Sarah, 8 Sept 1698 ; Tabitha, 9 Nov. 1699 ; and Wil- 
liam, 9 Feb. 1705 ; and d. 14 Apr. 1725. Nicholas, Boston, by w. 
Mary had Thomas, b. 3 July 1678, and I see no more of him. One 
Nicholas was a soldier in Gallop's comp. of the ill-fated expedit 1690, 
against Quebec. Percival, Medford, br. of Nathaniel, m. at Wobnm 
18 Oct 1697, Jane Willis, d. of Thomas of Billerica and Medford, had 

HALL. 887 

PcrciTal, b. 13 Nov. 1698 ; Jane, 15 May 1700 ; Mary; Eliz. Stephen, 
^ Apr. 1709 ; and Martha (but these last four are giv. by conjcet to 
hiMo, rather than ano. of the same name) ; Thomas, 15 Aug. 1712 ; Zao- 
cbeos, and Susanna, tw. 11 Jan. 1715 ; Grace, 7 Oct. 1717 ; and Willis, 
7 Mar. 1720. He rem. to Sutton, of wh. he was one of the orig. proprs. 
d. 25 Dec 1752. * Ralph, Exeter 1639, s. of John of Dover, b. 
Eng. a. 1619, perhaps of Charlestown 1647, rem. to Dover 1650, 
'Uience, in Oct 1664 to Exeter again ; by w. Mary had Mary, b. 15 
I. 1647, or 8, d. in June 1648 ; perhaps ano. Mary, who m. 13 Jaif. 
<69, Edward Smith ; Huldah, b. 10 Apr. 1649 ; Ralph, who d. 7 June 
671; Samuel, d. 1690; Joseph; and Kinsley, 1652; was lieut. 1656, 
1680, and d. Mar. 1701, lea v. Joseph; Kinsley, both bef. ment. 
L. L adm. to be freem. of Conn. 1664. Ralph, Dover, br. of 
llatevil, m. Mary, d. of Philip Chesley, had John ; James ; Jonathan ; 
Lc; Benjamin, b. June 1702; Ralph; and Joseph, 26 Mar. 1706, 
posthum. tho. we kn. not whether the f. d. in 1705 or 6. Rich- 
», Dorchester, freem. 1644, m. Eliz. d. of Richard Collicot, had 
^Martha, b. 12 Aug. 1648 ; Mehitable, bapt. 7 Apr. 1650 ; Samuel, b. 1 
1652; Eliz. 20 Dec. 1653 ; Jonathan, 8 Apr. 1659; Experience, 
Jan. 1662 ; Hopestill, 80 Dec. 1663, d. June foil.; Dependence, wh. 
5 Aug. 1667, wh. had been bapt 25 Mar. 1666; beside ISarah, wh. 
ras bapt 14 Feb. 1669 ; and Joseph, bapt 4 Jan. 1674, unless that date 
b. for eh. rec. of bapt is 1 Feb. nam. in his will ; was a lieut. d. 
June 1691 ; and his wid. d. 8 Oct 1693. Experience m. Roger 
of Charlestown; Martha m. 18 Sept 1674, Ebenezer Williams ; 
m. John Wood ; and Samh m. Whittemore. Richard, Middle- 
"^owDj 8. of John, of the same, b. in Eng. by w. Mary had Mary ; John, 
%». 20 Sept 1648; Jane, Mar. 1653; Sarah, May 1654; Richard, June 
X656; Samuel, Sept 1658; and Ann, 20 Nov. 1661 ; d. 27 Mar. 1691, 
^od his w. d. three days aAer. In his will o( 11 Jan. preced. he calls 
liims. *'a« 71 yrs. of age." Richard, his s. was a soldier, k. in Philip's 
r, at Hatfield, 80 May 1676; Mary m. 11 Mar. 1661, Anthony 
; Sarah m. 1673, John Blake. Richard, Bradford, freem. 1676. 
&ICHARD, Roxbury, m. 22 May 1679, Eliz. Holbrook, had Martha, b. 6 
Sept 1680; and Richard, 31 Jan. 1683. Martha d. 12 Nov. 1701. 
ISamitkl, Ipswich 1636, had been in the country 1683, went late ia 
antamn to explore, and ret. from the wilderness Jan. 1634, perhaps 
went home that yr. and came back in the spr. of 1635, aged 25, in the 
Elizabeth and Ann, was of ar. co. 1638, and aAer some yrs. went home 
agsun, and d. 1680, at Langford, near Maldon, in Essex. Hutch.. I. 43;: 
Wioth. L 128; Felt, Ipswich, 62; and Hubbard, 170. * Samuel^ 
Salisbury 1640, may be the person from.Canterbury, 1635, or 6^ 
YOL. JJL 29. 

338 HALL. 

with w. Joan and three serv. [3 Mass. Hist. Coll. VIIL 276], but the 
Eng. vol. does not name the ship. He was rep. 1 655. Samuel, Middle- 
town, s. of John of the same,freem. 1654, d. 14 Mar. 1690, left wid. Eliz. 
and three eh. Samuel, b. 3 Feb. 1664 ; John, 7 Aug. 1668 ; and Thomas, 
29 Aug. 1671. Samuel, Taunton, had Samuel, b. 11 Dec. 1664 ; John, 
19 Oct. 1666; Nicholas, 28 Oct 1670; Mary, 3 Oct. 1672; Sarah, 14 
Oct. 1674, d. young; Ebenezer, 19 Mar. 1677; Sarah, again, 2 Mar. 
1679 ; and George, 25 Jan. 1681. Samuel, Wallingford, s. of John of 
New Haven, jn. May 1668, Hannah Walker, had John, b. 22 Dec 1670, 
at New Haven, and at W. may have had others, was deac and d. 1725. 
Samuel, Fairfield, s. of Francis, d. 1694^ lea v. wid. and ch. only Sam- 
uel, and David. Samuel, Dorchester, freem. 1670. Samuel, Guilford, 
s. of William, m. 22 Dec 1674, Eliz. d. of William Johnson, had Elic 
b. 1 Feb. 1677 ; Ithamar, 10 Feb. 1680 ; William, 15 Jan. 1683 ; Samr 
uel, 15 Oct. 1687 ; and Abigail, 1 Feb. 1696 ; d. 11 Feb. 1733. Sam- 
uel, Middletown, s. of Samuel of the same, was a lieut had w. Fhebe, 
and d. says the inscript. on gr.stone, 24 Mar. 1740, in the 82d yr. of his 
age, as if the piety of survivors requir. such exagger. His wid. d. 14 
May 1741, aged 78, says similar inscript. * Stephen, Concord, s. of wid- 
Mary, m. 3 Dec 1663, Ruth, d. of Dolor Davis, had Samuel, b. 8 Dec. 
1665; StefJhen, 1667; Ruth, 12 Jan. 1670; Mary, 1 June 1677; and 
Eliz. 7 Apr. 1685; rem. to Stow, was rep. 1689, on overthrow of 
Andros. Stephen, Charlestown, s. of the preced. by w. Grace, d. of 
Thomas Willis, had Stephen, b. 5 Nov. 1693; Grace, 17 June 1697; 
Esther, 27 Dec. 1700 ; Willard, H. C. 1722 ; Josiah, 12 May 1705, d. 
next yr. ; and Ruth, 1708 ; his w. d. 12 Nov. 1721 ; and by sec w. 
Martha Hill, or third, Ann Nowell, wid. of Joseph, he had no ch. and d. 
7 Nov. 1749. Stephen, Medford, s. of the first John of the same, had 
no issue it is thot by first w. Eliz. wh. d. 14 May 1714, aged 42, but by 
sec. w. Eliz. had Mary, b. 17 Apr. 1719; Stephen, 10- Aug. 1721; 
Sarah, b. and d. 1724 (but sure, not in the order of the mos. giv. In 
Geneal. Reg. XIII. 16) ; and Eliz. 19 Dec 1725. He d. 3 SepL 1755, 
and his wid. d. 3 Feb. 1764, aged 83. Thomas, Cambridge 1648, br. 
of Edward bef. ment. whose sole heir he claim, to be, freem. 1681, had 
w. Eliz. three ds. Hannah, b. 4 Mar. 1649 ; Mary and Lydia, but prob. 
no s. Late in his days he m. 24 May 1683, Martha, wid. of Hoiaphrey 
Bradshaw, formerly wid. of William Russell. Thomas, Guilford, m. 
Sarah, d. of Thomas Cook, had Thomas, and Samuel, perhaps ; but 
he could have liv* only short time at G. nor is the evidence of that 
m. other than presumptive. Tet at G. is ano. w. Hannah, d. of John 
Sheather, furnished him in 1685. Thomas, Wobum, had Eliz. b. 14 
Dec 1674; Abigail, 20 Aug^ 1681; both d. very soon. Thomas, 

HALLAM. 339 

Wallingford, s. of John of New Haven, m. 1673, said to be the first in 
the town, d. 1711, lea v. w. Grace, and ch. Abigail, Thomas, Mary, JoDa- 
than, Joseph, Daniel, Rebecca, all of age, and Israel, 15 yrs. old. 
Thohas, Medford, youngest s. of the first John of the same, m. 22 Dec 
1702, Hannah, d. of Gershom Cutter, had Thomas, b. 5 Oct 1703 ; and 
bjsec w. Abigail had Edward, 11 Apr. 1707 ; Abigail, 24 Oct. 1708; 
Ruth, 1 July 1712, d. young; John, 17 Mar. 1715; Ruth, again, 20 
Aug. 1719 ; William, 11 June 1721 ; Samuel, 27 Nov. 1723, d. young; 
Samuel, again, 7 May 1725, d. young ; Rebecca, 28 Feb. 1727 ; and 
Samuel, again, 22 Jan. 1730. lie had third w. 16 Apr. 1747, Eliz. 
Davis; and d. 25 Jan. 1757. Tristram, Barnstable, had Mary, b. 
1645; Sarah; Joseph, June 1G52; John, Mar. 1654; and Hannah, 
Feb. 1556. William, Portsmouth, R. I. 1638, freem. there liv. in 
1555. William, Cambridge, br. of Stephen, one of the petnrs. 1653, 
for Chelmsford, rem. to Concord, m. 14 Oct. 1658, Sarah Meriam, and 
liad no ch. prob. d. 10 Ma». 1667. William, Guilford 1639, had w. 
Esther, js. John, b. 1648 ; and Samuel ; .both bef. ment. and d. 8 Mar. 
1669. His wid. d. 1683. William, Portsmouth, R. I. perhaps s. of 
William of the same, m. 26 Jan. 1671, Alice, wh. it is said, came in the 
aame ship, d. of John Tripp, had William, b. 9 Dec. 1672; Preserved, 
29 Aug. 1675, d. under 6 yrs.; Abigail, 20 Dec. 1677; Mary, 24 Sept 
1679; John, 2 July 1681; Deliverance, 8 Jan. 1684; Alice, 14 Jan. 
1685; Eliz. 2 Oct. 1687; and Robert, 16 Feb. 1690. Z oriel, perhaps 
of Portsmouth, R. I. had Mary, wh. m. 16 S«pt. 1686, Robert Fish of 
the same. Gr. of this name, in 1834, were 20 at Harv. 25 at Yale, 7 at 
Dart jind 22 at the other N. E. coll. Very num. and independ. stocks 
Have contrib. to the wide extens. of this patronymic in N. £. At Cam- 
bridge, in 1662, Ids. were gr. by the town to a wid. Mary H. whose ch. 
then adult, or nearly so, were John, Susanna, Stephen, William, Mary, 
Hannah, and Lydia. Of the three youngest, Mary m. 26 Feb. 1669, 
luael Meade; Hannah m. 1670; and Lydia m. 6 Mar. 1678, Gershom 

Hall AM, John, Stonington, came 1677, in early youth, from Bar- 
bados, with a younger br. and his mo. Alice, who had m. sec. h. and d. 
1698; wasamcrch. m. 15 Mar. 1683, Prudence, d. of Amos Richardson, 
had John, b. 24 Jan. 1684, d. young; Prudence, 1686; John, again, 
1689; and Amos, 8 Dec 1695 ; and d. 20 Nov. 1700, aged 39. Pru- 
dence d. 17 Apr. foil. His wid. m. Elnathan Miner. Nicholas, New 
London, younger br. of the preced. m. 8 July 1686, Sarah, d. of Alex- 
ander Pygan, had Alexander, b. 22 Oct 1688 ; Edward, 25 Apr. 1693 ; 
and Samuel, 29 Mar. 1695. His w. d. 1700 ; and in London, whither 
be had gone in prosecut. of an appeal to the K. in Counc. relative to the 

340 HAL 

will of his stepf. John Liveen, or Living, he m. 2 Jan. 1701, wid. Elis. 
Meades, whose maiden name was Gulliver, had b. there Eliz. 22 Feb. 
1702; came back, and had, here, Mary, b. 11 Oct. 1705; and John, 8 
Aug. 1708 ; d. 18 Sept 1714, aged, says the gr.stone, 49 yrs. 5 mos. 29 
days. His wid. Eliz. d. 1736. Robert A. of New London is sde 
descend, in male line of the first w. and Bev. Isaac, of Lynn, is of 
the sec. 

Halleck, David, Dorchester 1640, Boston 1644. 

Hallet, sometimes Hollet, Andbew, Lynn, rem. to Sandwidi 
1637, soon afler to Yarmouth, and a. 1645 went home, but soon came 
again; had Dorcas, bapt 1 June 1646, and Jonathan, 20 Nov. 1647; 
both bapt. by Lothrop at Barnstable; John, 11 Dec 1650 ; MehitaUe; 
Abigail, who m. 10 Dec. 1672, capt Jonathan Alden ; and Ruhamahy 
who m. 1664, Job Bourne; all nam. with w. Ann in his will of 4 Jane 
1684. Winsor gives the amo. of his est £1180. In Lechford's Plain 
Dealing, p. 41, he is call, sch.master. Andbew, Yarmouth 1643, then 
call. junr. was s. of the preced. b. in Eng. George, Boston, freem. 
1690, then call. sen. so that there was a jun. at the same time there. 
James, Windsor 1643, a poor, thievish serv. John, Scituate, br. of 
Andrew, but perhaps not resid. there at the same time, had Ann, wh. m. 
1649, Richard Curtis of S. and he prob. rem. to Yarmouth after few jn. 
yet seems to have come back to S. unless Deane*s relat. be confbs. 
Richard, Boston, had Alice, who m. 1652, Mordecai Nichols, and next, 
Thomas Clark of Plymouth. A wid. Lydia H. m. 27 Nov. 1661, at 
Boston, John Drummond. William, New London 1648, carpenter^ 
rem. next yr. for cause stated in Trumbull, Col. Rec I. 186, wenkdewn 
the sound, and whitened his reput. on both sides, so as in few yrs. the 
Col. govemm. receiv. him from Flushing 1664, deput. by his neigkbon 
with others from other towns on L. I. to join the jurisdict. of Conn. He 
was an orig. sett at Greenwich many yrs. bef. and in 1652 had Id. at 
Newtown, L. I. where in 1686 he liv. with William, jr. and Samnelt 
perhaps his s. One Samuel, perhaps s. of Andrew or of John, was 
drown. 22 Apr. 1650, with Thomas Blossom. In early days the spelL 
was sometimes Hollett, as then pronounc. 

Hallo well, Hollo way, Hallawat, or Hallo way, the pame is 
also, first, Holway, Andrew, New Haven 1654. Benjamin, Boston, 
8. of William, first of the same, m. 12 May 1692, Mary Stock^r, had 
Mary, b. 17, bapt. 19 Mar. 1693; Ann, 28 Jan. 1695; Benjamin, 20 
Jan. 1699; William, 11 Nov. 1700; Joseph, 22 Nov. 1702; Sarah, 1 
Sept. 1705 ; and Samuel, 25 Nov. 1707. Benjamin, jr. m. 29 May 1722. 
Rebecca Briggs, and had Benjamin, b. 2 Feb. 1725, wh. was his nug- 
esty's collector of the customs at Boston, and by w. Mary Boylston, m. IS 

HAL 341 

*ne 1746, was f. of Ward Nicholas Boylston, the liberal benefactor of 

irv. Coll. and of Sir Benjamin, the adftiiral, disting. for his services 

id friendship with Lord Nelson. Late in life the admiral, by permiss. 

»f his sovereign, took the name of Carew, on marr. with a lady of that 

lame ; but he d. without issue. Samuel, Taunton, had Samuel, b. 14 

»t- 1668; Natl^miel, 2 July 1670; Esther, 14 May 1673; John, 

Feb. 1675. Timothy, Taunton 1643. William, Marshfield or 

"Taunton 1643, where he sold his est and rem. to Boston 1650, by w. 

JB/Larj had Mary, b. 2 Apr. 1653 ; William, 11 Jan. 1655 ; Benjamin, 8 

^July 1656. William, Boston, by his will, 9 May 1664, pro. 6 Apr. 

foil, gives very small prop, to ch. Timothy, Samuel, Nehemiah, Elisha, 

Itfalnohij and Esther, and made wid. Eliz. extrix. He had not, I think, 

Hv. long here, at least not one of the ch. is in our rec. of b. William, 

^Xoston, elder br. of Benjamin, by w. Decline had Thomas, b. 1 Oct. 

3.673 ; Joseph, 5 May 1677 ; and by w. Ann had William, 1 May 1682 ; 

Iliary, 26 Dec 1687; Sarah, 7 June 1690; William, 31 July 1693; 

mxxd Mary, again, 28 Nov. 1698. 

Haxsall, Hansell, or Halsby, || George, Dorchester, where he 
"^as of their ch. and recom. to Boston 1642, a blacksmith, b. a. 1614, by 
'V. Eliz. had Mehitable, b. 15 Dec. bapt. 1 Jan. foil. 1642, d. next Oct; 
^fosephy 3, bapt. 8 Dec 1644; and Hannah, Jan. 1647; and I presume 
Ilia w. d. not long after, and he m. Joan, d. of Thomas Buck, I think, 
awd had Sarah, wh. d. soon; Benjamin, b. 18 Sept. 1652 ; was frcem. 

1645, and ar. co. 1650. He rem. to New London 1661, but staid there 
xot long. James, Boston 1674, called, in a deed to him, mathematician, 
ireem. 1690. John, came in the Elizabeth and Ann, 1635, aged 24, 

"^iiom London ; but where he sat down is unkn. * Thomas, Lynn 1637, 
■ xem. in few yrs. to L. I. and was long of Southampton, the richest man 
in town, engag. in establish, the Conn, jurisdict. there, and was a rep. 
1664^ had Thomas, Isaac, Daniel, and Eliz. w. of Richard Howell, all 
with w. nam. in his will of June 1677, pro. at New York 8 July 1679. 
William, Boston 1654, by w. Sarah had Asa, b. 1 Jan. 1655 ; Joseph, 
29 May 1657 ; liv. at Pulling point, may have rem. to New London. 
A heq, spelling is Halscy. 

Halsteed, .Henry, Concord 1645. Nathan, Concord, may have 
been f. of the preced. His w. Isabel d. 15 Mar. 1642, and he d. soon 
after, for his in v. was tak. 5 Feb. 1644. Nathaniel, Dedham, freem. 
2 June 1 641, d. 3 Feb. 1 644 ; and may seem the same as the preced. 
William, Concord, d. 27 July 1645, says Farmer; but an error of a 
yr. occurs in Geneal. Reg. III. 177, giv. date of his will, 13 June of 

1646, while in three foil, attest, of witnesses, ea. proves, that it was the 
former, and the inv. was tak. in Dec. of the same yr. He was unm. 

. 29* 

842 HAL— HAM 

prob. for his bequests are to sis. Edna, her eh. or childr. and to br. 
Henry, who also was unm. Susanna H. an aged woman, d. at Wate^* 
town 5 July 1669, who, in her will of 11 Jan. 1668, names sis. Grace, 
w. of Michael Barstow, with whom the testator liv. to wh. as also t$ 
Sarah, w. of Joseph Child, and to Deborah, and Sarah Barstow, prob. 
ds. of William B. she made bequests. 

Hal WORTHY, Robert, passeng. in the Arabella from London l€l7l. 
I find no reason to judge him a relat. of Sir Matthew of London, the 
great benefact. of H. C. 

Ham, John, Dover 1665, m. 6 May 1668, Mary, d. of John Heard, 
had Mary, b. 2 Oct. foil.; Eliz. 29 Jan. 1672; Joseph, 3 June 1678; 
John, 1681 ; and perhaps more ; was some yrs. after at Casco, and hk 
w. d. 1706. Ld. on wh. he dwelt, is still enjoy, by his heirs. JoHH, 
Dover, s. of the preced. had Eliz. b. 1703 ; Mary, 1706 ; Samuel, 1708; 
Nathaniel, 1711 ; Joanna, 1713; ano. 1717; and Patience, 1718. Jo- 
seph, Dover, br. of the preced. m. Thomasine Messerve, had Eliz. b. 28 
Feb. 1704; Mary, 28 Dec 1706; Thomasine, 19 July 1708; Abigail, 
5 Mar. 1710; Ann, 12 Dec. 1712; Daniel, 24 July 1714; Joseph, 25 
Apr. 1716; Clement, 16 Dec. 1718; Jonathan, 8 June 1720; and 
James, 26 June 1722 ; was k. by the Ind. 1723, when three of his cL 
were made capt Matthew, Isle of Shoals 1657. William, Exeter 
1645, d. a. 1672. 

Hamans, William, Scituate 1636, d. soon, or rem. says Deaoe. No 
doubt, it was otherwise spell, in other places ; yet the very same lettefS 
are used, when he was a planter at Saco, 1643 ; or adm. freem. of Man. 
5 July 1653, at Wells. See Willis, L 49. It may be the same as 

Hamblen, Bartholomew, Barnstable, s. of James the first, m« 20 
Jan. 1674, Susanna Dunham, had Samuel, b. 25 Dec 1674; Mercy, 1 
June 1677 ; Patience, 15 Apr. 1680; Susanna, 16 Mar. 1682; Experi- 
ence, 13 Feb. 1684; wh. all were bapt. 16 Mar. 1684, unless 15 Mar. 
1685 be better; John, b. 19 June 1686, d. at 19 ; Ebenezer, 23 Mtr. 
1689, bapt next day ; Mary, 23 May 1691 ; Bethia, bapt 26 Nov. 1698; 
and Reliance, 30 Nov. 1696. He d. 24 Apr. 1704. Ebenezer, Barn- 
stable, 8. of James the sec by w. Mercy had Ebenezer, bapt 7 Sept 1701. 
Elbazur, Barnstable, s. of the first James, m. Oct 1675, Mebitable 
Jenkins, had Isaac, b. 20 Aug. 1676 ; Joseph, 20 Nov. 1680, who Uv. to 
27 Aug. 1766^ Mehitablc, 28 Mar. 1682; Elisha, bapt 30 July 16d5; 
lehabod. May 1687; and Shubael, b. 16 Sept 1695. Israel, Bcm- 
Btable, youngest s. of the first James, by w. Abigail had Joseph, bapt 11 
Oot 1696; Jemima, 24 Sept 1699. James, Barnstable, one of the 
early sett came with w. Ann, prob. from London, perhaps brot. James, 

HAM 843 

tod Hannah, had here Bartholomew, b. 11, bapt. 24 Apr. 1G42, bef. 

meot; John, 26, bapt 30 June 1644; Sarah, bapt. 7 Nov. 1647 ; Elear 

'nr, 17 Mar. 1650, bef. ment. ; and Israel, 27 June 1652, tho. Col. Bee 

gives 1655 ; and d. 1690. James, Barnstable, s. of the preced. perhaps 

b. in £ng. m. 20 Nov. 1662, Mary, d. of John Dunham, had Mary^ b. 

24 July 1664; Eliz. 13 Feb. 1666; Eleazur, and Experience, tw. 12 

Apr. 1668; James, 26 Aug. 1669 ; Jonathan, 3 Mar. 1671 ; ano. eh. 28 

Mar. 1672, d. at 10 days; Ebenezer, 29 July 1674; Elisha, 15 Mar. 

1677, d. at 9 mos.; Hope, 13 Mar. 1680; Job, 15 Jan. 1682, bapt 16 

Sept. 1683; John, b. 12 Jan. 1684; Benjamin, bapt 15 Mar. 1685; 

tnd Elkanah. His w. or wid. d. 19 Dec. 1715, in 73d yr. Eliz. m. 31 

Jolj 1689, John Scudder. John, Barnstable, br. of the preced. m. 

Aug. 1667, Sarah, d. of Austin Bearse, had Meletiah, b. 1 July 1668; 

PriadUa, 30 Apr. 1670; Sarah, 1 July 1671; Martha, 16 Feb. 1673; 

Experience, 16 Apr. 1674; Hannah, 16 Feb. 1676; Esther, 17 Mar. 

1678; Thankful, Oct 1679, d. at 4 yrs. ; John, 10 Mar. 1681 ; Eben- 

eier, 12 May 1Q83 ; Abigail, 25 Apr. bapt 14 June 1685; and Benja- 

BUQ, 11 Feb. 1687. In sev. varieties this name appears ; often Hamlin, 

as 18 modem spell. 

Hambleton. See Hamilton. 

Hahdbn, John, Plymouth 1622, <<a gentleman of Loudon," says 
Winslow, " who wintered with us, and desired much to see the country " ; 
vent home 1623. Belkn. in Amer. Biog. II. 229, suppos. he might 
be the immortal patriot of Buckinghamsh. and Baylies, I. 110, and 
others, less instructed, have often assum. the certainty of the conject ; 
bat in the whole compass of possibil. no position seems weaker, than 
that the illustrious John Hampden, who resisted the king's unlawful de- 
Band of shipmoney, and consecr. his cause by early d. in arms, was ever 
in our country, much more, that he was abs. from home, twelve or four- 
teen months, as is necessar. implied in his com. in 1622 and going in 
1623, when in the two yrs. only three ships sail, from opr Plymouth. 
See Young, Chron. of Pilgr. 314. Gov. Bradford in his minute Hist 
vtald surely have noted such agreeable incid. 

Hahes, Mark, Boston 1 655. Perhaps it is the same as Haimes, and 
be may have been of New Haven 1641. 

Hamilton, or Hambleton, Daniel, Dover 1666, had Solomon, b. 
10 Aug. of that yr.; and Jonathan, 20 Dec. 1672. David, Berwick, k. 
by the Ind. 28 Sept 1691. John, Charlestown 1658. Robert, Spring- 
field, d. 9 Sept. 1683. William, Boston, m. 7 Aug. 1654, Mary Rich- 
ardson, had Gustavus, b. that same day (unless there be error of yr. in 
the date of m.), and d. 27 Jan. foil. ; Eliz. 13 Dec. 1655 ; Sarah, 7 Apr. 
1657 ; and Abraham, 23 Dec. 1G61. Two of this name had, in 1828, 
been gr. at Hanr. and fourteen at other N. E. and N. J. coll. 

844 HAM 

Hamlet, Jacob, Billerica, s. of William, m. 1668, Hannah Parker, 
who d. 26 June 1669 ;«and he m. 21 Dec 1669 Mary Button, who d. of 
smallpox, 1 678. He rem. to Wobum, had, next jr. ano. w. Mary, and bj 
her Jacob, b. 1 Aug. 1680, d. in a week ; Joseph, 81 Aug. 1681 ; William, 
8 Sept 1688 ; Jacob, again, 4 Jan. 1686 ; Henry, 6 Feb. 1688, d. veiy 
soon; and Abigail, 25 Mar. 1689. William, Cambridge, or Watei^ 
town, b. a. 1614, m. Sarah, wid. of James Hubbard, had Jacob; Be- 
becca ; both bapt at C. ; Sarah ; and Thomas ; was freem. 1 651 ; rem. 
a. 1658 to Billerica^ there was one of the first Bapt His w. Sarah d. 
at Woburn, 18 Jan. 1689. Rebecca m. 17 Dec 1665, James Frost and 
d. soon. 

Hamlin, Clemekt, Boston, a soldier in Tumer^s comp. Feb. 1676. 
£zEKi£L, Boston, m. 8 Aug. 1654, Eliz. Drake, had Ezekiel, b. 2 Nor. 
1655 ; Joseph, 18 Aug. 1657 ; and Eliz. 24 Oct. 1661 ; was a mariner. 
t * Giles, Middletown 1650, m. 1655, Esther, d. of John Crow of Hart- 
ford, had John, b. 14 Dec 1658; Giles, 13 Aug. 1666; WiUiam,dFeb. 
1669 ; and Richard, whose date may be next to John ; da. Mehitable,or 
Mable, b. 17 Nov. 1664, who m. Samuel Hooker; Esther, b. 15 Dec 
1655, m. William Southmajd; and Marj, 11 Feb. 1663, m. 20 Feb. 
1690, Rev. Noadiah Russell ; was rep. 1666, and nearly every jr. to 
1684, assist 1685 till he d. I Sept 1689, aged 67. He perhaps own. 
ship, and command, in the John and James at Barbados, Aug. 1679. 
See Geneal. Reg. YIII. 206. Field, 49, gives the inscript on hifl 
monum. His wid. d. 25 Aug. 1700, aged 72. To a fam. tradit that he 
was br. of James Hamblen, and went with him to Barnstable, bef.-sett 
at M. I see no reason foe attach, any credit | John, Middletown, s. of 
the preced. m. Jan. 1685, Mary, eldest d. of Rev. Nathaniel Collins, had 
John, b. 16 July 1687; Giles, 19 Feb. 1692; Esther, 7 Jan. 1695; 
Mary, 10 Apr. 1697; Sibil, 1 Mar. 1699, d. next yr.; Jabez, 7 Jsn. 
1701, d. young; Ebenezer, 12 Oct 1702, d. soon; Sibil again, 10 Oct 
1704 ; and Jabez, agam, 28 July 1709.' He was in high esteem, an 
assist 26 yrs. and 5 yrs. a Judge of the Sup. Court His w. d. 5 May 
1722 ; and he d. 2 Jan. 1733. His youngest s. d. 1791. Willux, 
Middletown, br. of the preced. m. 26 May 1692, Susanna, d. of Bev. 
Nathaniel CoUms, had Richard, b. 17 May 1693 ; William, 7 Oct 1694; 
Giles, 6 May 1697; Nathaniel, 26 Oct 1699; Edward, 1 Mar. 1703; 
Susanna, 28 Aug. 1704 ; Charles, 8 May 1707 ; and Esther, 14 Jan. 
1711. His w. d. 24 Oct. 1722 ; and he d. 22 May 1733. 

Hamhant, Fbancis, Dedham, bef. 1650, in that pt wh. bee Medfieid, 
d. 1692. His will of 20 Apr. pro. 1 Sept foil, speaks of old age, names 
s. John ; s.-in-law Jeremy Morse, and d. Eliz. his w. and s. Timodiji 
made excors. 

HAM 345 

Hammatt, Hamot, or Hammett, Thomas, Scarborough, own. alleg. 
to Mass. 1658, made freem. that jr. but renew, subjection to the K. in 
X 663, m. the wid. of John Burrage, but the date is not ascert 
Hammeh. See Hanmer. 

Hajcmerston, Edward, Cambridge, bur. 24 Aug. 1646. James, 
Sfass. 1642. 

Hammond, or, as oft. writ. Hammons, Benjamin, Yarmouth 1643, 
by Farmer said to have come from London, and to be s. of William and 
SUk. a sis. of William Penn, but this could not be the celebr. William. 
Possib. the maiden name of his mo. was Payne ; but whether she had 
br. William is unkn. Farmer adds, that he was at Sandwich, m. in 
1650, and rem. to Rochester ; where liv. John, call, his sec. s. b. 22 Nov. 
1663. George, Newport, in the list of freem. there, spelt Haman 
1655. John, Rochester, s. of Benjamin, m.- Mary, d. of Rev. Samuel 
Arnold, wh. outliv. him, after 55 yrs. union, had Jabez, Benjamin, and 
John, beside sev. more ; and d. 19 Apr. 1749. John, Scituate 1643, of 
irh. I think, no ment is found in Deane. John, Gloucester, whose 
anmame is by Felt writ Hamons, Aaman, or Heman, m. 17 Oct. 1660, 
3£ary, d. of Morris or Maurice Somes, had Eliz. b. 30 Dec. of yr. 
ipkn. but prob. 1661; John, 5 Jan. 1664; Mary, 10 Feb. 1666; 
Timothy, 24 July 1668; and William, 13 Feb. 1674. John, Water- 
town, 8. of William, brot. by his mo. at the age of 7, in the Francis 
fiom Ipswich, 1634, was a lieut by first w. Abigail had John, b. 3 Feb. 
1654, wh. d. 1 Oct 1658; Eliz. 6 May 1655; and Abigail, 21 June 
1658 ; and ano. John ; by sec. w. Sarah Nichols, m. at Charlestown 
1664, wh. d. 14 Jan. 1688, aged 45, had Sarah, wh. d. 11 Sept. 1674, 
at 8 yrs. ; Hannah, b. 10 Apr. 1669 ; Nathaniel, July 1677, d. soon; 
Samuel, 25 Feb. 1680, d. young; and Hepzibah. Her mo. d. 14 Jan. 
1689, and by third w. Prudence who surv. him, and d. Sept 1711, prob. 
had no ch.; and he d. 22 Nov. 1709. Eliz. m. a. 1676, John Mason; 
Abigail m. 18 June 1679, John Hastings; Hannah m. John Poulter, 
and Hepzibah m. 23 Sept 1708, William Shattuck. He was the richest 
man in the town, selectman 1664, and oflen afler. His will, dat 4 days 
be£ Jiis d. names w. Prudence, and s. John, four ds. with their hs. 
Jonathan, Wells 1 682, eldest s. of William of the same, lefl two ds. 
no 8. t Joseph, Kittery 1 680, br. of the preced. a lieut had Joseph, b. 
1677, and two ds. to outlive him ; was, prob. the major, carried prison. 
by the French, 1695, to Canada, as Hutch. H. 89 and 180, tells; and 
eouns. of Mass. d. 24 Feb. 1710. His wid. Catharine, d. of Nicholas 
Frost, had been wid. of William Leighton, and d. 1 Aug. 1715. His d. 
Dorcas m. Robert Cutts, jr. * || Lawrence, Charlestown, ar. co. 1666, 
freem. 1666, m. 30 Sept. 16G2, Audrey Eaton (wh. came, he says, the 


jr. bcf. from London), had Francis, b. 19 Aug. foil, and his w. d. 8 days 

after. He next m. 12 May 1665, Abigail, wid. of John WiUet, youngest 

d. of deac Edward Collins of Medford, had Martha, b. 6 Apr. foil. d. at 

2 mos. ; Abigail, 27 Apr.'1667 ; John, 1 May 1669, d. at A mos. ; Jane, 

10 Aug. 1670, d- young ; and Eliz. 13 July 1672. His w. d. 1 Feb. 

1674, and he m. 8 Feb. 1675, Margaret, wid. of dep.-gov. WiUoughby, 

wh. bore him no ch. and d. he says, 2 Feb. 1683. Fourth w. Ann, was 

wid. of William Gerrish, m. 14 Jan. 1685, and had Lawrence, 23 Noir. 

foil. wh. d. under 5 yrs. and Francis, again, 13 Sept 1689, and d. the 

day after- his br. so that the f. writes in his Diary, '^ all my three s, d. 

within one yr." for his oldest ch. was k. 24 Nov. 1688, by fall on board 

his ship just come to anchor in the outer harbor. He was capt. rep. 

1672, and five yrs. more rem. to Boston, and d. 25 July 1699. Abigail m. 

30 Jan. 1690, Luke Greenough, and next, 25 Feb. 1692, James Whippo 

of Barnstable. Nathaniel, Cambridge vill. now Newton, s. of Thomas 

the 'first, had, by w. Mary, whose surname is not found, Nathaniel, bapt 

19 Feb. 1671, at Roxbury, prob. d. soon; Mary, b. 15 Dec 1672; 

Sarah, 3 Oct. 1675 ; Nathaniel, again, 26 Jan. 1678; Esther; Eliz. 11 

Mar. 1683 ; Thomas, 27 Feb. 1686 ; and Hannah, 31 Mar. 1689, wh. d. 

at 11 yrs. He was freem. 1690, d. 29 May 1691. An idle tradiL givef 

him fifteen ch. without any more names, or telling how many of all the 

other eight were b. bef. he was 27 yrs. old. Richard, Kennebeck 

1665, k. by the Lid. 1676, at the same time with capt Thomas Lak% 

when all his fam. of sixteen were either k. or car. into captiv. Eliz. his 

wid. m. John Howden of Salem. Samuel, Rochester, perhaps s. of 

Benjamin, by w. Mary had, if one will accept the preposter. rec Ben« 

jamin, b. 18 Dec. 1682; Seth, 13 Feb. 1683; Rosimund, 8 May 1684; 

Samuel, 8 Mar. 1685; Thomas, 16 Sept 1687; Jedediah, 19 Sept 

1690 ; Josiah, 15 Sept 1692 ; Barnabas, 30 Jan. 1695 ; Maria, 27 Jul 

1698; John, A Oct 1701; and Jedediah, again, 30 Sept 1703; as 

Mr. Hamblen prints in Geneal. Reg. V. 85, where one, if not two, of 

the first four, we see, is manifestly wrong. Thomas, Hingham 168^, 

younger br. of the first William, b. at Lavenham, Co. Suff'k. where, it 

b said, he was bapt 9 Jan. 1587, perhaps sev. yrs. bef. he was b. ; freem. 

9 Mar. 1637, by w. Eliz. m. prob. in Eng. 12 Nov. 1623, wh. d. be£ 

him, brot ch. Eliz. and Thomas, had Sarah, bapt 13 Sept 1640, and 

Nathaniel, 12 Mar. 1643; rem. to Watertown, thence across the riT* 

1650, to Cambridge vill. purchas. large farm with Vincent Druce, and 

d. 30 Sept. 1675, aged 88 yrs. His will names all these ch. Eliz. wh* 

m. 17 Aug. 1659, George Woodward, Thomas, and Nathaniel, all thea 

m. and Sarah, prob. w. of Nathaniel Stedman, as dec. but her ch. Sanh 

and EHz. to be heirs. He had very good est Thomas, Water- 


^«wn, s. of William, b. in Eng. by w. Hannah, d. of John Cross, had 

C9nlj ch. and he posthum. Thomas, b. 11 July 1656; d. 10. Dec. 1655, 

^Sis will of 21 Nov. preced. speaks of his est in Lavenham, Suff*k. 

^Hie wid. d. 24 Mar. 1657, and her will was pro. 8 Apr. next Thomas, 

ZE^ewtQUf s. of the first Thomas, m. 17 Dec. 1662, Eliz. d. of Isaac Sted- 

snan, had Eliz. b. 3 Nov. 1664; Thomas, 16 Dec. 1666 ; Isaac, 20 Dec. 

^668; Nathaniel, 3 Feb. 1671 ; John, 30 Apr. 1674; and Eleazer, 13 

IKov. 1677 ; and d- of smallpox, 20 Oct foil. His wid. d. 1715. Thom- 

^▲Sy Watertown, posthum. s. of Thomas the s. of William, had, I think, 

^l)eeD impress, for serv. in the war of 1676, on an expedit and fined 

JEA, for not going, as appears in his petitn. in wh. he declares, he 

liad done much, m. 21 Aug. 1678, Eliz. Noyes, who d. 4 Apr. 1679; 

amd he m. 6 Dec. 1679, Sarah Pickard, had Hannah, b. 15 Nov. 1680, who 

^at 11 yrs.; Sarah, 20 Jan. 1683; Thomas, 17 Nov. 1685; Eliz. 12 

Hay 1688; David, bapt 23 Nov. 1690;' Nathaniel, 25 July 1697 ; and 

Jonathan, bapt on same day; was freem. 1690, and progenit of all the 

Hammonds of Watertown and Waltham, it is said. William, of Mass. 

'was k. by the Ind. in Pequot war. 3 Mass. Hist Coll. III. 130, 157. 

Scrupulous inquiry will, prob* lead to belief, that an error of near. 40 yrs. 

18 here seen, and that the suffer, was one of the very first victims of 

Philip's war. William, Watertown, perhaps as early as 1632, freem. 25 

May 1636, had good est d. 8 Oct 1662, aged, says the rec a. 94. But 

the Beg. in Eng. of his bapt 30 Oct. 1575, when he could be very few 

days old, for his f. Thomas m. Rose Trippe on 14 May 1573, and the first 

eh. Eliz. was bapt 1 Apr. 1574, proves that he was a. 87. He m. 9 June 

1605, Eliz. Payne, sis. of William, had William, bapt 20 Sept. 1607 ; 

Ann, 19 Nov. 1609, d. soon; John, 5 Dec. 1611 ; Ann, again, 14 July 

1616 ; and Thomas, 17 Sept 1618. His will of 1 July 1662, names w. 

Eliz. 8. John, gr.s. Thomas, s. of dec. Thomas, d. Eliz. w. of Samuel 

House of Cambridge, and her four ch. d. Barnes, and d. Sarah Smith 

with her s. Adam. The w. had come in the Francis from Ipswich, 

16^4, aged 47, with ch. Eliz. 15 ; Sarah, 10 ; and John, 7 ; and she d. 

1669, or one acco. has it, 14 Sept 1670, in 90th yr. Six or seven yrs. 

of exagger. may here be allowed for, knowing that the age of her h. 

was equally extend, beyond the truth. William, Lynn, is by Lewis 

named of 1636, and d. next yr. William, Wells 1656, or earlier, a 

man of conseq. gr. juror, next yr. elk. of the writs, and commissr. for 

small causes until 1679 ; had Jonathan, and Joseph, perhaps other ch. 

but those outliv. him. He d. 1702, as his gr.s. Joseph wrote, in a letter 

of 24 Mar. 1733, says, also, that he told him he was b. 1597. See 

Geneal. Reg. IX. 312. . The writer's f. Joseph, was b. 1647, being the 

younger, and hims. was b. 1677, so that he could hardly mistake the yr. 

8*48 . HAM — HAN 

of the old man's d. when he calls him 105 yrs. old. Whether equal 
oonfid. should be yielded to the date of his b. depends on the ages 
of the relater and the hearer. If the one were too young to note such 
matters with precision, or the other too aged to possess exact reooUect 
some deduct, perhaps of ten yrs. may be justif. However the prob. is 
far greater of the extreme age, than the story ^v. by Col. Whipple in 
GeneaL Reg.- V. 246, embarrass, with double absurdity, making the 
venerable Hammond to be of Monmouth's party, 1685, when he was 88 
yrs. old, if the gr.8. report be correct, and he had been 30 yrs. at onr 
£. settlem. as also in mak. his br.-in-law Nicholas Frost of the royal 
party in opposition to the Duke of Monmouth, whereas Frost was in his 
grave at Kittery twenty-two yrs. bef. the illegit. slip rebeL against hu 
precious uncle. Such is the jack-a-lantem made of chronology preserv. 
by venerat. traditions. William, who was k. by the Ind. 27 Jane 
1675, the fourth day of Philip's war, may have been of Reboboth, for 
there one William had Eliz. b. 24 Sept. 1661 ; but this man was of the 
troop of capt. Prentiss, wh. miist, we suppose, have chiefly been composed 
of volunt. of Cambridge and the neighb. town of Dedham. 

Hamptox, Thomas, Sandwich, d. early. By his will, of Mar. 16S8, 
nam. only his min. Leverich, and some neighb. it may seem that he 
had no w. or ch. * 

Hamuck, Thomas, Dover, was there tax. 1666 to 72, says Mr. 
Quint, but he tells no more. 

Hanburt, Daniel, came from London 1635, in the Planter, aged 29, 
but we kn. no more. Luke, Mass. 1637. Felt. Peti^r, Sandwich 
1643. William, Duxbury 1639, m. 1641, Hannah Souther, was of 
Plymouth 1643, but rem. to Boston 1649, here had William, b. 5, bapt 
11 Feb. of that yr. and prob. d. Feb. 1650, for in v. of very good est of 
his was taken 21 of that mo. He had three ch. bef. Hannah H. m. 24 
Oct 1656, Francis Johnson, wh. I presume to be the Salem early sett. 
At P. he had the prefix of respect. Sometimes it is writ Henbury. 

Hancock, Anthony, Wrentham, had been serv. of William Sumner 
of Dorchester, ment in his will of 1681, by w. Sarah, who d. 17 Nov. 
1700, had prob. Henry ; Anthony, b. 26 Feb. 1685 ; and perhaps by w. 
Ruth had Mary, 19 Dec. 1701 ; William, 1 Mar. 1703 ; Hannah, 8 July 
1706 ; and Silence, 16 June 1709. John, New Haven 1679, a propr. 
in 1685, who is not kn. to have had issue, d. 10 Mar. 1712. He may 
have been the man to wh. 1663, grant of five hundred acres in Carolina 
was made by the patentees for discovery there.* Nathaniel, Gam- 
bridge, by w. Joan had Mary, b. 3 Nov. 1634; Sarah, 8 Mar. 1686; 
Nathaniel, 18 Dec. 1638; John, who d. 2 Apr. 1643, prob. not 2 yn. 
old; £112. 1 Mar.- 1645 ; and Lydia, 5 Apr. or 2 July 1646 ; and he d 

HAN 349 

says Farmer, bef. 1652. Nathaniel, Cambridge, s. of the prcced. 
m. 8 Mar. 16C4, Mary, d. of Henry Prentice, had Nathaniel, b. 28 
Feb. bapt 28 May 16G5, d. 20 July foil; Mary, 6, bapt. 11 May 
1666; Sarah, 23 Aug. bapt. 15 Sept. 1067; Nathaniel, again, b. 29 
Oct. 1668; Abigail, 20 Dec. 1669, d. soon; John, 1671, H. C. 1689; 
Samuel, 2 Jan. 1674; Abigail, again, 23 Aug. 1675; Eliz. 26 Aug. 
1677; Ebenezer, 10 Mar. 1681; Joseph, 28 Apr. 1683; Thomas, 
1685; and Solomon, d. 16 May 1710; was freena. 1668, and d. 12 Apr. 
1719. He had, also, Ann and Abigail, b. and d. 1672. John was 
first min. of Lexington, ord. 2 Nov. 1698, but had first preach, at 
"Wells and York, and was f. of Thomas, the most wealthy merch. of 
Boston, found, of the Professorsh. of Orient, lang. at the Univ. as well 
as of Rev. John, H. C. 1719, min. of Braintree, and of Rev. Ebenezer, 
H. C. 1728, collea. with his f. This last was f. of John, b. 12 Jan. 
1737, H. C. 1754, presid. of that Congr. wh. declar. Independence, 4 
July 1776; at wh. time he was Treasr. of Harv. Coll. In the Hist, of 
that Inst, by Presid. Quincy, his character may be "seen, as weigh, in a 
just balance. He d. Gov. of Mass. 1793. Thomas, Hadley 1678, rem. 
soon. Nine of this name have been gr. at Harv. 

Hancox, Thomas, Farmington 1670, then aged a. 25 yrs. m. 17 
Mar. 1685, Rachel, d. of John Leonard of Springfield, had Thomas, b. 
1686; John, 1688; "William; Abel; Rachel; Daniel; Jonathan; and 
Mehitable ; but the rec. ai*e uncert. as he rem. to Hartford, was there 
keep, of the gaol, 1691, and the names are found at each town, but 
without uniformity. 

Hand, John, Easthami)ton, L. I. 1648. Wood, 40. Perhaps he is 
the same wh. was a propr. at Guilford, 1685. Joseph, one of the first 
Bett at Killingworth 1663, and perhaps he m. Jane, d. of Benjamin 
Wright; ano. Joseph of Guilford m. Hannah, d. of William Seward. 

Hand EN, Benjamin, Providence 1645, or 6. See Ilerendean. 

Handforth, Nathaniel, Lynn 1637, came from London, d. Sept. 
1687, aged 78. Lewis, 90. 

Hands, Mark, Boston 1645, nailer, came, I think, in the Jonathan, 
1639, aged 20, by w. Abra had Mary, b. 15 Feb. 1646, who d. soon; by 
W.Mary had Mehitable, b. 21 Oct. 1652; John, 10 Sept. 1654; went 
on a long voyage, 1661, and in his will of 15 July of that yr. gives d. 
Mehitable, as desir. by his dec. w. one third of his own est. and two 
thirds to s. John, but if both the ch. d. then to his kinsm. Joseph Dell,, 
he paying his mo. Hannaford, &c. The will was pro. 17 June 1664; 
and I suppose he d. abroad. 

Hanford, or Handford, Thomas, Norwalk, came, not with his mo. 
Eglin H. wh. m. Friday 15 Dec. 1637, deac Richaixl Sealis of Scituate,. 

vol. II. 30 

350 HAN 

sis. of venerab. Timothy Hatherlj, the foancL of Scitaate : she came in 
1G34, aged 4G, with two ds. Lcttice, who m. 8 Apr. 1635, Edward 
Foster, and Margaret, who m. 1636, Isaac Robinson (and so is prob. the 
progenitrix of all descend, of blessed John), perhaps lea v. him at sch. 
However, he had come over in 1 643, and was at Scituate with his mo. 
in that yr. was witness of the will of his br.-in-law Edward Foster ; in 
1650 was adm. freem. of Mass. but it is not kn. of what ch. he was mem. 
nor where he resid. yet earlier, he had taught the sch. at Roxbury, pfob. 
engaged in preach, but in 1652 he was fixed at Norwalk, m. Hannah, d. 
of Thomas Newbury of Dorchester. By her no issue is heard of, and 
his sec. w. Mary, wid. of Jonathan Ince, the New Haven scholar, m. 22 
Oct. 1661, brot. him Theophilus, 29 July 1662; Mary, 30 Nov. 1663; 
Hannah, 28 June 1665; Eliz. 9 Jan. 1667; Thomas, 18 July 1668; 
Eleazur, 15 Sept. 1670; Elnathan, 11 Oct. 1672; and Samuel, whose 
date Hall did not find, and possib. mistook the name for Sarah. He d. 
1693, prob. late in the yr. but his wid. liv. to 12 Sept 1730, aet. 100, 
unless this be much exagger. as no doubt it is in some observ. degree. 
It is sad to observe the failure of rec and notice of their first min. and 
his ch. "We kn. not of most of them the time of d. or whether m. or 
not, yet were very num. and still the name is perpet. Of Eliezur 
the m. of his d. Sarah, is found, but not m. of the f. ; and so of ThomaSi 
wo kn. he had d. Catharine, as her m. is read, tho. her f. is not. Two of 
the ds. were provid. for. Hannah m. 26 Jan. 1704, Joseph Piatt, as his 
sec. w. ; and Sarah m. 27 Dec. 1705, Samuel Comstock. Thomas, 
Norwalk, s. of the preced. d. 7 June 1743, and his wid. Hannah d. 28 
Dec. 1745, in her 70th yr. say the gr.stones. 

Hankford, or IIancford, Richard, Plymouth, d. 14 Sept 1633, 
prob. unm. 

Hanmer, or Hanmore, Isaac, Scituate, s. of John, had Benjamin. 
John, Scituate 1639, next yr. at Duxbury, but only short time, and of 
Marshfield 1 663, had s. John, Joseph, and Isaac ; ds. Rebecca, Bethia, 
and Hannah. He was liv. 1 673 ; but for a century the name has failed 
here. Rebecca m. Sept 1657, Daniel Hicks, yet the CoL Rec. certi£ 
that he m. 19 Sept 1657, Eliz. Hanmore. 

Hannadown, Roger, Weymouth, sh.carpent. rem. to Boston, by w. 
Sarah had Lydia, bapt 23 Apr. 1 643, a. 6 days old. 

Hannah, Robert, Wickford, or some part of the Narraganset 
country, m. bef. 1690, Mary, d. of Samuel Wilson, had Robert, and 
IMary; and his wid. m. 1708, George Webb. 

Hanniford, or Hannifall, John, Boston, mariner, by w. Hannah, 
who join, our ch. 11 Apr. 1647, had Samuel, b. 1 May 1645 ; Joseph, 
1652 ; John, 29 Jan. 1653, d. next mo. ; beside d. Hannah, wh. bee. I think, 

HAN 351 

"TT. of iMark Hands. He m. 8 Nov. 1655, Abigail, wid. of George Dell, 
lad Sarah, b. 8 Aug. 165G. He d. bef. 5 Feb. 16G1, when his will of 
26 Dec 1657 was brot. in for pro. See Geneal. Reg. XIII. 149. 
Richard, Marblehead 1674, print, in Geneal. Reg. VHI. 288, as prob. 
it ^as sound. Haniver, and VII. 70, Hannier. 

Hannum, John, Northampton, only s. of William, m. 20 Nov. 1662, 
Sarah, d. of Richard Weller, had Abigail, b. 16 Aug. 1664; Hannah, 
12 Oct 1667; Sarah, 4 Oct. 1669, d. young; Sarah, again, 9 Dec. 
1671 ; Mindwell, and Experience, tw. Mar. 1673, both d. young. The 
w. d. 30 Mar. 1673; and he m. 20 Apr. 1675, Esther, d. of •George 
Langton, had John, b. 1676 ; Eleazur, 1678 ; Ruth, 1680 ; a d. 1683, d. 
soon; Esther, 1685, d. soon; Esther, again, 1687, d. soon; Joanna, 
1688 ; William, 1690 ; and Samuel, 1692. He d. 19 Feb. 1712, aged 76. 
William, Dorchester, an early sett. rem. to Windsor, but not with the 
first migrat. for his s. John was b. bef. he went to W. wh. may seem, 
therefore, to have been as late as 1639 ; there had bapt Abigail, 22 
Nov, 1640; Joanna, 24 July 1642 ; Eliz. b. 24 Apr. 1645 ; and Mary, 
5 Apr. 1650 ; but prob. Joanna d. young; rem. again a. 1655 to North- 
ampton, there d. 1 June 1677. His will of 15 May preced. gives only 
8. John most of his prop, and some to ca. of three ds. Abigail, w. of 
John Sacket ; Mary, wid. of John Allen ; and Eliz. wh. m. Peter 
Bushrod. His wid. Honor, wh. is call. sis. in her will, by Dorothy 
Upshall, wid. of Nicholas, d. 1680 at Westfield. 

Hanscom, Hunscom, or Hanscombe, Jajies, of Essex Co. 1666, 
may have been s. of the foil. Thomas, Salem, came with Higginson, 

Hanse, or Haunce, John, Dover 1656, still there 1665. 

Hansett, Handsett, Hanchet, Hanshut, or Hanshet, John, 
Boston, call, on adra. 13 July 1634, of the ch. "serv. of our pastor John 
Wilson," freem. 17 May 1637, rem. to Braintree, had John, b. 15 July 
1641. His w. d. and he soon rem. to Roxbury, m. 2 Apr. 1644, Eliz. 
Perry, had Thomas, bapt. 19 Oct. 1645; Hannah, 28 Mar. 1647, d. 
next yr. ; Hannah, again, 14 Oct. 1649, d. within 3 wks. ; and Peter, 6 
July 1651. His s. John was bur. 2 Apr. 1654; and d. Eliz. whose b. is 
not found, was bur. 9 June 1668 ; and, under 23 Feb. 1684, the ch. rec. 
has " old John Hanshett bur." in Apostle Eliot*s trembl. hand. John, 
Westfield, s. of Thomas, m. 6 Sept. 1677, Esther Pritchet, had Esther, 
h. 1 Aug. 1678 ; and John, 16 Nov. 1679, there; rem. to Suffield, was 
freem. 1680, and had Samuel, Hannah, Bathsheba, Mehitable, and Ebcn- 
ezer, was deac and d. 1744, very old. Peter, Dedham, prob. youngest 
8. of John the first, was freem. 1684, rem. to Roxbury, there by w. Mary, 
d. of John Parker the first, had Mary, b. 13 Mar. 1687; Iluldah, 31 

352 HAN — HAP 

Mar. 1689; Sarah, 6 Oct. 1691; and Eliz. 3 Apr. 1694. Thomas, 
Wetbersfielcl, perhaps br. of the first John, had John, b. there 1 Sept 
1649, rem. to New London 1651, but cont. there only three jrs. and 
afler intermed. resid. was at Northampton a. 1 660, was deac. 1 668, rem. 
to "Westfield, thence to Suffield, where he d. 11 June 1686. His w. was 
Deliverance, d. of George Langton ; and she m. 1 4 Dec next, Jonathan 
IJurt Otlier ch. were Thomas ; Deliverance, who m. Nathaniel Weller ; 
and Hannah, who m. Samuel Loomis. Thomas, Westfield, s. of the 
preced. m. 1673, Eliz. Loomis, had Eliz. b. 11 Feb. 1679, rem. to SuF- 
field, tltere had Thomas, 1681; Mary, 1683; rem. back to W. had 
Hannah, 1685, d. soon ; Hannah, again, 25 Jan. 1687; Sarah, 22 Nor. 
1689 ; Samuel, 14 Apr. 1692 ; and Deliverance, 1695. He, or one of 
the name, d. at Roxburj, 6 May 1719. His will, of 1717, pro. 1719, 
names not Eliz. the d. who was prob. d. Swelling the variety of forms, 
in which this surname appears, Jackson in Hist, of Newton, 407, by 
split, the first letter, spells it Stanchett, 

Hanson, Isaac, prob. of Portsmouth, by w. Mary had Mary, b. 18 
May 1679, wh. m. 9 June 1C98, James Libbey. Thomas, Dover 1657, 
freem. 5 June 1661, prob. d. 1666, as his will was pro. 27 June 1666. 
His wid. was k. by the Ind. His ch. were Tobias, Thomas, b. a. 1 643 ; 
Isaac ; Timothy ; and two ds. Thomas, Dover, s. of the preced. had 
Thomas, b. a. 1680; John; Nathaniel; Mercy; Eliz.; James; and 
Abigail. His will, of 4 Apr. 1710, names w. Mary, and all the ch. exc. 
Jolm. Tobias, Dover 1686, br. of the preced. whose w. was tak. by 
the Ind. at the assault on Waldron's garris. ho. 28 June 1 689, when Im 
mo. was k. ; was k. by the same enemy, 10 May 1693. He had Tobias, 
Joseph, and Benjamin. 

Hakwell, Ambrose, Pemaquid, took o. of fidel. to Mass. 1674. 

Hapgood, Nathaniel, Stow, s. of Sydrach, m. 14 Aug. 1695, EUx. 
d. of Samuel Ward ; but the date is 6 Sept. in the Ward Fam. Geneal. 
Sydrach, or SnADRACn, Sudbury, was, I presume, that passeng. from 
London, in the Speedwell, at Boston, July 1656, aged 14, tho. in 
Gencal. Reg. I. 132, call. Ilopgood; in Sept. 1657 is call, kinsman 
by the first Peter Haynos in his will, who perhaps three yrs. bcf. had 
sent his s. Thomas to bring him; m. 21 Oct 1664, Eliz. d. of Nathaniel 
Tread way, had Nathaniel, and Thomas, the last b. 1 Feb. 1669; beside 
Mary, wh. m. 10 Apr. 1688, John Whitney, and (as I suppose), Sarah, 
wh. m. Jonathan Whitney ; and, in Philip's war, was k. 2 Aug. 1 C75, at 
Brookfield, as told by his capt. Wheeler, who gives the name exactly as 
it still prevails in some part of the country, tho. in the letter of Rev. 
John Russell in the Col. Rec print, by Coj£n, 389, it is Harkwood. His 
wid. m. says Bond, a Hayward. Tuomas, Marlborough, s. of the 

HAB 358 

preced. by w. Judith, who d. ^5 Aug. 1759, had Mary, b. 1694 ; Sarah, 
1695; EHz. 1697; Thomas, 1702; Hepzibah, 1704; John, 1707; 
Huldah; and Joseph, 1714; and ano. ch. not named; and d. 4 Oct. 
1764, hav. had, it is^id, 92 208 gr. and 4 gr. gr. 

Habbebt, or Herbert, Henrt, Charlestown 1653, m. 9 June 1668, 
Cliz. George, and d. 22 Oct 1677. John, Salem, a shoemaker, came 
in the Abigail, 1635, aged 23, was from Northampton, Eng. had gr. of 
Id. at S. 1637, perhaps there had w. Mary ; but is better writ Herbert. 
John, Braintree, freem. 2 June 1641, by w. Jael, d. of the first Richard 
Thayer prob. had sev. ch. of wh. John was of full age bef. 1657 ; Mary, 
b. 1 Mar. 1656 ; and Hannah, 29 Jan. 1658. A former Hannah had d. 
30 Apr. 1657. In some rec. his name is Harbour. He was an active 
merch. going to W. I. and back 1645 and 6. Stlvester, Boston, m. 
21 Sept 1652, Lucy Adams, had Samuel, b. 12 June 1653. 

Harbour, Bekjamin, Hartford, m. a. 22 Aug. 1644, Christian 
Nethercoot, and many yrs. after, a sec w. Jane, but had no ch. was 
freem. 1656, and d. after 1685. He wrote his name, in advanced yrs. 

Harcher, William, Lynn 1636, rem. a. 1640, to Southampton, L. I. 
bat may have come back and d. at L. 1661. Lewis. Perhaps the same 
name as Harker, Hacker, or Hacket 

Harcutt, Harker, or Harkstt, Richard, Warwick, among^reem. 
1655, and of him is kn. that he m. Eliz. d. of Robert Potter of the same, 
and rem. to L. L His ch. were Daniel, Isabel, Eliz. Mary, Meribah, 
Mercy, Dorothy, Sarah, and Benjamin ; but their names are obt thro, a 
will of Robert Potter's sec. w. so that the order of succession may not 
be obs. He is thot to have been s. of a sis. of Francis Weston, at least 
he succeed, to the est of W. wh. left no issue. Of four of the ds. we 
kn. the m. Isabel to Thomas Wicks ; Eliz. to Thomas Young ; Mary to 
Edward Ketchum ; and Meribah to George Townsend. Perhaps the 
name was Harcourt. 

Hard, John, Dover 1648, may have been of Marblehead 1669. 
This name may be the same as Hurd. 

Harden, or Hardin, Edward^ Gloucester, a soldier of capt Gard- 
ner's comp. wound, in the gr.